Protoss Discussion

Feb 25 How to counter adepts? I can't figure out a hard counter to adepts. I've looked at the wikis and searched a while but couldn't find any. Thanks in advance!Lawnchair10 Feb 25
Feb 25 when should you upgrade? when should I start upgrading and also when do I start dumping minerals and gas into just fighting units? it allwasys seems like the opponent out produces me on the battle fieldSignaless2 Feb 25
Feb 24 Zerg Player who has an idea for Protoss Similar ideas have been said before I believe, but instead of Pylon Overcharge I think that Mothership should have a move that is cast on a Nexus and gives Gateway units a percentage buff. Don't know anything about Percents, but I feel taking out things like Pylon Overcharge, but buffing gateway units so that they can deal with early game Zerg would be a problem as Gateway All-Ins would then be too strong. I'm not sure about the radius, or the energy cost for the Mothership Core, but if a Protoss scouted an attack coming, they could ofc make as many units as possible and cast the buff and all gateway units in the area would get an hp buff + armor buff or hp + attack speed. Also Pylon overcharge used offensively is cool to watch but annoying in play, pylon rush just seems like it shouldn't be a thing. Now if a Protoss managed to build a Nexus in the opponent's base and then buffed their gateway units with it, i think they deserve that win, haha. Thoughts?Richard1 Feb 24
Feb 22 Old HoTS player coming back need tips Hi I am an old top diamond toss player in hots looking for some tips on to better adapt to legacy. Need help with early game harasses that can transition me smoothly to the mid game and also unit counters for liberators, lurkers really all the new units. I have noticed micro is very crucial in this game especially late game with large armies against disrupters, lurkers etc. am i correct? any tip you think is necessary please pass on!!bdot1 Feb 22
Feb 22 Newbie to Toss, Help Wanted I decided to change things up a bit and play some Protoss yesterday, it was a very rough time needless to say. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me some tips and general overall basics of the race and send some build orders my way whether it be written out on here or via link. Thanks in advance!EvilPenguin5 Feb 22
Feb 22 Song in "Steps of the Rite" mission Hi guys, I just went through the entire CD for LotV and can't seem to locate the song that is played in the "Steps of the Rite" mission on the CD? Anyone know the name of this song or where I can locate this song? Thanks!Blacktide1 Feb 22
Feb 19 Protoss Balance Idea Currently, I am quite disgusted by the state of protoss as a race. Between overpowered units, such as the adept and prism, to trash mechanics like pylon overcharge. Robo-storms from disruptor and useless colossus. The entire race seems to be missing something in some places and having too much in others. Granted this post may be long and from a random nobody, but the thought is there in making protoss a better, more dignified race that has less annoying gimmicks to play against and more fun units to play with. I propose the following and ask for actual feedback into why these changes are good or bad. Any actual discussion is wonderful. Try to be as unbiased as possible in the discussion as this isn't a Make Protoss great again thread. More of a make the race reasonable thread. My ideas while unoriginal may or may not point protoss into a better direction, but its a start. 1.) Remove the MSC and replace it with the static shield battery from campaign and Starcraft 1. - The current MSC can be removed and turned back into a mothership from the stargate. - Mothership has recall and slow time. Increasing its movement speed slightly would also benefit it. It's third ability can just be the mass cloak. 2.) Adept and Sentry roll swap. -Move force field and hallucinate to Adept and Shade to Sentry. (Will cover Sentry in point 3.) -Give Adept energy and make Hallucinate upgraded from Cyber core again. Make hallucinated ground units have full health on same timer. Units automatically ignore detected hallucinated units. -Adept damage lowered to compensate. Amount debatable,but it can no longer stay where it is. 3.) Sentry now is produced from Robotics Bay. -It has Guardian shield and an AoE shield recharge that recharges slower than static shield battery. -Shade is reworked to make it somewhat similar to Spirit Walkers in Warcraft 3. Shade is researched at Robotic's Bay for a discussed amount and research time. Shaded Sentries move faster but cannot attack or use abilities. Shaded Sentries are immune to missile attacks, but are vulnerable to melee attacks. Unshaded Sentries are immune to missile attacks and can use abilities. They can do either guardian shield or the AoE shield recharge, but not both. They also can attack for a discussed amount single target. 