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Jul 12 Can't figure this out ZvT - I see some MM + a few tanks. I'm on 3 bases and run in ~20 +1/1 roaches with a few lings. Everytime I do this I lose - everytime. At this stage in the game the tanks just wipe me out and his MM do the rest. I don't know if I'm supposed to wait and make air? Vipers? I know I shouldn't have pushed but it was more of a 'ok here we go again' thing, so please ignore my frustration. Any help would be appreciated. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3127675Lokei4 Jul 12
Jul 12 ZvT Problems Hi, im a german high diaplayer and my worst matchup is ZvT. My problem is that i dont understand this matchup. I dont know the timings, i dont know the time i need unit comp X. In the past(Hots) i played in ZvT lbm with mass mutas. It was not the "best" way to play against T but sometime it works. With the mutas i could harrass and defend drops and with ling/bling i could defend pushs. Now in LotV my mutas die against the Libs. rly fast and i switch to ling/bling/roach/ravager/corruptor. -> he drop me down and my multitask is not good enough to defend the pushs and the drops/lib-harass. -> or he take a good tankspot and trade me down At the moment i play nearly every 2nd game a Bbust or a double drop becaus befor i do this my winrate was 27% in ZvT now it is 41%. I hate allinplay sc2 is fun for me if i play makrogames but in ZvT i dont know how. I have the same problem if i play offrace with Protoss(dia). In hots PvT was my favourite matchup with 70-80% in dia, now it is 32%. If i play T(dia) i have 60% against Zerg and that feels for me like a joke... i can play TvZ but not ZvT............. I know that the problem is not the balance so can somebody help me ? Do u have a good LotV ZvT Guide(with Vids because my englisch is not the best) or replays and u can explain these? best regards /Sir p.s. My englisch is not rly good - but i hope u can understand it with a bit good will. p.p.s. i don`t post a replay because i play every game differently i dont know what work so i test every game different things.SirF5 Jul 12
Jul 12 Taking a 4th? I normally take a 4th around 6 minutes in a standard game but i take a macro hatch after saturating 3 bases. Would i be better off taking an earlier 4th but you do sorta need a macro hatch or you usually float money without it. So thoughts?Insomniac6 Jul 12
Jul 12 Cool strats you saw from streamers What zerg streamers do you guys watch? I watch Vibe, Neuro, Catz, Crank and PiG, and Livi. Rare pokemon include: True, TLO Snute and Firecake. What are some strategies you saw from them that made an impression? Mechanically, I learned from Firecake to put all your techbuildings on one ctrl group. I like Neuro and Vibe's creepspread. Strategically, I've seen some Queen Roach timings, 2 base queen swarmhost nydus, Ultras with fungals and tranfuses, mass ling/bling + bane drops. I've been meaning to nerd out completely one of these days and write down some build orders...maybe soon.Buyo0 Jul 12
Jul 11 silly strategies what are some of the most fun and silly zerg strats you have?Buyo6 Jul 11
Jul 11 Too Much ZvZ I Hate ZvZ. I came up with a strat/build that allows me survive cheese rush and at the same time kill those who drones a lot (many Zergs are). It so happened that it's quite effective as I had more than 60% wins on ZvZ better than my ZvT and ZvP. My ZvZ games end fast either I win or not. That's how I want it... finish fast as I don't like to play ZvZ. What's annoying is like I played 10 games last night and out of 10 games, 8 were ZvZ. I won 7 out of 8 which is okay coz the game where I lose is a big map where my rush just cant work. But I still hate ZvZ. What I want is more ZvT. ZvP is okay.. better than ZvZ.BigBadZerg11 Jul 11
Jul 9 Corrosive Bile Markers i think they should move slightly slower and remain off screen for a shorter amount of time, this allows the enemy to determine where they will land like a mortar. without the symbol on the ground the instant that it is set out, if you must, create the animation as its on the way down because it makes them far too easy to dodge especially in pro league they have all day to move the units out of the waynova1 Jul 9
