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Jan 25 Wol and Hots maps that need to come back! Some maps i wish we still had. it would be nice if Blizzard would bring these back or recreate them some how. I would want to have "Iron Fortress" back it was such a good map. It often had Quick banshee harrasments or Dark templar or fast muta play. it was just a great map. and it was always a struggle to prottect a base from hit and runs. what are maps you want back?bossman4 Jan 25
Jan 25 Help vs. Adept + Oracle Title should say it all. I usually go hatch (sometimes 3 hatch) before pool, and I have to make this decision before Toss can bust out the Stargate. I have a lot of trouble figuring out which composition would defend best, especially on !@#$ty %^- Ulrena. Should I just blind counter with a spore and roaches (and queen obv.) in my mineral lines every game if I can't get a decent scout off for whatever reason? Also, just since this is a forum and that means I'm obligated to whine a bit, this build seems WAY harder to defend against then it does to executePikklez2 Jan 25
Jan 24 Mechanic Drills #6 Keyboard Mechanics (VID) Link: Mechanic Drills #6 Keyboard Mechanics (OUTSIDE OF GAME drill)(p.2) Thanks for watching guys :) if you have any comments or feedback, get back to me! Link to the rest of the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFsSKtEn_DmSmcj2TNJgvG0jE9YpDJI4RRisk4 Jan 24
Jan 21 Hellbats? How do you deal with mass hellbat liberator combo? I went roach/hydra/ravagerInsomniac6 Jan 21
Jan 21 Attempting Zerg 1v7c Elite - need suggestions I managed to win a 1v7c elite AI with Terran on Lava Flow. However when playing zerg I cannot survive the ranged air strikes after I retreated to an island. So my question is whats a good sustainable defense to long range air attacks? (mainly Tempests and Brood Lords) I tried a fleet of corrupters but they are too slow and short range attack, so they get exposed to viking fire since they need to push out far away from the island spore defenses. I tried muts, they are quick but not sustainable, as they drop like flies. Also any other suggestions would be great. Maybe parasite?Veldren2 Jan 21
Jan 21 Funny ZvP Replay, he got mad! I played against a guy that said he was Korean and Bm'd me the whole game. I've been trying to be more aggressive against Protoss. He started to get mad when I said "Hail the king of the beta, ID the RA!" at the start of the game. http://ggtracker.com/matches/6419460Migrax0 Jan 21
Jan 21 Shooting Infested Terrans Properly Hey guys, I'm still having problems getting Infestors to shoot the Infested Terrans properly. When I try to shift-click them to spawn infested terrans to confuse tanks, my infestors end up just walking to where I want them to shoot the infested terrans. What am I doing wrong?Migrax4 Jan 21
Jan 20 Tech paths I know this was touched on before a little bit but i'd like more clarity on this i normally go roach/hydra/ravager for zvp and zvt. I was wondering if i should tech to ultras or broodlords instead of going for 3/3 right away. How many broodlords and Ultras are ideal in my army since i know i need a good balance and which is the better choice also when i switch to ultras it's ultra ling infestors correct?Insomniac2 Jan 20
Jan 20 Got tired of stupid Liberators... So I said to myself "what would screw over a terran who wants to rush liberators, tankivacs, mines and marines as a gigantic imba allin?" I started opening gas 1st then pool into 3:30 speedling drops with 18 speedlings and ovie speed upgrade. 9/10 times you wreck the mineral line badly but it doesn't end the game. Now instead of continuing the speedling drops you switch directly into a Roach Ravager rush, starting with 4-6 Ravager. And you load them into your transport ovies+drop them too. If scvs get pulled launch bile shots and load into ovies, pretend they're warp prisms and micro that way. This also helps them deal with things like marauders since marauders can't shoot up. While you do this because you get a mineral bank due to not having enough larva, expand as needed but keep pumping roach ravager and lings for the final finishing blow. You won't need more than 2 gas, sometimes even the 1 gas with 3 drones on it is enough, depending on what happens though.DankTemplar1 Jan 20
Jan 20 Are Broodlords still good in LoTv? Now that the game is much more fast paced are broodlords still viable vs other than mech. With the enemy having lots of expansions and broodlords being so slow it is very hard to finish a game if you don't get a head on fight where the broodlords can excel. Besides beating mech comps what else can Broodlords do without the risk of the enemy outpacing them and going to base race because broodlords can't get back to defend in time with their speed.Biomech2 Jan 20
