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Mar 12, 2011
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Feb 9, 2012
Community Groups, Events, and Tournaments Although it may not be apparent to forum newcomers, the forum community is very well connected. There are a number of groups we communicate in, a bunch of fun events, and variety of forum tournaments. This is a thread for those who may not be forum regulars who want to learn more about the various forum groups and activities. It is meant to be continuously updated, so if you are an event organizer please post about your group, event, or tournament here and I will add it to the thread! If you run one of the listed events, post here if your thread is nearing the post cap (500 posts, 25 pages) and needs the thread limit increased and we'll see if we can get that fixed for you. Social Groups Discord Chat: ... Forum Poster In-game Chat Group: ... Forum Poster Skype Group: ... Adopt-a-newb: ... Obs Gaming: ... Events Ladder Challenge: ... Current Tournaments [None] Miscellaneous Community Streams: ... TheSkunk43
Jun 3
The Newbies guide to StarCraft II Hello all StarCraft forum goers!!! I decided to make this thread to help out those are new to StarCraft or anybody who is struggling with ladder and looking to improve as a player. Below is a compilation of some things that I thought could assist the average newcomer looking for help. You don’t have to visit all of these links to improve or even any of them, but this is here for anybody who needs it. I included so many links because no one thing will work for everyone so I have gathered all this here so you may decide what will work best for you as an individual and as a StarCraft gamer :D! I will continue to update this thread and add new things as I find them. If you are a StarCraft veteran or newbie and you have anything to add to the list simply post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. Any feedback you have to help better the thread will be greatly appreciated!! Whether you have anything to add to the list, would like to see something edited, or even think I added something that should be removed, all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration. For those of you just joining StarCraft II or wanting to get more involved in StarCraft II I strongly suggest you check out Day9 daily #269 and the other Day9 dailies in the Beginner Day9 section. If you have never played an RTS game I would also recommend checking out the beginners guide under the TeamLiquids website section. It explains some of the basics concepts a bit and should give you a good starting point to choose where you want to go with the knowledge. Magnet also has been creating a great guide series for those new to the game that can help those who are beginners and up to the intermediates. Videos, Tutorials, and streams Watching videos and streams of StarCraft is one of the greatest ways to learn. You can watch pro players play so you can copy builds, learn timings, and to help you understand the game better. Many people also post videos online to help give you tips and tricks to “Be a better gamer” – Day9 Starcraft II: World Championship portal (For all things WCS and to watch pro players play) WCS season’s 1 and 2 replays WCS Season 1 of 2014 Blizzard released all of the pro level replays from WCS seasons 1 and 2. If you ever wanted to copy your favorite pros builds and get every little detail that even the casters miss, well then this is the place to do it. “The foreigner scene benefited tremendously from seeing the Korean well-honed builds in all their replay intricacies. Every SC2 notebook opened up after that news.” Streams to watch • Twitch streams • Community Streams RootCatZ Artosis (A well-known StarCraft caster) Day9 (A well-known StarCraft caster) Magnet's Video Tutorials (For every race!) A great collection of "tutorials that are aimed at beginners and intermediate players, but advanced players could pick up a thing or two from watching. They are all contained in a playlist, so you can get started here!" Magnets thread: Direct link to youtube guides: Protoss: Terran: Zerg: Day9 beginner videos • Daily #132 - Mental Checklist • Daily #252 - Secrets of hotkeys, APM and mouse movement • Daily #269 – How to get into sc2 • Daily #312 - How to learn and improve • Daily #419 - Fixing 1 problem at a time Day9 beginner/Intermediate videos These are videos I would like to have put in the beginner section but I wanted to keep that section small and I couldn’t decide one way or another so I put them here. • Daily #184 – Newbie Tuesday #1 • Daily #480 – Finding Leaks in your play • Daily #481 – Zerg Leak finder • Daily #434 – Simplifying problems Day9 intermediate videos • Daily -#257 Refining Mechanics • Daily - #261 Mechanics #2 • Daily - #285 Stealing a Build • Daily - #289 Refining a stolen build • Daily - #340 Gold level analysis • Daily - #341 Reprioritizing your to do list • Daily - #360 Mental Checklist: Exercises Apollo (Yet another well-known StarCraft caster) ApolloSC2 Youtube Starcraft II tutorials for all races (Warning: This was made for Wings of Liberty but it should still be helpful) Terran HotS tutorial part 1 Quick Tips from Apollo • A hotkey setup for terran • How to correctly reinforce your Zerg army FilterSC (Starcraft streamer and well known for his bronze to master’s series) FilterSC YouTube Profile General Bronze to Masters HotS Terran Bronze to Masters HotS FilterSC: HoTS Bronze to Masters - Protoss Combating Ladder Anxiety FilterSC Twitch Stream HTOMario (A grandmaster meching player on NA) HTOMario’s YouTube channel HTOMario: How to Mech TvP HTOMario a TvP video guide compilation! HTOMario a TvZ video guide Compilation! How to Mech TvZ Part 1 - The build order KillerofGods130
Patch 3.4.1 - Display Issue There is currently a display issue with our patch as its displaying as 3.4.1. The live patch is still 3.4.0, but your Desktop App and StarCraft II client will display 3.4.1. This will be fixed next week when the second Nova mission pack goes live. Rackle3
Community Feedback Update 7/21 Current Map Tweaks Thank you for your feedback on the proposed map changes. After our considerations and your feedback, we will go ahead with the rock change on Galactic Process, and the additional blocked off path to and from the center area to the outer paths on Dasan Station. We agree that the Zero ground change might not be needed yet since the area to defend early in the game would already be lessened due to the rock change. If there are further changes necessary after the these go in, we can definitely make additional passes as needed, so please let us know what you think. Queen Scan range fix We also wanted to let you guys know that the Queen scan range fix is going in today as well. Thank you for your feedback on this. Balance Not much has changed here since last week. The overall consensus across our teams, community, and pro players seems to be that it’s too early to make a hard call on where the current state of the game is. If ZvT is problematic, we can definitely look into removing the +light damage of Liberators, and the few things on our radar should also be no surprise: Adept Shade cooldown increase, Warp Prism health nerf, and Ultralisk upgraded armor nerf by 1. We’ve also pinged KesPA regarding these potential changes and are waiting to hear back as well. So please continue discussions in this area as we are definitely keeping watch. Other Community Update stuff We wanted to let you guys know that there were questions regarding what else was discussed at the summit. There were many topics such as what features to work on next, what is the next direction for the multiplayer game of Starcraft 2, esports discussions, etc. but many of our teams are still in the process of drilling down into the details of what the feedback we’ve gotten at the summit would imply going forward. We will definitely have a lot of info to share in the coming months across various fronts of Starcraft 2. Dayvie144
Background Download Now Available We have recently turned on our background downloader for an upcoming patch. This update does not require that we bring down the service, and will not make any changes to game features or balance. You will be able to play StarCraft II as normal, and your in-game experience will remain unaffected by the download. If you'd like to download the patch in advance, be sure to leave your Desktop App open. This way, you'll be able to play StarCraft II immediately after the patch goes live in your region! Rackle5
"Help a Noob" for players new or returning! New or returning to StarCraft and have a question? Lower league player looking for advice? Anyone of any level of skill can ask any questions relating to SC2. If you answer, make sure you're correct! Be as helpful and specific as you can in your reply, help each other out, and ignore/report trolling. Even if nobody else contributes, I'll try to answer every question to the best of my ability. Resources: Check out the "Adopt A Newb" channel in-game: - Lots of great tutorials - The Newbies guide to StarCraft II - collection of links to good learning resources /r/starcraft does this and it's fairly successful, so I thought I'd see how it goes here. TheSkunk78