Jul 9 I would like some help for ZvP. I play random at a high diamond level atm. I absolutely got destroyed twice in ZvP, when i watch the replay I'm always about 70 supply ahead of the protoss. But my fights are always EXTREMELY in-efficient. I must be doing something wrong, or some unit I'm missing for ZvP. Both protoss went mostly ground(immortal adept some zealot stalker, an disruptor), and pheonix. I went roach ravager, hydra, lurker(4-7 lurkers) and a touch of corruptor. Both games. I split my units from the disruptors, and they usually only kill 4-5 units each. The lurkers are useless because pheonix just keep picking them up which un=burrows them, so should i not go lurker? I always seem to be way ahead, but then get absolutely destroyed even after 2 remaxes while toss is just on 3 base with one army.GameDog10 Jul 9
Jul 6 Thinking Critically Good read http://lifehacker.com/how-to-train-your-mind-to-think-critically-and-form-you-1516998286Buyo0 Jul 6
Jul 6 Diamond Zerg Streamer looking to improve!!! SC2 Diamond Zerg streamer! I'm new to streaming and I've began a journey to stream for at least 3 hours a day for an entire year! Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you :D. http://www.twitch.tv/impravidoNate2 Jul 6
Jul 6 proper scouting, all match ups In hots, one of the most important things i ever learned was proper scouting. and now with the timings being different and the builds themselves being different with new units and what not, i'm in need of a good scouting guide again. I mainly need to know when to send my overlord into the main to get the most out of my scout across all the match-ups. but the more details the better.Swayze12 Jul 6
Jul 6 Harass Style Zerg? Anyone else try harass style zerg? Starting off with speedling run-bys into baneling drops, into swarm hosts while using overseer contaminate, into mutas. It's a lot of gas and mult-tasking, but if you get enough damage done, I feel like you can win the game as long as you have enough queen/ling/spine to defend. I find it really fun to experiment with.Buyo0 Jul 6
Jul 6 Zerg vs Turtle Skytoss As the title implies, how to you beat turtle Skytoss as Zerg? I had a game where i got cannon rushed in my natural mineral line which i cleared up but it did put me behind. I went to harass the his natural with lings and ravagers and there were already Phoenixs, stalkers, PO and cannons. So i sit back and try to macro up and get a large roach,ravager, hydra ball. I couldnt ling runby because all bases were covered by sim-city-ed cannons. So I push out with my whole roach/hydra army and before they even got to the other side of the map they were wiped out by carrier,void ray, immortal, phoenix, stalker. This was a 3/3 army against 1/1 and all he did was A move carriers across the map. I know that everyone says that vipers are the answer but i have some problems with that: 1. everytime i have used parasitic bomb on a clump of air it has never even taken the shields of a carrier and then all the vipers die 2. vipers are quite expensive and need to take time to drain evo's and extractors for energy 3. vipers take far more micro than the units they are designed to counter, you can just a-move then AFK a clump of toss air whereas vipers and the army under then need to be carefully controlled to make sure they don't get kill by interceptors, i'm i gold league and i do not have good enough micro to do this well enough to kill the A-move armada. Any Advise would be welcome for this problem, just keep in mind my micro is not strong so i can't do anything fancy. TY, TheFatKid.TheFatKid7 Jul 6
Jul 6 zvt- The Dragon Turtle Build Hey guys going to share this build here copy paste the build from pig. i have tried this build and its really good verse aggressive terrans. This build is originally from Losira. Video on how to execute the build- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSg4-RFrGgM 17 pool 17 hatch 18 1:12-1:15 gas Straight to 3 queens 46 - evo chamber (just before saturation) → carapace 48 - roach warren (just after 2-base mineral saturation) 3:40 - 2xgas ~48 supply 4th queen @RW - 4-8 roaches for safety ~4:30 Lair ~60-75 3rd base (When you have money for it without pausing your production much. Stay single evo all game - RAVE ABOUT THIS Add 4th gas Steadily drone 3rd, even before it’s up start droning it Infestation→ Hive → Ultra cavern Vs tankivac