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Sep 9, 2010 Roach - Would you trade meat for range? For 1.5 units Marauder - 100/25 -- 6 range 125/0 hp Roach - 75/25 -- 3 range 145/0 hp Stalker - 125/50 -- 6 range 80/80 hp/shield Whenever I try to use roaches, it seems the biggest single flaw of them is range... Marauders when in a ball can easily stack up massive damage because they can attack in rows Stalkers also can, but they ALSO hit air, and can blink after upgrading. Roaches, however, have to be EXTREMELY close for a ball of them to do damage.. I have seen roaches do massive damage if you can get say 25 roaches under a protoss army and unburrow, so every single roach is hitting, but observers and scans->ravens make this not possible. Stalkers have a movement skill (blink), Marauders have movement AND damage skill (stim), and roach have... a gimped form of cloak.. Roaches are supposed to be Zergs front line infantry. Marine/Marauder, Zealot/Stalker, Zergling/Roach. But their "skill" burrow and hp regen isn't really useful in actual battle.. If you burrow, you can tank psi storms and stuff, but that comes after T2 upgrades, and you cannot DO DAMAGE while underground... If you go under, and they got an observer, your just dying while no longer doing damage. My main question is, would you guys trade say 20 hp for an extra 3 range? I just REALLY don't see why roaches have such short range when compared to stalkers and marauders.. Zealots at least are beefy. Roaches are armored, which basically means they take MORE damage than every other unit (lol wut?) Seraph7 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Zerg Pros Hey guys, I'm currently trying to find some links to some pro/ just really good zerg players that I can watch and try to learn from. I've already gone to sc2 replays and watched IdrA but he is the only pro zerg player that I know of. Thanks in advance!Ironclad7 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 People like to say "make a lot of queens".. Do these people forget they are 150 min and 2 food?coolnamebro36 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Speedlings Can't Counter Reapers? http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76261-1v1-terran-zerg-lost-temple Please, watch this replay, I'm a platinum zerg and he was a diamond terran... All this time I've been told that speedlings are the right counter for reaper harassment. I scouted him, and researched speed for my lings, and made plenty of zerglings believing that I will be fine as long as these lings keep their wings warmed up. But.... what happened to me when the reapers came made me doubt speedlings' efficiency against reaper rush. Please tell me what i could have done better... I know that I could have macroed up better at least, but i was just panicking so much at how much damage the reapers were doing to me despite my "counter". Any tips are appreciatedSeriusBizNis11 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Defeating the Four Gate Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to these forums (silent stalker)... and I don't think people are happy with Zerg, lol. But... Question! Recently, I've lost most of my Protoss matches too all of the same strategy; four gate for mass stalkers and some zealots. (zealots take care of lings... while stalkers just chew through everything else) I've tried mass lings (lol blink and sentry force field block). And Protoss players are very good at keeping their stalkers together! Banelings - well, no damage on stalkers really... Roaches - Stalkers do added damaged to them. ;S.. and they can tech to void rays wayyy too easily from this point. Since stalkers aren't that mineral and gas intensive, while I'm trying to defend my base, they keep on the pressure and can still tech... eek~ Mutalisks - Four gate stalkers take wayyy less gas than these buds. No way to outmass them. Hydras - Er, probably the best bet... Except their sentries stop a much of the incoming damage and they later tech to colossi :( So, I figure, "Hey! These T1 and T2 units can't beat stalkers! I'll try something more powerful!" Brood lords - At first, these did great... that is until the wall of hydras and lings in front of them died quickly to the colossi @_@. I did focus fire the colossi with these buds, but it wasn't fast enough to get rid of them... Ultralisks - It might just be me, but these died wayyyy too fast to the mass stalkers. Maybe I couldn't upgrade in time? But, no, I really haven't found a use for these kiddos yet. Corruptors - Er, desperation at it's best against the stalker - colossi combo. Don't try this, it won't work. Bottom line, any ideas? :D I mean, even desperate ideas that *work* against four gate - gas block, 6 pool, etc etc? XD I'm stuck @_@Sironigous12 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Storyline: Hope for the Swarm in HotS? WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!! EEEK!! Alright, now that my fair warning is out of the way, let's talk about the current status of the Swarm. We all know what happened to the Queen of Blades at the end of the campaign. She went from the fearless, cold, ruthless leader we loved to obey to a weak human again. Whether she still maintains