Technical Support

Sep 3 Can't connect to offline or account BLZBNTBNA00000A8D this code comes up when SC2 is run on my new computer with gtx 1080 nvidia and running windows 10. I can't do anything about it but retry or continue offline, both don't do anything but crash. How to fix?protoman0 Sep 3
Sep 3 What is RAM usage displayed at the FPS panel? I am diagnosing the FPS drop problem occurs recently. RAM usage specified by the FPS meter said it max at 2048 MB. Is this the system RAM or GPU RAM? I'm running on: AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core @3.90 GHz Installed memory: 8.00 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (with 2048MB) Windows 8 - 64bitBifernGTW0 Sep 3
Sep 2 Not Available while initializing game mode ^ it stays like this, forever.... sometimes restarting fixes it... (I am also mastery level 90, which intermitently displays correctly...) Would love to actually be able to play... (Also arcade never loads.. everything stays blank - )Jeslis1 Sep 2
Sep 2 Mouse isint working Ever since the live stream thing i cant play anything. It dose not even recognize I have a mouse. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works.zealot1 Sep 2
Sep 2 buying SC2LOTV 3 times from walmart and none of the codes work I have went out and bought 3 new copies of StarCraft 2 Legacy of the void and none of the codes work. I just got a PC that can play StarCraft 2 blizzard what is going on please help mekevin1 Sep 2
Sep 2 FPS drops despite, good connection and hardware I end up playing co-op missions with my wife. We haven't played for a while and during this time I built a new computer that she has been using for other games. I have noticed when we are playing the co-op missions together my wife's FPS drops out as the amount of computing increases. She will play other games like Overwatch, or Dota 2 with no issues in lag, FPS or other performance issues. My computer which has less computing power than hers runs SC2 with no problem. However her computer struggles during all of the coop matches. Even at the start you can tell that the game is lagging a little and during the mid to late game her FPS drop through the floor. Basic Motherboard: MSI MS-7978 CPU: i5-6500 @3.2 GHz Graphics Card: GTX 950 Ram: 16342 MB We share the same internet and here is the connection speed from speak easy: Download Speed: 66334 kbps (8291.8 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 4322 kbps (540.3 KB/sec transfer rate) What i have tried: -Reduced the graphics to the lowest setting. She suffered the same problem though it took a little bit longer to get as severe Run DXdiag and it indicated that there were no issues. Updated all of the drivers for the motherboard and other hardware. I have followed some of the guidance from THE ULTIMATE SC2 OPTIMIZATION & FPS GUIDE 2.0 such as: - Large address aware - Razer Game Booster - Leatrix Latency Fix I have reset the modem to no effect. I have uninstalled SC@ and reinstalled it, twice :). Regardless i am confused at why i am seeing these issues. TL;DR My wife's comp is having some serious FPS issues which make the game basically unplayable.Moriantom3 Sep 2
Sep 2 Is EU patch server down? Hello, I am not able to update my sc2 client through: The application fails with a connection error issue. Is the patch server down?Sonic0 Sep 2
Sep 2 takes long to load hi blizzard it started some 3 weeks ago more or less when i noticed the sc2 site + diablo 3 site takes long to load more than 20 sec ,other sites still work normal for me but these sites including takes long to load , it would be nice if i can get a reply . thanks in advance , love u blizz :Draynor0 Sep 2
Sep 1 Missing FoS for WCS Spring & Summer Champion Hey guys, I have an account on EU servers and have my twitch account linked to (EU) as mentioned in each of blue post explaining step by step how to qualify for those rewards. Sadly I didn't get any of those two rewards also I have done every step 100% correctly according to the offical instructions. I also checked at least twice the following know issues before / while watching the live streams: - loggend into my twich account - checked - connected my twitch account with the correct region - checked - only user for my account / correct user selected before streaming - checked - no pop up blocker installed - checked - no trouble shooting plug ins - checked As a fellow collector of FoS this issue really bugs me asI followed all the step correctlyPhoenix0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Conflict with Google S-Chinese Input Tool Whenever I enable my Google Simplified Chinese (Pinyin) IT, I cannot enter my password, even though I switch the IT into "English Mode" (Not changing to another IT, just let Google IT can output English directly). The BDA doesn't has the same problem, it only happened in SC2 client as I know. ----------------- Btw, I just remember that there is another conflict: If a player is running an electronic Chinese-English dictionary software when playing SC2, no matter what brand the software is, the C key is always "forced to press". For example, when I select two High Templar, even though