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Mar 27 Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players. I've been mentoring many lower league toss players and I've decided to write out a guide about common problems I noticed/things most people need to work on. Note: this is a guide intended for bronze/silver players mostly, so you may disagree with some points here and there, but I believe its easier for new players to understand the game first before looking into deeper strategies/micros/etc.. If anyone thinks that there is anything this guide is missing, you are welcome to point it out and I'll gladly add it. _________________________________________________________________ 1.) The Basics 1.1) Probe Production Perhaps the biggest problem I've noticed among lower leagued players is that they don’t make nearly enough workers. Generally speaking, you should never hold your probe production until you are around 80’ish probes. The key to a powerful army is a strong economy, which is powered by a lot of probes. Don’t worry about how making too many probes is going leave you without enough army, unless you’re going for some rush builds (k4g for example),there is never a time where lots of workers are gonna hurt you. You dont need to make worker non-stop past early game, but you need to remember to chrono boost out a pair of worker once in a while. 1.2) Chrono Boost Chrono boost is another important thing that most low league players miss. You should never save up chrono boost off 1 base unless you are getting an important tech soon. Toss production and research are fairly slow so chrono boost is essential to keep yourself ahead in a game. The importance level of things that needs to be chrono boosted are as follows (imo): Warpgate tech (prob most important tech, worth saving up chrono for)>Extended Thermal Lance/Psi-Storm>Other Upgrades>Robo/Stargate Units>Probes>Warpgates (Late game when you have spare). Of course you need to use early game chrono boosts wisely. Usually you should chrono out your 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th probes. After that if you do not require a super fast warpgate you can maybe spend another 1-2 chrono on workers, but save at least one for warpgate. In mid-late game once your on 2-3base, you can feel free to chrono anything you need out fast. It will help a lot to get some vital upgrades out. 1.3) Supply This is yet another common problem. Players tend to either make too many pylons thus wasting valuable resource early on or get supply blocked and have their production halted. Supply block at a bad time can easily cost you the game. It is quite hard to not get supply blocked at all during mid-late game. But I'd suggest that every time you goes through 1 production cycle of units (made some units from your production buildings) add 1 pylon for every base you have and maybe a extra one if you’re going supply costly unit like Colossi. Early game though, a good time to drop your pylon will be: 1st pylon at 9 supply, 2nd at 15-16, third at 22-24, 4th at around 30. This should allow you to stay ahead in supply early game without wasting much resource. 1.4) Production Buildings 1 Protoss base can support a maximum of 4 production buildings continuously making units. So you should not have more then 4 production building when you’re on 1 base. If you are going high tech units such as Colossi off of 1 base, you usually can only support continuous production off of 3 buildings (1 robo 2gates). More importantly, once you have expanded add more production buildings so that you can effectively turn your resources into army. You don’t need another 4 buildings up as soon as your expo is up but get them gradually as you saturate your expansion.Mycophobia314 Mar 27
Jul 29 Protoss Micro Tips Note: If you are plat or below, macro is still MUCH more important than micro. Focus on just having more units than your enemy, rather than controlling the few units you have. General Micro Tips: 1. Are your zealots in front of your stalkers? 2. Are your low-health units in the back of your army before you attack? 3. Are your immortals attacking armored units? 4. Are your colossus attacking clumped up units? If the entire enemy army is clumped, than focus on attacking light units (marines, hydras, zealots) 5. When defending your ramp, A. Are your units in a concave at the top of your ramp? B. Are you cutting his army into bite-size pieces? C. Are your zealots on hold so they arent attacked by the units beneath your forcefield? D. Are your stalks far back enough to not get hit by the units beneath the forcefield? 