Jan 20 Mechanic Drills #5 Mouse Mechanics(Video) Link: Mechanic Drills #5 Mouse Mechanics In this episode of Mechanic Drills, we focus on our mouse mechanics by doing some out of game drills. The beauty of improving with your mouse is you can do it outside of sc2 and it will drastically improve your ingame game play! In this episode I talk about some of the finer details and why this is so important. Link to Rest of Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFsSKtEn_DmSmcj2TNJgvG0jE9YpDJI4R Can find me on twitter @RiskSc if you liked what you saw and what to see more be sure to subscribe!Risk3 Jan 20
Jan 20 Good first steps for a baby Zerg? Hey guys, I've recently gotten back into Starcraft 2 and I've decided to play Random. My Terran is pretty good and my Protoss is fine, but my Zerg is really lacking I feel. Any tips would be appreciated! I'm not too good at Queen injections or creep spread, but I mostly need to know things like good things to do against early harassment/air or what builds I should work on.Bazoozle13 Jan 20
Jan 19 Viable ZVP stragetys i find myself having trouble fighting a protoss player. I can never beat there final push. i have a 39% win rate against protoss and that is not exactly what i want my win rate to be at. i just am not good at fighting a protoss all the other races i have a 64% against Zerg and a 72% against terran. but against a protoss... i basicly suck. i need help!bossman9 Jan 19
Jan 19 ZvZ trouble? Okay i'm having a real hard time understanding ZvZ can anyone break it down for me i can't figure it out so can any one post build orders, timings, unit comps, replays, etc because i am beyond frustrated with this match up... Thanks.Insomniac11 Jan 19
Jan 19 ZvZ safe opener? I was told that 17 pool isn't safe against 13/12 and zvz i usually open 17 pool 17 hatch 17 gas. So what is a safe macro opener that can hold a 13/12?Insomniac22 Jan 19
Jan 19 Why David Kim is the best qualified developer 1 Strong resistance to compression. Despite so many amateurs and professional players in all regions complained about the imbalance of TvP, David still play deaf and dumb for nothing. 2 Clear logical thinking. For example, his reason not to nerf the adept is very convincing: since this unit has been weakened in the beta period so there is no need to do this anymore. 3 Valuing people’s feedback Yesterday Kim has made the new speech, and said” Siege tanks going back to tank mode when picked up by Medivacs does seem to be a solid suggestion. We agree with you that Siege Tanks gaining mobility did take away from what the unit is by design, and also agree that this change played the biggest part in making mech not viable in TvT. We can definitely add this to the next balance test map. ” So basically Kim means: thank you guys for giving so much feedback on adept is imba, I am very happy to hear that, so we decide to nerf the tank. 4 Enjoy reputation everywhere If you ask the league of legends players from Korea or China whether they know the name of DK, they will definitely give you the positive answer. Why? They will tell you just because him they choose to leave SC2 to LOL. Thanks to Dk’s hard work, you are absolutely the best qualified developer in starcraft,and you are a warm-hearted man. Without you, I would never quit the stubbrorn addiction to legacy of the adept so easily..QuAsaR3 Jan 19
Jan 18 Help Adjusting to 12 Worker Change So, I just recently started getting back into SC2 and bought the LotV expansion. I was never super good at the game before and kind of stopped due to time constraints. Back then, I at least knew what I was doing or what my build was. I usually did a 12 pool (extractor trick) and went for an agressive roach start, but kept enough to expand and not fall behind if the push fails. In general, I like any build that can set my opponent's economy back by hitting their workers early and then taking that chance to surge past them in terms of economic production. So far, in my LotV matches, I've been failing miserably (aka losing) at almost every build order I've tried. Sometimes my units just fall before reaching their workers because they have a bigger army and other times I just get out-macroed. You'd think with 12 workers, it'd be easier to do a strong rush, but I just can't seem to figure out how or what to do. Can anyone suggest to me a build order that starts with an early agressive play that could end the match right there, but also be able to expand if need be? Or if there's a way to do my old build with the 12 worker start? I just need some kind of solid starting ground.Okami6 Jan 18
