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Sep 2, 2010 Getting the first push As i continue learning more about multiplayer in starcraft I have come toa problem i cannot seem to solve. I macro pretty decently, my micro isnt bad, and i harass with drops, warp ins, phonixes, one or two voids, and back door/blink quick attacks but the one thing i cannot seem to do is put the pressure on early. Im takling about being the first to arrive at the enemy base with a force that will at least keep a back and forth going. Either they start coming at me early and put me on my heels, or when i venture out they surround and severely weaken my army. THe problem is that i dont ever feel comforatble putting an expansion down and they continue the pressure, limiting my economy and production. Protoss seem ill-equipped to put pressure on since our entire survival depends on teching to quick t1.5 and t2 to be efficient against MM or roaches. So my unit count is usually low. I have been doing better with getting at least three warp gates up but this pressure usually seems to late, and attacking with two stalkers or 8 zealots (an earlier push) is not an option since stalkers get owned by zerglings and zealots get owned by roaches. Against terran, marines and marauders will take out zealots before charge, and stalkers have pretty good success against marines but almost no terrans mass marines. How, when, and with what army composition do you start early pressure?Diego2 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Whens that terran nerf coming? K so ive lost like 3 games today to the same annoying terran strategy. Its fast marauders with concussion shells. I really dont know how to stop it because maruaders are way to strong against all gateway units and the only way to stop the rush is out produce him, and thats difficult to do in the first 2 minutes of a game. Anyone find a way to stop this? And its not like i dont scout it either. I see and I still cant prevent it. Coolwhip15 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 New player in need of help. My strategy, is this Build 2 assimilators and have 2 probe's at each one, then start building up to the starport, in which I spam those out. While that is happening I make as many photon cannons as I can. How can I fix this?SpellSAUR6 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 For those who can't deal with Terran... This is a pretty good example of how to go about doing that. Note: Yes I am proud of myself after this game. Yes I am showing off. No I haven't watched it to see if the Terran player is any good. xp Edit: So I watched about 10 minutes of the replay before I started seeing Graphical Artifacts, which is usually a sign that my GPU is overheating except my laptop isn't warm at all. The Terran player in question wasn't the best ever.Necropath12 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Sick PVP strat 3-0 with it So here are the 3 videos of the wins i have just got doing it. So ya 3 in a row so i thought id show you guys. Notice how the void ray is strong enough to take out the only enemy (stalkers) all on its own because it is so early in the game they're arent too many. Also if someone counters you your second void ray will just protect your base. I see it as being a strong strategy because most wont expect this and works on all maps as long as you scout after your pylon. The only problem i can think of is if some noob gets lucky and cannons theyre minerals right off the bat. But who does that? Most people go for units. Let me know what you guys think.DustinHunks9 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Consern about Sensor tower. I was waching a replay and i want to make sure what I seen them see though the replay is correct. When I had cloak units by it there would be no ! markings. When I made a structure that they never seen all that shows is a ! They move a unit by my structure it is "saved" kinda though the shadow of war. ( I know if something chages they don't see that but new structures are showen with !) When I summoned a mothership they could still see the structures though memory. If they moved a unit by those structures then their unit gets killed or move out of range, the memory is gone and so is the ! for the structures since the mothership cloaked them. the only ! they see is the mothership. Is this how it really works if you are terran? I thought someone told me cloak are markedRambus2 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Carriers, Terran turtles and Desert Oasis My question is how do i counter a Terran Turtle in DO quickly. I'm a noob bronze and when ever i play PVT on DO they always go for island expand and then mass MT or BC. I usually end up winning but only after i resource starve them. I heard that the best counter for this was Carriers and Mothership but after 20 secs the Missile turrets end up killing all my interceptors so my carriers are useless. I'm looking for a way to counter it in less than 10 mins. ty.protos5 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Need help vs Terran I find it hard to play vs Terran. The games where they just turtle up and i cant broke their ramp before they get tank. Then they go MMM + Tanks and i havnt found anyway to break it... I try to out marco but their ranks + MM stim just **!