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Game Hub Idea: Blizzard’s ‘The Nexus’ Hello Reader, Please bear with me on the lengthy explanation, it's important to outline this idea I've been chewing on, I wonder what you'll think of it. A Virtual Playspace for all Blizzard gamers. The Nexus will offer space for gamers to seamlessly access Blizzard games, Congregate/Interact and play mini games. Players Create an Avatar and can change the appearance as they wish. These Avatar: - Can Represent characters from Blizzard Game Lore or could be analogous to a gamer’s own likeness - May be changed by visiting a shop/vendor - Are a fun way for players to express their love for a game or a specific character. - Are Unlocked through many various Achievements performed in Blizzard Games and the Nexus itself. The Playspace is a large area within the Nexus, first shown in the game Heroes of the Storm, representing an interdimentional ‘crossroads’ for all Blizzard Universes including, but not limited to: - World of Warcraft - StarCraft 2 - Diablo 3 - Overwatch - Hearthstone - And of course, Heroes of the Storm Each Blizzard game installed on your PC would have it’s own represented ‘lobby’ in the Nexus, with one or perhaps many access points for starting that particular game. In other words a seamless transition from The Nexus into the Blizzard game of choice (much like the current Startup Application, in the form of a game). For example: A timeless Nexus-based Tavern/Inn (which mysteriously appeared within the Nexus) where players can meet and challenge each other to a game of Hearthstone. Upon sitting at a table or accepting a challenge, both players will see Hearthstone start up on their PC and they will enter the game for the match, and once the match has ended they may choose to remain in the game, exit the game, or return to the Nexus. Each lobby could have a creative thematic twist, an origin story for each lobby’s existence within the Nexus. Which also conveniently offers plenty of space to expand when a new game is released (or available for open Beta perhaps). A few fun ideas for these other lobbies include: - Cain’s stolen Town Portal (For access to Diablo 3) Recovered and maintained by Ancient Nephalem Spirits. - The ‘Cosmo-Bellum’ a rediscovered Protoss tactical simulator (For access to Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void or earlier versions like HOTS or WOL) docked within the Nexus, with access to Terran controlled space and beyond. - The Nexus Portal pad (as displayed first in the Raynor Tutorial of Heroes of the Storm) Which will start up the game Heroes of the Storm as it’s a key part of the Nexus already. - An Etherial Portal (Leading to the World of Warcraft) Known only to and managed and maintained by the most elite Mages and Etherial beings of Azeroth and beyond.(To be honest I don’t have the best grasp of WOW lore, but perhaps Medivh could be involved in this origin story?) - And then there’s the upcoming Overwatch, I’m thinking maybe a ‘lost’ Overwatch Orbital Station which now drifts through the Nexus, granting Tracer and other members of Overwatch access to the Nexus (and Heroes of the Storm for those wondering how she got there). Another thing I’d like to add here is an Arcade (maybe based off of the one featured in the Overwatch Map: Hanamura) This is where players can access minigames and perhaps some legacy Blizzard games (Lost Vikings, Warcraft, Starcraft, Rock n’ Roll Racing to name a few). The Minigames may tie into whats available in the Starcraft 2 Arcade (which is seriously underrated) as well as other fun Blizzard Developer ideas and Fan proposed mini games, heck I’d love to see the community vote for the best fan made games sent in to Blizzard, and then they become ‘immortalized’ within the Nexus Arcade. The main point behind this idea is to collect the Blizzard community, they are already strong in numbers, but this gives everyone an environment where the atmosphere is lighthearted, mysterious, and enjoyable to explore, bridging the Blizzard game universe into what seems like an obvious conclusion; The Nexus (the hub of all things Blizz). But it would also represent something unique to Blizzard the Company and it’s customers; loyalty based on community interaction. Any other game I play nowadays doesn’t last nearly as long as Blizzard games do in terms of replay value, I always come back to Blizz for the fun and engaging community, and so do many other gamers I know. I hope this idea has merit to others out there, I would love to someday see it become a reality, as immersion is the biggest target for gamers and game creators. Anyways, thanks for reading this, and please feel free to comment/reply with any thoughts of your own. I'll include a list of foreseen challenges in a comment below, please feel free to add your more critical assessments there. Treboritory5
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Upgrading to run SCII "pretty well" Bascially, I can't quite run SCII properly. As it stands I can't really run 2x 200 supply armies into each other without the game pretty much becoming unplayable. This is obviously really sucky, and while I mannaged to make it to gold league, without being able to properly micro my army, I simply can't keep climbing (well, I maybe can, but it sucks). I'm wanting to make 1v1 on low graphic settings run fine, but maybe have some issues when running 2v2 or higher when there's a TONE of stuff on screen (just doesn't really bother me, I don't really play matches that big anyway). Here I've taken a screenshot of everything I think you'd need to know about both my PC and the system req of SCII. I was thinking that if I just got a new processor that this would more or less bring things up to speed to let me play just fine. Am I