Technical Support

Jul 22 Can't update nor install game I have tried updating the game and re-installed the game for almost 5 times now. I even used a cable as per instructed here I tried to install the game via the CD's and still unable to update nor install the game. I have checked my PC for Viruses and nothing still. Can anyone help?Duran3 Jul 22
Jul 22 Cannot install the required files. I am downloading an update for StarCraft 2. I have been stuck at 208.97 MB away from finishing the update for an hour and it comes up with a yellow error message next to the play button in the game client. The error says it is having trouble obtaining the files. I noticed it is constantly logging me out and it never gets less that 209 MB. I really want to resolve this issue soon considering I will be able to play mission pack 2 of Nova covert ops soon. This occurred after an update asked me to restart the game client. I also tried disabling the proxy and making sure I am not working offline. I really appreciate your help in this matter.Daniel0 Jul 22
Jul 22 Game disconnecting every time near 12 minutes Been happening today, every single game, multiplayer, vs AI and co-op, all the same, the game DC at near to 12 minutes. Any solution?LeopardJack2 Jul 22
Jul 22 Sound cuts out with G930 When playing StarCraft sometimes the sound will cut out on my G930 headset (only on that sound card, HDMI out one works fine). This cuts out all sound including Teamspeak and windows sounds. The really weird thing is that coop games will not be able to finish if the sound locks up. Even if all success criteria is met it won't finish until I unplug the USB stick for the G930 then we'll win.Gila1 Jul 22
Jul 22 Can't post on forum? In Firefox I go to create a topic, type my message and click "Create Topic". When I click the button Firefox asks if I'm sure I want to leave the page (It should ask this if I'm trying to leave the page after typing something, not when trying to submit my post). Clicking Yes to leave the page and presumably progress results in it simply refreshing the current page with my message contents intact, no topic is created.Decapitator6 Jul 22
Jul 22 Can't log in I had my computer fixed, and have reinstalled SC2. However it does not let me enter in my account name. The only option it gives me is to create a new account, but I already have an account. How do I log on as an existing user?sellesom3 Jul 22
Jul 21 Patch Download I am very surprised that blizzard have still not resolved all the patch download issues?! There are so many community members complaining! I am trying to dowload patch 3.4.0 to be able to play and it wont work. My data is mobile so it is very expensive but I cannot even see how much data is needed to dowload the patch anyway. I have gone through 3 gigs of data and the download progress bar does not change, it shows 0 kb's per second on download speed and nothing happens. Yes I have dissable virus and firewall, yes I have repaired. I am so annoyed right now.Mendez3 Jul 21
Jul 21 Some Settings Do Not Save When I change my options, some settings are lost upon restarting the game. They work fine while playing, but I have to change them every time I start the game. It started about a week ago, but that had also been the first time I'd played in a little under a year. I haven't tested every single setting to see which ones save and which ones don't, but here are the ones I've noticed. They are both under the social settings tab, but some of the other settings there work fine. I did a Google search for the issue with little success. Most results were for settings that wouldn't save -at all-. Show Blizzard channels in game - This setting is always on when I restart the game. The option for non-Blizzard channels works properly. Upon a Google search for this specific issue, the only answered result I found was this: The suggested fix didn't work. I did, however, using information from this thread, notice that the ingamechannel line in variables.txt does change correctly; it appears the game ignores it for whatever reason. Unblock communication - I usually just use Block Communication as a way of shutting up a particularly annoying player, and since I usually don't see these people ever again I like to clear the list every once in a while - it's not like the average person who's getting angry with you is dedicated enough to bother you again the next day, let alone a month or even a year later. I have noticed that players I have unblocked do not stay unblocked. I have not tested blocking communication, as I haven't needed to block anyone recently. Upon Googling this issue, I encountered no relevant results.Dullstar2 Jul 21
