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Jan 28, 2012 US Navy to send MOTHERSHIP to Middle East ZOMG MOTHERSHIPS you can't sink a fleet you can't see!MKPWNAGE1 Jan 28, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Cloaked Love, Part 8 and to continue......Thundercrash199 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Blogging about gaming and fitness. Hey fellow SC players. I mostly roll around on the general forums soaking up the tom foolery that goes on over there. The tag for those forums is "Discuss StarCraft II" so it didn't seem like the place for this. I've started a blog. I'm an out of shape gamer who's looking to improve my health and fitness and I'd like to take as many other people like me on the trip. I'm going to be reviewing fitness games, posting healthy recipes and talking about the trials and tribulations that come up as a person trying to live a normal life, have fun and get fit. Putting yourself out there on the internet is kind of scary but I think we're moving in the right direction to have fitness and gaming be related. We hear about the guys at EG going to the gym on a regular basis if you listen to State of the Game and there's been loads of fitness software released since the motion control craze popped up. I'm working with both a nutritionist and a trainer so I'll have professional level advice to give and color commentary on just how easy or hard the process of losing close to 100 pounds is going to be. If you're someone who wants to start this journey too please stop by and post your goals and plans. If you keep it fit now let us know what works for you. If you simply want to people watch be my guest. Anyhow the blog is here at, stop by and feel free to let me know what you think. My first game review will be of Dance Central 2's fitness mode for Xbox 360 Kinect. Thanks!PajamaHero17 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 23, 2012 Does this mean I have relationship trouble? my 1.66 month long relationship has taken a shocking turn! last night, in my sleep, I texted my girlfriend ".g.g" they aren't close to each other on my keyboard, so it must be an attempt at day9's g.g. the context of his use of that phrase disturbs me. I thought that I liked my girlfriend, but what if that was an attempt, from my subconscious, to annoy her with a phrase that she doesn't understand? WHAT IF I AM BECOMING A FELICITY? /insane rantTetrasulfide7 Jan 23, 2012
Jan 21, 2012 no news Maybe this has been addressed but I wasn't able to find anything. How come it has been over a month since blizzard has posted anything new on there main page? The last thing I see is happy holidays.Hudson0 Jan 21, 2012
Jan 20, 2012 Space... (Equipment Charts) OOC: If you don't already know, this is a non Starcraft based lore roleplay that I wanted to test out with you guys. Cuz, well, you rock. And even Ace can be in it as long as he isn't silly. Miscellanious: Basics (1 - 5 Cr. or 1 Pc.): Mug: 1 Cr. Mug (Large): 1.5 Cr. Flask: 1 Cr. Flask (Large): 1.5 Cr. Traveler's Cloak: 1 Pc. Bandana: 1 Cr. Rug'taff Shoulder Pad (Damaged): 1 Pc. Face Mask (Minor Gas Resistance): 1 Pc. Hat (Fedora): 1 Pc. Hat (Wide Brimmed): 3 Cr. Kilt (Damaged): 1 Pc. Robe (Any Sort, Torn): 1 Pc. Water (1 Pint): 1 Cr. Water (1 Quart) 2 Cr. Water (1 Gallon) 3 Cr. Juice (Processed, Orange): 5 Cr. Juice (Processed, Lemon) 5 Cr. Cola (Fizz): 5 Cr. Cola (Flat): 1 Pc. Ammo (Projectile Bullet [10 Rounds]): 1 Pc. Ammo (Projectile Laser [10 Charges): 1 Pc. Ammo (Projectile Plasma [10 Canisters]): 1 Pc. Ammo (Rocket/Cannon Shells [1 Zaglass A.T.]): 1 Pc. Advanced (2 Pc. - 10 Cr.): Purified Water Container: 2 Pc. 3 Cr. Purified Flask: 2 Pc. 3 Cr. Jacket (Leather): 2 Pc. Jacket (Fur): 10 Cr. Robe (Clean, any sort): 2 Pc. 5 Cr. Kilt (Clean): 2 Pc. 2 Cr. Traveler's Space Cloak (Heat Sustaining): 2 Pc. 10 Cr. Water (Clean 1 Pint): 1 Pc. Water (Clean 1 Quart): 2 Pc. Water (Clean One Gallon): 2 Pc. 5 Cr. Juice (Fresh, any fruit): 2 Pc. Juice (Fresh, any vegetable): 2 Pc. Cola (Fizz, Clean): 2 Pc. Cola (Flat, Clean): 2 Pc. Weaponry: Plasma Pistol: 3 Pc. Burns Bullet Pistol: 1 Pc. No effect Laser Pistol: 5 Pc. Burns through 1" solid objects Mini Pistol A.T. Rocket: 10 Pc. Tracks Vehicle Treads/Tires Plasma Shotgun: 10 Pc. Burns Spray Bullet Shotgun: 5 Pc. Spray Laser Shotgun: 20 Pc. Burns through 3" object, Spray Spray Rocket Cannon: 25 Pc. Tracks Vehicle Mounter Weapons Plasma Smg: 10 Pc. Burns Rapid Fire Bullet Smg: 5 Pc. Rapid Fire Laser Smg: 20 Pc. Burns through 2" object, Rapid Fire Rapid Rocket Five Burst Cannon: 30 Pc. Fires Five Rockets, Tracks Driver Plasma Assault Rifle: 12 Pc. 5 Cr. Short Controlled Burst, Burns Bullet Assault Rifle: 8 Pc. Short Controlled Bursts Laser Assault Rifle: 25 Pc. 7 Cr. Short Controlled Bursts, Burns through 5" material Rocket Launcher: 50 Pc. Tracks Canopy of Vehicle Plasma Sniper: 30 Pc. 20 Cr. Burns, Pierces Armor Bullet Sniper: 20 Pc. Pierces Armor Laser Sniper: 50 Pc. 3 Cr. Pierces Armor and continues burning behind hole in body Long Range Mini Rocket: 50 Pc. Tracks Fast Moving Vehicle Plasma Minigun: 56 Pc. Burns, Faster than Light firing Speed Depletes Very Fast Bullet Minigun: 40 Pc. Faster than sound Firing Speed Depletes Very Fast Laser Minigun: 80 Pc. Cr. 15 Faster than light, Burns through 1" per second. Depletes Fast Special Weapons: Plasma Cannon: 100 Pc. Giant Tracking Projectile, Burns and Explodes Bullet 'Doom' Grapple Cannon: 100 Pc. Shoots three hooks that shoot through bodies and grapple/pull towards firer Laser Purge: 100 Pc. Solid Beam, Burns through 1' of Titanium per minute, must be mounted. Armor: Basic (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 3 Pc. Advanced (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 8 Pc. Tactical (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 5 Pc. Speed (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 4 Pc. Camoflauge (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 3 Pc. Cloaking (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 10 Pc. Heavy (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 20 Pc. Rebuilding Nano (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 12 Pc. Rebuilding Nano Prototype (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 50 Pc. Plasma Shield Armor: (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 25 Pc. Burn Proof (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 25 Pc. Laser Proof (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 50 Pc. Shield Generator (Attach to armor): 10 Pc. Combat Shield (Attach to armor): 5 Pc. OOC: That is all so far, no roleplaying in this thread, this just wouldn't fit in the other one. Expect a stats thread, a Species thread, a Backstory thread, and the actual roleplay thread. Please suggestiong for what I should add to the current Equipment shop please. I need some ideas.Roboto0 Jan 20, 2012
Jan 19, 2012 SC2 Multi-Player & SC1 Campaign? So before Christmas I had been playing around a bit w/ the Free trial version of SC2, and started to think that I might want to get into playing Multi-Player on a semi-regular basis. My computer at the time really couldn't play SC2 at any better than 16 FPS at the lowest settings, so I'd kinda decided I'd go through a bunch of the old blizzard games (WC 1, 2, and 3) while I waited to be able to afford a new computer sometime around March. As I was playing through WC III (I started there because I already had it installed from the first time I tried to make it through back in 2004, but just got too busy), I played more and more of the demo, and decided I really liked SC2. Just before Christmas I bought a new video card for the old computer, and it seems to be a pretty good stop-gap. . . 60 FPS on Medium settings. So for Christmas I ended up getting the SC1 Battle Chest AND SC2. My original thought had been to Play through SC1 for the story, and then once I finished Brood War, dive into SC2 full on. But as I spend time grinding my way through the story (which is a lot of fun) I'm also poking around the forums and watching pro games, and I really want to get into the MP aspect of SC2. CLIFFS NOTES (TL:DR version): So I guess my question is, is it worth waiting till I finish SC1 before diving into MP SC2? Am I going to confuse myself in the differences between build orders and units? Should I just make sure I'm not playing the same race at the same time in the two games? Thoughts? CWWolfemancs1 Jan 19, 2012
