Bug Report

Jul 8 Jul 8
the mod data loaded does not match the mod data which was... I am at the VERY END of Legacy of the Void but when I died and had to load my save file it said: "the mod data loaded does not match the mod data which was originally used to play this game" I've been waiting FOREVER to see the end of the game and I'm so pissed right now! I've restarted the computer, I've scanned and repaired files all to no avail. This new 12/15/15 patch has been a nightmare. Any suggestions? RDEAVS148
Jul 7 Jul 7 Jul 6 Jul 6 Jul 6 Jul 5 Jul 5
Mouse issue: clicking delay/lag/something Here's the issue: something is delaying the response time for my mouse. I realize that may sound vague, and I don't have any good way of describing the phenomenon, so let me walk you through it in painstaking detail. I load up a game, just 1v1 against a random medium AI. I guess that doesn't even matter, since this kicks in before I ever see the other player. I'm Terran, so I select all of my SCVs and get mining away. Soon I have enough minerals for a Supply Depot, so in rapid fashion I press B + S for my supply depot and click the chosen spot. Nothing happens. I click again a moment later, and it accepts it. Puzzled, I cancel construction and try again. I hit the hotkeys and place the building. Nothing. The green preview building is still sitting there at my cursor, as if I never clicked. I click again, and it finally lets it set down. I get curious. I select all of my SCVs and right-click to have them move. They do so. I then fire off an attack-move, and the target cursor just sits there where I point, as if I never clicked. A second later, I click again, and it takes it. I try it again, and this time I press A and then click a bunch of times to try to get them to move. After a second or two and about ten clicks, it finally takes. It's not like the cursor is lagging or something. And it's not like my left mouse button is broken, either. I can select my units as I please, clicking and double clicking to my heart's content. But as soon as I press a button for an order, the executive left click suddenly dies for a full second or two. This is unacceptable. In Starcraft II we need immediate response time or we're dead. I select all of my SCVs and press A before left clicking on my Command Center. "This is crazy!" Well, they don't actually say that right away--because it doesn't take until about two seconds later. The first click is useless. Oftentimes the second click is too. I have to click a few times before it takes. If I click once and don't click again, it doesn't do anything. It's not lagged out or slow to respond. It's as if I never clicked at all until about two seconds after the button press. All of these issues apply to my trackpad as well--I already tried that. So it's not my trackpad or my mouse. Maybe my drivers? Probably not, since they're up to date--I checked that too. So I think it's a bug. And this happens whenever I play. Caiorr8
Jul 5 Jul 5 Jul 5 Jul 5 Jul 4
Achievements not being awarded [Co-Op Swann] This isnt a game altering glitch or anything, but after playing several games to win the Smooth Operator achievement, progress stopped at 100002/100000 and left the achievement ungranted. Nurkas5
Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4
Sound is Messed up I just bought Heart of the Swarm yesterday and Legacy of the Void bout 30 minutes ago. On both games the cinematic sounds are screwed up. When I go to the in-game options menu and under sound it has "5.1" selected and its greyed out, meaning it won't let me drop the dropdown menu and change it to STEREO since I don't even have 5.1 I've even tried submitting a ticket to get live support help and the prompts keep giving me a run around and not helping whatsoever.. so alas, here I am, seeking help on the forums which I've known to never be a good idea in all the 14+ years I've owned Blizzard games. But, here's to keeping my hopes up just in case someone actually DOES come through and help. Kudos if its even a Blizzard employee. With all that being said, this is what happens: In game Menu> Options > Sound The very top drop down menu (Default) and (Realtek speakers) *mine* My sound only works on STEREO and a lot of sound effects and especially the DIALOG in cinematics / cut scenes / etc are CUT OUT due to the drop down menu further down the screen (About half way) is GREYED OUT aka WON'T LET ME CHANGE IT OFF 5.1 !?! How Do I FIX This!? I want to be able to enjoy this game in full and that's not happening. Seriously. Two BRAND NEW games and already having, what I consider, to be a major bug and somewhat a regret within minutes of owning it. When I change from default to realtek and back and forth a few times, the grey'd out dropdown menu that doesn't drop down finally says stereo. So I go to re-play cinematic. Still didn't help, still don't hear the dialogues, still broken. What. Do. I. DO!? PLEASE HELP Apollyon1
Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 4
[Urgent] "Remove from lobby" doesn't work If I host a game and remove a player from my lobby via right clicking and selecting remove from lobby, they can [and usually do] rejoin instantly. This is most likely an oversight rather then a bug, but it completely defeats the purpose of a 'kick' feature. I don't have all day everyday to play this game since I have a job and other responsibilities, but certain people who insist on disrupting my lobbies do (I'm not making that up, I checked the person's match history and he plays all day even on week days). Since clearly your moderation team refuses to help* I feel exploited and like I might go to another game if this keeps up. Why can't you fix the kick feature? EG, add a 1-2 minute delay before someone can rejoin the same lobby if they are kicked. *I've sent 4 reports over Sunday and Yesterday on the subject, and supposedly only 2 are needed to silence someone. I have no indication that my reports were even cared about. somenoob4
Jul 4 Jul 3 Jul 3
Kerrigan Levels disappear in Master Archive I recently completed Heart of the Swarm on brutal difficulty with all bonus objectives and achievements unlocked, with the exception of the mastery achievements and a few Kerrigan Achievements. Kerrigan was at the maximum level when I originally completed the game. I've been revisiting the master record for the mastery achievements, but I noticed Kerrigan's level has been going down as I play. It took me a bit of investigation but I've now uncovered the problem. Here are a few notes on this issue: Even though I originally completed all the bonus objectives for each level, the master archive has gone back to saying "0 out of X Kerrigan Levels" for each mission. After playing a mission without re-completing the bonus objectives, Kerrigan's level is permanently decreased in the master archive. The only way to restore her level is to re-do the mission again and complete all the bonus objectives. Please let me know if you need any more information. Bizorke27
Jul 3 Jul 3
Game client version mismatch (SCII Editor) Hello. I've been searching the forums, and as best as I can tell, Blizzard believes this issue to be resolved. Many of the threads I pulled up were also for different games. If I have overlooked something, I apologize. Here is what happened: I recently reinstalled SCII with WOL and HOTS because I had not touched the game in years, and the old launcher wasn't working. The instructions for fixing the agent and clearing the Battle.net cache did not help. Thus, I reinstalled the entire game. I am currently on version I lost all the maps I had made under the previous installation of SCII, so I wanted to create new ones. I opened the editor, and it prompted me to log into Battle.net. I got this error: https://s6.postimg.org/kyizpjzyp/editorscreen.jpg I checked over and over that I was using the right password. Then I exited the editor. I thought it might be an issue with my copy of HOTS, as I ordered a physical copy online. I went into SCII and played the first mission of the HOTS campaign, and it worked fine. Afterward, I closed the game and attempted to open the editor again. It opened and appeared to be working, but when I wanted to publish a map, it prompted me to log in again. When I attempted to log in, I got this message: http://puu.sh/pFeEi/f9e0da4d51.jpg What is going on here? Under your known issues list, I saw the item "The SC2 region selector is missing from the options menu," but I wasn't sure if that was the fix for this or not. Please help. Awesome2
Jul 3 Jul 2 Jul 1 Jul 1 Jul 1 Jul 1 Jul 1
Rak'shir Mission Bug? In the rak shir campaign mission when I'm helping alarak push the other guy in the pit, he just gets stuck near the end. There will be no enemy forces feeding the other guy, but when I send my units to him he doesn't push further. The green arrow shows up to show that he should be pushing to the other side, but he doesn't move. Likewise, when I leave him alone, and the red arrow shows up to show he should be pushed back, nothing happens, he just sits where I left him. Not sure what to do about this. Killawattz26
Jul 1 Jul 1 Jul 1
(Editor) "Publish to regions" bugged When uploading a map, the "Publish to regions:" menu gives me no options of which regions to upload to. Interestingly, when I proceed, I can upload the map. I have no idea where that map is getting uploaded to. It doesn't seem to update the map when I check any of the regions it is on. Anteep3
Jun 30