4.) Colossus damage nerf reverted. Disruptor removed and replaced with sentry at Robotic's Bay. - Disruptor and Colossus roles overlap too much for teir 3 units. - Would only give Protoss technically one new unit and a building in LoTV. Similar to Terran in HoTS with Widow Mine and Hellbat. 5.) Warp Prism warp in changed. - Base warp-in time as unpowered pylon. Upgraded with movement speed at Robotic's Bay to current speed. 6.) Overhaul of the two current teir 3 stargate units. - Carrier build time decreased. Upgrade from Fleet Beacon altered to remove mineral cost from interceptors. Interceptors have less health and faster build time. - Tempest supply cost increased. Tempest shots have a charge time. Tempest cannot move while charging. Give tempest a mineral cost based attack, such as the reaver max of 5. Damage of base tempest shots increased to compensate. Amount debatable. In conclusion, I do thank all of you that will take the time to read this. While wishful, I hope to encourage civilized discussion about the protoss race. How would these changes sound to you? How would you tweak the current protoss to make our race less gimmicky and more dignified? Would these changes affect the other races balance-wise? Edit: Words.Khiems23 Feb 19
Feb 19 Model/ asset idea I had a idea of what real modelers should make. I'm thinking that modelers should make a hybrid Amon asset, just like Amon's host body. For good modelers, it would be easy because you just have to change the color of the normal hybrid body and get rid of the mouth, teeth, tail, and tentacle thingys. And you could use the real Amon host body model in the game for a reference. (the real Amon host body model looks dumb) That would be really awesome if a modeler could do this.Bruen0 Feb 19
Feb 18 Tech or gates? When i add my 3rd and saturate it is it better to add 4 more gates or go to like 10 gates and a 2nd robo?Insomniac0 Feb 18
Feb 16 What happened to immortal and void rays? Are they like not used at all anymore?Why do they feel so useless?Momo10 Feb 16
Feb 16 Early pressure? How can I put early pressure on my opponent as Protoss?Lawnchair0 Feb 16
Feb 15 Protoss v Terran AI Very Hard I'm playing against AI Very Hard. I'm losing all the time. (Against Harder I win every time). I've even started restarting from replay and having a second crack at it, and even when I know what's coming I'm getting wiped out. I have better build, my graph shows I have a bigger army. It seems the biggest problem is controlling this many units. My units mill about, only about 30% engaging the enemy. If I click on an enemy unit to attack, they all rush at it, even though they all have ranged weapons. I'm at the point where their first attack up my ramp, I survive because I've literally hand placed every unit and placed it on Hold. o_0 Once I have to expand to my third, my army is out in the open and gets wiped. If I take out their entire first wave and then go engage them, my army in the open gets wiped: again, most units failing to engage. Basically, if I have a bigger army, I still get wiped. I've even tried dictating AI strategy. Is there some fundamental thing I'm missing in controlling my units?harlequin2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Anyone here use TheCore hotkey layout? Just curious, I finally decided to make the leap and got to say how impressed I am with this layout, its forced me to fix some bad habits and is pretty well thought out design. All that being said, was curious if anyone else uses this and would like to share how they set up there cameras, base hotkey control groups and pylon camera for warping in units. I am still throwing around some ideas how to set mine up optimally. -ThanksParagon12 Feb 15
Feb 14 Production question? How many production buildings is it per base it used to be 4 in hots but someone told me it's now 3 per base because of the mining. I usually go 3 gate robo and try to take a 3rd around 4:30.. Can 3 gates and a robo usually hold enough for me to take a 3rd or should i add more gates and then take my 3rd?Insomniac6 Feb 14
Feb 13 What is everyone's favorite campaign upgrades I've fully competed the story on normal and I wanted to hear from everyone in regards to which choices they went with. For me I went with (Forgive the weird name descriptions, I don't have the game running atm): Whirlwind Zealot Dragoon AoE DT Shield Sentry Invisa-Phoenix Talda-Immortal Talda-High Templar Destroyer Ray Wrath Colossai Mothership Orbital Pylon The triple strike one at the top of the second column Auto Gas Fenix Pylon Damage Passive AoE Cluster at the bottom of the sixth column What did everyone else choose?Reno17 Feb 13