Jan 19, 2012 GG in other languages Spanish-speaking player said "EZ" as his swarm of mutalisks descended on my base. Thought it was pretty BM, but thought I'd check in case EZ was Spanish for GG or something along those lines. Are there any "GG" alternatives that show up?RichardNixon7 Jan 19, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 The Hunt You are on the planet of Korhal, and are trying to complete your day-to-day activities and run your businesses. -There are FIVE districts on Korhal, the Neon, a rury downtown area where most of the shops, black markets, and gang hideouts are located. -There's the Quart, a run down place filled with homeless people and home of the sewage station, the stealthiest way to get around the cities, but also one of the dirtier ones. Maybe one of the gangs can help you get in and out? -There is the Cloud District, home of most of the police and the major Dominion outposts, also where you'll be taken to jail. Some of your buddies can bust you out, but then again, you might not have buddies. -Then you have the Military District, where the "Emporer" lives and controls the entire Dominion. Anything that's anything will be addressed by him. That can be a good or a bad thing. -Last but not least, there's the Wilderness, a brutal place where all the vigilante's tend to hang out and brag about their kills. Home to most of the bars, a good place to hang around and meet people. Watch out for the occasional drunkard though... Be aware, as you are partaking in your daily lives, you will feel that there is a very dark entity stalking you, and trying to kill you. You must use people in your inner circles (NPC controlled by me), find out what exactly is following you, and survive. Along the way you will find other players and either ally yourselves with them or leave them to the entity, slowing it down giving you more time to escape. There are several "classes" that you may choose from for your character. Be aware that they have to have done something fairly evil in their past, even if their cause is noble, such as killing hundreds of civilians while destroying a Dominion base. Here are the classes: Class: Gang Leader Info: You run one of many successful gangs on Korhal. You oppose the Dominion, and are therefore wanted by the police. You can find out just about anything that goes on through your network of spies, but you and your men only have mediocre weapons and armor. Class Setup- -Name -Name of Gang -Eye color -Hair color -Age -Location of Hideout -Weapons (limited to knives, pistols, or shotguns) -Other stuff Class: Drug Dealer Info: an individual who has many connections in the Black market in Korhal, you have a loyal "fanbase" who provides a pretty stable income. You have enough money to buy advanced Weapons and Armor, illegally, of course. You can choose to either be wanted or not depending on what you spend your money on. Class setup- -Name -Age -Eye color -Hair color -Name of drug that you sell (Made up drugs, either Pan (P ot), Crunch (crack), Heroling (a zergling's blood mixed with several other chemicals to dull the senses, can be injected) -Location of House/apartment -Other stuff. Class: Warlord Info: You are an enemy of the state, the Police will shoot you on sight, whereas they will attempt an arrest on nearly any other class (except serial killer). You have a small group of followers who oppose the Dominion (as do you). You have access to the Black Market, but do not have the income that Drug dealers have. You tend to murder citizens during your guerilla battles with the Dominion. Class Setup- -Name -Age -Name of your group -Eye Color -Hair Color -Location of secret base -Other stuff. Class: Serial Killer/ R apist Info: You don't care much for money or politics, you just thirst for blood. You are homeless and always on the move, all you have are your knives, forged by you while your family was alive, before you killed them. The police will try to kill you on sight, as you have ranked up quite a kill count. You have no money to buy armor or better weapons, you can choose to loot your victim's bodies or homes for any money. Class Setup- -Name -Age -Eye Color -Hair Color -Preferred Targets (Male/Female) -Preferred disposal of the body (Do you hide them in dumpsters, r ape them, or just leave them in the crime scene) -Other stuff. Once we have 4-5 people, we will begin. Remember, I will control ALL of the NPC's, and will be posting (hopefully) frequently.HowBabysRBrn134 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 need help with computer please Hey guys, I just built a computer for my friend. Everything is working fine but when the computer starts up I get a weird beep code. Its beep beepbeepbeep beep. Its 5 total. The computer hardware is Board - Msi H61M-P23 Processor - i3 2100 sandy bridge intel powersupply - 750w coolermaster vid card - 9800 gt nvidia ram - amd 4gigs 1333mh I've read the beep code and it says processor failure. I've built a ton of computers and this is the first time this has ever happened to me. The computer is working fine, plays games and everything perfectly but it beeps at start up please help. Blaze2 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Role play idea (Work in progress) You are a citizen of a modest settlement in a fringe world. The Dominion has received the necessary paper work for establishing a military outpost. Unfortunately, they have enclosed the base around the power plant which provides cheap electricity in your neighborhood. The complex continues to grow in size. The facility is closed to all civilians. Shipments arrive daily for the military outpost but the you have no knowledge to what is inside. One night, there is a total blackout. The radio signal and power in the area has mysteriously disappeared. You and a band of people decide to investigate the military base. Inside the outpost, all personnel are given orders to head inside the base. Command has not told you why. Format Name Faction Class Equipment Backstory Personality Appearance (optional) Factions Civilians -These can the average joe, a mechanic, war vet, mom and dad and so forth. -They have access to civilian grade weapons and they MAYBE able to use military grade equipment. Military -Marine, marauder, etc. You may find different suits, weapons inside and other goodies in the base. -No scientists/high ranking officials can be role played -Different personnels have different access to the military complex. Access to facilities are used through keycards from level 1-5, with 5 leading to the most restricted areas. All personnel start with a level 1 keycard The Area The settlement has everything a moderately sized population needs to be self-sufficient. A lake nearby provides the water. There is a small airway not too far from the settlement where Dominion ships land for delivering their goods. The next shipment is not for another 2 weeks. The military base is much bigger. It is enclosed by a large electric fence