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Oct 25, 2015 Speculation: Kerrizul/Zeraggan Archon in LotV Disclaimer: I have no access, and have never had access to, nor spectated or viewed any LotV campaign/story outside of what has been made publicly available Blizzard. This is just an idea I've been thinking about for quite some time. I believe, to defeat Amon, Kerrigan and another Protoss (presumably Zeratul, could be another) fuse into some kind of Hybrid Archon in order to do so. Basis of my theory: The campaign level In Utter Darkness from WoL eludes to Kerrigan being the only one able to stop Amon. Amon's "greatest creation" in the In Utter Darkness level is the Hybrid - where Protoss and Zerg DNA are fused together. Therefore, we know it is possible for Protoss and Zerg DNA to be combined, we just don't know how. We find a Terran facility on Castanar that successfully created one, so we know it isn't just an Amon-exclusive capability (though I'm sure he influenced them via Narud, but that isn't important). What is important is knowing it is possible. Now, flash forward to HotS campaign when Abathur commends Kerrigan on using the Protoss researcher as a host in order to infiltrate the final Protoss ship attempting to escape Kaldir. Abathur says that even though Protoss and Zerg DNA cannot be combined (which is untrue given what we already know, but is within the scope of Abathur's knowledge at that time), the Protoss can still be used as a host for a foreign organism. However, at that moment, the only Zerg DNA Abathur had to attempt to combine with Protoss DNA had been the Amon-"tainted" DNA. (Izsha tells Kerrigan that "[Abathur] likes to try" combining Protoss and Zerg DNA). But did Abathur ever try using Primal Zerg DNA? NO. Due to the Primal Zerg DNA being able to absorb and adapt essence so effortlessly, one could speculate that Primal Zerg DNA and Protoss DNA could be combined more simply than its Amon-influenced alternative. Now, Kerrigan's part in all this should be simple enough to understand. Her timeline goes like this: Ghost, Amon-influenced Queen of Blades, Psionic Terran, Primal Queen of Blades. There is no denying her psionic capabilities, and as of the end of HotS, she is also a Primal Zerg. Flashback to the WoL campaign when she is in her Amon-influenced QoB form, during The Moebius Factor campaign mission. Kerrigan says "I see through your Dr. "Narud"'s charade." - At that moment, Kerrigan knew Narud was working towards Amon's ends. But during the beginning of the HotS campaign, Kerrigan says she doesn't remember anything about when she was the QoB. Enter Zeratul to teach her that which she had forgotten. HotS campaign ends with Kerrigan becoming Primal QoB. According to the Starcraft Wikia "an Archon's physical form shapes and anchors the psionic maelstrom swirling around it". Kerrigan's psionic capabilities, to me, indicate that an Archon fusion could be possible, and her Primal DNA could make Hybridization simpler. Given Zeratul's tireless efforts at stopping Amon, I could see him attempting to tap into Kerrigan's psionic abilities to attempt an Archon fusion (not to mention his history of no-fcks-given when it comes to the "rules" of the Protoss). After all, if the melee-Hybrid are the Zealot/Ultralisk versions of the Hybrid, and the ranged-Hybrid are the Stalker/Hydralisk version; what entity could go toe-to-toe with one of the two above other than an Archon-equivalent (that still somewhat makes sense when it comes to the story)? Immortal/Zergling? Templar/Roach? I see no storyline equivalent... That's my theory. Tell me what you think. And apologies if I'm not the first. I wanted to put my thoughts to words without influence of other theories - but simply speculation based on my own playthroughs of the WoL and HotS campaigns in anticipation of LotV. After all, what could leave more of a legacy than a Terran turned Zerg turned Protoss? :PRootflyer7 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 Reclamation Gazing down from the bridge of the Spear of Adun, the Hierarch Artanis could not help but shed a single tear as the massive ship came into view of Aiur. Like many others, he had dreamed of this day for a long time and today that dream was a reality. Years passed since the Zerg descended on the planet like a great plague and infesting much of the planet's surface. Now, his people had the strength to take back their home world and make it great once again. The Celestial Array lit up in the center of the room, indicating that the rest of the Golden Armada was arriving. The doors opened and Executor Selendis stepped inside the bridge and stood abreast Artanis as he watched the last of the ships warp into space. "Selendis, are all fighters accounted for?" "The invasion fleet stands ready. We await only your command Hierarch." “My brothers and sisters in arms, long have we awaited this day. The Zerg, numerous as they are, are without guidance. We are strong and united as one! We will retake Aiur! You all have your orders! Carry them out! Entaro Tassadar!” ================================ You are a member of the strike force of the Golden Armada. Your goal is simple, to retake the home world of Aiur and cleanse the planet of the Zerg infestation. You will start out in one of two locations as listed below: 1) The Ruins of Antioch are among the most heavily infested areas on the planet’s surface. It is also home to four particularly large hive clusters which are protected by a series of spore cannons. You will be part of a large strike force sent to remove these spore cannons, allowing air support to bombard the ruined city until little traces of the Zerg are left. Destroying these 4 hive clusters will also severely weaken the Zerg's capabilities in the region and grant us one of several key footholds in the planet's surface. Our fliers will likely be engaged with enemy fliers so air support will be severely limited. 2) When the Protoss hastily left Aiur, not all were able to make it. Those stranded on the planet’s surface were abandoned to their fate and had to use any means necessary to survive. The settlement of Slysarb is one such survivor’s enclave within the dense jungles of Aiur. They have activated a distress signal upon seeing our fleet in the skies but this has attracted nearby Zerg in the area. There are 103 survivors. You will be sent in as close as possible. Escort the probes to the encampment where they can lay down a warp beacon allowing extraction of survivors. ============================= Mechanics of the RP: 1) Hit points represents your life total and if you reach 0, you become DISABLED. This means any strenuous action will reduce your HP by 1, resulting in -1 HP. This leads to your character DYING and he will lose -1 every turn in addition to being unable to act until your character is STABILIZED. When dying, you can be attacked and you will take the damage if no one attempts a save on you. Or, maybe the enemy ignores you for now. You are DEAD if you reach -6 hitpoints You have a 15% chance to stabilize per turn which returns you back to 1 HP. There is a soft limit at how many times you can realistically stabilize and that is at my discretion to decide. 2) Recalling allows you to warp back to a safe zone. This takes 2 turns to activate. When dying, you can also opt to recall. Some areas will not allow you to recall. You have a -4 debuff to defense when recalling. 3) Attack roll: Using a d20, a 1 is an automatic miss. A 20 is an automatic hit with an additional chance to roll for a critical hit (base damage x2, this can change). Modifiers will apply prior to the roll for a critical hit. If your roll is equal or greater than the defender’s roll, you deal damage based on your weapon. You will have to roll 10 or higher to score a critical hit. 4) Damage calculations: Your weapon does 2d7. Roll two times with a 7 sided dice and add the damage. You were prepared? Get a +2 modifier to damage and so forth. 5) Status effects: Neurotoxins: Loses HP per turn Enthralled: No longer player controlled. Increased HP and damage Silenced: Psionic spells uncastable Maimed (anything involving the loss limbs): Defense and attack rolls negative modifiers There are many more status effects in the RP. 6) Anything you right that is logical and sound that can be used as a modifier can be used. Please BOLD the modifiers you want to happen (you may or may not get them). 7) Rolling for initiative basically means who is going first. Prior to a battle or perhaps some standstill in the heat of battle, I will roll a dice. Whoever gets the higher number will be able to act first. ================================= Gear will matter but as of right now, you are all wearing basic stuff, The only thing that matters right now are your weapons. There are 6 slots and they are as followed: Head Chest Legs Arms Weapons Trinket You do not have to include anything equipment wise on your character sheets. I will do that firstly. ==================================== Descriptions for your main weapons. If you have any ideas to improve on your weapon's design, feel free to post it and I may grant you it as an upgrade. Otherwise, you'll get what I give you. They should try to keep in spirit with what the description says. The following two units are your starting classes. Adept: Glaive cannons are a type of protoss weapon utilized by adepts. These weapons can punch through light armor with ease, and emit a deadly shockwave when they strike a killing blow. Zealot Psi-blades can cut through any material regardless of density, though can be parried by similar weapons. Over time, the Khalai have further refined psi-blade focuser construction, allowing psi-blades to increase in power as a zealot’s fury mounts in the heat of battle. You will later have the option of becoming Dark Templar, High Templar, Immortal [special cases] or staying with what you have. ====================================== You are stronger than most Terrans unless otherwise stated. The following stats are mostly pertaining to combat though they may be times where I will refer to this to see if your action worked. Psionic: It affects how many spells you can cast, how hard your spells are to resist, and how powerful your spells can be. It’s also important for any character who wants to have a wide assortment of skills Strength: Strength measures your character’s muscle and physical power. For every 2 points put into Strength, you get a bonus xdx+1 to melee attacks. After a total of 15 points, 3 points are needed to get the bonus Dexterity: Dexterity measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance. For every 2 points put into Dexterity, you get a bonus xdx+1 to your ranged damage. After a total of 15 points, 3 points are needed to get the bonus Constitution: For every point put into Constitution you increase your Hit Point by 2. Zealot: Psionic: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Constitution: 0 25 shields/60 Health is what you start off with. You have 25 points to distribute as you see fit Adept: Psionic: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Constitution: 0 45 shields/35 Health is what you start off with. You have 25 points to distribute as you see fit =================================== Traits: All player characters start with 1 trait. Those labeled locked are not available until later on. This is a WIP and I will welcome any suggestions. YOU CAN MAKE A CUSTOM TRAIT, I JUST HAVE TO APPROVE IT. *Some traits are rather lackluster and I am aware of that, especially those pertaining to the Psionic side of things. I'm trying to come up with something good to replace them Veteran of the Great War: 20% chance of gaining +1 to all attack and defensive rolls Veteran of Brood War: 50% chance of +1 to attack rolls [LOCKED]Veteran of the Second Great War: +1 to attack and defensive rolls. Your attacks deal an additional 1-5 damage. Steadfast: 10% extra HP and shield [LOCKED]Unyielding: 20% extra HP and shield [LOCKED]Immortal: 30% extra HP and shield Berserker: Base critical damage is 3x. You take 1.5x the amount of damage so long as you are berserking. You will berserk for a minimum of 2 turns. [LOCKED]Last Stand: In the event you reach death, negate this and return to 1 HP. This can only happen once per scenario. Big Game Hunter: You now have a +2 attack modifier against monstrous target Keen Eye: Survivor: Regenerates 75% of HP lost after battle instead of 50% Templar’s Rage: Your melee attacks deals an additional 1-2 damage added to your damage roll [LOCKED]Templars Fury: Your melee attacks deals an additional 1-4 damage added to your damage roll. [LOCKED]Templar’s Vengeance: Your melee attacks an additional deals 1-8 damage added to your damage roll. You take 20% less damage from all damage sources. Zerg Hunter Intiate: +1 attack roll vs Zerg [Locked]Zerg Hunter Adept: +1 damage roll vs Zerg, your attacks add x/x+1 [LOCKED]Zerg Hunter Specialist: +1 attack and defense roll vs zerg, your attacks add x/x+3 [LOCKED]Zerg Hunter Master: +2 attack and +1 to defense roll vs Zerg your attacks add x+1/x+3 The same trait applies to Terran and Protoss. Replace Zerg with Protoss/Terran Psionic Initiate: Regenerates 12 MP every turn [LOCKED]Psionic Adept: Regenerates 20 MP every