6. Are you moving units under fire to the back of your army? 7. You can somewhat kite-attack marines, roaches (assuming they dont have movement speed yet), and zealots with stalkers 8. You can forcefield the enemy ramp to prevent him from reinforcing the units that are at his natural expansion. 9. When chasing down an enemy, pull your zealots back to prevent kiting (from maruaders, roaches, hydras) 10. In order to bunker, cannon, or spine crawler bust move your army just outside the range of the static defense and put them on hold, then, attack move your colossus (with the range upgrade) into the static defense. 11. Put health bars on, so you can see which units are low health. 12. Psionic Storm does not stack, so do not throw down more than 1 storm in the same place. 13. Before an attack, put your units in a quick concave with zealots in front to help get a concave sooner when the attack begins. 14. Colossus can abuse high ground by attacking units on the low ground and then moving back once the units move in to attack the colossus. 15. stalkers can chase fleeing units. 16. Do you have functional control groups? (For example, I have 1 as my army, 2 as my sentries, 3 for HTs or collosus, 4 for nexuses, 5 for tech, 6 for observer) 17. Remember to move your HTs back once they have stormed to prevent them from running into the enemy army. 18. Make sure your sentries aren't tanking damage for stalkers. Your sentries are spellcasters, not dps dealers or tanks, so once your zealots are dead, MOVE THEM BACK. 19. With the interceptor upgrade, carriers can launch their interceptors and move away from the enemy. Rinse and repeat. 20. Spread out your dark templar to force the enemy to react to different locations. Also, the enemy will need multiple sources of detection in order to counter your harass. 21. Blink can be used to blink back the stalkers with lowest health to the back of the army. Also, Blink can be used to get a faster concave against the enemy. Additionally, You can ensure that all your stalkers will blink to high ground or low ground by right clicking to the point where you want to blink FROM, hold shift and click B at the place where you want your stalkers to blink TO, then right click past that point which will make the stalkers move thus giving the other stalkers room to blink (hold shift the whole time). 22. Moving your sentry forward with guardian shield popped can cover your zealots with guardian shield, which will help them last a lot longer against ranged units and especially marine armies. 24.Morph your HTs into archons if they are out of energy or just got EMPed. You can also do this with DTs, if they have mobile detection. 25. Before I engage I try to attack in multiple locations to distract my opponent and catch his main army off guard. 26. Bring a probe with your army and make pylons along the way as you move out. Protoss versus Zerg Micro Tips The goal of micro versus zerg is to allow the majority of your units to attack while only a few zerg units can attack. 1. Are you keeping your units in a ball to prevent speedling surround? This changes when facing infestors. Spread out your army to prevent money fungal growth chains. 2. Are you attacking through constricted pathways? (attacking in the open makes it harder to forcefield and you need more forcefields) This changes when infestors are out (then you want to attack in open pathways, while spreading your army). 3. Are you cutting his roach army and hydra army into bite size chunks with ffs to prevent most of them from attacking? 4. Have an observer ahead of your army so you know when and where you are going to have to ff. 5. Make sure your colossus are attacking lings or hydras. 6. Make sure your army is not attacking broodlings, but actual units.yaegz285 Jul 29
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6h Desperate Protoss Hi everyone, So I'm a Silver Tier 2 player (yes, I'm not very good), and from what I've experienced and seen from pros on YT, it seems we Toss generally have very little to work with. In other words, it seems that every race has a guaranteed 'go to' combination they can deploy every game and win, but with Toss...not so much. With PvZ, we seem to have the following issues: 1) Mass Mutas. The moment a Zerg player goes mass muta, you won't be able to catch up fast enough to counter. You basically have to kill him off first. No first tier unit (Stalker) or second tier (Pheonix) or even third tier (HTs/Carriers/Tempests) are going to be that effective. Stalkers get melted even with blink. Pheonix's may outrun them, but with a combination of hydras you're basically done. And HTs? Storm is great, but a good Zerg player will just basically move out of the way or switch tech quick enough to destroy you. 2) Early game speedlings. Let them get one inch in your natural and the game is basically over. Even