Bug Report

Sep 27 Archievements in the custom game category I am not 100% sure that this is unintentionally but either way I think it needs a change: I was messing around today with getting more archievements. I was working on the custom games category. There are multiple tiers of archievements that are very much alike. The only difference is that you need to complete them with different difficulty levels of enemy AI. For some of this archiements when you complete it on a higher difficulty you automatically get the other archievements, too. I would say, this is how it really should be. But it is not the case for all of them. Specifically the "4v4 Kin" and the "3v3 mix" archievement. I archieved these on the highest difficulty vs elite opponents but wouldn´t get the archivements for the lower difficultys.Urnoob0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Abathur Viper bug Flying hybrids are no eligable target for Parasitic Bomb.Escadin4 Sep 27
Sep 27 Co-op: Game does not finish forever. The game does not finish itself after complete all the requirements in co-op game. Even after all buildings lost, I can still observe the game. The only thing I can do is quit the game and lost all my experience points. Today, I completed the mutation multiple times and it never worked normally. It wasted a lot of time. The first time I noticed this issue was few weeks ago. It happened few times before 3.60. After updating, it still happens in 3.60. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Thanks!Crs0 Sep 27
Sep 27 No Access to Epilogue Hi, For some reason upon the completion of the campaign I was not given access to the epilogue.Cheeseburger2 Sep 27
Sep 26 cant control anythikng in melee game can not control anything in a melee gameakicitawaste0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Achievement not credited correctly I unlocked Harbinger of Oblivion on however, the achievement Bonus Objects: Ulnar has it grayed out, and thus it hasn't unlocked Ulnar Missions as well for me. I've attempted to recreated the original achievement in order to try to get it to worked, but because it already has it registered as achieved, it didn't do anything.Kogeta1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Campaign requiring additional purchases? Hi, My wife bought me Legacy of the Void for 70$au. I have installed and have been through the rigours of placement matches (so i can play some skirmishes against AI.....), i have the new units and even start with 12 drones, happy days. Yet it asks me to pay an additional 55$au to play the campaign. Tell me something here is broken. I clearly have bought the expansion, my account clearly knows that i have paid for it.Yeeeoow4 Sep 26
Sep 26 [Mac] SC2 modifying mouse settings on launch Macs have mouse acceleration enabled by default and throughout the years, there was no official way to change it. I have been using a command entered into the Terminal (Command Prompt for Windows) to change the setting which is 'defaults write .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling -1'. With this command entered, my mouse acceleration has been disabled. Up until the latest patch (the one adding Karax and Lock and Load), I was able to play SC2 with mouse acceleration disabled. In SC2 settings, the 'mouse sensitivity' box is unchecked to keep the mouse acceleration off. If I were to check that 'mouse sensitivity' box, mouse acceleration would be enabled again. Now with the latest patch however, on my desktop, mouse acceleration is disabled. Upon launching SC2, mouse acceleration is enabled. Whether or not the 'mouse sensitivity' box in the settings menu is checked no longer affects it. Mouse acceleration is enabled in Starcraft 2 permanently. When I alt tab out to my desktop, I still have my old settings (mouse acceleration disabled). If I quit SC2, I get my old settings back (mouse acceleration disabled). The problem is only occurring in SC2. I believe the latest patch included new code which causes SC2 to override my native mouse settings and is therefore enabling my mouse acceleration. Mouse acceleration seriously affects my gameplay so I would appreciate if whatever overriding code was added this patch could be reverted to that of the previous versions. I understand that Mac does not have an official mouse acceleration setting, but I was using a workaround that worked up until this patch. I am requesting a change for the new override native mouse settings code to be reverted to that of the previous patch. If for some reason my specs are required, 13" Macbook Pro Late 2011 OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 4GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 3000MiniExplorer3 Sep 26
Sep 26 Abathur There seemed to be no ability on the viperMesk0 Sep 26
Sep 26 bug with co-op difficulty hai, so i've been playing some co-op games today. when i team up with my friend and we both select normal nothing happens that's out of the ordinary. The problem seems to start when i get queue'd up with a random player that seems to have a difficulty setting on something else, so after having some wine i wanted to play a normal game to level up my mastery a bit and i got put into a brutal game. I don't mind much but i can think of some situations where this could be annoying. It might have something to do with only finding games if you're not alarak or whatever, my 2centsKjeldoran12 Sep 26