my hands are AFK, these two units will automatically merge and become an Archon...StarOFdadA0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Why I have China as only avaliable region Firstly, I am Chinese but I download the desktop app in Australia. The desktop app had China as only region and when let it to choose for me, i got "undefined" region. I got this problem fix by change part of the "" content into the following "Client": { "Language": "enGB", "LoginSettings": { "AllowedRegions": "CN;US;EU;KR", "AllowedLocales": "zhCN;deDE;enGB;enUS;esMX;esES;frFR;itIT;plPL;ptBR;ruRU;koKR;zhTW" I am now able to choose region in the desktop app but when i choose America as the region and open the SC2 I feel i am still in the China region. the reason is in the login screen after i lunch the SC2, China is still the only region.marchildeng1 Sep 1
Sep 1 always connect the Chinese battle net i live in australia, but my first language is chinese , when i download the battlenet in which including chinese guide. but when i play the game sometime it connect the china battlenet that is 网易, and i cannot play anymore. sometime, it could be used, i don't know why.skivy1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Radeon swichable graphics problem So I just got a new laptop the hp-17-y001nv, it has an and cpu with integrated graphics card and a R5 mx430 autonomous graphics card. The os is windows 10. The problem is that sc2 uses the integrated one with the result of less than 1fps on crowed games, much worse than my 6 years old laptop with overheating problems. I spent 3 days of my limited personal time updating and removing drivers and bios. All the options are correctly seted and the dynamic graphic card switch just don't work. I spend much time in forums without finding a solution. I think its a bug somewhere between windows ati drivers and the game. Spare me the obvious like set high performance and stuff.CyberPeach5 Sep 1
Aug 31 Starcraft update stuck at 120/180 Indices When attempting to update starcraft on my laptop, the update says "fetching indices" and reaches 120, then stops and shows an error. I tried disabling the device security software, restarting, reinstalling and the game, and restarting the computer as well as flushing the DNS. Nothing has worked so far and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help! Thanks error code: BLZBNTAGT000008A4KumandrKrbit2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Stuck on "Entering Lobby" in Arcade Recently, when I'm in the Arcade and I try to enter a lobby, it hangs on "Entering Lobby" and stays there forever, forcing me to exit the game and restart it, or relogging, though that usually doesn't fix it and I have to do it multiple times before I can enter the game lobby. Anybody know a way to fix this? I'm running Windows 10 btw, though a friend of mine has the same problem and is on Windows 7.Lumamaster5 Aug 31
Aug 31 Thankyou Blizzard Thankyou Blizzard. Id like to take this opportunity to thank blizzard for requiring the entire game to be downloaded after purchase. This is much more user friendly than a quicker and easier disc installation. I really appreciate the time and issues ive experienced going through blizzard just to access the starcraft game. Ive found the creation of accounts, passwords, constant updates really useful in accessing starcraft campaign missions. I like the more simplistic less strategic missions as well, compared to the first version. Ive played few so far of SC2, but it seems the graphics have improved...which is why I got this game...just for graphics. Thankyou BlizzardMark0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Replay destination folder Is there a way to set the replay destination folder onto another drive/directory? I currently have mine set to main drive, which is a SSD drive, and I'd like to redirect the replays to a secondary drive. Thanks!Monchix0 Aug 31
Aug 30 LOTV Campaign status only completed 2 missions but I've done more I had a 'glitch' awhile ago when apparently the version of the game updated while I was in the middle of a mission. It gave me an odd message about it which I don't even remember, but now I've noticed my campaign status is stuck way back saying I've only completed 2 missions. Even though I'm almost done with the campaign now. I've been able to continue via Loading saved and autosaved missions. I think the message about the outdated game version said something about reconnecting to, which I did. Did it continue my campaign in the 'old' version of the game, and so I've lost all that progress, according to the game?briforge0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Best Settings for smooth cinematics GTX970/i5-4460 4kRES I just began playing the campaign for SC2 last night, and so far I am enjoying it, but my rig is having trouble playing cinematics at a smooth frame-rate at 4k resolution. Both GeForce experience and SC2 options menu recommends everything maxed out even at 4k, and the game itself seems to run fine (to my liking anyway). The cinematics seem to lag during specific shots, like the close-up of the shotglass with liquor poured into it, or Tychus close up of the cigar embers burning, or even Dr. Hanson, which I guess might have to do with her glasses or lip gloss. There seem to be no problems with scenes of Raynor, even close up on his facial hair. I would like to know if any of the in-game settings actually affect the cinematics, and what settings I should dial back to get the best cinematic performance while maintaining the best possible quality. Thanks in advance!Ituhata0 Aug 30
