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4d The Guide to Zerg Guides I'm writing this for all the players new to the amazingness known as Zerg, for all Zerg players looking to improve their Zerg know how, as well as for myself, so I can condense all the helpful links I know of into one linkable post. I'd like to thank everyone I mention/link here for all the help you've given me along with the rest of the Zerg community, If I could sticky every one of your threads to the top of the forum I would and the world would be a better place for it, but this is the best I can do for now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Videos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save the best... for first! Day[9] Day[9] is the best thing ever to happen to Starcraft 2, if you want to get better at this game, every one of his dailys are a must see. Archives http://day9.tv/archives/ YouTube http://www.youtube.com/day9tv For any Zerg player looking to get better, dailys #194, #208, #252 and #263 are a must. Day[9] Daily #194 - Newbie Tuesday: Drone Timing http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4210235/ Day[9] Daily #208 - Live coaching with djWHEAT http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4321552/ Day[9] Daily #252 - Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4712303/ Day[9] Daily #263 - Checkin Out IdrA http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4782428/ Day[9] Daily #360 - Mental Checklist: Exercises! Part 1: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p1-mental-checklist-exercises-5635566 Part 2: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p2-mental-checklist-exercises-5635612 Part 3: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p3-mental-checklist-exercises-5635643 Day[9] Daily #235 - Zerg vs Zerg Opening Builds http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4612990/ Day9 235 concentrates on developing and implementing a strategy for gameplay. Read post #11 below for an in depth review on why this daily is a must! Mr. Bitter Mr. Bitter may be the best thing ever to happen to the Zerg community, and his videos have by far the most in depth information on becoming an amazing Zerg player you can find. If there's any match up or strategy you're having a hard time dealing with, this is the best place to look. Archives http://mrbitter.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MrBitterTV PsyStarcraft Psy is incredibly entertaining at the same time as being incredibly insightful, you're sure to learn something as you laugh during every video you watch. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/PsyStarcraft Rekatan Helpful and insightful, his POV casts help you understand what's going on in the head of a good player and his RekCasts will help any lower league player understand how to iron out the bumps. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Rekatan FilterSC Bronze to Masters Playlist: A great way to learn all the skills you need to take your Zerging from noob to master! YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7FA12E7399568F9C dApollo Zerg Tutorial Working up from Bronze League: Everything you need to up your game is in this playlist! YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0B7058D9D46661D1 ----Zerg Streams---- All the best SC2 live streams in one handy dandy link! http://www.teamliquid.net/video/streams/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----How to Zerg, from A to Z---- These guides will give you everything you need to become a great Zerg! Nick's Extensive guide to Zerg -NakaNaide- From basics to builds to everything else, if there's one guide you're going to read, this should be the one! http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/933153625 Sheth's Guide -Sheth- Sheth is one of the best SC2 pros in the world, and this is how he plays Zerg. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=133023 Beginner's guide to Zerg micro, macro, & Bos -Nicholas- Everything you need to know in one easy to read post, need I say more? http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/375108296 ----Tips to improve your Zerg play---- Guides to push your game to the next level How to Improve at SC2 1v1 Efficiently -CecilSunkure- Regardless of your skill level, if you want to get better, this is the place to start. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=208343Jopirg161 4d
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4h Can someone link me to a VOD? ...where Ultralisks were a good idea? Thanks.Meneliki2 4h
7h What's the best army against Terran? My Ravager/Hydra army doesn't seem to do much against a Bio/Mech Terran player. What is a good army against this type of player?TwinkleToes2 7h
