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Thor 250 mm Cannons Functionality Suggestions Right now the Thor's dorsal cannons are purely cosmetic and that irks me a lot. I really hope the developers find a use for them in a future patch. However here's some of my suggestions of some uses for it. 1. As a Shotgun - inspired by Heroes of the Storm, the thor performs a similar attack to the Odin ultimate. It fires a single volley of its cannons that deals 35 splash damage per shot (total of 4 shots) to a medium area (approx. 3 range radius). This would help the Thor fend off a swarm of attackers; not a solid counter but should help shore up one of its major weakness and adding a considerable cooldown should help keep it balanced as well. 2. As an Artillery Emplacement - This one is inspired by the Juggernaut + sniper team combo from Tiberium wars. The Thor will team up with Ghosts. Thors gain the ability to enter into bombardment mode, activating their barrage cannons but become immobile and vulnerable to attack. The Ghosts will gain a call down artillery strike ability in which they mark a target and after 3 seconds all (or up to 3?) Thors in bombardment mode will begin to fire artillery shells from their barrage cannons which hits the target for 80 damage until the Ghost cancels the ability or the thor disengages bombardment mode. 3. As a Flak Cannon - I tried to research the details as to why the high impact payload ability was removed but IMO it should be brought back to complement the thor's role as an air unit deterrent. To the community let me know your thoughts and your own suggestions on this thread as well. A good day to all. Koetetsu7
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Free Master League Terran Coaching Cant guarantee much, it mainly depends on you, but if you play 6+ hours a week i can guarantee that i can get you at least to diamond. Main focus will be on; macroing/mechanics build/orders scouting information correct responses to scouting information Was also thinking i may post youtube videos but it depends on how lazy i get. Discord would be best for communicating, not comfortable giving out my skype anymore. Discord is download free, so its pretty easy to access. Anyway, leave a message if you are interested. Or message me online. Naattt #834 (Im masters with protoss and zerg as well, but my knowledge about the other 2 races is in general much weaker) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: FEBRUARY 26th 2016 Due to the sheer # of people i will be posting some basic videos, sometime soon. I find i am repeating myself alot when im coaching bronze-gold level players so i will make a few videos regarding how to improve quickly at this level of play. Im sorry i havent responded to any recent requests school has gotten busy lately, but i have reading week next week so i will be able to spend alot of time playing in the coming few days. I will post 3 videos for bronze - gold players, and i would really recommend you watch these videos before coming to me for coaching. If you're platinum + maybe take a look, but you should probably know this and can disregard. If you watch the videos and are still struggling feel free to ask me questions and possibly go over some content. I will post links for them when i upload them. The videos will contain; 1.Information on build order trainer/macroing/benchmarks 2. Build orders and getting the most out of your build orders 3. What to do next Learning to macro is all about repetition, so the more you practice the better you'll get. Ill try and release these videos for the weekend, and hopefully it helps some of you. Naattt16
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Terran is broken Terran is almost impossible to play against other races currently if you are just a casual player. And casual players should form a significant part of the online community no? Right now, it's like as if the game is built and balanced for pro gamers only, at least for terrans. Right now, terran has to go for bio units ALL THE EFFIN TIME. And every race has a hard counter for it. Protoss storms are insane against bio units. Zerg's infestor has fungal growth, not to mention banelings that simply just roll over your marines. The problem is, the ONLY way for terran to play against that is INSANE micro skills. Splitting marines while at the same time using medivacs to drop and pickup units to run away guerrilla style. Against protoss, you even have to micro ghosts to emp the Templars before the storm hits/your ghosts gets sniped. As for the other races, not much micro is needed to fight against terran. For zerg just roll in bloody banelines and while the guy is busy splitting his marines u march your infestors forward and fungal growth the !@#$ out of them. For protoss, just press "A" and click on the ground while you hotkey your Templars in one key and just keep spamming storm. I miss brood war.. that was the time when StarCraft was perfect. Each race was more unique yet playable and more balanced. Zerg units were weak but they had huge numbers. Protoss units were strong individually but more expensive. Terran units are balanced between the two. They were all unique in that they had a standard theme behind them yet all playable and balanced for both progamers and casual player. StarCraft 2 on the other hand is not like that at all. Each race has also lost its uniqueness/standard theme. JinJo2
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TERRAN SO OP! Hey everyone, I just wanted to mention that Terran is currently extremly overpowered and needs urgently a nerf for nearly every unit. Lets start with the scv. For the same cost as a drone or a probe, it has more healthpoints, has the ability to repair and has also much better speaking skills than his colleagues of the other races... The marine is the only starter unit which can attack air and is also a ranged unit. The marine has an armor which saves him from every kind of Radiation, fire and acid. The zergling for example has not that Kind of protection which is highly unfair. The marauder who "gotta whole lotta love" is classified as armored and shoots two high damage shots at once killing Units like Stalkers and roaches in seconds. And as if that wasnt enough, he has the ability to slow enemy units down which gives him an enormously high advantage in the shutter step. With the marine he is also the only unit who gets drugs to sharpen their senses. The other Units, especially from the other races, dont get that benefit :(( He is also the most charming unit in the game with phrases like : ◾"Baby, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together..." ◾"Actually, that IS a grenade in my pants." ◾"What's your sign, baby? Mine's explosive!" Theres not much to say for the reaper^^ A unit who can jump up and down cliffs, heal itsself, throw bombs, combined the a high mobility cant be called fine... The Ghost, the scare of all protoss Players, hasnt only the the ability to snipe, cloak and emp, no he can also call down a nuclear rocket whereever he wants. Apart from the fact that this is damaging the Environment, it has also Impacts on the athmosphere which keeps us the bad sunbeams away. He is also very selfish because he wants always a solo operaton and thinks the female ghosts have better equpment^^ The hellion, who has a light fetish for seeing things get burned, is extremly fast and mobile. Whenever he doesnt kill the whole eco-line, he can transform into an well armored Scorcher who burns everything with a Preference for workers The siege tank is obviously one of the most OP Units in the terran Arsenal. High damage, combined with an enourmous range makes him the core of every terran army. The only bad aspect was his inmobility while sieged, is now also solved with the meditank^^ The widow mine is probably the only mine who can Trigger more than once. The high damage and Aoe gives the Opponent a lot of stressful and annoying time. The fact that they are nearly always worth the produce because of the low cost. In the end I want to refer that I dont understand why Terrans have barely to micro while for example protoss is that micro intensive? :(( PS: Why cant Zerg buildings fly around? ThOrganizer11
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