any semblance of control over the Zerg is yet to be determined, but let's hope against that, because I think I speak for most of us when I say that I don't want the Swarm to become a pawn of the Terrans and Protoss in the fight against the hybrids. No, I think there is a much greater path for the Zerg. Do you remember the cerebrate you played in Brood War? Kerrigan killed all of the other cerebrates, but there is no mention of what happened to this fellow, and I can't see a reason why she would have destroyed her most faithful servant (and probably the only entity she could converse with on the lonely world of Char.) If it still lives, this cerebrate could still maintain a very low level of function, perhaps enough to control zerglings and roaches for awhile, until it rallies enough Overlords and perhaps even finds a way to spawn new cerebrates and gains the ability to control more types of Zerg. At this point, our cerebrate friend could resume the galactic conquest we know we all want the Zerg to embark upon, while simultaneously teaming up with Raynor and the Protoss to fight off the forces of the Void here and there. What do you think? Is SC2: HotS going to be the cheesiest game ever, following the most cliched possible storyline, or are we going to see a return to conquest?Mike13 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 We All Know What You Hate About Zerg... They're dis-advantaged, lings don't attack fast enough, roaches aren't armored enough, brood lords are too slow, bring back lurkers, we need wall-climbers, useless tech, bad starting economy, must fast expand, nerfed, bad, ahhh!!!! Okay... There are so many threads out there about how unfair the Zerg are and what should be done to change them, yadda yadda. What I want to instill in the Zerg community is this: What do you like about Zerg? What makes you start up a game and pick Zerg as a race? And not just, "They're the hardest to use, so to prove I'm so awesome..." Because it's no secret that Zerg players are just awesome as it is. ;] For instance, I love how even the defensive structure can move and be used offensively, via Overlord creep spread by their expo, or a Hatchery in their base. Especially when you face Zerg. It's just too cool. Also I love Zerglings because they're just so darn cute! For viscious, man-eating little beasts, that is. And Hydralisks have gotten even more badarse since the first StarCraft. Mostly because of their melee attack though. But what are your thoughts? Why do you like Zerg? Positive things!KingWyatt67 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Ultra/Roach/Ling/Infestor very powerful I find this to be very, very viable, especially against Protoss that goes Stalker/Temp/Colossus/Zs. Early Roaches and speedlings for defense/surrounds against early pressure and than a quick hive tech. I think this is definitely a lot better than Hydra/Roach or muta tech. http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76381-2v2-protoss-zerg-delta-quadrant#rd:dna Here's a replay, what do you guys think? I have more reps of me doing the same thing if you guys want em.Spoon14 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 How to deal with ZVP 2/4gate 1100+ diamond zvp is my best mu I always go 14gas13pool 15ol 16 drone PULL drones off gas right at 100 gas queen at 16 Ling at 18 drone till 21 then expo and this is where people eff up big time. People start to produce mass drones. At most make another 4 drones but your first larva after inject should be all speedlings. Don't forget ol after nat expo at 21 or 22. But for 4 gate after you produce your 4 drones after the first inject of speedlings you should have about 150 minerals for another queen do another inject (this inject is for the 4 drones) and walk your queen and transfer 5 or so drones down to your nat. You'll be about 5-7 harvesters behind BUT you'll be mining more efficiently. Pump mass lings and get a roach Warren up. When roach warren is building get 3 drones back on gas and start another extractor and build 2 more drones. When the other extractor pops 1 drone on that gas so 4 drones mining gas in total. It's more then enough to pump a few roaches. When you have roach and lings wait outside your base so you're in a wide area. Crawlers are NOT needed and screw with the build cause you lose drones + minerals. Keep your units separate. Roaches vs zealot lings flank to kill sentries and stalkers. After you crush his first push macro like no tomorrow. You'll refine it as you go. You'll know if he's 4 gating by his unit composition at his ramp. Have fun! http://www.sc2replayed.com/players/32379-victor#replay ^replays of zvp when toss 2/4 gates too many posts asking the same questions how to deal with 2/4gate so i figured i might as well give everyone an answer and if i see someone asking a question ill just bump the thread.Victor8 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Zerg Unit Cap Increase? So I was thinking.... Ya'know how the Zerg are supposed to be a huge swarm and be devestatingly numerous, well why dont we get an increase to our Population cap? If we're to be a Swarm we should actually be able to vastly outnumber our enemies. An example of this in a nother game is in Halo