Jan 18 Counter Terran early marine/tank/medivac push Hey guys, I have lots of trouble counter terran early marine + tank + medivac push in lotv. I am a high silver zerg player. Roaches can't fight them cuz tanks do lots of damage and whenever I use ravagers' missiles at tanks, medivac will just pick up the tanks and dodge my missiles. Usually when they push, I am just about to take my third and lair is still in process. Even if I go quick lair, what can I do? Marines do well against mutas. And infestors won't have enough time to gain energy. It's frustrating. Any suggestions will be appreciated. :)DropleT4 Jan 18
Jan 18 Who do you Think is the Best Zerg Player? Well this is a really opinionated question and its up to you. In my mind the best is Nestea,DRG, and Stephano. What do you guys think?Nerchio83 Jan 18
Jan 17 build orders need some new safe build orders also a build order against terran that shuts down liberator even with the range upgrade.IMBALISK0 Jan 17
Jan 16 SURELY it's a bug, I hope just played a game on dusk towers where liberators, behind my minteral line, were in range to attack drones, and also impossible to hit with queens or spores. I moved my spore in every possible spot, angled my queens every way possible, the guy even had it angled funny so that the queen was basically right next to the liberator, yet she still could not reach. I really hope blizzard doesn't intend to purposefully let terrans have free reign over your mineral lines. It was on 2 bases that this happened as well.Slachtbeest8 Jan 16
Jan 16 Mass Mine? im talking MASS mine. top 8 diamond Z here, ive been getting hit with this weird !@#$ lately, where they just make INFINITY mines and just walk them at my %^-* and kill me ive tried a lot of stuff, like going hydras with range since it outranges mines, and trying to clean up that way, but they get vikings and tanks to support and i cant keep overseers alive and my hydras get shrekt. also they just kinda kamakaze the mines at my army and burrow them and if even a quarter of them go off i lose my entire army. how are people handeling this?DocHoliday5 Jan 16
Jan 15 Cerebrates vs broodmothers in a ZvZ swarm vs swarm. My money is on the Cerebrates i don't care what Kerrigan did to the broodmothers, there is no way in hell a broodmother can bet a Cerebrate Reminder the broodmothers are the leaders of swarm in ( heart of the swarm ) Cerebrates are the leaders of swarm in ( sc1 , Retribution , Insurrection , and brood war )DeathBlade17 Jan 15
Jan 15 Countering mutas Greetings! I am platinum level zerg and I'm seeking advice from master+ players, or in general anybody with great zvz knowledge. Is burrow roach timing attack against mutas a thing in higher leagues? I know that the usual response to mutas is either a push that ends the match before mutas increase in numbers, going for a nydus, or turtling on 3-4 bases for vipers. I'm interested is burrow roach a good approach because I like that playstyle, unburrowing roaches all over the place and make other player go in panic mode. In the first roach push I decided to snipe hatcheries to cripple his production. Would it be better if I just focused on drones or maybe even snipe lair tech because I knew he'll most likely go ultras (other option is lurkers). My general goal is to kill him before ultras. If I went ultras after the roach push it would have been game ending but I feel they will get nerfed in the future so I'm trying to focus on some different playstyles. I know I could have ended the game easily on many different ways but I failed in the end. Please refrain yourself from commenting about my macro. There's a reason I'm still platinum. My injects were bad, droning was not that great, upgrades etc... The followup I did was hydras eventhough I knew he'll most likely have banes to counter them, but hey, I'm an idiot and went full hydra. How do you usually protect your hydras against banes, do you prefer infestors or going lurkers (I had a lot of gas)? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6385022Mamaranth3 Jan 15
Jan 14 How to beat Terran Walling Hello! I'm a new Starcraft player and I've started to play some 1v1 games. I played against a Terran player who built walls at the top of the ramps. I did some searching in these forums and I found a few posts about it. Are those posts still good advice or is there a better way to break down walls? Thanks for any replies.HackerOperJP2 Jan 14
Jan 14 Scouting & Holding 2 gate adept + expand How do? Also, tell me what I did wrong after failing the defense: http://ggtracker.com/matches/6397509GrimLegion4 Jan 14
Jan 14 Nest First 13/12 anyone tried this yet? while the delayed zerg speed is annoying, having banelings in the enemy mineral line with your initial zerglings seems pretty good not only does it do more damage, but they're expecting a zergling attack to come first, making the optimal defensive strategy 'keep mining and attack when attacked', therefore making a baneling attack much more effective just a thoughtHedo8 Jan 14