with photon overcharge, if they commit, most of your probes are done and you're massively behind. PvT: 1) The MMM (add in some mech and lib if you want): Yes, we have Immortals, Collosi, and HTs. But it still never seems to be enough. We have to upgrade to Tier 2-3 just to deal with Tier 1 units. And now with the new patch upgrade on Terran Mech, we're going to get melted even more (Vikings with +mech damage and more powerful tanks). That said, I've been able to win a lot with adepts and immortals mixed in. But if I lose the mid-game all-in and don't tech up fast enough (or do a fast DT hoping that lack of detection will help), I'm basically dead. Terran and Zerg seem to have a multitude more options to counter with -- and once they find one that works, nothing we have will suffice. I'm just frustrated (as many before me), so excuse the rant, but I'd like some better anti-air for Toss, maybe some additional splash damage, and faster units to deal with MMM. EDIT: I'd also like to see a range patch for the photon overcharge. I really hate the fact that I have to place the pylon exactly right for it be effective. I've had many games where my buildings and units will easily get sniped because the pylon isn't "close enough". Maybe a +1 range upgrade patch would be nice.Saif1 6h
16h PvT Stradegy guide? Poking for a good PvT Stradegy BO walk through. Anyone have any suggestions?noobtastic0 16h
1d How do you beat Roach--> Hydra --> Lurker? So, the zerg starts with a few lings that do nothing, I get on 2 base and then come roaches now I need adepts in case there's a ling attack, I can't take my third too fast either because I need to wall off, but then they get Roaches and adepts suck against roaches hard and if I get stalkers then the problem is the following, I play in diamond and 75% of zerg RUSH to hydras ASAP and then lurker, the problem is if I attack before the lurkers, the guy has roach+hydra behind them, but adepts will attack roaches which is terrible because roaches will be at the front and if I shade to the back all my adepts insta-melt without the guardian shell support and immortals, now I started doing 2 robo full on immortal adept play and it has moderate success but then they get lurkers and I am !@#$ed, because I simply can't kill lurkers without something like Collossi or disruptors or something but even if I do get something, I can get like maybe 1-2 collosi or disruptors but lurkers have SO MUCH F-in HP, collosi take an eternety to kill em and they dont even outrange lurkers and then disruptors are worse because lurkers take 2 shots and its not like the guy doesn't have a %^-*ton of hydras protecting those lurkers from behind.... HOW DO YOU BEAT ZERG?! Airtoss doesn't work, it dies instantly, by the time I get carriers hydra lurker is in my base already or they just go with roaches, it's not like I can kill roaches with phoenix or with void rays for that matter, it would take an eternetity to kill 30 roaches with 2 voidrays which is how much you can get max by then, not to mention's ridiculous...I tried EVERYTHING...hell even watches a !@#$ton of pro games and protoss just 90% lost...I am desperate....David2 1d
1d PvT Proxy Mauraders How do you beat this?noobtastic4 1d
1d Top Protoss players Hi guys just a quick question haven't played for a while but wanting to get back into it to kill time, who are some of the top players to watch replays so i could get a feel back to the game or starcraft youtube channels i could get onto Thanks!Dorian1 1d
2d Is Protoss Good Again? Hi! I used to play this game a lot until LoTV multiplayer when the game it was first released. Protoss was extremely horrible, and I always lost except to other protoss, so I quit the game (they were that bad, and the only race worth playing really). After quite a while, I am wondering if now the protoss have been buffed and are equal with the other races.Destor16 2d
2d Lurkers I've been running into Roach, Hydra, Lurker a lot lately. What's the better counter to Lurkers? Phoenix, Disruptor, Colassus, HT or concave Stalkers?noobtastic8 2d
2d Counter vs mass mines + ghosts? This wrecks me, a mobile army of mines and ghosts... Can't get near the ghosts to take em out and the mines + nukes wreck my whole army even with observers. Do I need to go carriers and tempests?Soulmancer2 2d
4d die cuz adept not in the right pixel really blizzard do you think thats fun? every time i make a wall vs zerg im worried the adept is not in the perfect pixel or pose so i wont get lings runbies... i need to baby the adept all the time ,move it and let my other units out and then put it back like a moron.. thats just no fun. my adept is not in the perfect pixel between pylons and i lose the game? really? is that life fun mechanics? so lame. game is too frustratingtalski2 4d
