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Nov 21, 2011 Rewards for Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Ok so I understand getting Murkablo as a WoW pet. What I dont understand is getting a PanTerran Marine portrait for Wings and their decals. Honestly, I find that disappointing. Now I didn't buy a ticket just to get in-game stuff. I watched blizzcon from start to finish. I was hoping for something more along the lines of Heart of The Swarm, and not something !@#$ing in between It and Mists of Pandaria. I think, in all seriousness, they chose a "PanTerran" simply because it sounds close to Pandaren. Childish. VanguardSix1 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Should more games use starcraft MMR? Do you think that other games should license the starcraft MMR system? While it creates a class system between players, it makes it more enjoyable than a bronze player like myself getting destroyed randomly by masters level players. Some games I would be masters or even grandmasters on and other games it would be much more enjoyable if i played against bad call of duty players like myself.darkangelism3 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Can't mineral walk through tanks Fun fact of the day: did you know you can't mineral walk through tanks? I never actually knew that. Until just now. True story, try it out. Doesn't work. They act like it's a building. note: only in sieged mode.Carbonthief11 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Honestly - this "gg" talk needs to end Really guys, why does it freaking matter if they GG you or not? Seriously I don't understand what the fuss is and why most people get extremely... yes, extremely offended when they win and someone rage quits on them instead of saying "GG." Why should you care if they BM after you won? you WON, take the victory and leave. But no, instead of taking the win for what it is and moving on with your life, you rush over to this "wtf is this forum" and talk smack (which is BM itself) about why you should legitimately deserve a "gg" every time you win a match all while hanging your opponent's frustration on the hall of shame. Seriously, why? Is it possible to take a win without having the motive to be arrogant? I don't care if it's competition, but if you honestly need your opponent to boost up your epeen every time you win then you have a serious lack of self-image and self-confidence. When someone loses, they can get frustrated. Leave them be and move on. Don't post replays, screenshots, or tell stories of the person mouthing off to you. Why is it necessary? Just stop.IronMan51 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 PSA: Leenock's roachling holdable with ffe The reason they killed naniwa is NOT that he "durp ffe every game." FFE is specifically designed to be able to hold these builds. That's why FFE is the standard pvz opener, it's really the only safe way to expand without falling behind economically. Saying naniwa shouldn't FFE every game is like saying terrans shouldn't open with 10depot every game. It's just the standard opening, and the real build doesn't start until AFTER that. The reason naniwa died to the "cheeses" was because he didn't scout them. Had he scouted them and known they were coming, he could have cut probes and massed cannons, and been completely fine, in fact ended up so far ahead he couldn't possibly lose. He didn't mass cannon though, because if you do that blindly then you just fall realllly far behind a zerg that does the more standard fast 3rd. It all comes down to scouting and ability to scout, and cutting corners to take a risk when you're lacking necessary information.Carbonthief43 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Why does everyone complain? All the races have their own advantages and disadvantages, yet everyone complains about something being op or up. People need to just chill and play the game. It also upsets me that people think that one single unit is incredibly op. Or that it cant be beat by some race. Everything can be countered and its not impossible to win against anything. Blizzard has done a fantastic job of balancing a complex game and we need to give them more credit for what they've done. IMO.WFSkFp0 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Blizzard DotA needs... ... The Invisible Protis Sniper, the Rockit Black guy and Pylo the Pylon. Just a sugestion for Blizz... Altrantis9 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Why do people still call Terran easy mode? I understand back before Toss found out how to deal with bio, and back before Zerg was actually a good race. At that point Terran was definitely far easier, far more forgiving, and far more likely to just roflstomp an opposing army with little micro investment. But that's certainly not the case any more. TvP is incredibly micro heavy for the Terran. The engage must be good to prevent Collosus and storms from immediately melting