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Aug 29, 2012 First time here... Well, hello everyone, Dazarn here. Just dropping this here because in all honesty I am a lost sheep in need of guidance. I like to rp, yet I haven't delved into SC2 rp or anything outside of WoW really. I come to you asking for assistance in creating a character... Not you making said character for me but you helping me steer through the do's and don'ts of starcraft2 rp, what do you say? =DDazarn11 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 This is my character and his story. Name: Wolf Race: Terran Sub-Species/Unit: Spectre (specialising in hand to hand combat) Age: 6 Height: 6 feet Apperance: Covered in scarring, Well built, bald, sharp rerd eyes, Abilities: Immense hand to hand combat strength and skill, can regenerate after a day of rest, fast as a grown normal human, smart as a smart human, and agile. Backstory: Wolf was born in a unknown sector or the universe after his ancestors were abandonded by the dominion on a unchartered planet. His ancestors civilised the planet and is now a respectable self sustaining planet content being out of the deadly war which is taking place.Wombywell18 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 PanKoprulu Academy 16 Victory! The Graduation Tournament has begun! Who will win? This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof: Marine Firebat Marauder Reaper Medic Ghost Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity) Zergling Roach Hydralisk Lurker Queen (SC2) Zealot Stalker Dragoon Sentry High Templar Dark Templar Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format: Name Age Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last) Abilities (two maximum, kapische?) Used Weapons Special Notes In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later) Vehicle List (Space Conflict) Void Ray Scout Wraith Pheonix Corsair Viking Banshee Valkyrie Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase) Vulture Hellion Goliath Immortal <None needed for Stalker/Dragoon> Reaver (modified) Colossus (modified) Siege Tank I mentioned modes earlier. There are four. Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you. Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal. Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.) Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first. Basement: CLASSIFIED Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms 2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library 3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves) 4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting TowerLeKroger500 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 28, 2012 not officially introduced Uh, hi. You know my name. I've been around these parts. Yes I'm friends with ol Nuke, have been since SC1. We play a lot. aside from assisting him in the past, I have not exactly been a troll. have not been here in the bar so often. I suppose I'm a good rolply. I do short stories more tho. hi.RedOctober9 Aug 28, 2012
Aug 28, 2012 DEAD THREAD, DO NOT NECRO. The Koprulu Sector is doomed, the Zerg have overrun nearly the whole sector and are gearing up to take on the whole galaxy. They have yet to conquer one planet; Sanctum a lush jungle planet with plenty of water and wildlife. A military base lay quiet careful to not draw the Zerg to it, at first things were going well, Terran and Protoss cooperated, everyone was fed. However, a foolish accident involving a Siege Tank and Reaver caused a rift between the two armies, eventually sparking war. Casualties on both sides weaken the remaining forces, and just to add insult to injury, the Zerg show up. Objectives: Terran: With a never say die spirit and fury in your hearts, Kill the Protoss and Repell the Zerg, You can try to negotiate peace between the Protoss but require members from both sides and a good standing relation with Valarien (Like it or not that kid is leader now.) And High Executer Artanis. Protoss: The majestic Protoss, the true psionic users and masters of the arts, your objective is almost the same to the Terran's with the exception of the Protoss with an intact mothership, capable of getting everyone off the planet and saving your characters BUT to save the Terran you must bring peace between the two races. Terrans can and will shoot down the mothership so you must bring peace or kill the other race. Zerg: Hand picked by the Queen of Blades and killing machines on their own, you must do what the Zerg do best, Kill and assimilate whatever you can. You can bring down the Protoss mothership with hundreds of courupters and mutalisks but you will require atleast a Zerg hero. Rules: 1. No God Like heroes. 2.No trolling. Please note that Characters will start off with one life. (Able to survive a death situations) Once used up, you will die next death situation. DEATH IS PERMANENT. Other than that stay alive and make the best choices, BACKSTABBERS ARE ALLOWED (Able to betray the negotiations and make the other race look bad.)Soldier10 Aug 28, 2012
Aug 28, 2012 Sorry I was gone. I was hacked!!!!! To all my Joeyray friends im here to tell you why I was gone. I had been hacked!!!!!!!MechaGhidrah9 Aug 28, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Sticky Ideas? I've been thinking about something I could make a sticky. Anyone?Duke11 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Free Inmate Location: Korahal Time: Not long after the liberation of New Folsom Jonathan Lancer sat up in his bed and covered his face with his hands. Had it really only been a week since he had murdered that Dominion officer? people like Dominion officer Ravek who blackmailed marines for his personal benefit deserved to die in his opinion. Either way Lancer would have ended up in prison, He knew that not paying his wages to Ravek would result in that snake spilling the beans. At least this way it was his own choice. It was better than dealing with Raveks continuous crap about the stupidest things anymore. His cell door opened and a two marines stepped inside. "You are to be escorted to the wardens office." Lancer stood and was "escorted" to the wardens office, one of the marines knocked, and there was a faint "come" The marine pushed the door open and the other shoved Lancer in and the door shut. The warden was watching the sky outside the window, he said "Jonathan R. Lancer" He swiveled around in his chair. "we both know why you are here, and we both know the punishment. But your skills would suggest that such a punishment would be a waist. What if I were to tell you there was an alternative? "Go on" "I have the ability to recommend specific prisoners for the reaper program. It's hard work and little pay, but after two years your free to go, your record clean. You can take my offer, or take the death sentence." "Well, I'll do just about anything to avoid death, I'm all in." "You have to understand, your suite will stay on you, and there is a kill switch in it. Step out of line and we resocialize you, The second time we kill you. There is no going back son, there is only survival or death for the duration of your service. Are you sure you would like do do this? "Yes, one question though, are the suites nice?" The warden smiled "sure there nice, but it really matters of what you think of your new cell. Ill have some marines escort you down to your room, tomorrow morning a transport will take you to a supply depot where you will choose your suite. Good luck Jonathan." I believe that entry forums should look like this; Name: Rank: Reaper or Dominion officer: Other race: (optional, please only a couple) Hobbies: Description: Brief history of character: Optional AAAAAAAAAND THERE OFFFFF!Duke10 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 I don't understand joeyrays bar I've read a few threads about this but i'm still unsure about what to do i would like to create a character but i'm not sure how or what to do or the guide lines i have a story in my mind buy as i'm ADD it will probaly go and another will replace it. Please add meWombywell22 