opening adjustment After carapace starts, begin overlord speed and extra queen production Use a 3-queen overlord drop to defend the tankivac Just use some speedlings as extra support rather than roaches Go drop 8 lings in their main since you’ve got ovie speed! Infestors or bane drops? You don’t have gas for both Choose if you prefer fungal to combo with your bile, or bane drops to put pressure back on and pull your opponent’s attention home Still is played out as a Hive rush heading for ultras, but get’s there in a very different way.Ascarecrow2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Mass Cyclone How do you beat mass cyclone? I tried zerglings but he had some hellions to melt them. Any other unit just gets kited to death. I tried Infestors but the fungals didn't hit because they can see them coming. What's a good counter to this?Migrax4 Jul 6
Jul 5 Countering lurker-hydra in ZvZ I'm stuck on how to defeat my opponents army after they've gotten some lurkers. All of my ground units just get chewed up in the meat grinder and mutas die vs hydras. So what do you guys do in this situation?Ravier8 Jul 5
Jul 5 Is there any counter to the liberator? Make air? Nope gets destroyed by terran air now, make hydras? Nope, cause tanks, plus liberators kill your hydras in 1 hit.Hecatomb63 Jul 5
Jul 5 Why did I lose? (ZvT Silver) Hi, here is a recent game of mine: http://ggtracker.com/matches/6711660 I lost. I watched the replay afterwards and I'm not sure what I could have done better. I feel like I was doing well until around 8-10 minutes, but once we started engaging armies, my game just fell apart. I made hydras to counter his liberators. I don't know if that is an actual counter, but in general I make hydras against air units. I made ultras and zergs to fight his marines/marauders/thors. However, I lost every engagement. Should I have been making different units? Should I have been more aggressive earlier? Against Terran, I follow this build: http://lotv.spawningtool.com/build/30001/ (although I messed up a bit by forgetting the early 4th). What about my drones? Should I have droned up my 4th? When I drone up 4-5+ bases, it feels like I don't have enough supply for an army. But in this game, it felt like I didn't have enough resources to rebuild my army after every encounter. Any help/advice is appreciated. I just got promoted to silver so I'm still pretty new.omnislash5 Jul 5
Jul 5 Terran face-roll vs Zerg To me right now it seems like the way to play Terran vs Zerg is too just mass tanks and marines and then roll your face on the keyboard till you win. All the terrans are complaining about ultras but its pretty hard to get to them when the terran can produce almost infinite tanks and marines off 2 or 3 bases then just roll across the map. Tanks kill roaches and ravergers FROM OFF THE SCREEN, how are you supposed to kill something one shots you before you can even see it, you cant use mutas either because because marines destroy mutas in no time and with very few losses. Trying to use overseers or overlords to spot the tanks and corrosive bile them doesnt work because of the aforementioned marines and they still have to walk into tank range to be able to fire. I'm at a loss to see how non-ultra Zerg can kill Terran in any stage of the game. My win rate against Terran is in the !@#$ter and i almost feel like leaving every time I queue into one to save myself the time. Any suggestion as to how to deal with this that isn't just, "kill them before they get them "or turtle till ultras" because in my experience neither of these has workedTheFatKid1 Jul 5
Jul 5 i dont think zerg needs a buff lifes not around to carry the race anymore and thats the real reason zergs struggling so much right now, dk getting reports its liberator harass but the truth is zerg players just have the losest skill of the 3 races right now. these zergbabys are dieing to bio pushes sprinkled with mines,lets not forget that the roder was nerfed so bio is weaker then it was then in hots yet zergs which have gotten buffs to most of there units are just falling over...and sure tankdrops helps bio alot but why are there so manny games where the terran doesnt even need to build them and wins with just pure bio they all literally forgot how to play vs the most common strategy used in the game and whats there exuse vs protoss?? they nerfed the immortal last patch just because zvp.. so why arnt they winning? pretty sure because darks the only good zerg player playing the game right nowPsionicSun17 Jul 5