#s everything i have. Normally i go zealots with leg upgrade/stalkers/immortals but terran just rips through it fast. What can i do?... By the time i get storm its way too late ><. I havnt found anything that can counter MMM well at all. Everytime i try to go for an attack after i have a pretty strong army i see him moving out with a massive drop so im forced to cancel my expand and protect my base. Urg. Please help.KiSsingAiur5 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Need some advice on my 1v1 build Ill start by saying I am in bronze for 1v1 but ive found a great build order that has been winning me alot of games. Thinking ahead a bit i've realized once im out of bronze this may not work anymore so im going to post my build and im looking for constructive criticism.. First thing I do is build 2 probes. At 8 supply I build my first pylon. I dont start making more probes yet until ive started my first gateway. 9 and 10 supply are probes. Then while my first gateway is building i start on the second one. I keep building more probes now (never queuing more than 2 at a time so i can use my available resources) and pump out zealots till i have about 5. I send my zealots out and attack the base. At this point i have 2 gateways producing zealots and they are rallied to one of my original zealots to reinforce. I usually build an assimilator right as im pushing out in case the push fails and i need to start teching. If it fails i keep building zealots, start on stalkers and build a starport to begin building voidrays. While the voids are building i use my zelaots and stalkers to check for expansions then attack main base. When voids (usually only 2 with first weapon upgrade) are ready I put pressure to the front of his base with my stalkers/zealalots and attack his production line with voids. 9/10 its GG This build and strat have been working very well so far but how far will it take me? Is there anything i can do to modify my build to make it more effective? Any help or comments are very appriciated. Lilpuff4 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 why should i get high templar when colossus do the same thing? psi storm is very nice, but cost mana and high templars r too weak, colossus kill small units just as fast and dont cost mana and dont require extra micro. psi storm can kill air but we dont make high templars for anti air tho, so i dont see a situation where i have to make high templars, unless oppoent already got a buncha unti air units, i guess high templars r safe from vikings. o, btw i just hate that after using HT's abilities they r useless when they dont have mana, and i dont like to morph archons cuz they suck.TheDefender17 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 You've been promoted! Upon learning about a basic strat to use against every race somewhere on this forum I quickly progressed to the top of my division in Silver. Today the game decides to challenge me with gold opponents. I lost my first 2 matches (to mass mutas and voidrays sadly enough) and won my third match. The match I won was kind of interesting I guess.. He attacked me early with roaches, I barely held him at the gate until my void ray came out. I pushed back and he kept making roaches so I won and was promoted to gold. I thought I was winning way too easily in silver and now I'm being challenged so that's good. ANYWAY, the point is I ended up facing 2 zerg players that roflstomped me. The strat is simple, they open with a late enough spawning pool, and I wall off with my zealots and GW. They hit with a bunch of zerglings, retreat, throw roaches into the mix and blast thru. I fight them off with my workers' help, and begin warping in more troops. They make more lings, and transition to mutas. Basically my problem right now is this: What do I do? Lol, if I'm able to hold off the initial push I find that I can't expand because the lings will catch it. If I move out and try to take out the lings, the mutas are right at the mineral line waiting. Essentially, I'm boxed in, and he's free to expand again and out-muscle me. What should I do? I know zerg are crying that they desperately need a buff, but screw them, I'm in gold :PProski7 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Critique my replay Hey folks, Was just in a PPvPP match, and my partner disconnected about midway through. So, I decided to try my best, and took over managing his base, and just tried to pump out units as fast as I could. I lost, and wasn't surprised when I did. But, I was hoping to get tips on how I could have improved. One thing in particular: I don't see High Templars too often. How should I have countered them? Colossi? Ziwcam0 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 any good protoss who will proxy 2 gate me? I'd rather try to hold this off in custom game until ladder hacks are patched. Message me in the game or reply here. I've been needing help in beating these strats. Thanks!haiau7 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 All arround anti-rush/offence technique? So, first a little background on where I am. Failed all of my placement matches putting me into bronze. Through trying a handful of different tactics (zealot rush, stalker spam, cannon rush, void spam, balanced, etc...) I have gotten up to platinum. Since mid gold I have been working with a strategy that seems to work well even vs. the diamond players I seem to keep playing. What I do is the standard 9 probe pylon. After that however, I throw down a forge and 3-5 cannons (one at point in my base, 2 near each mineral end and if I fear air rush 2 in back). This seems to effectively defeat every rush I have come across. 