Wars, how the Covenant have a higher cap than the humans because their forces are bigger. Probably a bad example, but meh. Just an idea, i dunno if this has been brought up before.HexKor6 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Cannon Rush Hi just wondering what you guys do to deal with them because it seems that every toss player I go against uses this strategy. Usually if my scouting drone sees it then I just expand to the most random place on the map possible and hope he doesn't find it, but it still feels like whenever I get cannon rush it's a 50 percent chance of victory if they find the expansion and build cannons around it too =/Ziro13 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Infestor suggestion Reduce build time from 50 seconds to 30. OR Make pathogen glands take 40 seconds to research. I am in diamond league, and find that Terrans static defenses (siege tanks, turrets) are too counter driven to everything zerg have, it's too easy for them to turtle up and deny any form of scouting on the zerg players end (face it, changelings aren't fooling anyone). Typically this allows for mass of any terran unit which completely counters anything that zerg have to bear, not to mention the easy denial of expansions through the extremely safe command center scouting. The only counter for mass balling of any terran unit is through infestors, however they take 50 seconds to produce and without pathogen glands (which takes the whole of 80) must wait a further set of time in order to cast fungal growth *once.* Also, infestors are a really big investment to zerg players. Zerg do not possess a mineral baseline unit that is not easily dispatched once tier 2 units come into play, and as a result vespene gas becomes stretched, which leaves them to weigh against other things. Reducing the time for infestor would make them more attractive for use before the 2 minutes of thinking about getting them. Artificial0 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 if you would like to test my mod / balance. After watching another attempt to adjust / change zerg. i decided to tweak with the units myself. First time using this new map editor. Getting used to the publishing feature it has. So if you have trouble downloading / accessing just let me know. About the changes: First i inputed all the changes blizz has planned (so far) for patch 1.1 Second are my changes that i decided to put in. Units Hydras speed has been increased to 2.5 Hydra range increased to 6 (up from 5) Health for Hydra also increased to 90 (from 85) Roaches now cost 1 supply Now also get +4 to armored. Making it 16/20 (vs armored) Ultra's Damage radius was increased slightly so that their attack will acctually hit 2 buildings that are side by side (the effect on units is slight, so instead of hitting 2 SCVs they hit 3 side by side) Buildings Spire now takes 75seconds to construct (down from 100) I did experiment with really buffing roaches, such as giving them 2 armor as well and 5 range instead of 3. I quickly discovered that mass roaches with those buffs would be insane. So i just gave them a +4 bonus vs armored, and cost 1 supply instead of 2. (1v1 agianst a marauder they still loose, but more of a fighting chance when you have a lot of them thanks to 1 food supply) ***How to download if you want to try it out*** Go to Multiplayer Tab, Click on Create Custom Game In the *Search By Name" Box, type in Testing Zerg Balance. The Author should be Ganthore (right now its the only map with that name). Tell me what you guys think, what further balance changes you feel might be needed, and what is overpowered (i want to make game as balanced as possible) Also lemme know on what bugs you might find ***esspecially the siege tank, i didnt realize how hard blizz made it just to change the dang things damage output*** Hope you guys enjoy! PS: If the map can not be found, i will republish it, lemme know. Ganthore21 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Just out of curiosity about Thors Would a couple of corruptors (for their ability) with your mutas be able to take down a thor fairly quickly or is the corruptor's ability only for air, I'm guessing not from just reading it. Also I'm only asking because I haven't ran into thors yet.sackyhack4 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 zerg suggestions thread i made this in the main forum but i prolly should have made it hurr sooo... i am a diamond league rank 3 random player and zerg are the weakest race by far imo...and in many other opinions...so i wanted to make a suggestions thread...here goes... -give hydras a speed upgrade OR give queen 50 energy to start. -make thors not do splash damage OR take away light damage bonus OR make them have less range than brood lords OR give brood lords 300 health ...thors are like ranged archons from broodwar...so cheap! -give zerg an extra/good air and ground attacker... protoss has stalkers,void rays,carriers,mother ship,archons terran has marines,ghosts,thors,vikings,bcs zerg has slow hydra and 3 range muta... point is zerg needs a new tier 3 air/ground attacker...OR!! make the corrupter actually AA...stupidest AA unit ever...like... make the acid thing attack with the attack like