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Coop Hero Zagara Feedback. Zagara is really disappointing. The reason why zerg can have this disposable play style in a normal game is because they can get an exceptional economy to support it. In these coop missions however, you are restricted to 1.5 bases and it just can't support throwing away waves of units. The population cap is too severe, it makes it less fun. Not having a large army forces you to build more spores/spines and bile launchers, which is counter to the point of this hero. You constantly feel cornered, rather than overwhelming your opponent. Without a decent unit that can attack both air and ground you're forced to throw away units to switch tech constantly or run a terribly weak force to cover both, which results again in you cowering behind spines and spores just to not get annihilated. Since the hero is worthless at fighting, you would think it has strong casting abilities. But its casting abilities aren't strong enough or able to be cast fast enough due to energy restrictions and cool-downs compared to other heroes. Bile launchers are just terrible. I'm not even gonna talk about them. Not fun at all. If you ever think about using one, just forget about it and morph 5 more banes instead. The AI is much improved at countering swarm play with brutal High Templar storms, copious siege tank emplacements, hybrid and investor fungal. Which makes the suitability upgrades not good enough even with good play. Most of issues are addressed 'slightly' in Zagara's upgrades as you level, so its obvious that these weaknesses have been considered. But its not enough. Please consider these changes. * Increase population cap to 150 * Double Zagara's mana regeneration * Reduce cooldown of roach drop. * Make bile launchers auto-attack, or increase their double their area-effect radius and increase range. * Upgrade to give spores AOE attack and increase spine range by 2 * Reduce the cost of all units by 25% * Make scourge start with all their upgrades. Crankyhobo21
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So We're getting nerf'd to !@#$.... TL;DR Hey guys, i try not making that many posts anymore because i understand the community is extremely divided and posts get shut down pretty quick anyway. After reading the latest update from blizzard i decided i would write one more post and think seriously about this game. I started playing couple of months before the end of last year as a complete noob, but i remember buying the game and just had so many old school memories come back as youngin when sc1 came out. I forget about the game until hots; had to buy wol, and lotv came months after, so i was like sweet. I remember coming home with hots and wol so excited to play the campaign cause that was really my vice and stress reliever. The concept of building units, gathering resources, and strategically fighting is what makes this game the best game ever. Im watching sc2 streams and i hear Rotti say "if you get this game and don't play multiplayer, your definitely missing out on the best part." I start playing multiplayer. I got laid of from construction, so i played every day at least 5-6 games a day for at least 4 months. Lotv comes out and i hit every day for another 2 months. I probably dedicated like 4 hours a day to this game and i didn't mind it. The balance wars start between the sc2 crowds on what is op what is not, and we all were chipping in our thoughts. At this time i started slowing down my playing here and their because i got a part time job down the street. As im working im googling sc2 forums, im reading what pros are saying, im listening to the debate, and i started to realize something. When i start working full time my proper job, or choose to go back to school im not going to invest this much time because i can't. I was like all this practice im doing, all this knowledge im trying to gather its going to be thrown out the window once i can't pay attention to the meta or know nerfs/ buffs. while i play some dude will call me a f**g, tell me my race is op, or im just trying to survive massive cheeses; from all races. fun. I actually try to play, try to get to longer games for enhancement, try to get better at my hotkeys and apm ( i don't spam and range between 160- 200). I put all this time in to learn this fun, stressful, addicting game. Did i say anything when they complained about our (zerg ) map prion terraces with the excessive gold bases? No ( even though catellena was atrocious for zerg; clearly favoring terran). Did i complain when they did the parasitic bomb nerf because they thought sky was too strong? No ( even though storm and 145 damage shots from the disruptor existed). I still thinking having a unit, disruptor, that by passes all the hard work you put into the game such as making a bigger army, getting better upgrades, getting a range of variety in your compostion, disrespects the essence of roots in sc strategy. Im playing in diamond league right now and besides recently i put in a lot of time into this game, majority with toss and zerg. Im telling your from and average zerg players perspective that fighting toss and terran is very hard for zerg. It may not look hard, because the majority of the lotv games, imo, is cheese fest for that average lower tier players. I face it myself, Proxy gates, proxy barracks, endless army of lings, or the ,current term, "full na", where they are constantly all ining you early game no matter what race. When i go to longer games i do win but i get smashed by people that are logical and know what they are doing. I honestly think we zerg are weak if we don't cheese, or put our opponent behind early game. Zerg always has to get to the boss units, ultras, brood lords, vipers, cracklings and hope to survive endless harass to feel like we secured a win. Then we have to hope thors, immortals, liberators, tempests, void rays aren't spam'd because if they have a certain mass then your armored units melt like butter and those units are so expensive. I watch the gsl and iems and i thought the top level management would see how even though zerg are out numbering their competitors; more in the west and not the south, we really don't win. The south says zerg is weak compared to toss, the west says opposite. The south gets banned from our competitions because they are too good, so whose rational would i believe. Last weak Davie agreed with zerg being weak compared to Toss, this week its a flip flop. All i know is im patient and ill play, but this is now too much. I can not see what clear direction the sc2 management team is taking this game or the races. NO RACE IS SAFE. Your strategy that made you how good you are, is up on the chopping block if there is enough rage spilled into it. Everything you worked for or learned can be thrown out the window. I don't want to invest the time to learn or connect with other race, like other people don't want to to mine. All i know is my race is being nerfed to !@#$ and were going to be few in numbers like how we once were. I done ty. FOREVEERF9
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