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Dec 22 Mechanic Drills Episode #3 Mini-Map Drill Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5q1xPPHDWw&feature=youtu.be In this episode #3 of Mechanic Drills we focus on Mini-Map Mechanics and how we can improve them. To find the map go to: Arcade, in Arcade Search bar search: Testing This huge map with nothing on it , (Yes those exact words with those exact caps, it should have 0 ratings on it),Create Game(No Opponent),Start Game,build up about 5-10 drones and 2-3 overlords and get 6-7 lings and send them all over the map, practice initially by JUST staring and clicking on the minimap(Don't look back up at main screen), after you are comfortable with going from group to group on minimap, practice clicking to a minimap spot, and then bringing your eyes to the unit on the main screen, boxing it, then going back to the minimap with your eyes, rinse repeat! Super effective drill that might not be very fun but it is extremely effective and will make you a much much better player in terms of using minimap and being aware of it. Twitter: @RiskScRisk0 Dec 22
Dec 21 Help vs zerg Hi im a diamond terran, I play bio 95% of my games, but i seem to lose EVERY game lategame against zerg, so nowawdays i just all in. Does anyone know how to deal with ravagers into ultras? I can survive the ravager attacks and i drop to stall but ultras are a BIG problem. I've tried widow mines, ghosts, and liberators but i still cant seem to defeat them. Any help? Thanks! :^)Ahj10 Dec 21
Dec 19 Builds? Help NEW! Dose anyone have some videos for NEW NEW PEOPLE! Like something I can practice that'll make it so I can at lest win 20% of the time lol. I feel real slow, and by the time I have my Army, its dead in a flash, and my base is overrun!JarHead1 Dec 19
Dec 19 Just started playing Terran. Tips? Hey guys, so up until now in SC2 I've played Protoss, but I've been thinking lately that I'd like to play random. As such, I'm trying to learn Terran for when that time comes. Any tips about mechanics of what I should focus on in the beginning? I really don't know where to start here. Haha. Any advice is welcome, unless you're trolling. In which case I'll probably just laugh and shrug it off. So, guys, where to begin?Salamander2 Dec 19
Dec 15 New Map Pool -- Horrible Ramps Blizzard, WTF man, these new ramps are impossible to wall. All of them are different. Some have the gas in the way. Its horrible. Esp cause now there is soooooooooo much pressure to get the wall up from lings and adapts. What a mess. And I think Zerg needs more buffs, not like all areas of the ladder are full of noob Zergs...Magistrate0 Dec 15
Dec 15 I found a great TvZ Guide http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-strategy/500023-tvz-a-beginners-aggressive-playstyle-guide Any thoughts on this?Blukk1 Dec 15
Dec 15 Terran 2v2 stream with some z offrace Hey guys. I've been streaming 2v2s most days. I usually stream with commentary unless it's after 12am. I'm a former master Terran in WOL, played Zerg in HOTS. These days I play mostly Terran in 2v2 and Zerg in 1v1. I'll be pushing hard for masters this season. Stop by and have a laugh at my scrubness or maybe even learn a thing or two. http://www.twitch.tv/trafficxxxTRaFFiC1 Dec 15
Dec 14 Anyone actually winning vs Protoss? Winning 90% of TvT and TvZ, and like 10% of TvP.Ruin17 Dec 14
Dec 13 tvp - a case for opening 1-1-1 Terran bros: TvP is back to being a bit fun for me since I started opening marine + a good mix of factory/starport units. Here's why you want to resist the temptation to just mass up bio/medi: Tanks - they are awesome to have early game. If you wall front and have a tank or two, they have no chance at attacking there. Adepts will never be able to kill a tank in your main with workers around to repair. But most importantly, if they do some stupid warp prism play and it gets owned, you can go crush them if you have tanks.... because they can't hide behind photon overcharge. Just don't overbuild these or over-rely on them mid-game. They will probably shadow right into your tank line with adept, so you would need medivacs for pickup, or enough bio to just crush the adept and focus fire units further away. The shadow play is not applicable early game if you have tank behind wall, and you can just used them unsieged to defend mineral line Banshee - if they open oracle and you open cloak banshee + cyclone/marines for defense, they will lose. And banshee is so sick on classic 1-1-1 attacks. Keep this for close position or if you know they're going oracle Cyclone - shuts down warp prism/oracle, generally awesome early game. such a fast unit, so much superior on defense than marines (until later when you have enough stim/shields marines) Liberator - they can never attack up your ramps, and you can zone them out on your attack. Widow mine - guaranteed to kill a few workers if dropped, and pretty well ruins their game if they delayed robo terribly. You still need your good bio army, but take back control of the early and mid-game by using all our units properly. I now laugh at all early protoss attacks/harass. It doesn't mean I win all the tvp... since I still like to a-move into storm with 70 marines and see how that goes (whoops)Jimnasium10 Dec 13
