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Apr 17 Anyone else: iMac hard shutdown during play. I've had this happen twice now (once during a multiplayer game — instant loss — good thing I'm bronze and have no ego left to worry about my rank). 20in iMac, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo OSX 10.6.4 2G ram ATI Radeon HD2600 And this isn't an application crash. The entire machine shuts down. The first time I wondered if it might have been an overheating issue, but this most recent time I was only a few minutes into the game, on the same settings I've been using for all previous games. I just got to see my opponent's banelings start to goo up my poor soldiers and *bam!* the machine was off. Heat was not the issue. I have spent some time looking over the forum and some googling but didn't find anything quite like this. Has anyone else had this problem?Xenophon16 Apr 17
Apr 15 'Waiting for Server' 'Surrender' Tills recently, every game I have played has ended in a forfeit on my half because of the 'waiting for sever' issue that seems to have plagued my game. WHAT IS WRONG!?!?!? What I have tried: Closing all applications, except finder and sc2. Turning on/off my router (even during this time of 'waiting for server') Updating Starcraft and any other software. Trying to play on another computer in my house hold (same issue) Connecting to a VPN- WORKS, but is so slow I lag out anyways. Switching and trying every global server. I don't know what is wrong, but I'm pissed that I have dropped over 20 games due to this issue...Hunch170 Apr 15
Apr 14 February 2016 - Metal Implementation Progress How soon can we expect to have Metal in Legacy of the Void?Jfblagden2 Apr 14
Apr 12 The mod data loaded does not match getting this message when i try to load up the new nova campaign. anybody else have this experience?Nugletking1 Apr 12
Apr 12 My old pc hard drive corrupted. is there a way to download my games from battlement to my new mac without purchasing them all over again?LeZzYBoRdEn1 Apr 12
Apr 9 FPS issues in opening Menu and Not connecting Blizzard. Please fix this issue! When i hit play from the battle net launcher app, my starcraft 2 fires up the loading screen, it loads for a bit but when i get to the starcraft 2 log in screen my fps drops to probably about 1 frame per minute and on top of that a screen slowly pops up for 5 minutes, due to the fps issues, that tells me i can't connect to battle net. My internet is perfectly fine and have no issues anywhere else. I know all my computer specs are fine because i spoke to an online rep in the blizzard support chat services. This makes starcraft literally unplayable for me, because the menu is not even navigable and even if it was it wouldn't connect me to bnet. This has happened to me not too long after the original 3.0 patch for LOTV and i couldn't play starcraft for almost 2 months. I tried uninstalling and everything your rep told me to do but nothing fixed it. I finally got to start playing again a couple weeks ago and was really getting back into it but now...well now i can't play again. Im trying not to lose my mind and flip out because this is the second time this has happened and i don't want to not be able to play this game again for months. I have bought every starcraft since starcraft 1 back in the 90s and was planning on buying the Nova Covert Ops dlc but now i don't even want to spend my money on it because I'm afraid i won't even be able to play it. Please fix this soon!ICE4 Apr 9
Apr 8 El Capitan Mouse Problem (After Alt-Tab) Hi There, I am using OS X El Capitan. When I opened first time StarCraft 2, I have no problem. But, When I did Alt-Tab and returned the game, Mouse cursor has lag. How Can I solve this problem ?TeknoSeyfo3 Apr 8
Apr 8 Playing offline trouble. I previsouly followed this and was able to play offline. Now I am at work and it will not work. I keep getting the message: Unable to download game data from Blizzard's servers. To play offline, 100% of game data must already be downloaded. Please check your internet connection and try again later" I dont know what to do to get it to work. I play on a mac if that matters. Like I said, I ran it at home twice and worked perfectly fine. Now that I am at work it no longer will work. Any suggestions? Thanksbonzi1 Apr 8
Apr 8 App screen position goes down application screen position goes down continuously after restarting the app. Why is this happening?NeaR1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Mouse acceleration! For the love of God can someone please tell me how to deactivate this curse off my mac (or at least starcraft2)! Thanks!MexGenius26 Apr 8