Community Feedback Archive Here you will find all previous Community Feedback Updates. Summer 2016: Community Feedback Update - July 15 Community Feedback Update - July 1 Community Feedback Update - June 24 Spring 2016: Community Feedback Update - June 17 Community Feedback Update - June 3 Community Feedback Update - May 27 Community Feedback Update - May 20 Community Feedback Update - May 13 Community Feedback Update - May 3 Community Feedback Update - April 21 Community Feedback Update - April 15 Community Feedback Update - March 24 Community Feedback Update - March 11 Community Feedback Update - March 8 Winter 2015-16: Community Feedback Update - February 18 Community Feedback Update - February 12 Community Feedback Update - February 4 Community Feedback Update - January 29 Community Feedback Update - January 13 Community Feedback Update - January 8 Community Feedback Update - December 18 Community Feedback Update - December 4 Fall 2015: Community Feedback Update - November 25 Community Feedback Update - November 20 Community Feedback Update - November 13 Community Feedback Update - October 29 Community Feedback Update - October 22 Community Feedback Update - October 15 Community Feedback Update - October 8 Community Feedback Update - October 1 Community Feedback Update - September 25 Community Feedback Update - September 18 Community Feedback Update - September 10 Community Feedback Update - September 4 Summer 2015: Community Feedback Update - August 28 Community Feedback Update - August 21 Community Feedback Update - August 14 Community Feedback Update - July 31 Community Feedback Update - July 22 Community Feedback Update - July 17 Community Feedback Update - July 2 Community Feedback Update - June 19 Traysent0
Jul 10, 2015
4m 18m 22m
Neosteel Frame Changes So for a while now I have been thinking of ways to incorporate this upgrade to no avail. I have seen literally every upgrade in the game used and have incorporated shrapnel shell upgrade for ravens in my builds. However, since WoL Neosteel has literally never been touched. It is the one upgrade I have no use for. I tried to incorporate it by loading 10 scv's to the island on new gettysburg but the commitment is way to high to actually make it matter when a medivac might just be better to transport workers. I have a suggestion to a buff that might help incorporate this upgrade to the game. I think the main reason people do not get the build is because even though it may be convenient to have 6 marines in a bunker it definitely hinders the supply to be on the offensive as Terran only has a planetary fortress and turrets that are static defense where other races have cheaper stuff like cannons (hit ground and air), spines and spores that can move fairly quickly on creep. Increases bunker capacity by 2. The bunker model is changed. Increases command center and planetary fortress SCV capacity by 5. Extra Increase bunker health by 100 hp or adds a turret to the bunker (Like WoL Campaign that is practically an autoturret) or make it 50 minerals 50 gas similar to warpgate tech cost abd research at a shorter rate I think the hp upgrade makes more sense, it is a frame after all, but just some ideas to take into consideration. It would help vs. 2 base all ins by giving a longer reaction time to repairing a bunker or even incorporate a good use to mech builds that allow for some small bio defense without over commiting. RuFF24
28m 52m
The Spectrum of Zerg's Design Change Options While StarCraft 1 and 2 may be different games, they still have the same foundation and aim. 2 options for the way it was suppose to be in Broodwar 1.) Zerg defense structures(Sunken) should have been able to mutate in to lurkers upon lair tech. 3 reasons that prove this: A.)The counter system needed to dance and since zerg was playing correctly by making sunken colonies per basic army of zealot and marine, it should have shifted T and P to not only expand but also to tech. B.)The lurker is already classified more as a defense when you consider it closely. No specialized upgrades, speed, burrow, range, even the tank had to research siege. C.)The lair and hive tech never unlocked any units or anything useful, and that makes what they unlock in sc2 questionable. 2.) Or zerg's defense should have received specialized upgrades upon lair and hive tech completion. At lair would function as good as a lurker with as much mobility, at hive tech, something else. The reason: knowing that starcraft 1 and 2 share the same aim, we can say that since the queen in sc2 gets to break the ruIes by receiving raw upgrades and not coming from Iarvae, that the sunken coIony shouId have received speciaI upgrades since they came from Iarvae(drone) Now, StarCraft 2 couId have had any of the changes above, but they have the queen now so that changes things. The 2 options for the way it was suppose to be in Sc2 1.) ComparativeIy, the queen wouId have been abIe to change roIe forms upon Iair and hive tech to be abIe to, at Iair tech, change in to a unit that more properIy counters marines and zeaIots and have the same offensive mobility of the Iurker. Reason: Again this how you get the counter system dancing. 2.) The Queen can mutate in to the Iurker upon Iair tech compIetion. And there you have it. One thing that communities have a hard time swaIIowing with spectrum probIems Iike this is that they don't get that one of these design changes is in fact the right answer. So what it is going to take is a poII from bIizz in the profesionaI and generaI community with what change is right and why and then go with the best option with what they think as weII. lets get starcraft dancing again! AtlasMeCH5
55m 58m 1h