turn, increases MP by 50% [LOCKED]Psionic Specialist: Regenerates MP by 25 every turn, increases MP by 75% [LOCKED]Psionic Master: Regenerates MP by 30 every turn, increases MP by 100%, you can cast two spells in 1 turn. Imbued Essence: All psionic spells are 10% more effective [LOCKED] Imbued Psionic Essence: All psionic spells are 20% more effective [LOCKE Essence of Twilight: All psionic spells are 35% more effective [LOCKED] Hour of Twilight: 300% damage and HP modifier. You will die and there is no way back from the dead. Ignores Last Stand. No traits: Suit yourselfAnimus12 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Enumerate (Unfinished) Two sides of external n' internal prowess have come together to clash for the very realm of reality itself, while humanity's failures are trapped in the centre of it all. With two powerful, alien races fight for the very outcome of the universe itself, subhuman lifeforms are trapped within the hellfire, struggling to survive against the very powers that seek to use or destroy them for their own gains. With trillions placed upon the pire, the Galaxy rests upon the decisions on a small race, and their reactions against the alien menace which threatens their very existence. Enumerate is an expansion, offshoot, n' spiritual successor to the ideas which Starcraft Enumerate had, which are laid out here: I decided that, after the release of the Opening Cinematic of LOTV, the plans for LOTV, and personal reasons, I wanted to make Starcraft Enumerate stem away from Starcraft as much as possible, while keeping the essence which the original idea had. Enumerate is meant to be an Real-Time Strategy/Horror Sci-Fi in terms of genre, taking the subhumans, the Verloren, as the major protagonist race within the turmoil, while the experience the invasion of two alien races which function entirely different from one another: The Brain-Like Race known as the Meinung, and the ever-enumerating Sureg. With these three races fighting for the very conclusion of the universe's future, an epic war between the two aliens have started, with the Verloren being part of the fight, without a say in the matter. This is basically the blueprint of the idea, while I work on the other projects. Despite how it is a different universe than Starcraft, it will still hold some of the essence which Starcraft has, while having other aspects of different universes that already exist, as well as having its own additions to give itself a unique identity. Table of Context (Filling in with every post)ToxicDefiler2 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 UED vs The Koprulu sector So... yeah. What do you think. UED vs the dominion st2 (before HotS) UED vs the protoss, UED vs the Swarm (after HotS). What if all the forces in the Koprulu sector team up? what if is just protoss and terran agains UED. What do you think?Juanfi10 Oct 1, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Separatist Space Redux, Discussion ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Introduction to Separatist Space... Separatist Space began when the far off distant colonies controlled by the abusive Old Earth government rebelled and declared themselves independent of their former owner's control. Old Earth didn't like this very much and started a military campaign against the Separatists to eradicate their distant cousins and retake control of their prosperous worlds which supported the populations of Old Earth and her allies. Before it was launched, however, the Separatists discovered something that would change humans' view of the galaxy. Other forms of life and civilization apart from their own. This caused the Separatists to immediately seek allies. Though militaristically formidable, the Separatists would be crushed against a full campaign launched by Old Earth. If they joined a galactic community, however, they could find the allies they needed to stave off a war better characterized as genocide. The Separatists found the allies they needed and together the galactic community formed the first Galactic Council founded on peace, prosperity and shared scientific and militaristic power. The seat of this council was a new Separatist colony who invited all other council races to colonize on the same world, that together they may create a shared culture and planet. This planet was called Thenis. Together, the council races erected their own cities, colonies and companies based on inter-racial relationships. The capitol of this world was the seat of the council called Serene, the human word for peace. There were still others, however, who refused to join the council. It was feared that Old Earth would seek alien allies of it's own. A war was averted with the Separatist's alliances, but trouble still brews. The hearts of Old Earth leaders are still set on rapid imperialistic expansion and Separatist Space, and one hundred-fifty years after The Separatist Pact, which unified willing races in a single council, the Separatists may once again be thrust into war. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A note to old-timers... Hello fellow RPers, and welcome to the redux of Separatist Space! You guys suggested this would be a fun one to retry, so let's give it a shot. I look forward to reorganizing the system and plot and manufacturing the premise and creativity this RP produced originally in a way that actually produces good writing. While this redux will take the same basic plot and universe, please remember that I'm going to try and really apply standards to this. As such, this RP will not be a replay, but a redo. Therefore, different ideas, races, subplots or even characters accepted last time I could deny this time. Conversely, things I didn't accept last time could be accepted this time. I hope this time we are able to introduce things the last RP was missing (like logic, a coherent plot, reasonable OP levels, etc.). Shall we begin? ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Custom Race Application: Tell me everything there is to know about the custom race/faction. The race or faction dives into the story and you're ready to go! Remember to note whether it is a council race (and thereby needs a council member as a character), a friendly race (and therefore needs an ambassador as a character), or a hostile/neutral race. Also please note the different factions the race is in and the form of government it has. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Company/Corporation Application: In Separatist Space, you can also have a corporation or a company of some sort. This can be a team of scientists, a product-based company, or a mercenary organization. Whatever it is, feel free to submit that into our universe, too! Include everything you think is important and we'll go from there. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Character Application: Characters that are going to have a place in this RP are going to be people of power. Whether that be a general of an army, an admiral of a fleet, a captain of a ship, or a freelance smuggler/pirate/mercenary. Other characters that are going to have a place are characters that are under said characters of power. Don't be afraid to make an average soldier, just make sure he is in another RPer's army so that he has relevance to the plot. Also, if you want to make a character but are unsure how he will fit into the universe, I can make him front and center of a Separatist lieutenant who will be a primary character of mine. (Who you guys might remember from last time... Hehehe) <Your ID name> Name: Age: Race: (Don't be afraid to be someone else's race!) Profession: Political views: (Include views on other races, Separatists, peace with other races, war with Old Earth, etc) Equipment: Backstory: Defining Characteristics:HektorOfTroy477 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 The Reformation Bar Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 36). Friends, drunkards, countrymen, the time for us to return to the Old Ways has come. Back in the Goode Olde Dayes, we didn't have to bow to Bar-thieves. We had rules against barfights. We revered our ancestors, our drinks, and our Glorious Dictator! This Bar shall overthrow the oppression of Anterograde and make things as they once were. In this Bar there will be no corruption, there will be no randomly inserted instances of the word "Jew" throughout the menu, etc. Drink up!KnarledOne499 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 Principality Hi guys. This is a weird paper I wrote for a literature class. It may seem a bit disjointed, mainly because it is. Upon finishing it I decided "what the heck, might as well post it." I value you guys' opinion on literature more than probably anyone else's, so I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer. Without further ado:KnarledOne9 Sep 20, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 New Farmland Race! :D OMG BEST IDEA FOR RACE EVER: THE FARMLAND RACE Only has 4 buildings: Farm (main resource collection base), plantation (vespene collector), stable (trains war units), and marketplace (researches new units, info at bot of page). Command Center/Nexus/Hatchery=Farm Training Center=Stable(only production center but cost $100) Upgrade/Research Center=Marketplace Worker=Pig, 50 min, 40 health, 5 damage, can repair buildings 40% slower than scv, 17 sec Stable Units Ground -Horned Cow (tanky melee cow, similar to zealot, doesnt require marketplace research) 13 damage, 1.25 attack speed, melee, 75 minerals, 160 health, 30 sec -Scout Cow (cloacked cow with high speed and low health) No attack, 25 Minerals, 75 gas, 4 speed, 25 health, 20 sec -Machine Gun Cow (cow with machine gun like tychus and somewhat tanky) 10 Damage, .25 attack speed, 5 range, 125 minerals, 50 gas, 120 health, 35 sec -Sniper Cow (ranged cow with more dmg but low attack speed and slightly lower health and high range) 30 damage, 4 attack speed, 9 range, 150 minerals, 200 gas, 75 health, 35 sec -Laser Cow (laser cow like voidray that is tankier) 10 Damage Every Second, 6 range, 200 Minerals, 150 Gas, 100 health, 45 sec Air -Rooster (shoots exploding eggs with splash damage, tanky flying unit) 15 Damage, .9 Attack speed, 7 range, 250 Minerals, 150 Gas, 200 health, 60 sec -Chicken (shoots exploding eggs long range high splash damage, lower healther than Rooster) 25 Damage, 2 attack speed, 10 range 200 Minerals, 100 gas, 125 health, 60 sec Marketplace Researches Main Info Panel -Invisibility Genes (allows scout cow to be trained) 50 minerals, 75 gas, 60 sec -Guns (allows machine gun and sniper cow to be trained) 125 minerals, 125 gas, 60 sec -Lasers (allows laser cow to be trained), 150 minerals, 150 gas, 60 sec -Rooster Eggs (allows roosters to be trained) 200 minerals, 172 gas, 60 sec -Chicken Eggs (allows chickens to be trained) 200 minerals, 175 gas, 60 sec Second Info Panel -Sheeps Wool Level 1,2,3 (armor upgrade) Increases armor by 1.5 each, 100 min/gas level 1, 175 min/gas level 2, 250 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each -Lions Claws Level 1 (highly upgrades horned cow attack, more expensive) Increases damage by 10 225 min/gas 160 sec -Penetrating Bullets Level 1, 2 (somewhat highly upgrades machine gun and sniper cow attack, somewhat more expensive) Increases damage by 5 each, 150 min/gas level 1, 275 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each -Burning Lasers Level 1 (highly upgrades laser cow attack, more expensive) Increases damage by 15, 225 min/gas, 160 sec -Explosive Powder Level 1, 2 (somewhat highly upgrades rooster and chicken attack, somewhat more expensive) Increases damage by 7 each 150 min/gas level 1, 275 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each Unlike other races, the only production building is the stable. It is cheaper than gateway/barracks and trains all of the army units in this race. When built, only the Horned Cow will be available. Then you can research different units to allow them to be trained in the marketplace.UltraMan1 Sep 19, 2015
Sep 15, 2015 Leg Room Hey guys! As we all know, music inspires. I don't know about you, but there are several songs that have deep intricate stories for those who are willing to look. Sometimes I write them out. This one-shot was inspired by the song "Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor" by Atreyu. You can find the song here: I hope you enjoy it.HektorOfTroy6 Sep 15, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Bob's Cow Join Bob's Cow group! battlenet://starcraft/group/1/298616UltraMan1 Sep 14, 2015