7h Zerg Veto Map Thread [2016 Ladder Season 3] Hello fellow Zergs! I would like to talk about everyone's thoughts about this season's current maps and how fellow Zerg players thoughts are on each of them. As of now I'm trying to wiggle my way out of silver and I don't have much legit input on specific matters so I'm reaching out for better players thoughts to see if my map pool is currently optimal. Right now I've just vetoed the 3 maps I have the most difficulty on for no specific reason other than that which are: Galactic Process LE, Apotheosis LE, and Dasan Station LE. Now my side question is it ultimately the players choice for how they feel and their playstyle or are there actual reasons why specific maps would be sub-par for Zerg? PS: Please don't flame my post if this has been gone over I've looked around for this seasons map discussion for Zerg and veto'ing and couldn't find much of anything ^_^ReNAmation2 7h
7h mass carrier counter Do zerg have an answer to mass carrier (10+)? How do you cost effectively counter it? Hydralisk get shredded by intercepters. Corrupters and parasitic bomb are a huge gas drain and not cost effective. Any thoughts?StarCheese7 7h
14h Speed lings vs adept How many speed lings do you need per adept usually? Thanks.Insomniac13 14h
15h How Did I Lose This Game? First off, I'm not just a random salty player, I just want to know how I lost this ZvZ and how I could have won. I'm kinda confused since I destroyed his Natural and Spawning Pool but still lost every engage: Me: Hydra+Roach Opponent: Muta+Ling Link to replay: http://drop.sc/replay/3272596 _PopShock5 15h
16h LotV Baneling Bust Build Order? Looked online and cannot find any builds for the Baneling Bust for Legacy Of The Void. Anyone have a build order for it?Philantrophe1 16h
17h Master Zerg Streamer! Streaming EVERYDAY! SC2 Masters Zerg streamer! I'm new to streaming and I've began a journey to stream for at least 3 hours a day for an entire year! Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you :D. http://www.twitch.tv/impravidoNate119 17h
1d on 4 vs 4 how to beat the void rays ? void rays on 4 vs 4 is unstoppable. I did experience that ability units and hydras can win my void rays though I couldn't. infestors binding and air ability unit would range 0 and dmg them. Mostly these two units die so fast. I think best would be attacking early as zerg before they make rays but my allies don't attack early until the enemies with super saiyan kamehameha force comes to destroy everything.GymFenixBFF1 1d
2d 40 HP Banelings too good for early game? The upcoming ladder changes for Banelings are leaving me a tad concerned about how strong Baneling Busts may become in early game. Even without their speed upgrade, 40 HP on the Banelings would make early busts hard to stop. Yes, Baneling Busts are very rare these days due to map sizes, but they're not impossible. I'm thinking if the 40 HP does make Baneling Busts a bit too strong, Blizzard could do this: Reduce the HP of Banelings back to 30 HP, but change the Centrifugal Hooks upgrade to also give the Banelings +10 HP. This way, to get those bulkier Banelings, you'd need to tech to Lair. Thus you wouldn't be able to use bulky Banelings in a cheese play, but the extra HP still comes into play later on, as Centrifugal Hooks is required for Banelings to hit Stimmed Marines. I might just be jumping at shadows, though, so I'd like to hear what the community thinks.darkdill6 2d
3d Using queens for D I've noticed a lot of streamers using multiple (4-6) queens for main/natural defense. My question is - do you still build an *additional* queen per base to inject? Thanks in advanceLokei5 3d
3d help with diamond to masters what's the secret sauce? bronze->silver = build stuff silver->gold = build stuff gold->plat = econ + learning cheese defending plat->diamond = econ hard by reading players adv scouting etc diamond->masters? = no mistakes anywhere? micro? master of all? Do I need to like have sick control being able to money fungal and land ravager shots? If so I'll give up now and go back to tic tac toe. I know it's a large question and different for everyone just want to know what people think?BilboBagins8 3d
4d What are Counters to High Templar? I have had many problems facing a Protoss army consisting of High Templar (I'm Zerg). What are some counters or good strategies to use against them?PopShock4 4d
4d Help with hotkey/macro Hello! I'm a very new player trying to improve and I've noticed that everyone recommends I put all my hatcheries on one hotkey. Until now I've put them on different hotkeys, but this has been making it harder and harder to manage my army and other units. When I put all my hatcheries on one hotkey is there a way to cycle through them or choose a specific hatchery from that hotkey to makes units from? For example, if I needed to make drones from one base and lings from another, how would I do so from a single hotkey? Any help would be much appreciated!KimBBZ5 4d