Dec 13 OP tactic with Reaper(exploit) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaOfpddF5OM the first part ( big jump) may no longer works, but the vision "hack" still works have fun, pown the zerg^^energie0 Dec 13
Dec 12 co op swann question hi guys do u have idea of good opening when playing swann ? (brutal) i was able to win with him but since he doesnt have mules its quite hard and i just cant figure out good buildRezZet3 Dec 12
Dec 11 Kiaph's new TvZ build 100% success rate* Are you tired of losing round after round to those creepy crawly and acid filled zerg units? Don't worry I am too, so after much research, trial and error and a tad bit of luck, I bring you the new improved zerg killing build. Its like a build order win, but works every time against everything! Build order 10 depot 12 Barracks(1) 15 depot 16 orbital command @ main 17 bunker 19 command center 23 barracks(2) 24 depot 25 barracks (2) 28 Pull 5 workers to natural 28 Orbital command @ natural 30 barracks (2) Constant marine production, and rally all workers to natural @100% command center. You early bunker allows you to be aggressive with first 2 or 3 marines, find that overlord with your scouting scv go and kill it ( if possible ) retreat to your bunker. Continue to constantly produce marines and scv's don't worry about anything else after your first full wave off 7 rax empty bunker ( but don't kill it ) pull all scv's and attack-move to base, stay above your army, scv in the lead be ready to split, even if there are banelings, the new greedy zergs will not have more then 4 or 5. Your goal is to kill the natural, don't worry about ending the game, once it is dead, if there is a third rally to the third and kill the third. Always produce SCVs and pull them anytime it is necessary. If you kill natural but the zerg player has spines all over in his main, or 3 or 4 queens, retreat, take 4 gas, tech and push again with siege tanks and win the game. I recommend taking 2 factories with the 4 gas, your behind in upgrades, and zerg is behind in economy, he will wont have any super smash-face units, just a lot of units, having double siege tank production or the ability to make thors will be plenty to end the game. I hope every one enjoys crushing zerg as much as I do now :D Replays http://drop.sc/291529 http://drop.sc/292007 (1/7/13) http://drop.sc/292046 (1/7/13)[this guy had an awesome name!] (don't worry you don't need 250 apm, I just like to split my marines because there is nothing else to do during this build lol) * Warning any zerg who does not play standard, as in scouts this build and begins mass baneling production could be a possible threat, however the gas he spent in banelings will buy you time to get back into game, and with proper micro you should still be far far ahead of said zerg, I am not responsible for any losses due to poor micro, mass amount of units, or abundant number of queens spines and/or banelings.IEKiaph108 Dec 11
Dec 11 Struggling with Late Game It seems if I don't kill my opponent within the first 10 minutes, I'm pretty much going to lose. I have a couple builds that give me a powerful early game, but if that gets screwed up I'm behind all game. However I don't feel safe like doing CC-first, or double expanding early due to P harass and Z all-ins being so powerful. One problem I feel I have transitioning into the late game is knowing exactly when to build more production buildings. It seems I find myself with a small army and floating a ton of resources when I get stream-rolled by my opponent's much larger army. Any tips on exactly when to increase production and how to keep up the pressure during mid and late game to avoid getting rolled like that?Ontolog3 Dec 11
Dec 11 Diamondbacks vs Cyclone So anyone else like the Diamondback more? what if we had those in multiplayer ? I would definitely like an anti armor unit more than the cyclone , which doesnt do that much dmg (base), not including the lock on damage. A diamondback does 20 dmg base, 40 vs armored?(correct if im wrong on the numbers) and could also move and shoot at the same time. I dont really see anyone mass cyclones either.Deathwing2 Dec 11
