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Oct 27, 2011 Fixing Protoss in HOTS After much deliberation and careful thinking, I have come up with the perfect fix for protoss in all match-ups. This will not be a biased view as I played Terran & Protoss. As Protoss is absolutely boned in HOTS with the battle hellion countering Chargelots and the Warhound killing everything else, I believe the only way to save protoss as a viable race in multiplayer is to give the oracle a new ability. This new ability will be much like the Terran p.d.d. except it will be a shield of sorts. It will have 350 hp/shield/watever to protect all protoss units in a range 6 radius, but it will be EMP-able, but all caster units inside the shield will not be affected by the EMP until the shields are down. Much like the archon except it cannot attack as it is a spell. It cost 100 energy and have a cool down of 40 seconds, possibly more if Blizzard finds balance issues wich they will is some form. Units can enter it to completely bypass the defense matrix, again, much like the p.d.d. and the Vipers Blinding Cloud. This will be the much needed support that protoss needs against all match-ups. This will help much against the dreaded MMM, but not so much against Zerg, as Blinding Cloud basically counters this anyway. I will call this the new ability the Lattice Matrix. As the oracle is a tier three unit, the Lattice Matrix will be an initial spell. Not an upgradeable. Of course, 100 energy is a lot of energy and I feel that the Orcale should get a new upgrade able from the Fleet Beacon, that will give the Oracle a energy boost of 25 energy when it enters the battlefield. Just like the KA. The upgrade may cost 150/250 and have a build time of 200 seconds. A little long perhaps for the impatient. Blizzard, this is the only way. If you don't make these changes, when Legacy of the Void comes out, no one will want to play Protoss any longer. If these changes don't come, I will switch to zerg as my main race as zerg will obviously be the dominate race in HOTS. Kinda Ironic ps. Don't give me !@#$ for being in Plat as many Higher league players may agree with me. Furthermore, this is HOTS, not WoL. there go 99% of your arguments.Unseen0 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 We need Ice maps y are there no ice maps we need emIvan14 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Guilty Pleasures When you are playing Starcraft either as your main race or off-racing, what strategies/ mechanics just make you feel a little guilty when you use them, but are still a huge amount of fun. For example: - When playing a Protoss, I always feel a little guilty when I open up heavy dt play and do a whole bunch of damage to my opponent, only to turn all my harrassment units into tier three monsters and do a massive chargelot archon follow-up. - When playing as zerg (my main race), I'll admit I absulutely love reaching critical mass of mutas vs protoss and just swooping in and killing everything and then leaving when their slow-as-!@#$ deathball arrives. - Terran? Dropping 10 mules on the gold and having my income quadruple. Need I say any more? EDIT: Feel free to troll, nobody's judging :P (everybody's judging)HungryOsiRis10 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 1v1 color on ladder can you change it besides blue and redJakra6 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Zerg Noob Help Wrong forum derp, let the thread dieAnathemicOne7 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 My YouTube Channel Hey guys, I recently started casting Starcraft 2 games on my YouTube channel and I would love if you guys could give a bit of your time to check it out and leave your feedback or advice either here or on the channel. Thanks so much in advance!PurePhoenix0 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 emp needs to be fixed instead of cutting the area it affects in half making us use 2 emps. we should reduce the damage emp does in half. So it does not mess up using emp on zerg. casters who clump need to all be hit.Gravebann68 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 55 ways to kill workers I was lurking in the Protoss section of these forums and a poster said he would give someone major kudos to the first person to name the 55 ways to kill workers. So let's start. 1: SCV 2: Marines 3: Reapers 4: Marauders 5: Ghost 7: Hellions 8: Siege Tanks (Tank Mode) 9: Thors 10: Banshees 11: Auto Turrets 12: Hunter Seeker Missile 13: 250mm Strike Cannon 14: Snipe 15: Nuke 16: Viking (Ground Mode) 17: Battlecruiser 18: Yamato Cannon 19: Drones 20: Zergling 21: Queens 22: Spine Crawlers 23: Broodlings 24: Roaches 25: Banelings 26: Hydralisk 28: Mutalisk 29: Fungal Growth 30: Infested Terran 31: Ultralisk 32: Broodlords 33: Planetary Fortress 34: Probes 35: Zealots 36: Stalker 37: Sentries 38: Dark Templar 39: Psionic Storm 40: Archon 41: Immortal 42: Colossus 43: Phoenixs 44: Void Ray 45: Carriers 46: Motherships 47: Spore Crawler (Workers being transported via transport) 48: Corruptors (Workers being transported via transport) 49: Viking (Air mode) (Workers being transported via transport) 50: Photon Cannon 51: Death via failure (Having workers in a Nydus when both ends are killed) 52: Missile Turrets (Workers being transported via transport) 53: Siege Tank (Siege mode) 54: Placing workers in a burning Command Center and letting it burn while it's flying over a terrain where you cannot land (Thank you Mediocrates) 55: Creating a building with a Drone then letting it get killed or just letting it finished (Once again thank you Mediocrates. I love you ^_^) 56: Feadbacking a Overseer or Medivac with workers in it and killing it (Thank you HungryOsiRis) 57: Queens anti air attack downing a transport with workers in it 58: Thors anti air attack downing a transport with workers in it We broke 55.. BLIZZARD YOU LIED!Cookies35 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 My ZvT sucks, and I don't know where to begin Any tips for what I should do better in ZvT? Here's some replays: First replay is better, because the Terran's reaction is far more typical. Second video is really weird.Tek21 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Why we should listen to the noobs Almost every thread I read ther is always one or two people who say things like "you're not diamond so who cares what you think?" or people refering to the pros to support their arguments like "well this pro player could win using this strategy so obviously your wrong" or "who cares about anything but 1v1?". I think we should recognize that 99% of people who play SC2 are not proffesional and most people play more than just 1v1, be it 2's, 3's, 4's, co-op, custom, etc. That being said, the reason we should keep an open mind to other people's opinion is because they are the one's who you are most likely going to being playing with/against. The pro's will figure out how to adapt to game changes, the balance needs to be met at the casual gamer level not the professional. I'm sure I will get a lot of heat for this thread but that's kind of the point...Cesario16 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Question about MMR I read somewhere that it's impossible to get moved more than 1 league at a time.. Does that mean if you somehow jump from bronze level straight to gold level, you're stuck forever in Bronze until the next season?Mediocrates0 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Marines I want a change made to the marines... Make them have a range of 3 from 5. Zerglings/Zealots are melee... 3 is enough range for a unit still massed 40+ minutes into a game, that with medivacs are ALWAYS cost effective, and you can still drop in the back of mineral lines and kill all my workers. Let the flaming begin.Baruku28 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Did you know? !@#$%^-*! is a bad word? Yes, @#$%^-*!@ is a bad word. It is a plant that grows in the dirt and needs to be censored. It causes less harm than manufactured tobacco (also a plant), less harm than alcohol, less harm than legal narcotics like oxycodone, oxycontin and methadone. I just noticed from another thread that #$%^-*!@# is censored. Anyone know why this is?InfestedHaus16 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 How to Out-think the entire design team Dear Blizzard, You can do better than this. The collosus and the roach are already bad enough design, we don't need more crap. Here are my 2 cents on real game design. ~~~~~~PROTOSS~~~~~~ Oracle- Flying raider. Keep phase shift (shut down building). Replace Entomb (mineral block bs) with new ability- PULSE. What is Pulse? Pulse = ability. 25 damage, a 2 marine radius around the oracle and a .5-2 second cast time. 2 oracles instakill 4-5 workers. 2 oracles shut down static defense for harass and oracle sniping situations. Oracles can now kill marines. They fly, granting immunity to some units. They can't survive in a deathball, get sniped before it goes off. They can't kill queens. Encourages micro. Encourages creative gameplay. Similar-ish to reaver, except not slow and not huge ranged splash. ~~~~~~~~ZERG~~~~~~~~~ New Infestor Ability- Leech. Replace neural parasite animation with leech. Leech disables attack and slows slightly, doesnt disable abilities. Multiple infestors can leech the same target for greater slow. Doesn't wear off until unit is out of range. Combo that with viper's pull for nice pickoffs. May or may not target massive. ~~~~~~~TERRAN~~~~~~~~~~ Nuke land time reduced. Radius is EMP radius. Can't nuke while cloaked. Still 100-100 or even more expensive. EMP Targets a single unit, but works like tank splash. AND NO BLIZZARD, WE DON'T NEED EVERY RACE TO HAVE A CHARGE ABILITY.mrInocence6 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 stop complaining about lossing the carrier Stop complaining about it. and saying that it is here since SC or whatever crap like that. Remember that this game is SC2 not SC!KinGofBlaze13 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 How to fix Carrier and Mothership Fleet Beacon no longer requires a Stargate. Discuss.EuropePower10 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Imma supa maad att teh Starzcraftz BLaRgH! "Eye suckha att teh Starcraftz an insteed oof blahming meh oown inabilitee two playz eye shallz blame OP Somethin regurdless oof if itz makees cents ore notz. Rabble, Rabble, Rabble!" That is all I see on these forums now days -.- Please stop freaking out when a PRO does a strategy and beats another PRO, most of the time the strategy isn't OP it was just INNOVATIVE and UNEXPECTED. And furthermore Pros aren't perfect just because they mess up doesn't mean something is imba/op/etc. Also YES there is an imbalance with Terran we all understand that! HOWEVER, that is not the reason why you self-proclaimed "amazing" Zerg/ Toss players are not Grandmaster yet. The real reason is that you just aren't good enough. Only people who have the right to complain about imbalance are Pros! Period. Lastly, stop complaining about Heart of the Swarm... the BETA hasn't even come out yet and already people are trying to blame units ( that may not even be in the damn game) as to why they are going to lose....... once again I am going to reiterate my point that it isn't the units that are failing you, it's your own skill. And YES I am Silver Terran *gasp* *rabble, rabble rabble*, trust me I understand that I can see my own ranking/race thank you very much. But even I , as a lowly silver, see how idiotic most of these forums are. Stop QQing and actually practice OTHER strategies and try NEW things out if you want to become Pro.MrFurbinator5 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Taking out units is no expansion? So... I was thinking while watching HotS that the new units are kind of cool but the fact is that in brood war we got new units without scrificing anything. It's ok to take out/re-think units but... is an expansion, meaning is suppose to have MORE. A good campaign is always something welcome and adds a lot of epicness, but the same number of units is kind of sad because you pay...say... 40 bucks? To be honest the number of units it has now isn't bad but that doesn't mean there can't be like a couple more per race, one new in HotS and the second in LotV. Add to this an epic campaign and you have a good number of units with everyone happy (for less than 40?). All in all, this is to say that I really hope the price would be less considering that another expansion is in order and they're really trading out stuff to keep it fresh. Also, most people will order HotS since if you play WoL until then is because you really like the game. Just hoping blizz gives us a good chunk for our buck when the time comes as always. Rio4 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 I disagree with Carrier Removal. Blizzard, I just saw a thread about how Carriers never got any buffs or nerfs, which just shows youguys haven't tried anything to make it useful. This is StarCraft 2. A sequel to