4d Mass Queens = IMBA This is not something that most zerg players do which is quite unfortunate because it is AWESOME! Day[9] did a funday monday this week where the restriction was non-stop queen production and the results were really amazing- the zerg players could take on an army with greater supply and win with almost no losses due to tons of transfuses. You guys should try this strategy because it is strong. Right now the daily is still going (part 2 with games from ROOTCatZ) but when it is uploaded sometime tomorrow you will be able to find it at: http://day9tv.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc Have fun Queening on the ladder!Trogdor95 4d
Aug 20 The State of the Game First of all: This probably belongs in general discussion but I'm a long time zerg vet so, well here I am. Now, to business: I've been playing LoL for the past few years, and for the most part ignoring Starcraft; but in recent months, I've been noticing out of the corner of my eye all of the changes Blizzard has been implementing. To be honest, I'm really quite surprised. I thought Blizzard had moved on and left this game for dead but I was obviously too quick to judge. The reason I originally left was a combination of the game's popularity dropping, the experience beginning to feel dull after about 2000 games, my inability to deal with multi-pronged attacks, and finally the fact that it felt like Zerg was getting nerfed in every patch. This last one, multiplied by my bitterness caused most likely by the inability to counter-play, had me wish the game goodbye to its likely grave. Farewell Starcraft, it was fun while it lasted. But now: I'm surprised by the fact that the game still seems to be here and the community still seems to be quite strong. People are still streaming, and Blizzard is making major balance changes. What I need to know: From an outsiders perspective, having not played very much since the overhaul to the swarm host, I have a couple questions. 1. Is Zerg broken? I'm not talking about balanced, but last I saw we had the swarm host, which was weird and useless, the infestor, which was inviable, and Zerg in general didn't seem very fun to play. I don't want to play a race with useless units, but I could never ever main anything other than Zerg. There is mutagen in my DNA, and I'm Zerg 'til the day I die. How does the Zerg arsenal feel to use? 2. How is the community? I don't really expect it to be WoL golden age status, but I'm interested to know if there are still a lot of people online. Can you still fill up just about any custom game lobby if you wait? Does it take a long time to match up with others on ladder? etc. 3. Is it worth the grind? I like playing pretty hardcore and competitive, but I think we all know it takes some hard grinding to get good and stay good at Starcraft. I was top plat in my prime, but probably reside more in the mid silver range at this point, and as I mentioned earlier, I never managed to be able to fend off counter attacks adequately. But even if I get there, does laddering feel the same? A final word: My apologies if I was !@#$%ing a lot in this post. I just have emotional ties to and great memories from this game, and the prospect of returning has me feeling pretty scrambled. I would be incredibly appreciative of some guidance. I really want to come back, but is it worth it? ~For the Swarm, Forever!Dan8 Aug 20
Aug 20 What frustrates you the most vs protoss When you are matched up against protoss, what tactics give you the hardest time?fdas11 Aug 20
Aug 18 How do I use ravager Corrosive Bile? I can't seem to get the hang of using multiple corrosive bile shots to kill liberators or pylons and such.AncientOfDay4 Aug 18
Aug 16 Nuke Defence This guy has none. http://drop.sc/replay/3331570Eyeoh0 Aug 16
Aug 16 Hive Tech units Everyone raves about getting upto Hive tech which is zerg's "end game" vs Terran and Protoss. "OMG... gotta GIT DEM ULTRAS..." Ok. Let's be real. In HotS, Ultralisks were the, 'look at how much money I have to throw away into a worthless unit' unit. Now it LotV, they've had a buff. Apparently they're awesome now. Except that in all the pro matches I've watched, they're still getting kited to death just the same as always. So could someone explain to me the value of Ultras? (Broodlords, for that matter?) ThanksMeneliki3 Aug 16
Aug 15 Recently Diamond & Frustrated Post deleted, please disregard. :DAlucard0 Aug 15