6 pool gets in right as my first or second cannon finish depending on my gaming speed that game, for a 2 gate proxy rush I normally have 2 or 3 cannons available. After this I immediately throw down my gateway, cybernetics, and possibly an expansion. From there I can go any way I want. Personally I go 2 stargate voids, I go in with 5 with lv 1 wep upgrade normally. Right when they come into my base. If I do go void I have plenty of minerals left over to massively produce cannon defense. So when/if it comes to a base trade, my void rays with upgraded weapons (as high as 3 with upgraded speed if I have to wait for whatever reason) can take out his main and natural before I even loose all my cannons. Any suggestions/comments on improving? I find that in most cases this works well, but on occasion (maybe 40%ish of the time) I do loose (vs any race). And since I'm not perfect, I figure I should do whatever I can to improve.WeaselKing7 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Dealing with Banelings... Of all the units that I've had trouble dealing with, it seems to be a baneling rush. I'm not sure if I should go cannons or what, because typically with banelings come zerglings as well, and that combo is pretty disastrous against zealots and stalkers, even at the chokepoint. Any good pointers for this?Winkler4 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 It just occured to me That protoss has no emergency obs at there service. As terran, you have scanner, ghost EMP (why? why god?) and the optional Raven. As Zerg, at any given moment you can mutate 1 of your billion overlords into an emergency obs, np. But as protoss, what do we have? We are forced to go robo bay, which hinders stargate or templar play in the mid game. I swear we are the ultimate race that gets boned when our pants are down. As terran or zerg, if you get caught by surprise, you can at least quickly do one of the above and coutner a cloaked unit without too much lost. But as protoss, if you get caught with your pants down, your done. Toast. You are repeatably kicked in the nuts for not going robo bay, and screwed. So the lesson? Scout correctly as Protoss. Because blizzard is incredibly unforgiving to us, god forbid we may actually wanna try something different then 3 gate robo or 4 gate robo...KissThaRing4 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Good counter to roach rush? I played a quick match this morning before heading into work, and when my initial scout showed a spawning pool and no gas, I presumed a zergling rush and made sure to get my ramp wall done and CB out a couple of zealots to defend it. That worked fine, and while I was working on teching past the zealots I'd raced to get out, BOOM, roaches showed up and overwhelmed me. Now, I realize the basic problem I had was bad scouting -- I got an early scout in there, but I didn't use it to keep checking in or I would have seen that roach warren. BUT, even if I had seen the roach warren, I'm not sure I know what the right move would have been. What's do you folks consider a good counter to early game roaches in PvZ? I'm thinking Stalkers and Zealots with emphasis on the stalkers backed up by good micro? Tips/Tricks?Eledarr15 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Need Help Can anyone give me a link to any posts/guides by diamond players on PvP/PvZ/PvT opening strats, please? I'd greatly appreciate it.Fenton0 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Toss build order(rush z) after trying different way of start to rush zealot i came up to this: probe 7-pylon 2probe crono boost 9-gate 2prob crono boost 11-2nd gate prob 2 zealot crono boost pylon + zealot i was able to get my first zealot around 2min 15sec and got like 3-5 zealots in about 3min 30sec or less... but loose a little of crono boost cuz i dont get enough min to pump another zealot right away can i wait and try to get charge .. fast i can or rush strait up like that vs zerg i think rush strait up vs terran cuz all terran wall i am thinking get charge and few more zealot and maybe +1 attack but it will be a late rush... what u guys think of that... ?DcQc14 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Marine Max Why is this so tough to stop? TvP this guy builds 5 rax with reactor and one tech and maxes out rines as soon as possible with stim and shield and all upgrades. i scout and see this and build collosi and ht. This works but i also loose my collosi and ht in the battle and he loses about 70% of his rines. But the problem is that he can rebuild so fast and so cheap that i am spending 4 times as much with the same result about 70 - 90 % of his force gone rebuild and so did he ... end result i run out of mins and options...he !