Dec 10 Cool Idea for Warp-prism Nerf. first of all http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2009219/1/SnowBell/ladder/176160#current-rank its me. master 1st place in EU. atm. i am not Bronze! As u know, because of Adepts. In PvT warpprism+adept rush is SOOOOOO strong. Not just strong, but its not risky. For example DT, Oracle early. If they Caught? Protoss would be Very risky. But Warp+Adepts? Are not risky. they dont even eat gases. only adepts who eat 25 gas. While protoss harras with unkillabe Warpprism, Forcing terran to defend and play passive. Protoss can play very economicaly with Triple base. And u know what will happen in future. I wont say nerf adepts. Because nerfing Adepts would surely makes bad in PvZ. So, my idea is nerfing Warp-prism. HOW ? Just like overlord Transport upgrade. Warp prism need to research Pylon mode upgrade!!!! I am not saying to upgrade in Robotics Support Bay. Just like Same as Overlord, Warpprism itsef need research pylon mode ugprade! how d u think guys? p.s. sorry for bad english. i am from Korea.SignOfLove2 Dec 10
Dec 10 tvz build In another thread someone was asking for build replays. This is my standard 2 rax opening. 3 reaper then quick transition into stim/+1/shields bio. Sometimes I play mech to mix it up Not perfect play, but a good example of messing up their build orders with harass http://www.ggtracker.com/matches/6311320Jimnasium0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Struggling with build orders in LotV Hey guys. I'm looking for some help with a decent standard build order that I can practice with that is overall fairly effective. I'm a silver - gold player (gold league right now, but struggling hard) and I've been reading about the 1-1-1 strategy with Terrans right now. I've seen different "1's" though as in reaper, cyclone, liberator or reaper, banshee, liberator etc. Can anyone clarify a good build that has been working for them and whether or not it might be effect for a low rank player such as myself (whose micro may not be as on point as higher league players).Zarrakk2 Dec 10
Dec 10 TY's FPV vs Parting G3 Dreamhack+Analsis First Person View of TY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKLQynMEk64 Super deep analysis of game 3 from me if that is your jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcybuPBP83o If you enjoyed what you saw, please like and subscribe! If you have any questions or feedback, be sure to discuss it with me, I love interacting :)Risk0 Dec 10
Dec 9 Battlecruiser Rush I find this activity to be extremely fun, like you cannot even imagine. Not only are Battlecruisers my favorite unit, but seeing it slowly tearing apart the entire enemy base. Anyways I used to do it a lot and followed the build as described here http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=150082 (the first one) but I was wondering whether this tactic is of any good or worth now that HotS is out. Allow me to rephrase it: I used to do this tactic a lot but then took a SC2 hiatus for almost 2 years, now I'm back with HotS and I was wondering whether people still do this and/or is an effective tactic.PieFlavor10 Dec 9
Dec 9 Sensor tower should make audible notification Hello Friends, I think it is necessary for the Sensor tower to have an audible and a more distinct visual notification when an enemy enters its range, to better capture your attention. The sensor Tower is not as useful as it can be if it doesn't provide more than a red dot on the map. I think it should have at least a bleep or some sort of audible cue that let's you know that there is movement in its range, to better capture your attention. Either it should have a voice alert like, "Enemies have entered our perimeter!" Or it could say something on a 5 second loop, just like when your troops are fighting, they tell you every 5 second, "Need some help over here", something like that. But then stationary troops like zerg overlords could present a problem because then the alerts could become annoying, but on the other hand that motivates you to take action against them. Another idea is to have it work as a motion sensor. It will make an alert as long as there is enemy movement in its range. This could come as an upgrade if not by default. Thanks!ManOfWar7 Dec 9