Aug 15 Trouble in ZvT I've been having a lot of trouble in ZvT lately (me being Z). I'm Gold Tier 2 and I keep being put up against Plat Terran players. Most of the time they go Bio,Tank, and Libs which I suck at going against. I know ravagers are good against both Liberators and Tanks but I can never really get my shots out correctly. Hydras will melt against Libs and the tanks and Bio shooting me as I'm focus firing the Libs don't help either. Any suggestions in this scenario? Or just ZvT in general? Another problem: For Ravager shots I tried both 1)holding Z and click and 2) hotkey ravagers press Z then Shift-click. For some reason not all my ravagers will shoot, because they are all trying to organize themselves in the place I last destination I clicked. Or when I try both shooting methods it shows just a green line to the area I biled and they just start auto-ing. Help?PopShock6 Aug 15
Aug 15 Furry Zerg skins This is just a random thought when I saw someone called Ultralisks "perfectly fluffy". So, I kinda fantasize how the Zerg units look if they have fur. Like Ursadons, perhaps. If it's too much work to make for all Zerg units, then, only 1 or 2, maybe? I really want to see a furry and fluffy Ultralisk.Syltom4 Aug 15
Aug 14 Ideas for New All Ins I know there are quite a few but it would be nice to get some fresh ones that haven't been seen a whole lot recently. Please give some thank you.MemeSenpai5 Aug 14
Aug 12 HELP I'm a noob, this replay... I'm a bronze noob and suck. This replay is proof of that. I was matched against a gold Terran and for some reason, my units didn't do crap to the other player. I'm assuming Roach/Ravager doesn't cut it anymore? No matter how many units I make, it just doesn't break Terran's defense in any game. Yeah there were mistakes (supply block, choke). Here is the replay: http://lotv.spawningtool.com/21220/ Also, why did my opponent surrender when he was about to destroy me? Makes no sense, maybe he was pitying my poor performance as a Zerg player?TwinkleToes5 Aug 12
Aug 7 ZvP - mass void-rays Hello! When I see he's massing VR's what is the best counter? I didn't know at the time (bad scouting) that he was ONLY building VR's. Just wondering what the best counter is when I see so many VR's. Thanks in advance.Lokei9 Aug 7
Aug 3 Does Anyone Still Go Muta Ling Bane? I still like going Muta Ling Bane against Terran but the Liberators really mess me up. You either have to wait until they go into their ground mode or magic box them when there are only one or two. Does anyone else still prefer this style to Roach Ravager?Migrax14 Aug 3
Aug 3 Looking for beginner builds Hey Zerg players! I'm trying to get into starcraft here and was wondering if you guys could send a few solid beginner builds for Zerg. When I look online the only basic builds I can find are from 2015 and I'm just afraid they might be outdated. If not, that's great but just thought I'd check here first. Thanks!Hezron1 Aug 3
Aug 1 3 Hatch Opener Versus Protoss In my limited experience playing the 3 hatch opening against Protoss, I find myself vulnerable to early adepts, oracles, or even proxy zealots. The economic damage from the early pressure usually negates any advantage I would gain by droning. Should this opening only be used in situations when you know your opponent will also open greedy?indiicheng5 Aug 1
Jul 31 Burrow Morph would it work? Would the ability to morph units while burrowed make burrow more viable or would it just leave burrow the same; barely used with the rare exception trying to block expos or sneak roach attack/roach ZvZ micro. I mean burrow is still really obvious off creep so maybe a change to not see still burrowed units so you could move in close then stop morph ravengers or banes and pop out and attack. Idk it was something I thought of and hope you give it a fair view.Biomech3 Jul 31
Jul 30 Zerg needs a supply cap Buff How can you honestly expect to call zerg the swarm race when they are capped out at 200/200 the same as the other races? I propose that zerg get a supply buff and be allowed to build a max army of 400/400. Every Pro replay I watch I see the zerg player with thousands of resources banked, and even tons of idle larvae, but just no way to possibly spend it.... Then their fragile army dies and as they franctily attempt to rebuild it, their other bases get crushed.... If we give zerg a buff in supply they can truly be called the swarm race. The way it is right now zerg is at a complete disadvantage. Any arguments?Scienzoflyfe22 Jul 30
Jul 29 League Placement First of all, how is league placement determined when you play the placement matches? Second of all, does anybody else notice that some low-level players have actually been placed in higher leagues before? I've seen Bronze players that have previously been ranked Gold (at least).KSNumedia10 Jul 29
Jul 29 ZvZ - Silver - What could I have done? Hello everyone! ZvZ - he went 14 pool/gas and ling rushed me. I went 17 hatch 18 gas 17 pool. I saw him coming (~60% of the way there) when my pool was at ~75% and my nat just finished (no option to cancel). Lost my nat but started to have a lead on lings, then attacked 2 banes too close to them finishing and BOOM - I'm dead. Just wondering if I could have done anything different. Do I need to start my pool quicker in ZvZ? Other than drone scouting I don't know how I could have seen this sooner. Thanks in advance! Edit - a link to the replay may help, no? http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3169649Lokei5 Jul 29
