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Jul 14, 2014 Community presence in MT? I'm just curious as to how many people from the area (... big area I suppose) actually lurk these forums. If you're not from Montana, I enjoy a good chit chat with people regardless. Reason for asking: I've not seen a gaming event in the state ever. But there has to be SOMEONE out there right?!AltTab24 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 WHC RP part 2 The squad is currently in the middle of storming a simulated Dominion Stronghold so they can retrieve some 'data' from the central tower. Their final obstacle will be their CO. Can they all come together and beat her? Link to PRP: Link to first thread: Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 Darklight Chronicles PRP Redux So, this is my RP that I threw out there to replace Dark Blade. Here are the auras: Black-Strongest Auric energy and always ready for the unexpected, varied tendencies, though focus on dual sided weapons is common Red-Aggressive and quick to anger, tendency for large caliber weapons and large blades Blue-Calm and calculating and decisive, tendency towards precision weaponry Yellow- Funny and carefree, Tendency for up close and personal weapons to allow mocking of opponent Green-Wary and cautious, tendencies toward more defensive weapons You will be either a young child just on your way and starting out on your training at the top secret Project: Northern Lights academy, or a one year veteran, assigned to assist a new student. A story post will come eventually. Black requires a really good reason as to why they have the black, and must be a new student, no exceptions. I will have a slightly older character and, well, you'll see. Just a side note, training starts at age 13 and only one color tint for balance's sake. Armor is modern sets, some minor medieval sets, like leather. Kevlar that's been customized for newbies. Your powers and weapons that you get ARE affected by your aura color, so choose wisely.Zarkun11 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 An SCV and a marine walk into a bar... Like so many other tales, this tale starts with Phil, a young SCV operator, walking into a bar. This bar, identical to any other campaign headquarters bar, is the place where marines, technicians and pilots drown their sorrows and try to forget the horrors of their daily lives. The bar is nearly empty. In a table on a dark corner a man with the body build of a soldier, full of marks and scars, fell asleep over the table. Behind the counter the barman clumsily washes a glass. Phil notices that the barman has two noisy robotic arms, and then sits next to the only client at the counter, a marine who is looking to the empty space while he drains his glass. Phil calls the barman in a loud voice so that everybody can hear. “Barman, repeat the dose to my friend here at the counter and to our colleague at the back. This round is on me!” continues in Jul 10, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 An SCV and a marine walk into a bar... Like so many other tales, this tale starts with Phil, a young SCV operator, walking into a bar. This bar, identical to any other campaign headquarters bar, is the place where marines, technicians and pilots drown their sorrows and try to forget the horrors of their daily lives. The bar is nearly empty. In a table on a dark corner a man with the body build of a soldier, full of marks and scars, fell asleep over the table. Behind the counter the barman clumsily washes a glass. Phil notices that the barman has two noisy robotic arms, and then sits next to the only client at the counter, a marine who is looking to the empty space while he drains his glass. Phil calls the barman in a loud voice so that everybody can hear. “Barman, repeat the dose to my friend here at the counter and to our colleague at the back. This round is on me!” continues in Jul 9, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 UFC fighter is one of us! Can you find it? Jul 4, 2014
Jun 28, 2014 Looking for friends to practice with Hello everyone, I'm returning to the game after a year of inactivity. The only problem is none of my RL friends are interested in playing Starcraft with me and it gets awfully lonely just playing anonymous ladder matches. So I'm looking for new friends in the community to play practice games with me, help me get better or just screw around if that's what we feel like. I'm a silver league player but welcome players of all leagues (nothing teaches you to wise up like a solid thrashing). Player code 373 if anyone wants to drop me a line.BlueLitning18 Jun 28, 2014
Jun 20, 2014 Brave World ... King Adanos placed the letter face down and closed his eyes, exhausted. The embers of the candle flicked softly on the desk. His son, after eight very long hours, came to this world. What was to be a celebration for such an occasion was pushed to the back of his head. The letter's timing couldn't have been any worse. The King sighed. What he had long suspected was confirmed. The Coven made their plans to infiltrate Adanos. Short of an all out attack on the Coven, how would it be possible to disrupt the Coven's plan? "A strong King is loved and has the support of his subjects." he muttered. Those were the last word his father told him at his deathbed. To retain the loyalty of his subjects, to what end? The door opened and a woman, dressed is gossamer, with a sleeping baby in hand, came in. "My lord, what keeps you up this late?" she asked quietly. Adanos rested his chin on his hands, "...Helen, am I a good king?" The woman set the baby in his crib and made her way to Adanos, wrapping her hands around his neck. "Why such a question? This isn't like you to be so doubtful. You are a good husband and a good and just ruler!" King Adanos lightly grabbed Helen's hands. They were warm to touch. Helen took her arms off Adanos and made her way to the bed. "Come and sleep, it's been a tiring day for both of us. It isn't something so urgent that you have to stay up all night pondering is it? Don't neglect your health Adin." "I'm grateful you're here. You and our son." "Of course you are, who else would keep your sanity in check?" she said cheekily. King Adanos made a small laugh, stowing away the letter in his drawer and blowing out the candle before heading to bed. Tomorrow morning, he would make his decision.Animus78 Jun 20, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Return of the UED reboot (Discussion, Signup) Alright. This time I mean srs bsns guize. Original Preplanning - The thread - Part 2 (which only has a few posts) - I have a soft spot in my heart for this story, mainly because of how magnificent it seemed in my head. However, when transferred into writing it was no where near what I intended. I plan to change that. Originally, things seems a bit rushed, forced even. This time around I'll be taking it slow, staying in one story arc at a time. All events will transpire at least on the same planet, or any spaceship within that vicinity. No more singular stories or ride-alongs. Everyone will be actively participating in the events of the story. However, the overall scheme of things will hardly be affected by player's decisions. I do not plan for this to make character's decisions and actions meaningless. I want this to be immersive and exciting, and I may even have to change the storyline I'll have planned out if someone does something drastic enough. Right now I plan to use up an entire thread (or two) on what only took me a few pages in the first go around. We'll start off events on Earth and it's colonies, there will be little action here, but you may participate in politics and everyday life in the UED. If your character is UED, then you'll develop the majority of your backstory here. There will be little interaction with other players until the construction of the grand fleet that will be used in the invasion of the Koprulu sector. There will be several years of training and preparations. This is practically open world, you'll be free to do almost anything you want so long as you don't create your own High-lords of Earth type or World eating machines and things of that variety. Ideas and stuff go here. Who's ready?Avikon43 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 Obscurity (RP) The world was dark, it’s sun having died long ago. It was a place devoid of life, a shell, of what was commonly thought to have been a world much like Earth. The former solar system was made up of similar spheres of rock and dust, floating aimlessly in the vacuum of space. It was here that a large vessel searched for something extraordinary. The Galaxy’s End. Dominion Minotaur-Class Battlecruiser tasked with observing and researching the Extra-Terrestrial threats that plagued the Terrans since their arrival in the Koprulu Sector, and hoped to return with some new method of securing the Dominion’s survival. It had a crew of several thousand, and carried many more experiments. It’s crew worked tirelessly to keep the ship on it’s course throughout space, in the nationalistic search of new assets to aid in the ongoing fight with the Zerg and Protoss. Captain John Cardinal looked at the dying solar system from the bridge, distant stars seeming to look back at him. The door to the bridge opened with a hiss, light pouring in. The captain tended to keep the lights dimmed, with the exception of the monitors needed by the navigators and helmsmen to fly the ship. At times, when he was dozing off, it helped to have new light get in his eyes, so he could attend to more captainly matters. The intruder to his peaceful and relaxed bridge was none other than his Head Scientist, Dr. Albert Macross. He had a very boney, skinny frame, balding head, grayed hair, and a small beard growing on his face, his round-rimmed glasses shone in the light of the stars. The voice escaping from his lips was raspy, as if he hadn’t drunk anything in days. “Captain, we have the next status report. The subjects are in cryostasis, and will be for at least another 48 hours.” The captain nodded, sighing softly. The experiments Albert was referring to were not the kinds that he would have preferred to have heard about first thing in the morning, but as it were, it was still good news. “Great job. Tell the Science Staff that they’ll get priority at lunch today. You guys have been working hard.” Albert smiled and left the tablet he was carrying on the chair the Captain was sitting in. Kicking back, placing his feet on the panel in front of him, covered in various gauges and dials. He opened up the tabled and looked back at the Scientist, now starting to walk out. “Hey Al.” The older man turned around, raising an eyebrow. “Tell your kid to go first in line today. It’s been hard for him these past few weeks, He needs some time to relax.” The doctor’s face lit up, and he exited the Bridge. “A.I. give me a status update on Cryopods 1215-1337.” He said, listing off the numbers in the report that Albert had just left. A calm, robotic female voice came over the speakers in the back of his chair. [All Subjects Are Stable. Pods Requested Are Well Within Standard Cryopod Protocol.] John nodded, smiling. “Good. That is all.” He continued to read the report, and between the large words that took him a few minutes of searching in the tablet’s built in dictionary (thank God for technological advances), and reading the same report for every single subject, the good captain had dozed off. In his dreams, he saw his family, running away from a shapeless form, alarms going off all around him, fires and bodies surrounded him, as the wreckage that had been his home was torn apart around him. He was startled awake by alarms ringing in his ears. Looking down at the control panels below him, he looked around in shock as red lights flashed all around the bridge. “Helmsmen! What is going on here!?” Several of the crewmembers below him exchanged glances. “SIR! We’re reading something nearly off the charts in terms of energy! It’s about to hit it’s climax, and we’re not sure what’ll happen when it does!” His look was one of terror. The crewmen looked at him in panic. “Sir! What are we going