Dec 9 I'm giving up on TvZ I can't beat Zerg even if my life was hanging on it. It doesn't matter if I manage to do some damage to their economy early on they always rebound and then I can't do anything. I try to do some doom drops but that never works. I try to harrass with Hellions but their army always catches up tothem and they die. I try Banshees but they simply put up a few spores and have a Overseer with a few corruptors so thats off. I've tried with BC and Liberators and they die to the sheer mass of Corruptors and a few vipers that to PB. So I really don't know what to do anymore and it's getting so frustrating that I cannot expand since they just rush into the CC and kill it. They can expand without any form of punishment and whenever I try to punish zerg for being greedy it doesn't work. I'm going to stop playing TvZ if nothing changes. At least in Wol and Hots it was a lot easier to fend of Zerg and expand or have a big army. Now? I kill a ton of their units and 30 seconds later he has a full army because he banks on larva :/DrRobotnik9 Dec 9
Dec 8 Viking vs. Goliath Which unit would you guys rather use in Starcraft II? I know that Goliaths are unavailable, but I made a comment to some friends the other day about how Vikings suck and I would rather produce Goliaths than worthless (unless they have nothing to attack you with) Vikings. They disagreed, and touted the mobility of the Viking. Goliath 125 hitpoints 1 armor 20 attack vs air 12 attack vs ground 8 range vs air Viking 120 hitpoints 0 armor 14 attack vs air 12 attack vs ground 9 range vs air Can fly and land Whats your vote? Would you rather have Goliath or Vikings? Meelosh74 Dec 8
Dec 8 Terran currently weakest race? It seems that Terran is currently struggling against the other two races, especially Protoss. It seems that Adepts are just too meaty, they need an HP nerf. Also, 2-base Roach / Ravager all-ins are way too strong (and easy to pull off for Z). Maybe I'm just QQing but I see even real professionals struggle with these issues (I mainly watch Polt on Twitch). Anyway, if the next balance patch doesn't help Terran out at all I'm thinking of switching to Protoss. EDIT: Forgot to mention, Photon Overcharge is just plain stupid. 1 or 2 pylons shutdown a dropship full of marines. You can't do early aggression against Toss so you are forced to into a defensive stance and Toss just beats you on macro.Ontolog7 Dec 8
Dec 8 Experimental unit compositions? Hello all. I would love to hear what non meta unit compositions you have been experimenting with and if it works for you. I'm sick of playing standard mech and bio. I personally have been experimenting with a cyclone/widow/raven mine composition. I research the widow mine and cyclone tech lab upgrades and use the cyclones to harass armies until they follow me into my widow minefield. The ravens are there for support/detection. They allow my cyclones to see up cliffs to maintain lock. Also the seeker missile is good for breaking siege lines. The cyclone upgrade absolutely melts armored units and the widow mine upgrade will let you play aggressive with mines. I've had enough success with this composition to maintain myself in high platinum. This takes a lot of micro but I've been able to make it work for me! I found it to work really well vs protoss as the cyclone/raven combo shuts down observers so it makes it really hard for protoss to deal with your mines. What experimental unit comps have you guys been playing with since the expansion came out?Chubs3 Dec 8
Dec 7 Nukes I usually set 2 nukes, one after other right away with out look. Now at legacy of voids I have to wait after the first nuke lands to set the second one somewhere else. All I want is the ability to set the second nukeright after the other one, like in Star Craft II.JONATHER2 Dec 7
Dec 7 Adding Reapers to Bio Build With LOTV, Reapers gained a grenade ability that does 10 damage and has knockback. In unranked and vs AI games I've tried mixing in a few reapers with my bio builds to throw grenades, and it seems to help because it temporarily disrupts enemies (granted, I'm gold, so my success doesn't really mean much). Can anyone who actually has some skill try doing this to see if it's actually something worth using?IgnisAtra1 Dec 7
Dec 7 Looking for a Mentor Hi, i'm new to this forum and would like to keep this short. I'm a person who hasn't played the competitive part of this game at all, my only experience with this is playing arcade, campaign and a few scrims with friends where we just do random stuff. Now though I'm looking to give this competitive side a shot and am looking for a mentor to help me improve at this game. Don't know if i'm breaking any forum rules by posting like this and if I am i'm sorry.Adlis0 Dec 7
Dec 7 Adding units to control group Is there any way for the Terran's to add queued up units to a control group before they pop out? When I play Zerg I can do it as they are morphing from larva. Makes things a little easier being able to do that. Was hoping I could do it as a Terran.Ravenlock4 Dec 7