Apr 6 Any Computer Techies Out There? I have had a situation for quite some time. I have an iMac 21.5" (trust me, I will never let my wife buy another mac as long as I am still breathing). For a few months now, my mac cannot handle the minimal texture requirements. As a result, my apm is disrupted. I issue commands to my units in game that do not register. This results in very unfortunate trades (think command moving head first into the opponent, because my attack command wouldnt register). Mouse clicks are skipped, commands get skipped, stuttering happens, sound bytes do not occur, and etc. This is so fustrating. I have all my graphic and sound setting at their very minimum. My resolution settings are currently at 1280 x 720. I was wondering if I could go to the lowest resolution setting at 1024 x 768, if that would help at all? I WILL buy a new PC (yes, a PC), but in the mean time is there anything, anything at all I can do to further help with my predicament? And if you want to hate on me for having a mac, then by all means do so. More than ever before, I've never wanted to punch this worthless $2500 machine as much as I would love to right now. Also, creative ideas on how to destroy this piece of poo machine once I have my new PC would help. Thanks in advance for your helpful and humorous suggestions to my concerns above.Identity21 Apr 6
Apr 4 how and why not to play as admin don't know where else to bring this up. I read article 2700027, which basically says your supposed to play as an admin. there is no prompting or confirmation for updates, so i don't see any security benefit to making the user an admin. but, there is an increased chance of privilege escalation. So, now i run the game with a normal user account made just for blizzard games. The games run out of this users local ~/Applications folder instead of the global /Applications. only had to run as admin once, then change the status of that user. there are globally writable binaries in, but nothing setuid, so barring a privilege escalation, the worst that can happen is trashing the gaming account, which is easy to re create. I think a daemon, running as dedicated battlenet user and listening for install, update requests etc would be better.pixelfairy0 Apr 4
Apr 3 Voice Chat not working I cannot hear my friend and he cannot hear me. 1) Voice test works and my bars move up and down when I talk 2) Firewall is off 3) Had the same router and it has never done this before 4) Had the same modem and it has never done this before 5) I have always been on snow leopard 5) Used this the night before last and it worked fine, haven't been on since. Never had this issue before. 6) Tried opening UDP 1119 and 1120 already.MxAxNxOx23 Apr 3
Apr 3 Bluetooth keyboard trouble Hello, This is a bit of a smaller problem. With my blyuetooth keyboard i cant get the F buttons to function without FN button. I also cant get my enter key to work in game. I have a Jettech keyboardMrPickles0 Apr 3
Apr 3 In match latency issues Hello, I tried searching for a recent post about this so i could save making another thread but was unable to find one. I'm running on a new Mac mini 2.6Ghz. With a chorded mouse, and bluetooth keyboard. I have no lag or delay in the menus but once matches are live There is almost a half second delay between a command (mouse click or keyboard stroke) and when it translates visually. I believe this must be latency for the following reasons: 1. There is no audio lag. When i cue a SCV to train i hear the sound, and then a half second later it shows up in the cue. 2. I also have no lag with non-online content even in matches. So i'm able to click around the mini map, or screen scroll with no issues. Can anybody help me troubleshoot please? This has been happening for a couple weeks. Thanks for your help!MrPickles0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Mac Editor Still Really Broken It would be really great if we could get some attention to the numerous issues we're seeing with the Mac editor. Here's a non-exhaustive list: Apr 3
Apr 1 AE052A4E-56B3-4A1F-8AB6-B7CFC2E5EC93 What is this number AE052A4E-56B3-4A1F-8AB6-B7CFC2E5EC93 , playing halfway jump out. i using maccasper0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Sound Tearing Issues -- Nova Campaign So I haven't seen anything else about this, but I'm having serious issues with sound tearing and popping/crackling in the first map of the Nova campaign. If I pause for a second it goes away, but it comes back pretty quickly afterwards. Anyone found a fix/had this issue? Edit: Seems to start whenever dialog and sound effects overlap.Ramenth9 Apr 1