New forum is trash Sorry that im the one to bring it to you blizz, but the new forum is bad. Really bad. It may look nice on a smartphone now, but its trash now as well. Firstly, the forums had this great function, where you could quickly quote a small section of a post in your reply by selection the text and then a "quote" button would apear. It was a good function that i havent seen anywhere else - and now its gone. Secondly, if i want to quote a post, pressing the quote button does nothing for an eternity. The text may apear in the input field after like a minute or so. Or never, if your unlucky. Stop wasting my time - please! Thirdly, the last poster is not shown in the thread list any more and neither is the date when the last post was posted. These informations were useful and now they are gone. The thread list now has 2 columns less and might fit into a freakin smart phone display, but seriously - FU*K smartphones. I also post from my phone sometimes but i rather scroll on a device that has crippled input and display capabilities, than to have 50% empty space and missing information on my desktop machine. Im not sure wether this occured to you already or not, but 99% of the people who play starcraft, do play it on devices with a keyboard and a high resolution display. So its only reasonable to assume that most posts are made from such devices. Forthly, when i google for "starcraft us forums" the first hit used to bring me to these forums. That worked for years. But now it directs me to the german forums - even though the displayed text on google below the link is clearly from the us forums, as well as the sublinks. This changed only recently. Im almost 100% certain that this has nothing to do with google, but with questionable redirection rules implemented on the bnet website based on the http headers my browser is sending. Stop acting like you know better than i do where i want to go. Its annoying. Zhadoom19
1h 1h 1h 1h 1h 1h
Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 2 Release Date According to their twitter page: It appears that the release date for Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack #2 will be on August 2nd, which is less than two weeks! :) ReaperMAC19
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Make Zerg harder to play! Right now Zerg is a joke to play! Stackable Injects and VERY A-move friendly units! (Ultralisk the most powerful unit in the game currently requires absolutely ZERO micro and skill to use!) PiG when casting Nerchio vs MarineLord: "Nerchio F2+A-Move vs Terran but no one can A-Move like Nerchio!" Or Nerchio in winners interview after winning over Bunny (where Bunny missmicroed Ghosts several times becuase its close to impossible to do so): "Terran army is MUCH (yes he actually said much) harder to control then Zerg!" Or TLO when casting a ZvT at HSC in HotS: "The skillcap of Terran is higher then Zerg but its also harder to play then Zerg!" Since HotS Zerg became alot easier to play with buffed Ultras and stackable Inject (wich takes away alot from Zerg macro) while Terran became harder to play needing insane Micro vs Ultras. Im speaking out of a TvZ perspective! As a Terran im sick and tired of dying to Ultras as I simply dont have the mechanics/micro to deal with them. Even Pro's like Bunny f.e, struggles with this required micro. If you dont know how to micro Ghosts/Liberators/Bio all at once, your dead 9/10 when Ultras hits! So what is the reasoning behind the choise of design here? Why do I as a Terran need insane micro (insane to the point where only the very very top Korean Terrans have the mechaincs required for this kind of Micro) while Zerg lategame micro is easy compared to Terran? As Grubby once said "Only the top Korean Terrans have the mechanics to play Terran properly!" Alot of Terrans my level (Diamond) I speak to are experiencing the same thing. Most of them are expressing disliking of the Ultralisk. Im not saying Zerg is imbalanced(because I honestly dont think it is), im just saying that Terran takes alot more from the player then what Zerg currently does! More often then not I leave my TvZ games with a feeling that the matchup is unfair (again not imbalanced). So many times I have been in the lead but when Ultralisks hit the table it gets very very hard as a Diamond Terran. I simply dont have the micro(again if Pro foreign Terrans are struggling with this, how do you expect anyone below GM to have the mechanics to micro Bio/Ghosts/Liberators properly?!) to handle it! If most low lvl Terrans as myself get this feeling more often then not, some of them will start leaving the game and that would be very very bad for SC2 as a game! You dont want that! Remember that most SC2 players are low level players. Without low level players, SC2 will stop existing. Us low level players are crucial for the games survival! Because of this you need to start catering towards low level players as well. Terran micro with Ghosts/Liberators/Bio is not catering to low level Terrans! This insanely hard micro (when you see Zerg more or less A-moving his army rolling all over you and theres nothing as a low level Terran you can do if the game have reached lategame on a equal echonomy) is not something low level Terrans can do! Only way you can force Zerg to atleast micro a little is if you have the micro to control Ghosts/Bio/Liberators! If you dont have the micro as a Terran to do so, Zerg will do just fine with A-moving their Banelings/Zerglings/Ultralisk/Corrupter all over the Terran army And as low level Terrans have the micro to control lategame Terran army, this is what happens! Ibstronk56