Dec 7 TvT Tank war There we go guys, I think I almost solved my TvP issues and now I have troubles in TvT. Old openings still work pretty fine and I should be able to hold proxy reapers if I don't mess up. But the main problem comes when I have to play the midlate game stages because I'm not even close to be good at tank drop and, to be honest, I don't want to waste time into sieging and pick up my tanks. There is a good way to play TvT without doing that boring and stupid thing that avoid every single positional strategy or tactic decision?? I'm thinking about playing without siege tanks in my main army and mass marines (like Bomber). Just few siege tanks to hold my bases and a lot of drops. Please let me know Terran brothers. Gl HfAirmax4 Dec 7
Dec 7 am i too old to play starcraft im 28? am I too old to play starcraft. ive been playing since I was 15 years old. I still love the game but im starting like I should nt be playing because im too old.krisgunkilla32 Dec 7
Dec 6 Free coaching for beginners Hi! iam a Gold terran i have been in top diamond. And i want to teach new players from bronze - gold how to play. I can give a good build order vs every matchup, how to micro/macro and how scouting works, what you should look after. Iam doing this because i now that Starcraft is a hard game to learn and can be a bit hard in the beggning and i think i can help you guys enjoy it more :) iam doing it for free and the only requirement i have is that you either speak engish/polish/swedish and that you use skype. If you are intrested mail me at : perhellborg@gmail.com or add me on skype: pertjopertjo2 Dec 6
Dec 5 Terran Timing Attacks Variation (Discussion) After playing LOTV for nearly a month now, I believe it would be best if the Starcraft Terran community had something to work with in regards to timing attacks. I believe some of us have adjusted to the new meta; however, the rest are struggling with minute details that cost us the game and that minute detail, I believe, is timing attacks. I will now explain why I believe timing attacks can make or break a game for us, and I (and you) will also explain the different timing attacks that Terran has to offer. As we are all aware, the new count of harvesters has dramatically altered the way we approach each race. The way we handle our harvesters can make or break the game. For instance, 1) Cheese. With less time to put down a rax (barracks) in correspondence to "supply depots full", the Terran now has to hault scv production entirely to construct a supply depot and manage to get as close as possible to the enemies base while still, unfortunately, falling short (maybe enemies' 3rd). This in return will cause 1) Less SCV production and 2) A farther proxy or 3) A closer proxy but rax construction will be slightly delayed from that of the enemies' (if enemy didn't go CC first). Second and last example (applicable to all races): 2) With the increase in worker count, we are now forced to make a very important decision (which many gold players and some platinum players seem to neglect): do I make an engineering bay or do I make more production buildings? And the million dollar question is this: "When do I make an engineering bay?" (Timing Attacks- What is it? Timing attacks involves a carefully orchestrated build which seeks to align the unison of unit composition with or without upgrades in order to provide a more devastating attack.) We now arrive to the place of this thread where we will now discuss and seek to address the question "When do I make an engineering bay?" Is this question even viable? What I mean isn't this question fundamental? This question is viable, and it is fundamental but I think better attacks can be used with a proper understand of this. The 6 minute and 8 minute mark seem to be two points of the game that make it or break it for the player. Either engineering bay upgrades or tech upgrades at rax has begun at 6 minutes or 8 minutes. The construction of an engineering bay at an earlier time isn't recommended as a 1-1-1 or a early push can be rather devastating since you have lost at least 125 resources. (I'm not going to discuss the differences between the 6 minute and 8 minute mark; hopefully, that will be another discussion involved at a later time.) In order to provide better reading comprehension, I will answer the question: "When do I make an engineering bay" at this time in bullet points in regards to each race. TvP. Rule #1: The construction of an engineering bay is highly dependent on your scouting intel. Instance #1, do you want to make an engineering bay at 6 minutes when you just scouted 4 warpgates? Probably not because 5 stalkers may be breathing down your marines' throats in a matter of seconds. Now, we know Protoss is more vulnerable in the early game rather than the latter part of the game, saying this: it would be best if we built 3 rax after the 1-1-1 than the eng bay. (Building 