to do!? Sir..! SIR!” He blinked, trying to get his thoughts together. As he contemplated his actions, the entire ship shook. It was only now that he looked out of the bridge, looking out as a high pitched, mechanical screech came from everywhere around them, over the intercoms, and then, slowly, the lights in the front of the ship started to go dark, as lights slowly started to die throughout the ship. Section by section, the lights started to go out. As the bridge lost power, the only light was from the stars above. He looked over his ship, and a very startling, terrifying noise alerted everyone in the bridge. A small noise, like a scratch, was audible to all of them. The light from the stars glinted off of the cracks, now forming on the thick windows keeping the crewmen from the cold grip of space. More cracks began to appear, slowly, and horrifyingly. The crew started to scramble to the doors, trying to pull them open, but they were unable to budge without power. It only took but a few minutes for the windows to give way, and for the cold grip of space to carry those that were unlucky enough to have been so close to it, barred away from it by mere inches of simple glass. The Computer, with the intention of keeping as many crewmen alive as possible, with it’s last bit of power, shut down the blast doors on all of the windows in the ship, as well as diverted the emergency generators to maintaining the life support systems. Gravity wasn’t as important as that was, it determined. It would have to trust the crew to be able to restore everything else on the ship. ======================================================= SIGN UP: You have two main options here. You may either choose to be a Human Crewmember, or an Experiment. As Crewmembers, you can be anything from an Engineer, to a Chef. A scientist, a guard, whatever occupation you can think of that a Battlecruiser would need. Your skills come with what you can salvage, and your occupation would obviously make things a bit easier for you to do certain things.rather than others. You will wake up where you where when the blast rocked the ship, after an unknown amount of time has passed. You will have next to no recollection of what had happened, besides the power going out, and soon after blacking out. As Experiments you will find yourselves cold, in bodies you're not used to. Your memories will have nearly been wiped, and as you emerge from your cryopods, you will remember only your names, and that at one point in time you were once human. Zerg Hybrids will find a form of exoskeleton covering most of their bodies, as well as a rapid regeneration ability, and Protoss Hybrids will find surgically attached tendrils to them, as well as a form of 'sixth sense', able to detect danger, though not to precisely pinpoint it. Your Sign Ups should include name, age, general physical description, a small idea as to their personalities, occupation (Experiments should just list their hybrid state [Zerg/Protoss]). Character Lists shall be put up once everyone signs up.SlnderBurito320 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 "....and Tarson HOLDS!!" Please tell me how to upload replays so I can show you this awesome replay.SVRTKNKR0 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 Korozain's Quote of the Day Plaza Come one come all! Post your most witty, funny or enlightening quotes here! Nothing is too vulgar or too intelligent here. Anything in quotes will do! But that doesn't mean be a general idiot. History: Granger makes the first Quote of the Day thread Topic gets full, anarchy for a minute Korozain commandeers the thread. Post away. friends!Korozain2 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 16, 2014 Shattered (RP Discussion) This is an open RP, most of the character creation will be very custom, you can be very original about it but noting Overpowered. You can use any race, any gun, and any armor as long as they are balanced well (and I will do a lot of moderation of this). Background The Shattered Private Military Group is hired by the Moebius Foundation to find and infiltrate a Dominion Research facility. The facility contains research on Protoss, Zerg, and humans alike. Possible reports of [DATA EXPUNGED] as well. The team’s main objective is to land in the desert of the planet, dubbed Euclid III, away from any sensors or outposts. The facility is heavily guarded from the perimeter itself, but scattered along the jungle and some parts of the desert are outposts, that function as full fledged bases, able to create quick response forces, and dispatch Kill-Teams quickly at one sign of trouble. The team will have to rely on stealth, and fast-hard attacks to infiltrate the facility without being overrun by the Dominion. The task is not impossible, but it will be hard. The team will be dispatched vehicles and equipment as needed. Briefing “Alright, Shards, this is your mission.” The burly commander points at a holographic globe of Euclid III. The globe rotates to the desert portion of the planet, the dead center to be exact. “This will be your designated landing point, here you will have a mobile operations center, also known as the MOC-9 Command Ship.” The hologram changes the schematics of the ship. (for a visual reference, here’s this: "This ship functions as a cargo ship, command center, and an attack vessel. This is a new prototype piece of equipment, so if you lose it, well, you won’t be leaving that planet. Anyhow, this is how you will keep in contact with us, store any spoils of war, and essentially carry out your mission.” The Hologram changes back to the planet, now marked with x’s scattered along the surface (mostly concentrated in the jungle area, very few in the desert) and one big circle in a dense, mountainous area of the jungle. “Your mission, is to infiltrate the main facility, get any intel, specimens, or whatever, and bring it to the Moebius Foundation without compromising us, or the client. Or dying, but that's a given. I will warn you. These x’s are outposts, most are capable of creating quick response forces to aid one another, nearly all have Kill-Teams housed inside. You’ll have to disable comms, obliterate them before they know what’s going on, or kill em’ in their sleep, but that last one probably won’t work. The jest is you do not want to have to deal with the kill teams, but take note, some are housed inside the outposts. Those teams normally have Ghosts, elite Marines and Marauders, and Combat Medics. Those medics are trained to kill you by the way. And I mean, murder you but anyways, you all should be able to do this right? Right. Any questions, you can ask the intelligence department about, because this is all the intel they gave me. One more thing, you'll all be dressed as Raiders, or wear their emblem in some form or manor. Dismissed!” Details: The jest of the background of this roleplay is you are an elite team of Mercenaries. You have been a team for a while (unless you decide to be newbie to the team and/or the organization) so you should all be comfortable with one another and understand eachothers' strengths and weaknesses and tactics etc. You will be landing on the planet Euclid III, specifically in the middle of the barren half of the planet. Your team will need to destroy outposts to acquire resources, better gear and overall control of the planet. You will periodically receive Your ship is your mobile command center, if it is destroyed, the mission will be much harder, but not impossible. You will be fighting armies made on the dot so stealth is a good factor here, dodging kill teams and overall nearly constantly fighting with few days of rest in between long periods of fighting. This RP utilizes a dice system. Depending on your characters abilities, gear and the environment will depend on how many dice is rolled, the more rolled, the more chance in your favor. However, if you are a CQC expert, using a sniper rifle, expect results to not be in your favor. This system will be used primarily for environmental events and chances for loot. Only sometimes for major battles. Any questions or concerns may be asked or stated in this thread. Character Sheet: [Rper Name] Name: Appearance: (This planet is hot, also you'll be dressed as Raynor's Raiders so you need at least their emblem somewhere.) Weapons/Armor/Equipment: (for weapons please type a weapon class [DMR, Pistol, shotgun, machine gun, sub machine gun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, etc.] and melee like knife or sword) For weapons try to describe armor as light, medium ,or heavy. Abilites: Bio:Korozain106 Jun 16, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 JRB Animated Shorts??? I foresee something on the horizon, though I'll make no promises... Maybe a couple JRB based animated shorts.... hmm? I threw a little something in there for Zarkun.Duke32 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 New caster - Hairy Starcraft Check out this caster he makes replays every day and he is dedicated towards entertaining you Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Everyone gather around... It's been... a long time coming, to say the least. Most of you will probably not even remember, or even know about, the many times I've toyed around with this idea. The few who have, I can safely say that I am comfortable enough to finally go through with this. I would like to draw the 'cast' of the JoeyRays Bar community, as their most 'iconic' character. I mean this as a general guideline, a starting point, if you will. If you so choose whichever character is your favorite, then so be it. If you don't have an iconic one, or even if you just came up with one, as long as it can be, or will be implemented on these forums, it is valid to me. And I would like everybody to give me a short physical description of their characters so I'm able to actually draw them. should provide as a good idea as to the quality that this will be, and WIPs and such will most likely pop up on my tumblr, though they may be lost to an amount of other reblogging and posts, but I digress. I would like to recommend a 1 character limit, and whether or not these will be simple busts, or headshots... I have yet to determine. But I would like to call all of you to make an input. I'll try to keep an up to date list of who's completed, who's character is being drawn, etc. So yeah, comment away. ^^ LIST AS OF NOW: Naitsrich: Captain Whatshisface Troy Harvard: The sarcastic Battlecruiser captain. Battlecruiser currently, at peak operating capacity, since you're about to bring us to the ground, commander. Zarkun: Cayl: Needs a bit more detail..? Or are you all leaving me to my creative lisence? MechaGhidorah, Ghidldrah? I'm going to have trouble spelling. Anyways, Destron the Decepticon Hydralisk CrymsonRaven: The... twins? Before they were twins..? So... an... impregnated egg that has yet to split..? LeKroger: Choose something eventually. Smylez: Razagra: AKA Hybrid "No freaking clue how to draw" Annihilator. Korozain: Kain, who almost seems like one of the assassins from Dishonored. Zanon: Aximus, the Immortal with enough Terran weaponry to look like a Chromehound. Four Gauss Rifles, a pair of Goliath Missiles, and some unique plating all over... Hmm... this'll be interesting. Return, to Serve. ShadowFury: Rak'Nashal AKA the Demon: I'm envisioning something akin to the Dragon Priests in Skyrim at the moment, humanoid forms, but ghastly bodies. TheLostMorph: Kit, short for kitsune I presume, AKA the only 'furry' I've seen on the forums. Draconus: Agent Shadow, Still going for the badass cloak. Owlfeathers: Ceas, whom has a picture reference already. =u= ThaneKrios: How about... Tonya Devroy? Best of both worlds? *bricked Jester: Athazual, The Brood Mother with an obsession with Flails. KnarledOne: Kah-Oh! Mascot, AKA the cybernetic alcoholic roach. Jake: Hale Carmine, Reaper whom I'm going to give total badass Desert Camo. Yeeeeeeeah =u= HALE IS FINISHED: Nukester: Jones Commervac: Basically Mr. Badass himself. HowBabysRBrn/SlnderBurito: Anderung the Changeling.SlnderBurito130 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 Thundercrash's dimensional PRP Bar - vs. 32 Welcome back, stranger, to the Roleplay Bar Dimension. JoeyRay’s Bar is an excellent place to come to relax, to let the strain of obliterating your opponent in honorable combat drain away. I have been coming to this fine establishment for some time, and though I have enjoyed myself many times, I have noticed something lacking. Drinks! So, being the considerate man that I am, I have taken it upon myself to serve this much needed necessity. Patrons may partake from our fine range beverages, some only found here. Drink menu: A Jim Raynor -- Cheap, harsh, and served up warm in a filthy glass. A Tychus Findlay -- You’re not actually sure what it is, but you spilled a few drops and the counter is still smoking. The Zeratul -- It isn’t served to you, instead it appears from the shadows. Then, when you try to drink it, you experience weird visions and the glass disappears. Zergling “Special” -- “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal…” Firebat -- Burns goin’ down AND comin’ back up. Psi-Storm -- Hits so hard you’ll remember what happened tomorrow, yesterday. Grounds for Divorce -- Matt Horner was drinking these when he “won” a fateful card game. What He’s Having -- Kachinsky always seems to be in here, so whatever he’s having must be pretty good. Baneling Body Shot -- Are you sure this is a good idea? I’m not sure where to put the lime... A Glass of Milk -- “Whaddya mean there aren’t any cows in Koprulu? Where’d this come from then?