Aug 30 LOTV Keyboard problem Hey i'm having some tech trouble ingame with my keyboard and mouse not having any input. If anyone can help me fix this let me know, thankyou :).llllllllllll0 Aug 30
Aug 30 [Bug] Nova story pack 1 freezing So, every time that I try to play the third mission in the first pack of the nova story, I get through the cut scene and almost to the part where you make ability changes to Nova and different units before you start the mission. But when I get there the program freezes. I try to shut down the program through task manager, but it just gives me a black screen with the task bar at the bottom. I try to close the program from there but nothing happens. I end up having to restart my computer sometimes forcibly. I have had this problem for a while. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, and also the scan and repair option but nothing is working. I love your games guys, especially Starcraft. It would be amazing if I was able to finish the story packs since I did pre-order them. That is the only reason I have not played it recently, because it keeps crashing on me.Narkil2 Aug 30
Aug 30 all I wanna do is play the game It took a day to install this game then everything was great for a week or so then it said I needed a update...after 2 days of this : Downloading: 137.35 MB remaining @0 B/s .......... AND my HD light stays solid red ... like the computer is doing something but it aint doing nuttin... I have tried to uninstall and that just hangs my computer up again like its busy.... the point is this I was playing happily untill some update had to happen now nothing , nothing at all ............can anyone help me get past this issue? PLEASEGorillaGlue4 Aug 30
Aug 30 Screen flashing and colored dots in menus In menus, screen flashes to black every few seconds and colored dots appear and disappear (not just single pixels -- approximately round dots at least several pixels in diameter that appear to have "softened" edges). Has not yet happened to me during gameplay. Problem seems to go away temporarily with restart of, but then returns after end of first match after restart.cloven0 Aug 30
Aug 29 Playing games on Should have noticeable step by step instructions on downloading and accessing purchased games. Should not have to troubleshoot on google in order to play the game. Website is not easy to navigate, way too much useless information and tedious pop-ups. Had trouble figuring out how to even post this feedback, very annoying.Schrocker0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Update stuck at 0 The new update is stuck at 0. This happened with last update as well. The only way I can fix this is by uninstalling my current SCII and copying over a previous version of SCII (I belive the one from 2 patches ago) so the update is forced to be BIGGER. Why has your client and games been so screwy since that DDOS attack few weeks ago, Blizzard? EDIT: Also, don't tell me to delete cache or tool folders. I already did.HowlingG1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Menu clock is set to the wrong timezone The clock in the bottom right corner of the screen is set to the wrong timezone. How do I control this?Stevelisk5 Aug 29
Aug 29 WoL Campaign - Media Blitz mission - cutscene Starcraft 2 WoL Story Campaign mode, Media Blitz mission. After completing the mission, a cutscene occurs where I think we're supposed to see a media footage of stuff going on but all I hear is audio of it all. After the media stuff ends, the camera pans out to the characters and all is well. Just wondering if that was intentional or if we were supposed to see the media footage? Aside from that, the game is rock solid stable for me on Ultra settings.Fox0 Aug 29
Aug 29 SCII leads tocrashes/put laptop to hibernate Hi everyone, Please help! I would greatly appreciate it. I have a Asus U35JC, I know it's not a gaming laptop and the Geforce 310M just barely cuts it, but I had no major problem playing the game since August-October Then last week I finally could play again, but after the patch, everything seems fine, until my computer randomly goes on hibernate mode during the game. I tried everything to fix the problem (reformat OS, make more HD space, change NVidia settings, etc.), but it still goes to hibernate randomly, sometimes earlier sometimes later into the game, but it rarely lets me finish a game. And I've also had a few freezing and the machine would completely shut off. What could be the reasons for this problem? Is it overheating? I checked the CPU/video card temperature, none of them exceed 90 Celsius the maximum. I even tried using cooling pad, still won't fix the problem. I've re-installed windows and re-installed SCII; also, all my video card, etc. drivers are up to date. Please let me know what my options are here. Thanks a whole bunch in advance! DavidDavidL7 Aug 29