3 rax than building the factory or starport has never really given me good results due to be slaughtered by enemy tech via colossus or high templar.) It's during this time after you build the 3 rax you have another important decision to make: do I want to make more units or more production buildings or do I want to make a 3rd? Ater browsing many forums, I've used this phrase to guide my terran thinking: When the enemy is turtling, you should be booming. If you are booming, expect to be attacked. If you are going to be attacked, start turtling. In this concept we see the "rock paper scissors" come toether. Booming>turtling>Offense>Booming, etc. If the enemy is turtling after my 3rax units are shooting at his base, this probably means it's the best time to take a 3rd. However, if I see that this Protoss has barely any units and is acting very strange, this probably means get back to your base and boom/turtle- the DT's are coming! I wouldn't discount early engineering bay upgrades be done at 6 minutes, however, I would say expect to be on the defensive position until you have made the Protoss wary in coming to your base. What do you think about this? Agree or Disagree? Why? What has helped you in dealing with the TvP matchup? TvZ. What I do in this matchup is very similar to TvP except that I delay the reactors a little bit longer on the 3 rax.. Here's why? When a 2 base Zerg comes at my base while I have 3 rax turning into reactors or tech labs, this isn't a good sign. It mostly means that you're screwed because that's one minute (if you have reactors) you are pumping jack-squat. Zapster1 Dec 5
Dec 5 Basic TVZ Guide with 3 Builds TVZ Scouting timings 55 seconds = Hatch 1st Pool at 1 minute and if normal speedling opener ling speed should start around 2:05 and finish at 3:30 45 seconds= Pool 1st. Expand Occurs at 1:15 1:30= 3 Hatch before pool. Pool lands at 1:40 Check for roach warren and 2 gas at 2:30 for roach ravager all in Check for lair at 3:20 for nydus/spire shenanigans Most lair timings hit at 4:30-5:30 off two bases if the scout was denied Micro Tips vs specific compositions Roach/Ravager Kite away from this as the roaches are too beefy to snipe ravagers until it is at a low count. Make sure you are using medivacs to lift tanks so they do not get sniped. Also it is very good to use these as harassment tools against roach ravager Banshees are the gold standard vs Roach ravager. You should not lose a game to a roach ravager all in if you went 1-1-1 expand into banshee. (2:30 roach warren and 2 gas- Usually hits at 4:30) Standard Reaper Expand into hellion banshee @15 Rax @16 Gas @19 Reaper- Scout expansion timings, gas timings and spawning pool. @19 Orbital @20 CC @21 Supply Depot @22 Marine @ 23 Factory/ Reactor on Rax- @Completion land on reactor and produce 6 hellions @ 25 Refinery @27 Starport- use rax to make tech lab @43 Banshee and cloak Lift rax and make another tech lab Research stim upon completionAfter 6 hellions lift the factory to create another reactor and throw down two barracks. After this the build is your choice. You can make it a macro build by throwing down a 3rd CC when you have the money or throw down 2 e-bays for a timing attack or even an aggression build by continuing hellion production and getting an armory for hellbat banshee.This build is very safe from literally any zerg all in right now and can put you even economically with most zerg builds. 2 Rax Reaper TVZ @15Rax @16Gas @18 2nd rax @20 orbital@24 CC + 2nd refinery Stop at 3 reapers- Harass and use reaper bombs on larva Reactor and Tech Lab on rax @28 3rd CCBranch out after scout, I prefer tank bio with a delay on upgrades stopping at 3 tanks. Can start upgrades once 3rd is saturated Gumiho Mech Aggression build One Rax FE a. 14 depot b. 15 rax c. 18 cc d. 19 marine + oc e. 20 double gas f. 20 2nd supply2. Double Starports a. 25 factory b. 25 reactor on rax c. @100% factory: 2x starport d. and factory on reactor hellions e. 3rd gas f. tech lab on rax g. @100 starports: techlab x2 h. @techlabs: 2x banshee then cloak i. start armory (4min30)3. The Follow-up a. @100%armory 4th gas and start 3rd cc b. +1 defense c. start 2nd factory on tech lab d. 6min: start 3rd factory and addon on rax e. 2x gas on 3rd (60% done) f. @100 3rd factory, start reactor on rax g. cylcone upgrade (7 min 30) h. 8 min 3rd startport + switch starport on reactorAzrael8 Dec 5
