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Crashing with Audigy SE (not 2), AND hanging So for a while now, I've been getting hangs during games. It looks exactly like typical game lag, but instead of "pausing" the game momentarily to wait for the slow person to catch up, the game just keeps going and I'm left behind. This can be disastrous for micro (and was the cause of a lost ladder game earlier today, the motivation for my coming here). I came here, read some things, and realized that I was using my onboard audio (Sound Max or something? audio cards are so vague) instead of my audio card. I switched over, my actual audio card is a Sound Blaster Audigy SE. Now I'm getting spontaneous crashes. My drivers are fully updated, and I'm very frowny face right now. I realize there are other threads about similar issues atm, but I have to stress: A) There is no "waiting for player" screen popping up for me (I wish there were), the game simply continues without me, while my screen is frozen. The screen is frozen off and on (in periods of about .5 sec) for a few seconds. B) It is not SB Audigy 2, it's SB Audigy SE. C) My FPS is completely fine for 99% of the game and hovers around 60. It's only for certain ambiguous moments that suddenly everything hangs and it becomes unplayable for a few seconds. This problem is most obvious at the start of any multiplayer game vs. another person. It happens 100% of the time and makes splitting impossible. Any advice? Edit: I thought my hangs were gone but I was completely wrong, I'm hanging so bad :/ Buddhist2
Oct 14, 2010
The memory at '0x00000050' could not be read. I've crashed two days in a row with the same error, is it my RAM going bad? Below is the readout from the error report. Any help would be greatly appreciated! =) StarCraft II (B16605) Time: 2010-10-13 15:47:40.934 Exe: C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Versions\Base16605\SC2.exe Parameters: Exe Built: 2010-09-28 12:38:09.871 User: Jester917 Computer: JESTER917-PC Version: Branch: branches/1.1.1 Revision: 85108 Locale: enUS ================================================================================ ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005) occurred at 0023:00BE32E6. The memory at '0x00000050' could not be read. Modules ---------------------------------------- Memory Usage Startup Error Current CRT malloc Bytes 0 0 0 Peak 0 0 0 MemAlloc Allocated 4,482,976 522,995,240 523,298,868 Overhead 176,632 4,531,108 4,531,108 Header+Footer 0 0 0 # Blocks 44,157 1,132,617 1,132,617 Committed 5,177,344 536,215,552 536,215,552 Reserved 5,177,344 536,215,552 536,215,552 Thread Stacks Comitted 569,344 20,410,368 20,451,328 Reserved 9,326,592 48,795,648 49,803,264 Loaded Modules Comitted + Reserved 103,895,040 135,868,739 135,868,739 Sound Allocated 0 88,584,041 88,584,041 Resource Estimation invalid 0 0 0 texture 0 584,464,733 584,464,733 shader pair 0 7,521,056 7,521,056 specialized shader 0 4,508,632 4,508,632 model 0 62,399,844 62,399,844 sound 0 128,303,435 128,303,435 movie 0 2,097,152 2,097,152 Total 0 789,294,852 789,294,852 Process Memory Pagefile Usage 48,320,512 1,497,968,640 1,504,378,880 Pagefile Usage Peak 48,427,008 1,500,848,128 1,504,493,568 Working Set 21,909,504 1,410,256,896 1,419,776,000 Working Set Peak 22,003,712 1,413,779,456 1,419,898,880 Working Set Min 204,800 204,800 204,800 Working Set Max 1,413,120 1,413,120 1,413,120 Paged Pool 287,504 449,312 450,304 Paged Pool Peak 287,568 454,336 457,632 Nonpaged Pool 21,744 755,464 761,900 Nonpaged Pool Peak 21,984 755,880 762,140 Global Paged Pool 244,936,704 261,566,464 261,611,520 Global Nonpaged Pool 104,321,024 112,574,464 112,623,616 VirtualQuery Pages Committed 130,646,016 1,594,781,696 1,601,179,648 Reserved 57,864,192 134,860,800 139,640,832 Free 4,106,391,552 2,565,259,264 2,554,081,280 Max Contigous Free 2,146,041,856 2,024,013,824 2,024,013,824 Committed-Private 12,394,496 1,439,068,160 1,445,466,112 Committed-Mapped 14,016,512 19,501,056 19,501,056 Committed-Image 104,235,008 136,212,480 136,212,480 Reserved-Private 32,669,696 109,666,304 114,446,336 Reserved-Mapped 23,113,728 23,113,728 23,113,728 Reserved-Image 2,080,768 2,080,768 2,080,768 Mystery Memory 69,541,888 399,378,824 409,508,232 Main Stack Size Peak 532,480 16,384 49,152 Limit 8,388,608 196,608 196,608 System Memory Physical Mem Used 1,820,286,976 3,320,324,096 3,333,763,072 Physical