4d Protoss is Boring Protoss is the most boring race to play. I'm not saying that i think there under or overpowered there are just kinda boring as a race. I have mainly been a zerg player in my SC career and yesterday after going on a like a ten game losing streak in diamond i decided to leave the league and try out some other races because i really wasn't having fun in diamond. So it put my down to plat and I was getting destroyed playing as toss because i had no idea what i was doing until one of the guys who beat me told me I could start over by switching my region at login. So I did and got into silver as protoss and played about 7-8 games i think (including placements). The main thing I noticed was that it seemed the only thing I could do everygame was get 2-3 bases, mass up a death ball and then go attack. It's like i didn't have a lot of harrassment options and maybe it's because I'm a noob but it didn't feel like there was a lot of room for creativity. It's like you have to mass up this deathball with a little bit of everything because the units by themselves seem to all have hard counters so its like just survive until you have your big deathball with no hard counters. Idk I guess you can try to drop dts in their base or warp in units with a warp prism but that doesn't compare to amount of creativity i felt i had with terran and zerg. Ima keep trying to get better and hopefully I can some more interesting things to do than deathball up but for right now I'm finding terran and zerg a lot more fun to play just because of having more options to experiment with.BigMack15 4d
6d What frustrates you the most vs Zerg? In a matchup against Zerg, what strategies do you they use that frustrates you the most?BilboBagins10 6d
6d is that fun for blizzard? my adept is not in the perfect pixel between pylons and i lose the game? really? is that life fun mechanics? so lame. game is too frustratingtalski0 6d
Aug 25 protoss unit composition Noobish player here playing protoss for the first time thats say low silver (playing standard builds). I'm really focusing on improving my macro and micro skills so I'm not doing any kind of cheese or all-ins. I've been doing alright early game and been able to secure my 3rd and sometime 4th, but after that I really just have no idea what I'm doing or what unit comp to go for. I've been trying to get adept/stalker, but I'm just getting destroyed. My builds been double gate, cybercore, adeptsx2, nexus. Then getting forge for upgrades and cannons if neccessary in my mi lines, robo for observer and immortal (I need to get better with remembering to build immortals) , starport. , getting some kind of air harass whether that be oracle, pheonix, or drop play then taking my third, so like i said pretty standard I think. From here I have no idea what I'm doing. So whats a good mid game army comps I should go for, and whats a good late comps? Also if you see a better build for me, feel free to share, but I'm more so trying to focus more on improving play rather than notch wins, so No cheese, no all-ins. I'm trying to force myself to harass or go for a timing attack every-time I expand, and force myself to expand whenever I go for a timing attack or defend a push. I'm trying to not go for full engagements before I have 4 bases up and running unless of course my opponent forces my hand.OpenWide2 Aug 25
Aug 23 How to beat Terran Thors + Battlecruisers What in the world is the right composition to beat this cancer OP Build? Massing thors destroys tempests in like 1 shot along with carriers? Void rays gets killed too? What is the right composition for this late game struggle?Tennis11 Aug 23
Aug 23 PvZ: First Unit Alright, my friends and I are having a debate, and I'm curious as to your opinions. Situation: PvZ, normal 2-person map. Probe scout (sent when Gateway drops) shows Zerg expansion at natural, no 3rd. Spawning pool under construction, 1 gas. Cybercore nearly finished (was started when Gate finished) Question: What should the first Gateway unit produced be? Stalker, Adept, or Zealot? Arguments: Zealot: Can block wall, hold off Zerglings. Kind of useless otherwise. Adept: Can block wall, two-shots Zerglings, but shots are slow. Not helpful if opponent goes Roaches. Stalker: Can block wall, good for taking down a scouting Overlord if your opponent is careless. Not as good vs Zerglings, but in the event they get by the wall, higher speed and rate of fire is an asset over the other two. Sentry: Force field on ramp (no wall required) provides temporary solution to Zergling attack. More useful in the next stages of the game. Heavy on gas though at that particular moment in time.TheLordGersh3 Aug 23
