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Nov 10, 2015 List of changes from HotS Is there a list? I noticed colossus do way less damage, the immortal shield was (for a beginner, I mostly play silver/gold 4v4) nerfed to the ground, and a lot of units move much faster...but I don't know if they move relatively faster to each other. Obviously adepts and disruptors and overcharging pylons are all new as well. Oracles can now do stasis trap but not the detection thingy. And did zealots get a buff to their damage? I noticed with +3 they do 11 now.Torimar1 Nov 10, 2015
Nov 10, 2015 Protoss Reproduction (Seriously) Since the more sarcastic joke thread was deleted, showing that there actually are moderators for the racial forums, a more serious thread on a potential Protoss mating explanation. Where do Protoss babies come from? This could be so... To the mods, this is a serious thread...follow the link, you'll understand...I'm posting this because I finished my response only to find the thread was deleted before I could post. I actually suggested this before back in the development phase... >.> This is how Protoss should mate. While I wouldn't suggest that the male degenerates into an appendage upon the female, what I'm proposing is the physical bonding of the two in a deeply personal, and sacred, union of flesh that literally merges them for a short period of time (perhaps a week) in which they "mate". I can easily see this process being as spiritual as it is physical, a week long mating cycle that they delve into. I would assume that they then reproduce through some sort of "budding" method, since they have no apparent orifices upon the entirety of their body. Basically, they grow an egg upon the outside of their flesh...that's then deposited within a communal "hatchery" alongside some Khaydarin crystal that link the premature Protoss young to the Khala...acting as a sort of "teaching program" that lets them learn from their ancestors memories before they are even born... Thus, when born, they start out far more intelligent than humans, and physically advanced. This would be the most interesting explanation for Protoss reproduction that I can personally think of.Tenebrae31 Nov 10, 2015
Nov 6, 2015 Aiur, jungle, cities... Yeah. Am I the only one seeing inconsistencies in the "developmental" stages of Aiur? I mean, it was supposed to be a highly advanced planet, the most advanced one if you ask me! But instead, in the SC original campaign, we see it covered in jungles, and only places like the Xel'Naga temple in the Zerg campaign where the Overmind makes its confortable settlement and the Conclave (that Tassadar attacks but then regrets to) are advanced in any way, the rest is just a bunch of plants and jungle and forests... I mean, I love it all the same, but... Well, I'd like to see a protoss city for once, how about allowing us to in LOTV?dialsamai5 Nov 6, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 possibility of micro'ing 3 unittypes at once? Hello, I'm kinda of a new player so soz in advance if this is a really silly/common question. Is is possible to micro High Templar, blink Stalker, and sentry (and mothership core) effectively at the same time? I tried it myself and failed miserably. Is there a consensus on how many unit types you are supposed to be micro'ing at the same time? Thanks,Turianguise1 Nov 1, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Just a super cool idea!! About Adepts; let's not mince words: I think they suck hard. Here's my sexy idea! You drop a proxy pylon, the adept can drop its "illusion" on the pylon field before going out in battle. One pylon field makes the adept come back to it after a short time. So far, its not really complicated. BUT!!! If you make another pylon field touch with the first, the adept will take longer before coming back. Now, now, why would you do that? Well, simple; new mechanic super cool for the warpgate! Warp-back or call back whatever you want to call it! You can use that warp-back ability to click on the anchor left by the adept to... well... warp it back to the anchor if he is dying! Cool !@#$, huh?? 8D Oh, yeah, and to make it easy on people the anchor/illusion would have the HP of its adept so you can glance and click! Simple, neat, very nice! Do eeeet! <3CyborgHotDog0 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Legacy of the Void Didn't really play HotS. Too much emphasis on air though. Didn't even bother playing. In wings I use to rock the proxy void ray rush from an ffe. Looks like there was way too many bells and whistles. From a classic SC player, focus more on stalker speed and what not. The macro seriously drives me up the wall.ShmukLuck0 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Levitating Photon Cannon and Pylon Toys Blizzard should create a Photon Cannon toy that levitates the cannon from the base like many other magnetically levitating products! Levitating Pylons would be cool too!Rabbity5 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 24, 2015 Windows 10 support? Not sure if anyone got win 10 here, but last time I told my friend to download Sc2 on his newly installed win 10, something went wrong. The download was successful, but every time he tried to open sc2 would take, like, 5 minutes. After that, as soon as he clicks on either arcade or multiplayer, the computer freezes and he needs to restart the computer. That happened about 7 times before the game actually lets him play a game. Not sure if this is just a "first time opening Sc2" error or something worse. Not sure about you guys but I do not wan to open and shut down my computer 7 times before I can play a game. If you guys think it is because of the computer's specifications, I'll tell you now that Sc2 was perfect when my friend had win 7, but as soon as win 10 popped up everything went to hell.Alex1 Oct 24, 2015