Original StarCraft. Don't tell me they are two different games. if the sequel doesn't want to be compared with the original, it should've been a different name. Blizzard, I here by ask you, and seriously, have you tried anything to fix Carriers? Terran. Oh, I think Battlecruiser seems underused. Oh, so we buffed its movement speed. Zerg. Oh, I think Ultralisks are weaker than we thought.. Oh, let's give Ultras ability called Burrow Charge. Protoss. Oh, I think Carriers take too long to build and very underused. Oh, so let's remove it and replace it with another unit. Are you serious? Have you tried reducing the build time? Have you tried increasing 2~3 armor on Carrier? Have you tried Hardened Shield so Carriers dont just get sniped 1 shot kill by vikings or corruptors? Have you tried changing the way interceptors attacked? Have you tried making Carriers move while interceptors still attacking? Have you tried adding a new ability to a Carrier like what you did with the Ultralisk? What did you try? Don't talk unit's role. Ultras weren't even allowed to burrow in Original StarCraft. It's the Carrier. The ultimate weapon in air and a capital ship of Protoss. Terran players, let's say they removed Battlecruiser before they got speed buff. Would you happily accept it and just replace it with another unit? Zerg players, will you just remove Ultras before you try to change anything and just replace it with something faster and smaller? Blizzard, I really want you to think deep into this problem, and come up with some kind of solution, not removal like you always did with Protoss. I will not focus on how Tempest would even replace Carrier as a 'better' unit, this will be purely discussing why Carriers are getting removed.HanPulse25 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Explain this strange amount of ladder points Some guy in my pool has accumulated 89 ladder points so far in season 4 ... and he has won only 2 games. How is that possible ?? I thought the highest amount you could gain for a win was 15, and that's without factoring that the new season has reset bonus pools. ChefOrc1 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Protoss is a dead race Apparently 14 months of Terran dominance in both the GSL and the Korean ladder are not sufficient for David Kim and Dustin Bowder. Even after publicly admitting in an interview that Terran was too flexible and how this was a design flaw, the dynamic duo has seen fit to give Terran 3 new units in Heart of the Swarm while subtracting and nerfing none from their already vast repertoire of units. But to add insult to injury, even after the abysmal performance of Protoss during the last months in the GSL, both developers stated in the blizzcon panel that they opted for Stargate units for Protoss in HotS because the Deathball was too strong and they didn’t want to add more units into it. I think that this is the most compelling evidence so far that the balance and development team is led by a couple of baboons, who have less understanding of balance than a newb from the practice league. The glaring design flaws of the Protoss race The Protoss race was fundamentally redesigned from its Broodwar counterpart as a result of introducing the Warpgate mechanic. The strong and sturdy Dragoon was scrapped as a unit to make way for the agile and less durable Stalker, while the Zealot was nerfed to prevent instantly warped units from overwhelming the opponent in the early game. This lack of strength also led to the birth of the Sentry as a means of protecting the more expensive and weaker Protoss units from being crushed by hard hitting units like Marauders or Roaches. With this change Protoss went from a race that depended on its gateway units (with observer support) with harass capabilities from Tier 2 and Tier 3 units (Reavers and High Templars), into a race that depends on their Tier 3 units with constant babysitting from weaker Tier 1 units to win the game. As a Protoss it is currently impossible to win any matchup solely with Gateway units without having to resort to cheese or all-in strategies. Conversely Colossus, Archons and High Templars, while powerful without Tier 1 support, are not enough to win a game against either Terran or Zerg. It is commonly accepted by the Protoss community that one must have a perfect balance between the right amount of Tier 3 units, with support of Tier 1 units to fight evenly with Terran (and certain Zerg compositions such as Hydra/Roach/Corruptor). Since Protoss has to clump their units together in order to prevent their Tier 3 from being sniped and their Tier 1 from being overwhelmed, it is not uncommon to see a massive ball of units moving as a single entity across the battleground: this entity is what players refer to as the Protoss “Deathball”. The common misconceptions attributed to the Deathball, and its disadvantages Protoss were accused for a while of being OP first by Zerg players, and later by Terran players (who just jumped in the QQ bandwagon as the Deathball has never presented a real problem for them) precisely for this very strategy. The strategy was perceived as OP and “EZ a-move”. Whether the Deathball was OP before the Infestor buff or not, will be forever shadowed by player’s bias. As a Protoss it is my opinion that it was not, since the Deathball was meant to counter a specific unit composition (Hydra/Roach/Corruptor) and that’s all I ever saw Zerg doing after hundreds and hundreds of ladder games. Personally I had several Deathballs demolished by my more talented Protoss fellow (when off-racing against me) who would include Ultralisks into his composition to crush my Force Fields and overwhelm my Stalkers with speedlings. However the truth also is that Zerg were being demolished by such a strategy all across different continents and thus many satires and mocking comments were made about the Protoss as an easy and forgiving race. Deathballing is however far from being the perfect strategy or the EZ a-move strategy it is depicted as, for it requires impeccable knowledge of timings, a lot of positioning and efficient Force Field micro. PvZ has since then evolved into a variety of compositions for both races and the Deathball is no longer the unstoppable force it was once perceived as. Terran however, who initially had little difficulty with it, have widened the gap between both races in the PvT matchup by including the Ghost and Viking into the already popular MMM composition. In the past the clash of both races depended on how well both races