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Help Form a Dedicated Team (Top 8 Diamond - Plays Bio - LotV) Would the willing strategists please PM me because I would really appreciate the help! (I'm tired of using my time extremely inefficiently and would love to team up with some dedicated people so we can progress faster. See, I know some people love analyzing the game, and I really need those people to help analyze games so that I can focus harder on executing game plans. For more details please PM me!). Argument: Competitive players should consider either joining another player or finding an interested and willing helper because as a team you will advance faster by using time more effectively. Argument - Description: One person trying to ladder, work on multitasking, figure out reactions to opposing reactions, watch replays and online videos to further knowledge, and keep in touch with what pros do--it’s too damn much for one person, like trying to work 3 jobs. Plus, after losing 4 consecutive games, we really don’t feel like figuring anything out. Solution: A more effective way to improve at Starcraft 2 without paying coaches is to create a team of at least two people with the following roles: player and strategist. One person is the designated Ladder player while one or more people are designated strategists. In addition to laddering, the player works on multitasking, micro techniques, executing builds and reactions, and engraining cycles in his/her head, such as: *defend the attack* → check depots → build units → check upgrades, and 2) *about to attack* → build production facilities → expand → consider AA. The strategist(s) can analyze replays, solve how to combat opposing strategies and reactions, design and refine build orders, test builds vs opposing builds, and watch videos to further game knowledge. This role relays all knowledge in condensed form to the player, saving a lot of time. In a tournament setting, strategists can prepare selected cheese builds, normal builds, reactions, and strategies vs selected potential opponents because each opponent plays differently. Strategists should have/create spreadsheet tables for each strategy to optimize the player’s production relative to the number of bases and harvesters. An ideal team includes a designated map maker to replicate specific circumstances the player struggles with, such as fleeing workers at a baneling run-by while both macro’ing and harassing a mineral line. The player would repeatedly train these stressful events to familiarize them. Summary: If you are a competitive Starcraft 2 player, consider joining another competitor or finding a willing helper because you will save loads of time, climb ranks faster, and feel better. Everything you practice can be practiced more thoroughly, such as pure laddering, replay watching, or mechanics work. Maybe now you’re thinking, “But I already purely ladder.” Well you’re still missing out because you’re not closely watching replays, refining builds, practicing specific repeatable circumstances, and researching videos. You could be better. A team of 3 offers more efficiency than a team of 1. Imagine working on splitting units for 3 hours, knowing your teammate is knit-picking through 15 games you played yesterday while another teammate downloads the last 50 TvZ GSL Code S matches, notes patterns, figures out why these patterns exist, and will explain them to you when he or she finishes. Imagine your duty is to design a build to fight all of the possible Protoss one-base two-gas cheeses, or to create a replay database of all of the blink-all-ins so you can quickly refer to what other people do in the situation. Imagine losing an hour long ZvT mech or ZvP sky toss game and not feeling like !@#$ because at least you know your strategist will watch that dreadful replay--NOT you. Imagine excellent mechanics, excellent strategy, and excellent decision-making. BumbleBaby0
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Reaper Bad, design. Costs too much and takes too long to build. Meant to harass, if failed, you just invested a lot of money and time into doing almost no damage. If successful, stalls opponent tech (they will want to rebuild their economy, thus workers, thus it'll cost them mineral and they'll want to put the remaining workers into mineral before gas so they can expand quicker) at the cost of stalling your own teching (spending a lot of gas into reapers) but boosting your economy compared to the opponent's. I think the whole problem comes from their frailty, yes, they can do nice damage, but you can lose it and more even quicker and the window of effectiveness is so small it's not fun at all. Any units counter them cost for cost, yes they're stronger than marines early on, but marines will come out MUCH MUCH faster, for MUCH MUCH cheaper, have MUCH MUCH better upgrades and eventually any unit counters the poor reaper. My point; instead of making it a head or tail harass unit they should make it a combat unit. How? Lower gas cost to 25 or 0 (75 mineral if zero), remove speed upgrade and replace by attack speed or anything combat-ish, lower build time, keep the regeneration in HoTs, even going to the extent of healing (slowly) in combat. Lore wise it would be explained as they don't inject it it's in their mask... They would still be effective in late game for killing an undefended expansion workers somewhat quickly and return to buff your ranks by jumping the ledges to shorten the path. Hit points and damage balance would be left to balance team's knowledge and tests. For HoTs they should remove see up ledges and replace with red dot thing or just remove. If Blizzard doesn't want to do that and want to keep them for harass, I propose reaper comes with passive invisibility. No ragequit please, keep on reading. I think this poses no problem as detection comes early for zerg and terran and with no gas costs (turret, spore crawler). For protoss I think pylons should get a detect ability researchable at the Cybernetics Core (it would take what 45 seconds to research, cronoboostable, would delay warp gate only by a bit, still acceptable, and even fun for terran to have made protoss delay warp gate by making or pretending to make reaper (and instead go marauder)). Of course the reaper coming with such an ability makes them worth the full 50/50, maybe even should cost 75/50, but yet again I am not qualified without any tests to say which would be best. What do you feel.jpg, what do you think? Also I would love to have replays with reapers used in bunkers (particularly bunkers placed near the opponent) or just a good build to use reaper, I am so bad with them. I find it interesting to place them in bunker as they have higher dps than marine and get a range increase. Sei22