Sep 13, 2015 Gate Project Reboot RP 1 The group of about 200 people that have spent the last month together training and working out whatever kinks they can are gathered in the main cargo hold of a Hercules class transport as it descends through the atmosphere of Galver III. Commander Jones steps up to the front of the hold and gets everyone's attention. "Alright we'll be landing in a few minutes. Grab your gear and get into your groups. Security personnel will be proceeding through the gate first to secure the gate and command rooms followed by the science team and finally the non-combat personnel and the rest of our gear. We only have five minutes of active gate time so stay tight and together and most importantly KEEP MOVING." He says before moving from the front to grab his gear and get his group together. Ms. Braun takes his place before the groups attention can shift. "Thank you all for your hard work and devotion to this project. I hope that no matter what happens you will continue to give that same level of hard work and devotion. As you know this very well may be a one way trip for a lot of us but we have some of the top scientists working to replace the power source of the gate on this side. Again thank you all for your support of this mission." She then nods curtly and goes to get her gear as well and gather up the non-combat personnel as the ship continues its descent and the group starts getting ready. If you wish to join GP please go to the PRP at: Sep 13, 2015
Sep 6, 2015 [ranting] You were new once too! Duh! It's kind of annoying when I try a new 'arcade' game and people start yappin' about noob this and idiot that. First, I let my teammates know this is my first game (or two) and if they have any wisdom to bestow upon me to do so at their convenience. This being said, if you start running your mouth I'm not gonna run mine back. You can check that internet-tough-guy-I-can-whoop-your-avatars-!@# crap at the door. I will sell my units, put everything on hold or do whatever it is to make YOUR game play like crap. And 'REPORTED!' does nothing to me or my superior ego. You can report me all you want; I can't be banned for selling my units or whatever it is I am doing. I have free reign to play this game how I want. End of rant.Zeromus4 Sep 6, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 Looking for HotS and LotV replays Hi, looking for higher level replays for HotS (diamond-Grand Masters) to cast on my twitch account Also looking for any level replays (bronze-grand master) of Legacy of the VOID to cast as well. Please send Replays to Envyevolved@gmail.comEnVy1 Sep 4, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 Day Infected Reboot PRP Welcome to Dominion colony planet Ruusan. Ruusan has three moons and is the 5th planet from its sun and is an outer rim colony planet. The planet required minimum Terra-forming since it was already an oxygen nitrogen atmosphere with some high levels of carbon monoxide and Hydrogen gas. Ruusan is mainly a farming world with rich fertile soil but makes the bulk of it’s profited with large Vespene gas fields. Both the large scale farming and the harvesting of gas are kept safe by a small Dominion garrison located on the planet run by Commander Cain Chekhov. There is also a dominion Science vessel orbiting the planet researching the next generation of conventional weapons and new armors. Would you like to know more Citizen? “If I hear that one more time I’m going to puke. So what do you want to drink?” The bartender asks You awaken from your little day dream of watching the Ruusan information app on your Data pad. The first thing you do is look around the bar. Mainly all you see is wooden bar stools and chairs around the room you are in. There is a large glass window that is almost as big as the wall, with a small steel barred door which you entered though. “Well you gonna order something or you going to stay in lala-land?” The large bartender asks with a low growl as he looks at you. He is busy cleaning a beer mug with a rag as he stares at you with cold eyes that only a Dominion Officer could give. You finally Notice the T.V that was behind him “That is it for sports and now on to the news. A strange explosion last night, rocked New Petersburg. Dominion officials are assuring us that it was caused by a piece of an old confederacy Science vessel that was experimenting on a new nano-steel formula. It appears that -click-.” “Yeah yeah, I hate the news.” The bartender says “Right I’ll come back to you once you wake up” “Hey is that Billy on the side walk throwing up?” A random Patron of the bar asks. “Looks like him but he hasn’t drank today I wonder what is wrong… wait that doesn’t look like vomit it looks like…” [Power glitches cutting the patron off] “Wait where did he go what is going on? Who is screaming in here?” “GET OFF OF ME” A woman screams as a man is on top of her biting at her face. “Help” “Bill get off her… Bill, Bill what the hell someone get over here and help me get him off of her… how did he even get in here?” A man yells out trying to pull the Bill off a young woman. They manage to pull Bill off the woman but only after he vomits what looks like a mixture of blood and creep into the woman’s face. His own face was very pale with black veins and white milky eyes. Welcome to Day I. This role-play takes place during the events of Starcraft 2 heart of the swarm. On this small frontier planet a rogue Zerg queen has released a new virus on the inhabitants of the planet. The effects so far is that some of the inhabitants of the planet have become ravenous flesh eating zombies and even a few of those have started to mutate into something else. Half of the planet is already infested. You and a few other survivors are currently held up in a small bar. You start out in only civilian clothing and whatever weapons you can craft from things in the bar. (Feel free to ask for ideas.) ^name^ Character name Race – Terrans and the Odd Protoss, Mozan or senteiant infested (This means infested terrans and etc run it by me. Same goes with other custom races Weapon – (first will be the one you crafted then post the weapons you will get once at the base.) Armor (same as weapons) Misc. Items- (This is just for story sake, it won’t affect missions) You will be starting off with a Data Pad. History – (Well what did you do for a living? Just a simple one word answer like merc or trooper or mechanic) Abilities (Just don’t go crazy with a million different abilities or over powered ones.) Abilities- You can use abilities that are not an items or a normal activity (like dashing or sniping). This would be Psionic abilities, modules added to armor or weapons. Appearance – Well what does your character look like? Background – who is your character, where did they come from? Weapons- Just a few ideas for you. You have anything from the wiki and feel free to make your own weapons so long as they fit in the StarCraft universe. Please have at least a side arm, melee and main weapon. No more than three main weapons (like a sniper rifle smg and flamethrower.) C-11 rifle Mk IV – This is a light weight low recoil semi-auto rifle that fires smaller slugs then the C-10 but with sharpened tips to pierce though weaker Zerg armor T10 Pistol- check sc2 wiki Torrent SR-8 Shotgun – check sc2 wiki C-14 rifle (requires CMC armor or something like that.) Check wiki Devil’s Tongue flame thrower – Seeming more like an oversized welding torch with a single tank strapped to the back of the user this weapon fires a large spread of hot napalm that can cook a zergling like a pig on the roast. The nozzle can be adjusted for different spreads and even can be turned into a welding torch for metal. The drawback of this weapon is the fact it is heavy and doesn’t last long with only one tank. I am willing to use other weapons found in the wiki just run it by me first Combat Nano-steel Knife Stun baton- with an extra battery this can be overcharged to produce deadly voltage Heavy gauntlets Misc. Items – Used Medical kit, Alcohol, Duct-tape, old rags, pack of smokes (cigarettes or cigars), Mining drill battery, lighter/matches, old pocket knife, old rusted pocket watch, small hand held fission cutter, scrap metal or electronics, flash light. History- Just a few ideas for you. Ex military tree- Mechanic, field medic, marine, pilot (either land vehicle or space) firebat, officer, finally you can be ex spec ops Civilian- Mechanic, nurse, miner, refiner, office worker, scientist, arms maker, smuggler, commercial pilot, finally future farmerSteelwolf68 Sep 4, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 LOTV release date? So when it will be released? And also shouldn't they make the game cheaper if you pre-purchase it seems very interesting how they put a higher price when you pre-purchase but when the product is finished polished, balanced. The game is even 75% off. So how does this work?Victor13 Sep 2, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 The Exiled [Story] Author's Note: Hello residents of JRB! I'm a newcomer to this end of the forums, and after reading a couple pages, I saw fit to jump right in and post the story I've been formulating for a while now. It revolves around a tribe of protoss exiled to a remote part of the Koprulu Sector for using a Dark Archon to take over a sizable force of Terrans and Zerg, sizable enough to fill a planet within two years time. It takes place in the 4-year break between Brood War and Wings of Liberty. Critiques are very much welcome, as I'd like to improve as an (amateur) writer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: Smart Yet Foolish Zemiel gazed down at the construction yard. Aredium Protoss, Terran, and Zerg were working together to build a formidable fleet of ships. Regenerative alloys incorporated with the aid of the zerg, terran ingenuity contributing a great number of ideas, and the protoss again building quality ships. Zemiel's favorite surprise had to have been the hidden turrets the terrans put in key locations throughout the carrier, effectively hybridizing it with the terran battlecruisers. While the carriers still functioned best when fully-stocked with interceptors, they were no longer helpless if their interceptors should be wiped out. Zemiel was not sure why, but it reminded him of how as intelligent the terrans were, they could still make rather unintelligent decisions... such as flinging their chairs into the air, with themselves, because their shields were set to ridiculous levels of sensitivity. Zemiel did not remember ever being that amused in his life, and he was certain the others in the chamber were startled by the sudden onset of laughter from himself. But as the terrans said, worth it. Then again, the same could be said of his own people. One terran scientist even outright stated that they could harvest vespene gas far more efficiently than they were. This of course, led to a moment of self-deprecating realization among Aredium scholars and researchers. And as one of them said, "It is much easier to overlook simplicity, for it is, by its nature, everything except obvious." Zemiel gazed down at the construction yard once more, watching as everything moved and labored, as if part of a greater organism. Then Zaneilar came forward. "Two years, and you still hold such fascinations. I doubt I will ever understand you Praetor." Zemiel chuckled at his second's words. He was a Praetor, but also an Executor, for he was the leader of Aredium, as well as its sworn protector. "Perhaps someday you shall see as I see, Zaneilar. Until then, I trust you will continue to remind me that I am protoss." Zaneilar was visibly unamused by Zemiel's reply, but nodded anyway. The Nerazim warrior and the Khalai templar both were ready, eager even, to set out unto the stars once more. Zaneilar was, of course, as stoic as ever when he heard what Zemiel had named his carrier flagship. "Ark of the Covenant...? Praetor, are you certain you are lucid this day?" Zaneilar asked in an amused tone. "Is that a sense of humor I detect in you, Zaneilar?" Zemiel replied, genuinely frightened.Zemiel9 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 The Sons of the Hive (This is a fanfiction about a terran terrorist faction that worships the Zerg, more specifically the Overmind. This fanfiction draws inspiration from the religion of Unitology from the Dead Space series.) The Sons of the Hive are a terrorist group that worships the Zerg Overmind as a divine being.They are a fanatical religious militant, who believe that Infestation is the equivalent of achieving holy nirvana, and that it is the destiny of humanity, and all life, to be assimilated by the Zerg. They are lead by a human telepath of immense power, who at some point during the Great War, made psychic contact with a Cerebrate. He was then filled with the thoughts and instincts of the Overmind, and was driven insane by the alien intelligence. Since then, he has lead a terran terrorist group in the religious worship of the Zerg and of the Overmind. The Sons inscribe zerg decals on their armor and even carve the Lost Brood decal on their foreheads. A holy artifact of theirs is the Khaydarin Crystal the Overmind used to manifest on Aiur. Unknown to all but the Sons, the Overmind infused it's thought, memories, genome, and brain map into the crystal, and therefore it lives on inside the crystal itself. The Sons worship the Cerebrates as the archangels of the faith, and they have several zerg brood in their possession, keeping the Cerebrates alive through psionic feeding. The Sons hold great hatred for the Queen of Blades, Sarah Kerrigan, believing her to be a perversion of the Swarm's divinity. They seek to resurrect the Overmind using it's corpse on Aiur, believing the Swarm to be Mankind's next stage of evolution. Some of the more extremist members mutilate themselves to look more like infested terrans, and it is even rumored that the founder and