right, or do I need a better graphics card, also? I'm a bit confused on that front. Also, I have 4GB RAM, but only can access 3.5; is that also an issue, do I need more RAM also? The AMD FX series seems a lot cheaper than the intel i series, so I was looking at that... but is the AMD FX series really ALL good enough to run this game just fine ("AMD FX Series Processor or better" seems like a pretty wide field), or should I be trying to get a certain level of that processor? and, would it then just be cheaper to get an i5? All feedback is appreciated, I'd rather not spend more than I have to to get this game running fine. Considering that SCII is easily the highest running game I want to run (kinda love the classics) there's not much reason on buying something super high end. Summery questions: -What's the cheapest processor to run SCII well? -Do I need more RAM? -Do I need a better graphics card? AchromicWht0
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StarCraft 64 (Wrong forum? I think so too. Unfortunately it does not appear to fit in any other category.) I am curious as to how many people discovered StarCraft through its N64 "port"? I happen to be one of these people. It was definitely one of my favorite games of my childhood, and whenever my brothers took me to the local internet cafe I would always play the PC version and be amazed at how my amazing N64 game was 100x more amazing on the PC. I remember the differences. SCVs would mine automatically upon being built. Casters had smart cast, where you could have a group of Queens selected, choose Spawn Broodling, and only one would fire per instance of the C-button being clicked. The unit selection cap was also 18. Admittedly, the hardest transition from SC64 to SC PC was probably the difference in the unit selection cap. Control groups made it easier and became preferable. Although SC64 sported control groups, I never used them because, quite honestly, I never quite figured it out. I also remember how all the units only had one "pissed" comment in the N64 version when clicked excessively. Realizing there were more in the PC one, I spent a lot of time clicking. Sunken Colonies had 400 HP in SC64. As opposed to the 300 HP we see now. Dark Archon's ability was actually called Mind Control. We called it that anyways, but I'm pretty sure it's not called that on BW PC. Cheat codes, attained by various methods, from picking up discs to giving a critter a group hug. Sure, going back now, it's a terrible transition from SC1 and SC2 to go play it on the N64. But if all the computers in the world died, I'm sure a lot of us would fire up the N64 with the reassuringly heavy SC64 cartridge. :) Share StarCraft 64 stories. GhostUnit25
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Eternal Crusade I'm going to try to post as many helpful links about this early access game on steam right now for you all! It is early access but they are funded and updating the Alpha frequently which makes it worth talking about. Still don't buy it if you are unsure, I'm putting this information out here to help you decide! It is buy to play with a vanity shop. If you are interested in the game don't forget to use my referral for free stuff when you register!!! EC-Z4PVOTHOSOUB5 (and yes I've been putting it everywhere) I'm going to keep this overview brief because most of what I have to say is talked about in the videos below which probably explain it better anyways. Eternal Crusade is a Warhammer 40k game that aspires to be a MMO3PS which will launch with the Space Marine, Chaos Marines, Eldar and Orks. They are planning to include as many factions as possible after that like the Tau and Dark Eldar. The Tyrannids will be a PvE faction and for now they seem to think the Imperial Guard can't be balanced lore-wise against the other factions but hopefully there will be a means to include them eventually. Tyrannids attack the largest/most powerful faction to help the other factions comeback if there are population imbalances. Right now the Alpha is focused on perfecting the shooting and melee game-play before throwing in the open world MMO elements, this means it's a instanced match based shooter currently. Tyrannids will be in underground hives you can conquer for lewtz (you can also get loot from fighting in the Planetside 2 style PvP battles) and character customization is going to be in-game too! Vehicles are in already and they hope to include other things like terminators, land raiders, wraith constructs, mega-nobz etc. Psychic powers are already in for the Chaos faction and the Eldar are the next faction to come into the alpha followed by the Orks. Right now it's just Space Marines vs Chaos Marines but it's still fun! =D Hope this gets you interested but I'd recommend giving some of the links below a try if you've put up with my bad typing so far. =p A few important Dev streams: - Feb 5, 2016 (Most recent twitch) - May 15, 2015 (Road to Open World) - May 1, 2015 (Probably the earliest place to start for what's going on now as Nathan is currently providing the direction for the game, things are a bit of a roller coaster but they are moving forward and such now so it gets better =)) - Dec 7, 2015 Funny livestream moments If you want the full playlist it's these two links (weekly twitches) and (mini-twitches) Nathan can be a bit awkward and silly but he wants to do right by people interested in the game. Also the live stream summary notes can be found on the games subreddit here Gameplay playlists for youtube streamers: AngryJoeShow: - Jun 24, 2015 (Interview with Nathan the producer) - Sep 5, 2014 (His pre-alpha impressions) - Nov 21, 2015 (Alpha Gameplay) Luetin09: - Nov 1, 2015 (First Look) ZoranTheBear: - Nov 11, 2015 (Zoran's Impressions + Alpha Gameplay) - Updated frequently (All his other videos on this game) VigiliaMortis: - Updated frequently (Lots of Alpha gameplay) - Currently just space marines (Class previews) - User guides (Loadouts and joining) - Patch Talks - Group play (Only has one video for w/e reason) Bonzi Kitty Gaming: - Cute couple who started youtubing for this game (they seem silly =p) Reiborn xDAx: - Earliest is Jan 13, 2016 (Gameplay) - Mar 14, 2015 (Amazing amount of information from Mar 14 to today) - All the Dev livestream gameplay footage (from pre-alpha to now) - Another gameplay playlist SurrealBeliefs: - Jan 26, 2016 (I like his accent =p also more gameplay) Remember to use my referral code at registration, it gives you free stuff! EC-Z4PVOTHOSOUB5 Silverlight0