“ The Solar Shot -- For those looking for a good time. Flame-proof clothing recommended, cuz you’ll be shining brighter than the star of Typhon. Korhalian BackStabber -- Good for the recently betrayed and left for dead. The Jail Breaker -- new from the recently opened New Folsom Prison Bar. The Bloody Medic -- kills the pain, but we still say you should have a doctor check that out. Redstone Mixer -- expensive, but I can guarantee it’ll be served in a clean and sterilized glass. Careful, that lava’s hot. The Broadcaster -- You’re not ready for the raw $ex appeal this sucker brings. A favorite of a certain ex-convict. The Hellracer -- suspension of sobriety is an integral part of any drinking experience, but this experience requires suspension of sobriety and inhibitions. The Maelstrom Shocker -- Only served here, a 40% bigger hit than standard Shockers, guaranteed. Psionic Cooler -- yes, I know it feels weird. Don’t worry, the energy coming out of your body should wear off in a couple days. I think. (insert generic letters to indicate gibberish) -- I don’t know what’s in it either, but that guy down there had one. He started screaming and thrashing for a while, and now he hasn’t gotten up off the floor in over an hour. The Judicator -- Perfect for influencing the minds of the intoxicated. Prismatic Void -- Gets better with every drink. Has been known to be lethal. Mind Shredder: perfect for those wishing to forget everything and start a new life. For anyone not wishing to do this, this drink isn’t advised. Scotty Bolgers old no. 8: the good stuff Andorian Ale: Can’t tell you how I got this, its a trade secret. Charge: Made using stim and several other ingredients. Side effects vary. Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer): If you really want to feel hammered, this is for you. Served with a side of hot lead. Enlightenment: tell me when you get there. Marine: may cause you to see the counter vanish Feedback: served cold. All those annoying voices in your head start telling you what you did wrong today. M.U.L.E.: Good buzz, but may cause a break down later. Haven Splitter: you’ll either feel warm, safe, and content, or depressed, paranoid, and possibly like injecting yourself with random serums. 50/50 shot. Ace Suicide: I don’t actually know what this does. Nor do I recommend it. Alcoholic Projector: Ever wanted to know what you’re actually like when you get totally trashed? Take a few sips of this, and all the alcohol in your system will condense into a ‘party’ version of yourself, where you are completely wasted, have no inhibitions, and are just out for a ‘little’ fun. The more you’ve drunk beforehand, the better the projection. Have fun! The HBRB: however crazy you think you are, this will make you worse. Yes, that includes you, namesake. The Noodle Incident: we all know what happens when you drink this. It needs no explanation. Little bit of everything: Exactly what it says. I’ve taken everything I’ve got, mixed it together, and put in the laser accelerator for a few hours. There’s no telling what will happen. Slicer: Has the unique property that it changes effect depending on the drinker's personality, amplifying any traits they have a good thousand times over. Buzzes in the back of your skull begin after three drinks, amplify slowly, and you randomly sprout wings after the 11th glass. The Scoutmaster: May result in the drinkee feeling experiencing high levels of Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Helpfulness, Friendliness, Courtesy, Kindness, Obedience, Cheerfulness, Thriftiness, Bravery, Cleanliness, and Reverence. Not Recommended for parties. Mar Sara Black: need a pick me up, or something for radiation poisoning? Or jut something to get a good buzz going that doesn’t break down? Then say good night, because we won’t be seeing you until the morning. The Candy Cane: Our first ever seasonal beverage. There's no candy, but you will definitely be needing a cane. The Smylez: This beverage is delicious, trust me. Drinking it will have absolutely no harmful effects on you (please ignore the green smoke), and your liver and kidneys will not be damaged in the least. Seriously. The Nukester Supreme- Don't mind the green, glowing mist coming out of the straw. Very sharp and stinging taste, very critical repercussions. Comes with a complimentary led cup. The Lightyear- This drink will take you the distance Justice Juice- Definitely not recommended for people with a... questionable history Drink accessories: pylon shards (for those that need that extra crunchy glitter) hydralisk spine umbrella (not for the more bubbly drinks) Mentos: you’ve seen that experiment with Coke? Wait till you see what happens with my stuff. Laser accelerator: Heh heh, you think you’ve had it all? Time for a little ‘randomosity’. Pylon Powered Jellybeans- A classic now made available to the public. The extra energy may make you a little skiddish. Popsicles- Served frozen. Use to get those oh-so-elusive creative juices flowing. The menu will updated every so often, so check back to see if there is anything new you might like to try. There are only two rules here: If anyone starts a bar fight I will either: throw you into the pen of Roaches I keep in the back. I feed them regularly, but you know how voracious Zerg are or personally blow your head off, and use your dead body to make new drinks (these are one of the few fates that are permanent here. I did create this place, after all) and 2: what happens in the bar, stays in the bar. So come. Drink. Enjoy. Chat with friends. Make new ones. Pick up a date [or a one night stand ;) ]. Drown your sorrows. Bi*ch about your life. For those of the literary bent, use this opportunity to get the creative juices [among other things] flowing. As long as you pay your tab, and don’t break anything, I really don’t care what you do. And the best part is: no hangovers! On an extra note: Due to the recent conflicts involving trolls, flash-mobs, and nuclear activity (pointed look at Zanon), I’ve moved the Bar to its own pocket dimension. Don’t worry, nothing has really changed, this is just for structural stability.Thundercrash499 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 Starcraft II expansion: A Cerebral Return Cinematic Name: Zerg *A voice speaks, while we view the corpse of Tychus Findley being infested by what looks like a Cerebrate. This voice sound like a cross between Daggoth, Zasz and the voice of the Tyranid Hive-Mind from warhammer 40k.* Voice: We are the swarm. The REAL swarm. *shows the Overmind's destruction.* Voice: Years ago, our master was destroyed, and our sister, Kerrigan, betrayed us. Luckily, we survived the Brood War. Daggoth, Kagg, Zargil, Nargil, five unnamed cerebrates and Myself are the only survivors of Kerrigan stupidity. *shows trillions of zerg Hive Clusters beneath the surface of Zerus.* Voice: We hid in the Darkness, feasting on nearby planets and growing our Primal Swarm is size and power... *Shows all of the planets in the Zerus system, as well as other nearby planets, being overrun and consumed by the Zerg.* Voice: Our spies infiltrated our enemies... *shows a changeling on Kerrigan's leviathan, on Korhal, and on Shakuras* Voice: And a brood on Aiur have kept watch over our dead master... *shows a Zerg Cerebrate coordinating the Zerg on Aiur.* Voice: Now, the time has come to reap what we have sown......revenge. *Shows a massive Zerg Fleet, 3 times larger than Kerrigan's entire swarm, appearing over Korhal. Because of the devastation done by Kerrigan, Korhal easily falls. Show an Infested Tychus Findly pointing a Gun at Jim Raynor.* Voice: We shall burn those who defied us... *shows Zerg invading Tarsonis.* Voice: and The Overmind shall rise again. *shows 3 Cerebrates an 500 Drones merging into the corpse of the Overmind.* Voice: For I am.. *Shows the Zerg invading Shakuras* Undermind: The Undermind. StarCraft II: A Cerebral Return Lead the Swarm. The REAL Swarm. Coming whenever Blizzard sees this and decides to make it happen. For The Overmind.TheUndermind18 Jun 1, 2014
May 24, 2014 Day Infected. IV Omega team is now relaxing in base after they sent a message to the Umojans but made it seem like a fail transmision. If you want your Character(s) to do something just check in with Kain in the CC, Charlie/David in the Civ hall, Dr. Schmitt in Labs, Scarlet in the Armory and yes Isaac who is still in the CC but you need to ping him on your PDA. Boris is also round if you want some Loyalty missions to do just look around for him in base. Current Moral 24% Current Loyalty 25% Might post character information below this bout doubtful as I am forgetful.Steelwolf499 May 24, 2014
May 24, 2014 For the Swarm This was my entry for the 2010 blizz writing contest. Description: In the darkest depths of a Zerg hive, a lone Terran Marine--captive and subjected to the horrors of infestation--battles the Hive Mind for possession of his sanity.CheezDip6 May 24, 2014
May 23, 2014 How the Zerg are better than the Tyranids Hello. I know you might think I'm a complete doofus by saying the Zerg are better than Tyranids, but hear me out. 1. Zerg have centralized control. They are commanded by the Overmind, which keeps the swarm at peak, savage efficiency. The Tyranid Hivemind is decentralized. What is to stop one Hive Fleet from attacking another? Where is the unifying will that directs and IS the hivemind itself? 2. The Tyranids just consume worlds. They literally make worlds unable to harbor life ever again. At that rate, the Tyranids would simply exhaust their food supplies, and die out. On an evolutionary standpoint, they would be genetically flawed in that way. The Zerg, however, consume all the life on a planet, but leave the oceans and atmosphere intact, allowing more life to re-grow, thereby allowing the Swarm to feed indefinitely. 3. As far as I know, Tyranids don't assimilate DNA, and just consume biomass. Zerg assimilate DNA AND Consume biomass. If I am wrong about this, please tell me. Well, there you have it. The Zerg are smarter than the Tyranids, because they don't destroy their own food supply. Also, the centralization of the Zerg Hivemind, manifested as the Overmind, ensures that the zerg remain at peak, savage efficiency, while a Hive Tyrant could take a Hive-Fleet and rebel against the Swarmlord any second now. Anyone with more Warhammer knowledge, please leave constructive criticism.TheUndermind60 May 23, 2014