Feb 13 Just came back to the game need some help I am still trying to figure out how to put adept distrupter to my team comp and when and why should i build it? I am having trouble with zerg still we are still same tech upgrade i go stalker imm zealot colli and they got roach lurker hydra and some viper and my army is still around the same size as theres and they still beat me.ProbeEmperor1 Feb 13
Feb 13 NA/EU High master / GM Protoss Coaching Hi everyone, my name is Kyle "vVvHyunA" Sun on AM server. I play for vVv-Gaming. I'm high masters/low GM Protoss and I'm offering coaching to any players that are serious about improving their gameplay. I coach Protoss players exclusively, but I have a mid master level skill in Terran and Zerg. Coaching sessions are held via skype. It is preferred if you have a stream so I can watch your FPV and guide you through your ladder games accordingly. Another method involves me playing on your account and stream it, providing commentary and answering any questions you may have. After the session, all the replays will be sent to you. Before the coaching begins we will have a short skype chat regarding your skill level and problems with your gameplay. No matter what league you are in, after 2 sessions I guarantee a league promotion. Exception: masters to gm jump. First lesson is free. Afterwards, if you feel my coaching is beneficial, the price is 10 USD/hour. *NOTE: This is for SERIOUS, LONG-TERM gamers only. I do not want to add your skype, help you with 1 session, then you disappear.. For further questions add my skype (k-shinobu) or PM me here :)vVvHyunA16 Feb 13
Feb 13 Why do upgrades suck so bad? You would think going through the hardship and cost of upgrading all 3 attributes really early in the game would pay off a little bit.. especially when zerg just spams roaches.. I keep getting stomped by un-upgraded roaches with archon/chargelot combo full level 2. Sure there are more roaches but damn. Double the cost of upgrades and make them scale better please. If they are worth it, people will pay for them. I think it would add a cool aspect to the game.EniGmA5 Feb 13
Feb 12 Void rays. How do I counter void rays as a terran? Here is what I have tried: Marine spam. They either fly away over cliffs where I can't follow, or if my marines are on a curve and pouring around a corner, they will hit the leading units of the group and kill them as they come. Marine spam is worthless against void spam. Viking spam. I purposefully went all viking. Void rays still kicked my butt the next game, mostly because mothership. I cried. Liberator spam. Ok, so these guys supposedly deal damage, right? WRONG! They did less damage than mass vikings! Widow mines. Ok, these actually worked for a short time until the enemy wised up and brought an invisible probe that my widow mines cannot defend against. Thor spam. This game I was at my wits end and spammed tons of thors. Well thors suck against void rays :( Battlecruiser spam. Worth about as much as viking spam against void rays. Ravens omg a unit that can damage a void ray! a pity its homing missile can be run from, and its so expensive... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so then I went and read Supposedly, my marines should be able to kill void rays. Supposedly. What happens is that the void ray being damaged flies away while the other void rays sit and fire and when I shift targets the new target runs away, but if I stop focus firing I die first. So then I went protoss and spammed void rays only and went full upgrades. It was exceptionally easy for me to kill enemies. Simple click click dead, halt when near targets, run around, easy to micro, and oh so very deadly. So here I sit, wondering why void rays are made to do everything. They hit air and ground, they are maneuverable, they can bunch up tight or spread out, they can focus fire, spreadfire, and the only thing they don't have is splash damage. They can hit buildings harder than banshees, and with a mothership near are better than a viking and a banshee combined into one nifty ship.When I can spend so much effort, and play 7 games against protoss and not get a single win with the protoss going void rays each time, and when the tables are turned and I build only void rays and a single mothership, I think there may be a problem with the void ray unit. It is so versatile, and it has no major weakness to exploit. Not only that, but they have so much damage, and they have good movespeed. To people who say "L2P noob scrub" ok, so I am silver, I have played a few games, I do not know how to look up the number I have played overall, but I have gotten my pool down to 0. The person I played against in the games was the same guy 4 of the times, and we played again with the void rays in my possession and I wiped the floor with him. They just needed less clicks to do the same thing terrans required more clicks and