Battle Net Down For HS Beta ??

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Was playing around this morning and game seeminly locked up in midplay,, now it says i cant connect to battlenet,, but the internet is working just fine anyone else having same issues ?
Having the same problem. It happened earlier as well, but the game doesn't seem to be down for maintenance since people still seem to be streaming it on twitch.
Same problem here, as well.
I suppose it's possible those people are in Europe? I'm showing regular Tuesday maintenance, scheduled to run for another hour still, and I currently can't even log in to the BDA. It gives me a can't connect error. But obviously I can connect to the internet, as I'm here. :)
I didn't even think about them being in the EU, lol. Though that still doesn't explain why I was able to play about an hour ago and have been for most of the day.
The explanation is that they started working on maintenance that does affect HS when before it went down the maintenance did not affect HS.
Are they still down for maintenance, because it says I can't connect to
how long till maintenance is over?
I just read it was extended for another 2 hours, don't have the link but it was extended to 1 PM PDT
how long till maintenance is over?
I'm unable to connect as well.

"We couldn't connect you to Some games and features may not be avaiable.
Error Code: BLZBNTBGS80000012 (33) "

My guess is the scheduled server maintenance is going a bit longer.
oh thank god, then how long till we can play?
I just got in now, check again!
it's up fellas

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