May 14, 2014 Writing prompts This thread is simple. You will be given a prompt and you will attempt to complete it to the best of your writing ability. The prompt stays for one week. Once a week has passed, a new prompt will be given and the process will begin anew. In the event I do not issue a prompt, anyone is free to do so. For now, the prompts will be Starcraft related. Length at a maximum of 500 words (but can go a little longer) If you really want to write a longer piece, feel free to... You are a Dominion general in command of a fleet. Victory is at hand; the Protoss fleet is warping away. You order your fleet to follow the retreating Protoss. What happens after?Animus5 May 14, 2014
May 13, 2014 The Undermind: The Eternal Fury of The Swarm (NOTE: This topic simply explains my RP character in vivid detail, since I have incorporated this character into a RP before. If you do not want your brain to be filed with Zerg fanfic, don't read this topic. Also, I am not going to incorporate the Amon plot into this because 1) it's bull!@#$ and 2) The Undermind is not at all in the events in StarCraft 2, with 2 exceptions.) The Undermind: The Eternal Fury of The Swarm It all began on Zerus. After The Overmind assimilated the Xel'Naga, and before they departed their homeworld, The Overmind collected the primal essences from every Essence Pool, even the First Spawning Pool, and packed all of those essences within a Chrysalis. The Overmind believed that, after 1000 years of growth and evolution, the chrysalis would hatch, unleashing a Supreme Being that would benefit the Swarm in battle. As the Zerg consumed more and more species in their interstellar rampage, The Overmind added these genomes to the Chrysalis. Rather than assign a Cerebrate to watch over it's prize, The Overmind decided that it would watch over the Chrysalis itself. The Chrysalis continued to grow, and it finally hatched during a conflict known as the Swarm War (the basic rundown: 3 Xel'Naga survived the Overmind's attack, and decided to make a second Overmind with it's own swarm, giving it a primary directive to destroy the Zerg and peacefully merge with the Protoss, rather than assimilate.) The Undermind helped the Zerg destroy the False Overmind of the Xel'Naga Swarm, thus assimilating the second swarm into the original one. The Undermind was given 3 primary directives: to evolve the Swarm, to ensure the Survival of the Zerg species, and to assimilate the Protoss. The Undermind had the ability to instantly morph into and Zerg unit or structure, like a changeling. It's preffered form was that of a Defiler, and it was The Undermind who invented the Defiler strain in the first place. At first, The Undermind resided within the depths of the Tiamat Brood, but it soon created it's own Brood. The Plague Brood had 2 primary directives: to evolve the Swarm and to produce more warriors. It would harvest as many resources as possible, spend all of them on units and upgrades, and then it would distribute the produced warriors evenly to all the other broods. Because it was made to provide reinforcement, the Plague Brood was more of an Industrial Brood than a Combat one. The Undermind constantly worked to further evolve the defiler strain, believing it's bio-plagues to be the most powerful weapon in the Swarm's arsenal. Though it was not like the other Cerebrates, The Undermind had the same power and intelligence of the Cerebrates, probably even more. The Overmind described the Undermind's strain as a Metamorph, a unique Zerg that could guide it's own evolution. When the Zerg arrived in the Koprulu Sector, The Undermind led the zerg invasion of Tarsones, and personally slaughtered the Confederate Council. The Undermind then continued to serve it's part in the Swarm, and was even re-born with the energies of the mythical Argus Stone. (see Starcraft: Retribution) The Undermind was the Cerebrate you play as for the last 2 missions of the Zerg Campaign, because the Cerebrate you played as in the rest of the campaign is with Kerrigan on Char during the Fall of Aiur. The Undermind then oversaw the manifestation of the Overmind, and then set out to assimilate the protoss. The Overmind was made manifest so that it could digest the biomass of the Protoss that fell on Aiur. This would make the Assimilation process easier. Though the Undermind did what it could to defend it's Master, Tassadar succeeded in destroying the Overmind. The Undermind was lost without it's father, and thus sided with Daggoth and the other Cerebrates, which Kerrigan called renegades for some reason. (she is the renegade who rebelled against the Cerebrates, not the other way around.) The Undermind believed that if Kerrigan succeeded to control the Zerg, then the Swarm would be doomed to extinction (he thought little of Kerrigan, believing her a "Stupid, filthy Human.") Unfortunately for The Undermind, his efforts were in vain. The UED invaded, and The Undermind's brethren were defeated. The Undermind himself is actually the last Cerebrate defending the New Overmind from the UED in the mission "to chain the beast." The Undermind then thought of a cunning plan. It disguised itself as just another Cerebrate, and pretended to be Kerrigan's pawn. The Cerebrate you play as in the Zerg campaign of the Brood War is The Undermind. During the interbellum, the four years of silence from the Zerg, Kerrigan ordered the extermination of the remaining Cerebrates under her command, but soon realized that they, and their Broods, had vanished without a sound. She was then contacted by The Undermind, but was unnable to locate the origin of the signal. The following is the conversation they had. This conversation is shown in the Zerg briefing room from SC1, and The Undermind is portrayed with a Defiler portrait. Undermind: Hello, Kerrigan. Kerrigan: What? who are you? Undermind: I go by many names, little girl. You may best know me as the Cerebrate who "served" you during the Brood War. By the way, I will give you some credit. Your cunning was greater than what I thought you humans were capable of. But, I have been dying to tell you that your efforts to rule the swarm are futile. Kerrigan: I see. And how do you expect to stay alive without an Overmind? Undermind: You humans are so simple-minded and predictable. The Zerg adapt, The Zerg thrive. Like I said, your efforts are futile. One day you will be what you were born to be. The Overmind's little %^-*!. Kerrigan: And what is to stop me from finding you? Undermind: I have taken the majority of the Swarm from you. Even if you find us, you would be easily overcome by us. You don't seem to understand the situation your in right now. We will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Terrans, or the Protoss or anyone! We will revive the Overmind, and we will complete the Grand Experiment by assimilating the Protoss. You may search every nook and corner of the Koprulu Sector for even the slightest glimmer of our presence, it will do you no good. For I have seeded the Swarm on many, many worlds. You will not find a single one before we are ready. And when we are, we shall reap what we have sown......revenge. *End of Briefing* Since then, The Undermind has renamed his Plague Brood the Zerus Brood, and has named his Swarm the Primal Swarm. His Cerebrate brethren all pledge allegiance to him, and they are helping him consume and plunder new worlds in preparation for their return. Their swarm was in fact viewed on Aiur and on Haven. The Zerg than infested Haven's colonies were commanded by a Cerebrate, and all the Zerg on aiur are commanded by a large group of Overlords, which keep a constant psychic link with the Undermind himself. The Undermind has a spy among Kerrigan's Swarm: Abathur. The Undermind himself was the Giant Queen you fight in the WOL mission "Belly of the Beast", spawning an army to seemingly support Kerrigan, but to later overthrow her. However, his plans were foiled and he was temporarily slain by Jim Raynor. during and after the events of HOTS, the Underminds swarm is about 3 times larger than kerrigan's, and by far is more efficient and effective in combat. It is only a matter of time before the Primal Swarm returns to the Koprulu Sector. And because of the damage Kerrigan has done during HOTS. Korhal is vulnerable to attack, and would be a prime target.TheUndermind4 May 13, 2014
May 12, 2014 WOLF's Head Commando RP(WHC RP) You are one of a new group of 'Pups', as the recruits are called, for the WOLF's Head Commando's. You've spent the last three weeks aboard the Battlecruiser Defiance a Hurricane-class variant Battlecruiser. Three good square meals a day, none of those old MRE's, and decent camping arrangements in the main hangar and cargo hold of the Cruiser. There was a decent parade field in the middle of the hold that you have spent countless hours on learning military drill and basic squad maneuvers. Basic hand to hand and CQC has also been taught. Sometimes the M3A5 Courier and the Apollo would be brought out and groups would be shown basic operation and maintenance of the two vehicles. The field would also be modified to provide various terrain for 'laser tag' exercises where participants were given modified CMC Light suits and modified versions of the WHC standard weapons. Out the port side hangar door you can see the Romulus and out the starboard the Remus is visible. Both are Behemoth-class Battlecruisers and positioned slightly behind the Defiance. Ahead of the three ships is a small blue-green world with a space platform and two more battlecruisers in orbit. The three battlecruisers proceed to the station and dock in a large open hangar. from there you are directed to a Sergeant. you don't know most if any of the other people that come to the Sergeant(PC's. will let you lot decide who knows who). He is wearing a WarWOLF suit with the helmet off and clipped to his waist as he reads from a data pad calling off your names to make sure you're all there. "Alright everyone load up on the Hermes." He says gesturing to the dropship behind him. You all file into the dropship and stow your duffle bags before taking a seat. The sergeant walks to the front of the ship and turns to check that everyone is strapped in. After everyone is strapped in, he bangs on the door to the cockpit with an armored fist. As the ramp closes a woman in full ShadowWOLF armor runs up and onto the dropship. "Sorry I'm hitching a ride." She says with a soft but experienced voice as she removes her helmet to reveal a cute but scared face with shoulder length orange-red hair. The sergeant only nods to the woman before addressing the rest of you. "That was Neema Station. You'll probably end up going there for the majority of your R&R. Of course your CO might also authorize a group sojourn to Dominion or Umojan space for some leave. Next stop is Olympus Base and then off to the firebase your squad is stationed at." He says over the growl of the dropships engines as it lifts off and exits the hangar heading down to the planet below. ShadowWolves are not a part of this intro due to their extensive training. Any ShadowWOLF characters will be waiting at Olympus Base for the rest of the group to arrive. I'm restricting the number of ShadowWOLF characters to one per squad. so if we have 7 other characters that means one ShadowWOLF. 12-16 characters will mean 2 ShadowWOLF characters(They count as part of the 12-16 total characters). I would like at least 8 characters and 4 RPer's for a nice sized squad. Available races are Terran, Protoss and Mozan. I may allow some other humanoid custom races but I would need a good reason for why/how they are a part of the WOLF's Head Commandos. Also please keep it to mostly Terran Characters if possible please. Except for some fatigues, jumpsuits and the standard pistol you do NOT have any of the gear for your class yet. you will be issued it at Fire Base ColdHarbor. which is where your squad will be based out of. Most of what you have with you is anything you brought with you from home. Link to PRP: May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 Oh, Fantasy... I'm on to your little game. I know you're still watching, and I should warn you: the Brotherhood is not pleased. Knowledge is vanishing. Things that were once concrete history are ceasing to exist. Time itself is beginning to be wound in knots of Gordian proportions. They blame you. Tread carefully, and read page 1, post number 8. I don't know how you knew I'd figure it out, but I'm on your side... for the moment. Trust no one.KnarledOne22 May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 Looking for friends/help Hey with summer coming along i need some friends to play with because none of my RL friends play SC2. I'm looking for some friends too play with. The last time i played was 3 months ago. I'm willing to learn the game soon enough. My id is Modrez #730Modrez4 May 12, 2014