several different unit types for. I can def see a player who could split his focus in battle kill an enemy hardcore with void rays. TLDR: something needs to change. Either void rays shouldn't hit air or ground. Or, they should use energy, or they should be slow, or something! its ridiculous to be stuck with a single unit able to kill outright or kite to death an entire terran army to death. It makes the rest of the protoss units seem dull and drab, and there is no reason to build a cohesive group of toss units, with perhaps the exception of high templars because they could accentuate vr attack with psi storms. Why does this unit exist? It breaks the artform that the protoss army could be and simplifies it down to a single unit, that admittedly looks sleek and beautiful but is ultimately... boring.Shaithias12 Feb 12
Feb 11 Sentry When i try to use Sentry barrier to cut forces in half the spell doesn't seem to be cast or it gets casts very late. any tips to improve this I have 3-4 sentries hotkeyed to a control group and hold down the shift key so I can try to cast multiple barriers but it never seems to cast them during a real gamecommonbile1 Feb 11
Feb 11 The PvZ problem This match up is such a frustration at the moment... How do you deal against a zerg? I was playing today and 1 zerg player tried to make a ling runby fairly early, I shut it down figuring it would have been a large investment for no real worker damage. So I thought my army would be enough to kill him and attacked him. Guess what, he had a ninja gold base and a lot of roaches by the time I went there... Still I can't understand why zerg is so strong in LotV when we clearly didn't have such problems in HotS... Is it colossus nerf? Lurkers damage? Adept/MSC nerf? Ravagers? The new economy system? Can someone at least share a timing build because I'm on the verge of F10+N-ing every game I play vs Z at the start. It's not like I'm whining, I just don't want to damage my mentality with the utter frustration that is PvZ in its current state...PowerUser6 Feb 11
Feb 11 3 changes Protoss needs manual chrono less tanky adepts ( 10 or 20 shield nerf atleast) removed photon overcharge and make further balance changes if needed to support this "design" i dont like to play protoss as it is now in lotv, so boring and dumbed downenergie5 Feb 11
Feb 8 protoss counter to hydras??? yes, ht's counter mass hydra, but other than that there is practically no counter. gateway units get owned and they drestroy toss air. immortals are ok but not a hard counter. any suggestions?Whiplash24 Feb 8
Feb 6 Teach Me Toss!!! G'Day Gamers! I'm primarily a Zerg Player, and finished Rank 2 Platinum in HotS 2 seasons ago(when LotV was released), and though I participated in the Legacy Beta, I have not played since the day before the official release. That being said, I will start playing again soon, and I would like to try playing Random. I have been keeping up with the current Zerg Meta(Watching Videos, Learning BO's, Ect), but I have not done the same with Terran, or Protoss(I also posted a similar thread in "Terran Discussion"). If any of you have any advice, know of any casters/Content Creators that are similar to Lowko but for Protoss, or if you know of any build orders that I should be learning, I would love to know. I would like to learn at least 3 build orders for every match up. Preferably a cheese, a two or three base all in, and a timing attack that allows for transition into late game, but anything helps!! I'm not generally a fan of cheese, but when I make my come back, I'll also pick up playing in weekly ESL Tournaments, and cheeses help in BO3's, and BO5's! Please, and thank you!!Zombie1 Feb 6
Feb 6 4 gate Is it still a viable build? What are its pros and cons?SlowMinded17 Feb 6
Feb 6 Adepts for army composition? Or only harras? I wonder if I am using adepts correctly. I build some to harras in the early game but then usually stop the production. Now I saw a pro gamer massing adepts and stalker + immo against a roach hydra comp. the adepts seemed good vs hydras. Also vs zerglings they are good but I usually prefer chargelots because I never had the idea to replace them with adepts. Was that a very situational mass adept play or is it common to mix them in the army in PvZ in mid/lategame ?Spammy9 Feb 6
Feb 6 State vs Cham PvZ Link to a video that I made (sorry for the static). Also you can check out the build order just click "State" under the replay title. From a replay pack of 2016 02 01. Feb 6
Feb 6 Blink colossus?! Early on some micro heavy players were doing some fun colossus warp prism load/drop harass stuff. Now that the warp prism range is so much better I'm wondering if the prisim can be used as a sort of blink range to do that kind of harass again?wLgGojira2 Feb 6