Sep 25 Bug, same 1 guy every Ranked game I play -Blizzard Support Ticket # US 57039864 -I get the same person when I que Ranked games over 60 times in the last few days, almost every single Ranked game, same guy. -As Game Master Orideah suggested I ran a repair on the game files, didn't help. -I then uninstalled / reinstalled the game fully, didn't help. -As Game Master Stremeerk suggested I posted my MSinfo and DxDiag files, nothing. -Game Master Bakzthor, last Blizz reply: "We've forwarded this issue up internally to try and get some further attention to this issue, however we can't guarantee that will get developers eyes on it, so we need you to be posting about this in our Bug report forums as well: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/13440/index When we have any update from our internal escalation i'll be following up with you via Email and a ticket update. Untill then though we don't have any further troubleshooting to offer I'm afraid. Thank you for your continued patience and working with us by posting this in the bug report forums <3" -I try again today, same guy in Ranked every game. Any ideas what to do next ??Murdura0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Profile not showing ranked games It says zero games played across all modes despite the fact I've played a ton of ranked games. This is in WoL.gravytrain0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Free base buildings in team game Hi folks at Blizzard! I encountered a bug letting me and one of my allies to build base buildings (CCs and Nexuses) without taking into account what resources we had,while playing the monobattles mod in the arcade. It's worth mentioning that another one of my allies had left immediately after loading the game, so I'm not sure if it had anything to do with that.. Thanks in advance!!CraZyRocKeR0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Tournament Race changed on grand finals https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/54g755/my_race_change_on_grandfinals_on_a_tourny_yyyyyy/THEKING0 Sep 25
Sep 24 Karax Damage STILL inaccurate Description: In coop, at the end of the mission, under Stats, is a category called "Damage Dealt by Spear of Adun." It ONLY counts damage from Orbital Strike, while the name implies it should count Solar Lance and Purifier Beam as they are considered to be Spear of Adun abilities as well. Steps: 1) Play a coop mission as Karax 2) Use only Solar Lance and Purifier Beam during the mission to damage enemies, and not Orbital Strike 3) After the mission, under "Damage dealt by Spear of Adun" will say 0 even though you used damaging abilities Other notes: You can verify that Orbital Strike damage DOES count by: 1) Play a coop mission as Karax 2) Using Orbital Strike once on an enemy unit 3) Leave the mission and look at Stats -> Damage Dealt by Spear of AdunCotorboat0 Sep 24
Sep 24 Smart confine mouse cursor not smart I have 2 monitors playing SC2 on fullscreen windowed mode, and have the "confine mouse cursor" option set to "smart." This works fine about half the time, but sometimes when I open the game and every time I tab in and out, the mouse becomes confined to the SC2 client even when in the menus. I can fix this by opening the options menu and then clicking accept to "remind" SC2 that the mouse should not be confined.machinegun0 Sep 24
Sep 24 [Editor Bug] (Rally) Info - Filter (Set) Hi I have found a bug in the data module of the editor : the fields "(Basic) Ability: Info - Filters (Set)" and "(Basic) Ability: Info - Set on ground" do not work as intended. The tooltip say that this fields determines which units (or whether the ground) the rally point can be set on when right-clicking. But when i changed it for "Resource (harvestable) : Required" and "Set on ground : disable", this do not change anything in-game. Thank you in advance.Azoth0 Sep 24
Sep 24 Nova Mission 5 After I select the last 2 zerg types for the beacons the screen just goes black and I can't save or move or do anything. The only thing I can do is hit alt-f4 and I really want to finish the missions but I guess it is a relatively unknown bug since the last 2 patches still haven't fixed it.Legend1 Sep 24
Sep 24 2 Alarak bugs (Supplicants and Ascendants) - If several warp in Supplicants commands are issued rapidly, especially near obstacles, sometimes the 2nd Supplicant in a pair won't warp in and you'll get an odd amount. (Unsure if minerals are wasted or not when this happens.) - If you select multiple Ascendants and manually use the Sacrifice ability when there are less Supplicants nearby than there are Ascendants, all Ascendants' Sacrifice will be put on cooldown, despite the fact that any Ascendants beyond the number of Supplicants sacrificed don't get anything.Arklon0 Sep 24
Sep 24 Coop Bug - Void Launch & possibly more I noticed on the mission Void Launch that it's possible to tell if your enemy is zerg due to creep seemingly being out on the map with the default vision it gives you. Looking at the natural if it's zerg you can see creep with the small bit of vision it gives you. This bug might be on other maps or may be exclusive to Void Launch.LaughNgamez0 Sep 24