Mar 30 Incredibly annoying mouse issue Hello, I've only recently noticed this in the past three days but the issue that's bothering me is rendering sc2 unplayable for me and it's driving me insane. Essentially what is happening is that my mouse seems to be really inaccurate/buggy. It's obviously very hard to explain this without physically showing you the problem, but I'll try to be specific as possible. A lot of times when I click something, at the last second when I click it, the mouse cursor shifts over a few pixels even though I didn't tell it to. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't but it happens quite frequently. There also seems to be a bit of mouse lag in some instances. For example, if I make a bunch of boxes around my workers at the start of the game, it feels like my mouse is further right than it should be, which in turn doesn't allow me to select what I'm aiming to select. This is the core of the issue. The mouse doesn't point and/or go where I want it to. Occasionally, the mouse will also go berserk and teleport to a random part of the screen without my telling it to do so. However, this does not happen all that often. The main issue is the constant feeling of unresponsiveness and slight lag. I know that this could be due to a variety of reasons, and that there's no concrete fix necessarily but this is driving me nuts. I can't play sc2 at all when my cursor is constantly bugging out. I've already tried the following: -installing new drivers for my mouse (logitech g9x) -installing the latest version of El capitan OSX -enabling vertical sync -messing with cursor settings across game/mac/mouse clients -messing with mouse acceleration/whatever other options there are in menu I've noticed this same exact problem with two mice now. I don't know what happened and i'm not sure what went wrong, but i believe that this issue either lies with starcraft 2 or with my mac. I'm completely devastated though. This is a game breaking issue and it really hurts not to be able to play my favorite game. If anybody could offer any form of help or suggestions, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you.Juicy7 Mar 30
Mar 30 [Bug] Cannot build structures, warp in units I posted this in the bug reports forum but I thought I'd post this here as well to see if anyone knows what's going on or knows how to resolve the issue. I cannot finish the campaign for Legacy of the Void. On the final mission, I cannot build structures like warp gates nor can I build units with the structures provided at the mission start. Exiting the mission and returning to the Spear of Adun brings a a glitched screen with no map and missing graphical elements. Running the OS X client, version on OS X, version 10.11.4. The hardware is a MacBook Pro, 2.7 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 MB Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, 500 GB SSD with 58GB free. Attached screenshots and save files: Mar 30
Mar 30 Mouse Speed Slowed Since Latest Patch Since the latest patch, my mouse speed is slowed/(reverted to factory default) when I launch SC2. When I close SC2, the mouse speed is reverted to my set speed. - Mac OSX 10.11.4 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB Mouse: - Standard Apple Magic Mouse Not using any mouse speed 3rd party things; I increase my mouse speed using this command on Terminal: defaults write -g 60 This issue happened to me on release date for patch 3.0 as-well: But was fixed with a later patch.Shortland0 Mar 30
Mar 29 Starcraft 2 Co-Op Game Crashes Macbook Pro Since the latest SC2 update which includes Co-Op play, Co-Op gaming often ends up with a sudden system crash. The screen switches off in a bright flash without warning mid-game and then the entire system reboots. No error logs are recorded of the crash. Tried switching off GPU switching in System Preferences/Energy Saver/ but it doesn't help. Running: 1. 15" Macbook Pro (Mid 2010) 2. OS X 10.10.1 El Capitan. 3. SC2 version Anyone else experience this?seven6 Mar 29
Mar 28 SC2 WoL crash mac OSX hey guys, just bought wings of liberty, everything worked fine up until the second level of the Terran campaign. When I load level 2 (the outlaws), everything runs fine, the level starts and runs for about 30 seconds and then like clockwork my comp crashes and restarts. Also tried loading the Tactical Command challenge to see if the same problem occurs, and it does, but about 1min it (so a little longer). System info is: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro6,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 4 MB Memory: 4 GB Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Type: GPU can give more info if needed. also have the error report info sent to mac if that's helpful. anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? pretty bummed I can't get past the first level... thanks a lotMrSolid4 Mar 28
Mar 27 Black Screen Freezes Hello, Lately I have been playing as I normally do, but all of the sudden my screen just turns black, my backlit keyboard turns on and the looping sound occurs, I did recently turn up my graphics to the recommended settings of High, which I understand would make my computer work a bit more, but this crash is pretty bad. I forces me to hard reboot my computer, it doesnt auto shut down ruling out the possibility of an overheat since MBP's are supposed to shutdown on an overheat, not crash and freeze. Is this a current client issue? driver issue? are my recommended settings incorrect? System Specs i7 2.66 GHz Macbook pro 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Mac OS 10.6.8 NVidia Geforce GT 330 M The battery runs hot, but feels normal temperature, I've tried multiple surfaces to run on to see if it was overheating, but this problem has become more and more frequent, last time it happened I was maybe 3 minutes into a campaign mission and boom. Vexxed10 Mar 27