Feb 5 Suggestion to make Protoss more viable early I'm thinking if a Nexus had/generated its own power-field that would extend slightly behind the mineral line, then you could place cannons that would not be dependent on a pylon. This would make a Nexus more defensible early game against a Ling Rush/ MMM Drop. Toss need something because early game is super weak IMO.WarMichael7 Feb 5
Feb 5 Defending ling all ins? I went 14 plyon 16 gate walled i made a zealot at 20 and still lings took out my natural and eventually got into my base and did too much damage.Insomniac17 Feb 5
Feb 4 Protoss vs. US Military??? Saw Zerg Invasion of Earth in the zerg discussion so I had to do this. Could Earth fight off a Protoss invasion??? Dan158 Feb 4
Feb 4 Marauders what is the counter for Marauders?commonbile8 Feb 4
Feb 3 Some Tempests VS terran video I made - build order and stuff - Feb 3
Feb 3 There is actually a bUg on the game The Probes get the ressources then freeze in front of the nexus. Like to tease you! please tell me what is happening to this game.Armando0 Feb 3
Jan 31 Streaming! ^.^ I'm currently streaming some games Jan 31
Jan 31 Why are void rays uncommon in pro games? I don't see void rays often in high level games. Why is this? In lower level games, some people mass them. I know they are easy to use and pretty slow, but they still are extremely strong, especially in pvp. To counter void rays Protoss can either build stalkers, which die to void rays, archons, which aren't used much, or void rays. Why are they not seen much?Chris17 Jan 31
Jan 29 can i get some help with countering 2 builds? can someone please tell me what the counters to these two builds are: firstly wanted to say im not that great at starcraft, mostly bronze/silver league, and mostly do 2v2 or archon mode with a friend who comes over quite often. i play protoss, and im having serious problems beating protoss, that go mass void ray, without something like a rush. and even then it feels very hard to rush protoss with the moterhship core. so i wanted to know what unit comp would do good against mass void rays in the late game. the second thing i wanted to know is what counters mass ravagers. originally i tried disruptors, but that failed badly then i read online that immortals were the counter, but i still lost even with a slightly larger army, at my base so using pylon overcharge on 3 pylons. and probably a slight postional advantage, so i figured immortals aren't that great either. so if anyone can tell me what counters them it would be great. thanksilkbailk6 Jan 29
Jan 26 Cannon rushing It feels like cannon has no counters as a terran, and precious few as a zerg. So, to combat it, when someone cannon rushes, be they friend or foe, I quit, and block them. It doesn't matter if they are an ally, I consider it to be unfair to the enemy, and would rather play a challenging game then the cannon rush bs. My two cents. I have about 30 people on my block list now. Granted, I am upset with the cannon rush, but I have seen too many games turned to a gg because people didn't catch that one probe. Even if they do catch the probe, to bust the pylons down in time, they have to devote considerable effort from harvesters to attack the pylons, and that is lost in mining and the enemy can cancel at last second, for the equivalent of a free 2-3 early drone kills. EVEN IF THEY CANCEL THE PYLON. It has broken lower league play entirely, and lower league matters too. Lastly a suggestion: cannons should not be able to attack ground units until the cybernetics facility is finished, and a low cost (50 mineral) upgrade should be at the cyber facility to give cannons the ability to attack ground. This gives the cannons everything they need, and disables nothing except for the cheat otherwise known as cannon rushing.Shaithias6 Jan 26
Jan 26 Beginner build - Help Hello, I started playing SC2 a couple weeks ago and the first thing I did was to go through some guides in order to grasp the basic aspects of the(the most fundamental would be macro as I learned). My question is: Which would be a simple and up to date protoss build order for a bronze player who wants to focus only in learning the macroing aspects of the game ?RichyMoose8 Jan 26
Jan 25 Skytoss So protoss are very strong in the sky, I feel that their sky forces are so strong it rules out taking other builds. Mass archon was a cool build, as is mass immortal etc, but there is just a strong need for a counter to the void ray ball of death. Idea: Void rays "heat up" a target, and for every void ray focused on a single target, that target takes 2 less damage per void ray, with a cap of 1 damage per tick per void ray when the target is fully overloaded. Why? 2-3 void rays can still focus fire, and get decent results. In fact, you can buff individual void rays by a large chunk of damage to counteract this nerf making void rays excellent in small teams, but not so effective in large groups. Results: Void rays go down in popularity. With fewer void rays in the army, the battle switches to the ground and sky instead of just the sky.Shaithias5 Jan 25