marines. Meanwhile, Ghosts need to EMP the Archons behind the Chargelots while kiting with Marines and Marauders. Toss just A-move the Chargelots and Archons and hit T for a big ball of units. In TvZ it's more even, but unit positioning is everything. If the Marines aren't behind the Thors and Tanks it's a gg. Then the flanks need to be taken into account so that Mutas/Lings don't destroy all your tanks. And Hellions need to kite Speedlings. And dealing with Mutas in your base is nearly impossible without Turrets or Thors. Zergs must set up the flanks, and must position Banes and Mutas properly, of course. But a lot of the time I just see a whole huge group of Banes and Lings A-moved into Terran, then another flank group A-moved, and then better control for the Mutas. And Ultras and Broods are just A-move for the win. I'm not saying that Terran is UP here. I think that Terrans have it tough for the first time probably ever, but it's probably still mostly even. But we are not the easy mode race that everyone says we are, especially in long macro games. Early all-ins are still devastatingly powerful, as MVP proved against MC yesterday. But winning a long macro game is extremely difficult and requires much better control of your army than the Protoss or Zerg player. Or at least it seems so to me after watching pretty high level stuff.RURavenKing6 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 choose random, no imbalances. A lot of people are qqing about imbalance. Do random first and you will know the truth. Once a zerg master player, I was sometimes annoyed by cheese from terran, voidrays from protoss and so on. Now I played random. I knew that terran is a little overpowered. In the master level, I could easily win with some tactics for terran. Like I wallin bunker start to assume 111 but actually 3 rax rush, once protoss have 2nd base, I will crush him. Nowadays, it is easiest for me to win as a zerg, since I was a zerg player. Second easiest as a Terran, hardest as a protoss. I personally thought tvz is balanced but tvp is not balanced yet. However, as random, I could enjoy the imbalance as much as I was annoyed by the imbalance. No matter how blizzard ajusts it.GeniusYao0 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Replay fantasy I have had games where there are situations I'd want to practice over and over. I'd love it if in a replay you could press a button and create a custom game based on the current state of the game. Heck it'd be fun to get a replay from pros and see how well you'd do in the situation they found themselves in. Kinda like those chess puzzles they publish in the papers, win from this situation. J.Jevot0 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Protoss air updates hello guys what you guys think about getting a 300/200 base to get tier 2 updates for air units?darkyoshi0 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Blizzard is not your mother So stop crying on the forums every time your race's "representative" loses in a big tournament. Of course, not crying about balance will mean taking responsibility for your own losses.jlCoolDream0 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 How would you feel if the Stargate Was 200/100 instead of 150/150? Zerg and Terran opinions are welcome as well.Rafaello14 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 What will toss do? When they are OP? Such a large portion of their lives is devoted to ensuring that terran and zerg become balanced. they protest the OPness of terran of zerg with a ferociousness equal to that "occupy wall street". But when/if Protoss becomes OP the biggest part of their lives (QQ) will begin to disintegrate. What will they do?!MerryFistMas23 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Problems with MLG site? So I'm just wondering if anyone else had problems watching the MLG stream at '' (sream would freeze but would still have audio, whole web tab would go unresponsive, long delay on browsing VODS). I can view MLG streams on teamliquid and with no problems, but if I actually go to the site I always lagg very bad. Did anyone else have this?BigTitanFan2 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Anybody want to help a girl zerg player? I'm just starting out (switching from fps) and have been placed in gold on my practice account but I'd really appreciate some help as I'm trying to get a lot better and confident in my playing abilities. If anyone would like to help me out, maybe train me a bit that would be amazing! =D I've already gotten a little help from the thread I posted yesterday and have met some really nice practice partners but I could always go for some more. ^-^ I stream here: I'm currently offline for the night but have some recording of me on a webcam as well as playing from last night so you can kinda see how I play right now. I'll still be on SC tonight, just not streaming. I hope to be streaming a lot more. Anybody interested? <3NianaZ62 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Is this guy mad? ?? Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 you put an equal distribution of race & Ts UP Remember when I said koreans just prefer terran? Last two events, MLG providence and Orlando. We've got about an equal distribution of race and results didn't favor terran, not even close. Also IPL Seasons 1, 2, and 3 showed results favored by the other 2 race. IEM tournaments and ESL don't favor terran. IMO Terran was never OP to begin with, just Koreans prefer them.Kobe6 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 No love for Random players :( Ah well, lucky for me, I won because he sucked worse than I did at this game :DXSliceNDiceX5 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 You guys ever wonder if... The balance team dreads any big time tournament? It seems the influx of qq starts following any tournament, regardless of strategy or skill. If a Terran wins with MMM, it's op. If protoss wins with dt drops on various locations with sentry to block off incoming reinforcements, it's op. If zerg wins by infestor/ling play, it's op. Also, the dev's. I wonder if Blizzard gives them a mandatory week off following any tournament, just because they know the influx of whining that is soon to follow. Thoughts? Comments?Overlvlind5 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Naniwa goes easy on Leenock. Does anyone else feel as thought Naniwa wasn't really giving it his all in the final best of seven? Watching and re-watching each of the games thoroughly, and paying attention to his facial and body expressions has put me under the impression that after the first two games he had already made up his mind that Leenock was going to win. Now please do not get me wrong, Leenock is an amazing zerg to have defeated all of those that feel in his path to the MLG grand finals in this MLG, Its just when paying close attention to his in-game choices in the last few matches his effort comes into question.HeavyArms40 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 No more GG's I feel like one of those old guys that always make references to "back in the day." LOL It's just so crazy coming from bw and always seeing a glhf and gg, now people rage and leave, should learn some manners before the Koreans give us a spankin'. What do you guys think about this trend? Hopefully I'm not the only one that finds this weird.NuRa37 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Changes to balance the game Forgetting any new units - SC2 was over a 10 year wait - it should have been balanced on release not after a few new packs. So here are some easy tweaks that would make the game better. TERRAN Tanks - with no armor. Why are they called tanks then? They go down like paper - raise the armor to 3 at base. **edit, forgetting the seige OP, reverse the damage so they do the greater damage non-seiged - would probably have to lower the cd to 1.5 or so or would be too powerful on the move. Reduce the 'cant break the tank line' silliness. Thors - same thing, make base armor 2 or 3 add +1 range(a massive tier 3 unit with the same range as tier one units is silly) Hellions - suck. Increase base damage to at least 10 or 12. Marines - everyone says they are OP, which is mostly true, but late game aoe and various units counter them too. Unless maybe take out combat shields. Battlecruisers - 700 cost, costs as much as 14 marines, does as much damage as 5 marines. Lame. Tier 3 capital ship should be better than tier 1 units, not worse. Increase range by 2, reduce rate of fire by half, but triple damage. So .5 instead of .225 rof, and say a flat 22 damage air/ground. Increase speed to 2.0. Maybe Yamato should cost less energy as well - given how often it gets used. Terrans are the only race without a ground turret - despite the campaign having two of them. Only race that needs to allocate army to defend areas - while spines and cannons can be places all over if needed. So add a new ground turret - or have an add on to the missle turret than makes it a dual attack one. Banshees are weak as spit. Add 1 armor, and/or maybe 20 more hp. PROTOSS Protoss are considered weak overall in many areas. One excuse given is the guardian shield - so remove guardian shield, and make other areas better. Stalkers are weak compared to the mirror zerg/terran units. Add+2 damage, so like Roaches, upgrades give +2/+4/+6, not +1/+1/+1 Sentries, without guardian shield, add +2 damage. Zealots...too slow until charge. Add .25 to move speed. Archons - tier 3 massive unit - with short range and no defense bonus, add +1 range and +2 or +3 to shields. Phoenix, fast...and weak vs armored air units - making stalkers better anti air than the main anti air flyer unit. Silly. Make base damage 10x2 vs all units, not just light. Add +1 range at least, or even +2. An air unit with 4 range is silly. Void rays - weak as spit vs all the light units until fully charged, and dies before it