Jul 5 mass raven counter? what is the best way to counter this increasingly popular play? (thanks Hammer -_-)i lost to it today and although i played bad in general during that game i was caught completely off guard and i had a horrible unit comp to fight against itUnownLegend51 Jul 5
Jul 5 Coming back as a Zerg... After a 2 year break from the game, I want to gain back my Zerg skills. What did I miss during this absence? I don't even have LotVTwinkleToes3 Jul 5
Jul 3 Advice for zerg rally points I have been zerg for a few months and I'm gold. I am hopelessly addicted to manually rallying every set of units I make. This means I never have to worry about overlords being where I don't want them to be, but it also means I am almost oblivious to my unit rally point if I don't manually rally them. I was wondering if some higher level zergs could shed some light on this. Is this a bad habit? Should i learn to rely on my rally point for all my hatches? The method seems to work pretty well for me, but I wonder if I am just wasting AMP and ther is an easier way to do this. Thanks in advance!BooMSelectA5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Zerg AA is broken :( I get it. the game is balanced around 1v1. Okay. But try zerg on anything else and it's broken on so many scales that it's frustrating. Why in the %^#$ would the devs make it so that zerg air counters... buildings when that's what the Ultra is for? Late game zerg air is useless. Completely useless. Usually Starcraft is pretty much the end all be all in terms of balance, but the lack of AA against a skytoss army is a head scratcher. Mins vs mins, gas vs gas, zerg loses every time. How is this balance? Because zerg shares the same cap as they do, we can't over mass them, over tech them or over... well, anything them. Guess my options for zerg is slings and GG if slings fail. Thanks guys. Nice to know that my max tech units counter ground and... only ground.Zickened6 Jul 3
Jun 30 My First Ranked Games I am just a casual player and I play 1v1 from time to time. I was a Gold Rank from Season 1 and stopped playing ranked games when Unrank games were introduced. Since then, I really don't know my rank but I know I am somewhere around Gold rank since most of my games are against Gold/Plat on Unrank games. Well, I just started playing rank 1v1 games last week. On my placement after 5 games, I was placed Silver. I felt disappointed at first. But I realized, that would be okay. I would just destroy those Silvers if I am really deserving to have Gold. It was difficult at first as I encounter cheese after cheese. But I survived. I was Silver last night, now I just got promoted to Gold... and straight to top 8 Gold despite of my losses as I have more losses than wins (10 wins / 15 losses on 25 games). I feel okay now. I am not really into higher ranks. I am just casual and I just enjoy this game for whatever difficulties I face against 1v1 players. BTW, Terran and Protoss are not OP at lower ranks.BigBadZerg3 Jun 30
Jun 30 Need Help I'm a gold league zerg and right now i'm struggling to win games. I feel like i cant do anything against terrans until ultras beacuse everything else gets made into mince meat by stimed bio, and because terran econ is !@#$ing insane even if my mutas kill tens of SCVs it doesn't matter because i already have libs on my mineral lines and stimed bio everywhere else. Banes die before they get in range (even on creep with speed), lings,roaches,hydras and killed by tanks or libs. Muta corpses rain from the sky every time the terran stims and the only thing that will stop them is ultras, which you wont get becuse the terran has done this all on two bases (because %^-* you). Toss i don't have as many problems except archon,clossi,immortal which i have no idea how the hell to kill. Would be thankful for any help of unit comps that might work as i hope to get my plat promo soon. TY, TheFatKidTheFatKid2 Jun 30