Aug 23 Phoenix Chasing So this doesn't really affect me at the level that I am at, but I noticed that when a phoenix is chasing a medivac it kills it much faster if you move the phoenix manually instead of right clicking the medivac. It goes from killing it in about 15 seconds, to killing it in 25+ seconds. I am not sure if this was intended or not but I think it would be cool if the phoenix could attack these units with its full potential and not just about half.Rescarve6 Aug 23
Aug 21 Why do zealots still say, "My life for Aiur!" The protoss zealots always say My life for Aiur! when they're warped but isn't Aiur destroyed/infested by the zerg? If so please explain if you can. Thanks!MysteryEC33 Aug 21
Aug 20 How to beat early 3 base Zerg? Since LoTV I realized that I didn't really win zerg at all when they go for 3 base early... When I see 3 base greedy build, I go 2nd base and try go oracle but there was nothing done because the timing for scouting stargate was accurate. If I go 2 adept harras they just use lings to def. If I macro up 3rd base they just get 4th and banking minerals for all in. I see a lot of youtube protoss ppls play but IDK why they can def... So pls help me get out of this endless losing cycle~Desta6 Aug 20
Aug 19 Stargate Build Order I've been struggling in PvZ for a while now, but I haven't ever tried to use a stargate opener. Can someone give me a more specific build order for the stargate and maybe options of what to transition into afterwards?Imrahil2 Aug 19
Aug 17 What if there was no drops from any race? I as a protoss stuggle with drops like 8 marines stimmed can kill a nexus so fast even if you warp in they can kill it and I know you can just put cannons up but that's 150 minerals! its kinda annoying almost as much as zvz. what do you guys think? (sorry for my bad grammer) gg's everybodySoap24 Aug 17
Aug 16 Protoss Overpowered? Lol the title shouldnt be a question... i honestly have no idea how blizzard can look at protoss in PvT and PvZ and think ..."yeah this is balanced out just right :)" LOL no... too much aoe, mech is countered by 2 units.. void ray (or pheonix) and mass immortals.. bio is countered by storms colossus archon and they even have a great meat shield.. zealots which tbh shouldnt have as much dmg as they do.. 1 zealot can kill 4 marines without micro.. thats 100 minerals vs 200 lol just incase if toss units were'nt op enough but they get to teleport either with stalkers up into your main or natural OR snipe a huge bunch of buildings then teleport home across the map with the mothership core.. now with the mothership core early pressure is pretty much no exsistant now due to photon overcharge.. so now protoss is powereful early game mid game and late game :) i remember back in WoL zerg was best early game terran was best mid game and toss was best late game now toss own pretty much 24/7 of the game.. storms are ridiculous.. everyone tells me to storm dodge but im not exacly a professional SC2 player yet so thats nearly impossible. Incase that wasnt enough toss get the fastest unit in the game which is pheonix.. run in pick of 4 or 5 workers and leave because a turret kills one.. Oracles... LOL oracles are just a comedy skit that blizzard took to seriously and put in the game for GOD KNOWS WHY.. "nice 12 workers you have yeah their gone btw"... dps is waaaaay to high .. then theres dts which one hit workers and marines which are perminantly invisible .... wow and then theres observers.. a tiny and perminant invisible unit which because of its size is extremely hard to actually see but its okay because they can see everything you have.. Im pretty much done with this game if blizzard still thinks toss is absolutely fine then im quitting this game.. TvZ is absolutely fine its enjoyable exciting and even the crowds at tournements say that they enjoy them the most but when i get on ladder and im up vs a protoss, i pretty much accept the fact that iuve lost before the loading screen has completed.. EVEN PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS SAY TOSS IS TOO STRONG ATM but like i said if this doesnt change im uninstalling the game and not playing anymore. This one race ruins the game for me... Thanks for reading and for god sake sort out tossMarineMan66 Aug 16
Aug 13 Blink Stalker/Disruptor In PvT when is a good Composition to use Blink/Disruptors?noobtastic3 Aug 13
Aug 13 Basic economic BO for Protoss I'm a random player, but my Protoss is clearly my worst. I've spent a lot of time exclusively as Zerg and Terran, but only played Protoss as random. Overall I'm ranked low platinum, but my Protoss is definitely low gold. I want to know what a solid early game build order is for an economic build (fast expand) - Since that's how I like to play. Until now I've basically just winged every game's build order with a fast expend.hellviper4 Aug 13