could micro their Colossi and Vikings respectively. The inclusion of the Ghost, which is allowed by the more flexible and less restrictive Terran tech tree, into the composition has allowed it to become completely full proof against anything the Protoss can throw at it. EMP and Snipe have allowed the Terran to instantly dispel half of the Protoss HP before each engagement, as well as energy from Sentries and High Templars one might include. Add the 1-1-1 into the equation and it is undeniable that currently the Protoss stand at a disadvantage in the PvT matchup that requires far more than a metagame shift to make up for the ever growing rift between the efficiency and synergy of Terran units against that of its Protoss counterparts. Independently of what the opponent throws at you however, the Deathball biggest disadvantage is its lack of mobility. In simpler words: the Deathball cannot be in two places at once. Opponents often exploit this to their advantage in different ways, but mainly to drop and harass mineral lines or to snipe Nexi. Since Warpgates are insufficient to deal with the common threat of having our economy disrupted by small yet powerful contingents of units, the Protoss is usually left with 3 choices: A- Walk the Deathball to the place being harassed and annihilate whatever units are foolish enough to remain behind. B- Separate a sufficient number of units from the Deathball to go and deal with the drop or harass, so as to prevent a 2nd drop in the Deathball's current location. C- Go and !@#$ing kill him. The first two choices are usually inefficient because while A is strong enough to destroy whatever units the opponent is sacrificing, it’s not effective enough as it leaves your other bases vulnerable to an even stronger push. B is by far the worst choice, as splitting the Deathball can mean certain death if the drop or harass turns out to be bait: the real push will come through the middle and smash the greatly diminished Deathball with ease. C is by far the best available choice as the Deathball will out-DPS the opponent’s army and eventually wins the bace race (if the opponent is Protoss or Zerg). Yet, as we previously stated, the Deathball is countered by several strategies so it’s not an entirely reliable option. All of this makes it so that Protoss have come to despise the Deathball and its many limitations, yet it seems as it is the only effective way to play the race against Terran (and to a much lesser degree Zerg). How Heart of the Swarm further aggravates the problem The introduction of the Viper and the Swarm host, along with Baneling burrow move, Hydralisk speed upgrade, Ultralisk speed upgrade, and Ultralisk burrow charge have turned the Swarm into a beautiful and complete race. The Zerg are now as fearsome as they were back in Broodwar, and I wouldn’t change a thing about them. The Viper will probably replace the Infestor as the most important unit in the Zerg arsenal, as it gives the Zerg a better answer to the Deathball, picking it apart. It will also end all the woes caused by the marines with the introduction of the Dark Swarm-like spell which will greatly increase the value of Hydras as an offensive unit. The Zerg therefore seem to have (most likely) closed all the gaping and glaring holes in their defense (except maybe the lack of early anti-air). The Terrans are what confuses me most: they are the most versatile of the races and yet they’ve received the most units. The Warhound now offers a better answer against air units with its AoE attack; the Shredder provides the Terran yet another nearly impenetrable defense that Protoss and Zerg will have to carefully deal with, much like the Planetary Fortress does; and the Battle Hellion does nothing but widen the now insurmountable gap between the Terran and Protoss arsenals, by making Terran fool-proof against Chargelots whether they choose to go with Bio or Mech. In other words, they’ve made the most forgiving and flexible race, far more flexibility despite recognizing this was a balance flaw in WoL. How the new Protoss units do little to remedy the situation The Tempest seems like a worthy replacement for the outdated Carrier that no longer has any use in the game. As it has 5 range and AoE attack versus air, it allows for a better counter against Mutalisk compositions without having to go double Stargate. On a side note it might also allow for denying massive Overlord drops, and maybe even discouraging Corruptors from getting near our Colossi (not that they’re needed now that the Viper has come into play). Yet it addresses no real problems as Mutalisk compositions aren’t really all that troublesome when you know how to deal with them. So it is more of an option in contrast to Phoenix than a real solution. The Oracle seems like a great unit harass unit, but again it doesn’t seem to fit into the PvT match up as it does in the PvZ match up. Reason being that it is far easier getting into a Zerg’s base than it is to get into a Terran’s base: the reason being that Turrets are a common Terran addition and Terran bases are usually crowded with Marines and the like, making drops and harass cost-inefficient versus Terran. The Replicant is a unit with great potential as it can reproduce any non-massive unit in the game with upgrades and abilities included. Yet it still isn’t a proper answer to Terran compositions as it is meant to mimic units rather than to provide the Executor with a game-changing strategy. It is basically limited to “You build Tanks, I build Tanks” or “You build Ghost, well then so do I” with the added disadvantage that the unit costs 200/200 (far more than the unit it usually replicates). With this you have a childish and underhanded response that instead of providing the Protoss with a new strategy that stifles creativity by forcing the race once again into a predictable and easily countered tech path. Mass Recall and canon defense: while I’m dubious about how the new units will help shape the different match ups, I’m fairly optimistic about these two new additions meant to remedy the mobility disadvantage of the Deathball without making it OP. Mass Recall means that we can warp the Deathball to any Nexus that is currently undersiege, without adding threat to the other races; and the canon ability will also prove useful for holding expansions and preventing Nexi from being easily sniped. I feel that these are the best changes the race will be receiving in HotS, yet I doubt they will be enough to solve PvT. It seems to me that Terran will once