Jul 21 arcade bugged out i have scanned and repaired the whole starcraft and it still shows up with with the infinite loading screen so the arcade bookmarked pages dont work so please fix this for everyoneterranbattle2 Jul 21
Jul 20 Game won't update - keeps freezing. What the hell? Every time I start trying to update SC2 the download begins and then it freezes within the first few minutes and says "We are having trouble transferring data, please wait while we keep trying" and the download never resumes. I have to close and start again. I am only having this issue with games... Steam I have absolutely no problem downloading full games or updates (just downloaded a 50+ gig Doom and updates) . I have been trying to update SC2 for the last 3 days and this keeps happening. What can I do?Soulmancer1 Jul 20
Jul 20 Matchmaking is unavailable Cannot use the matchmaking in any way. from training to ranked it says ''matchmaking queues are currently unavailable, please try again later'' restarted the game uninstall the game and installed the game nothing is helping! Also i cannot use the co op system ''not available while initializing game mode'' i got internet and have a good connection. what to do ?Alvador32 Jul 20
Jul 20 MMR Ranking problem? Hi, a friend and I have recently started playing sc2 again after 4-5 years of hiatus and we're playing 2s. We are currently placed in Silver but our MMR is 3778 and it states that the maximum mmr for silver is 3173. I was curious about why we are not being promoted when we're playing against Plat teams?Wolfmac0 Jul 20
Jul 20 not allowed to comunicate so for the last few months I've been unable to use text chat doesn't matter if it's wow or StarCraft 2 try to type something in and all I receive is this account is not allowed to communicate with other players I have been racking my brain I have checked everything I can and I still can't get it to work please helpramsay2 Jul 20
Jul 20 Cannot load the master archives after re-installing the game As stated on the subject, I cannot load the master archives as I was going to get some achievements done. I've already cleared the whole campaign (I see the achievements previously done on my SC2 section). I don't want to go over every single mission in order to do the achievement. How do I fix this issue?SeattleR0 Jul 20
Jul 19 How to get 100+ FPS on Ultra/Max Setting Hi, I recently I got a huge bonus so I wanted to build a crazy computer because I wanted 100+ FPS on Ultra/Max Setting. However It seems I can't get no where near that, during no action i'm at 40-60 FPS then in the middle of a battle I hit low as 7 FPS. My Specs are Xeon E5-2658 v3 - 12 Cores @ 2ghz ASUS X99 Sabertooth 128 GB of DDR 4 RAM 2 - (crossfire) x XFX R9 390 each at 8 GB of DDR5 2 - Samsung 850 Pro on RAID 0 I guess, the better question would be what is the besting setting for my ATI Graphics card to improve performance? For example I noticed my performance drops when I enable crossfire.Umad1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Screen goes to black when playing on macpro Hello, I have a persistent problem when playing sc2 Lotv on my imac. During gameplay, the screen fades to black for about two seconds before it is restored. this is happening during some very important battles and is incredibly infuriating. how do i fix this problem? im playing on Os X yosemite on imac retina.Sambozilla0 Jul 19
Jul 19 Can my ISP help me with Ping Issue ? I use google dns and can my ISP help me with high ping ? I from Sea no high ping in Asia I try to play sometimes 78 ping using Taiwan server priority sometimes so high for no reason at all .Meliciouz0 Jul 19
Jul 19 Can't install the swarm Trying to install the swarm but it keeps asking me to put funds in my account. I already paid for this and have a key. This really sucks. I really don't want to use Battlenet. I prefer to play in my computer as I did in StarCraft. If I had known this I would not have bought this game. There are no notes on the cd and no instructions on the box. By the way, tried to contact support but couldn't do it either.Jibaro2 Jul 19
Jul 19 there was a temporary problem with your request Can't play sc2 :( "there was a temporary problem with your request"jonny8 Jul 19
Jul 19 Can't join a game When i click find match it says there has been a temporary problem with your request, cant play any multiplayer at allPhoenixBrute0 Jul 19