which leads to the actual base consisting of 4 floors, 3 of which are underground with the more restricted areas. Keycards are necessary to travel between areas. The power plant is somewhere inside. The barracks provide housing. I will be the sole controller of one more faction that will show itself later in the RP. I will control your characters ONLY if I want to reveal something about the plot/interesting stuff. You will decide what to do with them. Feedback is appreciated.smylez5 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 I don't want to set the World on Fire... OOC: I'm back... Sorta... Baby?... I dun know. Well, this is gonna be awesome. Okay. Cool. That's settled... okay... I'm gonna continue now. Ace is not allowed. I'm the only eleven year old in this role - play. Well. Exposition! It's Monday morning. You wake up in a huge wreck of rubble. The sky is dark grey. As you open up your eyes you see around you, wreck, rubble, fire, something big happened overnight. You limp up, your left leg broken, it's not a deadly wound, but it will impair you. The capital city of Korhal... that's where you are... how did you get here? Human: You were in a small park before being knocked out by someone. A tree is fallen on you, and several other humans are noticable. You get your leg out from under the tree, and dust off your boxers and white T - shirt. (If you're a girl you're wearing boxers to btw.) You are able to find a small pistol, your pistol... why was it on you? Protoss: You were heading here for a reason you can't remember... If you look behind you you see several dead and alive Protoss, the dead protoss bodies are slung across the hull of your crashed shuttle. Photon fire exhausts from the burning wreck. You and your other Protoss get up and get away from the shuttle. After getting a safe distance from the shuttle, you dust off your (High Templar, Dark Templar, Zealot, or Dragoon armor). As you go deeper in, you see broken immortal suits (Could be repaired, but you don't have the tools.) More shuttles, dead protoss, dead Terrans, and a variety of weapons (salvageable, tell me if you want to salvage in character description.). After walking awhile, you meet the Terran survivors, who have now made some tents out of the wreck and a campfire. Zerg: Your fourth arm is hurt, crushed under a rock. Overlord creep is spewing down from a burning building, but the overlord is dead, the sacks not empty though. You rip your arm off from under the rock. Hundreds of your brothers preparing for the invasion are burnt a crisp around you. You didn't do this... this wasn't your invasion... what did this... You gather some eggs laid by a queen before she died and keep them alive. They hatch six zerglings and a roach. Your carapace is goopy... you're bleeding.. You and the seven start to run to find someone who could heal you. More OOC: Well, sounds fun I hope, now for races, weapons stats. Protoss: You could Be a High Templar, Dark Templar (Your cloak is broken), Zealot, and Dragoon. Weapons: Psi Blades (for everyone, except Dragoons), Photon rifle (Two handed rapid fire projectile) Void Cannon (A smaller version of the Void Ray weapon, it fires slow, but it's useful against large stuff), Stalker Beam (A modified weapon, used mainly by new age Dark Templar, it works a lot like a Portal gun, just the portals have to be closer togethor.) Dark Blade (Dark Templar Weapon). All your weapons are 50% damaged and don't work full power, but if you wanted, you can try to repair them. One Weapon. Human: Civilian or Marine. Weapons: Gauss Pistol (A smaller version of the Gauss Rifle, less powerful but easier to conceal.) Gauss Rifle (Marine Weapon), Gauss Launcher (A Marauder type weapon the fires slow, but slows down units.), Scythe Pistols (A fast pistol, strong against Zerg units that are small.), Shotgun (Cpl. Hicks. 'Nuff said.), Machine Cannon (A large machine gun taken off a Auto Turret. Rapid Fire low damage.), And Hell Fire (A huge Flamethrower cannon the fires in a spray similar to a shotgun, short range high damage to biological.) All weapons are at 75% percent working but only have 25% of the full ammo load. One weapon. Zerg: Drone (In this version they can lay small eggs that spawn feederlings that help you.), Zergling, Roach, Hydralisk, Changeling, or Baby Infestor (Can't spawn infested Terrans or Neural Parasite, but has big claws.) Weapons: Acid Spray (A organ all zerg creatures can evolve similar to a Roach.), Spine Back (Another large organ evolve that fires similar to a Hydralisk, it fires less fast.), Acid Evo, (A evolve that adds a small drop of poisen to every weapon, even Roach. The poisen slows.), And then Claws (I think you know.), and Tails (Also you know.). Every Zerg creature can have two evos. One must be a melee and one must be range, you can choose to lose your melee or range for Acid Evo to slow and do increased damage. Stats: There are three main classes each with three sub classes. 1. Brute: A strong type of character, beefy, the tank you may say. a. Tuff'nut: You take the most damage, but also have the most health. b. Smashy: You like Melee weapons, and are really strong doing even more damage with melee weapons. c. Mind over Matter: A mix of Tuff'nut and Smashy, not as good as they are, but decent in both. 2. Rat: The sneaky, the Agile, and the Ranged. a. Lak a Ninjuh: You are the stealthiest of all classes, you prefer small and silenced weapons. Very fast but very 'Wet Noodle' Strength and Endurance wise. b. Ranger: A speedy, ranged weapon loving type character. You like snipers and staying away from the battle. c. Front Liner: You love Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, and Shotguns, having a nice amount of Health, you like to stay towards the front of the battle. 3. The Brain: Brute could be Pinky? But yeah these are the problem solvers, smarts, lockpicks, the like. a. Genious: You are good with all around knowledge, booksmarts, you basically remember anything you were ever taught and know almost everything about logic. b. Street Rules Man!: You are a man full of street smarts, you know how to cook a five course meal with a cockroach, you can treat wounds rather well, and are an all around survivor. c. Doctor: You are proficient in all forms of medicine, you can make bandages out of most things, know what herbs heal, you're the 'Priest' of this group. You have 21 points to assign to the stats above, so choose what you're good at, choose what you're bad at. Build the structure of your character. You have three perks you choose yourself. You could be a good cook as a perk, you could be fast as a perk, you could be a good trader as a perk. Just think of it. Please set up your character and fill out all these; Name: Gender: Race: Unit: Stats: (The Brute, Brain and Rat thing.) Weapons: Perks: Age: Eye Color: (It's important.) Backstory: (Please) And anything else: Well this should be awesome if we can make this work. We'll start once we have four people.Roboto123 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 The Tribulations (Finished, Short Story) Comments are appreciated. For those that role played in Amnesia, I think you know who this character is. Suggestions for short stories in the comments will be considered. Chapter One: A lone figure sat still before a long ominous valley. His breathing was steady. The eyes were closed; he was in a deep trance. Two moons shone dimly in the sky, fixed and never moving. In this land, day was eternally twilight. The figure opened his eyes and looked carefully around him. It was deathly quiet. The winds echoed from the south, stirring up grains of sand that brushed harmlessly against his side. To his right was a lake. He