Mar 26 Random Crash? Not sure what's going on, but my game keep crashing after I started it. I can't play any of the campaign missions and now not even multiplayer. Here's the code that the error thing gave me: 76205500-ACC1-469E-A91F-A9490F746C5D.Curbsidious0 Mar 26
Mar 26 Recieving this error code BLZBNTBTS00004 Trying to install SC2 on my wife's Mac, but I get this error when trying to start the download. The game loaded fine on my surface, but not the Mac. Not to experienced with Macs, so I will take what ever help I can get. Thank you in advance!Frost1 Mar 26
Mar 24 Can't play game suddenly After logging in to Battlenet, the 'Play' button does not illuminate, so cannot click it to play game, never had this prob before, why now? ThanksGumboots1 Mar 24
Mar 23 PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME Every time that i want to play starcraft II, the game get freeze (crashed) and i have to restart my PC. Please i need help because that problem repeats any time. I want to know what to doMarioE0 Mar 23
Mar 22 Mac OS 10.11.4 Now Available Apple has released their newest OS Update, 10.11.4. Patch notes for this release can be found on Apple's website. Both for system security and game compatibility, we recommend keeping your Operating System up to date. Some issues that previously impacted game performance have been addressed as well!Glaxigrav0 Mar 22
Mar 18 how do u run sc2 in 32 bit when I try to play a game on arcade in 64 bit i get so much lag i can't even play so i try to switch to 32 bit there is nothing to press. so how do u get from 64 bit to 32 bit on my mac, what do i press, or how do i put it on a 32 bitCHEEESEMANNN1 Mar 18
Mar 18 Campaign won't Load I'm halfway through the campaign, and today (after 2 months) I tried to play it again, and it says that the Mod I have is from an older version, and it won't load! My game is up-to-date!Piry5 Mar 18
Mar 15 Whoops! error upon updating the 3.1.4 patch Seconds after hitting the update button I get this error message: Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot. Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 I've tried all the instructions and everything else I could find on the forums, noting seems to work. Velnrak gave me windows-instructions for a selective startup, then abandoned the issue. Locked out of my game for almost a week, please help out.rothond3 Mar 15
Mar 13 SCV selection problem! For the past few days, about 3-5 minutes into a multiplayer game, anytime I select 1 SCV using a left click, it will select ALL SCV. Same thing for buildings etc. The problem eventually goes away then comes back on again. This is really annoying. In all honesty, the Mac build of this game is really really buggy. If it isn't graphics error or crash is another. During campaign mode.... game play would all of a sudden slow down when advancing to another level. Quitting the game and restart will solve the problem. I like Blizzard... but this game is really just beta quality when it is released for the Mac. Guys .... get with it. I'm running MacPro with 8 cores on 30 inch cinema display.Bunnyturd6 Mar 13
Mar 13 can't install legacy of the void i bought the game recently and every time i try and install it, it opens the battlenet launcher, begins download then stops for no apparent reason. I'm using a mac(:/) yosemite.TheRevenant0 Mar 13
Mar 12 [Bug] [OSX] Game crashes in Assembly Panel Hi, Playing the recent Protoss campaign, I got the game crashing twice when selecting an option from the assembly Panel in the Spear of Adun. What I can tell is that it happened when I got access to a new option. I went to war council -> assembly panel It did not happen with the new option only though. * The first time it was when I got the new Assault ship purifier option (Arbiter) and it crashed when I displayed it and then reverted to the destroyer. * The second time was when I got the last mothership option, but, it crashed when I tried to select warrior melee purifier option and reverted back to another. Config: OSX Maverick on late Macbook Pro 2013 16GB RAMBlueLake6 Mar 12
Mar 11 Depth of Field effect no longer working I've done extensive fiddling in the editor, plus tested maps that I made before 3.0 that had working Depth of Field on camera effects. In all cases, the effect no longer appears. I've double checked the graphics settings in the editor and in-game, and both say that depth of field is enabled. Anyone have ideas about this?LucidIguana1 Mar 11
Mar 10 won't let me go online(El Capitan) I can't manage to go online on (error : BLZBNTBGS80000021). - Internet connection working perfectly. - DHCP renewed. - and StarCraft II both uninstalled and reinstalled. Help?Newtown0 Mar 10