Jan 13 Is it still viable Muta/bane/ling vs Terran? I'm using Ravager/infestor vs Terran but I found two big problems with that. 1- It's the standard composition now and Terrans know it. They can easly counter it making marauders and abusing of their better mobility doing multidrops. 2- Zergs can't harrass and they are busy trying to defense all drops while his opponent is expanding and making a better economy/army with impunity. All this problems would be solved with mutas to harrass/catch dow medevacs and buying time to expand and reach Tier 3 units. I now if Terran is massing liberators mutas will be killed but in any other case would be fine. Don't you think? Sorry for my English.Destruktor2 Jan 13
Jan 12 Streaming! Going live at 6 pm est http://www.twitch.tv/insomniac313Insomniac1 Jan 12
Jan 12 GM zerg streaming! Hi hi, I'm Nistic, GM zerg on NA. Starting my stream soon, please support if you are bored or want to watch a new player/streamer. I could be bothered to turn on the webcam and mic for you but probably will have it off for now :P http://www.twitch.tv/nisticismllllllllllll1 Jan 12
Jan 12 Scouting (LOTV) Guys, I recently came back to the game and with LOTV my scouting timings are quite messed up. Do we still need to drone scout? If yes, what are the preferred timings per matchup? Cheers from Cambodia :)PodZob1 Jan 12
Jan 11 Is there gonna be a zerg mission pack? also do you guys think that the nova mission pack will be successful?Theswarm0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Zerg versus Zerg Overview All credit goes to Blade55555 His twitch if you want to ask questions and he is very helpful http://www.twitch.tv/blade55555 http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-strategy/499697-zerg-versus-zerg-overviewInsomniac0 Jan 10
Jan 10 ZvT Liberators rush I'm talking about Terran 1-1-1 one base liberator push that eventually get backed up by rines/rauders in case you play Ravager etc. How do you deal with it? You can make spores to make it not attack the mineral lines/defend larvas, but investing in these makes you fall behind on economy/army and leave the door open for terran to go take down your base/natural expand with a small ground army force. Zerg has very minimal anti-air option so, I'm not sure what to do even after scouting it in time. It's also incredibly hard to defend against the ground forces because the Terran can just keep kiting his army into the liberators range. Is there an early game hard counter to this? Edit: Oh okay, I just need to make 3-5 queens and push back against it, don't even need ravagers. ty guys.Hakulyte7 Jan 10
Jan 9 skipping 20 ish overlord? I know most people me included make an overlord around 19-21 but i was talking to a master league zerg and he said he skip it to make it at 26-27 for more drones... What do you guys thinkInsomniac13 Jan 9
Jan 9 Lair or evos first? I like to go roach/hydra/ravager usually for zvp and zvt Should i get lair first or evos usually and can someone look at a replay for me i won but i was broke for periods of time and it seemed like the wrong times Edit: also is 3:30 a good time to drop roach warren in zvp or zvt or too early he did a push early though.Insomniac8 Jan 9
Jan 8 Can't keep up with T in terms of macro I just played a ZvT and my opponent always had a higher supply than I did somehow. The Terran player opened Rax -> CC -> Factor -> CC I took my third at about 34 supply or around the 3:30 mark.Tireless2 Jan 8
Jan 7 ZX vs ZZ scouting and general help X = T / P We have some scouting trouble against dual Zerg in 2n2. Some questions we always try to figure out: 1. If there's a big early Ling rush coming 2. Are they or one of them going for Roach (Ravager) / Hydra or directly Mutas after Ling Not only this but some general against this MU in the early game is appreciated and what are important scouting tips against dual Zerg. We are currently playing at high Platinum low Diamond.Syndicate2 Jan 7
Jan 7 Help vs P Diamond Terran here. I've lost interest in the game, but im steadily comming back, i feel like P has a easy game vs Terran and i lose most of my matches vs Toss. I can defend pylon rushes and warpprism harrash drops, and also proxy oracles. But Toss just takes a 3d base anyway and when i attack it messes the game up and i lose. i open with reaper FE into cyclone + bunker to hold off most harras options i mentioned above and with good succes. My problem is counterattacking. Drops gets shutdown by PO or they don't make it to deal enough dmg before i need to retreat. and if i lose to much toss just A moves and kills me when we are both on 3 basses. Any tips or timing attacks i should be aware of?Craft1 Jan 7