Jul 28 Control Group and hotkey practice Hey guys, I have a setup I'd like to share and get some feedback on. CONTROL GROUPS: 1 - ling, bane (mid-late game), ultra, transfuse queen (late game) 2 - roach, ravager, hydra, bane (early game) 3 - lurker, swarm host, muta (mid game), 4 - creep queen (early game), corruptor, muta (late game), viper, broodlord 5 - inject queen, all queens (late game), broodlord (late game) 6 - infestor 7 - nydus 8 (bound to 'R') - hatcheries 9 (bound to 'T') - tech buildings 10 (bound to 'Y') - Overlords, Drop Overlords, Overseers Note: Overseers add ctrl group to every army group HOTKEYS: Shift + F1-F7 - create camera location F1 - F7 - Camera Location Hotkeys ~ - select all army Tab - scroll unit Caps Lock - idle worker Spacebar - Base Scroll Cntrl + # - Create cntrl group Shift + # - Add cntrl group Shift + Cntrl + # - Add and remove cntrl group G - Burrow, roach warren F - Transfuse W - Inject (I use this for better inject ergonomics. R, Spacebar, W, click middle of the screen, ||: spacebar, W, Click :|| C - use unit ability (hold down C to spam creep tumors and infested terran) - BuyoBuyo0 Jul 28
Jul 28 For the united Swarm. *Overmind* vs Terran/Protoss: 1. Pool 2. Drone 3. Drone 4. Overlord 5. Drone 6. Gas 7. Drone 8. Drone 9. Queen 10. 3D. -> Gas 11. Drone 12. Drone 13. Drone 14. Roach Warren 15. Drone 16. Queen inject(repeat) 17. Overlord 18. Drone 19. 4 Roaches 20. Overlord 21. 4 Roaches 22. Overlord 23. +1 extra Larvae 24. 4 Roaches 25. OverlordZackmchack5 Jul 28
Jul 23 Zerg 6th Anniversary On 7/23/2016 StarCraft 2 is logging in at the fastest download and company upload speed to my knowledge.AeonLegio0 Jul 23
Jul 23 Starcraft 2 Release - GrandMasters Story ZERG STORY: : : Starcraft 2 Release - GrandMasters Story Back when I used to play StarCraft 2 I was a Bronzie. I had a lot of lag and so I couldn't get to Platinum until I fixed my lag. So then I fought my way to Diamond and topped out Masters when I was maybe fourteen-fifteen. I was IdLegion and I was in a clan with my old best friends whom topped out Masters with me. (Haven't talked since I stopped playing.) So I played with those guys, and my other best friend, Legion#(1/2) (Grand Masters). So what is the story behind StarCraft User: Legion , July 27, 2010 Before I even mention the Master / Grand Master Story between two players Legion, I have to tell you - I am sorry to say that I no longer do business with StarCraft . They let me into the Beta and I didn't play. The WoW audience has their heads too far up their !@#$ to pay me a mention. Anyways, I stopped business with Star craft because I lost faith in most parts of the company - due to WoW : Legion. STORY RESUMED: By the time I met my buddy [user: legion], I had already made it to Diamond. He was silver and so I paid him very serious attention and within short time he surpassed me. He outdid me and became Masters. A transition from Silver to Masters was astounding. I was Proud but he had learned from his senpai. Then there was me, the after-bloom who became Masters after having him tell me that I could make it. I was ranking Top :16-32 Masters (ZERGGGG). BOTH of us played Zerg. Big big on the Zerg. Then we played HoTs, and I didn't buy the Protoss Expansion. Protoss were too overpowered for me. Long story short, we were always the Starcraft Legion and never the WoW Legion. Anyways, I hope you find interest, see you all in Heroes of the Storm.AeonLegio0 Jul 23
Jul 23 Newbie Needs Help (NNH) Hey people, could you guys give me the standard build orders for Zerg vs Terran, Zerg vs Protoss and Zerg vs Zerg?I'm in Bronze 15 moving up to silver and I know how to counter cheese so I win enough games but in a normal match I don't fare that well because I don't have a proper build order.So, build order please?<3IcEwoLF11 Jul 23
Jul 22 Quit and came back! Need help! Hello everyone! I have quit SC2 since last summer and I came back to today! I have Legacy of the Void installed and I was soo surprised by the 12 worker start! What happened? I would really like to get back to masters league on LoTV like that I will complete my masters league trio (WoL, HoTS and finally LoTV). However, this has thrown me off so much that I don't know what to do!! Any tips? Websites to visit where I could get a general view of how 1v1s are played now? PS: I'm kinda disappointed by that decision to start us with 12 drones, they basically removed the early early game from starcraft.DonCorleone3 Jul 22
Jul 22 Just got diamond but... I feel like it's only because of the new ladder. Although I've been in plat for a while so idk maybe I earned it hard to say. Anyone else in the same boat?NoNoUDo1 Jul 22