gets fully charged. Make damage same 10 vs all light/armored instead of 6+4. Carrier - does anyone use them? Expensive and like the Battlecrusier - low dps to cost with multiple low damage attacks vs anything with any armor - not a very scary tier 3 capital ship. Either make damage +2 per shot, or combine the two into one and make the damage 14, with upgrades giving +2/+2/+2 per level. Immortals - the non-armor attack is not strong enough, change attacks to either 25+25, or 30+20 from the current 20+30. Mothership - instead of removing it...and like all three tier 3 capital ships it has a rapid weak attack - which is still silly, esp as it is the most expensive unit in the game. Double the damage to 12x6, add +1 range (making all capital ships have an 8 range). Add +3 shields. ZERG Zerglings upgrade to one of the more power units in the game along with marines. Reduce hp from 35 to 30. Hydralisks got nurfed from SC1, increase hp back to 90 from 80. Roaches - since a lot of air can just be ignored as they are, the ground attack only is mostly irrelevant, and they are cheaper than every other race, and do more damage(marauders cost more and do half damage to light units reducing its power). In all three race matchups - even tournament play Roaches are the #1 mass unit. Reduce hp to 125, reduce speed upgrade from 3.0 to 2.75. Ultralisks – **edit upgrade damage to 25 +15 or so instead of 15+20. And like all other massive units +1 range. Getting caught behind other units, or in some tournaments – being stopped by ‘hold position scv’s’ is just stupid. All massive units should have a trample ability. Any small units blocking them from a target automatically move out of the way if they can, if they cannot, or are on hold position – they die and do prevent the massive unit from moving, whether it is their own units or the enemy. Most of the flyers are good for Zerg as is, either good damage or fast. But Zerg does not have a ‘capital ship’. Brood lords are kinda tier 3, but only attack ground, and pretty weak when actually getting hit back. So new Zerg flyer – maybe something like from the last scenario in the campaign, but less big. A high damage air and ground attack that has an 8 range. Around 700 hp. That should cover most of it. A ‘few’ easy changes in numbers, and the game is balanced – poof. No need for 20 new units – although I like new units too.Riggs29 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Essay for Comp 1 about StarCraft:/ Soo I'm writing this essay about starcraft for my english class.. I'm trying to find how many people has an account for SCII, or has bought the game. I've been looking everywhere on the net and have not found it yet. If anyone knows where I can find it please let me know, and include the cites because I need them for the cite page :PVirtuoso2 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 most useful thread ever (hopefully) Hi! I'm a protoss player, currently trying to learn how to play the other two races. I'll be glad if anyone can help me with basics of terran/zerg, and thus I hope people can post useful information in this thread regarding this two races. I'll need to know What are the standard opening for ZvP/ZvZ/ZvT/TvP/TvT/TvZ How many production buildings can be supported per base (idk how this works for zerg) What are the standard unit composition for ZvP/ZvZ/ZvT/TvP/TvT/TvZ How to deal with common cheeses/unit composition when playing as zerg/terran All comments are welcomed, regardless of length!corsair2 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 What if I told you MANLY TEARS.Rafaello1 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 An idea to fix Pause Thirty-second timeouts. 1. Each team (or player, in a 1v1) gets one and only one 30-second timeout (real time, not game time) per game. 2. Once initiated, a timeout cannot be undone. 3. A countdown timer appears on-screen during the timeout. There is an audible cue during the last five seconds. 3. During the timeout, each team gets the option to extend the timeout to two minutes. This can only be done by mutual consent (needs at least 50% of the vote per team). 4. Play resumes immediately and automatically after the 30 seconds are done. 5. Teams cannot call time out if any of their units or structures have been under attack in the last 10 (real time) seconds.Tollbooth14 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Why are the terran up now??? ? edit: im not saying they are UP now but there was a lot of thread about itIvan17 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 MLG Providence: Finals NaniWa vs Leenock Let it begin! I'm not even going to bother to speculate on how this set is going to go. Both players have been playing absolutely fantastic, could go any direction. Quick Edit: I'm aware this is premature, but I don't see Leenock losing to DRG in the semi's.BioFlux54 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Before any jumps on the Terran up bandwagon