May 11, 2014 Name of Song? Can someone please tell me the name of the song that plays when you begin the custom game Penguin Warz. This is a youtube link to the song in the game Me and my friends want to know the name out of curiosity and it's killing us now. Also, I don't know if this is the right place to post this but this is the off topic forum, I think, so I think it's alright?Scalifs1 May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014 Zerg Overmind meets Tyranid Hivemind What would happen if, by chance and/or coincidence, the Zerg Overmind gained a psychic connection with the Tyranid Hivemind? Would they A. Talk about the most effective way to consume worlds and assimilate species B. Go to war, considering that there can only be one Hivemind or C. merge their 2 species into an even greater, more terrifying swarm.TheUndermind4 May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014 In Memoriam to the Fallen This article is to honour those heroes who perished in the battlefield of the StarCraft universe, those, considered by us as the foundations of the StarCraft lore. I will mention few details about every one, for the greatest ones do not need big biographies, their deeds made them well known. Feel free to come here and add details or more notable heroes. Make your visit noticeable, young prodigal! (in no particular order) Protoss Heroes Fenix Male protoss, aged 397 Rank: Templar Duty: Praetor of the Protoss Defence Forces He is by far the most lamented death in the history of StarCraft warfare. Killed by the Queen of Blades in very coward way. His last stand hechoed through the stars, because after barely survived a one sided confrontation with the Swarm, he honoured his name and returned - from the ashes of a certain death - to front line combat inside the cold body of a Dragoon. The consequences of his death, are today felt. Aldaris Male protoss, aged 740 Rank: Judicator Duty: Advisor to Koprulu Expeditionary Force Not so loved by his followers nor by the Khala warriors, because his thought having basis in "the end justifies the means". He was really capable of sacrificing even his sons in order to defend the protoss community and Aiur, we was no Zealot but the motto "My life for Aiur" fitted more to him than to them. Killed by the Queen of Blades outside the bounds of combat. A disgrace for a protoss. Tassadar Male protoss, aged 356 Rank: High Templar Duty: Former Executor of the Koprulu Expedition (You replace him) More humane than the humans. He valued protoss and terran lives alike, and for that was demoted from his post. He is the only one in this list who willingly sacrificed himself to win the battle against the Overmind, and for that, his status is neither dead nor alive but eternal, because he is remembered for all people in the Koprulu sector. He dwarves even the omnipresent figure of Adun, for the new salute for the protoss in the military is "En Taro Tassadar" after him. Raszagal Female protoss, aged 1045 Rank: Dark templar Duty: Matriarch of the Dark Templar tribes in Shakuras She is the only one here, killed by an ally rather than foes. But that was in very unussual way: After being corrupted by the Queen of Blades, Zeratul knew by protoss designs that her only salvation was purification by fire or being killed with the Warp Blades of their kin. Thus is how Zeratul ended her, much to his irritation. She is the first protoss female known by the terran, and she revealed that protoss - like humans - are mamals (Despite the fact they lack of any mouth at sight, due to this inconsistencies, protoss, are prooven to be a mistery) Terran Heroes Edmund Duke Male terran, age 53 Rank: General Duties: Former Confederate General, Supreme Commander of Dominion Armed Forces He is not liked nor remembered by any other than the Dominion military. But, he was feared and admired by both friend and foe, his whole life style was "not a step back" and his modus operandi in battle more often was frontal assault rather than sneaky operations: Due to his gargantuan spaceship - Norad II - was not likely to sneak up to nothing, she made up this handicap for destroying anything standing in her way. Gerard DuGalle Male terran, aged 64 Rank: Admiral Duty: Admiral of the UED's expeditionary force, and Mengsk warden This man didn't need medals, ribbons or gallons to show off, his mere presence was enough. The only one in this list who took his own life, rather than being killed in combat. He was the only one capable to stop the Queen of Blades, and after being defeated by her in most terrible way, he simply didn't resist the pressure that that meant: after writting a letter to his wife, he shot himself. Marshall Alexei Stukov Male terran, aged 52 Rank: Vice Admiral Duty: Second in command to DuGaulle Also the best friend of the former, in a universe where the word "friendship" lacked almost totally of value. A battle in the brink of collapse, could only be reverted by putting this man in charge. With characteristic energy, he inspired his men to went through many dire situations. He was also the only one in the UED's fleet with the right to say "Negative" to orders coming from DuGalle himself. He was constantly compared to DuGalle, and this was a compliment to him. Billions of people consider him a saviour, because he used a weapon of the ill-famed Confederacy against the Swarm with huge success. But this was discovered after his assassination under the hands of a Confederacy turncoat named Samir Duran*. There are rumours indicating that his essence was took from his corpse (Launched in a coffin from the RSS Alexander) and used to revive him under zerg standards. *He later join the ranks of the Swarm; today, his whereabouts remains a mistery.Krieger6 May 11, 2014
May 10, 2014 StarCore PRP -Each person is their own mech pilot. -Each mech is fully customizable, and parts would be based off of those from SCII units. -Each pilot belongs to a faction/corporation. I want a good number of these, possibly six. >Mobius: Specialize in Energy weaponry and efficiency. Mechs belonging to this company would have prolonged flight capabilities and enhanced energy weapon usage. Missions would generally include working alongside the Dominion and scientific research. > Umojans: Good balanced mech types, favoring Armor over Agility. They have very good short-range weapons, ranging from short range explosives to energy swords and titanium shields. > Dominion: Provide heavy, bulky, armored mechs. Large and intimidating, these guys will screw you over if you get within firing range. Slow as hell though, mainly rely on using their power to their advantage. Mainly use bazookas and missiles. > Spectres: The Mercenary class of the group, they were hired out by the Umojans to lend a hand. This doesn't mean that they won't fight for others if they can offer a better price. The main exporter of Snipers and all other kinds of highly accurate weaponry. Lightly Armored Mechs, but high damage and high range. >Raynor's Raiders: No one is really sure how they got involved in this, but they are a force to be reckoned with. Lacking expertise in mechs, they made up for it with ingenuity and a good deal of spying. The jack-at-all-trades, they do not have the infrastructure needed to support mech weaponry. Hence, weapons received for the Raiders will be stolen from others and gained through missions. This comes at the tradeoff of being extremely versatile in weapon choice. -Parts would be unlocked from other factions as you progressed through the story, on basis of affiliations from other companies. For the independent factions (Raiders) parts would come in from all but total enemies (Dominion for Raiders) and would be in lesser quantities. -Currency would be given for completion of a mission, and funds will be distributed equally, although total costs for repairs and ammunition would be deducted automatically. The drill instructor paces in front of you and your comrades. Today is the big day, you are getting your CORE mechs. “Understand this. You have been chosen by your government to preform missions that conventional methods of warfare will not work with. In the situations where they would work, the costs would exceed the operational gains.” He doesn’t shout, but his low, powerful voice carries to all corners of the room. “That is where you come in. You are a CORE pilot. These are advanced warfare robotics controlled by a single Terran within. You have completed your simulator training, and your mech is being assembled as we speak. You will be given a selection of weapons to choose from and, if you have another mech pilot you know in your faction, coordinate your weapons choices. No use rushing off to battle with the same weapon.” He stops, turns and begins walking down the line again. “After you receive your mechs and weapons, your C.O. will brief you on your first deployment. Proceed to enter your personal data into the terminals over there in the following format:” Application- Name: Faction: Mech Name: Appearance: (MUST BE HUMAN) Age: Weapons on hand: Ties to other factions: (This is something where, even though one is affiliated with one faction, they can get missions/parts from a single other faction) Backstory: Fighting Style: DO NOT PICK YOUR MECH WEAPONS! You will be provided with a list.Zarkun32 May 10, 2014
May 9, 2014 Horrible Joke So, a Thor walked into a bar. Needless to say, the bar collapsed and the Terrans inside died.Keifer15 May 9, 2014
May 7, 2014 redemption chapters 1 to 3 this will never be cannon but fan fics allow to be vote for some thing and try out new ideas and see how community likes it four mouths as pass since heart of the swarm. chapter 1 rejection. "Your coming has been foretold... You are part of the culmination. But not the end of it. You shall show the way, the path that must be taken, the realigning of old truths no longer valid. Yours is not the hand, but your very existence provides necessary instruction." leviathan left char prepare to go a long trip for looking for amon. as soon they entered terran space. A small bug like creature came close Sarah and said" you may look like the queen blades but your heart is terran. We zerg seek perfection. All races will be under our control and they will know that we are the perfect species in universe. Yet you let the terran live in freedom. You and the Primal zerg disgrace us. We zerg follow Amon for his heart is zerg." Sarah said" Amon seek to destroy the zerg. How can his heart be zerg? He not even zerg. Why are even talking like that to me for I am the queen of blades" the bug said" Amon seek to conquer all life. That is in line with the zerg want. We dethrone leaders before when they showed weakness. If Amon destroyed us then we deserved it, because the zerg were less than perfect.You have shown weakness to us therefore you most be dethrone" Then explosions happen all over the leviathan. Sarah ran to a sac which like a ecspace pod. She was able get in and it lunched but it was badly damaged. the organs that control navigation were damaged. the sac crashed landed hard on a moon. Sarah original plan to meet up with the hyperion. It was one of the things that Amon over looked believing that sarah cut all ties with terrans. How ever Amon knew that Sarah was soft on the terrans. He use to this to his advantage gain loyalty of the brood mothers. He also knew he must terminate sarah before she became what she meant to be. The hyperion found the debris field. Matt Horner said" what happen here?" Jim said" Amon. Sarah was so naive about zerg core nature. I can't blame her for she is willing block out all memories from what happen in brood war. She said to me don't worry jim the zerg will not turn on me, for I am queen of blades and no zerg has defeated the queen of