Oct 24, 2015 Protoss too weak vs Terran? Terran has way too many options and Protoss simply does not have the counters to all of these options. There isn't one standard build that can hold: 3 rax off of 2 base 1 base marine-hellion Widow Mine Drops Widow Mine Drop with Hellion runbys Since Terrans have map control with reapers and Protoss cannot use obs to scout the Terran opponent (have to keep at home in case of widow mines), I do feel like Protoss has a huge disadvantage vs Terran in the early/mid game. It's extremely frustrating :(Corazon17 Oct 24, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 Looking for gold-plat practice partner I am looking for a protoss practice partner who is a gold-plat level player. I do play terran so if you are interest please add me. SolidusPrime #873 I am usually on around 8 Mountain time tue-fri and on most of the day sat-mon. ThanksSolidusPrime4 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 22, 2015 Force Field vs Zerg (OP!!) Force fields are too strong and in dire need of a balance rehaul in ZvP. Sure I can make ultralisks and burrow my roaches and all sorts of wild transitional plays to stomp them, but the level of complexity involved to counter them is mind numbingly absurd. I literally have to outwit, outmicro and have to force my opponent to always fight me in an open field with no choke points. Combine them with mediocre blink stalker micro and you have a headache for any zerg player.Ronald1 Oct 22, 2015
Oct 22, 2015 Idea for Immortal shields. :) What about:"As long as the immortal has shields, he can only take 10 damage maximum per second." Sounds good to me. :oCyborgHotDog4 Oct 22, 2015
Oct 21, 2015 Noob, need advice Ok, so I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance, but I could use advice. The problem is, I don't know enough to even ask good questions. I've been reading, and learning about strats, and so on, but I just can't seem to get things fast enough. Does anyone know of a website, or care to take the time to explain things to me? I've been trying to watch Youtube video's to help show what to do, but the things they consider so basic they don't even go over, I can't find anywhere. Here are just a few things, and hopefully you'll be able to see where I'm at and direct me better. I have no idea what FFE is. When people say 'macroing' I'm assuming they mean controlling units by hotkeying them into groups, but how should you put groups together? I've gotten into the habit of scouting, and even then it usually takes me a bit to find my opponent, but I don't seem to be able to collect as much info as other people do. All I see are some units gathering, and maybe some structure being built, but no idea what it is, nor can I tell what upgrades or 'opening' they're doing. I watch one video where he ran a probe into his opponents base, and could tell he had mined a lot of gas, yet I have no idea how he could tell that, nor what that means. I read things about scouting to see what his army is, in order to build an army to counter it, but have no idea how. I used the in-game thing to try and figure out what units counter what, yet they still get demolished. I also hear the word 'timing' thrown around a lot, and can't find anything about what that is, no answer I've gotten so far seems to fit how people use it. I've recently stopped trying to upgrade so soon, and end up early not having nearly enough resources, then very quickly having more than I can seem to spend. When I watch video's of good players, they always seem to have plenty of resources to build a respectable army early on, and after that still never seem to go past a few hundred, where as I go from having a hard time affording a stalker, to not having any idea what to spend things on. So clearly, I'm a complete wreck, and not sure where to go, or how to figure out how to get better. Another thing, and it's only because I notice people talking about it. Something to do with actions per minute. When I play protoss, I almost never break 100, sometimes near 120, yet people talk about just sticking around 250-300. I see video's and the guy is clicking so many different things I can't even figure out what he's doing, or why, some input on that would be awesome to, as would any advice. Thank you.Hyper92 Oct 21, 2015