Jan 25 Protoss Changes What would you like to see? Here are some thoughts/observations of my own as well as what I've been hearing from other people. There is certainly a strong terran/zerg voice, but protoss is becoming the pincushion for everyone. Protoss needs to begin solidifying the problems in order to see solutions. Zealots - Currently there is no real reason to make them other than to dump minerals when you have no gas. They serve no real utility and you really don't want to make them as your first unit other than to plug your wall considering how poorly they fare against other T1 units. A lot of the games people wait for their Cybernetics to finish before making their first unit because of this. I think zealots should have higher base speed/ more durability or damage. The charge buff was a nod to how lackluster they are, but with the new LOTV units from zerg and terran (like lurkers and liberators) they are still less than ideal. It would also help distinguish its role vs the adept. Anti-Air - In BW protoss had the corsair, which has AA splash damage. In SC2 protoss AA is very lack-luster. It's sad that phoenixes need a fleet beacon and an upgrade just to have their base range increased. Look at the vast amount of AA that Terran has, and the number of SPLASH AA that terran has: widow mines, liberators, and thors. It's easy for zerg to overwhelm stalkers on the ground and how hard protoss has to work trying to defend a flock of mutalisks or engage a zerg mid-late game army with brood lords. Fleet beacon upgrade for phoenixes needs something more - maybe splash? Carriers/Tempests - Compared to how expensive they are, it's sad to see how easily they are gunned down by a small squad of marines/hydras. Tempests shoot way too slowly; actually most protoss units have attacks that are very slow (compared to stimmed bio units or zerg units), leading to cases where other races can shoot down expansions later on and run away leaving the protoss helplessly scrambling back and forth. Defense - The mothership core and PO have helped protoss with early game defense but past that it's very difficult to prevent bases from getting sniped with just a handful of zerglings or bio. Protoss don't have creep or very mobile units to help defend against this or other defensive options like PFs. On top of everything, protoss doesn't have things like widow mines/liberators and lurkers to very cost effectively defend bases. High Templar/Storm - Storm does laughable damage. Zerg ground forces and bio most of the time shrug off storm damage. High templars have laughably slow movespeed and almost always die after casting a storm. Higher storm damage may help somewhat compensate for the colossus nerf and reward players for getting good storms off/dodging them. Forge upgrades - Gateway units were made weaker on the basis of WG. Now that WG has been nerfed to the ground and then some it seems fair that in the mid-late game they should be stronger. Better upgrades might be one way to accomplish this. This would also help relieve protoss' frustrating dependence on tech. Expansions - A bit related to defense above, in LOTV taking expansions is much more important. Protoss simply does not have very great defensive options to protect their bases past the 3rd. Additionally, protoss doesn't have very cost effective ways to attack opponent bases. A handful of zerglings or marines or a single liberator (or countless number of options from terran/zerg) can absolutely destroy a mineral line with ease. There is no way that protoss has similar options economically unless the opponent makes a major blunder. Making 800 minerals worth of zealots is a very way to harass enemy bases; 400 minerals buys you 16 zerglings, which can absolutely wreck havoc. A single turret/spore+queen can shoo away even advanced harass tools like the dt/oracle fairly easily. The mothership core/PO was a small nod to this conundrum, but it is not enough when you're spread across the map in LOTV. A final word on adepts: so ZvP protoss has 40% winrate, I assume a lot of it on the back of adepts considering how much whining there is. If it weren't for this unit imagine how much worse this number would be considering the overwhelming strength that zerg has in the mid to late game. Protoss has become a shell of its former self. Then there is still the problem of late game with lurkers/ultras/brood lords/vipers/liberators en masse. It's almost as if protoss is almost forced to finish games early.Nara5 Jan 25