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Judge Duke's Courthouse *puts big black robe on and approaches the pulpit* Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, we have gathered today to bring a new light and hope to the bar of JoeyRays! *sits down in large leather chair and begins to stuff pillows into robe* It has come to my attention that we have many disputes around here, and many an argument has gone unfixed for some time. *waves hand for guard to bring forth a cup of tea* So I volunteer as the firs ever Judge on the forums! Now, this court does have rules like any other, but I'm taking the use of my creative license to spice this courtroom up. Over there in the right corner we have our tea machine, and a coffee machine. *Guard hands me my cup of tea, and I sip it* We will have one to two Guards when our court is active, (if you want you can volunteer as a temporary guard) I will be the judge obviously. The rules and conduct of the courthouse follow; The person(s) who want to start a law suite will fill out this forum.... Roles... Punishments ... Conduct... Everyone will get a chance to speak. This is intended as mainly a PRP, but can be used for real circumstances. Have fun!Duke47 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 9) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar(Part8)Zanon500 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Umoja's Plains (Completed) Hello all! This is my first RP/DM so please be patient. You can be Terran/Protoss/Zerg Zerg is NOT recommended but i'll still allow it. Classes: A Prisoner: State the reason why you are aboard the "DayBreak" being shipped to Umoja through Protoss space. And state the crimes you've commited. (WARINING: This may give Buffs/Nerfs/Special Abilities etc.) You must be Terran or Protoss with this class. A Passenger: State the reason why you are aboard the "DayBreak" being transported to Umoja through Protoss space. Also give backstory of why you are on the vessel. Buisness trip, visiting family, etc. and what you do for a living since you are an average Joe. (Warning: May give Buffs/Nerfs/Special Abilities etc.) A Soldier: You are a soldier aboard the ship "DayBreak" Whether you were hired as a merc. Or work for the Umojan Protectorate is up to you. You must be Terran Only An Experiment: You are in the beast room, with the rest of the zergs. You must be Zerg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, now When you create/post a character here is how I want it to look. I am going to use all of this as an example <Your ID name> Name: John "Cyclops" Turner (Nickname between first and last name) Age: 28 (must be between 17-70) Race: Terran Class: Prisoner Classes Backstory: In prison for murdering a guard and participating in attempted prison break. (This would give a bonus in combat and security but a nerf in relations with guards) Profession: Close Quarters Combat (Some some ideas could be: Pilot, Gunner, Heavy assault, Zerg Master, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, Security Specialist, Sharp shooter, fencer, farmer. Also you can have as many professions as you want, but the more you have the less good you will be at each one.) Backstory: (Just put here some backstory for your character.) Defining Characteristics: Grumpy, quick to anger. Has an eyepatch over his left eye. Please tell me if I forgot something, or should add something. Posting language key: {talking in radio or on console} Thoughts "Character Speaking" MarkusDaWise Speaking [actions] I might add more Each player will be given a private quarters, where there is a bed. If you wont be posting for awhile, please say that a character is going to his quarters to sleep. If you have a character that has his own ship, please tell me so I can include it in the story. This is the top floor of the ship "DayBreak" I am working on the second one. I dont know if this is going to be ship based, but whether it is or not this is still nice to have. Exterior of the DayBreak Top Floor of the Day Break Bottom Floor of the Day Break Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Whats the point of joeyray's bar? I've just come from the eu server and we don't have joeyray's bar there so i was wonderind what the point of it is?Wombywell8 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012 Project Resurrection (DEAD) Decided to start an RP Project Resurrection is a top secret Dominion project based on a small moon orbiting the remains of Chau Sara. The projects goal: To move Terran minds into new bodies and the best canidate for these new bodies, Zerg Eggs considering any bodies with developed minds would reject the new one. To gather test subjects the Dominion has hired mercs to bring in people.(Movie refrences. Hint: the movie starts with an A and whoever guess it gets a cookie) Your character will wake up hatching from an egg. Their memory is blurry but they remember a few things from their Terran lives. Though if 1 or 2 people want to RP some Protoss investigating the activity you may. Chartacter setup is the same as most RPs. Will start with about 4 peoploe have fun :D Edit: You may also RP as Terran investigating (Raynors Raiders etc)MechaGhidrah126 Aug 27, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Academy Match: Calek vs. Kasora Done :3 I finally made it. What does "Kythinos(?) Carapace" do again?Nikola41 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Darkest Heart Characters Mentors ^Zarkun^ Tobi Van Helsing (200 HP) Armament: Argost, Blade of God {Melee, 50 damage [+30 v Light, +300 v monsters, +200 v heroic]}, Chaos and Order, the Justice Bringers {20 range, 60 damagex2 [+40 v Armored, +200 v monsters, +100 v heroic]} Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive) Hunters ^BcAce^ Edward Livi, The Flame (105 HP) Armament: Flamethrower {4 range, 12 damage[+12 v Light]}, Fire bombs {6 range, 20 damage[+30 v Armored]}, Oil tanks (about 2 feet long){6 range, 0 damage}, Inferno Shotgun {7 range, 30 damage}, Ragnos, the Purifying Flame {2 range, 15 damage[+90 v monsters]} Abilities: Blue Flames, Thermal bomb (passive) ^MarkusDaWise^ Markus Devroy (75 HP) Armament: Standard Issue Ghost C-10 Canister Rifle with enhanced scope{8 range, 13 damage[+10 v Light]}, a butterfly knife {Melee, 6 damage}, Zeus, God's Lightening {melee, 25 damage [+80 v monsters]} Abilities: Enhanced snipe, Psionic Hearing (Passive) ^Nikola^ Entrent Oliver (65 HP) Armament: Spiked Gloves {melee, 23 damage [+10 v light]}, Spiked Chains {5 range, 26 damage[+13 v Massive]}, Twin Pistols with Armor-Piercing Rounds {7 range, 15 damage [+45 v Armored]}, Hades, God's Death Bringer {10 range, 35 damage [+75 v monsters]} Abilities: Vengeance (Passive), Deadly Grasp, Death's Embrace ^wfawwer^ Adrammalech VII (85 HP) Armament: Hauteclare {Gun-9 range, 16 damage; Sword-melee, 25 damage}, Scion Seal Launcher { 8 range, 23 damage [+50 v monsters]} Abilities: (Passive) Hunter of Adrammalech, Empyrean ^ShadowFury^ Toria Vorias (150 HP) Armament: Ares and Athena, twin daggers of God's Wrath {melee, 25 damagex2 attacks [+40 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Heaven's Light and Shadow Hunter {15 range, 23 damagex2 attacks [+45 v monsters, + 30 v Armored]} Abilities: Vision of the Shadows (Passive), Call of the Huntress, The Hunt ^CrymsonRaven^ Graal (100 HP) Armament: Bayonet Swords {melee, 11 damage}, Hermes, Bringer of Light {12 range, 26 damage [+80 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Keeper, Balancer's Blade {melee, 45 damage [+85 v monsters, +25 v Armored]} Abilities: Bayonet Storm, Oath & Faith(Passive), Way of Balance(Passive)Zarkun1 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 The Raven's Heart (RP) A lightning bolt flashed in the background, the prison was lit up then put back into darkness. The warden sat at his desk, looking through the files of the new prisoners and inmates to the asylum. The searchlights were lighting up the courtyard, there was a runaway. "Don't these inmates know what is best for them? They should be grateful that this wasn't New Folsom." The warden lit a cigar and stuck in his