Oct 18, 2015 Idea for the mineral shield... OK, so this would probably be a bit OP, but the current design for this thing is so useless I've been trying to think up anything that would make it useful. Bliz said that they don't want protoss to be able to kill enemy workers. When would stopping mining time be more useful than killing workers? Well, once a terran gets to ~4 bases, I've noticed that killing scvs actually helps them, as MULES alone can easily keep up production, and losing workers just frees up supply. So maybe this could be a late-game harass. Right now, there is really no way to harass a terran late-game other than storm drops because of the planetary fortress. Now, what is the worst thing that can happen to your economy late game? You mine out your half of the map. What if the mineral shield drained minerals from whatever mineral patch it was covering? It is a low-risk, low-supply form of harass, which is something that protoss really needs. It would also go with blizzard's decision that we really don't need to kill workers, just scare them a bit. Ideas?HungryGeKo11 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 18, 2015 how do u handle pvp cheese in lotv? i cant beat it. i just cant win a pvp. im getting really frustrated that i cant win a pvp. can someone please help me out.dozer3 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 18, 2015 A complaint about the Mothership... Yo, Blizz, remove those huge !@# colossus lasers coming out of the Mothership and instead give it back it's cute, little blue beads it had in the alpha... or beta, I don't know if it was in the beta. It looked cool as all hell! :DCyborgHotDog9 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 Issue with mass warp in. I am having an issue when ever i try to warp in a lot of units at once. Every time i try to do this my mouse stutters and I hear a bop bop bop bop bop sound, I might get one or two units after that. I have turned off sticky keys but that didn't work. I'm not even sure what the issue is. Has anyone else had this problem if so please let me know how you resolved it.Xuel2 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 Any tips for protoss macro? A few days ago was my first time playing Starcraft, and I'm totally in love with the protoss. However, I'm having trouble getting a large enough army to keep up with my workers. Generally, I tend to go 9 pylon, gateway as soon as it is done, cybernetics core then gas, and that gives me just enough gas when the cyber core finishes to get warp gate tech and go from there depending on what I scouted. My problem is that once I actually start getting into the fight, I need to micro my stalkers and sentries too much to keep switching back to my base to build more pylons, gateways, and tech buildings. This is especially true when they deny me building pylons close to the front lines, so I need to go back to my base to warp in more units, and all the while my zealots are trying to run head long into maurders, or my stalkers aren't focus firing mutas. Any suggestions?Brainpower25 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 Pylon attachment suggestion: Shield Battery Since Terran and Zerg have buildings that upgrade(techlab + spire>greater spire for example), and protoss doesn't(with the exception of warp gates), how about we compensate it by having an attached shield battery on the pylon at the cost of an additional 150 minerals and a cybernetic core building requirement. The building size would have to be increase slightly somehow. Not only it would still give the same power grid as a normal pylon but it would have the energy to recharge protoss unit shields within a given radius. The cybernetic core could add an upgrade to give an increased starting energy by 25. pros I can already think of: -fend off early attacks while protoss has very few units -tougher early game proxy pressure -can synergize with sentry's guardian shield. cons: -building size would have to increase from 2x2 to 3x3 but get to chose where you want the adjacent 5 blocks to be built. it cant be built if theres no room for it. -extra 150 mineral cost -energy runs out = useless Thoughts?Phantasma3 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 12, 2015 Recreating the protoss playstyle Remove the robotics facility and replace it with the old shield battery from sc1 Then move all the teir 2 units from the robotics facilty into either the gateway or the stargate. ground units would go to gateway air units to the stargate. Then no longer require probes to build anything. the nexus can build other buildings except for other nexus. Make the psi grid from pylons visible to all players and make it repel creep. Am I crazy? Just maybe!StormiNormin3 Oct 12, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 Pros and Cons I am very good at both Toss and Terran but can't seem to make my mind on whch one I should do. So I have come to ask about the pros and the cons about being a prtoss player.declansDogs4 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 My ideas for some LOTV Units (esp. protoss) Immortal: The current 2 sec shield is nice but not often used well imo, may because it´s a too short duration. If the