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Countering mutas Greetings! I am platinum level zerg and I'm seeking advice from master+ players, or in general anybody with great zvz knowledge. Is burrow roach timing attack against mutas a thing in higher leagues? I know that the usual response to mutas is either a push that ends the match before mutas increase in numbers, going for a nydus, or turtling on 3-4 bases for vipers. I'm interested is burrow roach a good approach because I like that playstyle, unburrowing roaches all over the place and make other player go in panic mode. In the first roach push I decided to snipe hatcheries to cripple his production. Would it be better if I just focused on drones or maybe even snipe lair tech because I knew he'll most likely go ultras (other option is lurkers). My general goal is to kill him before ultras. If I went ultras after the roach push it would have been game ending but I feel they will get nerfed in the future so I'm trying to focus on some different playstyles. I know I could have ended the game easily on many different ways but I failed in the end. Please refrain yourself from commenting about my macro. There's a reason I'm still platinum. My injects were bad, droning was not that great, upgrades etc... The followup I did was hydras eventhough I knew he'll most likely have banes to counter them, but hey, I'm an idiot and went full hydra. How do you usually protect your hydras against banes, do you prefer infestors or going lurkers (I had a lot of gas)? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6385022 Mamaranth3
Jan 15
Are swarm hosts EVER worth it? For being a unit literally designed just for harass, is there ever a time where it's actually a better decision to make them than just harassing with ling run bys, zerg drops, or mutas? I feel like these things are still totally useless and redundant...... zerganator43
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ZvZ Lurkers I'm a little bit new to the game, but I'm not doing too badly on the ladder. However, whenever I play against Zerg, I always find that my opponent masses lurkers, and as I love a ground based army, I find myself struggling to deal with them. Zerglings get destroyed, as do ultras and roaches and everything that I try to throw at them. The worst incident was when my opponent had made about 20 lurkers in comparison to my 10 or so, and it was just a long stalemate for such a long time that I just had enough and tried to all in, but my fully upgraded ultralisks got melted before they could even reach the lurkers, my roaches got just a couple of hits off before getting destroyed, and my hydras weren't much better. I tried to counterattack by moving around with some lings, but he had all the entrances to my base covered. I've been thinking about trying to deal with lurkers, and I can't really seem to find a hard counter. I thought mutas might be good, but then I remembered that Lurkers spawn from Hydras, and the fact that the guy had about 20 Hydras didn't help me out very much either. I thought maybe brood lords may have been a good way to win that game, but then I remembered how expensive they are and how long they take to tech up to, and that he can just reposition his lurkers and move in his hydras. I thought maybe swarm hosts too, but his hydras can probably snipe my overseers before they can lock onto the lurkers, and though I may be able to get some damage onto his hydras he can always make more. Now I'm just a noob, so I don't think my reasoning is absolutely sound, but I just can't seem to find a counter to mass lurkers/hydras. And no, I won't consider doing the same. I feel like that's either boring, or the pathway to a stalemate. Anyway, thanks for reading, any help is appreciated. PEACE! Yan8
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The problem with Lurkers I feel that they're basically a unit that says "Build me or lose!". Two games in a row, I just played attempting to beat my opponent using roaches, ravagers, lings, hydras, mutas, corrupters, just everything but Lurkers really (Not all of them, half used in one, half in the other). One game vs Terran, one game vs Protoss. Thinking back on them, I realize that the reason why I lost is because I didn't build Lurkers. If I had, my opponent wouldn't have been able to run down my army as easily as they did in both games. A few days ago, I played a game vs another Zerg where we both went Macro. I went roach ravager hydra ultras, and he snuck in a Lurker den and built like 20. Needless to say, I was helpless and got stuck in my own base, and ended up losing because, you guess it, I didn't build enough of my own Lurkers. They're too overpowered at the moment, and the other Zerg units in comparison I feel are not powerful enough. Lings get destroyed too easily by stuff like Archons vs protoss, and even then vs Terran get melted. Roaches get destroyed by both Stalkers and Marauders. Hydras get obliterated by Collosi with very little micro required from the protoss played to do so, and similar case with Hellbats. Mutas are easily countered by Archons and Thors too, Corruptors are just there to try and protect the Mutas. Lurkers on the other hand, may be countered by detection and stuff, true. But it's both hard and expensive to get to them. You just burrow, and if you fight your opponent on top of Lurkers, you've suddenly won the battle. If you just get Lurkers and position them well it's pretty much gg. Every time I build Lurkers vs Terran and Protoss I win, but because of this I think they're boring. But ultimately, I can't play anything else that I might find fun, simply because they're too !@#$ing strong. Yan3
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