gazed quietly at the lake. It was mesmerizing, the waves held a color of pure indigo, reflected from the moonlight. Such beauty calmed his soul. He stood up. A lone figure emerged from the valley, walking towards him until it stopped a few meters away from him. A female Nerazim was in war gear, ready to fight at any moment. An intricate stave was pointed towards him. It was carved with the bones of the indigenous wildlife and decorated with ancient runes. The moon casted a long shadow over the female Nerazim so that it enveloped the lone figure. "It is time for your test aspirant. Are you prepared?" The one in question nodded his head. "You may be at the top of your class but be warned, this is not easy. Are you prepared?" The figure nodded. "I am more than prepared Magistra Azira." "Strong words for one as young as yourself." Azira chuckles. "I admire your confidence, but talk is cheap. Let's see that confidence of yours into action." She lowered her stave and stepped aside. "Your test begins now Razuc." Razuc stepped into the valley. He looked to his sides, carefully checking his surroundings. The sides of the valley were cliffs; rocky with many jagged and pointed ends. The two moons were hidden but they casted their moonlight creating shadows that covered the valley. Slimmers of light penetrated the darkness. He held up his weapon, a dull club used for knocking out unwary victims. He cloaked and slowly approached the cliff walls where the shadows were. He paused briefly, carefully scanning the area for any potential threats. "You are all now approaching adulthood and it is time for your passage of rites." Magistra Azira spoke, pacing around the room full of Nerazim students. "All of what you learned, your fighting prowess, your psionic abilities, your wits and body will be pushed to the test." As he surveyed the area, he focused his eyes on a particularly large rock that was in front of him. The ground on which the rock stood bore distinctive traces of footsteps near it; the winds did not completely blow away the tracks. Someone was there. He slowly approached the rock. Was it a trap? Did someone deliberately leave them there? At last he was in front of the rock. Razuc's hands instinctively reached for the club. Perhaps it was more prudent to have my hands free. There was not a single sound heard. His nerves tingled with excitement. Jumped over the rock, he turned around midair and saw a shimmering presence hiding in the darkness. As he landed, he quickly charged at this invisible would-be assailant, knocking him against the rock. The assailant decloaked, grimacing in pain and gasping for air. Razuc backed off only to clench his fists, delivering a series of fast, powerful blows to the hapless Nerazim. He buckled over. Razuc executed a crisp chop on the exposed neck. The body plopped to the ground, unconscious. That was too easy, what an elementary mistake. He cloaked himself and continued to walk, always hugging to the side of the valley where the shadows provided cover. I wonder what the elders have in store for me. "For your rites, you will all perform the Shadow Walk. If you succeed, you will be officially recognized as a true Dark Templar. But it is not an easy path. You will find many obstacles that will hinder you as you attempt to make it through the valley. But fear not, I trust that all of you will make it through." Razuc suddenly found himself on his knees. He focused his energy to sprinted to a nearby rock for cover. Sharp pain coursed freely on his back. It was scorched, but not enough to maim him. A psionic bolt had appeared from nowhere and hit his back. Razuc had only enough time to use his psionics to mitigate the worst of its effects. He cursed at himself for his lack of focus. "Today is the most important day of my life, and I let myself get caught in an ambush." The rock began to shake with great force. Bits and pieces of rocks flew all over the place. Razuc felt his heart beat quickly. "I cannot let it end here! Think! Where can they be?" Razuc felt his hand shake uncontrollably. This sensation...was it fear that he felt? He gripped his hand tightly. "No, I cannot panic now, I must focus and control my emotions." He crouched and looked in front of him. The pounding was relentless and he knew he had a few precious seconds left before he was exposed in the open. Observing ruins ahead, he knew that his only chance was getting there. Razuc sprinted away from his hiding place as the last blast finally revealed him. As he ran, Razuc turned his head to see his attacker. A Nerazim was on top of a nearby cliff shooting projectiles at him. In turn, Razuc picked up sizable chunks of rocks with his powers and hurled them at the projectiles, greatly reducing its trajectory. "You will not stop me!" yelled Razuc. Magistra Azira stood above the valley, quietly observing the fighting below. Razuc was running for his life, using the environment for cover. He was very close to the ruins now. Another Nerazim approached Azira. G'henk the Wise spoke, "He is a resourceful one Azira. You have trained him well." Azira nodded. "Naturally, he is my student and he possesses a sharp mind. He will succeed." G'henk laughed. "Are you so sure about that? You do know who is in charge of the ruins right?" Azira made no movement, only watching Razuc's progress. Razuc threw himself into the entrance of the ruins. His attacker reached the edge of the cliff and shot one last bolt where Razuc stood before disappearing in the shadows. "I am sure my disciple will be able to handle it," she replied... ===========================================================smylez14 Jan 15, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 OBJECTION ace attorney, Godots vengeance. link link link link Jan 15, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 I have no mouth, and I must scream. Creepy game. Look it up on youtube. Its a really great Point and Click adventure (those are so rare nowadays.)iMoDoomerX0 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Would you vote for this guy for President? when he is President, everyone gets a free pony.Scoob2 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Void Ray Camping If you are reading this, with 1, yes your first void ray, you can start to harass the mineral line. Or even use it to attack combined with other units! I see people build 8-10 void rays, and do nothing for 3-5 minutes. This is the exact amount of time the op for needs to tech and steamroll you. Use your units, this is not Sim City. Waiting while you have a massive army and having it end like most games end, the other side steamrolling, is a waste of half an hour. Capitulation2 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 AMNESIA PART 3 this is a new thread for amnesia a new RP all new joiners welcome but no spam or troll please. to join go to the thread amnesia a new RP for character creation detailsdarkra381 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Wrath of the Firstborn, Part 2 Part 2 of Wrath of the Firstborn. This open to anyone, so feel free to join. Story so far: Chris Carter finds an old protoss base under his colony, where Cazil with the protoss meet him and Travis. Chris quickly builds a ship when zerg start to attack, Travis makes a custom viking, and Ikol is befriended. They escape, and land in the protoss base where Chris meets his arch-nemesis. With new supplies, they crash in the other side of the planet where Cazil managed to gather survivors. Now, after that quick rundown that's forgetting some important stuff and characters, our heroes are now in the remains of the ship, waiting for the incoming zerg attack. Will they survive? Can they escape? Does this stuff sound