*@*s me WHAT THE HECKJEFF9 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 want to nerf terrans? then double the cost of their scanner. Really, of all the units, abilities, and skills in the game....the ability to freely scout your opponents base then adjust your build order accordingly has to be the biggest boon to playing a terran. Proper defensive units can prevent the other two races from ever getting a peek at what your doing, while a terran can just scan away. Kyzarius2 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Blizzard, interesting Warp Prism idea? It would be interesting if Warp Prism's had a shield recharging ability comparable to the terran medivac but only able to heal shields maybe at a slower rate then medivac healing too for balance? (kind of like a mobile shield battery eh?) just a thought. maybe a little OP, but i feel it could be made balanced.Ender5 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Help requested. If anybody is ready, willing and able, could you please take a look at this replay and just give me a few pointers as to what I am doing wrong or what I could be doing better. I am still in the practice league but am looking for tips from anybody. Thanks everybody, P.S, it's a long replay so if you want you could just look at the beginning and give me pointers, Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Can't stop Mass Mauraders!!! Advice please anyone!!! DarKo19 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 multiplayer 6 pool rush... how to stop it When i'm playing 4v4 and there are more than 2 zerg players on the opposing team, i always get 6 pool rushed by more than 1 player... if it's 1v1 i can manage to stop it fairly easily, but i can't stop it without my teammates helping out... please helplookslikeray8 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 is he nub? or am i just awful? now before you watch this just a warning..i am in bronze league and i only want to know if this what i should be expecting in bronze? just find it hard to win consistently when theres noobs who dont even rally their nexus and just spam zee's...therefore hard to move up and away from this bs. i just want to practice macro and micro and get better...playing like my opponent doesnt make you better am i correct? thankspokgai9 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Chrono boost does it make your probe move more quickly when you boost the nexus and any other buildings near them? or does it only make the creation time go down.CmdrMcBragg2 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 how to deal with MMMG ???? There are some effective ways to deal with MMMs, and now I face MMMG ( G stand for Ghost). The toss are weak without shield. I have to face this situation when Ghosts use EMP to destroy my units' shields so quickly. Use snipe to kill my HTs so fast, so I cannot use feedback on medivac. I don't mention about micro but the Ghost have range farther than HTs, they easily snipe out my unit ONIWABAN17 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Is there an in-game clock to display? I hear people talking about the 3-minute mark, the 7 minute mark... Is there an in-game clock I can display?Heliodorus1 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Mid-level plat player looking for practice Played SC2 since it came out, started out doing mostly 2v2/3v3/4v4 with a few buddies of mine that played, but they're pretty content just running custom script maps, etc etc and not looking to advance 1v1-wise. My tactics and unit comp are good, my micro's pretty decent, but my macro's pretty terribad. Looking for some mid/high-level plat or even diamond players to practice against in kind of a no-pressure situation. Add me and msg in-game if you're willing.Heff1 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Is it always about the win? Lately I have just been playing games to try different things. I get up in my lowly gold division to rank1, but get bored of the monotony of the same builds, the same openers, the same troops. Sometimes I just try different tech or different strategies, and most of them fail horribly but all of them give you a really good insight. My win/loss ratio is over .500 so I figure what's the harm, but I gotta ask the general protoss community... Do you guys play solely for the W, or do you like testing things out? Lately I have been in love with a pair of early phoenixes to go with zealots and sentries, or just going massive macro play and 3basing it and just constantly producing more stuff than my opponent can kill... Medic10 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 how to defeat BCs + marines? how?RudyK8 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 upgrade calculations - answered How exactly do the weapons, armor, shield upgrades work? Someone said that an immortal would do 65 damage to a stalker with +3 weapons. How would that happen? 20+30(armored)+? Sorry, I can't seem to find explicit explanations anywhere.Lucari4 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Forges Just curious when are you putting the Forge in your build order. I have tried rushing cannons to put 2 up around my minerals to prevent early harrassment with mixed results. Is the Shield upgrade and cannons that worth it to spend the short time and minerals to build a forge? Because recently I have been leaving it out of my rotation completely with again, mixed results.Tom4 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 DT largely underutilized Past couple games I started using some DTs mixed in with my main army to relatively good success. It seems to go mostly unnoticed. The couple times I was fighting Terran with this makeup, I didn't get scanned once during the