blades. I keep telling her she was wrong. right here is why I wanted joint operations if anything went south I'll right here to save her. You know if she dies we are all going to be dead." Matt said" I do not get it jim" I'm said" With what I learned form protoss, that queen of blades felt that over mind was full of fear and weak and need to taken out. how ever the protoss kill the first before she was able to kill first one. Sarah block all that stuff out about the brood war and it only comes back to her in form of nightmares. With the Zerg it survival of the fittest and only there leader is the fittest. A race like that no leader is going rule the swarm forever. The swarm has mind of it own. I know because I fought the swarm." Matt said"well I just believe that leader controls totally." Jim said" in way. Amon birth the swarm zerg. They are his creation and as a result have his evil desires. I learn this form various protoss. I wanted to know what I was up against. the queen of blades created brood mothers which she could only control by being stronger than them. There fore, she was not in compete control. it why the Cerebrate existed but only the over mind could have full control of them. So the queen of blades kill them all." Matt said" you know more than I. I found a blood trail and following it. the hyperion follow the blood trail until it reach a small moon. Matt said"it ends on that small moon." Jim said" going down there. Sarah is there." Matt said" very well" Jim landed on the small moon and was in his armor. He found crash site. He found Sarah bad wounded to point were she was unrecognizable. he brought her back to the ship. chapter 2 recovery. Sarah awoke and found her self in something like hibernation chamber. the chamber door opened. Ariel Hanson greeted her "Well this first time I seen you in person. you took quite a beating even for zerran. well if want to know what zerran stands for, it stand for zerg/human hybrid. You help make the name happen by giving some your dna to me, so I could make a cure. Well, I could only could come up with a half cure. By the way you very low on blood. There was zerran on broad so use her blood. once blood transfusion was done you started undergo metaphoric changes that most infested terrans go through when they are being deinfested. you bio heels are now gone. you skin color is more human color, compared to most zerrans. your eyes back to green. your hand back to normal. you still have your wings. Your armor on your arms and legs. your hair still zergish. This topical what is left over when terran is deinfested from the hybridization virus. I think the zerran blood has some of the virus in it. I was rushing to get it in to you, that I forgot to check. Your in a hospital gown. I had to cut holes for your wings. I got some shorts and special shirt that easier to put on than regular shirt because of your wings." Sarah said" well this twice in row but this time it because you save my life. I did not expect that Amon would come after me but he did. I never ever expect that he would turn the swarm against me. I still dazed form what happen. I am sorry what I done to your people before I was deinfested. I had nightmares of what I did in the past. I guess that way zerg rejected me because I had guilt. when I got my revenge the rage left me. Now fill with regret. too many have died by my hands. " Ariel Said" well over time I have forgiven you. You help me develop a semi cure by giving that dna sample to me. It not to late to redeem your self." Sarah said" everyone want me defeat Amon. I though if became queen of blades again had full control of swarm I could defeat amon and save everyone. Now that Amon has turn the swarm against me I not a clue of how I going to defeat amon." chapter 3 the wings of liberty Sarah went to the hyperion Cantina. She said" can I get beer." The bar tender said" sorry but Ariel made it clear that zerrans should not have alcohol because we not sure how effect them." Sarah said" Very well coffee." the bar tender said" come right up." Sarah sit at a table. Jim came a sat near her. Sarah said" I do not even want to hear jim. I know you told me so. It one of the things I never expected to happen. I would think it was a bad dream if I have not seen weird things happen already. I guess I miss the warning signs. I made the brood mothers follow who was the strongest which was mistake. A little bug told me my heart is not zerg. It so weird but it is right. I not same before. I can never go back to bing fully the queen of blades. the queen of blades is my alter ego. how ever I was playing the role when I became the primal queen. how ever more though about the character more I though good and evil and more got detach form character. The zerg were wondering why did not want to infest terran race so have more psionic units. I said that just be wrong thing to do. they then said why. I said it just unethical to do so and my zerg advisors look puzzled. Then they look at me if i not one them. they will not say it nor could I read there thoughts but it was clear through there body language to me what they were thinking. The queen of blades had logical reason for the four year peace. Sarah had ethic reason which the zerg can not understand. To them they have only one moral rule which survival of the fittest. With out the swarm in the control I can not defeat amon and be the savior you want me to be." Jim said" despite your mistakes. You have united the terran race. The dominion is now a Constitutional monarchy with elected legislative branch. Of course Valerian Mengsk is head of the executive branch. There now freedom in the dominion. You are the wings of liberty. Maybe you are to save the terran race form extinction. I think maybe you can lead your own division. It be special force made up zerrans. I call this division the blade division. " Sarah said" You saying I am the wings of liberty. Well that nicest thing anyone has said to me in long wile. I guess I give this idea a try." Jim said" Good Because we do not have much time. It will not be long before Amon get the third over mind up and running." Sarah said" Jim I think I was hybrid or zerran, ever since you deinfested me. " Jim said" Well what all Ariel talk about zerrans to me. Yes not too long ago I realized that myself. It explains the zerg hair."spark0 May 7, 2014
May 6, 2014 Arcord Industries Business Storefront ... Welcome to the new Arcord Industries Storefront. Do not expect to keep any unusual weapons you bring in here. We have a variety of wares we sell here, at a... Uh.. Moderate Price. Please try not to set off the weapons, explosives, or open the door near the back. Everyone knows there is pounding. Don't worry about it... A set of rules are in place to ensure there are no mishaps, events, or otherwise... -Don't touch the weapons, explosives, or anything else you have no interest in purchasing. -No rocks are allowed in the Glass Artifice Room. -DO NOT OPEN THE BACK DOOR. -The Observatory is specifically for finding insignificant planets to destroy. -Please refrain from excessive violence, not because we don't encourage it, we just don't want to lose products. -No outside food, drinks, explosives, non-lethal weapons, lesser lethal weapons, gadgets, useful things, Quest Items, useless things, kittens, Carbot Grenades, Holy Hand Grenades, Lag Grenades, Energy-Based Weaponry, Plasma-Based Weaponry... That's pretty much it. Your bill here will go on your Tab. (Studies have shown no one ever pays those anyway). Enjoy...xer77 May 6, 2014
May 6, 2014 Darkest Heart Redux A single man stood outside the darkened windows of the old asylum, his hands in his duster, a deep and faded brown, with an old, black warlock's hat resting on his head, the brim pulled low to hide his face and single sword strapped across his back. Rumor had it that a Necromancer and a Vampire had taken up residence in the old building and between the two, the town would soon see more Undead and Nightwalkers than had ever been in the same place at one time. Of course, the two, who had worked together to secure ownership of the supposedly haunted building, now tore at each other, their forces turning the halls into a battle ground. ... Now the man stood outside the building and waited for the nightly blood shed to begin, listening to moans of the Zombies and Ghouls and then the replying shrieks and growls of the Vampires. Even as he stood there, he could feel the spirits cowering in the places they had determined the safest and the taint of Dark Magic. Grimacing under his brim, he started walking towards the door. Deus misereátur.Zarkun499 May 6, 2014
May 5, 2014 Fenix In Starcraft 1 Fenix supposidly stayed behind on I think it was auir to defend the Warp Gates so the Zerg couldnt get it, where he would be thought dead. But he also had a huge army of Protoss to back him up, and suppose, some how the Protoss (who are very stong against zerg units) over came the Zerg army that was only about twice the size of the Protoss army. The Warp Gates are closed, most of your army is dead, you may even be the only surviver, you have no contact with anyone, what now? Post your comments about what you would do now that you have beaten off the Zerg army trying to enter the Warp Gates. Remmember you are most likely the only good old fashioned dragoon still left.MrGiggles11 May 5, 2014
May 3, 2014 CHAR: Military Outpost D9 Made Fan-Fiction. Part of experiment on human behavior. SUMMARY: Group of marines assigned to Char Outpost D9 to aid in the attack on Char at the end of WoL. The whole thing will teach those marines friendship, death, and life. Outpost D9 will be their home. The story currently has not evolved beyond introducing D9 and a bit of the characters. Planning to write one chapter a week, maybe every three days. Oh..back to Abathur mode... Two first chapters, up. Read and enjoy. Post feedback here. Organism Abathur willing to improve English skills.Abathur4 May 3, 2014
May 2, 2014 Question of the Day? This is Day 2 of the "Question of the Day?", where I will test your knowledge of certain words of the English language. In Context: "I just finished my training at the Terran Barracks of becoming an official marine. War was upon us with Zerg at our doorstep. I was part of the distraction of the huge plan. I hopped onto the medivac, shaking in anticipation. My crew was at the drop off point where the goal was to pick off the Hive and pull back the Zerg forces; therefore, buying us time. I made the first jump and injected a stimpack. The Hive was being destroyed, but the Zerg weren't coming back. Zerg went for the base race and we were in a multiple 'crisis'." "Crisis" is not the correct plural form used in this sentence. So that leads to the "Question of the Day?" What is the Plural form of the word, "Crisis"? P.S. I know my grammar is not the best in the paragraph above, I just needed to relate it to StarCraft for Doncroft's sake. :P No cheating and give it your best guess! :DConArdist6 May 2, 2014