like some corny episode? Am I high? Find out after these important messages: Derp (Please use this format to join:) Name: Race: Class: Backstory (Optional): If you were here in part one, you can skip the format if you're using your character from part one.Naitsrich38 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Fan novella on amazon I just found this awesome fan StarCraft novel on Amazon: j/k, I totally wrote it and want to share ;)Maulakai2 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 RP threads I haven't really been on the forum for a while, but when I do, I generally stray towards Joeyray's Bar. The problem is most rp threads are already on part 2+ with the exception of a couple. I don't really like joining a rp already started, but I'm to lazy to start one myself... See where this is going? Great. Thanks in advanceInFinitY11 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Fighting games. Lets talk about fighting games. For examples: Street fighter, Marvel vs capcom, DOA, Soul caliber, and Tekken. Let me just state right off that these things are ridiculous. Why? because its not really about fighting, its about memorizing combos that usually 'juggle' another character into the air and getting them into a position where they cant do anything to abate your beat down on them. Real fights are more like this ^^^^^ You trade blowsKingCrAZee2 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 inducting a girlfriend into nerd-dom hey forum, you gave solid advice last month about my new girlfriend, so now give me solid advice about my month old girlfriend :D I'm attempting to open her eyes to the wide world of warhammer, WH40k, sc2, and the internet. what is the gentlest way to do so? I already have shown her reddit, my models, and my signed day9 poster from NASL. Tetrasulfide12 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Music suggestions please. Hi guys. I'm looking for some good music playlists for sc2. I like mostly rap music but I also kind of like electronic music. I am looking for something fairly upbeat with no or very little lyrics. If anyone can suggest something that would be great especially if it is in playlist form already. :) Cheers.PabzOr5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Idea for an RP I (might) Start. *DISCLAIMER* This is a prototype, there may or may not be changes *DISCLAIMER* Well, hello everyone. In this RP members will take on the roles of several "evil" people, such as Gang leaders, drug dealers, warlords, serial killers, etc. You are all on the planet of Korhol, and are trying to complete your evil actions and run your businesses, but, there is a very dark entity stalking you, and trying to kill you. You must ask other people in your inner circles (NPC controlled by me), find out what exactly is following you, and survive. Along the way you will find other players and either ally yourselves with them or leave them to the entity, slowing it down giving you more time to escape. Feedback is appreciated.HowBabysRBrn26 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 DoomerX's New Text Adventure (Started!!) It's special cuz it's new. Before I start what race should our character be and male/female and name. Also their unit type to help get a picture. (No ghosts, too many ghost stories X()iMoDoomerX72 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Unit Creator an interesting topic with many different ideas, maybe someone can make a custom game or perhaps a balance discussion whether these units are opFantasy0 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 What is best in starcraft life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women!Graboid3 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Getting a friend to play SCII Me: Hey I got a new game Friend: Cool what is it called Me: It's called StarCraft II Friend: Your gay, you know it? Me: Have you played the game? Friend: No, but I played the first one. Me: lol, that one is from the 90's Friend: Nah, looks like it's from 05 Me: Play the second one. Friend: Alright *3 weeks later* Me: What's going on Friend: Playing SC2 Me: Cool, wanna play some BF3? Friend: Nah trying to get into Gold League. Me: -.- Nothing says "I told you so" by making them play a game that they thought was gay. Text messages during Chirstmas FTW!!!DavidSavyer12 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Back from winter break Yay im finally back... will be posting alot more now... school starts up again in a few daysTerrorz1 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 7, 2012 My other short story... archon so if u read my zealot story thank u and this one takes up another writeing style that was inspired by the lore story broken wide FOCUS “Marine one marine one” the comm buzzed with activity. “This is sergeant Will Johnson reporting over” I replied. It was a slow day on Malhala. They were sent to eliminate the zerg but while them helions and firebats were burning down everything the marines get to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I wasn’t really comfortable in my suit, couldn’t scratch anywhere and boy was I itching. “Man I gotta go take a leek can you watch for me man”my partner pleaded, “fine but make it quick” I replied in annoyance. I looked out. All was clear as usual, hills, shrubs, clossi- what!!!! The alarm was sounded barracks started pumping out marauders, marines loaded the bunkers, siege tanks took the high ground, missile turrets surrounded the perimeter . But the pure numbers these high-tech protoss had was blood churning. I was about to get loaded into my bunker when a special transmission was addressed to me “srgt J.Will report to the mission briefing room”. When I got there I was assigned a special mission with the other tip tops. “OK ladies your job is to intercept a group of 10 dark templars. Your objective is to capture them so we can find out how they permanently cloak so our ghost can be even more kicka*ss then you slobs, we are sending you a raven so you can clearly see them. We want them ALIVE I repeat ALIVE now move out!!!” we sat there in position for who knows how long. We were dressed in special marine corps armor and weapons(warpig stuff). Soon a transparent figure appeared before us and we opened fire. It slumped down badly wounded. The others began to circle me and the others like prey. “everyone go to the middle!!” I shouted but not before a marine got picked off. We stayed there back to back, when one strayed too close we shot the living sh*t out of it. Soon only 5 dark templars were still standing while the others were wounded badly. Then we all took a risk “bayonet charge in 3 2 1 GO!!!!” I roared and we took the rest down. We all felt like immortals having ten dark templars slumped in submission in front of us. The 20 marines around me smirked but then the dark templars turned into 5 balls of light. We stood there dazed then one materialized, an archon “WE NEED FOCUS!!!” it bellowed. “We are so dead man!!!” a marine screamed, just then another archon finished merging “DESTROY!!” it bellowed and soon the marine exploded in a flurry of guts and gore. The other archons followed with other shouts “ERADICATE” “ELIMINATE” and soon all five were there. “OPEN FIRE!!!” I barked and a flurry of bullets spouted out of our rifles but the archons did not phase. More marines died and my leg exploded in blood. Pain shot up my body, I was on the ground sprawling. “It was over” I remorsed “these archons would open up a gap and the army would pour in”. I looked up to see one of the powerful beings “ WE NEED FOCUS!!!”, it said once more and then.... Blackness. darkra6 Jan 7, 2012