fight. Safe to say he didn't notice. I'm not talking about using only DTs, but a mix of 1 DT for every 2 chargelots and 2 stalkers. When playing vs P, I see that most people group their DTs separately and try to do something cute with them, like go around and attack probes or something. Haven't seen many mixed armies. Thing to note, this probably won't work in short games, only when it drags out for more than 15 minutes or sochinolatte12 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Clearly I misunderstood So I just got done with a silver league mirror match in which my opponent opened up by saying "no rush 90 minutes. good luck have fun". Well, I'm not about to play a 90 minute game if I can avoid it, but I don't like to rush either, so seems fair. Well, after my first scout of his base shows me dual assimilators, I worry about DT's or VR's, so I build some photon cannons. When my second scout of his base shows a stargate, I crank out a single void ray and start building pheonixes, then, at the 10:30 mark, attack his stargate with a single VR. ONE Void Ray. And he chats that the game sucks and quits. This leads me to a couple of questions: 1. Does not even sending over a unit to harrass until after the 10 minute mark count as rushing? 2. Did he really expect me to sit there for 90 minutes? 3. Am I in the wrong? 4. From a pure strat perspective, based on what I saw when I saw it, how could my strategy and build have been improved. Was spending the resources on photon cannons as a defensive measure worth it at the time, or would a better player have done something different? Not that it ended up mattering. I just found the whole situation odd enough that I actually opened a gamereplays account just to post the replay and get community feedback on whether I was being a %@!! or something. Anyway, here it is: Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 PVZ Zerglings to hydras If you see this coming, what do?Bledfordays6 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 lookin for tips, replays so i uploaded a few replays, anyone willing to take a look at some of them and tell me what i could be doing better Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 How do I deal with EMP? This is not a QQ thread, I just want to know how to deal with EMP. I'm only silver so don't ask me to do some jesus micro and feedback all of the ghosts before they can EMP or something. I've been losing a lot of custom matches to EMP and MMMG, and I'd like to know how I can fix this problem >.> granted, custom matches aren't nearly as evenly matched as league matches, but I would at least like to put up a decent fight instead of getting steamrolled every time.Tom29 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Are canons a viable defense in 2v2 3v3 4v4 I am trying to convince my friend that in a 2v2 map.. where bases/chokes are not shared, a canon turtle defense is not viable. Simply because if your teammate will get rushed by double the normal expected forces and if you cant help defend then your teammate will lose. Lets say we are both protoss. Lets say the other two teams are both protoss, and they rush with 2 zealots and 4 stalkers. By that math you should be able to have 2-3 pylons and 3-4 canons. Now multiply that force of 2 zealots and 4 stalkers times 2 and even on your choke point... the canons will not be a viable defense. If they are... it severely limits your ability to counter attack (no gateways) And if your teammate is anything but toss (a Terran WALL will easily crumble against 2 opponents with no teammate reinforcements, zerg will die even if they massed lings). Please help me convince my friend. He is convinced canons and delaying units is the way to go in a 2v2jblade2 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 2v2 So for a double toss 2v2 unit combo, how does Player 1 going Zealot-Voids and Player 2 going Stalkers-Immortals sound? Wonderbad8 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Something weird happened today. I was playing co-op against the AI. My teammate was just a random, he made a huge army of Zealots, then told me to watch, they then started dancing? It was pretty awesome, did I miss the hot key for this in the instruction manual? What is going on here?TOFUgutPUNCH3 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 No colossus high ground adv vs TR? I noticed today that because the colossus can be hit by AA attacks, it is also visible to units on low ground when attacking from the high ground. This means that without the extended thermal lance upgrade, a decent sized MM ball (or other) on the low ground can one-shot a colossus firing from the cliff above. I can understand having the colossus being vulnerable to AA attacks, but why do they also have to lose high ground advantage until upgraded? If there's another thread on this topic, please point me at it. I searched but couldn't find much.SemiLethal14 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Mothership black hole video I wish blizzard left these abilities in for the mother ship. This would be my I win button! The mother ship took the largest nerf bat hit out of all the units in this game lol. Let me know what you guys think. Black Hole Ability: Time Bomb Ability: Planet Cracker Ability (go to 1:20): Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Why do stalkers cost more