devourers...OR bring back scourge!!!!!!! -make banelings do 35 dmg to all units! -overlords back to detectors? (just a thought although it make the game more fun without) anyways anymore thoughts or anything to add? discuss!! dirtyD0 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Any other funny stuff about Zerg UP? Stuff like this: http://www.gliffy.com/pubdoc/2229946/L.png That's funny. Any others? I've seen a picture of a chess board where Terran has a ton of Rooks and Zerg has all Pawns except the King. I lol'd there too. I need moar.SaintPudgy5 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Creep tumors should burrow. Small suggestion here. Creep tumors should automatically burrow when they are done spreading creep. They could still be slightly visible but not targetable unless there is a detector. I'm tired of spending all the effort to build a spread creep only to have it all dissappear after one push by my opponent. It will change balance very little because now our oppononets will have to put in effort destroying creep tumors. OrionHunter5 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 I HATE VOID RAY not that i hate void ray rush or something - they are not that difficult to counter... but i hate my teammate(s) claim going for void at the beginning of the game maybe it's because I'm in bronze... what do you guys think...? profastor3 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 ZvZ Banelings What do you do against speedlings/banelings early game, except for doing that yourself?KLH2 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Where to save replays? Sorry, nub question here. Where should you properly save replays to? Everytime I DL someone's replay for me to watch, the only way I can get it to open is saving to desktop and "open with > Blizzard Launcher." It gets the job done but it's also very annoying to have to enter my PW and Auth everytime I want to watch someone else's replay and then quit out and do it all again if I'd like to watch another. Any suggestions?Ivan2 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Fakout zerg 1. At start of game say, "Ya know, I'm just going to tell you right now I'm reaper rushing cause I feel so bad for zerg, I feel like giving you a chance." 2. Banshee rush 3. ??? 4. ProfitExSkillsme7 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Do we really want balance? I really cant wait for a patch to fix all this crap we have to deal with but... I dont want those Terran ship jumpers playing my race.Bokscar4 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Zerg RUSH! what is this i dont even Seriously though, you look at T/P and they've got lots of options. Fast rines. Marauders MM Reapers Hellions Fast Banshee (Now I don't know the proper terms for em but...) Several combinations of X gates. Fast stalkers (optional blink) Proxies. Cannon rush. Fast tech voids. Zerg has... 6-9pool rush with 6 lings. Speedlings. 8-12 roach push Fast muta (or any other fast tech, hoping it's a good match up vs whatever he's building) More often than not we just scout scout scout and try to prepare and counter whatever they do. We survive their repears? Do we get to counter attack now? No. They've still got a wall, they can repair, and 1 rine and tiny chokes/ramps will keep us at bay. Magnesiumbox5 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 how to fix tier one AA speedlings can fly that is allyeahigotzerg5 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Baneling splash, units vs buildings banelings do 20 damage to units and 80 damage to buildings so a baneling that explodes on a unit, what is its splash on a building and a baneling that explodes on a building, is its splash different for the unit? Fork2 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Best way to deal with early cannons? Suppose I am playing a protoss and they have a few cannons protection their zealot/stalker army. What is the best way to handle this? It seems like the cannon make short work of my units. Jetrii4 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Are We Doing It Wrong?: Hatches and Queens For the people who will stop reading and discount my theory due to my league I will save you the trouble: I have been stuck in Bronze since the beta and am not getting out soon. Ok, now that those jerks are gone, I have some ideas about why our race struggles and what we as players can do to be better other than come here and commiserate with one another about how painful our beloved swarm can be to play. These ideas will not be popular because from what I read and even see in pro level replays, it is not what the community considers to be the "right" way to do things. Regardless, bear with me, I have reasoning behind it all. Here are a list of common and uncommon complaints about our race. Obvious stuff like us losing even supply/cost battles is not here, because I believe those are things we have to live with and are part of how we are SUPPOSED to work: 1. Our macro is a serious pain. 2. We struggle to have the larvae we need to manage our early game. 3. Queen is nothing but a hatchery add on. 4. Creep is too much of a pain to spread and temporarily keeps us from spawning larvae due to energy constraints. 