Sep 23 Battlenet mode is a non-start Windows 10 updated now when starting the game in Battlenet, the screen goes black, then auto minimizes, but the game never actually starts even though the Battlenet dashboard screen say 'Game is Running'. Game starts and runs fine in offline mode.Tyrannous0 Sep 23
Sep 27 Black Screen when Restoring Game Whenever you Alt+Tab out of starcraft during a transitional/loading phase, it will stall on a black screen when you restore/un-minimize the game. For example, when I start the game, it chugs like hell as its the background of the matchmaking screen(zealot/hydra/marine models). If I minimize the game before that lag/choppiness subsides, the game will stall on a black screen next time I try to restore it. Honestly, adding an option to remove the background character on this screen entirely would be great, because it drastically slows down loading of the game. I would much prefer a simple background. Once the game is up and running, everything is fine. In the middle of a game, I can alt-tab and everything usually works ok. If I am entering/leaving a game, or loading the game up for the first time, it will usuall black-screen. -MBP Retina late 2012, 2.7/3.7ghz, GTX650M -Windows 10 Anniversary Update -Full screen mode with all low graphics settings. Please fix.IIIIIIIIIIII4 Sep 27
Sep 23 Name not showing and unable to chat ingame Hi, i'm experiencing a bug where i have no name below my portrait in the loading screen of a match, and also ingame i have no name and can't chat. Whenever i type something it just says "[All]" and that's it. This is only happening on Europe realm and it started after i played Archon mode with a mate (i only have hots, he has lotv). It was fun for a while being the guy with no name and dark voice portrait, but in 2v2 i'd like to be able to talk to my ally, so i'm looking for a fix. I can upload screenshots if needed. I tried fixing it with the repair tool but it didn't work and since it's only happening on Europe i guess it must be some kind of server related issue. Any help is appreciated.oNe6 Sep 23
Sep 23 Wrong Portrait Border On 1V1 Loading Screens 1V1 Loading screens show the wrong league portrait border if your opponent is ranked in more than one version of SC2 (WoL, HotS, LotV) and in different leagues. E.g. a few days ago I played a 1V1 HotS game against an opponent who had a Bronze border on the loading screen, but turned out to actually be 1V1 Diamond in HotS and 1V1 Bronze in LotV. Today I played a game against a 1V1 HotS Diamond opponent and it showed a Platinum border on the loading screen because he/she was ranked Platinum in 1V1 LotV.hawk0 Sep 23
Sep 23 Co-op Difficulty glitch i'm not sure this is a glitch or added content but about 90% of the time on casual, i'm put with a hard or normal, upgrading it to that difficulty, similar with a 100% of the time getting put with someone on brutal whem i'm on normal, worst part; i don't get that bonus, it's hard work, and when i'm playing hard, i want a challenge and not instant suicide! please fix (or remove) this feature,Awesomov0 Sep 23
Sep 23 Drag Scroll Bug In Windowed Mode Since patch 3.6 there's a bug with drag scrolling in windowed mode. When you let go of the middle mouse button, your mouse cursor re-appears vertically offset from its starting position — higher if the window is closer to the bottom edge of the screen, lower if the window is closer to the top edge. Depending on the size of the window and the positioning on the screen, the mouse cursor can appear outside of the SC2 window, causing the camera to scroll undesirably. Video: https://gfycat.com/DefensiveAgitatedHogget It's particularly problematic when testing maps from the editor. System: Mac OS X (10.9.5) Screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 Window size: 1024 x 790hawk1 Sep 23
Sep 23 "matchmaking queue are currently unavailable Error message: "matchmaking queue are currently unavailable, please try again later". Almost 3 weeks and I am unable to play Multiplayer games.Danny21 Sep 23
Sep 23 Achievement : Bonus objective Ulnar. Hi, I've done the objectives requiered, but the game does'nt give me the achievement. Is there something more to do than the three objectives (infinite Cycles, Temple of unification and Harbinger of Oblivion? Thank you!SirMath1 Sep 23
Sep 23 Co-op load, then crash. The past couple of days, each time I load a co-op game, the game starts, apparently as soon as I push any button on my keyboard, the whole starcraft 2 program shuts down, it doesn't take me back to the menu, it literally crashes and shuts the whole game down and I'm left starring at my desktop icons. 10 seconds later, a fatal message dialogue box shows up telling me something when wrong (face palm). Here is my error message, can anyone tell me what this is about? A41CF1FC-0C61-439F-A8D5-8CCA03E7A7D6Squeaks1 Sep 23
Sep 22 Zagara Heroic Fortitude upgrade bug When playing Zagara and you start researching Heroic Fortitude she immediately gets the Regeneration Bonus from it.LaughNgamez1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Swann SCV Drone bug Seemingly when playing Swann there is a bug in which SCVs sent to mine gas will stop and simply sit idle if a drone is called down when they're on their way to mining gas.LaughNgamez1 Sep 22