Apr 30, 2014 Looking for friends to practice with Hi everyone. I've been playing Starcraft for a few years now, nothing serious, just goofing around. I want to actually get better now, but none of my RL friends are interested in Starcraft. So I'm looking for new friends to play practice games with me, help me get better, or just goof around if we want. I'm probably bronze level, I'm that bad. lol. I welcome players of all leagues :) I'm Ribellefuoco.536 if anyone wants to join meRibelleFuoco3 Apr 30, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 Quote of the Day II HURRAY! We have reached page 2 of quote of the day. Congratulations everybody and good job!Maverick2 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 Kay-Oh! Inc. HQ (Local) Greetings, and welcome to our arrogant abode. This is our local office, which we are going to be using to recruit people from this universe and the surrounding ones. Some important notes are below. 1. Please refrain from bringing any of the following items into the office area: -Untested weapons prototypes. -Corpses. -Potentially illegal narcotics. -Any form of music generating device other than violins. -Violins, unless you have a certified "can play a violin" certificate. 2. All mercenaries, please see the receptionist. You will be asked to wait in the lobby until a representative is available to brief you. 3. The piano has already been sold. 4. If you're here about the pocket fusion generator, please talk to the receptionist. A representative will be along shortly to offer you your choice of a refund or extensive detoxification session.KnarledOne499 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 The Dark One -Father, why space marines still carry a combat knife in their loadout? I cannot imagine neither me stabing a zergling - the weakest zerg of all - nor a more useless weapon. -Very simply, to cut their necks when they are doomed. (A famous dialogue used to instruct military men) Isaura was waking her way down the isolated roads of the Backwater Station, where a famous battle took place years ago. A place, famous for being the first place the xenomorphs known as "zerg" where first seen. In fact, the very first name they received was "zurg"; for unknown reasons their official name became zerg, as we all known them now-a-days. She was waking in swift pace, for obvious reasons, it was the last day she had to pay the taxes of her house. Should she arrive late at the bank, an ammount of credits will be added to the fee. Her family was in no mood of loosing money, as one could imagine. She glimpsed the moonrise and she knew what it meant, even if she runned all the distance, she never made it in time, so she had only one option: to take the shortcut crossing the cemetery, a way though in a straight line avoided by her neighbours. In the town of Isaura, almost all people were believers, it was said the wraiths of the dead (not the sort of Dominion spaceships, but the spirit of dead people in the form of walking souls, who had scores to settle in their previous lives ) in battle still wandered the cemetery, and their presence was even stronger at night. But she had no other option, she resolved to walk head on, no mather what. When she was at 100 metres of the gates if the cemetery, her fear grow, to the point of hinder her own actions, but suddenly she saw a man approaching the gates and she felt relaxed, all of a sudden - for pun's sake - she rushed to him and asked -Please sir, would you join me in my walk across the cemetery? it is very difficult to a girl of my age to admit I am afraid of wraiths, but in need to reach the bank in time -Of course my dear, I shall gladly accompany you -Oh many thanks good sir. When they were walking, a profound silence drop upon them, so she tried an icebreaker to start a conversation. -Sir, let me ask you something odd, in the context of our not less odd meeting are you not afraid of wraiths? -Not anymore, I was scared of them once, but that was years ago. To be precise, when I was living.Krieger4 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 Quote of the day See if you can place a quote every day.Granger499 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 24, 2014 Day I Night of the third day Currently the Team is still in the Dominion Com Relay Station battleing hords of infescted while other teams try to stop a reactor from blowing up. Note any new players are welcome to join. Will post char stuff down here.Steelwolf499 Apr 24, 2014
Apr 24, 2014 Crew Roster (LVH) Application format: <Participant Name> Character’s Name: ___________(Every character needs a name!) Characteristics:_____________(Put appearance, personality and, if desired, age here.) Role:__________(Your char’s job aboard the team’s battlecruiser. Each RPer can make one char with a Major Role and as many as they like with a Minor Role. Roles are listed below.) Attributes:_____________(Listed below.) Backstory (pre-interbellum):____________(Where on Earth is your char from? What did he do during the Brood War? This part is optional.) Backstory(post-interbellum):_____________(NOT optional. What has your char been doing these last years?) Major Roles: Chief Engineer - taken. The chief engineer is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and operation of the ship. He works primarily in the ship’s engineering bay. He directs the ship’s engineers in repairing the craft, manages power allocation, and can make improvements to the ship at certain points. There can be only one Chief Engineer. Science Officer - one taken. Think Stettman. Analyzes aliens, performs experiments, and sometimes unlocks valuable new tech for the ship. There can be two Science Officers. Weapons Master - taken. This individual manages the ship’s supply of weaponry, vehicles, mechs, etc. He sometimes can unlock new weapons systems. The items he manages are primarily used for excursions onto planets or “other such things.” Only one Weapons Master is allowed. Navigator - taken. Steers the ship. Extraordinarily important, but there isn’t really much to say. Only one is allowed. Head of Security - taken. Manages everything to do with security aboard the ship. Keeps everyone in line, puts people in the brig, and defends the ship if necessary. Also may lead offensive excursions. Only one allowed. Minor Roles. Engineer. Answers to the Chief Engineer. Skilled with repairs, innovation, and basically anything involving a wrench. If the Chief Engineer dies, an Engineer will have to take his place. Pilot. Controls a small craft such as a Wraith or dropship. May have to take the Navigator’s place in an emergency. Marine. Well… a Marine. May operate a Goliath or other ground vehicle. Answers to the Head of Security, and may be promoted to that office of the old Head is incapacitated. Quartermaster - taken. Catalogues and manages ship supplies such as food and sometimes ammo. Only one permitted. Medical Officer. Keeps people alive. May accompany ground excursions as a medic. Attributes: Psychic. Has psionics equivalent to those of a ghost, and the accompanying training. Few UED psychics have escaped Terran eyes, so only one Psychic per player is allowed. Expert. Very talented at his job. One per player. Dumb luck. These characters aren’t very skilled, but are strangely good at surviving. You can have an additional Expert if one of your chars has this. One per player. I'll post a list of all chars here. Down below will be all char profiles. Officers: <KnarledOne> Ian Aspen, Captain. Dale Kerns, ???. E. Malcolm Carter, Science Officer. <SpacePirate> James Watkins, First Officer - <Jester> Michael Harvard Jackson, Chief Engineer - <Naitsrich> Christopher Wamer, Navigator - <TheLostMorph> Jacob Isaac Moore, Weapons Master - <Zarkun> Joseph Cronus, Flight Chief - <LeKroger> Daniel Flint, Head of Security - <CrymsonRaven> Kiki Vena, Chief Medical Officer - <Animus> Barry Valentine, Science Officer - Engineers: <Naitsrich> Rodrick Vandelas - <ShadowFury> Dilan Kalen Bonsel - <Aaronlev> Sam Roos - Medical Staff: <ShadowFury> Kelly Diana Beller - <SpacePirate> Sarah Wood - Military: <Jester> Kelly Scott Icarus, Pilot - <ShadowFury> Ivan Henry Volkov, Marine - <SpacePirate> Sasha Wood, Pilot - Natasha Kale, Marine - Kevin Peters, Pilot - <TheLostMorph> Stellara Pierce, Pilot/Marine - Kor Morin, Marine - <KnarledOne> A lot of random NPCs - Quartermaster: <Naitsrich> Jamie Rundran - Apr 24, 2014
Apr 24, 2014 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 31) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 30)Zanon499 Apr 24, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 Songs in real game1 SC2 movie Hey guys! New fan movie about our favourite game SC2. Pls leave youre comments it's very important for me. Thanks! Apr 22, 2014
Apr 17, 2014 WOLF's Head Commando PRP You are one of a new group of 'Pups', as the recruits are called, for the WOLF's Head Commando's. You've spent the last three weeks aboard the Battlecruiser Defiance a Hurricane-class variant Battlecruiser. Three good square meals a day, none of those old MRE's, and decent camping arrangements in the main hangar and cargo hold of the Cruiser. There was a decent parade field in the middle of the hold that you have spent countless hours on learning military drill and basic squad maneuvers. Basic hand to hand and CQC has also been taught. Sometimes the M3A5 Courier and the Apollo would be brought out and groups would be shown basic operation and maintenance of the two vehicles. The field would also be modified to provide various terrain for 'laser tag' exercises where participants were given modified CMC Light suits and modified versions of the WHC standard weapons. Out the port side hangar door you can see the Romulus and out the starboard the Remus is visible. Both are Behemoth-class Battlecruisers and positioned slightly behind the Defiance. Ahead of the three ships is a small blue-green world with a space platform and two more battlecruisers in orbit. The three battlecruisers proceed to the station and dock in a large open hangar. from there you are directed to a Sergeant. you don't know most if any of the other people that come to the Sergeant(PC's. will let you lot decide who knows who). He is wearing a WarWOLF suit with the helmet off and clipped to his waist as he reads from a data pad calling off your names to make sure you're all there. "Alright everyone load up on the Hermes." He says gesturing to the dropship behind him. You all file into the dropship and stow your duffle bags before taking a seat. The sergeant walks to the front of the ship and turns to check that everyone is strapped in. After everyone is strapped in, he bangs on the door to the cockpit with an armored fist. As the ramp closes a woman in full ShadowWOLF armor runs up and onto the dropship. "Sorry I'm hitching a ride." She says with a soft but experienced voice as she removes her helmet to reveal a cute but scared face with shoulder length orange-red hair. The sergeant only nods to the woman before addressing the rest of you. "That was Neema Station. You'll probably end up going there for the majority of your R&R. Of course your CO might also authorize a group sojourn to Dominion or Umojan space for some leave. Next stop is Olympus Base and then off to the firebase your squad is stationed at." He says over the growl of the dropships engines as it lifts off and exits the hangar heading down to the planet below. ShadowWolves are not a part of this intro due to their extensive training. Any ShadowWOLF characters will be waiting at Olympus Base for the rest of the group to arrive. I'm restricting the number of ShadowWOLF characters to one per squad. so if we have 7 other characters that means one ShadowWOLF. 12-16 characters will mean 2 ShadowWOLF characters(They count as part of the 12-16 total characters). I would like at least 8 characters and 4 RPer's for a nice sized squad. Available races are Terran, Protoss and Mozan. I may allow some other humanoid custom races but I would need a good reason for why/how they are a part of the WOLF's Head Commandos. Also please keep it to mostly Terran Characters if possible please. Except for some fatigues, jumpsuits and the standard pistol you do NOT have any of the gear for your class yet. you will be issued it at Fire Base ColdHarbor. which is where your squad will be based out of. Most of what you have with you is anything you brought with you from home. [RPer Name] Name: Race: Age: (18-22 or so please, equivalent in Protoss years if doing Protoss. most are going to be fresh out of high school. a few out of college(Tech/Omega's mostly but not necessarily techs) Appearance: Class: (see below, this gives basic armor [Protoss may use below classes, standard game 'units' or mix]) Weapons: (Primary, Secondary(optional for OmegaWOLF), BlackWOLF pistol, melee) Abilities: (2-4 for starters) Backstory: if you see anything I missed please let me know. don't post until I say you can though please. Mozan: The Mozan are similar to werewolves yet far different. They can shift from a humanoid form into a ‘feral’ form. Their humanoid form is that of a normal human (skin color varies) with the exception that they have wolf ears and a wolf tail (fur color varies). Their feral form is exactly as it sounds, full wolf (type of wolf/fur color varies). Mozan also have little to no psionic potential. Mozan are usually born in groups of 4 though groups of 2-6 also happen but are very uncommon. Single births are next to completely unheard of from Mozan. They are usually born planet side, though sometimes they are born on starships, and almost entirely raised on a planet. Until they turn 4 they are raised as what would be a mix of wolf pup and a Terran child. At the age of four they begin their 'schooling' which is more like a mix of military school and a normal terran school. The Mozan evolved on a small world, roughly the size of Venus, which was covered in green and blue, located in a remote area on the far edge of Protoss space, from Dominion space. They have a tribal democracy for government and have colonized every world in their system but tend to distrust other races. They have had very limited contact with other races. They have technology that rivals the Protoss. Although Mozan society is deeply rooted in tradition they tend to be more innovative with their use of technology. Mozan are very loyal to their ‘packs’ which generally act in the same capacity as families. Packs can however take on many different forms, such an example is a squad or battalion might organize itself in the form of a pack with the highest ranking officer being the ‘alpha’.TheLostMorph85 Apr 17, 2014