This is a single tournament. Some of the retarded forumgoers are going to be making Terran UP threads. Wait it out. A single tournament does not dictate a trend. We are going to have to just wait and see on this.gurrpp17 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 So oGs.Zenio is now Liquid.Zenio Kinda interesting, at least its a nice change from all the flaming going on right now.RyDaChe9 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Zerg cheeses 4 out of 5 games for 50k Was looking foreword to some exciting play, leenock cheeses 4/5 games. Naniwa underperforms. nestea, huh, idea, mvp mma all get knocked out. DRG straight up loses after crushing all the way to the semis Worst MLG yetSevii45 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Anybody want to help a boy protoss player? I'm just starting out (switching from fps) and have been placed in gold on my practice account but I'd really appreciate some help as I'm trying to get a lot better and confident in my playing abilities. If anyone would like to help me out, maybe train me a bit that would be amazing! =D I've already gotten a little help from the thread I posted yesterday and have met some really nice practice partners but I could always go for some more. ^-^ Basically I'm just I'm offline atm, but any help would be great -^^ Anybody interested? <3Nightshade3 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Hello blizzard forums :D I don't read these forums enough so thought I'd say hello :] Looking forward to reading more often. :]GoSuRuM4 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Reporting players in-game Does it do anything? What can be done about team games where a player denies resources to his teammates or kills them outright? I have one game name to start the list off or add to it if it is somewhere else; foobar. He abandons teammates and lets them choke. he also refuses to end the game. we need devices to deal with these children.Matou6 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 StarCraft Master Icon? It's blank atm, but any idea or rumors about how to get it?Lazo2 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 hurr durr zerg op Terran logic. Expect this until the next MLG.uiui5 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 BSG Tournamnet :D come join it will be casted Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Terran and Protoss brothers... Naniwa is clearly one of the best players in the world. The hoards of zerg bandwagoners all bmed him, saying he cheesed his was into the finals. This is utter BS. Naniwa brought a new style of protoss to the metagame. A protoss to be feared, that could actually pressure a zerg third. And for being innovative, he gets called a scrub. Then in the finals, Leenock cheesed 4 games in a row. Yes, 4 games in a row. And the zergs call him god now. Apparently he is a bonjwa. Well you know what? Lets show these zerg bandwagoners what cheese REALLY is. I'm calling to every protoss and terran who is sick of being called a cheeser for not letting a zerg drone to 80 and getting 4 bases. Terrans, 6 rax megarax them. Proxy 2 rax bunker rush them. Hellion maurader allin them. Protoss, cannon rush every game. 4 gate, 7 gate allin them. 2 stargate allin them. Its time we show these zergs what cheese actually is, because apparently Naniwa attacks on 2 base and its a cheese, but Leenock can 7 roach rush 3 games and 7 pool another game and he is good. Its been enough of putting up with zerg scrubs. Fight back.Chaotic21 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Screw SC2 & It's Cheese - I'm out I really like SC2 when it is played the way it's supposed to be played--- but lately it seems like 70% of games I play my opponent cheeses me in one way or another. This game has been out long enough and it's a god damn disgrace that Blizzard doesn't do anything to stop it. It's ruined my fun of the game, and I am about ready to move on to something new. Some cheese is acceptable because it can be easily scouted and countered, like the 6 pool, but other cheese I find to be unacceptable and I'd just LOVE to hear how you guys handle the following situations without doing some bizzarre drastic move that is ridiculous and might not work, or react with a coinflip (proxy gate vs cannon rush- hope they dont have defending cannon). The worst offender is Terran---- The most versatile race cannot be scouted by the race who relies on proper counters to survive. HOw !@#$ing fair is that? Inoring Terran for now, lets start with Protoss Cannon rush. PROTOSS CANNON RUSH 1.) a PROPER cannon rush PvP - Opponent drops 4 pylons by your nexus early game--- workers can barely even kill ONE pylon. Then he drops cannons. Wanna try dropping a forge and stopping it with your own cannon? good !