Jul 19 Score screen missing tab labels Sometimes the score screen is missing tab labels. It's seemingly random. Sometimes I'll see Ladder but nothing else. Sometimes they're all blank. Sometimes it's all good. Anyone else having this problem?Blade0 Jul 19
Jul 19 Unexpected error I keep getting this error popping up whenever I try opening SCII. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and deleting my cache folders... My drivers are also up to date and I have windows 10. BB06ACDD-231A-4898-801B-C6E24BD3C871 Please give me some suggestions on how to go about fixing these issuesHiowatah3 Jul 19
Jul 18 Can't install the swarm Trying to install the swarm but it keeps asking me to put funds in my account. I already paid for this and have a key. This really sucks. I really don't want to use Battlenet. I prefer to play in my computer as I did in StarCraft. If I had known this I would not have bought this game. There are no notes on the cd and no instructions on the box. By the way, tried to contact support but couldn't do it either.Jibaro1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Connecting to I just purchased the legend of void expansion and when I started the game the system states "Connecting to". I tried to play offline and it won't let me and states "Authorization required". Please let me know how to fix the problemLittleProbe1 Jul 18
Jul 18 SC2 Crashes About once an hour, SC2 will crash in the middle of a game as a result of "An unexpected fatal error occurred." Here's the latest error code from the last crash: 498CA5FE-0C25-4FD8-AF9B-B403FE28E31A Things I've tried: -scan/repair game files via bnet launcher -uninstalling/reinstalling SC2 -reseating RAM and GPU -defragmenting hard drive -disabling various pieces of software one at a time on my computer to see what the culprit is Can someone please help me diagnose this problem? Thanks.RasputinBBQ1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Windowed fullscreen not working anymore Guessing something happened with the latest patch because when i started Starcraft 2 today windowed full-screen no longer works correctly. I run a ultra-wide monitor 2560x1080 resolution and it has always worked before. Diablo 3, Heros of the Storm, and WoW all work correctly with that mode still but Starcraft 2 doesn't anymore. Anyone have similar problems and know of any solutions, tried a few other tricks that worked with other games but no help here so far.StrikerThrex1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Memory Hog Much? As the title says. This game hogs memory and I don't know how or why, nor how to fix. I regardless of detail settings it's the same. Nor it doesn't matter if I am in a match or not, it still hogs. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Everything is up to date, and no viruses/malware/trojans/stds that I am aware of. Any fix ideas?LovesEmbrace5 Jul 18
Jul 18 Game runs slow on all low When I try to play this game (Even with all settings on low), I usually only get 15 FPS or less. I have a AMD Radeon R7 200, an i-7 2600 and 16 GB of RAM. WTH is wrong? Any suggestions?XeyedAgent1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Cannot log on... Can't log on from my personal computer or allow me to play off-line but I can log in just fine from my friends. Bought the game yesterday pretty aggravated I got excited for nothing. Any help?DarkWarrior11 Jul 18
Jul 18 Making new smurf account. How do I get bars |||||| It will not let me use the bar charcters |||||||||| in my user name, I see other people that have used bars fora smurf account, how come it will not allow me to use the bars in the name. When I try to make the name.HartTinya1 Jul 18
Jul 16 computer / game crashes while in menu screen Ever since the updater was improved/updated (can't remember which patch), my computer and game will crash in the menu screen within 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Typically crashes 3-5 minutes. Crash frequency: Crashes within 30 seconds to 10 minutes of menu time. Menu time is not cumulative. The crash frequency only counts for each current menu session. Resets after exiting SC2, or after playing a match in SC2. (if I play 5 games with wait time of 2 minutes each time, 10 minute total menu time, it won't Automatically crash while waiting to play 6th game as total goes past 10 minutes.) Typically is 3 to 5 minutes in a menu session. Note: Changing from the main menu to profile menu to achievement menu is considered the same session. Where Crashes: Crashes in any