Jun 29 Asking for Strategies Hello, I'm new here and would like some strategies for playing as zerg. I know it's a very competitive game and that certain things are not up for decisions but are based on what's most advantageous. So, I used to play in WoL and then basically only watched streams for HotS. I wanted to get back into SC2 and I don't like any of the new units so I decided more or less to try strategies that are familiar from WoL. I don't like roaches and I don't like anything besides zerglings, banelings, infestors, and broodlords, if only because they were the only viable late game unit as far as I understood WoL. I'm starting to think that all games I try are against A.I. bots or some other playerbot shenanigans. I simply can't find the patience to enjoy the game at all when I have to pay more attention to the game's meta than my own life. I have a hard time believing, honestly, that anyone would decide to play this game multiplayer who hasn't experienced enough to be nearly pro. So, thus is the idea that all players under masters are A.I. or at least devs messing around to build up playerbotting for their players-currently statistics. My games seem horrible even after playing against the A.I. and trying to get better at multitasking and performing my build order more efficiently. It's like I've spent tens of hours playing the A.I. lately, probably hundreds of hours watching streams, and somehow actually playing multiplayer seems like the most tedious and annoying climb. Not a single person in my working life even knows what this game is, so how am I supposed to be expected to obsess over it to even have fun online?LobselVith4 Jun 29
Jun 29 Replay: Looking for advice with Infestors This was one of my first games ever to use infestors, I what to know if I used them well and if I made them at a right time/even if they are worth making at all or if I should've built more army. Also feel free to poke at anything else in the match that may help me in future games thanks! http://ggtracker.com/matches/6706509Biomech1 Jun 29
Jun 29 Got promoted! I got promoted to gold league again today so i'm super happy! ^.^ Maybe someday i will get to plat... Thanks for the help everyone.Insomniac34 Jun 29
Jun 26 Consistent Roach Rush Still Viable in LotV? I recently started getting back into SC2 with LotV and wanted to try a build that I used with WoL and HotS. It has worked well for me so far and I want to share. Maybe this strategy is already widely used, but I don't know. Works well up through Platinum. The first inject pops right as roach warren is completed. This strategy dates back to WoL with Day9. It is an all-in. If there is a way to make it stronger with the LotV new mechanics and units, please share! 12 - Drone [00:01 - 00:18] 13 - Drone [00:12 - 00:29] 14 - Spawning Pool [00:34 - 01:39] 13 - Drone [00:40 - 00:57] 14 - Extractor [00:43 - 01:13] 13 - Drone [00:48 - 01:05] 14 - Overlord [01:01 - 01:26] 14 - 3 x Gas Drone [01:13 - 01:14] 14 - Drone [01:26 - 01:43] 15 - Drone [01:26 - 01:43] 16 - Drone [01:26 - 01:43] 17 - Queen [01:39 - 02:29] 19 - Drone [01:45 - 02:02] 20 - Drone [01:57 - 02:14] 21 - Overlord [02:12 - 02:37] 21 - Roach Warren [02:16 - 03:11] 20 - Spawn Larva [02:29 - 03:09] 20 - Overlord [02:29 - 02:54] 20 - Roach [03:11 - 03:38] 22 - Roach [03:11 - 03:38] 24 - Roach [03:11 - 03:38] 26 - Roach [03:11 - 03:38] 28 - Roach [03:11 - 03:38] 30 - Roach [03:11 - 03:38] 32 - Roach [03:16 - 03:43] 34 - Roach [03:27 - 03:54] 36 - Roach [03:42 - 04:09] 38 - Overlord [03:57 - 04:22] 38 - Roach [04:22 - 04:49] 40 - Roach [04:27 - 04:54] 42 - Roach [04:42 - 05:09] 44 - Roach [04:57 - 05:24] In lower leagues you can stop production of roach after the first 9 and expand while you harass. You have to do damage with the roaches though or you will be a bit behind.MCMhalcyon4 Jun 26
Jun 26 Ultralisk rush? So what would happen if you did a 3 hatch before pool and just made ling/bane while getting 6 gasses as fast as possible and saving the gas then going for hive tech while upgrading would this work or would it just be a cheese of some form? Thanks guys gg'sSoap8 Jun 26