5. No legitimate way to heal units and structures for same reason as #4 above. 6. No early AA 7. Need to be on multiple bases to keep up with enemy production. 8. We need 3 bases minimum to be more swarmy than a Terran or Protoss opponent on 1 base. 9. Limited build space in our main due to small starting creep radius. I believe that there may be some mis-conceptions about how are race is to be played that create these problems and that they could all be fixed with 2 minor tweaks to how we play: 1. Make an early second hatchery, but instead of fast expanding to a new, less defensible mineral patch, place it in your main. 2. Birth 2 queens per hatchery instead of 1, at least for the hatcheries in your main. Please don't stop reading!! I am going to go explain myself. We have a lot to manage to macro properly, everything comes from this one resource we call larva, which we have precious little of at the start of a match. Our supply giving "structure", our army, and our drones, which not only do our econ but are also consumed to build buildings, (requiring us to constantly replace them) all require larva. Powering out enough drones to have a healthy economy, while having enough to sacrifice for buildings, while not getting supply choked AND building an early army for scouting and defense is a balancing act the other races simply do not have to endure. When we follow this mantra of "Fast expand or die!" we literally double the length of time we will be tied up doing this balancing act at the games start. We spend 300 minerals for a new hatch, then 150 more for a queen and leave them hanging out in the open when we dont have a mobile army of decent size to defend it and then instead of at least using it to help us kick our army production into gear to catch up to the terran and toss players (who by now have 3 and 4 production structures out) we spend the next 5 minutes doing the same exact painful juggling act. Between the initial 450 investment and the cost of a whole new set of drones and OL's required to have supply for them, do you know how long it will be before you break even and start actually NETTING minerals? Longer than you have. (cont'd)Magnus78 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Zerg Imbalance Thread -- with a twist! I'm actually considering completely stopping reading/contributing to these forums for a while until all the "ZOMG ZERG SO UNDERPOWERED" bull#### stops. You are just playing zerg wrong. Putting losses down to Imbalance is disrespecting your opponent and disrespecting yourself. You are hurting yourself as a gamer by having these imbalance thoughts.TheSs8 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Double Zerg 2v2 and Blizzard's Zerg "Buffs" Hi Guys, I've just started playing SC2 having switched from World of Warcraft - I did not play SC1 but I do consider myself pretty hardcore having played at the highest levels of wow. I have really enjoyed playing SC2 so far and my race of choice is Zerg... I have a few questions for all your pro's out there... 1) I've heard that zergs are under-represented at the highest levels of play in comparison to Protoss and Terrans - is blizzard planning any potential buffs or nerfs for the races to even this out a bit? I've heard they might make hyrdas a bit more accessible earlier in the game? Is there a place where blizzard posts upcoming patch notes for SC2? 2) My roommate and I did a lot of competitive 2v2 arena play in WoW and we are starting to do 2v2 in SC2 now. We both play Zerg - is this a mistake? Is SC2 2v2 built around two people playing separate races? Is there any synergies with double zerg and is it a viable combo at the higher ends of play? Im just looking for some general info really - feel free to post anything you think might be helpful! Thanks in advance :) BloomsBlooms11 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Could use some tips with macroing larva. Alright so my situation is this: When I'm putting pressure on my opponent I'm trying to macro. But I keep forgetting to use spawn larva and I keep forgetting/not realizing when the extra larva has spawned. Anyone have any tips? Yes i have my queen and hatchery hotkeyed.Coalex1 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 How to take out Bunkers or Photon Cannon? I normally go for 14pool, cuz I think early rush will result in weak base defense. After that I normally go for 6 z to my opponents base. But lately, I often see 1~2 Bunkers or Photon Cannon at their bases. Can anyone give me a good suggestion of how to beat that? What's the best match for early attack against Bunkers or Photon Cannons? Thanks guys!TomV9 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 A Feel-Good Replay for Zerg After all the arguments, complaints, and anger that we've been inundated with in these parts, I feel it's high time for some good time. So I'm taking a short break from the urine soaked cheerios to bring you boys and girls a story about a bad man who tried to sell me some cheese on the playground. Here's the replay: http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76349-1v1-protoss-zerg-lost-temple Synopsis: This is a short (14 minute) game that features myself as your good ol' Zerg hero and