mouth, his eyes were blood shot and look stressful There was a painting on the wall, it was a Raven standing on a corps, its wings extended in majestic awe. The prisoner made it to the gate, the ground was cold and warm, the air moist and dry. The blood inside of him was ice. A bullet pierced his heart, and he fell over to the cold dark ground. He was sitting in a pool of his own blood. The raven's heart in the painting started to bleed, the red paint was its own blood. _______________________________________________________________________________ You are a prisoner or a inmate to the asylum. Name: Race: You will be Terran Age: Height: Characteristics: Backstory: Wing: Prison, or Asylum You will try to escape the prison alone, or with others. You will fight and kill for freedom once again. You will survive, or the prison has won already. This prison is alive, it's hell, it's heaven, it chooses what it wants to be. Find the secret of the Raven's Heart, for only with that you will have any chance at escaping alive. I am the Warden, and several prison employees. Duke is the Doctor but there is an exception. If he angers the Warden, the Doctor gets locked back up. We already talked about this. Can you use more than brute prison tactics to escape, do you have the courage, the strength, and the fear to make it out alive? I will be posting again tonight if we have enough people to participate in the RP. And all of the prisoners will be escorted to the courtyard once the RP starts, where the Warden will be giving the welcoming speech.CrymsonRaven256 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Hunt for the Snowbound Relic unit/character ^Solarr^ Name: Solarr (real name unknown) Faction : Mercenary (Dominion) Unit : Spectre/Ghost Equipment : Modified mix of spectre and ghost gear, a modified immortal shield, and a cloak ( that causes a distortion in immidiate area if moving, as the suit is powering the shield ) Abilities : Inhuman accuracy, Inhuman dexterity, Psionic abilities, Arms are cybernetic, and have more strength then a normal arm (Arms lost thanks to SF) (Prediction of actions, mindblast, ability to counter and even turn psionic abilities on who used them) Background : near none, A mercenary leader, who works for the highest bidder (in this case the dominion) ^Dacder^ Name: Jonathan Burken (aka "Spongey") Faction: Dominion Unit: Ghost/Marine Equipment: T-37 Gauss Sniper Rifle (experimental), MK-13 Battle Armor. Abilities: High Intelligence, Irradiate (T-37 gives him this function), Psionic Shield (deflects bullets/projectiles). Backround: Jonathen Burkmen was a member of a wealthy family, and attended a high level university. He was drafted as a Marine in the Dominion, but was quickly made a Ghost (partly due to his Father making....donations to the dominion). He was sent with a small force under a commander he has yet to meet to investigate a "mysterious signal". ^wfawwer^ Character Name: Ergaffi Faction: Lorian Exploration Unit Equipment: Custom made biosteel armor, rotating all purpose turret on back (think upgraded Goliath cockpit) Abilities: Neck thrash- swings his head around wildly, damaging and knocking back everything caught in his path. Speech- Is capable of speaking Long Necked- Can see extremely large distances and spot cloaked and burrowed units. Helicopter- Spins head around extremely rapidly, taking flight. Champion of the Plains- Grows additional heads, doing terrible terrible damage. Load up- Has the ability to load an ally into his cockpit, carrying them around. Background: Ergaffi was originally an African Giraffe until he was sucked away by a Plot hole inside the middle of the great war. His uses as a scout were seen as exceptional, being used as a higher level scout for the Zerg, a Protoss war machine and finally a Terran assault unit. He is currently a member of the Lorian exploration unit (Zarkun). ^Zarkun^ Name: Cayl Rios Faction: Lorian Exploration Unit Unit: Knight Errant Equipment: Mithrite Halberd, KNI-600 Custom Armor, EMY-12 Plasma pistol. Abilities: Nanoheal(Passive)-Nanites heal any wounds and repairs damage to armor, Combat forms (Passive)-Has different combat forms he uses to deliver death effectively, Element Mastery (Passive)-Has a power non-psionics only dream about, the ability to bend the four basic elements to his will, Psionic Protection (Passive)- Is unaffected by any kind of psionic attack thanks to his nanites advanced sensors and capabilities. Background: Cayl Rios is a direct descendant of the First Great Knight of Earth, and has done much to prove it. He enrolled in the Pankoprulu Academy shortly after joining the Raiders to learn new combat techniques and create new weaponry and tech for his people. Having done so, he returned home, became a Knight Errant, and was placed in charge of the Lorian Exploration Unit. Was sent to investigate the signal, and to stop any unfriendly forces from taking the source. ^ShadowFury^ Name: Malak Age: 249 Faction: Daelaam Protoss Unit: Dark Templar Equipment: Void Shurikens, Dual Warp Axes, Psi Blades, Khaydarin Amulet. Abilities: Blink-Self explanatory. Cloak-Self explanatory Void Blast: Unlocking the deepest strength of the Void allows Malak to fire a powerful blast of Psionic energy. Shadow Clone-Able to make a weak clone out of the void energies to distract or to help destroy enemies. May add more in the future. Backstory: The youngest Nerazim to complete the Shadow walk. Is the apprentice of Zeratul. ^smylez^ Name: Razagra Faction: Hybrid Honors Unit: Hybrid Annihilator Equipment: Claws and Tentacles Abilities: Death's mask-All damage is reflected to their original source for 20% of the original damage. Eruption-A wave of dark energy is emitted a cone in front of the hybrid, damaging or killing all in the cone's path. The Dark Will- Immune to mind control. Stuns and crowd control may not work depending on their nature. Summon Avatars: Summon up to 4 hybrid Annihilators that are 45% weaker than the original. Hellfire-all units in a 5x5 radius are stunned by psionic backlash. The ground underneath the affected circle turns into pure psionic energy and erupts upwards, setting anyone who happens to be inside on fire. Consume DNA: Consumes an organic target immediately. Gains life, shields and energy depending on the target. Energy is only restored if the target is psionic. However, some targets will have their essence drained over time which means the hybrid will not move or attack but focus on the target. Impalement: The tendril(s) can be stretched over 20 feet and impales a target. The hybrid has 8 tendrils. Enslave-any visible target will be enslaved by the hybrid's overwhelming powers if the hybrid chooses to do so. A maximum of 30 supply worth of units can be enslaved. Does not affect robotic units or heroes. Accelerated Regeneration-A strange aura surrounds the hybrid and wounds heals extremely quickly but during this time, the hybrid does not move or attack. Detector- detects cloaked units. Roar-The hybrid roars and sends the enemy into a terrified state. Background: The hybrids have awakened one by one to do their dark master's bidding. Razagra was one such hybrid developed by Samir Duran and he is all to glad to perform what is needed of him. ^CrymsonRaven^ Name: Ex Admiral Byrne Faction: Independent, Survivors of the Colony Aseena Unit: Leader of Survivors Battle Cruiser: Serenity, was taken over by Byrne and his men during the GHH RP. Equipment: Customized CMC-300 Suit, CR-16 Gauss Rifle, Nanosteel Suit Blades. Abilities: Rally ----------Targeting System, turns on the suits Targeting System, which increases his accuracy, increased chance of hitting a vital. Can also be used to Scan for hostiles or friendlies. ----------Influence (Passive) Backstory: Byrne left his position as Admiral after the attack on Aseena due to a rebellion taking place there. He decided to stay behind to help rebuild. A couple of years later, the UED attacked the Koprulu Sector once again. They managed to steal a Battle Cruiser from them, though it was a older model that is advanced as a Behemoth Class Cruiser. ^Galerunner^ Name: Jeremiah Groud Faction: Blind Angels (Mercenary, not under contract. Independent, but looking for work) Unit: Medic Equipment: Combat Shield, CMC-405 Light Combat Suit (Standard Issue Medic Armor), A-13 Flash Grenade Launcher, C-7 Gauss Pistol, Personal Cloaking Device (Slightly damaged, emergency use only) Abilities: Heal, Restoration, Optic Flare (As seen in Starcraft I/II), Surgeon Training Background: The Blind Angels are a mercenary group in the Koprulu Sector. Unlike most mercenaries, they specialize in fixing rather than breaking. A wild card in any combat hot spot, the Blind Angels live up their name by healing any and all wounded that come their way. The Blind Angels also pack along a valuable commodity in a warfront scenario: highly trained Surgeons, specializing in mechanical and biological reconstruction of soldiers most people would describe as 'dead'. The Angels provide these services freely for both Protoss and Terran combatants... but at the end of the day, they're still mercs. If offered enough incentive, certain factions might find themselves greeted by Auto-Turret fire instead of healing hands... ^Jester^ Name: Nina DuGalle Faction: UED Remnant Unit: UED Field Commander Equipment: CMX-18C, C-141 with PP-205 undermount, ST-25 Abilities: Rally: Increases efficiency of nearby troops. Plasma Bolt: Fires a high energy shot capable of burning through almost any armor Grenade Volley: Fires plasma, inferno and frag grenades in an area. Ultrasonic Pulse: Stuns enemies for some time. Various psionic abilities Background: Highest ranking member of the UED who still lives. Worked for a while as a Mercenary until events pulled her back to the UED.Jester29 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 JRB News Joey picks up the remote and clicks for channel 8. Instantly a catchy tune comes on ans shortly ends. Men turn there heads and put their drinks to rest as there eyes become fixed on the televisions. A man swirls around in a black leather chair and gently plants his arms on the polished oak desk. Many buildings can bee seen through a spotless window behind the man. His expression is that of deep interest and excitement. "Good morning ladies and gentleman! Welcome to JRB news!" A banner can be seen crossing the bottom of the screen with JRB News stated on front. "Today we have special news about our quaint Bar!" At this point every eye and ear is turned toward the TVs "Please welcome out special guest, the man behind our money, Duke!" The camera turns left and a pleasant man enters the set. His hair was combed back over his head, and his beard was well groomed, though he was graying he looked youthful. He came to a chair positioned slightly left of the desk. He unbuttoned his black cloak as he sat. The camera focuses on both figures. "So Mr. Duke, what was your inspiration for founding this news corporation?" ____________________________________________________________________________ Theses days so much happens on the forums and particularly in Joey Ray's Bar. I though it would be nice to have a news thread which could keep the ever growing population of the Bar informed of whats happening. So folks, This is my news thread! I will try to post a news report at least once a week on Saturday morning. There will probably be a mid week report as well. On my thread I will have special guests every now and then. If something big happens I will post a special news report. Please try to keep non news conversations on this thread at a minimal. Feel free to make suggestions. The news reports will contain news about Starcraft, popular threads, disputes, links, quotes, news about other forums, a news story, guest discussion, and short story. During a discussion please allow the host and the guest to speak without posting, watch until after the report and then an open discussion will follow. Feedback on Public opinion on issues will be posted on a poll thread, this information will be posted in the news report. I hope you enjoy the news! Feel free sticky this. (Editing of this post will continue)Duke21 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Darkest Heart (Open RP) Tobi Van Helsing walked the halls of the New Hellsing Mannor alone, having just finished a hunt. "The creatures are getting restless. This is the third kill this week alone." Heading to the armory, he grabs more ammunition for his pistols. "I can't do this alone. Alistair!" Out of the darkness, a man who looks to be in his late thirties appears. "You called master?" "Pull up a list of the descendants of all the greatest monster hunters of their time. It's time we began the hunt in earnest." This is pushing the boundries, but you'll understand once we get going. I will be DMing this one alot like Drac does the Academy, and I hope you have fun with it. You are Terran only, though if you so chose and I approve, you may later become a creature of the night. Name: Age: Weapons (Will be blessed on entrance and at least one melee is required): Abilities: (One passive, One active) Backstory (Must include how Alistair contacted you and how your family is related to Darkova): I will be allowed more then the basic abilities as DM, but you can earn more.Zarkun500 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 The Story of Zaros. "I have brought back the story, but with some changes to make it much better. Still need a better name though. I may rush the plot and not place as many words as others (MockingJay specifically.) Criticism and such is accepted, actually I encourage it. I am going to give this a link in the place of a backstory for Zaros. It starts from when he is 14, a few flashbacks to when he was younger than that may appear. And it will be very large, since it will go through at least 4 or 5 years of his life." I wake to sounds of screeching, I run to my window with nothing but my boxers on and look outside, about a mile away I see a large purple and brown mass of creatures and I have no idea what they are. But from the sounds they do not seem friendly. I quickly get dressed and grab my pocket knife and run downstairs. The Confederate soldiers pulled out about 20 days ago with several people with strange powers developing. Now I knew we were screwed, because these things in less than 3 minutes had already covered close to a half a mile. As I get downstairs I see my dad, my mom and my little sister grabbing a few things and stuffing them into a bag. “Dad, what are those things coming at us,” I ask “Their called Xenomorphs, or Zerg.” He replies. “When did you first see them?” I question. “About 6 minutes ago, and were about 2 ½ miles away.” He answers. “Well now they’re only ½ to a ¼ mile away, so we have to get the hell out of here!” I yell. “DON’T SWARE YOUNG MAN!” My mom yells at me, “but we will run for it.” My dad picks up my little sister and he my mom and I open the door and run towards the nearest Starport, but we were too late. The Zerg were already upon us, I saw one fly from behind me and smash my mom to the ground. The thing was horrible. It had two sickles like appendages instead of front legs, a long head with two arms like things hanging on it, tusks sticking out from the side of its mouth, orange fierce eyes. And its teeth, they were sharping than a dog’s canines and it was the same size as a large dog. It started tearing the back of my mom apart and eating her insides. These things had no mercy. There were screams of agony from behind, but I dare not look back in fear of what I might see. My father and I continue running. We are less than a block away from the Starport when a giant monstrous serpent like creature jumps out of the ground, standing in the way of my dad. Its arms were like scythes and its mouth was split into three jaws. It opens its mouth and a spine a little less than 30mm flies out and pierces straight through my dad. My sister starts crying and is dropped to the ground. One of the smaller Zerg runs and picks my sister up and drops her at another location, it was about to rip her apart when I looked away. The serpent creature looks towards the small Zerg and then turns its