Dec 4 I can't figure out how to beat liberators (P) Hi, I'm a rank 1 platinum protoss and i can't for the life of me figure out how to beat liberators. I have no problem with the other 2 races, but i cannot beat a terran using liberators. Not a single game i have won when the terran has used liberators. The problem is they will siege my base, with bio tanks and liberators. My build is blink stalkers into disrupters. This is usually when im looking to take my 3rd base, usually ill scout the terran and take a 3rd base when they do. But i have to sacrifice my 3rd because i cant hold on. I have 3 pylon overcharges, a cannon or two, blink stalkers and disruptors and i still get pushed back because the liberators are so.... annoying. I'm only a platinum so i don't have the game knowledge to call them op or not, but i just cant beat them. All i see is a gigantic amount of damage, and they have a large amount of health, meaning the terran doesnt need to really position their ground units to defend them, meaning i cant get any good disrupter shots off. Even when i mix some void rays into the mix, i can't do anything against the liberators because of their large health pool, the terrans marines, liberators and sometimes vikings will just decimate my void rays before i can do anything. I have looked online so much for a solution and i want to play and improve and not just complain that they are op. But i have no idea what to do. Can someone please help :)?Superkitty4 Dec 4
Dec 4 Does anybody remember the 2/2/2 Thorzianbuild I am trying to recreate it but with liberators thrown into the mix and i am not sure how to go about perfecting it and know when to build what buildings at what times. any masters and up want to help? so far its working pretty good in the games i have played trying it.trez2 Dec 4
Dec 3 OMG I Suck at TvT! I really, REALLY suck at TvT. I'm talking teens win rate. It's always been my worst matchup but this season I'm getting my rear handed to me. I liked to reaper FE in HotS but that's not working for me right now. Either I over-commit to defense against the tankivac or the mass reaper, or I lose to drops. I thought I had a good handle of things in beta but lately things have fallen apart for me. Does anyone know where I can find a standard build order? Is mech working at all for anyone? Thanks guys!JorgeCis4 Dec 3
Dec 3 TY vs Parting G1 & 2 Analyzed (Vid) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaQKaovmKTA&feature=youtu.be Thanks for watching guys, if you have any questions be sure to ask, love to talk to people about the content. This was a cold analysis which means I had not previously seen these games. Video is over an 1hour long, very day9 esk in terms of length of video.Risk0 Dec 3
Dec 2 Reapers in TVP Whenever I go for a reaper expand I always seem to lose because of pylon overcharge. What are you guys doing to keep it alive? Or is there another purpose to it that I am not seeing? I cant seem to harrass mineral lines because they usually put a pylons covering the mineral line and adepts cancel out most other scouting.Azrael3 Dec 2
Dec 2 Goodbye Flash. Goodbye God. Flash will always be the God of terran for me. I wish he'd stay bit longer in SC2 and dominate SC2 league like he did in BW. But there is no doubt that he is simply the greatest E-sports player of all time. GGberserker0 Dec 2
Dec 1 데이비드킴 김태현 잘봐라 니가 한국섭 홈페이지는 거들떠도 안봐서 내 친히 북미 배틀넷까지 와서 글쓰는거다 진짜 저그 너무하단생각안드냐? 테란이나 토스가 트리플째면 저그의 각종 러쉬에 무너지는데 저그가 트리플째면 테란이랑 토스는 넋놓고 구경만해야하네? 그리고 불곰은 도대체 왜 너프시킨건데 전혀 필요없는 패치라는 생각이 드는데? 아주 또 테테전은 상성 그런거 무시하고 손가락싸움을 만들어놨더라? 테란 선수들 손목부상은 다 너때문에 생긴일이야ㅡㅡ 궤멸충도 1티어가 말이돼냐? 담즙 데미지60이 적은줄알아? 초반에 60이면 정말 어마어마한 데미지라고 멍청아 초반부터 토르가 나와서 때린다고 생각해봐ㅡㅡ진짜 제발 부탁인데 생각좀하자; 진짜 공허의유산 기대 많이하고 예약구매까지했는데 나오고나서 보니 정말 환불받고싶어진다Diatonic1 Dec 1
Nov 30 What to do vs 2 base adept warp prism? What to do vs 2 base adept warp prism? Into 2 base stalker/immortal/adept all in ??? Help plz im lost, even polt can't beat it I'm sure someone, SOMEWHERE knows the secret. Because KR gm has some terrans at the top.riceant6 Nov 30
Nov 29 bio vs hydra/lurker ive always just enjoyed bio more then mech, but all my games lately i play vs zerg and get crushed by hydra lurkers or void rays. is bio viable vs hydra/lurker? (also i only play 2v2 unranked but im always sending marines/marauder/medivac in vs hydras and lurker and getting !@#$ on)Shells7 Nov 29
Nov 28 Are we dead? Please, may someone explain me what it's happening in LotV for Terran? There are 2 korean proplayers (former) in top 30 GM. Is our race completely dead or what? I see no updates to buff terran or help them in some ways. Also I read that Liberator is useless and people want HERC back. Thank you.Airmax10 Nov 28
Nov 27 Ravens vs Infesters Why are infesters grounded squishy and slow while ravens are flying beefy and somewhat fast? Anyone?Sirinith3 Nov 27
Nov 26 Mechanics Question Lets supose I have 3 barracks with reactors. Is there a more efficient way to produce 2 marines in each instead of pressing six times "a"? Thank YouCaciqueRFunk1 Nov 26