amount would be reduced to 100 hp the duration could be extended to 4 or 5 seconds. Another possibility is to give him some kind of a hardened shield which lasts 5 seconds and absorbs 50% of the damage in the first second, 40% in the second etc. Maybe it could be combined with a small shield regeneration of 10 hp every second (50 hp overall). Another thing would be to increase shield armour by around 5 points for 10 seconds. No need to be exactly 5, just think about a shield armour increase for a few seconds. Collossus: The unit seems a bit boring atm, you could give it a “burrow” ability, which allows to burrow the long legs of the colossus and getting immobile but would be unable to be attacked by anti air then. Of course the range would be downgraded to 5 or 6 then and the armour could also increase a bit. The burrowing and ‘unburrowing’ should take an appropriate time. If worked to fast it would be too strong against anti air defense. Swarm host: I don’t see many swarm hosts around atm. Maybe you could change the swarm host in something more special. They could get a choice between several units they produce. Maybe 3 or 4 different types. It would be great a something like that which can produce 4 or even 5 different types of units… some tanky, dps, some air., e.g. air units, banelings maybe, some little roaches which can borrow, maybe some parasite … just think about that little. Tempest: I think it would be too strong but I have thought about an increased fire rate the closer its target comes. Just a few percent but I feel it really has not enough dps against some kinds of units (except massive, maybe remove massive bonus again). Maybe from 2.3 sec at max range to 2 seconds when the target is next to it (range 1). Or instead of the speed, increase the damage of the shot the closer the target comes. I guess not very many of you would like that idea but I love the tempest ;). Also I want a dot back (maybe a little weaker than before) ;P. Just a few thoughts of mine, I am not very pro but some more little special micro goodies would be nice generally. ;) PS: Excuse my English ;)Noobtoss1 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 installed windows 10 and chrono boost error i swear i don't notice any speed or performance drop from switching to windows 10 two days ago, but one thing is different, i can't chrono boost buildings with a single click anymore. I have to double click at a certain speed, otherwise it also then selects the building.Beyette1 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 PvT: Reaper then Mine then Stim Timing=HALP Hello, I'm having a slight (understatement) issue with this specific issue: Terrans are going for reaper scout, then mine drops (or bio mine) then stim timing. My issue (can't replay due to stupid file format change) is that I I can't deal with all of that combined. I can deal with the reaper scout easily, the mine drops are fairly problematic but as long as I go 1 gate, stalker/msc then fast robo and expand just before Robo is built I can handle the mines too...usually. But at thatpoint I'm so far behind compared to the terran that the stim timing just rolls over what troops I have. If I went for a fast Colossus they either stim forward with rauders to target fire while rines just smart fire and split, if I don't fast Colossus I just get rolled due to a lack of splash damage. Usually I open 1 gate cyber core, Stalker OR MSC to deny reaper, expand then immediate Robo for observer. 1st Observer hangs back, 2nd is rallied to Terran base. I also form a wall with my 2 pylons and gateway to stp reaper dancing behind the mineral line+ throw buildings down to give me full sight of my base. With this I probably have a 30% win rate vs Terran. If Terran don't go mine this is what happens: and it happens frequently, even vs low masters. So it's literally an issue with reaper+mine+stim follow up which sets me back so far I can't fight back properly (when mines arne't in play or late mines are in play I typically have around a 80% win rate vs terrans). Does anyone have some suggestions? Please keep in mind that I do know the basics already, I'm probably playing at between a mid daimond-low masters level when I'm in "the zone". I don't want to do ranked until I can handle the reaper+mine+stim timing issue because I don't want to get officially owned by some bronze-gold terran who can play the early game and only the early game. But I won't fufu any advice from any league. I realllllly, reallllly need some help here. xDBabelFish5 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Aggressive Builds? I was wondering if anyone had an aggressive build that isn't an all-in or cheese. Like a safe aggressive build order. I absolutely hate playing defensively, it just isn't my play style.Lawnchair3 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 5, 2015 A Complaint abot corruptor killing 2 Collossi How is this possible?willis1 Oct 5, 2015
Oct 4, 2015 What to look for when scouting? I'm fairly new to this game, in the bronze league, and I was wondering what I should look for while scouting and how to respond appropriately.Lawnchair11 Oct 4, 2015