Mar 10 "An unexpected error has occurred" That comes up when I try to log into battle net. The error code it gives tends to change but this is the last one it gave me: 69FA0E28-B39A-4728-AEF6-E290E04C17D2. I really want to get this fixed so I can play the game I just bought ><KadO0 Mar 10
Mar 10 Battle Net Launcher Crashes during log in (MAC) I just installed battle net launcher. I try logging in and it says "An unexpected error has occurred" with a yellow triangle and exclamation point in it the error code is : 98F865CC-8462-4E9D-AC61-3830FB055E61. Log in info is correct, system is up to date, and I have played SC2 on this mac book before. Howeever am having issues now. Any idea on how I can fix this? BTW, I am not that MAC savvy just fyi, go easy on me. ;)KadO0 Mar 10
Mar 8 VMware Fusion? So I have VMware Fusion 3.1 and for anyone who doesn't know what it is, it is software that allows for Windows to be run on Mac a lot more easily. I have a MacBook Pro and was wondering if anyone else is able to play SC 2 through VMware? I haven't tried it out and I wanted to know if people were able to play it, since supposedly Windows systems are better equipped to play this game than Mac ones. So if anyone has played SC 2 through VMware let me know, because I would love to play with better graphics and frame rate.dunderri10 Mar 8
Mar 8 Building Placement Bug I experience a bug where after queuing an SCV to build a structure, the structure remains queued, as though I am holding down shift, even though I am not. I have to actually hit the escape key to un-queue the structure to give further shift commands. I'm playing on a Macbook Pro if that makes a difference. Thanks! This is only occurring in LOTV and not in HOTS!Corgisaurus5 Mar 8
Mar 6 Command + F5 key bind not being saved If I keybind cmd + F5 key to create location 5, the keybind is removed when I exit Starcraft 2. This only happens with cmd + F5. If I save create location 5 under option + F5, the keybind is saved even after closing starcraft 2. Can this be fixed?Timothy0 Mar 6
Mar 5 How to set mouse hotkeys? As the title says, I am wondering how to set mouse hotkeys. I am using a Nexxtech Ergo mouse. Under option, I have "Disable OS keyboard shortcuts." and try to set it but nothing happens. I am simply trying to set my thumb key to make probes, and probably my next one for a warp in or something. Help?TGxMaldzar5 Mar 5
Mar 5 Maps downloading percent always show 0% Arcade maps.IOXX2 Mar 5
Feb 28 Cannot get support I have tried to contact support and cannot get it. I wish to figure out why Archon Mode isn't working.ATHEOTES0 Feb 28
Feb 25 Nothing works, cant create support ticket So, i really am loving playing SC II. Ive been an addict only with the demo version for the last days. today i wanted to even finally purchase the whole trilogy, but continuously get cryptic errors when trying to run the game. I wont pay for something that wont run. I have tried all of the potential solutions on the cryptic support page, and nothing. I tried to creat a legit support ticket over the website, after many tries, it seems that i still havent registered a support ticket. Generally im not one to bring my troubles to a forum such as tis, but hey... I am unable to even make a support ticket!! not just even a simple email address to blizzard, nothing. just SC2 totally nonfuntional. For reference, i am on a 2015 macbook pro, os x 10.11, latest version. Its been working fine for a week now. Amazingly, the game has just stopped working the very day i was ready to send in my sixty bux. You guys need to fix this, and i really want to play this game. thanks for any help, and please, lets get that support website actually working....Jaapils3 Feb 25
Feb 25 MAC Players.. Command Buttons F2 not working So I go into the options and click on disable os commands thinking F1 and F2 would now work but no. How do I use F1 and F2 on a mac? And yes, i already went into system preferences and allowed starcraft 2 to make changes to my computer.VyseSkyKing1 Feb 25
Feb 24 quit unexpectedly Hey guys.. tried a lot of stuff I'm trying to install on my brand new Macbook Pro. I have all permission on Shared folder , no firewall, no anti-virus, etc. The downloaded fil come from the genuine website. Once I unzipped and execute the .exe, i goes to the end and one is trying to open, it crashes The error message is quit unexpectedly. need help here :)Mulotfif3 Feb 24
Feb 22 El Capitan Access Permission Error I just downloaded Legacy of the Void, and every time I try to play the game I get an error message saying Core: access permission error. I've played both prior versions of Starcraft II without issue, and I also opened up Diablo III earlier today just fine from the app. Any help would be appreciated.Alucard0 Feb 22
Feb 21 Crashing in game, Error note says reinstall? I've had an issue twice now where upon crashing, the error note tells me I need to reinstall SC2. What's going on here?Corgisaurus0 Feb 21