Aug 29 help hi every time a new patch is released when try to download frizzes at certain points when try to restart download starts again from begging cant play have to re install game used up all my internetsanjiv1 Aug 29
Aug 29 I was playing normally and then 06B5C3BF-B000-4B12-A944-E611BD0051DC happened! What does it mean?Oblivion4 Aug 29
Aug 28 cant "connect to" it says the game is awaiting response from when i try to access sc2. is perfectly functional and i can contact my friends on sc through so idk what the problem is. this has been going on fora few days, i can only play offline.invincible0 Aug 28
Aug 28 Bug In The Wings Of Liberty Cinematics Hey guys I just want to point out that I was recently streaming live my play threw of the Wings Of Liberty Campaign and twice I had come across two bugs that had happen in the Cinematic and the first one was the Queen Of Blades one where the screen kept flickering and would not show anything(it works when you go to the mission archives but not during the actual game) The second one was the Hearts and Minds Cinematic and the same thing happens(and also works after going to the mission archives) is there a way to fix it to play while on the main campaign or what?Blackknight0 Aug 28
Aug 28 Blizzard Streaming Feature: Audio Issues So, I've been playing around with the new ingame-facebook-streaming cool little feature, and I think I've run into a problem that warrants addressing. When you stream you normally want to use your microphone, and since you don't want the microphone to pick up the game noises/music you are listening to, you want to route your audio through headphones, not speakers. Under the microphone settings, you can easily choose which device you want the sound to be inputted from (in my case, the microphone on my wireless headset). However, for audio, the only option is to check "Capture system sounds" or not. The issue with this is that Blizzard Streaming seems to only hear system sounds (and game sounds) that go through my speakers, but when I switch them over to my headset, it can no longer hear them and no sound comes out for the stream.oPZesty0 Aug 28
Aug 28 Starcraft 2 won't update It's a rather more recent file of SC2, downloaded around April or May this year. I'm in the Philippines, known to have slow internet here. It's been a while, and I just got back, and I needed to update my games. But the thing is, I downloaded Hearthstone and Overwatch just fine. Both download at speeds of 200 to 500 kbps. So, why is my Starcraft update stuck at 0 kbps? I'm sorry if I did not search recent topics. The ones I viewed didn't have this, and I'm too lazy to search for more. But please. It's been months. Help me!NoVice6 Aug 28
Aug 28 Attempting to reconnect... Getting a bit tired of this but... and thers probably about 1milion threads with this problem :P but when i play online, either melee games, Co-op or any other types of games. i get to the 2minute mark or 30 minute(something) and the game just drops out and gives me the middlefinger :p Have checked my connection both other aplications, browsers and put my internettcable directly into the wallsocket :P and still getting the Attempting to reconnect... Im no computer expert but what to do :S AND its only with starcraft 2, no DC problems with D3, Heroes or any other blizzard game.Shadomemnon113 Aug 28
Aug 27 Sound issues (not related to sticky) So my SC2 sound works just fine up until -> I use my V8-1 Wireless Headset. All of the sounds for anything outside of SC2 - including the small videos posted on the launcher itself! - works just fine. However, my SC2 sound completely vanishes. I have tried the following: Adding the soundprovider=DSOUND to the txt file mentioned in the sticky since I do fall into this category. Making sure SC2's sound and voice (options menu) were set to use my Headset as the output device and communication device. Checking to see if any drivers were not up to date (I am currently up to date on all drivers). Now - since my sound works perfectly fine without my headset in use, I know that I do NOT fall into the category the other windows 10 anniversary update users have (see that sticky if you do!). This ONLY is affected by SC2's sounds. My Wireless headset works perfectly with everything else from youtube to windows media player to Dota 2 and more.Sarnith0 Aug 27
Aug 27 No sound Windows 10 SC2 I followed the description given to me in my World of warcraft thread about no sound working, one of the Admins told me to follow the sticky for no sound. It didnt work. I still possess no sound for SC2 :(.Rickter3 Aug 27