menu. Profile, after match score screen, achievements, opening menu, find match menu, etc. Actions at time of Crash: Crashes regardless of action on my part. Occurs while I am idle (not touching mouse/keyboard), while I am moving mouse around, while I am clicking to change menus, while I hover over the find match button that shows estimated time, while the game is currently looking/searching for a match, while I am talking, while others are talking, while I am on mute, in party, not in a party. Where it does NOT crash: It does NOT crash when loading a game (after match found, will crash while searching) or during the play of the game. Type of Crash: The monitor immediately goes black with standard "no input" displayed, as if I had unplugged video cable from computer. The sound continues to play music from the game. My link to is immediately broken (disconnects me) as reported by my teammates, and I can't hear or be heard by teammates. I can not alt-tab out of the game. I cannot control-alt-delete out of the game, bring up task manager, or restart. The only way to restore my computer is to hold the power button down or the restart button down. On restart, windows says it recovered from a crash and asks to start in safe mode. Sometimes windows asks to search for online fix, sometimes it doesn't. Additional Info: My computer does not crash this way outside of SC2. My computer does not frequently crash (can't remember last time it crashed outside of SC2). Running Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit.PigFat7 Jul 16
Jul 16 SC2 PROBLEMS with black screen!!!!!! everything works, but when i play games i can only see a black screen with some buttons and the mini map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!! graphic problem????????? i have ATI RADEON X1250 Also, it worked very good yesterday and today i download the new update and it don't work no more!!!!!!Zeroman1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Terran Supply Depot I cant figure out how to build FLAT Supply Depots on multiplayer, AI can do it. Or build them instantly. Can anyone help?Guntert1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Connection failled Hello, please help me with this problem. I can't connect at server, and i can't play offline mode too, 'cause i have this error: "authorization required - to enable offline game, connect to to authorize your game client. You also need at least one StarcraftII character on the account." and for general connection, this error "the game is awaiting for a response. the service may be temporarily unavailable or your internet conection may be down. If your are not connected in a few moments, please check your internet conection and try again". Please, help :) thank youAzraela2 Jul 16
Jul 16 Custom map removed Hi Blizzard, tried to join game Monobattle: Kimeran Refuge after the latest patch but getting a pop-up saying Map Not Found: May Have Been Removed. Same with a couple of other pre-patch custom maps. What gives?jetsparrow0 Jul 16
Jul 15 Update to 3.4 Why does the updater say there's a problem with my game files, then scans them for what seems forever, but then finds/fixes nothing and tries to update only to begin scanning my games files for something again? And that's all it's doing over and over. And it's making my other programs unplayable while doing so.Ultimatar2 Jul 15
Jul 15 Whole system locking up in LOTV campaign After playing maybe 2 levels, my system completely locks up when the game starts to load the next level. After starting the level from the bridge, the load bar starts to load for about 10% ~ 15%, then the music stays at the same note that it was play until the music eventual turns off. The load screen is still be displayed. Can't ctrl-alt-del out, can't windows key out. My fans start to slow down. I have to do a hard shutdown to get my laptop back up Laptop stats Alienware 15 R2 gtx965 onboard/gtx titan in dock 8gb DDR4 i7-6700HQ Win10 64bit Laptop is not even a month old. Never had any issues with any of the other campaigns. Anybody else having this kind of issue?CarpeNoctem5 Jul 15
Jul 15 Disconnect when using 2 computers on same network Whenever we try to play on starcraft 2 coop at the same time since getting my new router and modem one of us will disconnect 2/3 games. I have the ports open for my computer for the game and it seemed to have fixed disconnects when playing alone. There is no lag or any indicator it is going to happen, just a sudden freeze and "attempting to reconnect" appears. All other blizzard games have 0 problems, just Starcraft 2. We played WoW, Overwatch, and D3. Now I can't find any solution to deal with this situation. Modem: Zoom Cable Modem, 8X4, Model 5341J Router: NetGear Model R6220Zurasha5 Jul 15