Jan 21 Protoss 1v1 Map Veto -- Morning Guys -- I am just starting to play a little SC2 again, used to play quite a bit of vanilla SC2, but just stopped when life got busy. I know the game has changed quite a bit, and TBH I still don't know what some of the units do, but, I am looking for Map Veto suggestions for 1v1. Any thoughts would be appreciated, just really looking to avoid the maps that will make me angry as a protoss player Cheers RaggyRaggy5 Jan 21
Jan 21 Shield visibility request. Can you add a blue color to the active icon of the protoss in underbar to represent shield levels? its green when full health and turns red and yellow when damaged, but its hard to see and determine shielding levels at first glance. Perhaps adding blues and teals and maybe even some whites would help that.Shaithias0 Jan 21
Jan 21 shield upgrade vs armor upgrade shield upgrades are somewhat uncommon. However, in my mind they seem to be more effective than armor upgrades. Yes, they cost a bit more than armor upgrades, but it also applies to air units, structures, and archons. Plus shields regenerate, increasing their usefulness. Assuming you play a macro game where you will make a variety of air units, ground units, and archons, can somebody give me an argument for why the ground armor upgrade should take priority over the shield upgrade?Chris2 Jan 21
Jan 21 Meta Game for Protoss Hello fellow toss. I have been out of the meta for a while now (since the release of lotv) and would just really appreciate a general rundown of how the game has changed from hots to lotv, including new strategies and things like that to employ against and along with new units for every race. New comps for new counters or play styles? I've tried to just catch up by reading older posts but they're all very specific. Anything I can get would be appreciated.BaoTsetung0 Jan 21
Jan 21 need help pvt turtles I disparately need help with terrans who turtle as protoss. I cant seem to brake their defense due to raven's drones, siege tanks, unable to scout because turrets, liberators, and widow mines. With the change in shields to immortals they cant really brake any defense anymore especially since normally the duration of the shield ends before they even tank 200 damage.Porkcchop7 Jan 21
Jan 20 in the mind of a protoss fighting a Zerg What happens inside your mind my dear protoss players? well while fighting a zerg. I cant say cuz i am a Zerg.bossman2 Jan 20
Jan 20 Yet another Noob help thread... I've been reading threads on here trying to find answers to my questions, but there are still a few questions I have and couldn't find answers to. I'm a terrible player, but tried to give what little advice has worked for me when I could. So here goes nothing: When do I expand? I watch pro video's to see what other protoss do, but it makes no sense to me. Sometimes they'll just stay on two bases seemingly forever, other times they'll have like 5 bases. When should I be expanding? So far in most of my games, I either open nexus first, or gate into nexus. Then I'll build another base once I feel I've stabalized, with at least a couple gateways, an advanced production facility, and enough of an army to at least have a chance of holding off an attack. Am I building too fast? Too slow? I've also been trying to just go 2 base, then building for an engagement and follow that up with an expansion. My APM is terrible, how do I get it faster? I mean, my APM is like around 45. I'm generally fine as long as their APM is only around like 90, but once they break triple digits I'm just at a loss and get out played. How do I get faster? Or do I just have to accept that this is where I'll stay? Does anyone have tips one when/how to scout? I don't need like uber pro advice like I see in the video's, where he'll send in his probe, barely see a refinery, click it to see how much gas was mined, and leave knowing exactly what's going to happen. However I NEVER probe scout against anyone but protoss. Even then all I look for is for proxy pylons, and to check for early game cheese. Against terran even if I can get into their base, I have no idea how to read it. What it means with no gas, one gas, two gas... I go in an see they've got a barracks, maybe they're building a factory, maybe not... I don't know what any of that really means. Against zerg early game the only thing I know to check for is a pool, but by the time my probe gets there I usually will have needed to already make a choice, and if they went fast pool, I'm not really sure how to stop it anyway, so I really just try to crono out whatever gateway units I can, and pull probes to fight. If I go robo I'll pump out like 4-5 observers and try to scout everything, and leave some in the path between us to see when they move out, and scout expansions and army locations as well as production facilities. Against protoss and zerg it's not bad, I can tell what they're