@#$ing luck. Should we just block our rap entirely EVERY game? GREAT IDEA!!!! Every PvP is now a complete wall off... that's a great way to play!! Solution: Forge after gateway would ruin the FFE--- how about cannons need to be built within a radius of your nexus? Terran The problem with Terran is they ahve 1000 ways to cheese, and there is no safe build against them because of this so it's ALWAYS a coin flip-- there is no scouting guaranteed vs Terran. With the use of bunkers, Terran can FE as early as they like, and do whatever build they like and they are always safe from Protoss without worry. Protoss, on the other hand, has no safe "Go-To" build against the unscoutable Terran, so every game is virtually a coin flip. If you stay on 1 base to defend what ou think is a rush and see their CC floating over, by the time your Nexus is built their CC is already muleing up thousands of mienrals for them, so you can't match them that way. Robo bay is built - build an obsever - It goes to their base? Banshee hits your minerals. It goes to your minerals? You can't see their base. You build 2 observers? You get rushes and wish you had an immortal. You build the immortal? You fail to scout the banshees being built. It's endless like this... Terran Cheese #1 - Marine SCV all in - Auto repair SCVS are better than probes--- The few times I win, I lose tons of probes while Terran Mules back to life. Preparing for this rush puts you way behind if they gasless FE & I've found it really hard to tell which build they are going for (if your lucky enough to scout no gas). Terran Cheese #2 - Double Thor w/ Marines & Repairing SCVS - If you 1 gate FE, it's pretty much a guaranteed loss, so Protoss' favorite build is now officially a coin flip unless the Terran player sucks. No guaranteed way to scout it as usual until its too late, and you'll need masterful micro/macro to scout, prepare, and survive this (NO DPS to Thor since itll just get reparied, so have fun manually controlling all ur units vs A moving Terran). That is, of course, unless us Protoss now default to the amazing 2 gate robo build that is anti-macro/FE build that we deserve to be able to use, just like Zerg & Terran can. 1/1/1 & it's endless variations - So many variations of it, Ravens, Basnhees, Medivacs, it's difficult to counter (they say build zealot/immortal; then you find it to be a 2port banshee. Build stalkers?? Ravens come... Scout Terran? I don't think so) There's more but i'm tired... PROBLEM!?!? Fix the !@#$ing Prtoss cannon rush bull%^-*. I can stop a regular rush but the multiple pylon rush is unstoppable unless you reexpand or proxy gate which aren't even a sure thing and are RIDICULOUS that Bliz allows a move that forces us into doing that. Terran? SO much different cheese options, and is the only race that can wall off their base towards scouts with extreme ease. I'm sick of having to scout and play perfectly to stop a !@#$ty player from cheesing me. I win almost all of my REAL games but I am not an SC2 master. You SHOULDNT HAVE TO BE a master in order to survive some dumb newbies cheese build, but sadly GM Protoss loses to this cheese all the time as well. Blizzard, get off your $%^ and make this game fun for eveyrone.rawler48 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 My name is TERRIBAD and I am awful. Alright a little preface here. Hello everyone I'm TERRIBAD as you've probably guessed I'm looking pretty much for any pointer I can get. My name is intentionally degrading I like to put forth an air of low expectations pretty much all the time (my friends say I look like a bum). I'm pretty new to starcraft 2, I've had the game since release, but the ladders crushing difficulty has kept me from really getting into it back when the game first came out, and a lovely fling with league of legends and freshman year of college had kept me away for quite a while. With heart of the swarm coming "soon" I decided it was high time i started playing and hitting the ladder. Well this concludes the formal introduction. Now for the nitty gritty. I'm having trouble in the ladder, I'm pretty much brand shiny baby face new to the game, everything I know is from watching TGN casts of high tier games, and 5 placement matches + 5 ladder matches. I won 2 out of the 5 placement matches and that somehow landed me in gold league. Now i know gold league is nothing to wright home about and honestly the REAL game doesn't start until diamond or higher. (just like in league of legends the game doesnt start until 1500+). I feel overwhelmed everyone I've encountered seems to have a decent handle on the game mechanics, and have a few preset builds they are capable of running through quite well. thankfully I'm not in bronze so i don't have to deal with cannon rush, 7 pool, or any of that planetary nonsense. BUT I dont feel like i truly belong in gold league i should probably be lower, I'm getting steamrolled out there. for the most part I'm asking for general tips, obviously I need to work on my micro, macro, and APM, and actually learn to scout and learn the basic army compositions and build orders. Im even having trouble picking a race. protoss