Won a ranked game, no gain in ladder points I won a ranked match yet it didn't give me ladder points nor does it show the match under my match history. I was definitely playing ranked, it even indicated that. There certainly was some sort of bug happening because I can find the game under replays but NOT under my match history. I watched the replay and at the end it shows that I won the match but right after I finished the game it said "You have left the game!" where it would normally say "Victory!" and where it usually shows my ladders points and my rank it said "Match in progress". Obviously this isn't usual, I've played thousands of games and this has never happened before and I'm slightly bummed about not getting the win. I have the same amount of ladder points and wins as before. Can I send my replay to someone at Blizzard so they can look at this? Again, I am certain that I was playing ranked and it even shows that. I am also sure that something weird happened because of the fact it always will show my ladder points after a ranked game as well as show the game under my match history yet neither of these things happened. It would be cool if I could get the win back but the most important thing to me is letting Blizzard know about this bug so it doesn't happen to me again or to other people. Please let me know if I can send my replay somewhere or if there is anything else I can do to help in the process of fixing this, thanks! BeauFlex1
Jun 30
Unable to publish is different regions On the log in page for publishing, I get no options to publish in different regions. This issue persists despite restarting the editor, trying different accounts, and restarting my computer. This is what I see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oph3fdhp5nst9e4/Screenshot%202016-06-30%2009.29.39.png?dl=0 As shown, the region selection for both the log in regions (dropdown on the right) and publishing regions (checking on the left) is missing. Sentinel1
Jun 30 Jun 30 Jun 30
Sent to campaign menu after mission Playing the LOTV campaign, I completed the Evil Awoken mission last night and watched the cinematic that follows. I then quit the following mission just as it started to go play co-op, and trying to play tonight, I get the following problem: I cannot seem to continue the campaign. The Main Story campaign menu only has the option to start a new game, and More; the Master Archives button is greyed out. In More, I can choose Load Saved Game, Watch Cinematic, and Story So Far. When I load a save, the latest one seems to be the last checkpoint in Evil Awoken. Looking at the list, I see [mission name] Victory saves, but none for Evil Awoken, and no save at all for the next mission. I did not manually save before quitting the following mission last night...TT. I had anticipated a type of campaign hub for mission selection as in previous campaigns. As I now try to beat Evil Awoken, even creating new saves, I get brought back to the Main Story menu described above, after watching the post-mission cinematic with only Zeratul, but don't see the longer cinematic that follows before the next mission that I remember watching last night. I have scoured and searched the bug forums and have tried solutions pertaining mainly to permissions in Windows (for C:\Users\username\StarCraft II), as well as running the Bnet app as Administrator, which have not helped. Any possible solution other than starting a new campaign? Thanks in advance for any help! :) Heretic12
Jun 30
Abathur Swarm Host Locust bug in Coop Abathur's Swarm Hosts are currently not getting the full benefit of biomass obtained. The Swarm Host still gains hp like normal but the attack and hp boost on the locusts are not properly applied if the locusts are auto spawned from detecting an enemy within trigger range. However, if you manually spawn the locust by clicking the button on its command card, the locust spawn will properly gain the effects of any biomass that the Host has accumulated. Unless this bug is fixed, the Swarm Host's usefulness is diminished unless the player is diligent on manually spawning the locusts. Tolrath1
Jun 29
Achievement Bug: Ulnar missions On the "infinite cycle" it shows I've gotten all the achievements, and I have all the other Ulnar achievements but it does not give me the Ulnar missions achievements. Tried to redo the 'infinite legacy' but still not working... OneUP3
Jun 29
Achievement pop-ups don't show anymore I'm assuming this is a bug, but if it's something on my end that needs to be fixed then let me know. The IN-GAME Achievement notifications are not showing up for me, anymore. I still earn achievements properly and everything but they don't show up in game when I earn them, I have to manually go to my achievements and see if it was earned. I never changed any settings or anything for a long time. Rickard15
Jun 29 Jun 29
Achievements not recorded Brutal Missions not recorded. I know about offline mode and they won't be recorded. What a complete disappointment to finish ALL IN (final mission) and look back to see 20/27 missions done on brutal ? Like what the hell is that crap? Completely ruined DAYS of work and I am just checking the F out of this game. NooberishNub1
Jun 29 Jun 29