Sep 22 [Co-op] Enemy workers keep mining my expo http://imgur.com/fDy8HXx http://imgur.com/bddEjuX For some reason, enemy kept sending workers one by one to my expo. Even though in this map Void Launch, the expo is occupied by rocks, not enemy forces.Syltom2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Mouse left click intermittently unresponsive This happens about halfway through a 4v4 game usually. I'll be playing fine and all of a sudden it's like half my inputs aren't registering in regard to left click. Once it starts happening it's present until a restart. Extremely frustrating as you can imagine. Manifests in several ways: Trying to drag a box over units, the box will only start being created from about halfway down meaning I miss units I was trying to select, have to try another box. The box can also drop out as if I released left-click even while I'm still holding it down. Very hard to double click anything as usually one of the clicks will not register. General left clicks have about a 40% chance to not register while this issue is present. Restarting the client does not fix it once it starts happening, I have to stop playing as it becomes very hard to play. Using a razer deathadder 3.5g on latest drivers, have reinstalled drivers, same problem. Enable Mouse Sensitive and 'Reduce Mouse Lag' are off as is 'Enhance pointer precision' in windows, using 10 sens and 0 accell in razer settings, polling rate is 1000. 144Hz G-sync monitor connected via display port. Mouse in USB port. V-Sync off. Is my CPU perhaps struggling? I noticed my inputs lagged as I loaded Starcraft II just then to test. But otherwise I haven't noticed this effect in any other game or while using windows. Edit: Actually I'm just noticing it dropping left click in Windows now while spamming some APM, drawing boxes etc. Much less noticable than when playing SC. I uninstalled the Razer Synapse but the problem persists. I'll try reflashing the mouse and changing USB ports but after that I have no clue.Wolf0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Solved: Can't unlock mastery achievement "Silent but Deadly", complete the first part of the "Templar's Return" mission without letting Vorazun take damage. I did so 2 times and she had 150hp both times. I completed the ENTIRE mission on hard both times and never got the achievement. Maybe she shouldn't take any shield damage? If so that's ridiculous!PowerUser5 Sep 22
Sep 21 Arcade Lobby Has Wrong Number of Player Slots For some reason arcade lobbies are being created with the wrong number of player slots. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/OTlfhSA.png This arcade game normally has 12 player slots. I just played a game that had auto-started with 10 players (I only noticed this during the game, not in the lobby) and when I joined a new lobby after that game it had only 9 player slots. This never happened before patch 3.5.1.hawk2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Achievement did not register Greetings! This is a very very old problem and I reported this long long ago to no avail, but alas, I have finally decided to wake from my slumber and appeal for assistance once again. This issue was during Wings of Liberty at which I completed all missions on brutal and earned my achievement, Liberty Completionist: Brutal (complete all 29 WoL campaign missions on Brutal difficulty on 9/13/2010) however I did not earn the other related achievement, Wings of Liberty: Brutal 25 (I earned Brutal 20 on 9/4/2010). Since I have a serious inner issues and can be an achievement junkie I just decided to relive the awesome campaign on brutal that is WoL to get my fix. After completing about 25% I notice none of the levels completed did not increase my achievement counter (which has been reset to 0 probably since the 1st expansion). I have screenshots of my achievement log which I thought I would have been able to attach to a post, but I am a noob and probably overlooked that part. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if I can provide any more details please let me know! Thanks! Edit - I read the directions, emailed screenshots with link to this post. Sorry for being a lvl 1 poster!Nico2 Sep 21
Sep 21 alarak mutator xp bug so i did the mutator today ''flipped out'' or something and my alarak commander progressed from level 14 normal to level 32 mastery. the mutator was played on hard. as far as i know this is way to much xp because i have artanis at level 32 mastery as well and it took way longer to get him to that lvl? i don't know if anyone else had this problem but i just thaught i should make a post about it.partyplane1 Sep 21
Sep 21 [Co-op] Protoss first wave, enemy was Terran I had a game in the map Mist Opportunities on Brutal today. The first wave was 4 Adepts. But later, I found out that my enemy was mass air Terran. I didn't see any more Protoss units after that, of course. Did Amon get drunk or something?Syltom2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Juego multijugador Cada que entro a mi cuenta y elijo cualquier opción para juegos multijugador que puede ser contra AI, clasificatorio y otros lo unico que me sale es que no hay canales disponibles que intente mas tarde, hace mucho que no puedo jugar por esta razón quisiera que por favor me den solución a este extremo o me digan como solucionar. GraciasRamastiz1 Sep 20