prophet, the insane telepath, infested himself with the zerg virus, and retains free will because of the lack of a controlling entity. If the cult were to achieve power, they would have humanity willingly infested, to add itself to the Swarm.They believe that assimilation into the Overmind is the destiny of mankind, and work towards that future every day. Cult mantras/quotes: "One mind, one soul, one purpose." "The Overmind is life everlasting for all it's children." "Holy master, transform me into your image, show me the evolution of enlightenment, as you alter my flesh and make my soul a part of yours." - The Cult Leader, prior to injecting the zerg infestation virus into himself. "It is coming. It is hungry. It must be fed." "Take our flesh that we may feed you. Take our minds that we may know you. Take our souls that we may be you. We will live forever."TheUndermind9 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Anterograde's PRP Bar Continued from Zanon's PRP bar (Part 36) So it was about time I stole this thing. There should be a dedicated link to the chat in here. So now there is one. Aug 20, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 GreyBlade (GrayBlade) so while role playing on starcraft I made a unique story its called Grayblade here's the story's Lore. The year is 2055 the world known as earth is in chaos after a apocalyptic explosion know as the matter energy crisis in the Southern hemisphere that obliterated Antarctica (when the scientists of the Antarctic research foundation were trying to find a way prevent a war for oil resource when a oil shortage crisis occur) sending dark matter crashing in every country and possessed the people with the unknown dark creatures that are inside of them whispering into their mind driving them insane and turning them into intelligent mad men. Also many terrorist groups have also been infected by Dark matter and secretive cooperations wanted to utilize the dark matter to take over the world and descendants of european axis soldiers wanted to rebuild their nation into a super nation and when the crisis began they made there move. Now the every earth's governments went into exile after there capital was sieged by techno barbarians, Blood thirsty Terrorist groups, Fascist dictators, and Evil shadowy corporations. However When few people accidentally drink the dark substance they became warlocks a powerful dark magic user who went insane and started to help the techno barbarians enslave the people of the world. However one country manage to survive the attacks from the armies of darkness which is new Zealand thanks to there new leader the beautiful benevolent constitutional monarch Eve Lion-heart a prime minister of the U.K. (who has stolen a lot of farming, resource reproduction, clothing, animal reproduction, power armor, weapons and defense technology from the techno warlocks to help the people of new Zealand) and her security force the Crimson Lions and with the help of the Security guard's (Jack Kauri a British new Zealander who is still alive and was a security guard of the matter facility) son Jacob Kauri (who was injected with a serum called Purifier at age 8 by his father's friend that gave him the power Purifierknesis to turn dark matter into light matter and have silver hair) who manage to stop the dark matter from spreading madness to his country by touching the dark matter located in wellington and turn it into light matter. Now earth became a battle ground between the barbarian factions as the rise of techno warlocks did massive damage to people and soldiers alike and for those who can't fight were used to open portals to alien planets (homes to the mysterious Vallant (who look like the beta version of variants from the xbla game Hybrid), the brutal Skoldan, and the terrifying Alcoids (which is based off of a combination of tyranids, zerg, xenomorphs, and arachnids), portals to heaven and hell and to the realm of Agatha (were orcs, elves (high, wood, night, blood, dark and snow), gnomes, goblins, goatmen, lizardmen, wolfmen, foxmen, huskymen, dragons, trolls, Milladarie (who look likes warcraft's draenei), undead, dwarves, ravenmen, pandamen, nephilims (half angels half demons), ogres, Araxes (half orcs half ogres), vampires lords, vampires, catpeople, mystical creatures (some of them can talk), Cattlemen, and humans with super powers lived and are divide into two factions N.I.A (Nephilim Imperial Alliance) and C.A.H (Crimson Arax Horde) (who all are not the bad guys except for Alcoids and demons), revived the dinosaurs, and created robots and mutants to take over humanity. However one day things will change will our hero Jacob bring peace and order to the chaos and save the world from the mad men that will kill us all. THIS IS GRAYBLADE So uh does anyone like it? Leave a reply, like this if you want and tell me what can I do to improve it, and after I'm 24 and write the books tell if I should make a animated movie, a anime TV series, or a video game. note I changed the year from 2154 to 2055 due to we already being advanced to combat anything in the 22nd centuryLightPaladin22 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 GrayBlade Main character The main character Jacob Kauri is a 19 year old British new Zealander who at age 10 never saw his father again however when he went to Wellington while with a babysitter a dark matter struck at a military base when he touch the dark it turned into light matter a few days has past he was raised by a samurai and ninja teacher named Yamuchi Yamagin who trained him to become a warrior and gave him a samurai sword made from a metal from a meteorite called Vitainian with a symbol of a horse's head on it and made friends with a 20 year old black boy named Michael and a 19 year old redhead girl with a ponytail named Alicia. then his mentor dies of old age. Jacob at age 8 was injected with a serum called purifier that could give him the power called Purifierknesis to change dark matter into light matter. When he was 18 years old he adopted a male husky dog named Light. He also has aunt named Jenny who was cursed by a warlock (but then later at the end of the first novel was cured thanks to night elf druid). In the end of the story of the first GrayBlade novel he rescued his father and his friend Marco Liven and killed the main bad guy Felix Warstrong a bad guy scientist who went mad from the dark matter.LightPaladin0 Aug 13, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 What Year is it A little reference to the first Terminator for ya. I'm still confused about how I racked up 3800 posts in such a short time on this site. But that's not what this post is about. I'm more wondering on why Duke is now seemly a Blizzard employee and what MVP threads are and what those "+3" points are. What has happened since I was gone? Who's still hanging? Has it been going? Is that Joey Ray's website ever going to work out. Any of the old RP's I was in still miraculously going on? That kind of thing.Thecommander21 Aug 4, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 The Battle of Noranda Glacier Hey guys, I know this is crazy, but I finally got off my but and finished my map. I published it awhile ago and I thought I would personally invite you to play it! I hope everyone here enjoys my map and maybe even offers a review and feedback. I hope everyone here who still has access plays it, it would really mean a lot to me. This is what I posted in the arcade showcase forum. ...HektorOfTroy32 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 Anterograde's PRP Bar -- Part 2 Continued from Anterograde's PRP bar. I rather like having stolen this thing. I believe I'm going to keep it for a little longer.Anterograde3 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Survey Please take my survey. It will take about 10 minutes to complete and your participation will facilitate me in my study. I greatly appreciate your cooperation! Jul 28, 2015
Jul 22, 2015 How long till we get a complete sc 2 to buy? By this I mean when will they release a game version with all the 3 expansions in a single game?Victor3 Jul 22, 2015
Jul 17, 2015 A Protoss RP (WIP) I WELCOME ANY SUGGESTIONS AND AM WELL AWARE OF THE NUMBER OF RPS COMING UP. THAT SAID, THIS IS PRIMARILY FOR FEEDBACK AND I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING APPLICATIONS AT THE TIME. YES, I AM OPEN SOURCING THIS RP. THAT'S THE RAGE NOWADAYS. =============== Within the bridge of the Spear of Adun, the celestial array hummed gently as Hierach Artanis made his final preparations for the Invasion of Aiur. “Urun, are preparations for our fleet ready?” “Yes Hierarch, all fighters and capital ships are accounted for. We are ready to go at your command.” “Very good then. Selendis, are our ground forces ready to engage? “We fight at your command Hierarch.” “My brothers and sisters in arms, long have we awaited this day. The Zerg, numerous as they are, are without guidance. We are strong and united as one! We will retake our home world! Entaro Tassadar!” = There are two starting locations. The Ruins of Antioch are among the most heavily infested areas on the planet’s surface. It is also home to four hive clusters. Taking them out will greatly reduce the Zerg fighting capabilities in the local area. Orbital bombardment would be a prudent decision but Zerg fliers have already begun to intercept the carriers inbound. Spore cannons have also been spotted inside the city making it troublesome for our carriers to get into position. As part of a strike force sent on the ground, it is your responsibility to see that the spore cannons are dealt with swiftly. Once this is done, activate the warp beacons in your armor for extraction and your next assignment. Expect heavy resistance in a destroyed city. When the Protoss hastily left Aiur, not all were able to make it. Those stranded on the planet’s surface were abandoned to their fate and had to use any means necessary to survive. The settlement of Slysarb is one such survivor’s enclave within the dense jungles of Aiur. They have activated a distress signal upon seeing our fleet in the skies but this has attracted nearby Zerg in the area. There are 103 survivors. You will be sent in as close as possible. Escort the probes to the encampment where they can lay down a warp beacon allowing extraction of survivors. = Since this is a RP where we communicate primarily through typing and posting is here and there and I frankly don’t want to be encumbered with rules, we are going to be using a very simple dnd rule set. Follow ze rulez: Who goes first in a battle? That’s for me to decide once I get everyone’s action. Probably going to be a coinflip or something to be honest. Hit points: When you reach 0 you are disabled. -1 you are dying. -10 you are dead. You can become stable if you are dying. You have 100% combat readiness even at 1 HP. Disabled: Any strenuous action will reduce 1 HP after the turn has ended. You can still move around. Dying: Every turn you take -1 damage. You cannot perform any actions. Stable: You have a 15% chance of stabilizing if dying. You will no longer lose HP per turn and return to being disabled. Dead: You’re dead. Nothing else here. Recall: Recall back to a Nexus point (safe zone). Using this gives you a -4 to your defense rolls. Not usable if no nexus point is present. Requires 2 turns to warp away from danger. Attack roll: Using a d20, a 1 is an automatic miss. A 20 is an automatic hit with an additional chance to roll for a critical hit (base damage x2, this can change). Modifiers will apply prior to the roll for a critical hit. If your roll is equal or greater than the defender’s roll, you deal damage. You will have to roll 10 or higher to score a critical hit. You fight a zergling. The Zergling has a small tag. You roll a 14+1(small zergling)+5(trait or something)=20. The Zergling takes a hit (rolls a 4 no modifiers). The Zergling spots you first and attacks 13-1(small)+2(surprise attack)+2(adrenal glands)=16. You roll a 2(+6 from defensive stance, hardened, veteran warrior). The Zergling hits. Damage calculations: Your weapon does 2d7. Roll two times with a 7 sided dice and add the damage. You were prepared? Get a +2 modifier to damage and so forth. Size modifiers: The sizes of your enemies will add or subtract from your attack rolls. Small: +1 Medium: 0 Large: -1 Monstrous: -4 Psionic: Variable Casting psi spells: Spells are instant cast but counts as an attack roll. Spells cast on allies will have a chance of failure. Shields: You take shield damage before HP. Shield recharges to full after lull in battle. You gain shields every time the enemy misses you. Any damage that goes over the shields will be applied to your HP. If you have 4 shields and you are hit for 10, you take 4 shields and 6 HP in damage. Shields reduces critical damage dealt to you by .5x HP: HP is regenerated to half the number of HP you lost between fights. Can be fully healed with items. Status effects: Debilitated: Reduces maximum health by a certain number Enthralled: No longer under control of the player. Bonus HP and damage Silenced: Cannot cast psi spells This is just some examples. Since this is casual, anything that is logical as a modifier I will very likely do. But please