Aug 27 Starcraft activates my strict key function Starcraft causing "Strict Keys" to activate. Initially opening Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void causes my strict/shortcut keys to activate. Meaning my keystrokes now open programs instead of typing. This not only tabs me out of the game, but doesn't allow me to play unless I hit the start menu multiple times to diactivate it.Nasty0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Formatting my PC, What will I Loose from SCII? Hey all, I'm likely going to be formatting my PC as early as next weekend. When I reinstall StarCraft II and its Expansions, what will I loose? I've mainly played Campaign, so will I loose the Master Archives from each Expansion? For " Wings of Liberty," I'm presently replaying the Campaign on Hard, and likely will have a few missions left by the time I format. Will I need to start the _entire_ Campaign over again, or will I be able to pick up where I left off, as there is no Master Archive for the core game. Thanks!Juxtapose0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Battlenet -patch reinstall issues Battlenet launch issues, I had a patch update on starcraft and have not been able to get this *@*@$() any of my games on battlenet to work, I have uninstalled all done all the steps listed below and do a full power cycle reset on your router as well ( Http:// Where do a get a refund?dorndeath0 Aug 27
Aug 27 All Co-Op Commanders Locked Logged in to play this afternoon and all my commanders are locked saying some are available with Legacy of the Void and some are available for purchase. I already own all of them, help please?Jeremy3 Aug 27
Aug 27 Game Soft Locks Hey Blizzard Support, My game keeps soft locking (freezing on black screen for minute or two) consistently every time I alt tab out of a Full Screen game. It gets progressively worse the longer time I keep the program running. I tried switching to 64 bit, and resetting in-game options. I know going to Windowed Fullscreen fixes the problem, but I do not wish to use windowed Fullscreen because I like having option to turn brightness up. Is there any fix without having to reinstall the entire game? Thank you!NostrA2 Aug 27
Aug 27 Can't click with mouse in-game I noticed a couple of days ago that when i am logged in to my account I can't anywhere in game. However I am able to play because this problem only affects my account and I have to use my other one in order to play, but I would like to use this account (the one I am posting this with) to play to level up more. Please say any idea you have to resolve this bellow. Thx :)ace0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Starcraft single player When playing the game, the nydus canals when They are destroyed they go off the screen without showing the animation of destroying them. I also have another glitch during the "Queen Of Blades" cut scene. the screen freezes up and you hear the sounds then when Tycus relights his cigar it resumes the cut scene. Does any body know how to fix this? Thankscody1 Aug 27
Aug 26 Mouse pointer malfunction. My mouse pointer in Starcraft 2 reverts to the windows pointer over some build icons and on the minimap. When it does, I cannot click on anything. When I move the pointer onto the main screen, however, it switches back to the in-game pointer and functions normally. It has never done this until the latest patch.Daniel0 Aug 26
Aug 26 Why does the font in my chat look like this? It has a drop shadow that's offset way too far. Makes it look out of focus. Haven't played the game in like two months, so I guess this had something to do with a recent update. Anyone know how to fix it?Videoboy0 Aug 26
Aug 26 Is there any offline play? I live off grid and have slow internet. I just want to play offline against the computer like I did is SC1. I can't find offline play. How do I do this?Poonhound1 Aug 26
Aug 26 Forum website reseting connection Since about a week whenever I try to load the forum from a google search the connection reset a couple time and I have to refresh 5-6 times before it actually load. Same happen on diablo 3 forum and from 3 different computer using a different ISP. Now if i press this refresh button a couple times it eventually load : Happens only with related forums. Not my internet's faultAntiQQSquad0 Aug 26
Aug 26 SC2 in VR? I was wondering if anyone at Blizzard or from the community who is passionate about both VR and SC2 has got SC2 working through something like VorpX? VorpX supports Diablo 3, but SC2 isn't listed. But my thinking was that if D3 was possible, someone with enough technical savvy might have got SC2 working on it as well. Obviously SC2 isn't a game that will necessarily benefit from VR (I'd be using the Vive) it wouldn't really make use of tracking, just creating a 3D effect. I imagine it might be amusing watching the cinematics that are rendered with the in-game engine (rather than pre-rendered) as well, or the Hyperion/Leviathan/Adun from the campaign.TheSkunk0 Aug 26
Aug 26 Updating problems for all blizzard games right now? All stuck.. Hello.. I just finished updating my app, the beta version I guess you would call it. Now it says waiting on another update to finish for my Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft games. They are all stuck and wont move or start updating at all. I tried to 'force start' them..but that doesn't work either. So basically the only thing I can play right now is Hearthstone..simply because it doesn't have an update waiting. :(Phantasy1 Aug 26