Mem Free 4,610,084,864 3,110,047,744 3,096,608,768 Physical Mem Total 6,430,371,840 6,430,371,840 6,430,371,840 Page File Used 1,956,294,656 3,831,435,264 3,841,630,208 Page File Free 10,902,503,424 9,027,362,816 9,017,167,872 Page File Limit 12,858,798,080 12,858,798,080 12,858,798,080 Process VM Used 170,496,000 1,711,878,144 1,723,043,840 Process VM Free 4,124,340,224 2,582,958,080 2,571,792,384 Process VM Limit 4,294,836,224 4,294,836,224 4,294,836,224 Processor Vendor: 1 Speed: 1744232798 Features: 0b00000000000000000000000001010111 Cores/Threads: 8/8 CPUID (00000000/00000000): 0000000B 756E6547 6C65746E 49656E69 ....GenuntelineI CPUID (00000001/00000000): 000106E5 02100800 0098E3FD BFEBFBFF ................ CPUID (00000002/00000000): 55035A01 00F0B2DE 00000000 09CA212C .Z.U........,!.. CPUID (00000003/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (00000004/00000000): 1C004121 01C0003F 0000003F 00000000 !A..?...?....... CPUID (00000004/00000001): 1C004122 00C0003F 0000007F 00000000 "A..?.......... CPUID (00000004/00000002): 1C004143 01C0003F 000001FF 00000000 CA..?........... CPUID (00000004/00000003): 1C03C163 02C0003F 00001FFF 00000002 c...?........... CPUID (00000004/00000004): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (00000005/00000000): 00000040 00000040 00000003 00001120 @...@....... ... CPUID (00000006/00000000): 00000003 00000002 00000001 00000000 ................ CPUID (00000007/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (00000008/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (00000009/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (0000000A/00000000): 07300403 00000044 00000000 00000603 ..0.D........... CPUID (0000000B/00000000): 00000001 00000002 00000100 00000002 ................ CPUID (0000000B/00000001): 00000004 00000008 00000201 00000002 ................ CPUID (0000000B/00000002): 00000000 00000000 00000002 00000002 ................ CPUID (80000000/00000000): 80000008 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (80000001/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000001 28100000 ...............( CPUID (80000002/00000000): 65746E49 2952286C 726F4320 4D542865 Intel(R) Core(TM CPUID (80000003/00000000): 37692029 55504320 20202020 51202020 ) i7 CPU Q CPUID (80000004/00000000): 30343720 20402020 33372E31 007A4847 740 @ 1.73GHz. CPUID (80000005/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ CPUID (80000006/00000000): 00000000 00000000 01006040 00000000 ........@`...... CPUID (80000007/00000000): 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000100 ................ CPUID (80000008/00000000): 00003024 00000000 00000000 00000000 $0.............. Video card Vendor ID: 4318 Device ID: 3249 Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M Driver Version: Video memory: 1,049,690,112 AGP memory: 2,946,750,464 Vertex Shader: vs_3_0 Pixel Shader: ps_3_0 =============================================================================== ====================================================================== Hardware/Driver Information: Processor: 0x9 Page Size: 4096 Min App Address: 0x10000 Max App Address: 0xfffeffff Processor Mask: 0xff Number of Processors: 8 Processor Type: 8664 Allocation Granularity: 65536 Processor Level: 6 Processor Revision: 7685 Os Version: 6.1 Os Service Pack: 0.0 Os Bit Size: 64 Percent memory used: 43 Total physical memory: 6430371840 Free Memory: 3630538752 Page file: 12858798080 Total virtual memory: 2147352576 krimsun0
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Acc compromise email from blizzard? I just received the following email from "wowaccountadmin<> Greetings! We have already noted that you are trying to sell your personal World of Warcraft account (s). Terms of Use ( It will be ongoing for further investigation by Blizzard Entertainment's employees. If you wish to not get your account suspended you should immediately verify your account ownership. You must complete the steps below to secure the account and your computer. STEP 1: SECURE THE ACCOUNT, YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS Account compromises most often occur when a player shares login information with an unauthorized third party or plays on a computer that has a virus, Trojan, or key-logger. We recommend you read and apply the following tips to protect yourself and the account. - Unauthorized Account Access Policy: - Computer Security: - Email Address Security: STEP 2: ACCOUNT INVESTIGATION We now provide a secure website for you to verify that you have taken the appropriate steps to secure the account, your computer, and your email address. Please go to this site and follow the instructions: STEP 3: VERIFY YOUR SUBMISSION WAS RECEIVED We will contact you with further instructions once we have received and processed your submission. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours of submitting this form, please resend it from the address listed above. Please be aware that if unauthorized access to this account, it may lead to further action against the account. Fare Thee Well, Game Master Dunarthra Customer Services Blizzard Entertainment As I haven't touched WoW in months(6, to be precise), I couldn't care less about what happens to the WoW characters that I used to love and cherish, but I am worried about my SCII account that is tied to my WoW ( account. I would think that this email is legit, and would follow the procedures, but as I tried to go to the website provided by the email, a google warning popped up saying that it is a known scam/bogus website. I re-read the website a few times, and it seemed perfectly legit to me, and decided to just ignore the warning. Once I got there, it asked me to fill out account name(which is fine), password(ok... what's going on?), and last but not least, the secret question to the account(this made me write this post). Someone please tell me if this is a legit email from blizzard or a scam/thief mail trying to get my account. Preferably a "blue." Sincerely Edit: No, I did not sell or try to sell my WoW account. It has in fact been in "frozen" state for over five months now and still belongs under my SC2 account. I just don't want to put in acc name, password, AND secret answer to a website that is supposedly a "known scam site" by google. Ringo5
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College Campus Network Connection Issues If your school is encountering a network related issue that is preventing you from accessing StarCraft II multiplayer, please email your IT departments and ask them to open up port 1119 (TCP and UDP) from their network to the following netblocks: Doing so should allow your clients to connect to multiplayer for your region as well as any other regions you currently have an account for. Jessicalu0
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Wtf is up with my campaign? Please help :( OK so... I basically went through the entire game and beat it on normal with a few levels set as casual here and there. This was basically so I can just see and enjoy the story. Then I went back and did the alternate levels. However, even after doing those levels, it said I was still missing levels. I looked up the problem as saw that there was apparently a "secret" mission that the game made no indication of nor would let me go back to it after beating Char... I reverted my game back to a previous save before Char so I could get this secret level. I did the secret mission on casual. So now my file has all the missions and only the Char world is left to select from. Before moving on to Char, I figured I would just work on getting all the achievements and beat each level on all difficulties. So I started at the very first mission. beat it on all difficulties and got all the achievements. Then I moved to the second level, then the third, and so on. After many many hours and days of playing here and there, I finally had all the levels beaten of each difficulty and all the achievements earned up to the last level on my list, "Piercing the Shroud". So up to this point, I have all achievements and difficulties for each level and as stated before, I had already done piercing the shroud on casual. So I just treated it as every other level before, I just chose the next difficulty in line (normal) and also went for its corresponding achievement. I got the achievement and beat the level on normal. This is where the problem occurred. Went I went back to the ship after the level I noticed that casual was listed as not played. Then I selected previous levels and it looks like everything reverted itself back to when I first went through the game the first time however all my achievements are still unlocked, even ones that require you to play in hard. So I don't get whats going on. I have my file from before I started Piercing the Shroud with everything unlocked and then I have a file from when I beat Piercing the Shroud and with all my difficulties gone. Not sure how I can fix this issue? I really don't want to have to start all over again... Meshif0