Jun 24 Zerg Barely Get By.. Dear Blizzard I have been a huge fan of StarCraft since your first game to Broodwar now StarCraft2 and its expansions. I've always been a dedicated player and noticed over the years that in the end honestly Zerg are a the weakest out of the three races. I mean sure Zerg are great in "numbers" or when played correctly they can counter the opposing team but at a great cost.. 1. Why still must we sacrifice our overlords just to scout information in our opponents bases. Early and late game, and if we're lucky send them in the right direction inside the oppents base just in the end hope we see what their building. And if we miss we lose supply. Why haven't you created a flying unit that can scout bases anytime in the game without having to sacrifice overlords. 2. Target indicator. When a Protoss High Templar uses Psionic Storm there is no indicator where it's going to hit because the opponent has to eventually anticipate the attack and move out of it.Or when stalker bilks forward or backward there is no telling where is going to go. Why would a Ravagar Corrosive Bile be any different. The only indication that the opponent needs to see is that the Ravagar is shooting it up in the sky..not where it's going to land. I've seen to many plays where's the opponent just dodges it too easily then pushes forward. 3. I'm so happy that finally Zerg can put the pressure inside bases in early to mid game inside bases when Terran and Protoss turtle up because the Nydus Worm can now not be attacked until finished. 4.Enemy Unit Dection. Honestly how often do you ever see Terran build a Sensor Tower? I rarely even in professional tournaments. If anything the Zerg need that building to detect drops. Because who usually drops units in a Zerg base? Protoss: Warp Prism Terran: Medivac Drop Ship. Every time man.. and if your a average to experienced player and have good overlord spreed you'll be lucky to spot a drop before it happens.. and if you don't.. to late there goes all your drones or maybe even base if it's Dark Templars. Zerg needs a better way to be alarmed for coming drops. Blizzard I want to thank you for all the good work your putting into your games and always being true to your fans. But I hope you really do take some of these thoughts and ideas to mind. I've noticed even in the professional matches that only so few Zerg get into the finals or Semi finals and its usually always TvP or PvP. I've always been a hardcore Zerg fan and I'm just looking out for my fellow Zerg players out there too that might be having some difficulty climbing in the ranks. Sincerely, Parasit3Parasite1 Jun 24
Jun 24 New Zerg in town... Hello friends, my name is Darren and I am new to sc2, i was semi proffesional in bw years ago...... anyway this is my 2nd week playing ( currently diamond ) aiming for a quick gm to get into the pro scene just wanna say hi to all my bretherendarren15 Jun 24
Jun 24 Ascarecrow Hey man. I'd like some advice from you. If you have 20 minutes or so and are open to it, I'd like to pick your brain on zvt stuff. I know you spend your time on the kr server, so we can go there. Thanks again, my kr ID is Scyt 319.Leonydus1 Jun 24
Jun 22 Terran is so OP! Okay guys I just played a ZvT and I'm absloutley in shock. I still won but whew the amount of effort So I start by doing a ravager all in. Man pressing the r key and then morphing ravagers is such a brutal process. But the terran didn't die!!! He did something called "dodging" with his marauders. Let me tell you I was pretty pissed. I mean I a moved but then I took the effort to press the corrosive bile key you know? So anyway it transitioned into mid game and I used ling bling muta. Its more of my playstyle. And when I say my playstyle I mean spamming the a key. But then the terran split his units! I was like "omg I'm facing maru". Thankfully tho it didn't matter because banelings still do a lot of damage with my powerful a move key. I wasn't looking at the battle tho and microing because I was busy staring at my queen and spamming my keys so I could get 150 apm like my Korean zerg senpais Close your ears if you a zerg now. He went ghosts! I mean that was pretty messed up. All players know even terrans that ghosts are op and are no skill. I went ultras because ultras counter ghosts and everything terran has and guess what? I lost almost all my ultras. I mean sure I a moved and I could've fungaled to interrupt snipe but you know fungal requires more than spamming the a key. You know ghosts should be just removed from the game you know? Once zerg gets ultras the game should just auto end Then I realized something. He wasn't making mmm anymore he was just making ghost liberator. So then I just spammed lings, my special a move t1 unit, across the map and i beat him with invincible nyduses. I was playing against a gm terran using my plat zerg but its still balanced guys. Oh yeah see Korean terrans are destroying zergs in korea. You know? I mean sure they are doing 3 drops at the same time and splitting their bio perfectly with no flaws whatsoever but i mean they are still beating those zergs David Kim please nerf terranWiDoW4 Jun 22