Jul 22 how do i beat protoss in 2v2 me and my friend play zerg both in 2v2 and everytime we play they go skytoss and we cant beat it its bsxlordofgamex3 Jul 22
Jul 20 what would be the bedt anti zerg late game? Im a diamond terran and right now im a doing tuetle mech So far my comp is thor ghost raven lib/viking banshee Wanted to know if there was a better compAtom2 Jul 20
Jul 19 TvZ: Lurker Nydus Anyone else been trying 5 Lurker Nydus pushes vs Terran? So far I've been having extreme success with it. 5 lurkers asap with the nydus, queens and hydras with an overseer for detection. I keep an eye out for where the terran army is positioned, making sure to nydus where they can't get to in time to one shot the Nydus, preferrably in the main. WHen the Nydus pops, burrow the lurkers 1 by 1 ASAP as they kill the bio coming to kill the Nydus. Hydras and queens pour out after, creep spread their base and psoition your lurkers well from there. If tankivac comes into play queens will push it back with the creep spread as the Lurkers mulch the terran base. Make sure to burrow a lurker or two ASAP at a cliff line to chip the mineral line of the nat from safety and potentially the 3rd/4th, depending on the map. If terran goes for a base trade load 3/4 of your army including most of your lurkers back into the nydus and defend for an easy victory. Feels like terran has absolutely no answer to this currently. Bio can't enguage into lurkers, tankivac gets pushed away by queens. Liberators get killed by the loads of hydras/queens as they set up before they can start 1 shotting enough hydras to matter. Normal tank positioning is ineffective vs Lurkers unless there's enough to one shot them due to how fast the Lurker burrows. Banshees fail vs hydras and die on the retreat due to queens+overseer. Planetary Fortresses don't out range Lurkers. Base trading doesn't work because by time they get to your base, they've taken game ending damage and Nydus allows for instant transportation back to your base to defend while allowing you go go back through after the defense to finish the game. It's not even that allin because Lurkers are fantastic defensive units and can easily retreat through the Nydus to allow a macro game from that point on.DankTemplar1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Love the new ladder <3 Why didn't they bring out these ladder changes earlier? I have been stuck on Gold for years and, with the new system to inspire me, managed to finally reach Plat :)))) Now I'm too scared to play ladder again :PKynetic6 Jul 19
Jul 18 Zerg OL Dropping like the Terran I was thinking to myself why couldn't Zerg drop with Lurkers/Banes just like Terran does? I think it's because our minds aren't trained to.indiicheng5 Jul 18
Jul 17 wish list for zerg overlords start at 1 speed, and upgrade 2.5 overlords can spread creep while moving at hive tech (upgrade) only small trail. queens buff (build time drop down to 40 secs,( speed increase off and on creep hive tech) spines decrease build time to 40 secs hatch los increase to cover the whole creep tumors build time, and expand creep 50% faster nydus worm cost 200 mins and not 100/100 zerg units decrease % in gas but increase% in min cost (we post to be cheap race yet price for price we are very expensive in gas.SaintSkippy31 Jul 17
Jul 16 New Zergling Hey guys, I recently came back to SC2 after a year long break. I didn't play too intensely or took it too serious, just more as a for fun game. I picked up Zerg within the last few days, and have just been playing 2v2 to get a few builds down well before I transition into 1v1 play. So far I am pretty comfortable with a few builds I've watched from LOWKO; roach/ravager/hydra, ling into quick ultralisks/hydras, and your standard ling rush. I have been averaging about 90-100 ping if that matters at all. I'm currently in top 8 silver, and crushing opponents with the builds I have practiced up. I am continually the top player on the score screen. If you guys can point me in the right direction for some additional outside sources to improve my play that would be awesome. I would like to go as far as I can with this game, and invest a little more time into it. Help this Zergling metamorphosize into the the Ultralisk he knows he can be. Updated: Just got to Gold Rank 3!jpruneda4 Jul 16
Jul 15 zerg most spell intensive race? Does anyone else think if we just learned 3 cntrl group army control with fungal + abduct/blinding cloud or corrosive bile, our armies can beat toss or terran. granted toss has shade, forcefield, storm, timewarp and feedback, our spell casters are more clunky and require more strategy in unit positioning than theirs therefore requiring more control (as opposed to just walking around with a deathball).Buyo1 Jul 15