Jan 7, 2012 My Sc2 Story....the zealot hey guys i appreciate that you are taking the time to read this. it is one of my first works inspired by the lore short stories so i hope you enjoy it and criticism is welcome. so with out further ad du i present my short story. ANTARO TASSADAR For Auir we always said. From thick through thin that was what kept us going. Until the zerg came. Auir fell and Shakuras became our new home. That didn’t stop the dedication that we show to our home worlds. We are the men at the front lines of battle, risking our lives for the cause, we... are zealots. Arcanas was the first and only zealot at this new base. It was him and the zerg. His psi blades crackled and fizzed with psionic energy. His eyes filled with anger and smite. There at the entrance he stood alone. They say the first zealot through is the first casualty always. But what did he care. There the zerglings came, 3 of them lusting for his blood. He lashed with might and the first was down, their petty attacks bouncing off his shields. One two one two, like he always practiced. Then and there 3 bodies lay before him, shields low but not a scratch. The planet they were are wasn’t a welcoming one. It was a barren place with many cliffs and hills, there wasn’t much plant life and when there were it was only little shrubs. The zerg infested this planet not long ago and Arcanas with others were sent to purge the infestation, if they failed then a purifier class mothership would be called and this whole planet will lay waist to its planet cracker beam. It had bean a few hours, charge has bean applied to their power armor and tier 1 upgrades complete. There were 20 of them now, and 2 dark templars. Then he saw what few would see, an archon “WE NEED FOCUS!!!” it bellowed. No one didn’t heed its order. A few more came and zealots warped on through. Then the moment of truth came upon them where all the lives are lost, they were ordered to move out. 50 zealots moved through, in pace with 10 archons. Feeling creep under his feet Arcanas knew they were drawing near. Then as if in slow motion 10 hydras blasted out of the ground shooting spines. 1 zealot fell, then another, contact. Arcanas jabbed his warp blade deep into the jaws of one then spun around and brought both blades down on another. Archon bolts fizzed by him, decimating all in its path. He charged towards the enemy with lightning speed ducked and slashed. Screams of fallen brethren filled the air, soon there was nothing left. 45 zealots remained and all the archons. They moved on. Soon they came upon an expansion the zerg set up. They dispatched the drones quickly and took the hatchery down. Then a nydus worm suddenly exploded out of the ground behind them and unleashed its deadly cargo of banelings. They rolled and collided with the archons, bringing most of them down. These mighty warriors were destroyed by the pure destructive numbers of the zerg. 3 remained but damaged. They laid the dead to rest. If it weren’t for those archons they would all be dead. They moved on, now more determined then ever to make their enemy pay. All was going smooth when they heard the mighty roar of an ultralisk. They stood brave and forged ahead. They came upon a pylon soon after and 2 more archons were warped in with 10 stalkers and 5 zealots. They kept moving, steep hills and cliffs blocked their way but they managed. Just when things were lightening up they saw their doom. “Mutalisks!!!” roared Arcanas as the zealots tried to find cover, stalker phase disrupters fire, and archon bolts filled the air as the mutas glave worms bombarded them from the sky. The battle took a few seconds but to Arcanas it was an eternity. Death from air units is a zealot’s worst enemy. The mutas dispatched 5 stalkers remained and archons unscathed. Then overlords blocked the sun as roaches poured out of their ventenal sacks. They started to spew their deadly acid as the zealots charged. One two one two Arcanas jabbed the roach as its attacks bounced off his shield, he spun around and slashed another one’s underbelly while one of his brethren followed up with a devastating blow to the neck. He brought his blade down on a roach’s head while he kicked another. His shield was low, he saw a roach about to spew at him he threw the dead one. It managed to block the acid, before the attacking one could react Arcanas was upon him uppercutting it in the jaw. Blood squirted out of it then it cried in pain, and it was over. Bodies were strewn on the ground of zerg and protoss. 3 archons remained and 30 zealots. The path forward seemed darker then ever to Arcanas and he knew it was..... Onward they marched, ragged and tired even the archon’s strong glow seamed to be dimmer somehow. The heat, the aching muscles, everything. Soon they saw the main hive cluster and Arcanas knew that it was all for nothing. The hive stretched for miles, mutalisks circled the sky, hungry for blood. Giant menacing ultralisks lumbered on creep crushing all that came near. But for some reason the group wasn’t afraid. Then Arcanas knew. “all this time I thought zealots fought with vengeance and hate... But the true way to win a battle is to fight with honour and pride against all odds for what you believe in....” he realized. As one the group roared “ANTARO TASSADAR!!!” and off they went into the Khala’s waiting arms.... NEWS: i finished another story and if this one is rated well i'll post the other one.darkra13 Jan 7, 2012
Jan 6, 2012 Looking for bronze level players for practice I sort of just started playing, but I have been given advice from some good friends (one is in high gold) and i wanted to play with people on a more regular basis. All you have to do is put your character name and code and we can start playing. My hope is to get a group of people together so it can be varied. Thanks VulcanVulcan41 Jan 6, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Clan AnU Looking for Fresh Blood! Opening Word! Hello! As I'm sure you can divine from the title this is a recruiting thread for the clan Archons 'n' Urubuus! There is quite a bit of text here, and most of it is flavor so I put this section for a quick snapshot of the current state of AnU and future plans. -AnU is an old clan, that was comprised of a small group of high-level diamond players. -For about the last six months AnU has been a primarily defunct clan. -I want to revitalize the clan with fresh players, while learning how to play random at a Master league level. -We have an incredibly small player base, but I am hoping to change this. -Message me on SC if you are interested in the clan Character ID: 543 History AnU was originally a group of four players who were enthralled by the game of Starcraft II. SkullBoySKB - The American Protoss player, known for his superb micro and blink stalker plays. Prime - A Canadian Protoss player, the group's mascot, he was either the worst player or the best player on the team, but always fun to watch. Dropshot - A Canadian ex-toss Zerg player, incredible macro player and ridiculously strong mid-gamer. Chives - A Canadian Protoss player, he worked his way up from Bronze league to Diamond league. Incredibly strong in team games, and pioneer of archon templar plays. The quartet decided to create a clan that would prize fun players over UBER L33T players. They expanded to include two more players. AnUIntensity - Token Terran player, favored mech armies over bioballs. Visi0 - The Zerg newbie. And for a long time AnU thrived with their small player base. Everyone (with the exception of Visi0 ) reached Master League. Unfortunately, as is the case with most good things, AnU came to an end. As of now most players are MIA or rarely load Starcraft II. Fortunately; SkullBoy, Chives, and Prime have