was my original race of choice, back when the game first came out stalker voidrays was a straight forward build and was pretty easy to pull off(voidrays blow now from what i can gather). even now stalker, cullosi, imortal, and the concept of the FFE appealed to me. and the warp in system on buildings made macroeing a breeze. something happened though im not entirely sure but i got discouraged from playing protoss so i decided to branch out. so now im starting all over again with terran, at first manageing building production was difficult and moveing workers off the line to build seemed like a nightmare, but im slowly getting the hang of it. the idea of marine tanks and medivacs seemed really appealing to me especialy watching Marine King rip it up. for now im sticking too it, the long range of the tanks and the high mobility and general usefulness of the marines seems like a good starting point for a newbie like me. zerg confounds me to no end, managing larvae injections, trading drones for army production, the constant need to expand seems risky to me. even spreading creep tumors its all so much work. I supply block myself constantly on my quest for drones drones drones. so far all I've gotten down is protoss: FFE 3 gate robo, stalker voids terran: double helion expand, 1/1/1, 4 rax timing zerg: none (i gave up) I'm struggling to follow even basic build orders and my scouting is AWFUL/non existent. should i just grit my teeth and spam games until I stop losing? I'm also worried about fighting against zerg, i havent faced many in the ladder but from what im seeing in the high tier games they are just dominating right now, if early harass fails to keep them from rapidly expanding its already too late. I can't work a single army comp in my head that can stop a ling/bling/muta. Its stong like marine, tank, metamav, or stalker, sentry, cullosi the key deterrence here is that is they are much much more mobile. from what i can tell these comps are all about equal and it all comes down to micro, which is were the speed helps. Its alot to ask for people to read through my crappy format, poorly spelled/worded ramble of a first post but I would appreciate all the help I can get, and sorry in advance for the incoherent wall of text. If this is the best writing I can do I weep for my future graded papers. TL:DR I'm bad please help still picking between terran and protoss, zerg scares me like a spider on the toilet seat.TERRIBAD6 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Leenock is the first Zerg Champion of MLG this year. This post-tourney interview shows how Leenock knew Naniwa's FFE strategy from watching his games against DRG. Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Leenock's Road to the Championship 2-0 Infernozz 2-0 duckyr 2-0 Drewbie 2-0 Oz 2-0 Gatored 2-0 State 2-0 Haypro 0-2 DRG 2-0 Boxer 2-0 Slush 2-1 MMA 2-0 Idra 2-0 Huk 2-0 MVP 4-1 DRG 4-1 Naniwa 34-5 Overall ----- Look at the names of the players he beat to win this championship. It's a who's who of elite players and champions from other tournaments. He played through the open bracket, having to play way more than naniwa and others. Somehow, he prevailed. And this kid is only 16 years old. Just unreal. I can't fathom how good he'll be 3 years from now when he's in his prime if he keeps practicing well. Bravo, Leenock.SharkWLazors22 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 SCVs are OP And I have proof! I mean, a lot of players win without Void Rays, or Mutas, or Ghosts - but *EVERY SINGLE TERRAN PLAYER* who has EVER beaten me, EVER, has had AT LEAST *SIX* SCVs!!!! Therefore they are OP, QED. Well, you have to admit, it's at least as logical as all the other 'balance' complaints out there...Rhyleth10 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 why is it so hard to believe that terran might not be op? or maybe they are not doing as good as they use to? These op things must go around in cycles. This is the natural flow of circularly shaped objects like the universe. I think it is time for the next op race.Gravebann15 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 HotS release date... HotS release date... how long do you think HotS is gona take?seiphRis11 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 2 accounts with 1 email? Can I get another account (to play a different race), but map it to the same email address? I don't want to have to create fake email addresses just to add new accounts.Den4 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Leenock showing the true power of Zerg. Title says it all. Brilliant player, and demonstrates the Zerg's true potential, no?ThinkBIG10 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 kj delete ffffffffffffffformose2 Nov 21, 2011
Nov 21, 2011 Why are there so many protoss threads speaking about what terran are not saying about zergs? There is like 5-7 threads of a protoss saying a terran is calling the zerg op. why is this?Gravebann4 Nov 21, 2011