Apr 14, 2014 Something Something Something Timeline of Humanity: 5500+? Human tribes established. First cities created First contact with the elves and Cycian 4700?-4350?, The Lost Age 1. The Emperor unites humanity under his banner. 2. A calamity nearly wipes out the Cycian. This calamity also hits the humans and elves 3. Magic is taught to humans by the Elves to confront this calamity 4000-3800 1. The Dwarves, sporadically seen outside, come out in much greater force. They make small trade outposts outside. 2. Humans have splintered into many different factions as warlords use everything exert their influence. 3. The Elves retreat back to their forests 4. Over the years, the Cycian refugees band together and begin construction for a new home called Lessarn where their capital once stood. 3800-3700: War of the Three Kings 1. Three men of power-Hahnium Jan, Peter Verian, and Leoric Basil-claim sovereignty over the crown. Human land is split into three territories. 2. The Cycian refuses to receive any diplomats from either “kings” citing that they were in the process of rebuilding. 3. Hahnium's is the first to fall under Peter's force. Rather than face humiliation under Peter's hand, Hahnium chooses to commit suicide at Galdoon's Bane. 4. Peter's kingdom is nearly twice as large as Leoric. However, a series of disastrous military campaigns alongside an untimely famine forces him to pull back. 5. Both Peter and Leoric pass away within months of each other. Their heirs, John Verian and Agar Basil continue their fight. A clan of dwarves, the Ironeaters decide to give aid to Agar when he saves their clan leader. 6. The Battle at Tyrn Field leaves 25,000 dead in total. John is shot through the heart by an unknown archer. 7. Though Agar emerges victorious and becomes King at 3684, he deals with insurgents in his kingdom for another 12 years. 8. The Ironeater dwarves receive a generous gift in precious metals and stones. They forge Agar a runesword in return and head back for their homes 3600-3000: Golden Age 1. The Academy is established to formalize the teaching of magic and has an oversight committee by the government. Teachers are restricted in what they can research and teach by the gov't who fear a potential mage uprising. 2. The Basil monarchy screens for potential magicians. 3. Peace time for nearly 600 years. Technology, culture, and the like flourish. Stronger diplomatic relations made between remaining dwarves and elves and Cycian 4. The Cycian reestablishes a third of their former boundaries. 5. The Basil dynasty continues through the Golden Age 6. Agar's runesword is lost. 7. Some Cycian territory is annexed. The Cycian are unable to take action but protest. They are ignored. Trade ports are closed off with the Cycian. 8. Hostilities begin with the Dwarven clans over several key mines. The clans take control of the mines and seals the entrances to the mines with stone. The Dwarves begin to recede from the surface. 2900-2500: Age of Magic 1. The Academy body sends a petition to remove regulations. Reluctantly after much deliberation, the regulations are lifted. 2. New schools of magic are explored with a zealous fervor, necromancy and demonology especially. 3. The Elves send a letter warning them of the dangers. 4. The Committee, impressed but more horrified by what they see is occuring, decides to step in and institutes stricter oversight. They are ignored. Sending troops to enforce this decree, the mages confirms their fear: they rebel and brazenly kill the enforcers. The Mage War War begins. 5. Three years pass and with the help of Elves and a number of defectors, the rebellious mages are put down. Their wonton abuse of magic resulted in the death of 200,000 and allowed the presence of the Nether regions to seep in. Surviving renegade mages are stripped of their magic. 6. A list of Forbidden Schools of Magic are created. The Academy is opened several year later. 7. Tragedy strike the Basil Dynasty as the last Basil dies without a heir and the remainder of the royal family are swept by the sea. 8. The Ravens, an organization dedicated to hunting down renegade wizards, is created. The Oath is created to instill a sense of restraint. It also holds every mage to not interfere unless it is an absolute necessity because of the terrible damage they can do. 9. As the barriers between this world and the nether regions are weakened, its corrupting energies and inhabitants occasionally seep out into Haruyn in portals. 10. The major dwarf clans disappear altogether. Only a few clans maintain contact with the outside world. 2400-2000: Cold War Five great human powers emerge after the chaos that follow at different points: 1. 2320: Kahbya, a military junta 2. 2054: Adanos, an absolute monarchy 3. 2299: Haribad, a confederation of city states 4. 2350: The Republic of Mansur 5. 2276: Hadanbur, a theocracy Fighting occurs sporadically as each nation does not want to initiate a war in lieu of other nations coming in for an opportunity. They instead engage in a cold war with one another. 1955-1870? Gandia the Lich was responsible for one of the worst atrocities committed in human history. He was once an accomplished mage at the Academy but in his pursuit of knowledge, he went rouge. In 1955 after much preparation, he stole several forbidden tomes and fled into the unknown. Despite the best efforts of The Ravens, they were unable to track him down. He appears nearly sixty years later as an undead being of immense power becoming the first and only Lich in history. He lead a massive army of undead and orcs. Dominating the Orc Chieftain Mor'guz Blackhand, he uses the orc as his proxy, and directs him to attack human settlements along the borders, using the dead to create undead minions. As the undead themselves have not appeared in the open, the human powers are quick to dismiss these attacks as simple pillaging and raiding. The Orcs then attack Kahbya. A xenophobic, self absorbed and highly nationalistic nation, they attempt to deal with the problem themselves and keep everything tight lipped, fearing a possible “intervention” from one of the other human powers. The other nations know little of what is happening besides a '”civil war”. The military junta collapses in five months. The few refugees who make it out speak of Orcs wielding dark magic inflicting great harm against their own. Haribad, closest to Kahbya, sees an oppurtunity to expand their border. Sending a vanguard of 2,500 in to establish a foothold in Kahbya, the vanguard is ambushed and overwhelmed by a combined force of orcs and undead and is utterly decimated. Haribad fears for the worst and begins to reinforce their borders when the vanguard sends no messages for 2 weeks. Gandia secretly makes Kahdya his base. Hearing the rumors, the Council become suspicious and send Archmage Orlando Barrister to investigate whether the orcs are truly wielding magic and to also track their movements. He and a band of followers trace the Orcs and arrives to see them attack one of Haribad's cities. He aids in the city's defenses and helps repel the invasion. He is alarmed by the presence of undead among the orcs and that the orcs themselves are able to use necromancy. In a letter to the Council, Orlando deduces that Gandia is the most likely candidate to have taught the orcs necromancy with the books he had stolen sixty years earlier. The Council receives his message and begin to mobilize for war. They also ask the other three powers to aid Haribad against a common foe. Adanos and Mansur agree and send out 30,000 and 24,000 men respectively. Handanbur withholds theirs. Gandia concocts a plague and infects 30% of the population of Haribad through their water supply. The infected die within 3 days and also act as transmitters of the plague through bodily fluids. The dead eventually rises as one of the undead. The humans learn to take the precaution to burn every dead body so that there is not even a bone left to raise at every possible oppurtunity. Fighting a now undead Mor'guz Blackhand whose kinsmen are now also undead, Orlando defeats the orc chieftain but not before Blackhand is able to infect him with the plague. Orlando spends what time he has researching the plague. Before immolating himself to ashes, he sends what he knows to the Council. Dark Wizards are spotted among Gandia's forces. These acolytes prove to be deadly in their own right. Gandia himself also joins several battles in person. The combined forces of Mansur, Adanos, the Haribad Remnants, the Academy, and Handanbur eventually push the undead back to Kahbya where it has become a toxic wasteland crawling with nefarious creations. Gandia is eventually cornered in his nercopolis. The lich summons beings from the Nether Region but he is killed. What is left of Gandia's forces scatters and are hunted down. Total casualties number in the upper hundreds of thousands, the most bloody in recorded history. Haribad holds on to its sovereignty but Hadanbur takes over the hospitable parts of Haribad. Kahdya remains inhospitable. 1743 January-June, Present day Only Adanos, Hadanbur, and the Republic of Mansur remain. 1. Joan Adanos sires a heir to the throne 2. The Coven, the official religion of Handanbur spreads beyond its home borders. 3. Kari Laguna graduates from the Academy, earning the title of Magus.Animus26 Apr 14, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 The Long Voyage Home Continues The protagonists successfully met up at Rim Station and boarded the Battlecruiser. After a narrow escape from Dominion forces sent to prevent their voyage from starting, they managed to make a warp jump to safety. Now confronted with the issue of short supplies, lack of manpower, and crew health, the UED forces must prepare themselves for the journey ahead. Announcements. Gentlemen (and ladies), beyond the shadow of a doubt, we have a traitor aboard. This spy has already penetrated our defenses. And worst of all, he could be any one of us. He could be in the very room your character is working in! He could be you, he could be me, he could even be a character not yet created... If given the chance, one of you is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the Long Voyage remains forever incomplete. Whether by betrayal of information, sabotage, or murder, the traitor will stop at nothing to defeat you. You'll have to work together carefully, keep a close watch on your neighbor, and trust no one. Anybody could be the traitor. I'll send you all notes on dA, notifying you as to whether or not you are the traitor. There may be other secret things about your characters, though, even if you are loyal. Things you'd rather not have your comrades know about. I'll be sending you that info as well. You may say, "what?" but I already worked my character's backstory out completely! Now you're going to screw with it? Yep.KnarledOne285 Apr 10, 2014