Jul 15 SC2 64bit won't run after 3.4 I have a win10 64bit system. I have been playing sc2 fine untill ppatch 3.4 came along. After the launcher patched my game it would not run. All I got was a black screen after hitting "play". For some reason I tried switching to the 32bit version and the game run perfectly. Any ideas of what is happening here? I think running the 64bit version would be better, since I have a 64bit system.Shrubbles1 Jul 15
Jul 15 "Error Problem with the downloaded Cache" =[ I tried playing SC2 Last night and I got a message that said "There is a problem with the download cache. Please restart the game and try again." Things i have done to fix "Deleted Cache," "Checked firewall nothing is being blocked" "Uninstalled,Deleted everything to do with starcraft2 from pc and reinstalled" "Reset my computer" I have run out of options to fix this myself and require aid, Please help i wish to do the weekly mutation with my loving Wife. I did read the post were this happened to someone else and none of the solutions seemed to work.Logan7 Jul 15
Jul 15 "Open Tech Support" Chat Channel is now live. Hey a bunch of us have revived the old "Open Tech Support" on the new Starcraft 2 Chat Channels. Feel free to drop by if your looking for real time tech support. If your not sure who can help you than ask. Just type in "Open Tech Support" into the chat channel finder. See you on :)Archer94 Jul 15
Jul 14 Mozilla not compatible with new forums? So I've noticed ever since the ofrums changed to this new set up I can't use Mozilla with it cause anything I try to do to modify a post and quote someone elses post doesnt work I can only write basic postsMauser2 Jul 14
Jul 14 forum problems I can make forum posts ok or reply, but can't up or downvote or quote text. Using latest Firefox. ?ChainZ2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Won´t let me play Hello, I bought the three Starcraft 2 games, and today when i tried installing them I installed them correctly BUT for some reason it says i have to pay to play Wings of Liberty even though I have the physical copy right in my hands, help will be apreciated, Thank you. -BlayneBlayne5 Jul 14
Jul 14 Download at 0k per sec the update of today... I'm not able (and my wife too) to download the update. This is written 5.60 GO @ 0 ks per sec... As if I restart my computer, my rooter, etc... But all the test and other apps download at 10 MO per sec!!! Battlenet is full for the new update???JBP14 Jul 14
Jul 14 Can't Download I'm just trying to get SC 2 on my new laptop. I keep trying to get Battle.Net on it but it keeps getting stuck at "Updating Battle.Net" and sits there for hours. The initial time I tried installing it AVG popped up saying it had found something it wanted to get rid of but I told it to ignore it but I think it isolated it anyway. Any help appreciated.Sllor2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Lags with good rig Hello Starcraft. Anyone getting lags with somewhat good rigs? AMD FX(tm)-9370 Eight-Core Processor, 4400 Mhz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB) 16GB's of RAM 2 TERABYTE Hard Drive (Space not an issue) FPS drooping below 20 at random times during the game. It is not the internet speed issue as well- 300mbps speed with wired connection. Any comments?DownFALL4 Jul 14
Jul 14 Starcraft Multiplayer Servers not working When ever I go to multiplayer to 1v1 random people, it will just say that the server is working. I tried reconnecting to my internet, didn't work. I tried restart Starcraft about 10 times, still didn't work. This is annoy the hell out of me, but I got it to work one time, but when I played, The new patch SCREWED up my gameplay! Find a way to fix this, That would be awesome!DeathDecay0 Jul 14
Jul 14 Can Not Log In I simply can't log in so I can't play the game. Would love to play the game but since I can't log in...the wheel keeps spinning.... Would love to play so would my kids. Help if you can.Daniel21 Jul 14
Jul 13 Game is crashing in loading screen Every time my brother tries to load up a game it crashes the entire game during the loading screen. I've tried searching for anyone having a similar problem and I only find issues from at least a few years ago and no real fix. Anyone have any ideas that we can try to get this to work?DusK2 Jul 13