Aug 12 How to counter ultralisk I mean how in the world do you counter ultralisk when they A-move into your army with 12+ ultralisk. They totally destroy my immortals. (LOTV). Please help.Tennishot10 Aug 12
Aug 10 Scouting as Protoss - Need help I usually scout with a gateway probe When i arrive at the enemy base, what should i expect from openings i see?Giwl10 Aug 10
Aug 6 The power sword in reality Assuming the imagination is more accurate than our imaginable reality, (you will be blown, there is a fundamental you don't get, so you can't see it, but when you don't know, and you merely "see", you will see what there is.,, WHEN you know what you see, you will be blown, praise your understanding, etc., this being how we know the protoss.) The protoss are not using machines of our make and way. they are a being that lives constantly focused to high energy. They are running now harder than you've thought you could. If you can run with them, you will see them all. Their armor is gold. there are many elements of their armor, but to make it they shaped gold. their skill at shaping on gold as a material allows them many of their skills and abilities that we do not see, and some would say are imaginary. the power sword is a metal blade. it only exists at high energy. the smith is able to make the blade at high energy with their armor, and with balance and skill they are able to store, maintain, and produce their blade. Their shield is a product of them and their armor, as they the protoss ensured that they were this high energy being, and their armor stores and converts energy at their balance and skill, and they are able to inherently counter energy attacks as long as they maintain their high energy posture, balance, and skill.tsmspace6 Aug 6
Aug 3 I need pvz help I need help trying to outmacro zerg. I'm only in silver and keep trying to get more bases, but zerg always has more units. PLZ give advicepotato6 Aug 3
Aug 3 On DTs Are dark Templars even an option anymore??? like terran has a orbital command that scans an entire base(why is this????)people say you should only lose 1 dt per scan but its not that easy like terran has stim makes there units run like 9000 mph(because why not) like I mean standing 6 dts outside there base and sending 1 at there base each time is a possibility IF they don't wall off and make a turret. Zerg makes spors at 4 minutes for oracles so they can simply surround it with there drones tell the army gets there not to mention zerg gets overseers for changelings as fast as they can(at least I do).Soap10 Aug 3
Aug 3 PvZ matchup Please before you start saying I'm a troll read this: So just now I got paired against a zerg player, i scouted him and apparently he had made loads of roaches and ravagers, i said no prob. I made a few zealots and harassed his natural to make him think I had gone with gateway units, my plan was to use the element of surprise: let him enter my base and then hit him down with not 1, not 2, but 7 void rays 6 minutes into the game. So it worked, yippee, he was left with only a few roaches, I decided to finish the attack off so I destroyed what was left of his roach ravager army. I then moved onto his side of the map and ta da: hydralisks. Seriously, how can someone switch to hydras in 2 minutes, train a horde of them and take down 8 void rays just like that?!?. While all this was happening I had already researched psi storm in the templar archives because i knew it would come to this. I had a few high templars, warped in some more, got a few adepts (with resonating galives mind you) and scouted him again He was coming to my side of the map. I readied my troops, he arrived, i cast all my psi storms which did quite the damage. He was once again without troops, i warped in a few more adpets and ht, morphed the ones without energy into archons and set off. Once i arrived i found an army of roaches, hydras and ravagers. BTW this isn't grandmasters or anything, it's BLOODY silver league. Basically PvZ is still broken. Or is ot mu fault? I am willing to improve and if someone had any tips then PLEASE share them :) this isn't a rant but I was baffled to witness this.Sergio19 Aug 3
