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PvZ Countering fast expanding zerg I'm Lazorcat, a Gold 1v1 Protoss main. In LotV, I've had immense problems against Zerg who take 2-4 bases before their spawning pool. My go to opener is: Pylon -> Gateway -> Assimilator -> Nexus -> Cybernetics -> Assimilator I then transition into stargate, robotics, or more gateways depending on what I scout. If I scout a Zerg with 2+ bases before I take my nexus I attack with 7 stalkers and a mothership core around 5 minutes and forgo my 3rd nexus I take around 4 min. However, by then, even if the zerg has 3 expansions, they can usually defend this attack with their queens and a pool of zerglings. I just played a match against a zerg who took 4 expansions before their pool and still defended against my attack. I was eventually able to mass a force that could overwhelm his, but he had 7 bases by 7 minutes and I wasn't able to destroy his expansions fast enough to stop the insane amount of production and income he was getting. This might seem silly to be unable to stop, but after losing to ridiculously fast macro several times and watching the replay each time I still can't figure out a solid counter to this strategy. Do I need to scout it early and one base all-in him with zealots and a few stalkers? When is the most optimal time to attack anybody who expands super fast? When I one gate expand I don't see any time to attack. Here is the replay for the aforementioned game, I would love it if someone could take a look at it: I know my playing was pretty sloppy, but I'm trying to figure out what major game decisions could have led to my victory. Lazorcat1
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I need some Toss help, guys Hey fellas, and them girls I'm by no means a pro of any sort in this game. I can beat hardest AI and i'm a silver league but my casual play leaves a lot to be desired. That being said.. With LOTV I switched to Toss from Terran. With Terran I was always high silver, close to moving into Gold but now with Toss it's just loss after loss. I've tried going for blink stalker off of 2 bases I've tried Oracle opening for harass into Void Rays and chargelots I've tried stalker-immortal off of two bases Also, scouting as Toss is abysmal, I'm forced into a the robo facility for an observer while the other races have scan and overseers without ever sacrificing build time on their tech chosen tech path. And if I don't scout it, I can't seem to counter my opponent. It's a loose-loose lol. My problem is simple, my armies gets rekt when I trade at the 6-8 minute mark. A turret/spore crawler shuts down my oragle harass and any thought of Dark Templar pkay and I can't seem to trade effectively vs. Zerg and Terran. With the recent nerfs to Colloseus It doesn't seem terribly viable anymore. I've tried Archons-voidrays-chargelots vs mass bioball and it wrecked me. And early reapers annoy me to no end. I dont't wanna cannon rush to get ahead, it's counter productive at my level.. Maybe Adepts is the way to go? My style is aggressive by nature, and I don't like being defensive for 15 minutes. I love to put the pressure on my opponents with harass stuff... Question is simple.. HOw do you guys make Toss work? I really need some basic solid advice here as a foundation. Any help is appreciated as long as it's constructive. <3 GrandChamp4
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Forums Nerfing Protoss again? LotV's Adept I just want to bring this up in a Protoss community... I'm worried about Adept nerfs. Sure sure... all-ins are a pain in the butt or whatever, so they might have to do something to tweak the adept warp-in all-in against one particular race, Terran. But for nearly the first time in SC2 history, in LOTV, withOUT an all-in, Protoss can now build gateway units and not hide behind walls for the first 10 minutes of the game. The Adept allows that freedom. And the Adept is fairly meh already after midgame... no insult intended to Terran but it's not a terran bio type unit that gets super powers when stim and the support units for it come online. Try making a lot of adepts past 7 minutes in LOTV against a zerg going any ground unit... you still get rolled over if you aren't turtling to get carriers. Yes, 2 base all-ins PvZ are still a thing too, great. I stopped playing HotS for a while because I was sick of 2 base all-ins to get wins against Zerg... coin tossing isn't my favorite type of style if that is the only consistent way to win 50% of the time. Maybe I suck or maybe 1v1 a roach and stalker are about even despite the cost disparity. If the Adept just gets nerfs, PvT is going to be safe for P for about 5 and a half minutes, then once stim is there suddenly the adept is barely holding it's own against bio. So we have to race to colossus or high templar tech again? HotS again? Is that what anybody wants? If they need to further nerf distant warp-ins, I say go for it. But don't kill the stats on the Adept... we want gateway units to be stronger than in HotS! Time6
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