again dominate Protoss and dictate the way this match up is played at every step of the way. Right now Terran’s flexibility in the upcoming game and their untis feel so overwhelming against the rehashed and ever recycled Protoss strategies and compositions, that I get the impending feeling of doom for my race. This has caused me to make a decision I never thought myself making: I’m going to switch races to Zerg in the hopes that, once Legacy of the Void comes out, Protoss will eventually be a whole and balanced race. Until that day comes I’m afraid I have reached the Khala’s end. RIP Protoss brethren. TL;DR: Learn to read, it helps to broaden your vocabulary and exercise your critical thinking skills once in a while.NalgA500 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Meet the Spy achievement will this be impossible with the overseer removal? the achievement is to kill 5 changelings in a league game btwSmokeychedda6 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Question about ladder points Look at my ladder to the rank 8 "Installwizrd." How is it possible for him to have 78 points from 1 win??KALEO8 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 TECH HELP PLZ!!! :) Hey guys, I have an akward living condition right now (and for the forseeable future) in which I only have access to a computer that can play starcraft 2 on fridays and saturdays. For this reason, I am asking you; my SC brotheren, what is a laptop that can play SC2 with medium settings. Also, what would such a machine cost? Anyways, i love this game, and i really want to play more, so thanks in advance everyone! :D <3Wagnerous3 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Am I that bad at this Every time that I get matched up with someone it seems like I get completely blown out. When I look at the score afterwards they always have twice as many resources then I do, and the games are barely lasting 6min. I am lucky if I get to 10min. I was wondering if there is alot of cheating that goes on, I know it is possable that I just suck that bad as this is the first time I have put an effort into playing vs. games, but I was really curious how rampant the hacking is with this game. or is it just me?MADDOG13 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Battle.net2.0 should include more features... Ok so we all know WoW users have a lot more reason to keep coming back to the same grind. Well why can't sc2 players be rewarded more or given more options? I'm almost 1600 wins in, hit master and diamond, and ask myself, quite more than I like, why bother keep playing the same old game. At least Brood war, in my opinion, had some better use map settings to break up the monotony of just melee and team games at least until blizzard dota is released. So after playing for a year I have half of my portraits and decals unlocked. Well besides that somewhat cool but slooow rewarding feature I think Blizzard needs to incorporate some of these ideas listed below. They're some gooduns. ;) Ladder Points converted to in game Currency!!! Come on that'd be a lot cooler than "Hey I finished top 25 out of a random 100 pool of people out of 1,000,000's this season, again.. and I unlocked another portrait, only 2000 more wins to go until that predator is mine...." If your points were currency that you could use to PICK out some portraits or other cool bragging right items or virtual avatar/trophy items, that'd be a lot more fun the lack there of. Also someone rages and insists they are way better than you even though they are silver and you are a master or diamond, well what if you could say how'd you like to wager on that good sir?? Yeah just been challenged to a duel.. virtually. Yes please make matches where you can bet your accumulated points. Please! Ladder points and "rankings" are ok but we all know none of us really have the skill to get into GM. Also besides adding more fun wouldn't that be way more fun to watch people play you just met online? It'd entice more spectators I think. Make 2.0 more social! - When I first heard about 2.0 I thought it would be way better geared. I have put so many people on my friend list and don't even remember who hardly any of them are and most are never on anymore. Oh but there is a "set friend note" option, but what am I suppose to do here really?? 'We played a 2v2, he was good, he went 8 pool.' My point is I thought it'd be more like facebook. Well yes you can use "real friend ID' which I have and now 2 of my facebook friends who play starcraft 2 displays their real name on my friend list. Who cares >:.(... Why can't I have a blizzard/book page? Probably privacy issues I'm assuming, but I don't want one to show a picture of my real handsome face and my real world location, but what about maybe my hours of availability, or a little bit about my gaming style or when I'll be on next. This would greatly help my next idea and a much easier way creating and maintaining gamer friendships on Cuz Games Are Funner with Friends! :) Guilds!! (Or Amateur Esports Teams) Well this has been asked for before and supposedly blizzard is looking into it. Well here are some really good and easy ways they could implement it. People can join guilds/teams before a new season starts than once the season starts they are locked. So lets say you have one with 100 members. It should have an even ratio of skills level. So Each division could be a tier. Bronze players would play for Team "Snake" tier one. Silver players would be Team "snake" tier two and etc. This way you don't have to be the best to play for a team but moving up in rank would be a lot more rewarding than how it is currently. So bottom players on each tier being replaced by top players of lower tiers. Also there could be an extra 20 some players as a second string, so if some people don't accumulate enough points for their team or log on enough hours they can be replaced. Jumping backwards, there should be a currency for guild/teams for sure as well. And being a member means you have to play enough games to generate a certain amount to stay on that team. There is a lot more I could go on in here but basically this would push sc2 further in esports and make 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 much more popular rather than only having 1v1 matches popular and watchable. What if they sold t-shirts that you could purchase with your account with your achievements and unlocked crests, or what have you? Something you'd have to earn before you bought. How cool of bragging rights would that