decided to revitalize AnU. SkullBoy and Chives are incredibly rusty (Especially since SkullBoy decided to switch to Random) Prime is still quite skilled as he continued to play Starcraft after the crash of AnU. Requirements to Join -Have a mic and Skype -Don't BM and treat fellow players with respect. -Most importantly, be fun to play with! This is the main aspect of the clan! We prize fun over skill. -To join all you have to do is friend me and shoot me a message on Starcraft, and we'll play a few games. Reasons to Join -There really is no reason for you to join, we have almost no players and we're all rusty as hell. But, we do value fun so that is about the only reason to join XD Any Questions? Post them below and I'll be glad to answer! AnUSkullBoy8 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Ranj'ellgio -Pre Conclave Alliance- It was misty... The Dark Templar stalked the Hydra... He lightly put his left foot forward. The Hydralisk turns his head... He fades into a vine and keeps watching the Hydralisk. The Hydra turns his head and goes back to bobbing for snakes. He blinks out from the Vine and drives his Cyan Green blade into his neck. It bleeds out strangling and squirming. The mist creeps out of the room and Lights flash up. The yellow walls of a Protoss Training room flash his eyes. Meanwhile, behind the viewing glass. "I do not accept of this! Dark Templar are outcasts, and they should not be trained into OUR society!" "Calm Huriox. They have helped us before, and they could help us, if we adapt them into us." "These BETRAYERS cannot be adapted back into the Khalai fool!" He stomps out of the room rather dissapointed of being called in. The other Executor rode the Elevator down to the training room, hands behind his back. He stepped out as the Dark Templar was cutting off the Hydra's left claw, as tradition for Phase Dark Templar. "You did good Ranj'ellgio. Very good." "Yes, perhaps..." He continues to cut into the Hydralisk. "What are you doing?" Executor "Nothing... What do you want with me now?" Ranj'ellgio "We are trying to get our people to he--" Executor "I don't care! Why have you called me here? And why have you made me done this?" Ranj'ellgio "The zerg are a threat and togethor we could help eachother..." Executor "You have abandoned us! I do not wish to help you. I will be leaving now." Ranj'ellgio "Rather then, go." As Ranj'ellgio starts to walk out he presses a button on his Wristband and four zealots warp in around Ranj'ellgio. "You see, if you will not help us, then you are well against us. Perhaps Huriox was right about this attempt." He walks in the elevator right after motioning for the Zealots to kill Ranj'ellgio.Roboto0 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Razer Naga Mouse Hello everybody, Just a few days ago I purchased a razer naga mouse for gaming. Now where the number pad is, it is getting a little bit warm and it wasnt from my hand. Im just asking if this is normal or if i should return it for a new one. ThanksDoctorPuff3 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 How can i message or friend someone i see in these forums? thanksRingoStar1 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Congressional Approval 10-12% yep.....Agnosis1 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 The Secrets of Meta Rough Draft This RP is going to be slightly different from other RPs since there is going to be something called Howard's Journals. Throughout the RP, there's going to be key points of interest that will provide different things (What they provide will be explained later in this), which the journals reveal where they are, what they do, and how to use them. Depending how much these points of interest give will determine how many of the journals you have to read to get the information. Races/Classes/Perks/Spells You select a race, a class, and THREE perks to start with. The classes you can give it a unique name to it, like a Darkflame Firebat. Stat points are assigned at the start and can be changed with certain items and spells. Zerg: Changeling: Starts with a Fourth perk Shapeshifter, which allows them to transform into any creature no larger than itself, but weapons and perks used by it cannot be used. Can use weapons, but cannot wear heavy armor. Perks: Fast Regeneration: Wounds heal faster Hardened Skin: Less Damage is taken, but explosives deal more damage Infestation: Machines and buildings are covered in infestation, causing damage and can transform small structures into small hatcheries Slicer Claws: Attacks with claws are stronger and can slice through slightly thicker metal Protoss: Zealot: Has the strongest shields, which can handle up to a direct blast from a siege tank before failing. Can use heavier armor, but is limited to psi-blades as weapons Templar: Can use psi/warp blades and has stronger abilities. Weaker shields, but can use up their energy to increase its recharge rate. Archon: Can convert energy into shields. Can go into a phase of meditation to in increase its energy power. Can have up to five perks. However, cannot use armor and weapons, only can attack through energy blasts. Perks: Harderned Shields: Shields can absorb more powerful attacks. Zealot only. Psionic Power: Psionic power is increased, allowing to be able to cast Psionic spells Preserver Knowledge: Can call upon the knowledge of ancestors, allowing the ability to use key points of interest without requiring Howard's Journals (Note: Only works on ones of Protoss origin) Shadow Knowledge: Allows to be able to fill empty Stalker shells with a shadow copy and ascess to Dark Templar knowledge, but makes the user a Dark Templar and can only use warp blades and cloak. Templar only. Terran: Marine: Can carry heavy weapons, but can only leave/modify suit at an Armor Station Going to make more, but using an iPhone for this is quite difficult. Feedback is appreciated.Naitsrich3 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Epic. /¯/_____________________ | ___━━____┓━╭━━━━━╮ ____━━____┗┓|::::::::::^━━^ ____━━____━┗|:::::::: |。◕‿‿◕。| ____━━____━━╰O--O----O-O-╯ \_\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ NLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!Roboto10 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Fighting games. Lets talk about fighting games. For examples: Street fighter, Marvel vs capcom, DOA, Soul caliber, and Tekken. Let me just state right off that these things are ridiculous. Why? because its not really about fighting, its about memorizing combos that usually 'juggle' another character into the air and getting them into a position where they cant do anything to abate your beat down on them. Real fights are more like this ^^^^^ You trade blows EDIT: did i mention that the control scheme is F***ing stupid? i just returned street fighter, because it required me to rotate the Movement stick twice to do their best move, all my character did was jump.KingCrAZee6 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Terraria! Got this game like 4 days ago. Greatest. 5 Bucks. Of my LIFE! Seriously, this game is just amazing. I want to simcity? ITS THERE! I want to raid a dungeon? ITS THERE! I want to tackle endgame bosses? ITS THERE! Its like a 2d minecraft but better :DiMoDoomerX6 Jan 1, 2012