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did anyone buy the new homeworld game? anyone wanna play/ teach me how to play Melody23
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Help with Jurassic World: The Game I started playing Jurassic World: the Game, and I am getting absolutely wrecked. I was wondering if anyone can help me with the concept of the battle, cause it's like the most confusing thing ever. So the battle progression goes, I attack first.. and I always do 1 save, cause usually no dino is going to kill mine in 1 round. Now, theoretically, the AI should only get TWO moves during that first turn because he went 2nd... and that should be the end of round 1 right? Well, what I am finding is that... comp will also save 1 move, but then attack twice... meaning the AI is actually getting 3 move for round 1. Which is like... WTF? Then there are rounds where the comp will switch to a dino type that counters you, which if you switch in game, you lose all your bonus "saves" and lose a turn, right? Not for AI... they switch to dominant dino, and immediately hit me 4 times from advantage type. WTFFFFF??? This makes no sense. It's like they get twice the moves I do, for no raisen. And also some ridiculous rounds where they can "save" and attack in the same round, and I am getting killed by 8 attack moves for no raisen. I just don't understand this game. I can fight if given equal battleground. But it's not fair if I am only getting half the moves AI do. (Against players, this seems to be less of a problem, and aside from fighting common against rare and 5 levels higher, I can hold my ground with what I assume is the correct strategy... relatively.) Anyone else also play this super rigged pay to win game? I feel like even if I have the type advantage, I am getting killed for no raisen. Help please? ----------- razen0
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New Farmland Race! :D OMG BEST IDEA FOR RACE EVER: THE FARMLAND RACE Only has 4 buildings: Farm (main resource collection base), plantation (vespene collector), stable (trains war units), and marketplace (researches new units, info at bot of page). Command Center/Nexus/Hatchery=Farm Training Center=Stable(only production center but cost $100) Upgrade/Research Center=Marketplace Worker=Pig, 50 min, 40 health, 5 damage, can repair buildings 40% slower than scv, 17 sec Stable Units Ground -Horned Cow (tanky melee cow, similar to zealot, doesnt require marketplace research) 13 damage, 1.25 attack speed, melee, 75 minerals, 160 health, 30 sec -Scout Cow (cloacked cow with high speed and low health) No attack, 25 Minerals, 75 gas, 4 speed, 25 health, 20 sec -Machine Gun Cow (cow with machine gun like tychus and somewhat tanky) 10 Damage, .25 attack speed, 5 range, 125 minerals, 50 gas, 120 health, 35 sec -Sniper Cow (ranged cow with more dmg but low attack speed and slightly lower health and high range) 30 damage, 4 attack speed, 9 range, 150 minerals, 200 gas, 75 health, 35 sec -Laser Cow (laser cow like voidray that is tankier) 10 Damage Every Second, 6 range, 200 Minerals, 150 Gas, 100 health, 45 sec Air -Rooster (shoots exploding eggs with splash damage, tanky flying unit) 15 Damage, .9 Attack speed, 7 range, 250 Minerals, 150 Gas, 200 health, 60 sec -Chicken (shoots exploding eggs long range high splash damage, lower healther than Rooster) 25 Damage, 2 attack speed, 10 range 200 Minerals, 100 gas, 125 health, 60 sec Marketplace Researches Main Info Panel -Invisibility Genes (allows scout cow to be trained) 50 minerals, 75 gas, 60 sec -Guns (allows machine gun and sniper cow to be trained) 125 minerals, 125 gas, 60 sec -Lasers (allows laser cow to be trained), 150 minerals, 150 gas, 60 sec -Rooster Eggs (allows roosters to be trained) 200 minerals, 172 gas, 60 sec -Chicken Eggs (allows chickens to be trained) 200 minerals, 175 gas, 60 sec Second Info Panel -Sheeps Wool Level 1,2,3 (armor upgrade) Increases armor by 1.5 each, 100 min/gas level 1, 175 min/gas level 2, 250 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each -Lions Claws Level 1 (highly upgrades horned cow attack, more expensive) Increases damage by 10 225 min/gas 160 sec -Penetrating Bullets Level 1, 2 (somewhat highly upgrades machine gun and sniper cow attack, somewhat more expensive) Increases damage by 5 each, 150 min/gas level 1, 275 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each -Burning Lasers Level 1 (highly upgrades laser cow attack, more expensive) Increases damage by 15, 225 min/gas, 160 sec -Explosive Powder Level 1, 2 (somewhat highly upgrades rooster and chicken attack, somewhat more expensive) Increases damage by 7 each 150 min/gas level 1, 275 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each Unlike other races, the only production building is the stable. It is cheaper than gateway/barracks and trains all of the army units in this race. When built, only the Horned Cow will be available. Then you can research different units to allow them to be trained in the marketplace. UltraMan1
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