than marauders It seems really strange to me that this is the case. Comparatively Marauders are clearly a superior unit overall agaisnt ground in that they do more dps while having similar durability to a stalker. As for special abilites/attributes i would argue that stim and concussive shell together are also superior to blink especially considering that both Terran upgrades equal the cost of a single upgrade, blink, and are easily accessible early in the game. So the common answer would simply be that Stalkers can attack air and Marauders cannot. OK this answer would be fine, if not for another pair of units, the Collossus and Thor. Comparatively a Thor does more single target damage then a Collossus while also having a greater base(pre Thermal Lance upgrade) range. Thermal Lance is an essential upgrade for the Collussus whereas the Thor's upgrade is completely unnecessary. Collossus can walk up cliffs but this advantage is countered by the fact they can be attacked by anti air units/structures. So to the main point. Thors can attack air whereas a Collosus cannot. Both units fill a similar function as in the case of the Marauder and Stalker. So question being why is the Thor the same cost as the Collossus if the Collossus cannot attack air, and this distinction warrented a mineral cost drop in the case of Marauders? So it would seem the reasoning that Marauders cannot attack air is not a good enough explaination for thier lower mineral cost and the mineral cost of Marauders should be changed to atleast equal that of a stalker. Akumu48 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 need good protoss replay/commentary know any good Protoss game? diamond would be preferred. I am look for those that has plenty of aggressions from both players and not just macro, build army, bam bam, gg. thanks. TheVoid2 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 "Overshield is OP" hahaha i just had a terran player tell me that "Overshield" was "OP" Diego3 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Logical thinking about voids So correct me if I'm wrong. But don't things that power up in strength over time have the possibility of over heating? Or are protoss that advanced in technology that they have overcome a natural thing such as over heating. I feel there should be some type of self auto cast when a void gets too powerful and could possibly begin to over heat. I feel once its reached max power over x amount of time the weapon should either cool down on its own and recharge up for x amount of time, with an attachment with the charge speed increase to lower the time of cool down. and if the void ray doesn't cool down and over heats too much it begins to inflict a reasonable amount of damage upon it self. I don't know, it just sounds like it makes sense because all things have cause and effect. If one thing becomes too hot, I would think that something happens to the unit. Just a one of those thoughts.PURPLE14 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Time for another episode of Ask Necropath! Well folks, it's a sad day for Necropath. At 10:22 PM on September 1st, 2010, Necropath's Razer Naga mouse ceased to function. Combined with a crippling injury to the left mouse click button, Necropath was left with only a (censored) Microsoft Wireless mouse to game with. And (censored) that, I'll wait for a new Naga. To pass the time until I get one I've decided to become a bit more active here on the forums. Like my previous thread I'll be answering questions that relate to Protoss in a One vs. One situation. Team games don't interest me, so I have no experience with them and can't give advice on the topic. Try to be specific with your questions as it'll help me understand exactly what you're asking. If you ask a "why did I lose?" question I'm going to request you post a link to one of your replays for me to look at, as I find most players lose because of errors on their end (including me). If you don't have an account on a site where you can post a replay and don't want to make one, e-mail the replay file to me at and I'll take a look. It might take me longer to get back to you via e-mail. Aaand go! Necropath38 Sep 2, 2010
Sep 2, 2010 Who's the n00b? Hi, I'm silver 1v1, and gold 2v2. I often watch replays on the forums of other players, and see what I think is horrible play by gold players; usually involving not getting enough units early. Then yesterday I had an ally in 2v2 just turtle in with cannons and get almost no units, and thus provided no support when I was 2v1 rushed by the other team. He was VR "rushing" after building cannons all over and 2 starports. I was pretty proud of myself for splitting the zealot/marine force with FF and repelling the first rush, but then I fell to the 2nd attack while my ally was working on his 2nd starport after building 4 cannons at his entrance (he had maybe 4 zealots). The whole time I'm thinking: wtf another noob can't build troops early !#!$@ turtle noob! But... maybe I'm the noob. Are there any platinum/diamond players out there who can tell me that Protoss has valid turtling strategies? As far as I know a good mixed army with sentries and GS will be able to take down Protoss turtle cannon defenses.. Should I assume that in 2v2 the only way to survive team rushes is to get some quick cannons early and be a turtle too?roargasm1 Sep 2, 2010