Dec 31, 2011 Creative Writing Tips and Tricks Hello hello! So currently I'm halfway through my next story called 'Dark as Night,' a one-shot about a Dark Templar invasion of an entrenched Terran base, and as I have been working on it I've been thinking about the challenges that I have when it comes to writing, as well as the tricks I have learned to overcoming them. It got me thinking; what kind of ideas to you have to help you when you are having trouble writing? I just thought I'd share a couple of my methods that help me overcome the dreaded Writer's Block, and would be eager to hear some of yours! 1. Have an overall structure of what you want your story to take the reader. My brainstorming process usually begins with an idea; in the case of Dark as Night, it is sorrow, patience, and vengeance. I then will write down very quick notes about how I want the story to proceed; usually just a line or two which I will later replace with several paragraphs. This lets me know where the story is going so I don't get halfway through the story-telling process only to realize that there is no real reason for the Protoss to be attacking the Terran at all. 2. Drawing. I will usually draw (very terribly I might add) a quick sketch of what I want to explain to the reader. Dark as Night started as the back of a Dark Templar standing on a cliff, overlooking a Terran base in a valley, with several observers in the air. From this I was able to expound on the scenery, atmosphere, lighting, and mood, because I had something to anchor my imagination onto. 3. Research. I was amazed about how many things have been written about Dark Templars. I was able to look through the many Tribes, select one that interested me the most, and expound on the characters personality through it. Seriously, research truly boosts the creative thought process. 4. Revision. I will usually write a brief skeleton of my story to begin with, and will go over it repeatedly until it has been fleshed out and I'm pleased with it. Every time I read my previous writings, I always find better ways to word sentences or describe feelings. Reading and changing my writing over and over really helps it to become much more deep and meaningful. Anyway, those are for of the tips I have for you guys. I'd like to know some of your strategies when it comes to writing, and will be happy to share more as I can come up with them. Best wishes to your writing! :)Aradan0 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Why are Faithful so affraid of god? I never clued into what the fear was all about, seems the more ignorant a people be the more fear they demand of their god. I don't fear your god, I fear you. Watch your step.Agnosis14 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 I'm back, and I would like your help :) Hey guys, I'm back. I had a very busy school year and wasn't able to keep up some of my stories that I had going on, but I have had more time open up for this next year, and I am excited to start writing again! As I have a couple projects that I have been working on, I would like your help of knowing what you want to hear most, and I will come out with that next. So please let me know what you want to hear! 1. The final revised version of 'Despair,' a story as told from the point of view of an Overlord named Starkad, as his family has a fateful encounter with fiendish Terrans. 2. A revised version of Stettman's Zerg Research Journal, where Stettman logs his findings about the individual Zerg creatures that he has encountered and studied. 3. A new project I have been working on called Stettman's Protoss Research Journal; basically the same as the Zerg one, but with Protoss. 4. Dark as Night, a story told from an assasin Dark Templar, who plays a key role in crippling a Terran outpost. Those are the projects I'm working on that I'd love to get your feedback on. Let me know which one you would like to be released first, and I'll get it right out for you. :)Aradan7 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 A Question Raised... I know that someone had intended to 'reopen' the CLOAKED LOVE RP. As one of the major participants in the Cloaked Love RP's I fully support this idea. Regrettably, the Cloaked Love participants Ender, MockingJay, and Thundercrash are no longer steady posters on the Starcraft 2 forums. As such we will have to work without them until the time that one or more of them returns. As I mentioned before, I support this idea. I would now like to know if anyone else would join if I were to create another CLOAKED LOVE RP.Zanon7 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 28, 2011 King Looking down on the ruins of a once sprawling city of the Dominion of man, Declin King could fell the emptiness beneath him. No screaming, no gunshots, no shouts, not even the chittering and sc%!!@!! that went hand in hand with the Zerg could be heard. Not for the moment at least. Through the scope of his rifle he saw countless plumes of smoke rising up from roaring blazes, and broken still-flickering neon lights dotted throughout the city, but no life. The small comm-box at his side crackled “all right King, we’ve got the position locked on”. He shouldered his rifle and pulled up a chair from the rubble of the office room he was currently enjoying the view from. A very rich businessman had once worked here, but he was long gone. All that was left was an overturned desk, a smashed wall, papers strewn on the floor and a very quiet ghost. And soon he, and all of it around him, would be gone too. Declin sat down right next to the gaping hole from which he could see the city and watched as a tiny black dot in the sky tore through the cloudline, glowing red from the tremendous speed at which it traveled, and fell towards the ground. Declin grinned. “You called down the thunder” And he was gone. GreatFluke4 Dec 28, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 And it all comes falling down... (Credit goes to, well...You know who you are. Don't you?) Please choose between Zerg Armor, or Terran Hybrid. You awake in a small, dark room. if Zerg Armor, you awake , hanging upside down (By chains). You cannot see. If Terran hybrid, you awake with steel balls weighting you down by your foot. If Protoss Mage (Me. Only me.), awake with vision (As the DM :P) Zerg armor, you are a human with Zerg exoskeleton, and Katar-like claws.. You were a (Choose Marauder, Firebat) before the Invasion of Kerrigan (Sc2 plotline.) You had invaded Char, but had been knocked out at the cave. Your goal is to make your way out alive. Terran Hybrid, you are a human with a basic gun. You were also in the war, but you were a (Medic, Marine, SCV), and you vaguely remember being tossed into a Dropship, then falling out. Protoss Mage (Me), *hidden.* You have no idea who is here. Time is ticking by. Find a way... (Please state Class, name, etc. IT OFFICIALLY BEGINS AT 7:00 EST.) Please note that I'll be rolling stat averages for Zerg and Hybrid. My rolls (And rolls for luck) will determine some things.Vultureling500 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 26, 2011 Amnesia Part 2 Thread for Amnesia, part two of fluppuples RP thread. If you are new and want to join go to the thread Amnesia a new RP. IC: "Hopefully we will get ahold of this artifact. Never seen a planet from space before..." Slim Controlled Ashley looks down at the planet. OOC:What kind of planet is it? Have we decided yet?Terrorz473 Dec 26, 2011
Dec 25, 2011 Ambrosia This is another Open, mainly player-kept roleplay. Please choose Terran, Zerg, Protoss. You are all (Starting base, workers) small squadrons sent by your leaders to harvest a large mineral node on the center of the planet. You are all in your own little base, surrounded by a high rock wall except for a chokepoint near the front. In these bases are a few scarce minerals and a small Vespene Geyser. (Numbercraft!) I'll start. (Zerg) Our Hatchery has completed. We begin mining, with no scouts. Our lone Overlord keeps watch at the chokepoint, wary for any threats to the Hatchery. (50+50=100, 100 minerals, 0+0=0, 0 vespene) Vultureling16 Dec 25, 2011