doing by their building choices. Against terran unless I directly see their army, I have absolutely no idea. So what am I looking for? Also, what if I don't go robo? Or should I always go robo? So when to scout, what to scout for, with what do I scout... I'm terrible at it. How do I get better at harass? Most of the times I try early harass on a main or first expansion it gets shut down easily. I'm ok at harassing further away bases later in the game, or harassing after a large engagement, but I see people sending in like 1-2 adepts, or maybe a zealot and 2 stalkers and dealing damage. If I try that all I end up with is dead troops. Or they'll harass with warp prisms or oracle, but by the time mine can make in there, they have an army that can easily shut it down. When I do try to harass it's either focus on mircoing my units, or keep building back home, but either way, one falls behind. How do I do both at the same time? I've been running into a fair amount of terran players who build turrets all around their base, I know that's a large mineral investment, but I can't seem to take advantage of that fact. They shut down my scouting, shut down DT's, so I pretty much can't scout or harass at that point. Nor can I get high ground vision so I'm left at a severe disadvantage trying to push my 'resource advantage'. But I know if I don't harass, don't scout, I have no chance of beating a terran. But I also can't figure out how to punish that either. WTF do I do about liberators?!? If I'm facing only liberators, and in small groups, my blink stalkers can normally take them out before I lose too much. If they set up like 4+ or bring bio with them, they just roll over pretty much every comp I can think of to even try. While I know I've got a plethera of problems I need to work on, for the most part I can hold my own against protoss, and do well against zerg. But I get shredded facing terran at all. Any advice on how to beat them is appreciated. My last question is how to handle harass. I feel like I do pretty well against earlier game harass, as least as much as I can. Against reaper harass I pretty much just try to get my probes away while waiting on my stalker to pop and rally to it. Zergling rush I either have a wall that completely stops it, or if they hit early, my probes can usually do ok holding the zergling off until a zealot pops to help them. Cannon rush I always scout my main base, and if it's not in my main base it's rarely more than annoying. Proxy gateway I also usually can scout, and...Hyper6 Jan 20
Jan 19 How to win with economy? I am currently in gold league (plat in hots). I have a little problem: when I do 1 base "rush (stargate, 4/5 gateways, maybe robo) in PvT or PvZ I win nearly every game. But if I expand against terran I lose every time. I have 1.5x value army, but it dies to his smaller army, because he has stim, and I didn't have enough AoE damage. Against zerg everything goes well untill he gets lurkers. Every time zerg gets first lurkers out I just lose. I may have more bases, bigger army, detection and I still lose. Do I have to use mass air or disruptors agains them? I can't get mass void rays so fast, or can I? So, what should I do against maxed stim-terran (MMM+tanks/liberators)? What should I do against lurkers?Dentosal7 Jan 19
Jan 19 The protoss double nerf What are your thoughts about it? Here's my opinion: I kind of have mixed feelings about it... It could be OK for terran bio. But the problem is whenever protoss gets nerfed, nothing gets nerfed from Z and T. First the PO problem, if it needs to be removed what would be the compensation? Yes, that's right. Buff to gateway units. And what do we get in this next patch? 1. Nerf to PO 2. Nerf to core gateway unit adept 3. ??? 4. Profit. But it's OK... We've learned to deal with it. We'll just go back to WoL-HotS style and tech to colossus -- oh wait. Colossus is trash now. We have to use disruptors that were forced to us with the colossus being nerfed to the ground. Oh, I got it, we'll now tech to carriers! Wow what a joke such a useless unit dies to 2 vikings/5 hydras because it has no HP. Great capital ship we have! We had a ~8 month period in which we didn't have to make tier 3 units to survive because we had a good gateway unit... That's enough. We felt too much like terran for too long and dayvie didn't like this. Let's get back to being useless. Maybe if they weren't nerfing the adept in every patch during beta we might've had a chance... P.S. To all terran whiners: let's see how the winrates will turn after the patch. Just waiting to see liberator and ravager nerfed to the ground like colossus, oh wait they are no protoss units, they are immune to nerfs. ^An attempt to whine as protoss and being biased because you know what they say: you fight fire with fire.PowerUser4 Jan 19