Jan 7 ZvT Prion Terraces Build 14g 14p 14ov drone to 18 @100gas ling speed pull 2 drones out of gas 1xqueen drone (21 supply rally to gold base) 22ling 22 hatchery 21ov constant production of lings @150 minerals 1x queen inject second time with main queen then send to gold base send 8 drones from main to gold base when completed. aim put aggression on if 3 rax reaper send 10+ lings around the map into opponent base while defending against reapers. if wall down its gg happens more often than people think or just attack wall and force them to repair clean up reapers take third or just ling bane all in. if they play standard into hellion banshee drone up and constantly harrass natural till u cant stick around anymore queen spore defence + roaches then go 6 gas +1 or 1/1 (preference) roach ravager keep them on 2 bases. best way to do this is take other gold as a third only drone to 8 on minerals when they push across use roach ravager to slow them down and kite back then run lings into third while attacking. any feed back please share. if like replays of me doing this build let me know. http://lotv.spawningtool.com/9257/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/9258/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/9259/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/9260/Ascarecrow2 Jan 7
Jan 7 ZvZ? When's a good time in general to take a 3rd if i'm not being all inned and when do you guys drop roach warren? Edit i'm probably gonna open 17 pool 17 gas 18 hatch.Insomniac5 Jan 7
Jan 6 zerg capital ship? Why doesn't zerg have a 6 supply air unit that attacks both ground and air? Protoss have void rays, tempest, and carriers that attack both ground and air, and Terran has battlecruisers and now liberators (I don't count vikings since they don't shoot ground from the air). Zerg has only mutalisks, and vipers, sort of. However parasitic bomb is not so great vs capital ships. Why can't zerg get a 6 supply air unit that attacks both ground and air?hurdler6 Jan 6
Jan 5 ZvZ Lurkers I'm a little bit new to the game, but I'm not doing too badly on the ladder. However, whenever I play against Zerg, I always find that my opponent masses lurkers, and as I love a ground based army, I find myself struggling to deal with them. Zerglings get destroyed, as do ultras and roaches and everything that I try to throw at them. The worst incident was when my opponent had made about 20 lurkers in comparison to my 10 or so, and it was just a long stalemate for such a long time that I just had enough and tried to all in, but my fully upgraded ultralisks got melted before they could even reach the lurkers, my roaches got just a couple of hits off before getting destroyed, and my hydras weren't much better. I tried to counterattack by moving around with some lings, but he had all the entrances to my base covered. I've been thinking about trying to deal with lurkers, and I can't really seem to find a hard counter. I thought mutas might be good, but then I remembered that Lurkers spawn from Hydras, and the fact that the guy had about 20 Hydras didn't help me out very much either. I thought maybe brood lords may have been a good way to win that game, but then I remembered how expensive they are and how long they take to tech up to, and that he can just reposition his lurkers and move in his hydras. I thought maybe swarm hosts too, but his hydras can probably snipe my overseers before they can lock onto the lurkers, and though I may be able to get some damage onto his hydras he can always make more. Now I'm just a noob, so I don't think my reasoning is absolutely sound, but I just can't seem to find a counter to mass lurkers/hydras. And no, I won't consider doing the same. I feel like that's either boring, or the pathway to a stalemate. Anyway, thanks for reading, any help is appreciated. PEACE!Yan8 Jan 5
Jan 5 Trouble spending money on LOTV Hey so i find that by the time i have three bases up and running ive got more minerals than i know what to do with. what should i do to fix this, because even with all my gasses going im always floating like 1000-3000 minerals. Should i just make zerglings and play around with them? in hots i was usually able to keep all my money in check until late mid game, with my average minerals being around 800 but now its ridiculous and its around 2000 and games aren't going for any longer than 15 minutes. Any tips?SneakyGoblin2 Jan 5
Jan 4 Disruptors I know this has been brought up before but i had such a hard time dealing with disruptors and i had infestors plus 3-3 roach hydra. I'm drawing a blank on what to do.Insomniac28 Jan 4