attention to me. I brace myself for death, but it sniffs me and then start feasting on my father’s corpse. I am completely taken by surprise by this and am frozen for a second, and before I can even process what happened hear a very loud roar in the distance behind me and start sprinting again and as I arrive at the Starport and get on a transport, tears start pouring out of my eyes and I begin sobbing, not even noticing when the transport took off.ShadowFury14 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 At Wars End (Part 1) Commander Tobin opened the door to the command center after punching in the code. He walked into the war room five minutes late. All of his strategic advisors, generals and fellow commanders were waiting for him. "Sorry for the late arrival I had to run a quick errand." The Captain sighed. "Our intel suggests that if we dont send in our Special Ops team in the next three days, General Onaza might be gone already." "Where exactly is he?" "Well we dont know for sure, but we have three targets that do." "Where are the targets?" inquired another commander "One is hiding on here, on Moria, another, Umoja, and the last we dont know." "You dont know?" Tobin seemed shocked. "Correct, sir" Explained Chief intel provider, "He was last spotted in the media on Shiloh, but canceled his transportation to Moria and flew somewhere else." There was a pause. "This war could end soon if we pull this off. I'll send Captain Yung to gather the targets up." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Captain Yung was in his supply depot watching the news. It was full of news about the wars catastrophic damage. The supply depot door flew open and Yung jolted out of bed. Water from his water bottle went everywhere. "Im sorry to disturb you Captain, but you better prepare your troops for launch. This mission is important." The captain just stood there dumbfounded. "Come on we havn't got all day." "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" He said as he threw clothes on himself and raced to his Com-pad. Tobin walked out and closed the door behind him. John Yung sent out the message to his troops to meet in the armory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sean Trope sat in the armory with the rest of the platoon, contemplating what to wear. The door to the armory opened and John Yung walked in. "Listen up troops!" He yelled in his asian accent "We gotta gear up and move out fast, so here is a quick briefing. Our target is a small military outpost on Moria. The confederates think they can just take some factories and refineries and get away with it. We are here to prove them wrong! Gear up with your preferred equipment and get to the APC ASAP!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are four different vests available. Assault: four mag's two grenades of your choice. Grenadier: Two mag's six grenades of your choice. Scout: Three mag's two grenades of your choice, a knife of your choice. (Also grants improved speed) Defence: Three mag's two grenades of your choice. (Also grants improved defence) When you join I need you to fill out this character sheet: Name: Age: Gender: BackStory: Defining Characteristics: Vest: Primary Weapon:MarkusDaWise20 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 The mysterious corporation (Story) Carlos Decknoman was at work, just like every other thursday. He worked at a large corporation who's business was generally kept secret. He was sipping his coffee, which always tasted bad here, in his bleak, bland office space. He longed for his shift to be over, to be able to go home to his wife and enjoy the evening, but he knew work had to be done, and so he continued working on his paper. The paper was a contract from his employers to a potential customer, who as always was being kept secret. Just then his manager walked into his cubicle. "How's it coming along?" asked the manager, a tall, lean old man with grey hair slicked back and his favorite black suit on. "The report is coming along fine." said Carlos, who had great respect for the old man he was talking to. "No, no I mean how is your wife, your family?" stated the manager, whose soft, soothing voice was always a pleasure to hear. "Good thank you, and you?" asked Carlos. "Fine fine, thanks. My son just came home from service...alright, don't mean to keep you from your work..see you later." said the manager. "Bye." replied Carlos as the manager walked out of the door. As Carlos finished up his work for the day, a man in a black suit with black sunglasses came in. "Would you mind coming with me?" said the mysterious man. "uhhh, sure." said Carlos, hoping he wouldn't keep him for long. "Alright, this will just take a minute." said the man, as he led him into a hallway, through the hallway, and to a door. "Where are we going?" asked Carlos, who always wished to know more about what his company was up to. "In here, the guard said opening the door. As Carlos looked inside, and saw a dimly lit room, and inside was....something else. He was then hit with a horrific aroma, and a rush of cold air. *He shuttered and thought "What is this place....and how long will this keep me here? My shift must have ended by now..."Dacder6 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 [C.C.] RedOctober'sBar RED OCTOBETR’S BAR – NOW OPEN OFFICALY (PART 1) Sit down, have a drink, and tell us all about your character. Is he/se used frequently? Is he/she only seen sometimes? Or is he/she new? Regardless, Red October’s Bar is visited by mainly Terrans, who come here at all times! So sit down, buy a drink, turn on some music, and talk! -DRINK MENU- (ranging from most powerful to least.) -Nukester Supreme Don’t ask me what’s in it, or how Nukester made it, all I know is that it’s EXTREMELY powerful. You’re in for a wild ride my friend! (shot glass only) -ShadowFury's Mind Shredder It literally shreds you up. -DMST or Tsunami Drinkable Modified Stim Pack, This will keep you buzzed for three days. -Sludge Hammer Knocks you out cold. Sweet dreams. -HellFire Burn your face off hot! This will sober you up in no time. -Scotch A classic. -Whisky Another classic. -Smooth Messes with your vitals a little, But low in potency. -5 hour energy Get ready for an addiction and hangover (Come in quarts) -Coffee Not much to say. -Tea Sweet and hot -RedOc’s Root Beer Tastes Great -Milk Duhh, -Water What else can I say? -FOOD MENU- -RedOc’s Combo Burger, Fries, nuggets, and a free drink. Yes indeed! This bar if fully equipped! Jute Box, Galactic telephone, many tables, holo TVs with UNN on, Dueling room, bedrooms for if you get drunk, all the dishes you will need, cool doors and more my good gentlemen! ENJOY THE VEIW OUT THE HUGE WINDOW THAT LOOKS OUT ON A HEAVY RAIN STORM! Gentlemen, First drink is on me. Others not of the Cove can still post here, I just thought that the Cove needed a bar, and my request was approved!RedOctober10 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 Objective: Survive Planet: Unknown Location: Unknown Time: 400 Hours Objective: Find The Distress Beacon Sent By The A.A.S. Ship Eternal Hello, I am a XZY7000Dropship, but you can call me Maria. A distress beacon was picked up earlier today, so your mission is to find the distress beacon before it's too la- *Something tips the ship and the lights flicker, then go out. The ship tips in a 90 degree drop. If it weren't for the straps on your chair you would die. You hear a ear-drum bursting noise as you crash. You see the pilot reach for the eject, and then it all goes black* Character Options: Marine: Equipped with a full suit of armor and the new RF700, which shoots 2 bullets at a time with a fire rate of 120 bullets every five seconds. Assassin: Equipped with a Chestplate, a pair of Kneeguards, a Mask, and a ASF200 Sniper Rifle, that uses a thermal scope and armor piercing rounds. Grenadier: Equipped with full explosive and acid proof armor, Standard Issue Rocket Launcher, Frag grenades and Acid grenades harvested by banelings. Custom: Your own character, must have: Armor, A weapon, and description of the weapon. Cannot have: OP Armor, more than one weapon (Except duel pistols are allowed), an OP weapon, and a machine. I don't care if it's Terran, Protoss, or Zerg. Reregistration: Name: Class: Description(If custom): Gender: Personality: Ok, that's it hope to see you soon :)!BcACE500 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 For Glory, Honor, and Home: XIII & III Director Jericho Borov was leading a group of investors and high ranking officials through the hallways of his secret facility. There was an abundance of doors, suggesting that much more goes on here than could possibly be imagined. The Director was at an in-between for age, his slicked-back jet black hair painted with silver steaks, his bright blue eyes were underlined with a number of wrinkles, and his broad shoulders were carried with a slight slouch. His voice was quite, yet carried a great deal of authority and wisdom. "Through here, you will enter one of our many training facilities, were our most promising group of trainees are at work." Borov guided the tour into a room which was separated by a plate of one-way glass, allowing them to peer unto a small assembly of teenagers, seven in total, training rigorously with whatever was at hand. One of them was the size of a bear, and was throwing giant objects at targets all the way across the room, obliterating them. Another boy darted quickly through a course where live rounds of ammunition where being discharged at him. A girl was standing in the center of a circle, an exercise which probably required telepathic ability, but if there was something happening, it was unseen to the VIP group. The rest were going through complicated procedures, save for one of them, who was submersed in a flood of military strategies being fed through a holo pad. "These... children- They are far more than they appear. They have the highest psionic levels recorded of anyone that has ever been tested. Many of them are manifested in unique ways." The massive child was shown on a large number of screens. "S3R631 is an incredible specimen, he manifests his psionic potential subconsciously, and super-charges his muscular structure, effectively making his body impenetrable by anything less than a high quality rifle." He paused, and each screen showed a different one of the 'gifted' children. "I do not wish to bore you with the details of each and every subject, but I promise you this-" He strode across the room, making sure each of their eyes were glued to him. "These children will become some of the most powerful weapons known to humanity." The screens continued to follow the progress of each trainee, who were showing their capabilities in the various courses that had been set up. No one in that room doubted that any normal human would easily die in many of these. "So, Gentlemen-" The Director was concluding the tour, and he knew that the deal was sealed. "Do I have your support or not?" There was no objection among them. Not an open RP Before the the creation of the Archangels, or even that of the UED, there was The Centurion Elite This is a story that takes place within the Earth colonies long before even the Zerg became known to man. Feel free to leave comments or (helpful) criticism. I hope you enjoyAvikon0 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 Second Chances (Text Adventures) I woke up with a start, my eyelids slowly opening as I found myself staring at the wall. The dull sound of yelling and screaming surrounds me at all sides from my cell, every day from morning to evening. If I only knew what hours it was. How long was it since I have seen a sun? Or perhaps a moon? How much time passed since my incarceration? Far too long for me to keep count apparently. I stretch my back lightly and get up from my bed walking over to the a stained mirror on the wall. My physique was still in good condition somehow after these years. I put on my shirt and walk over to the sink, opening the water faucet and lightly splashing water to my face. I pick up a dirty rag on a rack and dry my face with it. The bell rang throughout the prison complex. The doors to my cell, magnetically locked, opens as it is time for breakfast hours. I walk out the door and head towards the lunchroom on the third floor. I was always the quiet type, one that did not prefer to cause any trouble nor be near it. Perhaps I was able to survive so long in this hellhole by being invisible. What was my crime again? It was a blur in my head, something that I should know yet I did not. A vague memory that was about the murder. Time passes so quickly. "Prisoner 3434, Prisoner 3434, you are to immediately report to the detention area," the loudspeaker blares as I make my way to the lunchroom. I pick up my breakfast, a rather pitiful meal of stale bread with some week old sausages and thin watery soup. As I walk make my way to a table, I feel a push behind me and I stumble forward, letting go of the tray crashing face first to the floor. I quickly regain my composure. My breakfast was gone, there will never be second servings in this prison. However, that was not the end of my problems. Before I could turn around to see which genius decided to pick a fight with me, a muscular man comes up to me, his prison jacket stained with soup. "So you are the lucky punk I am going to have fun today?" He clenches his fists. All around me, the other inmates look up from their breakfast trays, eager to see what happens next.smylez9 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 The Thaw (A Narrative) Continued Well, for those who don't know, the Thaw was my narrative/RP that I did. It's on one of the later pages. I decided to start it up again. This one is a little though. This set more in the Starcraft universe than my HotelFurry. Therefore, this part is more business. I'll also post any RP stuff I do, but it will mainly be about a mission Jeff and Sarah are on in a mountainous, snowy environment. This is very loosely based on the mission from MW 2.Thecommander1 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Duke's Lodge Complex Abbreviation: DLC ----- This complex is fully Equipped with restaurant & bar, swimming pool, golf coarse, party lodge, meeting place, lobby, Initiation room, members counsel room, library, shooting range & gunshop, theater, bowling ally, chapel, records room, giftshop, troll brig, duel arena secret room, and shrine. Description of less obvious rooms. Shrine- Traditions, rituals, statues and trophies of the most respected role players. Secret room- Only I and M3 members know. Member Counsel room- Big decisions are made here, who to honor, who to hate, what should happen at JoeyRays. ----- Join the club with one of three memberships! No membership- access to all rooms except chapel, members counsel room, golf coarse, secret room, and shrine. Food & drink costs 100% cost. No respect assured. You must be mean or a troll to get this. M1- access to all rooms except chapel, secret room, and shrine. Food & drink costs 90% of original cost. Some respect assured. You must be new and nice to get this. M2- access to all rooms except secret room. Food & drink costs 70% of original cost. decent respect assured. You must have been here at least 3 months. M3- access to all rooms. Food & drink costs 50% of original cost. High respect assured. Exclusive access to Secret room. You must have been here at least 8 months, and you must be considered important. To get a membership you will submit a post here to me. This post will describe you, your brief RP history, your frequency, specialty, and other. I will then decide your membership status. (Sort of like a Job application.) ----- Respect No membership do not have to be treated with respect. But you must follow code of conduct when you speak with them. M1- No purposely attacking them. Try to be nice to them, unless they piss you. M2- No attacking them. Show kindness to them, unless they piss you. M3- Do not hurt them in any way whatsoever! Show unconditional kindness to them. They get first dibs at everything here. All members must be treated by the code of conduct. ----- Food Menu Burger- Beef or