be? A video game t-shirt is hey, somewhat nerdy, but apparel showing your involvement in a esport as an amateur professional gamer? Well that wouldd be a lot more appealing to the crowds. ;) I have more ideas and much more detailed ideas about these ones mentioned but I know the average person wouldn't have the patience to read it was so please comment if you'd like to see any of these ideas actually happen. If you have any different ideas you'd like to see please start a new thread. If enough voices are generated to snag blizzards attention then maybe they'd reward us with more awesome content to enjoy our games. Also these ideas don't change the actual game play mechanics at all but just give us more options on how to enjoy the game.RedRain9 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 oracle idea! so i saw people complaining about the oracle and how it doesnt kill workers, so i decided to try and think of a way it could without being like anything in the current game. how would you feel if instead of stopping mining, the oracle lays down a lazer snare that does 10 dps to any drone mining from that node for 5 seconds? this would let people have a chance to save drones but also kill an entire mineral line for unsuspecting players. however fast reaction timing would save the drone/probe/scv at the last second. thoughts?Lingstorm6 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 So in chemistry today.. we were playing electron configuration battleship. At the end of class, someone asked if the teacher could make a Starcraft version. Ironically, he replied with "instead of aircraft carriers, it will just be carriers. OWAIT." Made my day.Ruby18 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Question about MMR/Leagues So during last season i hadn't hardly played at all until towards the end of season. Now when I did start playing again i had a very high win rate (even against silver/gold players). I really started playing alot after leagues locked for the season. In the last week of lockout i went 23-6 (with a 17 game winstreak in there only losing to stupid cheese that i didn't scout). The question i have is now that season 4 has started, i rolled my placement match and still got placed in bronze. If i'm rolling silver people this hard, then why wasn't i placed in silver after my placement?Envy1 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 I've reached Diamond as Protoss I'd reached Masters as Terran, then decided to play Protoss. After struggling A LOT, I've reached Diamond ^^ I'm so happy =) But I don't think I can go further as Protoss... Time to play some Zerg!Rafaello18 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 season 1 ~ 4 1 Surt + KingFloyd Bronze 2 Surt + KingFloyd Gold 3 Surt + KingFloyd Diamond 4 Surt + KingFloyd Master go us <3 KingFloyd7 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 StarCraft 2 Third Person Shooter Hey guys I was watching this video how this guy turned SC2 into a Third Person shooter anyone have any idea how he did it. Video Link Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 when an infestor NPs a probe... When an infestor NPs a probe and drop down a nexus, Its gonna replicate the entire Protoss race. The Zerg can even replicate your replicant. Although that is not neccessary. Replicant is nothing new. Blizzard you wanna try something new?KinGofBlaze4 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Phoenix vs Corsair I admit I don't main protoss, so can a protoss player please explain to me why you consider Phoenix bad, especially in comparison to the BW Corsair? I see this from protoss players all of the time, that the Corsair was better, blah blah blah, but I honestly don't see how you can come to that conclusion. - Both are available at the same point in the tech tree - Both cost exactly the same (150/100) - Both are AA only - Phoenix builds 5 seconds faster even without chrono boost - Both do the same base damage per attack. Corsairs attack faster and have a small splash radius, but Phoenix also fire twice per attack, doing double damage per shot, and do bonus damage to light - Both essentially have the same health (120HP/60SH for Phoenix, 100HP/80SH for Corsair) - Both take the same supply - Both move about the same fact Phoenix may be faster when the two games are compared - Corsair has slightly longer range (5 range vs 4) - Phoenix can fire on the move (the only unit in both SC2 and BW that can do this) - Disruption web was a very rarely used Corsair ability, and beyond that Corsairs were useless against ground. Graviton beam is an excellent way for Phoenix to be useful against ground, allowing them to harass mineral lines and participate in mainly ground vs ground battles by lifting dangerous units into the air - Corsairs were mainly used in ZvT's. They were almost never used in PvT or PvP. Phoenix are used and are viable in every MU. I'm sorry but except in a specific situation of lots of corsairs vs a bunched up number of small flying units, it seems pretty clear to me that Phoenix are the superior unit. Why do protoss players consider the Phoenix worse than the Corsair? I don't get it. I'm not trolling, this is an honest question. I really want to know the answer...because I don't see it.WhitePointer3 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Season Locks and the Player Base Well, first and foremost, I would like to wish everyone the best of luck this season. I have to agree with a lot of the feedback on these forums with people saying that two months is too short of a season. For at least the first week or two of any season, the ladder is riddled with the worst kind of cheese and all in strategies, since everyone wants to win their placement match, and they will do anything they have to in order to do so. Shortening the season brings this unfortunate and frustrating time even quicker and more frequently. There is nothing more irritating that facing all-in after all-in after all-in. It basically makes this game not fun in anyway, until everyone calms down with their cheese, and I speak for myself in this matter, but I can't see the majority feeling very differently. To top this off, when this phase of the ladder is gone and the game starts to stabilize, we are going to be roughly a quarter of the way through the proposed ladder season. Now near the end of our season, we are planned to be locked for another two weeks? Now we have roughly half of our season that has lost a lot of it's luster and drive. I really hope either the lock at