Nov 26 THOR VOICE ANNOUNCER... ARRGHHH!!! For the love of God! Please have a Thor voice announcer option in the game!!!! ... ...That all I want in LoTVDEVOURorFEAR6 Nov 26
Nov 26 Is the Liberator a successor to the Valkerie? I liked the valkeries and the sound they made with their halo rockets. The Liberator and Valkeries seem to share a few likenesses. boxy kind of shapes at the front wings sort of tapered at the rears have rockets or missiles that shoot in a concave and has that smoke trail has female pilots both good at taking out clusters of air units. I'm starting to warm up to Liberators just not that good at using them, though the ranged upgrades for cannons is nice and compliments Vikings as a potent air force.AdmiralDuane1 Nov 26
Nov 25 Need some advice on TvT, TvZ This might be too long and kind of disjointed but; I used to love this game, played HoTS a ton, but the new matchups are just killing my enthusiasm. First, I don't understand if people have just stopped playing protoss? I have like 12 TvT, 10 TvZ, and 2 TvP played. TvT has been, is, and will continue to be, my least favorite match up in the entire universe. Right now it feels like TvT is just a game of rock paper scissors, instead of the old tank-chess game. If your opponent opens rock and you opened scissors, you just lose. I hate this pairing enough that I've been doing mass reaper allins just to get it over with. What do you guys use to make TvT more enjoyable in macro games? TvZ... TvZ is so rage inducing it makes me want to not play any more (I should mention, I play mech). I don't even bother scouting any more, I know every zerg is going ravager/roach allin, and I have about 4 minutes to basically play simcity until I lose. Open hellion/liberator for early harass, you have no chance against roach/rav. Tanks get wrecked by ravagers if they're close enough to deal damage, but if you keep them back far enough to not get hit then the roaches take down your wall for free. I don't have the APM to do tank pickups with a medivac and dodge ravager shots - tbh I don't even know how you see where the ravager shot is going to hit. Banshees don't deal enough damage quickly enough to take out roach/ravager combos before they get through the wall. Bunkers are useless, putting eco into marauders to try holding is like volunteering to take damage, widow mines dont work - most players fire blind ravager shots at the ramp before moving in, and that kills units they don't even see. Cyclones are too expensive to get out in enough numbers to hold. Hoping someone (anyone) has some advice. I want to keep playing, but the way it is now it just isn't doing it for me. Was high plat low diamond in HoTS, got placed bronze in LoTV and am stuck in silver.Aardvark2 Nov 25
Nov 25 New strat idea? Hi I started doing this new build where I take my 2nd CC late I rush rax with tech and immediately research stem while pumping out marines put down 2 more rax and put reactors on both(sometimes 1 at a time depending on if I need more units based on scouting) constantly making marine then while that is building i put down factory with reactor then I swap starport into that reactor build a widow mine or two After first or 2nd medivac is done i then push out then expand With the amount of marines and stem being done with 2 medivacs I found a lot of players have trouble dealing this this, especially if you load a medivac with marines and widow mine drop in main and push with a small force into the enemies natural. It also helps me with scouting out what exactly they are doing. If the push goes well sometimes I even 3rd cc and from then on I either stay bio or transition into something I can counter the enemy based on scouting I just came back from a year of not playing and hit plat in LoTV, was bronze in HoTs, Plat in WoL Am I just winning because I'm in a low elo?SoLsTiCe0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Having a hard time with staircase for Terran. Hello everyone so I just decided to get back into sc2 for legacy of the void but I wanted to suck less then last time lol. So I figured I would try out the staircase method to see if I could learn for real this time. I have tried it on Zerg and was doing pretty well at keeping my sq up almost reached 100 once. However, then I switched to Terran the race I really wanted to learn and am having a hell of a time at it. Here is the stats from my most recent game just a little ai skirmish http://ggtracker.com/matches/6145817 I was hoping you could give me some pointers in why I seem to be having a much harder time boosting my sq with Terran then I did as Zerg. Is it just a case of letting the game go too long and so too much income? Or did I still not build enough barracks despite covering my entire base with them lol?Tyrion2 Nov 25