Sep 20 [Co-op] Ally turns into neutral at the end http://imgur.com/a/P4bGl After the objective was completed, my allied Vorazun seemed turning into neutral. As you can see in the image, I could no longer see her cloaked units, only the shimmers. I heard that if you use an AoE ability at that right moment, you can actually kill your allied units.Syltom0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [Co-op] Creep around rocks http://imgur.com/a/bQPxj I found Zerg creep around the rock at my expo. No Hatchery, of course. This gave away information about what I would be against.Syltom0 Sep 20
Sep 19 Cannot play Coop Anymore (after 3.6 Patch) After the patch i just cannot play any more coop missions. Trying to play a regular mission, will popup the "There is a Problem with the download Cache. Please restart the game and try again." message. Tried every workaround possible (except reinstalling the game), no one work. Another unusual error, that the 3.6 patch brought was with the mutator's week challenge. As you could see in the following screenshot (link: https://k61.kn3.net/9/3/8/4/9/5/4CC.png), there is not way to clic on the "Play Mutation" button and the X% Bonus is replaced by a "%Time% Left" text... Weird... ThanksJulgon0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Alarak's Calldowns Re-locked Enough said. During the weekly mutator his calldown abilities were suddenly disabled and remained that way the rest of the mission. https://ibin.co/2vUebHrgjRQg.jpgDrakeyC2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Alarak Permadeath Bug Pretty straight forward, if Alarak is inside the War Prism and it dies, he's gone for the rest of the game.ParagonHope1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Co-op Alarak Warp Gate bug When playing Alarak in Co-op mode there is a bug with the number above the Select All Warp gates button. The number always shows the current number of warp gates, not the number of available warp gates. For example: I have built 3 warp gates. The number is 3. When all 3 warp gates are on cooldown, the number is still 3.Legion1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Fix your unblock saving system please... Every time I try to remove people from my block list, and hit accept, once I log out it IMMEDIATELY puts that same exact list of people on. It is annoying having to be subjected to troll spam because your unblock system doesn't work right. This seems like an incredibly easy issue to fix, but it has been persistent for months (if not always?). Please fix this! P.S. There are TONS of blank spots (Banned Users?) in the unblock list. So literally 50% or more of the "names" I'm spamming the unblock button to are empty slots. What is up with that? Is that just another bug in your system?blAICE1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Whisper Bug is Killing Me!!!!! All I want to do is msg my ally's post-game to tell them we won!! :( I havent been able to do that for months! Do you know how many games I've won that my ally's dropped out of in that time span??? A WHOLE BUNCH :*(HungryJ1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Buggy Race Labels On Replay Loading Screens The text labels that normally show a player's race are bugged on loading screens, showing text like "Free For All" and "9 Teams" instead of "Zerg" and "Terran", respectively. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/1Mm6Ums.png Replay: http://replays.sc/998 For Terran players it says "9 Teams". For Zerg players it says "Free For All". For Protoss players it says "Free For All Archon". For Random players it says "Custom Teams". Seems to happen with all replays of melee games played on the current patch, including ladder & custom games. It doesn't happen with replays from older versions because those loading screens are bugged in a different way, showing the wrong player portraits, wrong background image, and not showing the players' race label, race icon or race "mascot" ( http://i.imgur.com/WKOpzcN.png ).hawk1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Swann Conc. Beam on Mist Opp. Bonus Task Forgive the title, 45 character limit. When you reveal one of the bonus objectives on Mist Opportunities with Swann's concentrated beam, it will activate the timer on the bonus objective way before the game would automatically start the timer. This means that if you use concentrated beam, and you reveal the bonus objective, you could potentially reveal the timer too early for you/your ally to get your forces over there in time and still defend the objective. I know that bonus objectives are intended to count down early when a player unit is nearby so players can achieve bonus objectives faster than intended if they want, but it seems unfair that Swann's laser could potentially make you LOSE time just because the enemy wave happened to be standing in line with the bonus objective.Skybox1 Sep 19