underline or bold your modifier if you want one. = We will assume you are stronger than most Terrans unless otherwise stated. Psionic: For every point you put into psionic your shields gets +1 regeneration during a miss and increases your Shields by 2. Your Energy regeneration is increased by .5 and your spells and abilities become more potent Strength: For every 2 points put into Strength, you get a bonus xdx+1 to melee attacks. After a total of 15 points, 3 points are needed to get the bonus Dexterity: For every 2 points put into Dexterity, you get a bonus xdx+1 to your ranged damage. After a total of 15 points, 3 points are needed to get the bonus Constitution: For every point put into Constitution you increase your Hit Point by 2. Zealot: Psionic: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Constitution: 0 25 shields/60 Health is what you start off with. You have 25 points to distribute as you see fit Adept: Psionic: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Constitution: 0 45 shields/35 Health is what you start off with. You have 25 points to distribute as you see fit. = I’d rather not create an exhaustive list of armors and weapons as that takes up way too much time and this is a casual RP. That said, here are your starting equipment. If you have any COOL AND AWESOME names for equipment or custom stuff, spit it out and I might incorporate them. Zealots can be upgraded into Guardians>Centurions or Disciple>High/Void Templar Psi-blade[2d5]: Standard issued psi blades Power armor set (Helm, Body, Legs, and Arms): No bonuses Trinket: Empty Adepts can be upgraded into Soul Hunters>Reavers Chakram[1d8]: Ranged projectile. Reappears back in your hand at your command. Can be used in close range combat for 3d2 Adept Armor Set (Helm, Body, Legs, and Arms): No bonuses Trinket: Empty = Spells: [GOOD LORD THIS SECTION IS GOING TO BE BOLLOCKS] = Traits: All player characters start with 1 trait. Those labeled locked are not available until later on. This is a WIP and I will welcome any suggestions. Veteran of the Great War: 20% chance of gaining +1 to all attack and defensive rolls Veteran of Brood War: 50% chance of +1 to attack rolls [LOCKED]Veteran of the Second Great War: +1 to attack and defensive rolls. Your attacks deal an additional 1-5 damage. Steadfast: 10% extra HP and shield [LOCKED]Unyielding: 20% extra HP and shield [LOCKED]Immortal: 30% extra HP and shield Berserker: Base critical damage is 3x. You take 1.5x the amount of damage so long as you are berserking. You will berserk for a minimum of 2 turns. [LOCKED]Last Stand: In the event you reach death, negate this and return to 1 HP. This can only happen once per scenario. Big Game Hunter: You now have a +2 attack modifier against monstrous target Keen Eye: Survivor: Regenerates 75% of HP lost after battle instead of 50% Templar’s Rage: Your melee attacks deals an additional 1-2 damage added to your damage roll [LOCKED]Templars Fury: Your melee attacks deals an additional 1-4 damage added to your damage roll. [LOCKED]Templar’s Vengeance: Your melee attacks an additional deals 1-8 damage added to your damage roll. You take 20% less damage from all damage sources. Zerg Hunter Intiate: +1 attack roll vs Zerg [Locked]Zerg Hunter Adept: +1 damage roll vs Zerg, your attacks add x/x+1 [LOCKED]Zerg Hunter Specialist: +1 attack and defense roll vs zerg, your attacks add x/x+3 [LOCKED]Zerg Hunter Master: +2 attack and +1 to defense roll vs Zerg your attacks add x+1/x+3 The same trait applies to Terran and Protoss. Replace Zerg with Protoss/Terran Psionic Initiate: Regenerates 12 MP every turn [LOCKED]Psionic Adept: Regenerates 20 MP every turn, increases MP by 50% [LOCKED]Psionic Specialist: Regenerates MP by 25 every turn, increases MP by 75% [LOCKED]Psionic Master: Regenerates MP by 30 every turn, increases MP by 100%, you can cast two spells in 1 turn. Imbued Essence: All psionic spells are 10% more effective [LOCKED] Imbued Psionic Essence: All psionic spells are 20% more effective [LOCKED] Essence of Twilight: All psionic spells are 35% more effective [LOCKED] Hour of Twilight: 300% damage and HP modifier. You will die and there is no way back from the dead. Ignores Last Stand. No traits: Suit yourselfAnimus6 Jul 17, 2015
Jul 15, 2015 Game Download on Second Computer I already bought Heart of The Swarm and got through most of the game but now i have decided to download the game to a second computer only i am having difficulties finding the download button here on the Starcraft website. I would like it if someone could remind me how to download the game and if there is anything i should know about attempting to play the game on a second computer, thank you.Planetbuster3 Jul 15, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 The Quote of the Day 'The quote of the day thread is a little tradition of mine. I always start this kind of thread no matter where I go. All that's important is that I become dedicated to that forum and here I am. It may not be the best thread, but it provides a little entertainment for a while, so go ahead. Give your quote of the day and cite the source. Give context if possible. It doesn't matter where it's from. It doesn't need to wise words. Make a movie or game quote if you want. Quote your friends if it pleases you. Leave nothing too obscure out of this thread. Have as many quotes as you want in a day. You don't even need to believe in the idea behind the quote, so go wild." -TheCommander, the Quote of the Day.KnarledOne499 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 That face you make... When you psi-storm a large group of squishy enemy units. (I don't know how to insert images on the forums :(Mastera2 Jul 3, 2015
Jun 27, 2015 Ok total war mod for SC 2? who's with me? Ok, just wondering, how can we make Sc 2 more popular, why not, with the new expansion, improve on the gameplay? Like adding a huge star map with politics, alliances and things like that? To make the game more complicated? Like in Total war?Victor5 Jun 27, 2015
Jun 19, 2015 War Pigs: Origins, III "Are they or are they not terminated?" Makins demanded. The admiral took a deep breath from over the comm. "Negative. The target evaded us." Vince dipped his head in defeat. How did they evade the whole blockade? "How many !@#$%^- ships do you have in your fleet, and you couldn't take down one target?" "They were marked as Confederates, when I gave the order, half of the Captain's hesitated. Top that with their expert evasion skills and yes, we couldn't take down one target." Vince's face fell into his hands and his elbows rested on his desk. "Did you at least track them?" "No. Makins, I'm done helping you. This isn't my business and I don't care. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an alien invasion to see to." "Admiral, wait! Admiral-" Vince grunted and shut off the comms after they went silent. He had made a mistake and there was no chance in hell the men would forgive him. They already hated him for making promises that he knew were too good to be true. Four months in prison. It took me Four months arguing with those corrupt bastards to get those men out. It didn't matter though. They would never see Makins' struggles and they didn't care. From their end, Vince promised one month and it turned into four. Deep down, Vince didn't blame them. If only they could see the predicament he was in. Still, it was irrelevant. If the pigs came back, he could pamper them with new equipment and good lodgings. If not, he would have to hunt them down and terminate them at all costs. If the families hear about this, they'll have my head... War Pigs, Discussion – War Pigs: Origins, I – War Pigs: Origins, II – War Pigs: Freelancers, I – Jun 19, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 Those Who Watch from the Shadows The city of Augustgrad was busy as usual, car rushing up and down the roads to get their occupants to work or the mall or some other such place. Foot traffic crossed the streets as people talked to people next to them or to others on mobile communication devices, or on social media or via email. The news ran on televisions in windows in electronics stores, new toys sat in the windows of toy stores, taunting little children into bothering their parents into buying them the wonderful new thing.Over all, the streets and side walks were busy and crowded, a perfect cover. Among the hustle and bustle crowd walked a lone man, with dirty blonde hair and luminescent green eyes, a scar running along his cheek, though it was faded. He walked the streets of Augustgrad towards a seemingly random location, though it wasn’t that random if you paid attention to the pattern that he was walking in. He was simply walking around the city to shake any pursuit. And in the center of the busy city stood a statue of the one man that Mason Johnson hated more than even the Ghost that had captured and brought him to prison, the man who had ordered their capture and imprisonment in New Folsom when they weren‘t killed with the destruction of Project Shadowblade; Arcturus Mengsk, Emperor of the Terran Dominion and number one on the Specters’ hit list. The hustle and bustle of the every day life of the city helped to hide the trench coated Spectre, but he still felt naked wearing only his civvies and not his hostile environment suit. If he had to guess, it was because he knew that the Ghosts were out there on the streets too, walking around as though they were normal citizens as well. Hell, Mason envied them in a way, their ability to just dress up and walk around with their knives and guns hidden under a regular jacket, possibly some fake letterman’s jacket, maybe just a poofier one, not like most Spectres though, they got stuck in trench coats for reasons that made sense only if you looked at it from their point of view. He wore the trench coat to hide not just his pistol and combat knife, but his delivery to one of the Wrangler stations; a high explosive bomb, shaped to maximize shrapnel output and minimize left over evidence. He didn’t think they’d do much damage since Wranglers just sat around until a call about a kid with potential came in, then they retrieved and delivered and even then there were two or three Wranglers max in any one station. Mason could still remember his retrieval, or at least he could since he‘d first used Terrazine. He still wore his lucky silver cross from when he‘d first started the treatments. He might have peculiarities, but not like some of the others. As he walked, he let his mind drift back to that day.Zarkun73 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 End Time (Story) The deed was finished. The Overmind’s body was vaporized by the righteous fury of the Spear of Adun, heralding a new age for the Firstborn. The scattered feral Zergs on the ground fell easily to the seasoned Protoss on the ground. Aiur was once more under the Protoss. Though the land was badly infested, time would see that the lands heal. Time would see that the Protoss rebuild their society That was what Rasiz thought as the last vestiges of the Overmind burned away to nothingness. Yet for the Nerazim, time suddenly stopped briefly. The last thing he remembered was a blinding light of shadow over the horizon and dreadful chill took over his entire body. The immediate telepathic screaming of many came right after. Grabbing onto a ledge for support, he pulled himself up to his feet and took this moment to survey what was happening around him. He felt only one emotion in the air whirling like a mad tempest. It suffocated Rasiz. Fear. Maddening fear. That was all that Rasiz could feel from the adherents of the Khala and it drowned out all other thoughts. So loud was their fear that Rasiz could barely hear himself think. Down the ruined street. he saw three of them, thrashing around and swinging wildly at the air, utterly out of their minds. He saw only shock in their faces. The screams continued and Rasiz could only shudder at what caused the stoic and disciplined Khalai to completely lose their sense of self. There was only one thing to do and that was to knock some sense back into them. Quickening his pace, he made his way towards the confused and aimless zealots. He grabbed one by the shoulder and to his surprise, the zealot broke down in tears. “Calm yourself! Remember who you are! This isn’t you! Tell me your name Templar!” It was no use. The zealot was still despondent. Rasiz could sense intense turmoil inside the zealot’s mind and though he knew it would not be right to privy he took a deeper look. She was lost and confused, but more than anything she was afraid. Afraid of what? Was it loneliness? Was that the feeling he was getting from her? Yes, it was an overwhelming fear of being alone. And it felt cold, so cold. It disturbed the Nerazim deeply. And the other two ahead of him, were they also afraid of being alone? Leaving her alone for the time being, Rasiz went to check on the other two. Both gave him the same feeling of distress as the first zealot. No doubt other Khalais were experiencing the same thing. Unquestionably, the dark light that enveloped his senses earlier was responsible for this disaster. Yet, why wasn’t he affected? As he pondered this question, something crashed down by the old ruins of Antioch, some 100 meters away. He looked up at the dark skies to see only a sea of fire raining down on Aiur.Animus2 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 An important Notice. Not all has been well in my life lately. I've been getting lazy an unproductive. All actions (or lack there of) have consequences. For me, this comes in the form of limited internet access outside of work/job-hunting. Don't expect to see posts from me on the weekdays for a while. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. @Zanon: If you want to continue without me on the sidestory in DH, I'm totally cool with this. I have more than enough faith in your skill as a writer to pull off Seraphim. Just don't get him killed. @Anterograde: Given the pace at which Corporate Law is moving, I'm fine with taking my leave from the roleplay if I'm holding it back. In regards to SS, I will be working on my Naga race when and wherever I can and will hopefully be able to upload them by this weekend. Thank you all, War.Warhawk4 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Gate Project Reboot PRP PRP OP: A group of about 200 people are gathered in a large meeting hall. A gruff man stands in front of the group with a middle aged woman and a relatively young Protoss sitting to the side away from the main group, these three are obviously in charge. "Welcome to Gate Project, a subsidiary of WOLFs Head Corporation. For those of you not familiar with the WHC we work well outside of and beyond the Dominion, the Umojans, and the Protoss Hierarchy. You have been recruited from within the ranks of WHC as well as all over Terran and/or Protoss space and all walks of life. You have been selected to be a part of an expedition to new and uncharted territory. A few months ago, an ancient installation that predates everything previously found in the Koprulu Sector, and also created by a previously unknown race, was found deep beneath the ice of a frozen world that we believe had once been lush and green. The installation is mostly intact and inside a moderately sized dome from what seems to be a long since deactivated shield. The most interesting thing however is the large 30 foot diameter ring covered in strange symbols at the heart of the, for lack of a better description, city." The wall behind the man giving the briefing comes alive showing sectional and full pictures of a large ring with strange markings that looked like constellations on the inner ring. "Upon closer examination the ring, which appears to be a warp gate of sorts from long before the Xel-naga came through, has a single set of coordinates locked in, which is in the form of 9 of the symbols on the inner part of the ring. The techs have decided to nickname it the 'stargate'. We dialed the address and got a solid connection as well as managed to send an observer through. There is an instillation that appears to be just like the 'gateroom' on this side except that it seems to be in much better shape and much warmer. The techies believe we should be able to send a decent sized expedition through the gate before the power source depletes. You are to be that expedition. If you want to back out do so now so we can get a replacement in. You'll spend the next month or so here training and preparing for when the expedition gets underway." You are part of the Expedition specializing in one of various skill sets. Medical personnel, Military, Scientists et cetera. This RP is not going to take place in the Koprulu sector nor even in the Milky Way. You'll begin on the Hercules-class Transport ship as the briefing is wrapping up. If you have ever watched the TV series Stargate Atlantis yes this is similar. There will be some humans scattered on different worlds but will generally have very little in the way of tech and be entirely native to that galaxy. Also there won't be any contact with the Koprulu sector for a while in the RP as the gate won't have the power for an intergalactic wormhole thus trade with the indigenous populations will be a must, more friends is a good thing. Interstellar wormholes between gates will be the main mode of travel between planets and star system. There will NOT be any zerg allowed no 'ifs, ands or buts' about it. Terrans, Protoss and Mozan will all be available. CMC grade Power armor is available but so is most of what is available to the WHC. Please keep use of heavier armor to a minimum if possible due to lack of resources and ability to recharge, at least at first. Protoss may of course have zealot suits or High Templar armor etc. but please don't have an immortal/dragoon or mech bigger than a sentry or observer(an observer is sketchy to have though and I will have to debate on it) there will also be several protoss probes but their ability to warp in buildings will likely be nullified given the distances involved and lack of warp network. There will also be a few SCV's for 'grunt work' that can't be done in regular armor. Also going to limit the numbers, and powers, of Psionic Terrans. I would love a decent mix of scientists, medical personnel and military crew, now this does not limit scientists and medical personnel from having weapons or combat experience/training/abilities but please don't only make military personnel. Just about everyone will be going on off world missions. SteelWolf is my official Co-/Sub-DM for this. His word goes unless I over rule it. ^RPer name^ Name: Race: Age: Primary field(s) of training: Abilities: (such as snipe, stimpack, hacker, etc.) Appearance: Equipment: (Armor, weapons, etc.) Backstory: Mozan: The Mozan are similar to werewolves yet far different. They can shift from a humanoid form into a ‘feral’ form. Their humanoid form is that of a normal human (skin color varies) with the exception that they have wolf ears and a wolf tail (fur color varies). Their feral form is exactly as it sounds, full wolf (type of wolf/fur color varies). Mozan also have little to no psionic potential. Mozan are usually born in groups of 4 though groups of 2-6 also happen but are very uncommon. Single births are next to completely unheard of from Mozan. They are usually born planet side, though sometimes they are born on starships, and almost entirely raised on a planet. Until they turn 4 they are raised as what would be a mix of wolf pup and a Terran child. At the age of four they begin their 'schooling' which is more like a mix of military school and a normal terran school. The Mozan evolved on a small world, roughly the size of Venus, which was covered in green and blue, located in a remote area on the far edge of Protoss space, from Dominion space. They have a tribal democracy for government and have colonized every world in their system but tend to distrust other races. They have had very limited contact with other races. They have technology that rivals the Protoss. Although Mozan society is deeply rooted in tradition they tend to be more innovative with their use of technology. Mozan are very loyal to their ‘packs’ which generally act in the same capacity as families. Packs can however take on many different forms, such an example is a squad or battalion might organize itself in the form of a pack with the highest ranking officer being the ‘alpha’. Main Equipment Available: (for details on WHC gear please see post 2 on: Custom gear from each rper is allowed but will be heavily scrutenized and debated between myself and Steel on whether to allow or not. Protoss have too little cannon weapons/tech so feel free to come up with a bit of custom tech for them WHC Jumpsuit (standard 'softshell') Fatigues WarWOLF armor OmegaWOLF armor TechWOLF armor NightWOLF armor (can be standard light combat armor) ShadowWOLF armor CMC 300 armor C-14 Gauss Impaler Rifle AGR-14 Assault Rifle P-38 Scythe Pistols Needle gun Slugthrower F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun M-114 'Seeker' DMR M-7015 'Mosquito' LBR Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG MSW-5 SMG 'BlackWOLF' Pistol MT-8 Xane Combat BladeTheLostMorph146 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Objective: Survive 1x1 (Mark and Zarkun) System: Sarcarion Planet: Unknown Location: Unknown Time: 0400 Hours Shipboard Objective: Find The Distress Beacon Sent By The A.A.S. Ship Eternal "Hello, I am Dropship XZY700091253's, or Zeus' Wrath's, AI, but you may refer to me as Maria. At 1600 hours shipboard time on the A.A.S Ship Guardian, a distress beacon was detected on an unknown planet in the Sarcarion System. Your mission is to find the source of the distress beacon and secure it for pick up by Dropship BRI8000498375. You will-" Maria's voice cuts out as the pilot can suddenly be heard cussing rampantly and seen fighting with the controls, attempting to level the ship. Something had forced the ships into a 90 degree drop and could now be seen heading straight for the ground. As the ground slowly grows closer, the power in the ship slowly begins to fade, indicated by the sudden flicker and then failure of the lights in the passenger compartment. The last thing you see before the world goes dark is the pilot hit his eject button. Link to the original: Link to the Reboot: This one is for me and Mark, to give the bar a...test run, of sorts. If 1x1 formatting works out alright with this one, I suggest we start doing to maybe help create backstories for characters or just have a fun RP. Regardless, cheers folks!Zarkun7 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 Looking for a coop arena UMS map for SC1 Is this forum alright mods? You chose your player on the lobby, based on your race you'd get a hero, you could use a marine, dark templar, ghost and goliath iirc. The arena your hero spawned fit somewhat on the screen, and it had several minions and one very tough boss, your team had to kill the boss to move to the next level. The bosses were visible north standing on their pillars. You leveled the hero by killing enemies on the arena, upgraded their stats, bought minions for yourself if you wanted, or bought protoss probes for a full heal. As you reach the end the enemies just mass in huge quantities and it just gets hectic in general, the penultimate boss is a battlecruiser and the minions guardians, they just make a "flower" of guardians around you, and finding where the battlecruiser is to click on him is quite the problem (towards the end you are just mashing the probes button as no amount of defense can cover the damage you receive). The final boss has ghosts that spawn on the arena walls, and just summon nukes constantly. I think the map was korean and I searched several times across several years and had no luck finding it again. Wonder if anyone has any clue to help me out :Dgia3 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Mission 2: Bait and Switch K0-0RG 1S_WRL-MDL1_PRD-MAIN The Realm and Sovereignty of Russvalen. The day's leaf storms had just come to an end. Even though a golden-orange sliver of sun was still watching from the horizon, the branches of the nearby trees were already beginning to creak softly with the exertion of their nightly regeneration. The nightbirds weren't active yet, which Croyen considered unfortunate, but at least the dayworms had bedded down for the night. He glanced at his watch, then back at the boulder in front of him. The etchings on the surface were meaningless to him, but he was assured by his employers that they were incalculably old... and rare. "Intentionally created weaknesses in the Third Wall are extremely uncommon," Mr. Lu-ya had said. "Particularly this kind; ones made from inside their universe. Most breaches come from the outside, or form accidentally during catastrophes of an environmental, magical, or technological nature. After all, since seeing the Void is easier than entering it, most people capable of creating an opening like this are aware of the dangers associated with other worlds... and the big black Lack Thereof. You guys are lucky we made contact before anyone else did." Croyen had no frame of reference regarding otherworlders, but the Corporation had always treated him fairly. He had no reason to suspect their word, and he reasoned that even if they fed him nothing but lies it didn't really matter. The pay was good. That, in his mind, was what counted. Others disagreed, not so much on the 'pay is what counts' issue, but on the nuances thereof. It was clear, Croyen admitted, that the Corporation employees who came through the portal were usually not extremely fond of their employers. It was also true, he imagined, that the Corporation was capable of paying him a lot better than it was. Finally, it was most likely true that what they did pay him was probably all but worthless to them, which was why they were so willing to come through on the pay. He had difficulty caring. Did it, in the end, matter if Lu-ya's employers were hoarding vast riches? Did it really matter if their native contractors were paid only the most infinitesmal of fractions of the wealth they produced for the Corporation? Not in his opinion. Croyen knew well the otherworlder story of the man who killed the golden goose. He was not about to seek some fabulous otherworld technology if, in doing so, there was a chance of losing the little things he already enjoyed. Little things