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More than one month unable to play Since 1.1.1 patch i am unable to play, the game closes itself when login screen appears... Already reinstalled the game tons of time. Used repair tool many times too. There is no influence from antivirus or firewall 26 emails traded with support with no solution to this problem. there is any way fix this or i will be unable to play the game for ever? Carnage36
Nov 3, 2010 Nov 3, 2010
TAKE MY MONEY BLIZZ im trying to purchase Starcraft 2 and it won't let me complete the purchase!!!!! i just need the damn key, the game is already installed!!!! at the credit card entry screen after entering all the card information and accepting terms and conditions, when i click accept, the loading wheel spins eternally. I've tried on 2 computers now. WTH?!?!?!?! Maverick2
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Getting "unsupported node - 4" on Every time I move to a new page on, I get a box that pops up saying "unsupported node - 4". I click okay on the box, and it pops up multiple more times everytime I click okay. I move to another page, i.e., click on a forum post, it pops up again. This is incredibly annoying. Any explanations? retknock3
Nov 2, 2010 Nov 2, 2010
you have left the game! Okay, so I finish my ladder games and no matter if I win or lose it always says "you have left the game" on the first summary match page. However, when I check my match history and ladder records the appropriate points were given/take away. I kinda miss that "VICTORY!" +12 points message. anyone else? bliz? coraL10
Nov 2, 2010
Installation and Patch issues I was playing the game fine for quite awhile until the last 2 patches were released. I have been having many errors and crashes. My most common error was due to the 1.12 patch. I decided to reinstall and try again. The same issue occured. I reformatted my computer and reinstalled the game and patches. It worked fine for 1 game then I recieved the same error. I chose to reinstall again and now I am receiving errors every time I try to install. Please help me! Thanks Joofin14
Nov 2, 2010
Sudden crashes ATI Radeon 5770 3.4Ghz x4 processor Windows 7 Game runs perfectly on Max settings but a couple minutes in the game crashes to desktop. Everything seems great and it runs very smooth but eventually a click of the mouse instantly closes the game. This is in Single Player vs AI btw. Help? TadGhostal13
Nov 2, 2010 Nov 2, 2010 Nov 2, 2010
Disconnect Info Data Collection Hey all, We are attempting to track down a cause of the disconnects that our players are reporting while playing multiplayer games. We have implemented a few fixes already to try to alleviate these issues, but would like to gather some specific info from you to help us find a possible cause. Note: this is a data gathering thread. Please continue to post comments and reports of disconnects in this thread: Anything not on topic in this thread will be deleted. Please fill in the information below about your computer: Processor: Version of Windows: Network Card: Network Driver version: Network Card Driver Date: *UDP Checksum: *TCP Checksum: To find this information: Right click on My Computer or Computer in your Start Menu and select Properties. Processor and Windows Version can be found on the this page Open your Device Manager: Windows Vista/7: Click on Device Manager under Tasks Windows XP: Click on the Advanced Tab, then Device Manager Expand the Network Adapter section Double click on the network card that is in use Some things that are not the network card you are using: WAN Mini Port Anything that mentions VM Anything that mentions 1394 Dial up adapter Click on the Driver Tab Obtain the network card device name and driver version Click on the Advanced Tab *In the Settings or Properties field select any setting that mentions Checksum or Offloading and record the Value (there may be more than one)* The values we are interested in will all be for IPv4 settings At this time, do not make any changes. Hit Cancel and close all windows. AdamS119
Nov 2, 2010 Nov 2, 2010