Jan 4 Welp they brought back the Widow Mine Except they renamed it "Disruptor" and gave it to Protoss. We should really get a refund for this game.. There's no reason I should lose a game where my opponent lets me 4-base early into a 2/2 timing attack simply because he has two disruptors capable of killing 4 ravagers each. I'd like to go speedlings to counter this but it seems as if Blizzard really doesn't want that to be a thing with how broken adepts are right now. Back to Hearthstone. Seriously someone needs to fire David Kim.PolyArch8 Jan 4
Jan 3 Advice: to really "get" Zerg, play WoL With the exception of the Adept, which is a Terran unit w/Protoss skin made to appease forum whiners, I think the design team did a really good job with SC2. It's worth it to ask yourself: these were smart people. How did they think Zerg could compete without the Viper, the Swarm Host, the Ravager, the Lurker, Spawn Broodling? Lurkers were in BW---what did the design team think replaced them? Asking myself these questions has led to a swarmier, more mobile, and (the hope being) more terrifying Zerg style, focused on killing bases over fighting battles, attrition over efficiency, and brute force over cuteness. The reason playing a few games of WoL helps you "get" a race is because all the traits the design team envisioned the race having are encompassed in those units. They sold that game for $60, fully confident that it was a complete game. People liked it: they played it, for fun and professionally. Anyway, this is just what helped me, trash silver, if it helps you great, otherwise disregard.Calm2 Jan 3
Jan 3 The problem with Lurkers I feel that they're basically a unit that says "Build me or lose!". Two games in a row, I just played attempting to beat my opponent using roaches, ravagers, lings, hydras, mutas, corrupters, just everything but Lurkers really (Not all of them, half used in one, half in the other). One game vs Terran, one game vs Protoss. Thinking back on them, I realize that the reason why I lost is because I didn't build Lurkers. If I had, my opponent wouldn't have been able to run down my army as easily as they did in both games. A few days ago, I played a game vs another Zerg where we both went Macro. I went roach ravager hydra ultras, and he snuck in a Lurker den and built like 20. Needless to say, I was helpless and got stuck in my own base, and ended up losing because, you guess it, I didn't build enough of my own Lurkers. They're too overpowered at the moment, and the other Zerg units in comparison I feel are not powerful enough. Lings get destroyed too easily by stuff like Archons vs protoss, and even then vs Terran get melted. Roaches get destroyed by both Stalkers and Marauders. Hydras get obliterated by Collosi with very little micro required from the protoss played to do so, and similar case with Hellbats. Mutas are easily countered by Archons and Thors too, Corruptors are just there to try and protect the Mutas. Lurkers on the other hand, may be countered by detection and stuff, true. But it's both hard and expensive to get to them. You just burrow, and if you fight your opponent on top of Lurkers, you've suddenly won the battle. If you just get Lurkers and position them well it's pretty much gg. Every time I build Lurkers vs Terran and Protoss I win, but because of this I think they're boring. But ultimately, I can't play anything else that I might find fun, simply because they're too !@#$ing strong.Yan3 Jan 3
Jan 3 Aggressive ZvP builds and followups. Just what the title says, I am looking for aggressive ZvP builds and followup ideas, as well as transitions into the mid/late game.PuddleJumper6 Jan 3
Jan 3 How to beat Oracle Disruptor as Zerg? First off how do you deal with the Oracle ability stasis? I've been against Protoss who just stasis all attack paths so I can't attack them. Even if I have Oversers and can see them I still have no way to get past them. They can't be killed, nor can they get baited like widow mines, as after you run one unit in it doesn't "go off" it just traps that unit and will still trap all additional units that walk into it. With these traps the Protoss can purely go up to 3 fast bases and make 10+ Disruptors. Even if I'm maxed out there is nothing I can do as I can never actually fight with my whole army at once due to stasis. Vipers cna maybe abduct 1~3 Disruptors, but they don't help deal with 10+ in a cost efficient way. Protoss loses nothing as they are using Disruptor attacks (free) and stasis (free) while I lose everything. I sometimes open Roach Ravager and sometimes ling, but there is nothing that can be scouted early enough to determine if I need lots of lings to deal with stalker disruptor. Not until Robo Bay is down do I know, and by then it's too late to tech switch as I already have missile and carapace upgrades.Richard6 Jan 3