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Can't launch the game I downloaded the game a few days go and was able to play the prologue missions. Then it froze between missions and I have not been able to log back in the game since. When I click on launch in the battleNet app, it either does nothing and the button switches back from «play» to «launch» or the screen switches to black with only the mouse arrow appearing. I then need to shut down the cpu to do anything else. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro and I recently installed El Capitan on it. Kubrick2
Dec 4
Insufficient Memory? I just got LotV and booted it up. Now Starcraft two is telling me I have insufficient memory to adjust my graphics quality. I have 12 GB of RAM and obviously a 64 bit OS as I'm running OSX. This was never problem before legacy of the void. Any advice? Magnus6
Dec 4 Dec 4
Hotkeys Crap Since Patch 3!!! Ever since Patch 3.0, my hotkeys are CRAP . . . . .I've played since SC1 was release, NEVER had this problem till now . . . . .they lose their settings, change, and or ALL empty . . . . often right in the middle of combat . . . .wtf!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody know what's going on or having this problem? The GAME IS UNPLAYABLE at Diamond level cause THEY DO NOT WORK!!!!!! HOTKEYS ALL STOPPED WORKING!!!!!!!!! Set them, they go away, reset them, they change . . . . .1 becomes 3, 2 becomes 5 and 6 through 10 are all GONEE!! WTF!!!!!! Sutton6
Dec 2 Dec 2
LotV Campaign and Achievements Reset! The campaign reset with achievements along with all save files. Game was fine previously until sudden battlenet server shutdown at around 12pm (GMT +8). Any way to get the achievements and saves back? Running on MacBook Pro 2014 OS X Yosemite. Resvero1
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Can't load anything I have the new 2015 Macbook Pro and I download Sc2 to the optimal section, yet when I try playing the campaign, the loading bar would get about half-way and then it would take me back to the main screen where I can select a campaign and what not. It's not just the campaign I'm having an issue with, I can't load into a regular match either, the loading bar would go half-way and take me back to the main screen. Please help! SteeLMuffin12
Nov 28
"Unable to download required assets" Hello Friends, My issue is closely similar to others involving the campaign. Post if anyone reading this has the same issue! So here it is (the first time it happened): After completing the first mission in the new Lotv campaign, I exited the game (for personal reasons) and came back to it later. When I clicked on the campaign tab at the home page in the actual Starcraft 2 game, I clicked on "episode 3, Legacy of the Void." After doing so I clicked on the "Main Story" option where it led me to a follow up screen and I clicked "continue." Now I am in the loading screen and when it seemingly finishes loading, it surprisingly takes me back to the screen where I originally clicked "continue." So, I reset the client and logged back in and the problem was fixed. However, after coming back to the game again a day later, the same problem occurred after I completed mission 6. I was able to complete missions 2-6 with no problems. I tried clicking "continue" repeatedly and occasionally an error would pop up (when it took me back to the screen where it says "continue") saying "Unable to download required assets." I am not a tech savvy person so I'm not quite sure what this means but this seems to be the primary issue. I read up on another post that described an almost identical issue as mine and followed the Blizzard Employee's steps to flush my DNS. Again, not the brightest person when it comes to tech so I did not really know exactly what I was doing, but nonetheless I followed the steps and now when I open the launcher that displays all the Blizzard games, a new error pops up saying, "Something went wrong with a file. We're not sure what caused it, so please try again or click the code below for more information. Sorry about that!" The code is BLZBNTAGT00000840. Not sure if this has anything to do with me being unable to play the campaign but I thought I would bring this up. *Update* I copied and pasted this from about 5 days ago and now the error described within the first paragraph "Unable to download required assets" does not seem to appear anymore after it takes me back to the screen where it says to "continue" campaign from the loading screen. The error might pop up again in the future but ever since I posted this issue on the other forum, the error no longer appears. -Brna Brna3
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Game freezes on campiagn level loading When playing campaigns and returning to the campaign hub map (Hyperion, with the armory/cantina/lab/bridge) after completing a level, the loading frequently stalls immediately after completing the Streaming Data stage. At the point where the loading bar is 50% filled, Starcraft 2 becomes non-responsive (does not even accept Cmd+M or Cmd+Tab to go to another window if in full-screen mode). If in windowed mode, the Force Quit Application window can be brought up with Cmd+Opt+Esc, and it marks SC2 as not responding. This only appears to happen immediately after completing a campaign level. It does not seem to occur when entering the campaign hub map from the main Starcraft 2 menu. This issue does not happen 100% of the time; sometimes it loads just fine, although rarely. ... ... ... A quick search reveals the same issue being reported (with no solution provided) back in 2010. Garryl2
Nov 23 Nov 23
Accidentally deleted Starcraft from LaunchPad Hi, please explain how is it possible to return it back to launchpad. I dried to download it again, but after I perform downloaded file it checks updates and tell me that 100% is downloaded and I can play now. But after I close the Starcraft, I cannot find any links to Starcrarf2 in Launchpad or applications. Thanks in advance! MacOS 10.9.3. EgorKRS4
Nov 23
campaign crashing I am 3 missions in, and now when I try to load the campaign, it crashes and send me back to menu. I can't load the campaign in any form now, even as a new campaign. I have a macbook pro. I spent 40$ and now It is completely broken 2 hours into play.... NINJAVITIS11
Nov 23
Can't do any on SC2 Macbook pro 2011 Bought LoTV starting playing campaign. After first mission the game started to freeze. First on a cinematic which I ended up having to skip, next on the war room, and now and everything god damn thing. I can't load a multiplayer game, coop game, or even enter campaign. It gets to loading screen and either freezes or kicks me back to the main page. Trying to play multiplayer it shows message saying "can't download required assets" cyclonestate6
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Strange Lag, Shaky Mouse, Fullscreen Hi! I have a beast of a macbook pro, 8core 2.3ghz intel i7, 16gig, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB I've never had problems, and I keep my playing at Medium. It appears after the patch that things have gotten real choppy and laggy, the mouse as well does not move correctly, it appears to be missing movement data because i'll move my mouse across the pad and it won't move much on the screen and will continue to be shaky. What's strange is that if I take it off of windowed fullscreen into "windowed", it completely goes away, cinematics play well and the mouse has no issues in gameplay and I can up my game back to medium with no lag or issues or anything. This is VERY weird. Can someone tell me if this is a bug or am I missing something on my end? KillRituals9
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How Long Will Lion Be Supported? I have an old Mac Pro 2006 running the absolute most recent operating system possible for its chipset (10.7.5, 2012). I continue to get this error message saying that Blizzard will no longer support this OS, and I'd love to know how long I have before they pull the plug and I need to buy a new one (or hack it). I REALLY WANT LOTV, but don't want to buy the game and have it stop working one week later. And I am a ways out from buying a new computer and don't really want to hack anything quite yet, as this machine is still a very powerful workstation for everything else that I do. Talk about a desktop lasting awhile! Too long, in fact. Long enough that it loses the support of much of its software as it ages, with zero hardware issues. Almost a bummer. Anyway, if anyone (Blizzard?) knows the answer to this, please let me know!! GreatGoomba7
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