Jun 21 Lurker and Swarm Host Damage and Range? I'm trying to study units more and while on the units page I cant find where the lurker and swarm host damage and range are does anybody know? Thank you in advance for the replies!Plasmoo2 Jun 21
Jun 21 Can ZvZ be removed from HotS So, unlike a lot of you, I enjoy HotS WAY more tha LotV, I am a high platinum player (Rank 1 platinum 1300 points, 75% winrate, find ZvT and ZvP really fun and sometimes challenging but I usually win, I was on about a 7 win streak when I got matched with a masters (wtf?) zerg player.. twice.. He beat me both times obviously, and then I got matched with him a third time and I alt-f4'd. Zerg vs Zerg is literally the most cancerous boring matchup ever, you either have a ling/baneling war, or a roach/hydra/infestor snoozefest, where both players sit back and macro up, harass bases with speedlings and then the game ends when another player gets a single unit lead. Pure. !@#$ing. Cancer. Also, all the LP I gained from that 7 win streak which I put a lot of time and effort into, is now wasted. So, thanks. Can this matchup be removed or I will personally (removed because it was too nice) every single one of the staff at Blizzard. %^-* this game. I paid a lot of money for this game and I can't remember the last time I had fun in a ZvZ, why is it even a !@#$ing thing.Probe7 Jun 21
Jun 20 [VID] ZvZ Mutas vs Mutas Game MASTERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnH3G8Vx5LQ&feature=youtu.be ZvZ Played live where we fall behind in the mutas vs mutas so we turtled and teched up to vipers. Was a very sloppy game overall but were able to pull it out. 6/19/2016 If you enjoyed what youRisk0 Jun 20
Jun 20 [Vid] ZvZ 5 Steps vs a 2 Base Ling Flood https://youtu.be/QC8MTeYgI4o ZvZ 5 Steps to Stopping a 2 Base Ling Flood Thanks for watching everyone, have fun out there. Twitter: @RiskSC I love feedback, if you liked what you saw, like and subscribe :)Risk2 Jun 20
Jun 17 First overlord I'm a new player (bronze) and I can't seem to find the answer to my question: when should you morph your first overlord? 13,14 supply or after gas trick?Spring10 Jun 17
Jun 15 Autoborrow? I'm terrible at Zerg. By far its my worst race. That being said it seems LotV has made a micro heavy race even more so. As an average gamer I would humbly like to suggest a slight change to gameplay. Like SCV's autorepair, I suggest a toggling burrow ability for swarm hosts and lurkers. When you command to move they unborrow automatically and when you stop they borrow automatically. Thoughts?Jonsolo2 Jun 15
Jun 15 How to shoot Infested Terrans Properly. I still can't queue up Infested Terrans properly. Do you have to give the Infestor a move command before shift-left clicking where you want the Intested Terrans to go?Migrax2 Jun 15
Jun 14 What i Don't get How in the heck are we evil? and i quote: " Led by the cunning Queen of Blades, the zerg are set to unleash their alien horrors on the galaxy, threatening to consume all who stand in their way." --BLIZZ Last time i checked we were being mentally violated by amon to kill life in the overmind time period. That poor ugly looking thing tried so hard to get rid of amon's control by making kerrigan; dying in the process. Imagine being a nice really, really, really, ugly looking thing and everyone thinks your evil when really your nice. The only reason Kerrigan was evil was because of Humans betraying her and psychologically traumatizing her. If im not mistaking weren't the true evil people trying to wipe us out because we could actually stop them? Are we not animals and hybrids trying to live off and with the land and not destroying it. Lets be real battle cruisers are not eco friendly and protoss! Oh no, no, no. Don't get me started on the gas guzzling protoss. We fertilize space, and planets wish, when our living space ships take a number 2 on route to destination, that our number two lands on them. So how zerg? How are we evil? Stop the propaganda. We are not evil.FOREVEERF4 Jun 14