7h 8h 9h 9h 9h 9h 9h 9h 10h
TvP Mech Starting Guide! Hey guys I'm a low diamond terran and I wanted to make a guide for diamond and below on how to TvP Mech. Ive gotten a lot of ideas from HTOMario, Avilo and looking back at Bbyong [b][/b]So far my build is...: 14 depot 16 rax 16 refinery @100% Rax reaper and OC @400 Mins make 2nd CC on high ground 20 depot @100 gas make factory and take 2nd Refinery Constant Marine production -Scouting with reaper will change how you play. If no natural nexus make a starport, a bunker, engie bay, make cyclones and a transition to bio might be worth it if he is wasting units or being greedy @100% factory make tech lab and make Cyclones <strong/>How to play it: Float your 2nd CC to your natural once you feel safe and create a 3rd CC and take your 3rd gas Then create another factory a starport and an armory (Constant upgrades on veichle). Get a reactor on your factory and make a liberator then a medivac then a reactor. Use the first 2 mines to drop your opponents main or natural. Take your 4th gas and get to a total of 4 factories (2 reactors and 2 techlabs)with constant mine tank production 1 starport (reactor) with constant Vikings. Research Tunneling claws. Get another armory to research air attack upgrades Play out the game turtling and macroing up. When you take your 4th get 3 more starports. So now you will have 2 reactored starports and 2 tech lab starports. Get a fusion core and then get cloak and banshee speed and corvid reactor. Throughout the game the protoss has either turtled to skytoss or kept trying to whittle you down. If your opponent has turtled and has not allowed you to trade out make medivacs and do constant widow mine and tank drops to trade in order to get to your end game comp of Viking Raven Banshee Mine <strong/>Engagements: While you want to turtle using mine tank Viking you should always know when there is blood in the water. If your opponent just took out your 5th and just lost his whole army go and kill his 5th and retreat back. The Protoss army is almost as just as immobile as you are. As for the mid game comp your opponent will probably have adept immortal archon. Its important to understand that adept shade is probably the most broken thing in the game when it comes to your playstyle. Shading will make mines go off and make tanks friendly fire. Whenever a shade comes in make sure to unsiege and unburrow mines. Once the army comes in move mines forward and burrow again. Then siege your tanks up and you will trade favorably. Late game is either Tempests and/or Carrier HT or Stalker Ht Archon. The latter is easier to beat but both require ghosts. If you start seeing High Templar on the field add ghosts. When you engage HT its always better to take them out instead of EMP, however if you are going to take an engagement quickly I suggest blanket emps to nullify them. When dealing with tempests use pdd and Viking focus fire and when dealing with carriers use seeker missle and Viking focus fire. Unlike Stalker Archon HT tempests and carriers have long build times so after an engagement you can abuse the banshee speed to snipe workers and expos. Early Game Shenagians: To clear the subject on not seeing the natural nexus you want to play very very defensively. You already have 2OC so you are already ahead. DO NOT feel the need to take your natural OC as soon as its finished. Defend your opponents shenagians, get a tank, a liberator and make sure hes not continuing pressure OR you know you can hold it. While 3 cyclones and 1 liberator can hold off anything behind a wall they cant do ANYTHING if there is no wall. Well that's my starting guide on TvP mech. Feel free to ask me anything :D Atom14
10h 10h 10h 10h
Lets play a game I'll say a unit and then you say its counter. The next person after you will name the counter to the unit you chose Ill start Thor Atom101