Aug 3 Problems with Protoss airforce I noticed something about protoss I extremely dislike. 1. The mothership doesn't move in straight lines, let me elaborate, lets say you have a bunch of carriers and 1 mothership, most of the time the enemy goes for the mother ship first, when I try to pull the mothership away from the battle it doesn't go backwards in a straight line, rather makes a circular movement first before going backwards in a straight line. The problem with this is that since the mothership makes a wide circular movement before going backward causes the mothership to be vulnerable to attack for at least a few seconds. If it were to go straight back then it could get away from the battle much faster. But because it makes a circular movement before going backwards it becomes much more vulnerable. It basically has to do with timing. The faster the mothership could get away the faster it can get out of harms way. Another thing I dislike is that the tempest has losts its plus damage against massive units. Blizzard should have reduced the attack damage to massive units not just completely take out plus damage against massive units. Now tempest are basically useless in this game. Its always better to make carriers. The only use for tempest now is for harassing your enemy as long as you can keep them from attacking your tempests. Is Blizzard just dumb or do they even realize what the changes in the game cause.monster8 Aug 3
Aug 2 How do I deal with a terran turtle?? Hiding behind liberators,tanks,turrets marines and mines I can't drop and they keep dropping or harassing with liberators.It finally gets to the point where the ball of bio is big enough to contest almost everything and with tanks and liberators the siedge line keeps pushing forward until they are right in front of my forth. Tips? tricks?RAVEN8 Aug 2
Aug 1 Proxy Hidding Spots If I proxy I usually place it at where their third exspansion would go. But where do you hide DT Shrines?noobtastic5 Aug 1
Jul 31 Stolen Gas What do you do if your opponent in PvP steals your gas? Go straight to 4 gate?noobtastic9 Jul 31
Jul 31 Oracle harass Oracles are probably one of the best spell casters Protoss has next to HTs. I've been running into a lot of PvP where they stasis ward my resource line instead of wiping it out. What's your opinion on this?noobtastic1 Jul 31
Jul 30 Colossi dead? Are colossi dead? I've haven't seen anyone in my ladder using colossi since HOTS. Is it due to the resource handicap or just a bad unit. Also, was colossi nerfed? I don't read the patch updates. O_Opotato7 Jul 30
Jul 27 Timing attacks I'm a counter offensive player. I basically just scout and counter whatever they are doing. Trying to be more aggressive do you have any timing attacks you use for the different matchups?noobtastic0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Why bother harassing? Turtle Toss it up In my experimentation I've been noticing something, specifically vs terran. Harass is risky and opens up timing windows for the terran to attack why harass them? Why not sit at home, rush Tempest Adept Archon, add in some Colossus, Observsers and Stalkers with a Mothership and just defend as you grab base after base? On most maps, Tempest range is so high you can shut down any drop and kill at least 1 medivac in transit to the drop with scouter pylons and observers. And if you're really concerned, grab a few Oralces, which you should be doing anyhow and spam Stasis Wards in your bases where drops can happen so they're guaranteed to lose the forces that are used to harass. Just keep expanding, upgrading and when you max out, make sure you spend excess minerals on more bases and cannon walls. Float your gas. If by some miracle Terran does kill off your army (not likely) then just just insta remax on Archons and go kill them since what terran can remax on fast is weak to Archons. Works to a lesser extent vs zerg too, just don't harass. Rush to Tempest Mothership Adept Archon and defend your 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th as you take them, making sure you deny creep as it closes in on your position and split the map with cannon walls. If zerg try to attack elsewhere with a ground force, Stasis Wards and Recall will be enough to get your army into position. Just an observation I've been making vs daimonds and plats.DankTemplar6 Jul 27
Jul 27 Nerf the disruptor When you mass disruptors, it's too abusive. Let's compare the disruptor vs other units: High templar: Slow and vulnerable unit. Psionic storm requires mana, deals 80 damage Viper: Slow and vulnerable unit. Parasitic bomb requires mana, deals 60 damage Infestor: Slow and vulnerable unit. Fungal growth requires mana and deals 30 damage. How about our friend the Disruptor? It's ability requires no mana, the unit is invulnerable once you use it, the attack is rather fast and deals 145 damage, and is also hard to avoid especially when multiple units are used. I say nerf it.Swarm11 Jul 27
Jul 26 (PLAT-DAI)PvZ: Gateway-less Golden Armada Carriers utterly maul zerg at the plat-daimond level. Opponent took half the map, lost multiple remaxes, tried hydras, drops, baneling busts, corrupters, vipers, infestors. Nothing worked. Why? Because carriers are op vs zerg. 90% win rate doing this nonsense in PvZ.DankTemplar2 Jul 26