Oct 2, 2015 Need help beating Mass Stalkers in PvP... Ever since I first started playing in Wings of Liberty, and now in Heart of the Swarm, I have been losing if my opponent masses Blink Stalkers. Most of the time, the opponent will not build any other units, just Stalkers. Sometimes, they will throw some Zealots with Charge into the mix. The Stalker count reaches up into the dozens, and nothing seems to stop them. I saw how Lilbow defeated Mana in the WCS Season 3 finals by massing Blink Stalkers as well, and I hear that Protoss has been dominating most tournaments due to blink. I searched online and extensively on the forums but was unable to find the Protoss counter to dealing with mass Stalkers. The suggestions I found, and my objections to them, included: - Carriers (with good micro over cliffs): Does not work, Interceptors get destroyed - High Templar: Too many Stalkers, storm does not do enough damage to them - Immortals: Too slow, opponent just blinks around them or focuses them down - Zealots: Melee units that get gunned down and kited before inflicting enough damage to the Stalker Ball - Colossus: They get blinked and focused down in a matter of seconds - Void Rays: Works in small numbers but Mass Stalkers easily beats Mass Voids - Make your own mass Stalkers: This only contributes to the problem - Don't let the Stalker ball reach critical mass: How? Cannon rushing?? Help me out with this. I would not have resorted to posting on these forums except as a last resort, so I have already exhausted my Google and Youtube routes.Darkness7 Oct 2, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 Lurkers are too strong in LOTV Beta I am a Protoss player, and I found that Protoss ground units cannot beat Zerg units which include several Lurkers. Now when I play PvZ, I always build air units against Zerg. I think thats the only way to defeat Zerg.xFAMOUSxX3 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 Early Pressure? I was wondering if there are any effective early pushes. I am fairly new to the game and have found that if I don't keep pressure on my opponent, they usually stomp on me defensively or offensively. I do expand frequently but can still not counter any kind of turtling. Thanks in advance!Lawnchair10 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Help me please... I recently got back into starcraft after taking a massive break during early HotS. I come back and I jump into some matches and just constantly get stomped by players that have very lacklustre micro/apm. I was never in a high division to begin with (bronze/silver) and I know I'm a bit rusty but to lose this constantly over and over and over again is so draining and I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do. Against Terran I open with a 9-Pylon 13-Gate 14-Gas 15-Pylon crybercore as soon as gate is finished 18-Gas 18-Gate and at roughly 4-5 minutes I expand... (yes I am constantly building probes) I scout as much as I can and as per usual, see mass marines and marauders. Whether they rush or not it doesn't matter, roughly 6 minutes into the game the Terran army rocks up at my door, completely stomps my army (mainly consisting of Zealots, Stalkers, a few sentries and an immortal or two if I'm lucky) and just cleans up my base... Can anyone give me tips on how to secure the early game as protoss against terran? I'm happy to lose late game because I at least know I had the opportunity to put up a fight, but I constantly get destroyed before the 6 minute mark. Zerg is a similar story, except I open with the traditional forge fast expand. Depending on the player, I might encounter a small wave of lings early on but I can defend that pretty easy. But as per usual, a massive army of roaches and hydras waltz up to my base soon after and completely faceroll my army... please help a player in need :CPocketHero3 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Free Coaching Im a master protoss player willing to coach new players for free. Im very open to donations as well. I can teach against any match up. My best go in order of PvZ, Pvt, and PvP. feel free to add me at dynasty#1203DyNastY5 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 DT too strong? When I first started playing starcraft, my initial reaction to the DT was WOW, a permanently invisible unit that does a ton of damage with each attack and also has a good movement speed. No other race has this kind of a unit. Terran have ghosts, but they need to research cloak and need to wait for energy if they want to stay in enemy territory long. Zerg has burrowed roaches and infestors, but those units don't appear until later in the game, when most people will already have detection everywhere. So why does protoss have such a strong early game unit? If you can get a dt in both the main and natural, you're guaranteed to do damage, since most people don't have 2 detections available early on. You can use a warp prism to get a dt in the main and send one to the natural. Even terran, is unlikely to have 2 scans avaiable when you hit with this. I just think this unit is too strong