Reality vs Rogue Fix ZvT please Another example of how vulnerable and UP zerg is vs terran on creep he drops and snipe baneongs before they connect. If this was balanced the attack would look ore like this. he dropps marauders and marines using marauders to tank banelings while marines sit behind them. This is a balanced attack. but marines dropping out of a medvac and snpeing banelings before they hit them with 100% marines is ridiculous. Blizzard baneling were meant to be the counter to marines! I don't understand how you don't fix things that are obvious mistakes but you will buff the widow mine when TvZ winrates were balanced after hellbat buff. This makes us think you just favor them over zerg. Honestly people have been thinking it for a long time so its nothing new. Marines simply can do everything and counter everything that zerg makes. this has been a core issue since WoL Marines can beat banelings on or off creep. Zerg need a fix Buff infestor increase movement speed to help with catching bio in generals increase the fungal range to help with the same THIS MIGHT BE ENOUGH! but if its not a slight baneling speed increase would be a great next step. Banelings should be a lot faster on creep. Fact marines can kill them before they hit them on creep shows what a joke this situation really is. They are supposed to be countered by banes. and also with no splitting just sitting there and sniping the banes fast enough before they hit him. If teran sees Broodlords he can still counter them with marines if he sees roach/hydra marines are still the anwer if he seesling bane muta marines can still win The marines should not just be able to do everything it cost 50 minerals at least if the unit cost like 100/150 (same cost as an infestor) then I would not be complaining as it would not be able to be spammed as much and would hurt to lose it. A more balance look at countering roach hydra should be marauder /marine or marine tanks or marine with mines anything except 100% marines. The DPS and movement speed with low cost and spammability are making this the case. Fix for zerg as in a buff or a nerf to the unit are the only ways of fixing these scenarios. KingofQueens47
13h 13h
multiplayer mod: HeptaCraft now released After 5 months of development, HeptaCraft is now basically bug-free and ready for release :) Release trailer: HeptaCraft is an extension mod for SC2:LotV, featuring a whooping seven playable factions, and its own ladder mode. The gameplay is more like BW than StarCraft 2, with longer, more positional battles. HeptaCraft is playable on any melee map. More information can be found at If you are interested in trying a cool new fun alternative, look for other players in discord channel #heptacraft: (edit: corrected to correct invite link) or on channel "HeptaCraft" ------------------------- Factions explained with tutorial videos: Dominion Defensive Terran. Sluggish. Tough. Tenacious. tech tree image: Video tutorial: Raiders Classic Terran. Slow. Crafty. Resourceful. tech tree image: Video tutorial: Khala Traditional Protoss. Inflexible. Robust. Powerful. tech tree image: Video tutorial: Nerazim Sneaky Protoss. Delicate. Mobile. Precise. tech tree image: Video tutorial: Swarm Swarmy Zerg. Weak. Fast. Flexible. tech tree image: Video tutorial: Infested Funky Zerg. Tricky. Cheap. Persistent. tech tree image: Video tutorial: Covenant Fusion style. Frail. Quick. Adaptable. Video tutorial: tech tree image: Video tutorial: summerloud6
[@Blues] 20 ideas for making SC2 great again Hi ! I understand that the team spend much of his energy on balance subjects… but for most of the players (i mean the non-PGM), the balance is not the main problem. Even If i beat a player better than me, or am I beaten by a player worst than I am, i will always have a 50% win ratio whatever balanced is the game. But what we are sensitive to, as casual players, is the "fun factor", related to the design of the game. Give us love ! Here are some suggestions (mainly) focused on multiplayer, that we would like you to consider. From our point of view, the main design flaws are those : the game is too much APM based workers dies too fast to harassement armies die too fast to AOE social aspect is too weak These are some suggestions to make the game more "casual friendly". Of course, you don't have to implement all of them... but you should think to it ! 1) Shortcut revamp : allow players to move the position of the icons on the grid (drag-and-drop) As WC3. In the current state, there are many conflicts and the system is not enough customisable : same capacities are not at the same place for different units ; the coop mode, campaign and multi are conflicting. It is already impossible to have a consistant grid in the game and that will become worst and worst with additions of new commanders and future missions packs. 