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Wishlist for Terran Units Does anyone else have a wish list of things that would make playing all the more awesome? Personally, I've got a lot of things that I'd love to ask for, but I think I have 3 that made the top of my list. First, from back in Wings of Liberty, I really wish they had made the game a bit more open ended. Being able to do something like Freelancer where you could travel from planet to planet, then go to the bar, the hanger, etc. on that planet was really cool. As a game player and not a programmer I have no idea how much work that would have taken and thus will only say it would have been really awesome to have the chance to use Raynor's ship to return to planets after the mission and have to fight off encroachers (dominion, zherg, or protoss.) Second, I really wish that you could garrison units in the battleships. I guess trying to balance the game really hurt these units in my mind. How awesome would it have been if you could treat the Battleships like the Hercules Carrier from the campaign. Load them up, still have their firepower to decimate, then deploy either smaller starships for cover or ground units to sweep up. Lastly, and this kind of ties in with the second, I really wish they had given the idea of garrisoning/strategic positioning a bigger role. I'm thinking more Command and Conquer here, where soldiers could dig-in by occupying buildings or riding around in vehicles, etc. With buildings that can fly around you would think that being able to put your troops inside of the buildings and fire out of them would have been obvious. There was another game that I'm wracking my brain trying to remember where certain parts of the terrain had a sort of shelter bonus. By running into a crater, for instance, it gave your troops a damage reduction and let them attack from relative safety. If an enemy got into the same crater, then the bonus went away between the 2+ occupants, but external units could only do serious damage with splash damage or area-effect damage like bombarding the crater. Anyways, I know this might sound like a rant, though it's not intended to be. I was just wondering what everybody else wished they could add to the game in general, and specifically the Terrans since they've become my favorite race to play. I'm really looking forward to when Legacy of the Void campaign comes out. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a StarCraft 3, but I hope they make a campaign for all three (or will it be 4?) races this time, simply so that we'll be able to play on the side of our favorite races through the story. Cothrom1
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Redesigning the Shredder The best unit design in the Hots Beta was the shredder A mechanical unit that closed off attack paths and discouraged a-moving from imposing armies Infact if it was redesigned in the way im posting now I think it would have a significant impact on the way we play Mech in Hots The Main purpose of the shredder was to add cover for siege tanks and to seal paticualr places off from melee units. This work GREAT for mech because things we struggle with are major counterattacks with lots of lings or zealots. As for the siege tanks this would differentiate the matchup between TvZ and TvT. The reason for this is that Terran doesn't have melee so the shredder would be useless but in TvZ it could repel roaches,lings and mutas. Zergs these days all day complain that the widow mine is too bursty and can destroy armies in a second. However with the new shredder damage would be high but over time so the zerg can pull out if he has made a mistake he regretted however some damage will be done. I think Zergs will like this change instead of the widowmine Another thing is that Mech is all about postioning but all you do for widow mines is spam the burrow and shots go everywhere. If you want real protection from flanks putting the widow mines in the middle or pretty much anywhere will be okay however with the shredder you have to put it into according areas but it will be worth it because if the zerg commits his army will be shredded if you psotionin them correctly. The problem with the widow mines is if you put them anywhere his amry will still get shredded Now the reason the shredder was taken out of the game was because it was used for drop harass instead of its real purpose. Instead how about this for a change the shredder can no longer target workers and this can be the only execption I expect Zergs will appreciate this post because of their widow mine problems Protoss wont really care except for the chargelot problem Terran will be mixed Also finally I want you all to know im a Plat Terran Mech Player and tho widow mines have won me many games I want to have a mech amry that is about postioinging not just a-moving across the map and then burrow the mines and watch a zerg,protoss ore maybe even terran army melt just because they made one mistake HaZarD0
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