the end of our seasons lowered, or the length of our total seasons is raised. Any input or thoughts is welcome. :)Conduct4 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Improve Phoenix Phoenix is very questionable unit. Sometime I see it shine and just harass somebody to victory, but majority of the game, it's just one of those unit you get at the beginning and never look back. The unit that it suppose to counter, muta, actually just flat out beat it by pure production power. Graviton beam harass is nice, but the pheonix itself get blown away if try to use it in battle as support unit. But hey, at least hallucinated pheonix is useful, more than the actual unit itself. Understandably, pure stargate build is ludicrous, so I believe that for protoss, they need to be as useful as it can in smaller #. Gateway + some robo mix = awesome Gateway + templar tech = awesome Gateway + star tech = ??? It's truely not viable outside of "SURPRISE! you got VR rushed!" At least VR got some love there, can't say the same for phoenix. Without changing too much. I believe that Phoenix can be very very a support air unit. The problem is, Graviton beam is negating the whole strength in small # aspect of the unit. Current skill last up to 10 seconds, which in my opinion is totally unnecessary. Either the unit that got lifted died long before that, or the phoenix is dead long before. My suggestion is, reduce the Graviton beam down from 10 to 4 seconds and remove channeling. In the battlefield, phoenix can actually lift vital unit out of battle, like say seige tank, without losing the phoenix! Sorry, but unlike gateway unit, stargate units are not as dispensible, it's a same fashion as that of robo tree or templar tree. Another idea for Graviton Beam is actually to work on air unit (non-massive) and freeze them. With this, phoenix can actually take down mutas of higher production. Let say you have 4 phoenix vs 12 mutas. You can just cast graviton beam on 4 and start your dance with the 8 remaining, definitely more manageable. Also if they're fleeing, you can totally do more damage by trapping a couple. Who say protoss need a tempest! :) Just return the carrier and buff it too! tl;dr - Change graviton beam from 10 second duration to 4 seconds and remove channeling. Gijian4 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Game mechanics favor ranged So this so called "smart cast" or "smart fire" or whatever is just lame. Why? Because: A group of 20 marines will all be attacking with maximized DPS (even when focus fired) But a group of 20 zerglings will endlessly run around a target, or all try to swarm the highest priority target. Why can't we have "smart melee" which detects if a unit is surrounded and allows unengaged melee units to attack another unit. Seems fair right? If they cant add it in, then I think they should remove smart fire from ranged units. It's just not fair.Pluto8 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Idea for VS AI matches. As a new player I find it difficult too practice my spawn times/build times etc with no in-game clock, but if they DID add an in-game clock, it would imbalance Multiplayer. So what if they just added an In-game clock too VS AI matches? They aren't recorded, and I see no reason too play them other than practice.. Anyway, gimme your thoughts guys!Funkystripes5 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Reduce EMP Range thread. The radius reduction on EMP is a start, but it still needs a solid 1-2 reduction in range. That way sniping/feedbacking ghosts is actually slightly realistic for Protoss.. Which right now, it really isn't. Right now its kind of like.. "Okay, going to spread my units out, take the EMP's, and just hope for the best".Enzymatic32 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 am I crazy... ... or is the timestamp for the PTR patch from 10 months ago? Blizzard survived Y2K right? Edel2 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Hmm should have gotten the game much earlier When SC2 came out I hesitate to quickly get myself a copy. Somehow the trailers, reviews and gameplay clips were not able to convince me to get the game right away. I played the original SC1 and broodwar and still remembered how much I enjoyed playing them(the single player campaign). But now I'm a 30 year old something guy with different taste in gaming and had convinced myself that rts genre is pretty much dead to me. My gaming taste has changed for the better I believe and SC2 gameplay seemed so . . . standard and a bit boring for me. Every now and then the itch to get the game visited me but then it went away after a few days. The reason being to get the game is in the hope of going nostalgic. Anyway some weeks ago out of boredom while waiting for Batman Arkham City to come to PC, I finally decided to get the game. At first the campaign story seemed much less interesting and less epic despite the graphics improvements. But now that I have played the campaign quite a bit I can say that I don't regret buying this game and probably should have gotten it much earlier. It's well made despite the story being less involved to me and the nostalgic feeling still being no where to be felt strongly. I'm going to pick the two coming addition on release day for sure! I haven't even tried MP but I can be sure to be very bad at MP as I'm the kind of guy who loves watching the actions and the pyrotechnics that makes me a slow rts player, well I'm a casual player kind of guy. Cheers, forgive my ramblings.Liberty3 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 How to balance the game... Terran Stim: No longer takes hp. Take double damage instead. Medivac: No healing beam. Now heals only units inside of it. Marauder: No stim. Scanner Sweep: Cut range in 1/3rd of what it is currently. Only castable within a specific distance of the command center itself. Zerg Hydra: Tier 1 (Hydra Den req spawning pool, not Lair). Damage nerfed, -1 range, 1 food. +1 range upgrade only after Lair. Cost changed to 75 minerals 25 gas. Queen: Unit removed. Replaced with a Larva Inject auto cast upgrade structure attachment (like tech lab) for the Hatchery. Allows laying a creep tumor using Hatchery energy. Ultralisk: HotS changes. Baneling: HotS changes. Drone: Can repair. Initial creep extended to ramp. Protoss Shield Recharger structure Phoenix: Re-add Overload Probe: Can repair.Tiffany32 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Marines <-> Marauders What if they gave marauders the AA attack and took it away