Jun 14 Toss air army ... how i beat the fleet ? Hi, ich play against a Protoss and he build only airunits(void/carrier/tempest) the question is how can i beat this army? I know that i can kill(maybe) him with a hydrapush. The question is what can i do against this army if the army is on the field ? I test 43 corruptor(2/2) and around 15 queens and i die fast... yes i do not transf. beacause it laggs.... My 2nd option was infestor and inf. Terran but what can i do if he attack me from the side(->gold) ? i can`t cast the inf. t if there is no ground........................ dont know how... pls help me. Flusskind Replay: http://ggtracker.com/matches/6669867Flusskind9 Jun 14
Jun 13 [VID] Clutch Even Mutas Count PlaywithRavager https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG-VjPgPXO0&list=PLFsSKtEn_DmSqeENGDbRzA7iE39E4Qr4O&index=6 Mutas vs Mutas CLUTCH Even Mutas Clutch Play With Ravagers Always make the most of what you have :)Risk0 Jun 13
Jun 12 Beat a Korean Master Terran w/o Cheeese as Z! The day has finally come ladies and gentlemen, I beat a Korean Master Terran as Zerg without cheese in plat league! The trick was 200 spine crawlers and arduous amounts of patience and determination in the eyes of defeat! Replay: http://drop.sc/replay/3009279 Even made a heart for all of you on mini-map at 20:50 during live match ("http://i.imgur.com/FjGrzfI.png").RavenerAlpha0 Jun 12
Jun 12 Annoying Korean ZvZ [HELP!] So I was playing on the Korean server and noticed their early ZvZ strategy is very annoying at the start... It goes something like this: 14th drone attempts to patrol block my hatchery while at the same time he is transitioning to a 17 hatchery back home. When his drone is low health, he simply runs away and comes back only to morph into an evolution chamber... blocking the path of my extractor. If I cancel the extractor and make a new one, he waits until his evolution chamber is near completion to reswap positions with the new extractor's path... ultimately with the purpose of delaying my early gas. While he is doing all of this, back home he is preparing to hit me with a +1 speed roach push, which is kind of smart since +1 roaches are super effective against lings and if I decide to go roaches he can out-muscle me since he has already delayed my gas and has upgrades on his. Any suggestions?RavenerAlpha3 Jun 12
Jun 12 Scouting in ZvT and ZvP Hi everyone, I have some issues about the scout in ZvT and ZvP. I don't know what the timing and the kind of building are meaning when I scout at 3:30-4:00. Any tips for scouting againts thos races? ThanksMoriss1 Jun 12
Jun 10 [VID]Mechanic Drills #7Creep Spread onHUGEMAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIdQjJi49kY In this episode #7 of Mechanic Drills we focus on improving Creep Spread Precision and speed using an in game arcade game. To set up the drill is very simple on this one, go to arcade search bar, look up: To find the map go to: Arcade, in Arcade Search bar search: Testing This huge map with nothing on it , (Yes those exact words with those exact caps, it should have 0 ratings on it),Create Game(No Opponent),Start Game. Make Drones and then create a hatchery somewhere in the middle of the map. Make two queens. Begin creep spread and focus on reaching as far out in the creep radius as possible as close to outer edge as possible. The beauty here is the raw amount of repetition this map allows us to do. In a normal game or normal map you wouldn't get nearly this much practice. If you liked what you saw, like and subscribe. Twitter: @https://twitter.com/RiskSc?lang=enRisk0 Jun 10
Jun 9 [VID]4Lurker + 2 Bane vs Mass Bane Highlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPSaB4S1tu8&feature=youtu.be 23 Banes vs 4 Lurkers 2 Banes Protecting DEM HYDRAS [Sick Play] Dat HYPE PLAY THOUGH. Control is KING am I right? I am really enjoying slow pushing with hydra lurker with a couple of banes. In the past you couldn't really push vs mutas ling bling until mass fungal but now with lurker it opens up some interesting micro opportunities that were not previously there.Risk0 Jun 9