Jul 26 Effective counters to terran? The following 2 terran builds destroy me: 1) Heavy bio with a ton of marines. I've tried disruptors, colossus, charge, etc. I just change beat stim'd marines. 2) Mass mech: tons of tanks with cyclones and hellbats. I tried HT and storm, but the tanks kill them too quickly. I tried immortals/stalkers, but again, the tanks kill them too quickly. Any advice?Lurker3 Jul 26
Jul 26 stasis ward auto cast I was watching a video where a protoss player was saying "make sure your stasis wards are not on auto cast", is this still in the game? Despite looking through the settings for 20 minutes and building stasis wards in game it doesn't seem like they have a manual cast option anymore...Strnobull3 Jul 26
Jul 25 Idea for Adepts and Immortals. So I was thinking that giving blink to a Zlot was pretty stupid. I actually kinda hate the current mechanic for the adept. And some people don't like the Immortal mechanic either. So here's my pitch, tell me what you think; -Give the adept a similar ability to Barrier except maybe they become ghosts (invincible and untargetable) for a couple of seconds when they lose all their plasma shield. -Give the Immortal something similar to Shadow Canon but obviously less powerful for multiplayer OR give them a personal/internal shield battery that regenerates their shield quickly even during combat or within a warp prism!CyborgHotDog8 Jul 25
Jul 25 Cyclone Rush And Nydus QueenLing Help A friend of mine showed me some replays and I can't figure out how to defend against these two types of rushes. Cyclone Rush: The Terran just rushes four cyclones out (with the upgrade) as fast as possible off one base. The Barracks is lifted off and sent across the map to provide vision. When it arrives, the Cyclones unleash hell. They lock on and kite backwards...picking units off until nothing is left. No Protoss units seem fast enough to catch up to the Cyclone except Adepts, and they are too weak to fight them. How can Protoss deal with this? Nydus Queen/Ling Rush: A two-base Zerg will mine just enough gas for a Lair, Nydus, and Zergling Speed, then just masses Queens and Zerglings. The Nydus pops up in the main base around 5:00, unleashing a massive flood of units early on. How can this be stopped? Any insight or advice is appreciated, thanks.Darkness6 Jul 25
Jul 21 Chronoboost In LotV: Is Autocast enough? Hi there everyone, If you couldn't tell I'm very new to the game, and keep coming across guides from the first two expansions saying that refreshing your chronoboost is a crucial part of the 'mental checklist.' However, it's on auto-cast in this latest expansion that I've joined in on, and I was curious if there's a moment in time where chronoboost is inactive before it auto-casts again and it would be more efficient for you to activate it manually and refresh the effect. So, is there a gap there between auto-casts where you should recast it manually? Is it necessary? And if so, how can I work on remembering to do this? Any help is much appreciated. All I know now is to switch chronoboost between buildings when the situation calls for it.VorInvictus2 Jul 21
Jul 20 No promotion? Hello guys I am a gold league player and im not getting a promotion. I am currently 19 wins to 8 losses(3 were me playing offrace) and I beat 5 out of 6 of the platinum players I played. I average 120+ apm if that means anything. If anyone platinum level wants to practice and after the game talk about why I lost that would be great.Soap11 Jul 20
Jul 19 Best and worst matchups Currently my best matchup is PvP, people at my level (plat2) open double adept and/or stargate into blink stalkers with some immortals and I usually go double robo into chargelot archon, while having just enough stalkers to defend. Immortals destroy stalkers, and I usually have a higher number of those. My second matchup is PvT. I either two base gladept +1 all-in, or if it goes longer, try the same composition as pvp, while also adding stargate to defend against drops and libs. My worst matchup is PvZ, if I see 3 hatch before pool I open oracle to harass, otherwise I go gladept with 2 immortals and a warp prism to pressure, into double robo PICA. I find that this matchup depends most on having the army in a good position, making sure you plug the wall early don't attack into banelings or lurkers, while also being aware of a zerg tech switch. I should probably get sentries and be more aware of my army position. Do you have any suggestions for any of the matchups? What are your best/worst matchups and why?BroodMother4 Jul 19