from marines?EmptyPockets13 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 State of the Reaper. First of all, I would just like to say thank you blizzard for exploring possibilities to help the Reaper. For me they are my favorite unit to use, and I know they are a favorite for many other Terrans. I'm not sure how the health regeneration will work for reapers. They're not a unit I can see going in and out. Once the opponent has the appropriate counters their harass is done, regardless of how much health they have left. I don't think regeneration will really help them live past the early game, as health isn't what's stopping them. Which is why you never see people build more reapers. Now that they don't have D8 charge they're not as good as a harass unit. No more supply depot sniping, no more pylon sniping, no more spine crawler busting. I think the reaper change in HOTS is more of a nerf than anything, which is poor considering the unit is already considered broken. I think if they removed D8 charge to make them a worker harass unit only they need a little extra compensation. My suggestion is simple: allow reapers to attack while moving, similar to the pheonix. This might not be the way to go, but I'm just brainstorming. Reapers definitely need something to make them useful. Your thoughts on this? Any thoughts on how to help this cool, yet ultimately unused, unit?Shmatar13 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 PvZ Patch 1.4.2 A lot of people are talking about how the matchup pertains to the TvP MU in regards to the recent patch notes 1.4.2. Im guessing the main reason for this is due to the EMP nerf that will have a pretty large effect on the TvP matchup. I'm here to discuss the changes to the PvZ matchup, which I think will be a huge change due to the expansive cost reductions on all of the forge upgrades. It's been said before that mid game timing attacks on zerg with colossus is extremely strong, and I want to reiterate this fact. Colossus damage against ground units is absoutely devastating. Did you know that with +2 on colossus, they will 1 shot +1 armored zerglings? Toss got a huge shield buff from BW when shields regened at about the same rate as zergs health. It really surprised me when some toss players actually asked for shield battery back. The fact is, with these new cost reductions, +2 colossus timing attacks against zergs will it much earlier and is pretty much near impossible to stop as a zerg player on the majority of most ladder maps (Think shakuras, tal darim, backwater, and other maps where toss gets a free xpo versus zerg.) I would also like to see the recent win percentages of the MUs to see why toss is getting another round of buffs in 1.4.2.Shamu12 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 I just realized.... That in HOTS, we Protoss can now pylon block a Zerg's expansion and they will require roaches or spine crawlers to take their natural, as we can now turn pylons into photon cannons that damage light units, otherwise, they will have to expand to the third and fourth leaving them at a huge disadvantage. Suck it bugs.Ruination13 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 27, 2011 Marauders OP (video example) Seriously. Nerf it. Those things are ridiculous. (LotV terran unit inc?)Evertras13 Oct 27, 2011
Oct 26, 2011 Stop nerfing terran Seriously. Blizzard you keep nerfing terran but you're nerfing the WRONG UNITS. sure the EMP nerf was coming for a long time. For almost every patch terran has had some nerf but none fix the problem. MARINES. nerf them cause they are the problem. nothing else is an issue but ghosts and marines. I guess marauders could do something like 10 +8vs armored instead of +10 vs armored but thats not as important as marines or ghosts. Yes terran does have mules but i think they are fine because they dont have any way to produce workers at the same rate as zerg/protoss.Borderpatrol23 Oct 26, 2011
Oct 26, 2011 Change the cost of Viper and Oracle. The Viper and Oracle look like useful new units that can be a great asset to their respective races. Both of these units have abilities that will prove immensely useful when used correctly. Both of these units synergize well with other units. Both of these units... cost 200 gas... And that is the problem. Neither the Viper, nor the Oracle can do damage and yet both cost 200 gas. For two races that already rely heavily on gas and seem to always have an abundance of minerals in the later stages of a game, 200 gas is far too much gas to invest in a unit that can't kill anything. My suggestion is to lower the gas cost of the Viper and Oracle by 50 while raising the mineral cost the same amount. IE. Vipers (100/200) would instead cost 150/150 and Oracles (150/200) would cost 200/150. This change would make both units more easily accessible without making them too cheap and would help prevent Vipers and Oracles from being underused/ignored.Robotix22 Oct 26, 2011
Oct 26, 2011 Horrible matchmaking system I LOVE Starcraft 2 I HATE the way it matches you with stupidly strong opponents! And I'm not saying this because of season 4 starting, actually I tought that playing in the season's start would help but I just got proven wrong! Each freakin match I play the other team is ALWAYS favored if not strongly. Even when the team is suposed to be even we get tossed arround like kittens. I just played a match as match-up with 3 zerg noobs against 3 terrans and a protos who were favored.... I do not need to tell you how it went! Each and single game I play looks like this and you know what happens when it does.... I stop paying for months, until I forget how playing this game online sucks, then I play a game or two, If i win, upon buying a loto ticket, I might play a game or two more but routine comes back real quickly and I get matched up against hardcore no-life gamers in no time! I loved it at the start, it was great, even the beta kicked the !@# of the version we now know. But hey, I guess that's how you make a great game, you please all the whiners! Let us get used to a ballance, stop modifying everything. Adding units is good but changing constantly!!! I mean, this an R.T.S. not a M.M.O.R.P.G.!!!! In the end, for everyone's sakes, why not turn this stupid, horrible, disastreous matchmaking system off and just put you with and against random people or instead, at least ballance teams by skils but more importantly RACE! I'll be off playing something else for a couple of weeks so don't expect any follow up!Arpehem9 Oct 26, 2011