a Protoss cheese peddler named Hoorah. Hoorah attempts to proxy three gates in my natural expansion intent on doing unspeakable things to my no no holes after I've passed out. Fortunately for your hero, our glorious Banelings dispense righteous justice in the name of all those above the influence. Like most petty criminals, Hoorah attempts to run back to his crackhouse to hideout until the heat blows over, but evil cannot escape Speedling vengeance and your hero triumphs in the end. Banelings: My Anti DrugCoxilla3 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 advice? replay inside hello i just incountered my first zerg v zerg league match and it is by far the longest zerg v zerg ive had so far which cause much confusion for me as to what to do. i made so many mistakes and am surprised as hell i ended up winning. it was the first time i had to deal with burrow and infestors and i had no clue what countered them. it didnt help with him screwin up my base at the worst moments. if you guys could give me and ideas to help me with the macro i was doing that would be awesome i find it hard to controll more than 1 base at once http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76375-1v1-zerg-steppes-of-warPaul0 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 banelings...banelings???BANELINGS!!!!!! So i've recently made the switch to zerg and other than forgetting to spawn larvae and spread tumors half the time, im having a blast. I was thinking, what if zerg had a way to launch banelings at their target, now there would be two ways i can think of to implement this. 1. Research at hive or lair to be able to have a nuclear baneling launch, where you load up to 10 banes into your hive or lair and where ever you have site you can lauch. Obviously this would work like terrans nuclear launch but it would say something like "baneling launch detected". 2. Now the other way i was thinking of implementing this would be a more defenseive way to use them, same thing as 1, research at hive or lair, but this time, be able to load your queen up with up to 5 banelings, then she would be able to regurgitate-ish-launch banlings at your enemies, i think it would be a good way to get your banlings in the back of someones army if you fail at flanking with banlings and they get 1 shot by tanks. that is all post your thoughts!Uhwhat20 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Is it viable to make hatchery on enemys base? When my scouting drone saw no buildings on my opponent Protoss base, I made a hatchery on his base. Is this viable? I thought he would canon surround me on my base but it turned out that his gateway build was so late. Too bad he quit after some early battles on his base. Here's the replay. Pls have comments. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=147593&st=0#7618345ZergNoob6 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 zerg vs insane protoss HELP! honestly how the hell do i defeat an insane protoss a.i. on twilight fortress, the map is fckin huge here is my build. 8pool 2 drone 9 overlord 6 lings 14 queen after that i just pump lings and try to overrun them i try getting ling speed to compensate for the size of the terrain but were talking about protoss here i need 4-5 lings to take down each zealot and quick roaches aren't viable because they such w/o speed or burrow and by the time i those upgraded the computer already has stalkers and immortals. wtf am i suppose to do exactly?Aquaphire2 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Why should Glial require Lair Tech? Just wondering, since the roach warren cannot research anything until lair tech is reached, and I think it's pretty universally agreed zerg need some help with early game options against protoss... what would break in the game if you could research Glial as soon as you've dropped a roach warren? Glial reconstitution makes roaches move faster. It is a lower-class ability in my opinion than tunneling claws altho it helps immensely to allow roaches to actually do better dps in groups. 100 gas will delay lair tech so it is more of a tradeoff for zerg, because to be safe from air would pretty much require an evo chamber and spore crawlers, since delayed lair means delayed hydra/muta/overseer detection. Would also give terran's an actual reason for needing concussive shells vs zerg earlier, than simply an unnecessary strength. cons?Fish3 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 The Ultralisk Nerf Terran is getting nerfed and their boards are full of QQing about it. Toss is getting nerfed and their boards are full of QQing about it. Our Ultralisk is getting nerfed and I haven't seen a single thread QQing about it compared to the 30 a day Toss and Terran put up. We just have a bunch of threads that are like hell yea, can't wait till patch 1.1! Who cares if T3 is getting a minor nerf man, Toss and Terran nerfs are giving me a little more hope of actually seeing T3!!! Yes! I'm proud of all of you. :D p.s. I know ram being removed is a buff to buildings, but if Ultras are in your opponents base it's always going to be game over.Convict15 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Combining Spore/Spine Crawler Would this make zerg