2) Allow the activation of capacities of sub-groups without having to tab (As far as there are no conflicts.) It is mainly the difficulty to activate the capacities of sub-groups that prevent casuals to use casters or complex army compositions. With the shortcut system revamp, this feature would be amazing : even casual players would have a real control of their troups. As it is now, if you are not a korean octopus, fights are so stressful and fast... 3) Group the sub-groups together (put an icon for each sub-group) What is the point to have sub-groups if one can't select and use them efficiently ? This will allow players to select easily a sub-group with a single click on the mouse and (even better) with new shortcuts. Double click or ctrl+clic on a moving unit are not so easy to do in the fire of action... and clicking several times on the "tab" key to find the good unit portrait to select can cost you the game. 4) Give an option to make the F2 key not selecting units on « hold position » or in patrol mode So simple. You can't imagine how frustrating it is to lose a game to a run-by because i press F2 and got my zealot out of my wall... As some players seem to use F2 to find their observers, it would better to be an option. 5) Show an icon of the progess of the units in production The best location(s) have to be discussed (alert part of the screen, upon production building, and/or when selecting groups of production buildings). Even in the 80's, all rts games had a feature of this kind ! 6) Allow the players to able the windows key « in menus only ». And if a player has desactivated this key, let him affect shortcuts to it. 7) Add a spectator mode to allow people to watch a friend game in ladder. What are you afraid of which could not be done with a sharing screen software ? I would like to see playing my friends (with their point of view), and it would be great for coaching. If it is possible to have archon mode, it is possible to have 2 players in a team, one of them not beeing able to act. 8) Allow automated production by right clicking on the icon of a unit in a production building menu It will make the unit be trained as long as there are enough ressources (mineral, gas and supply). Omg, that would be crazy. Once again, all the rts in the 80's did implement this... 9) Allow automatized mule and automatized larva injection This would make the macro so much easier... And you would still have to micro to save energy for scans or for tumors. 10) Blinking alert icons when you have idle workers, and when you are approaching supply block The current alert for idle workers is too subtle. We could even consider kind of a counter or a discreet alert for idle buildings. 11) Make the name of an ennemy building appears when clicked on, even if it is out of vision Or make the building under construction beeing visually recognizable, as it is in WC3. Because as it is now, the scout will often die before a casual can even click on the building under construction that was just unveil. So, scouting is often not rewarding for casuals... Some will tell that you have to better control the scout, but is it a micro-challenge or a strategy game asking you to adapt to what you see ? 12) Add a list of live streaming in game. Just to pass time between 2 games... 13) Chat system : separate windows by contact. It is broken since months... 14) Arcade : show the open games Seems obvious... but it is not the case right now. For those of us who play arcade casually. 15) Reduce the AOE damages and balance accordingly As your army is dying too fast. It is a big changement in the design of the game (but addressing one of the biggest flaw of the game), so i guess it would need kind of a new beta on a PTR. 16) Reduce the damages against workers. Harassement is way too powerful. Maybe increase the armor of workers, or their hp, or both. 17) Allow people to choose their match-up in unranked mode. Sometimes we just want to practice against a specific race, and it is boring to freelose 2/3 games... and making your mmr system less accurate. 18) Merge archonte and 1v1 (unranked) queue Archonte queue is way too long and too few teams are playing. As the archonte team will be associate with a player having alone the same MMR as the team together, it is not a problem. 19) Release the announced improvements : separate mmr for each race and counter for workers. You said you will do it... soon©. 20) Add daily quests, a cosmetics market place and achieve the ladder revamp To encourage us to play regularly, give us daylie quests to earn a currency to buy cosmetics items (portraits, voice packs, achievements, decals, skins...). Remove the bonus pool and change the division system : instead of ranking players by points, rank them by mmr alone. In a competitive game, the ranking system should be accurate, reliable and related on skill only, not on gimmicks. 21) Make the multiplayer free-to-play The most popular e-sport games are free-to-play. Make the 1c1 experience be part of the starter edition. Blizzard will earn more money by selling cosmetics on a micro-transactions market (prices would be both in real money and in games currency). It should also increase the number of viewers on the sc2 e-sport scene. *) Give an option to hide the numbers of workers on gas and bases... as long as the gas or the main building is not selected. Not important, but it is so ugly as it is now ! @casuals : Don't forget to upvote this message if you like some of the ideas ! Give me precise feedback or new ideas in the discussion and i will update the list for the blues. Azoth25