in the lower leagues, where scouting is not so good. Note: i play protoss the most out of the 3 races, but I still think dt's are just way too good early game to be considered fair. Also, I think zerg should get some unit that can move while burrowed earlier, just like toss can rush dt and terran can rush banshee.hurdler12 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 The secret to PvP? Ive been getting kind of inspired by sOs being weird and pwning the crap out of tons of "better" players so I got to thinking - and then testing something pretty basic as a trick. I'm typically doing a 3 gate robo, adding a 4th gate after a bit, getting early ups, stalkers and immortals with fast observer to scout anything weird. I play that relatively defensive, preferring to get out immortals fast to deter stalkers. By this time because of the non-aggression I'm finding most Protoss are just expanding because I'm "letting" them. Once I confirm this and the Nexus is too far along to be cancelled I get a Warp Prism, load up 3 zealots+1 stalker and position the Warp Prism ourside their main but not in range of anything yet. I also position my stalker/immo army at the entrance to the nat. I then do my drop and may or may not warp in additional units. These units go straight for probes and force the enemy to fall back. Depending on their composition I either let them get up the ramp before wrecking their newest base or I catch the tail end of the retreat and split the forces. You will usually have to retreat after killing the nat and keep the warp prism alive. From there you usually get all-in'd because the opponent is so far behind that they have no other choice. When they do this get the Warp Prism back into the opponent's base and warp in new units. 1-a them and focus on defending the all-in, preferrably have a probe off site with a bank for a new nexus in case it turns into a base race. The trick is to simply open up multiple fronts and juggle their forces, splitting them up without needing to use force fields and to capitalize off of what is considered "proper" responses. It's definitely a meta strategy. What do you think? What I chrono after WP research depends on what I feel is needed to take advantage of the situation. If I see lots of stalkers I get +1. If I see teching I chrono a Warp Prism. What I'm thinking of trying with this is bringing 1 probe and cannon rushing with the Warp Prism drop. I usually have enough of a bank to not hurt if it fails miserably. Buuuut that one isn't tested yet.BabelFish1 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 Questions Does having the Beta mean having the full game when it is released? need to know because i Blizzard gave me a beta key but i did not buy the full gameZELightNinG1 Sep 23, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 7 gate all in VS Zerg When is a good timeing attack for 7 gate all in. I think around 11 min is the time im not sure. Any help be nice / advice be nice.Bucks16 Sep 23, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 Legacy of the Void Pre-Order Hello, im kinda new on starcraft, and as the title says, y bought the LotV pre-order. Since I told you I'm a newb in here, I have a dumb question. If I bought the "Legacy of the Void Pre-Order" when the expantion is released, my starter edition of Starcraft will upgrade? or something similar? If you read this, thanks for taking some time in such a pointless post :/Aom4 Sep 23, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 Chrono Boost Hi there Protoss. I'm the oldest known living Zerg player at 73 years old. I will always be Zerg. I am not a troll but I have a simple question. I'm leveling up account but don't know how to chrono boost at various locations. Such as if you have 8 gates spread across two bases. Do you do one base at a time or is there a short cut to getting it done? Thanks in advance and again I'm not a troll.AncientOneII1 Sep 20, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 Looking for Gold/Plat League Practice Partner Hello everyone I'm a gold zerg here and currently doing pretty well in every match up except protoss. I'm just not that comfortable with the matchup. Plus I barely run into toss on ladder so I thought having a toss partner to help me grind out a few games would help me solve that problem. So I'm looking for anyone who is gold to plat league to practice with (but I suppose I could practice from someone from a higher league). We can just play games with each other whenever we happen to be online and practice with a few styles. Be sure to add me Matteus#859Matteus2 Sep 19, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 Is it just me... or are the Protoss totally getting the shaft lately? Just seems they keep getting nerf after nerf and I watched a video on the stuff they are adding to each race... and ... I am just sad. So battleships get to tele around the whole battlefield but we get a zealot with subpar blink ability?Bazookagofer2 Sep 18, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Why do people say Mech doesnt work vs Protoss Im a all mech player and my favorite mech matchup