steak with typical extras. Fries- Springy or normal with ketchup. Salad- How ever you like it. Steak- Rare to Well Buffalo wings- As hot as you want them. Donuts- We got lots of different kinds. Chicken nuggets Eh, nummy nuggets. ----- Drink menu Water- Duh. Milk Duh. Soda- Duh. Duke's Ale- Highly powerful gingery ale, This will get you dull and sleepy. Mind Shredder- This is recommended for the toughest guys. It hard core, and can be used in some types of bombs. You will have one #$%% of a hangover. (ShadowFury's choice.) Thunder- BANG, knocks you out cold. Zanon's choice- smooth, slow, and cold. -MORE COMING SOON- ----- Links These are other related threads that you might like. Graveyard Continued The New Bar ZARKUN'S PIZZA PARLOR AND ARCADE MECHA'S PET SHOP THE ARENA THAT IS UNDER THE BAR ----- Description of me Hello I'm Duke, I'm new around here. But I learn fast. I'm artistic, creative, smart, quick, a manager type, and kind. I look forward to participating in the community. ----- Start Groups Become the leader of your group, or join one. This is a way to help establish yourself. Groups like gangs, masons, brotherhoods, and parties. ----- Enjoy the complex! This is your chance to rise up and establish yourself! Start groups, gangs, brotherhoods! Show us who you are! Make friends! My goal? Becoming a MVP. ----- Editing of this post will continue.Duke44 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 A Knight's Tale So I've decided to give you all Cayl's background story, but it will be through flashbacks as the story goes on. I'll edit this with the story here soon. Chapter 1 Pain. It was the first thing I could remember as I came back around. What happened? The last thing I remember is the ship getting hit by a volley of glaive worms then…nothing. Wait, Alice! I stand up and have to brace myself against the control panel. “Must of hit my head pretty hard…” I mutter. It was an understatement. I was dizzy beyond reason. Regaining some of my balance, I wobble towards the passenger compartment, hoping everyone was ok, but especially Alice. Reaching it, all I saw was death and horror. The passenger compartment had been full of people, so the Zerg’s overlords had attempted to latch on and unload their underlings into the ship. It had worked. My fellow knights had been fighting of the waves of Zerglings and Hydralisks that had poured forth, and now only a few people survived, but none of the Zerg. Giovanni was one of them. “Giovanni, where’s Alice?” He slowly stood up, then took a moment to orient himself. “Cayl, is that you? I don’t know. I remember her fighting off some strange infested creature and then the crash happened. Right now, there’s just a whole lotta pain.” He rolls his shoulders and picks up his bow. “I’m gonna check the other parts of the ship. The Zerg managed to slip a few past us.” I nod my head and head off down a hallway to the left while he went to the right. I figured she would have tried to lead them away from the civilians, not that it mattered. They’d still managed to shoot us down and kill most of the civilians in the crash. Halfway towards the cargo bay, I hear the roar of a beast. Drawing my halberd, I sprint the rest of the way, and find Alice still fighting against the beast. Only, it wasn’t infested…Zarkun5 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Quantum, Open RP "Welcome to Quantum, the Multiple Sector Compound. You'll be arriving by ship to the Alpha sector, then be escorted to the Beta sector, where you will be given further details. All firearms must be on safety until further instructions are given. If you do not comply, you will be confiscated of all weapons until you are given a post. This is the only warning you'll receive. Have a nice stay, buttercups." The pilot turns off the speakers as the compound starts to appear from the dense fog. The facility can be barely seen, as the lights from the landing pad were the only things to pierce the fogs. You prepare your equipment as you near the landing point. ------------------------------------------------- Now, before we begin, let me clarify on a few things: There's a choice a classes you must choose from before we begin. Note, your character can learn different skills if you can find someone who's willing to teach them. If you want new weapons, you have find them or receive them from someone. Engineer: You start out with a blow torch, a repair kit, and a light weapon of your choice. You can repair anything that isn't science equipment with ease. You can also make better explosives than the other classes Infiltrator: Combat knife, hacker kit, and a silenced canister rifle. Sneaking is your favorite tool, making you silent when sneaking around. You have minor hacking abilities that allow you to hack through doors and some computers. Soldier: Gauss Rifle. You love killing stuff that aren't your friends, so can go into a frenzy that makes your reflexes faster while fighting. Due to your training, you can operate any vehicle and suit you can find. Scientist: Med-kit, scythe pistol. To make you any bit useful, they gave you a gun from their pocket. You can easily help your teammates recover much faster when you use a med-kit and know the difference between chemicals. You can hack any computer within a certain amount of time, and know how to use and maintain the scientific equipment. Being the genius you are, you can upgrade weapons and equipment with the right materials. Personal diapers also available if you have bladder control problems. Weapons and equipment can be found in armories you gain access to and certain personnel. There is a karma system in this, so make your choices wisely. The most obvious path isn't always the best one. Check out your environment for better opportunities.Naitsrich306 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012 Pankoprulu Academy, Fifteenth Session Victory! The Graduation Tournament has begun! Who will win? This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof: Marine Firebat Marauder Reaper Medic Ghost Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity) Zergling Roach Hydralisk Lurker Queen (SC2) Zealot Stalker Dragoon Sentry High Templar Dark Templar Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format: Name Age Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last) Abilities (two maximum, kapische?) Used Weapons Special Notes In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later) Vehicle List (Space Conflict) Void Ray Scout Wraith Pheonix Corsair Viking Banshee Valkyrie Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase) Vulture Hellion Goliath Immortal <None needed for Stalker/Dragoon> Reaver (modified) Colossus (modified) Siege Tank I mentioned modes earlier. There are four. Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you. Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal. Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.) Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first. Basement: CLASSIFIED Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms 2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library 3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves) 4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting TowerShadowFury500 Aug 23, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 The Arrival ======================= The year is November 17th 2499, Chau Sara. The Confederacy is prospering but there are signs of trouble. A terrorist group known as the Hands of Korhal has been causing trouble in the area, targeting military installations and other points of interest. The Magistrate Collins has given out out orders to exterminate them. After several days of fighting, it appears that the terrorist group is on their last limb. You are all nameless recruits, fresh from boot camp. You will start out at New Greenville preparing with the other soldiers for the final assault on their headquarters. Will you find glory or death? Your journey begins here. ======================== Notes: You can die. I will kill you if the situation permits it but I will warn you if you encroaching death. I encourage you to use one character to see how long they will last. I will DM. You can only be human. No exceptions. Character sheet: You are all recruits. Standard stuff. But you may have extra training in some other areas like sharpshooting or piloting. Doesn't mean you are the best or skilled at it. Or none at all. Just write it down somewhere in your character sheet. Do not list your equipment. The RP starts when we have 4+ people.smylez335 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 In what epic way do you want to die? A simple thread realy, tell us an epic way that you would like to die in a Starcraftish way. You don't need a backstory or reason, or (optional) purpose, unless you want to. Here is mine, use as an example. I sit in my command chair, alone. I pear out the command window and I saw death, the Zerg fleet was tearing metal off my ship. The power goes off and backup turns on the red lights. I disable voice warnings and place a record on the player. I sit back down and listen to Mozart while I drink a wine I'd be saving for a special occasion. The escape pods were out of harms way by now, and I set the self destruct to 30 seconds. I hear the Zerg, and come to the realization that the ship has been further compromised. But it does not matter. I close my eyes and think of my dead family. I sip my wine as the ship begins to explode.Duke21 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 Darkest Heart (Temp) Zarkun4 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 I'm back But nobody cares so screw that. Smiley Face. Also you're all awesome. Smiley Face. Also Lekroger. End Transmission.IraqLobster25 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 The Cove Collective announcement -Cove Collective- C.C. Monthly News 8/22/2012 (#63) Comrades! The Cove Collective Counsel members have finally decided that the Cove should officially join the Starcraft 2 Forums! This news statement will be posted on the most popular section known as Joey Rays Bar. We will be putting our official clan thread there on this Saturday (8/26/2012) All members are invite to convene there at noon for our welcoming speeches! Remember to plan yours, it should be at least two sentences. -Information for the Role-play Community- The Cove Collective was founded in2007 by Cove in the days of Starcraft one. The C.C competed against other clans unprofessionally, and held many clan matches and games. Starcraft two came out and the C.C. switched over. Cove served his two year term as head of Counsel according to the Code. The next Head of Counsel was Ranger who also served a two year term. Our current head of counsel is Nukester, and he has, as you should know, investigated JoeyRays Bar with second counselor RedOctober and some other members. They conducted experiments for fun, and have found that code abiding Role-Players seem to have a fun and fulfilling time. -Notes- No new members will be accepted until our thread is created -Links to see- JoeyRays Bar; Pleas Read JoeyRaysBar Open for Business Clan Thread -Not yet established.- Remember our Code and the Forums Code. See you there! -This news report was brought to you by our community organizer Zahoma-RedOctober36 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Reckoning, Part 2 The ship flew through the void of space, being point of life against a canvas of darkness. Troy steadily watched from the window, seeing the never moving stars in the far distance. He could hear the noise that his passengers were making. "They are extremely annoying people.... Jack, how's the cage doing?" Jack was busy playing solitaire when he was asked that, nearly dropping his bottle of rum next to him. "It's doing pretty well. He's still not going to get out anytime soon." "Well, then. I guess since we don't have stuff like that trying to kill us, why don't you take care of our little noise problem?" "Ok, then, sir."Naitsrich500 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 The thread of deleted posts Halleflux16 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Code of conduct... BcACE8 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 8) Continued from The New Bar (Part3)Zanon500 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Marine Bar Joke A marine walks into a bar and asks "wheres the counter?"NesTeaMyHero17 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 I'm back and hopefully better than ever!... Yes, I have deceided to come back to the forums, and I'm hoping to be a better RPer than I was before, I hope to see some old faces and meet new people, so I hope to join you soon!BcACE34 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #11 (RP) This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules! State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology. Please keep track of your Credits and Items. Each Player will get 100 credits at the beginning of each day, from when they started. *Link to First Thread* I give Credit for this series of threads to Vulturling. New Players are welcomed.NickDaMan286 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 These days it seems slow These days, it seems like most of the RPers are busy with school work, or are just not on that often. I happen to be done with school and have been for some time. I am able to maintain the slow goings on around here while people are away. My job inter fears only a little. I think anyone who can be on the forums at this time should get on good terms with me and anyone else here. Just saying. "A community is not a team, teams make communities" ~George WashingtonDuke3 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 What is HBRB!? Okay, I know im the noob around here but seriously, what is HBRB. Everyone is talking about him/her/itMarkusDaWise75 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 The HBRB Investigation I have proof that HBRB was not hacked, but he just left and made that story up to protect his name.Duke32 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 New Age Code (RD) -Preamble- We the Roleplayers in order to form a more perfect community, and establish order, justice, and happiness form this code. -Government- BureaucraticRepublic - Every three months we will elect three counsel members to run and maintain the bar. these people must be frequent, and be respected among the community. The election will take place over three days. Days one and two are for campaigning, and the vote will be held on day three. The roles of the counsel members follow Order - upholds the code of conducts along with this code, Is leading member when deciding punishments. Neutral - Introduces Bar to newcomers, deals with minor feuds and manages events. Ciaos - Will be unleashed upon trolls and offenders, gathers ideas and is main Representative of the counsel. Counsel members can be impeached by popular vote. -Code- The Code of conduct will be upheld. The new code will deal with order and law. Major trolls and offenders fates will be justfuly determined by the counsel in a court thread. disputes will be handled by the counsel in a court thread. The court will be lead by the counsel, the jury will contain any participating Roleplayer. The troll, offender, or disputers will state there case, argument, and the person in question will call upon one if any witnesses to verify, the person in question will also have to provide links as proof. Any members of the community can submit a case, suggestion, appeal, bill, or event. -Rights- (Amendable) Every member will be treated with respect, and will be given the right to there work (threads, posts) The obvious rights are upheld. Not all rights are typed, use your common sense. This is the draft. help me refine it.Duke14 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 the HilleryFireTrain So, I was reading about a so called HilleryFireTrain, Didnt know that that was still around?RedOctober12 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Poke fun on your league So I say. It's silver league and we better build some cannons because it's anything can happen silver leagueAgCl36 Aug 20, 2012