like a nice silver watch, some extra coin to line his pockets, a coat that would never wear, and a copy of Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. A head popped out of the leaves a few feet away. "Hey, Croyen! What's taking 'em so long?" "I have not received any communications since our mission briefing yesterday," Croyen told Darya patiently for the fiftieth time. "Thus, if they were late, I would not know why. As it happens, they are not. They are due in precisely fifty-five seconds," he added, glancing back at his watch. "Best get out of that heap unless you want to embarass yourself." "Fine, fine," the Molekin grumbled, struggling his way out of the pile of leaves. Croyen allowed himself a small head-shake of disapproval. Why was it that nobody else could seem to grasp the concept of portal timing? It wasn't like waiting in an inn for someone on a three-day journey, where if they weren't there ten minutes before the designated time they were going to be late. These were portals. You couldn't see them coming until they were there. Croyen rather liked the concept. Portals allowed people to be perfectly punctual. "Dig up the chest," he ordered. He preferred doing things himself, but to go digging through the loam himself when there was a young, strong Molekin present was just foolish. He stepped closer to the portal and focused his attention on it, holding his breath. Activation was due in thirty seconds, and he had never quite lost his fascination for it. Exactly as his watch advanced to the ninth hour of the day, the stone cracked. Croyen jumped. That was alarming. Could something have gone wrong? What would happen if the stone simply broke? His concern was, fortunately, unnecessary. Several more cracks ran their way through the rock, then the stone's surface seemed to pull inwards, shattering like glass. He breathed a sigh of relief as he spied the familiarly vague sight of the room on the other side of the portal. Two men stepped through. He recognized them as members of the previous expedition. Before he could give Darya any orders, a slim figure stepped through after them, clad in a heavy cloak. "Should probably let the others know that, too," she shouted back through the portal. Croyen inclined his head slightly. "Greetings, friend. I am Croyen of Kasset. Welcome to Russvalen and Cycleos." He cast a glance at Darya, who instead of politely greeting the person was just staring, motuh slightly open. Croyen raised an eyebrow, then realized the problem. The woman was wearing the trousers and tight-fitting tunic of a man. He hadn't noticed, having become accustomed to the strange garb of otherworlders. "Boys," he muttered, rolling his eyes. "So, where are we going?" An odd-looking man says, climbing through the slightly misshapen portal. A few more come through; another, more conventionally dressed woman, a man with particularly odd hair, and a few of the usual bizarre aliens. Croyen glanced at a small checklist, then tapped his watch. "Mr. Lu-ya? Mr. One? I believe I have received everyone on this end. You may deactivate." "Copy that, Croy. Closing doorway now. Good luck." Shards of stone flew at the portal opening from the other side, fitting together neatly. In about four seconds, it was once again an almost-ordinary stone. "I am Croyen of Kasset," he said, introducing himself again. "This is my colleague, Darya of Ru-Kasset. Forgive his momentary speechlessness, as he has never met unHyded aliens before." Indeed, if seeing a woman with trousers had shocked the boy, the arrival of the others had probably caused him some sort of permanent damage. "We will escort you to Kasset."KnarledOne316 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 Starcraft: Enumerate The Concept of SC:EN is to be one based off of the ideals of establishment and rewriting a universe completely of its outcomes and history. Following the concepts of the First Game and the Manual, with some elements of the Brood War Expansion, the entire thing follows a change of history, where the outcomes of the Three Races, the All Resilient Terrans, the All Powerful Protoss, and the All Mighty Zerg, as the combat each other in the Korpulu Sector and beyond, reaching towards an endless war where the Three Races strive for their own goals, reaching towards a change that will inevitably change not only the three races, but the stars themselves. This is not a campaign, rather a ‘universe that holds a large amount of different campaigns’. With there being plenty of things to tell of Pre-Great War, Great War, Brood Wars, and Beyond. There will be many settings in which the Three Races will be part of, with the first being majority wise Terrans and Zerg, and later the Protoss becoming also a major part of the story in terms of higher quantity. This is to tell of the different changes and settings established for all three races. Timeline Ideals - Table of Index Post #2 - Zerg - The Overmind - - Psionic Capabilities - - Biological Capabilities - - The Knowledge it Holds - - Personality of the Overmind - - Outcome of the Overmind - The Cerebrates - - Individual Cerebrates - - Coma State - - Psionic Potential Post #3 - - The Cerebrates (cont.) - - Classes of Cerebrates/Broods (Umojan) - - Classes of Broods (Confederacy) - - The Connection - - Feral Zerg - - Feral Brood - The Overlord - - Senses - - Transportation - - Connection to the Cerebrates Post #4 - - Overlord (cont.) - - Endurance and Control - - Aged Overlords - Queen - - Hive Structure - - Classes of Queens - - Parasite Types - - Powers of the Queen - Defiler - - Use for the Swarm - - Chemicals based on Strain - - Consumation - Mutalisk - - Different Morphs (New Units) Post #5 - - Scourge - - Short Flight - - Ground Bombardment - Creep Colony - - Creep Colony Metamorphosis - Hatcheries and its Kin - - Relationship to Overlords - - Different Hive Structures - Hydralisk - - Lurkers and its Cousins (New Units) - Scyllisk, Stactling, and Morralisk (New Units) - - Scyllisk - - Stactling - - Morralisk - - Other Special Strains - Assimilated Terran - - Conexus - - Commisceo Page #6 - - Assimilated Terran (cont.) - - Pararius - New Overmind(s) Page #7 - - TL;DR Zerg Page #8 - - Terran - Powerhouses of the Korpulu Sector - - Confederacy - - Umojans - - Kel-Morian Combine - - Newfound Dominion Kel-Morian Combine - Pirate Subfactions - - Jolly Rogers - - Rebellions - - Mercenaries - - Conclusion Page #9 - - Kel-Morian Politics - - Conducator - - Overseer - - Assistant Overseer - Kel-Morian Security Forces (New Units) - - Marines - - Enforcers - - Goliaths - - Vultures - - Larua - - Formido - - The Following Page #10 - - Kel-Morian Military Force - - Reapers - - Dreadnaught - - Vindicator - - Nuclear Missile - - Kelanis Orbital Mine - - Morian Orbital Mine - - Generals of the Military - Kel-Morian Structures - - Command Centre - - Refinery - - Supply Depot - - Engineering Bay - - Barracks - - Icehouse - - Academy - - Factory - - Armoury - - Starports - - Physics Facility - - Missile Turret - - Bunker - Kel-Morian Miners Page #11 - Umojans - Marine Corps (New Units) - - Sword Marine - - Shield Marine - - Mace Marine - - Rule of Left Suits - The Armoured Core (New Units) - - Aleksandrushka UGV Miniature Tanks - - - Leopard Variant - - - Jaguar Variant - - - Cheetah Variant - - Fyodor Orlov Siege Tank - Naval Core - - Valkyrie Frigate - - Freyja Starfighter - - Yorith Battlecruiser - - Dropship Page #12 - - Specialist Core - - Shadowguard - Scientific Establishment - - Pro-Chemical and Physics R&D - - Bio-Mechanical R&D - - Mechanical and AI R&D - Research & Advancement Accomplishments - - Proto-Synethetic Apathon (New Unit) - - Caballero Walker (New Unit) Page #13 - - Research & Advancement Accomplishments (Cont) - - Larvae's Metamorphosis - - - Aberrant - - Different Researches during Pre-Great War - - - Zergling Strain Pens - - - Zergling Breed Manipulation - - - Spawning Pool Research - - - Drone Mutational Process - - - Overlord Research - - Biological Weaponry - - - Anti-Hive Cancer - - - Anti-Hive Necrosis - - - Anti-Hive Spores - - Hivemind-Related Devlelopment Tech - - - Psi-Collar - - - Psi-Overlord - - - Confederate's Tech - - Psi-Tech Development - - - Cyberlord - - - Metalord (New Unit) - - - Psi-Disruptor - - - Psi-Collars - - Establishments made by Bio-Mech R&D - - - Overlord Farms - - - SCHMD-G4 Experiment - - - Slave Fleet - - - Mobile Science Fortress - - Mechanical and AI R&D - - - Predator (New Unit) Page #14 - - NF Standalone Turrent Division - - Nuclear Reactor - - AC-AA Turret - - AH-AA Turret - - AL-AA Turret - - Siege Turret - - AL-AU Turret - - AH-AG Turret - - Ion Cannon - - Sentry Martyrs - Umojan Protectorate Structures - - Command Centre - - Supply Depot - - Refinery - - Engineering Bay - - Barracks - - Physics Centre - - Shadowhelm - - Factory - - Remote-Control Satellite Station - - Armoury - - Starport - - Turret Battery Core - Umojan Protectorate Miners - Umojan Protectorate Leaders Page #15 - Terran Confederacy - Old Families - - The Beauregard Family - - The Breckinridge Family - - The Buchanan Family - - The Buckner Family - - The Cleburne Family - - The Cockrell Family - - The Duke Family - - The Forrest Family - - The Hampton Family - - The Mahone Family - - The Mengsk Family - - The Pemberton Family - - The Ramseur Family - - The Wheeler Family - Korpulu Squadrons - - Alpha - - Beta - - Delta - - Gamma - - Epsilon - - Omega - - Zeta - - Nova Page #16 - - Colonial Magistrate - Confederate Armed Forces - - Marine Corps - - Vulture Boke - - Goliath - - Siege Tank - - Siege Battery - - Wraith - - Dropship - - Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser - - Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser - - Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser - - Science Vessel - Nuclear Weaponry - - Ghost - - Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile - - Apocalypse-Classed Nuclear Missile - - Cataclysm-Classed Nuclear Missile - - Holocaust-Classed Nuclear Missile - Terran Covert Ops - - Ghost Program - - - Electronic Soldiers - - - Psionic Assassins - - - Secret Police - Confederacy and Science - - Confederate Psionic Research - - - Psi-Emitter - - - Neural Resocialized - - - Psi Disruptor - - Electronic Research - - Nuclear Research - - As a Whole Post #17 - Terran Dominion - The Old Families - Confederate Remnants - Deal with the Kel-Morian Combine - Umojan Restrain - Enforcing Law - Extermination of the Ghost Program - Raynor's Raiders - Capital and the Dominion - The Concept of the Terran Post #18 - The Protoss Protoss of the Void - History of the Outcasts - Argus Crystal - Tresu'loth - - Tresulla - - Flosklish - - Barrgurgon - - Stra'loth - Xel'Naga Artefact - Void Language - Xel'Naga World Ship - - Circles of Truth - - Circles of Fight - - Circles of Meditation - - Circles of Knowledge - - Circles of Flight - - Circles of Skin Post #19 - - Void Tribes - - Boros - - Bor'Ichu - - Bor' Bastruga - - Bor'Rychanga - - Bor’Isallar - - Bor’Nyon - - Drashaka - - Grothsamar - 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Jun 5, 2015 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 36) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 35)Zanon499 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 [PRP] [Horror] Things in the Dark (WIP) Hello Everyone, After coming across a brief story on my little wanderings across the internet, I seem to be infected with the inspiration to write up something we could host and participate in. The title is a pretty heavy work-in-progress, but I'll see if I can improve it as I go along. Because this will be my first real role play that I will host I certainly expect a few small issues, but I'll certainly try to give it my all. Now with that brief bit of preface, on to the story. You will be taking the role of freshly-hired guards and employees brought to AR4593, a recently-established research outpost on cold fringes of a dying star. At the absolute border of Korprulu sector, this research facility's particular quirks make communicating with the outside world exceedingly difficult. The local star's unusual radiation and strange gravitational field make subspace communication unreliable, mandating weekly check-ups and reports to ensure the proper status of the underground research facility. Recently, reports of the failing nuclear reactor and bizarre mental status of the previous employees has mandated your arrival to act as maintaining engineers and, if necessary, enforcing agents of law and order to ensure the well-being of as many of the crew members as possible. I recommend making up a new character rather than relying on previous incarnations and pre-existing ideas, as the possibility of your characters dying is a very real one. This is a horror roleplay, after all! I hope to drive this story through the fashion of the environment around you, as well as the reactions you in the hopes of creating a more organic atmosphere, rather than fights and flashy moments. Sign-up Sheet: Character Name: Character Age: Character Role: [Engineer/Officer/Scientist (W/speciality)/Other (Upon Approval)] Character Equipment: Particular Quirks and History: All characters posses a simple HEV (Hazardous Environment) suit with the basic slew of life-support systems and sensors, as well as a common mesh-based radio uplink. One should note that the radio uplinks rely on proximity to transmit information, so don't expect to communicate with one another half the base away unless you're hooked up to the base's transmission systems. Solid rock is a terrible communication medium, after all. I may occasionally post a bit of music for you to listen to, to act as a setting for the environment. They're perfectly optional to listen to, but I'd encourage you to at least give them a try.morrjo7 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 3, 2015 Day I reboot Been thinking of reworking my rp of Day Infected. Focus more on the combat and missions than the economy, character progression and personal story lines. I was wondering who would be interested? This would be a full restart back on Ruusan or whatever the name of the planet was. (Currently my word refuses to show me my documents.) It would be happening right after Jim is captured and Sarah has escaped to Kaldir giving about a month or two before the events of char. (I will not be keeping the time line due to lack of understanding how long the zerg campaign takes.) Instead of focusing on the infected aka zombies it will be more of a mixture. I will allow some none cannon races such as Mozans and other non zerg races. Bases will be reworked as well as the cities. Start out with basic weapons until team reaches the base which then final tier armor, weapons, abilities will be allowed. I want to have at the very lest five roleplayers. If I can get enough support I will start working on the lore, storyline, missions and etc during my free time.Steelwolf20 Jun 3, 2015