is vs protoss generally because a mech ghost banshee death ball pretty much destroys any protoss ground comp But I don't see a lot of pros doing mech vs protoss other than bbyong Can someone explain it?HaZarD20 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Possible to play macro-toss? Hey everyone I am looking into what race I want to play for legacy of the void I figured the beta was a good chance to pick before I really have to start focusing on getting better. So my question about toss is I see a lot of really strong timing and two base all ins but I wonder. Is it possible to play a macro late game focus with toss like the other two races can choose to?Tyrion4 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 how do you beat lurkers I have been running into players that are massing lurkers with roach hydra. you really cant attack into them. I tried to go around but by the time i reach there side they are at my front door. what comp has protoss players been using to beat them?dozer7 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Dark Archon confirmed? I found this site while surfing for latest news on lotv (link below) and it shows concept art for the dark archon, what do you guys think? Will it be playable in the multiplayer? Sep 16, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Simple Protoss Build Order? I need a very simple and flexible Protoss build order. I am an extreme noob, with all my placement matches losses. Everybody says that if you continuously pump out probes and not get supply blocked, you will win. Not in my case. I am able to effectively be producing one and keep one in queue, with my nexus hot keyed. I do scout every game, I played a ton against the A.I. until beating harder and deciding to play online, so I have a basic grasp of scouting. I feel that I lose every game because my army, what I am producing, and when I expand. I really need some help. Thanks in advance!Lawnchair1 Sep 14, 2015
Sep 13, 2015 Why does Toss hate Terran so much? Does Toss really feel that It has a hard fight vs Terran. This is an honest question because I have only a 20% win ratio vs Toss. I cant beat them no matter what I do. And just to say, I dont think it is fair or right to use the Pros for a measure of equality. They are the Elite anomalies not the norm, so with that being said. I, as a Terran player, who has ranged from high diamond to low silver in my ladder games have always had a hard time winning vs toss. And if fact whenever I look up strats vs Toss I read over and over again how Terran has the worst of times vs toss. I just find it so surprising that Toss players dont realize that Terran hates and fears any and every Toss player. I am writing this somewhat tongue and cheek, but In all honesty, what about Terran scares you toss players? Please tell me the secret to how to beat you! That would make my day. Although I am way out of practice now, because I havent really played much (mostly because of my frustrations playing vs toss), dont try to flame me for being "a bad player" or that I need to L2p or whatever, because my win ratios vs Z and T are both over 70% (in my current league and they level out to about 50% when I get to diamond level play. However, my ratio vs protoss only goes down from here. Its possible that I am honestly just really not getting the Toss, and how to play...but apparently I am not the only one. So either way, What is it that Terran does to make them so OP vs you...I want to exploit it to win!!!KoL24 Sep 13, 2015
Sep 13, 2015 the perfect 3v3 protoss strat cannons ----- > zealots -------> carriers need one expansion pump probes whole time make sure cannons surround your probes so no reaper cheese or such liek that roughly 5 cannons at each base and as game goes on keep spending extra gold on cannons pumpa few zealots maybe 6 at most. then like 5 star gates and chrono the%%** out of carriers MAKE SURE THE CARRIERS ARE UPGRADED i have gone 4-1. the game i lost was just retarded. i feel like this strat is very very hard for people to counter upgraded carriers wreck everything in site. just something to try...been very successful although i hear so much carrier bashing on here.bOkaw5 Sep 13, 2015
Sep 6, 2015 Looking for HotS and LotV Replays Hi, looking for higher level replays for HotS (diamond-Grand Masters) to cast on my twitch account Also looking for any level replays (bronze-grand master) of Legacy of the VOID to cast as well. Please send Replays to Envyevolved@gmail.comEnVy0 Sep 6, 2015
Sep 6, 2015 Is all inning the only option? Is the only way to win now to all in? Late game units are too good for zerg and terran. Especially the liberator. And protoss has difficulty holding on to bases because they have low mobility. Is the only way to win all inning?fdas2 Sep 6, 2015
Sep 5, 2015 Need help with builds Hello, I am currently in Gold heading towards Platinum. I would like to know what are two good builds for each match up for the current meta game so I can practice those two (or more) for: pvp pvz pvt Also any timings I should know would be appreciated thanks for your feedback.Shawmeck1 Sep 5, 2015