too powerful? Would this help with our AA? What is everyone's thoughts on the matter?nicely5 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Hypothetical Survey: What would you trade... If you were given the choice to remove one tech 1.5 unit for an AA unit similiar to the marine or stalker, would you rather see the baneling or the roach removed? My personal choice would be remove the baneling. For 50 minerals, 25 gas and .5 supply, and a larva, how many opposing units do you have to kill to make it a fair trade? Banelings do splash and are good for reducing the number of marines or zealots in a tech 1 ball, but not that great against Marauders and Stalkers. So considering that the unit they counter doesn't require gas, it's doubtful that you ever really get a 'fair' trade for your resources. The last reason is simply I prefer to have a unit that doesn't have to die to attack. I still need to practice using them because that is what we have though.Kyp1 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Epic comeback! -replay 900 Diamond (yea I suck T_T) ZvT on Scrap Station. Terran does pre-igniter drops many times, and cooks many drones Terran gets a small fleet of Vikings, and supply caps me for 1 whole minute. I lose my main, and Spawning Pool. I did not want to quit, thus I was rewarded. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=147573 !!! NOTE !!! The reason all the harass crippled me was because I played very bad, but the point of the replay is to never surrender, as you might pull through yet!ktimekiller8 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Another "I love banelings" thread. (replay) Nothing too fancy here, being silver and all, but it was still very satisfying to see the incredible ability of banelings once again. http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76307-1v1-terran-zerg-blistering-sandsReese1 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 The No qq strat forum Xp i love zerg and i think i have been getting to a point where people around my skill lvl cannot beat me with Terran i have at least won my last 5 tvz matches yes random has given me zerg like 7 times in a row idk why. But i just want to throw it out there the only terran strat that scares me now is thor im too r-tarded to make a magic box with my mutas and not mess it up like 15 seconds later how do you counter thor effectively especially if they rush for thor. and just any other zerg start stuff can go here XpMyersMayhem4 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 2v2 replay zz vs tp.... help?? the replays kinda long (54 min) but here it is...... http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76298-2v2-terran-protoss-zerg-twilight-fortress I'd like some pointers as to what my teammate and i did wrong. I feel like we did everything we could but couldnt break the terran/protoss turtle. I just feel like we macroed the hell out of them and they still won off of like one expansion each. any critique would be greatly appreciated, don't hold back. wetdog0 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Assistance in reducing required micro Hi, I use the build order to reduce some of my micro effort and sometimes I set rally points to a nydus worm so instead of having all my units spawn in different locations (I don't use rally often, they can get killed while moving), I can unload them off a single nydus. Any other tips you guys have for reducing the stress of micro? I don't suck at micro terribly (APM is 60-100 without spamming clicks) but it's just WAY too demanding when I have 4-5 bases to control.Dragon0 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Blizzard, please fix "contaminate". What it does NOT do: 1. Stop buildings from continuing to make their add-ons. 2. Stop buildings from functioning (Pylons, Cannons, Bunkers etc.) 3. Stop upgrades. I realize that contaminating an Armory and halting the production of Thors would be seriously OP, but contaminate does nothing to 80% of buildings in the game. At the VERY least...it should stop add-ons from continuing to be produced. Stopping upgrades might be a bit OP if someone were to be able to micro efficiently and use it often. Shutting down Cannons or Bunkers would also be OP, imagine the late game and players grabbing Overseer's to halt static defenses. Discuss...Volatile9 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 ZvT Replay- Criticism Welcome! Ello all been playing Zerg for a little bit now. I'm still getting the hang of all the things a zerg player needs to pull a victory out of the hat but I think I'm on the right track. Here's the replay of my victory oover a Terran http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/76232-1v1-terran-zerg-scrap-station I know its only silver league, but any criticism and advice is welcome. Please help me step my game up. CheersLCorvis3 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 Any More News on the Patch? Or are the released patch notes all we'll be getting come next week? Because it won't fix the early game..EarWax3 Sep 9, 2010
Sep 9, 2010 The Zerg remind me of Magikarp... Remember good 'ole Magikarp? "I swear to God...when I evolve...Ima kill all you guys." XDNaticusREX14 Sep 9, 2010