Weird crashes

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Hi, I just got my key today I downloaded and installed without any problems, but then after every tutorial game it would crash, turning to black screen but those people mumbling (like in the menu) in the background. It would first say my graphic card crashed and recovered. I checked my drivers - their were all up to date. On later crashes it just said hearthstone.exe not responding. But would only be after the match, so I got through all of the tutorial, but with a crash after each game. I finally got to the menu, and I played a practice math, suprisingly - it crashed. I tried again thinking "I at least get to play if its after every match" but nope, it takes alot of black screen loading time between like: clicking on quest log, Practice, play. and after some time it will just freeze my whole computer in blackscreen and say "brrrrrrr" like when you bluescreen or something.

It's very weird, never really incountered problems like these with any game before. It is ofcourse still in beta.

Hope you can help, cheers

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