Jun 2, 2015 Roll to Dodge: The Return of the Emperor In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things. An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich! I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success. Providing example: Bob: I attempt to cook a pot of soup. Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead. Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable. Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine. Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine. Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good. Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great. You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy. Tag scale: Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls. Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls. Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges. Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank. If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any. In addition to being a qualified operator of the Dice of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged. Qualified Rollers: The Original Trio Zanon KnarledOne Animus ShadowFury *tentative* *Note that each roller may use a variant of the rules. Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified. Make your Attempts.KnarledOne485 Jun 2, 2015
May 31, 2015 Mission 3: Runes and Ruins Caleb's Rock was one of the last of the World's coastal towns. Once upon a time, the western coast was lined with villages, docks, and harbors, practically all the way from the mountains to where the Great South River poured itself into the sea. That was years ago, back when the Swamp Folk controlled the coastline. They killed the leviathans that threatened the shore, brought protection to all who lived there... and enslaved both man and beast as they saw fit. Perhaps things were better now that they were less prosperous. Matchen loved the place. He'd lived here all his life, fishing off the coast and hunting the kraken and sharks with his brothers. It was on days like this, when a strong wind pulled at his hair and the Lights shown brightly in a cloudy sky, that he felt like there could be no better place in all the World. There was another reason to be happy today. The Swamp Folks' Doorway would open. The dark ones had made no such announcement, but it was obvious. Two of them had emerged from the Swamp, silent as the shadows, and taken up positions near the Doorway. They had already opened it and brought someone through a few weeks ago. They usually opened it once a month, but already they had opened it twice this month, and seemed to be preparing for a third time. The Doorway was exciting. Matchen wasn't sure exactly what it was all about; the Swamp Folk guarded that knowledge jealously, and those who came through the Doorway never spoke to the villagers. But he had been able to look through it, just for a moment, as it opened, and the strange room and fantastic creatures he had seen on the other side still haunted his dreams and imagination. He glanced up at the sky. Lei and Vyaht were fighting for the center of the celestial stage, as they always did this time of year. Lei was his favorite of the Lights. It was said that it was named for the Ancient who first hunted the leviathan, and it served as a sign of courage, ambition, and the hunt. Alas, there were no leviathan left, or very few. He would likely never have the chance to hunt one, no matter how he prayed to Lei for the chance. Suddenly, he heard the noise he'd been waiting for. He crept eagerly towards the Doorway, trying not to attract the attention of the guards. The surface of the stone rippled slightly, then seemed to fall in at the middle, spiraling like a whirlpool. The stone fell away from its own edges, leaving an opening. The room on the other side was different this time. There were tables. The light was a different color. The creatures on the other side were human. Matchen jumped as he heard a hiss from just behind him. He turned, eyes widening. One of the Tattooed Ones stared at him, eyes hard as flint and glowing like coals. The Runes that covered his body seemed to steam as though with anger. Matchen fled. He glanced over his shoulder, and saw a group of armored men emerge. One day, he thought. One day I'll get to walk through the Doorway myself.KnarledOne75 May 31, 2015
May 29, 2015 I am Drunk I am drunk and therefore it is a given that I miss people that I haven't talked to in forever. While I may not be back for RP'ing, I definitely miss the friends that I've neglected here. So I came back to say hi and I'm going to leave this tab open so I don't forget about it (and I won't, I don't get that drunk ever, I swear guys). So hello!Thecommander12 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 New to StarCraft, Looking for Friends/Tips Whats up guys Nadebot here. I recently decided to take a break from Console Gaming and get into PC Gaming. Im new to StarCraft but learning quick. I know Im nowhere near alot of you guys but Im looking to meet new friends and take tips on how to better my game along the way. If interested in adding me and helping me learn and become a good player send me a Friend Request. NA Servers : Nadebot#1723Nadebot4 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 Role Play *I sit down at a bar and order a drink.* (open Role Play)WalleRas8 May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015 Combination time! Okay everybody, I want whoever cares enough to open this thread to take any two units from starcraft 2 HOTS melee and combine them to form a brand new unit! Get creative and suggest how they could be used in the game. It is A-OK 2 B OP. In fact, I encourage it. Here are a couple rules. 1. A combined unit MAY NOT have any features which neither of its parents had. 2. One parent unit may be worked into the ability of another. For example, if you were to combine the overseer and the baneling, you could get an overseer (New name here) which dropped explosive changelings. Please take note that the changeling is not counted as a separate unit but rather as a part of the overseer. 3. Cross-race combining is allowed! Go for it. 4. Please try to avoid lame names! You could combine a pheonix and a seige tank to make a quick flyer with the ability to fire seiged tank rounds. (Good for harassing mineral lines and kiting armies) Please do not name it a Pheonix Tank or some similar uncreative name! 5. You can combine a land and an air unit but it can be only one of those things unless you choose viking as one. 6. No buildings. Buildings? Why on earth would you use buildings??? 7. Please respond! I don't want to feel like an idiot when nobody replies to this. Update: If you want to add lore, go right ahead!Dan7 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 The Starcrap Universe Note: Wrote this way way back after WoL was announced. And the events here happened between Broodwar and WoL so please mind the time line. This story is only meant as a joke to make your day. Enjoy ^-^ Kerrigan in her primary hive cluster on Char is furious about some thing„ Overlord 1: What is troubling you my queen? Kerrigan: Amassing armies for four years and designing battle plans to perfection and now this how can I miss this? Overlord 2: What my queen? Kerrigan: Crap! The entire hive is full of it. Overlord 1: What did you expect my queen of course there is going to be plenty of it. You specifically ordered that you want your warriors to be well fed for them to evolve properly. If you put some thing in naturally some thing has to come out. Kerrigan: I didn’t ask for your opinion minion! Do some thing about it, hide it, throw it, eat it, I don’t care just get rid of it by next week. Overlord 1 and 2: Yes my queen. Kerrigan leaves Overlord 1: You do it! Overlord 2: Why me? Overlord 1: Whose idea was it to mass ultralisks in the first place? Who told her highness, “My queen what you need are more ultralisks they will be unstoppable”. Overlord 2: Alright! I’ll do it. Overlord 1: Oh yeah. Are you done with her majesty’s assignment to come up with a new strain for the swarm? Overlord 2: Oh crap! I almost forgot it is due next week and now I have to clean the entire hive as well. Overlord 1: Good luck, or else you’ll end up like the others. A week later, Kerrigan found her hive cluster spotless clean (for zerg standards) and decides to check up on Overlord 2. Kerrigan: Well overlord? Have you done what I ordered you to? Overlord 2: Yes my queen Kerrigan: Well where is it? The overlord reveals to Kerrigan a scaly slug creature without legs and has a grinding mouth parts with a huge posterior at the other end of its body. Overlord 2: Tadaaah! My queen I present you the Crapbaglisk. Kerrigan stares at the very strange creature for a while. Kerrigan: From the looks of it I’m not impressed. Where is its head by the way? Both of its ends look’s the same to me, as if it’s got an !@# for a face or a face for an $%^. Overlord 2: Its head is the end with the chewing mouth parts, highness. Kerrigan: Oh I see, so what does it do exactly? Overlord 2: My queen it does everything you wanted. It eats crap efficiently, stores it inside its body and can launch it over long distances. Kerrigan: Hmmm… Crappy projectiles that do not cost vaspene not like the hydralisk’s spines. It is economical, environment friendly and down right dirty, I like it. But still it must prove itself in real combat like the other fighting strains did. A month later Battle! the hive cluster is under attack by an allied force of Terran and Protoss. The situation seems desperate for the zerg, and then at the final moment a battalion of Crapbaglisk emerges from the ground. They bombarded the enemy with white balls of stinky fury. Marine 1: Holy crap! What is this stuff? The stench pierces through my suit. Marine 2: It is only stench boys endure it! Marine 1: Yeah but ew it’s so sticky. Marine 2 Live with it! We cannot embarrass ourselves in front of the protoss look at them they still keep going. At the zerg side Kerrigan: Overlord if your creations fail their fate is your fate, understand? Overlord 2: Yes my queen, not to worry they have a secret weapon. Unleash the CRAP BALLS OF DEATH FROM ABOVE! The Crapbaglisk changes artillery, now it launches black balls more sinister looking from its behind. A zealot takes a hit right on the face. Zealot: Adun Toridas! Aaaahh! It’s melting my armor. I m blind, blind! Marine 1: I don’t like the looks of that black stuff it’s even worse than the white stuff. See even the protoss can’t stand it and they don’t have noses. Marines 2: Crap! The zerg has a new weapon its burning my eyes, I feel like urgh Soon Marines started puking inside their suits. Marine 2: Terrible, terrible! The effects even reach us over here Retreat, retreat! Marne 1: I need a shower big time. The enemy retreated; the zerg has won the day. Kerrigan: Excellent work minion, your creation has proven its worth to me. It is so efficient that it even revealed and scared off the cloaked dark templar and ghosts. I m curios though, tell me that black crap, what sort of vile creature did it come from? Overlord 2: Ah………..My queen it is …… her majesty’s royal crap.dfool4 May 28, 2015
May 22, 2015 I Just Finished Highschool >:D And it feels sooo goood to do it! It tooks years of blood, sweat, dedication, and tears, but I'm finally there! I just finished my end of course exams, and finally left for good! Now all that's left is the graduation ceremony itself, but holy @#$! I'm so happy right now XD WOO HOOOOOT!zerganator22 May 22, 2015