Oct 13, 2010 Oct 13, 2010 Oct 13, 2010
Nothing Works After 1.1 Patch After I installed the 1.1 patch when I log in the Single Player button is grayed out the multiplayer just sits on that blue loading circle. I also got a message saying "Achievements Disabled Until Further Notice" on top of all this the game doesn't exit properly anymore and I have to go to the task manager to shut it down. What in the world is going on? edit: I solved the problem on my computer I'm going to try to give as much detail as possible. Just after patch 1.1 the game was loading really slowly nothing in it seemed to work and it would not shut down correctly. These initial problems were solved by making sure the Windows firewall had the correct exceptions. I'm using windows 7-64 bit in case it makes any difference. After this I still had a number of problems. The Single Player button was grayed out. I couldn't join any Quick Match games, those buttons were grayed out as well, or start or join a custom game. If I went to guest mode the versus AI said no maps were found. I was just recently able to solve this. First I went to the create a custom game screen. I don't know if this matters but I minimized SC2 and left it for about 30 minutes. When I came back I noticed that some of the maps had the yellow download button. I downloaded a number of the maps. After this I noticed that the Quick Match buttons were no longer grayed out. When I chose one of them it would download several more maps then allow me to play, I tested and yes I could actually play a game. I did this for the 2v2 3v3 4v4 and FFA game types to download most of the rest of the maps. There were still 10-20 more maps I had to download from the Custom Game screen after this. After all the maps were downloaded I went to the single player, no longer grayed out, and saw that the campaign and versus AI were now working. So everything seems to be working on my game. I hope this helps people. Daniel130
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Replay freezing Today I installed Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and I am currently experiencing a problem while watching replays. I participated in the Starcraft II beta and experienced this same problem; it has yet to be resolved. The problem is that after about four minutes of replay watching, the game appears to stutter or totally lock up for a period of time, often for minutes at a time. The music skips constantly, and the mouse won't move, the keyboard won't accept input, and the game will not minimize with alt+tab. This problem makes it impossible to watch replays because after the four minute mark, the game will freeze for about 100 seconds, resume normally for two or three seconds, and then freeze again for another 100 seconds. This continues until I finally manage to pause the game during one of the "unfrozen" moments and close out of the replay. This has happened with my own replays, replays I've downloaded from the internet, and on various playback speeds. I recently downloaded the latest drivers for my video card, motherboard, wireless usb network adapter. During the beta I was in close contact with a Blizzard support technician who instructed me to try other versions of my video card driver, but that did not work. That technician eventually exhausted his repository of trouble-shooting techniques and informed me that Blizzard would continue to investigate the problem. I followed up a week or two ago and have not been able to get reasonable trouble-shooting information since, so I would like to start fresh. Please let me know what I can do to help you help me fix this problem. Not being able to watch replays has completely shut-down my ability to play Starcraft II competitively. Technical system information: I have 64-Bit Windows 7 Professional and Starcraft II installed on a 32GB Solid State Hard Drive. I have the rest of my computer files installed on two 80 GB regular HDs spanned as a single 160GB volume. The game plays absolutely beautifully even during large multiplayer battles on the highest graphics settings, and my system greatly exceeds the recommended requirements. Thanks a lot for your help! - Kiley neSix7
Oct 12, 2010