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2d My proposed balance changes I don't want to brag but I am the one who thought of LOWER Cyclone Costs & Blizzard listened to me. I am also the one who said GROUND MODE VIKING needs attack dmg buff or health buff. ( check my posts I aint kidding ) So yes blizzard please listen to me im an expert HELLS BATS NEED STIM PROTOSS -new ability on HIGH TEMPLAR (think of something cool) shield reboost blast or something? like allow army to regen shield by +25 instantly for 75 mana cost on high templar -buff archons (upgrade ability: +1range) this will make them more effective late game -nerf adept attack speed -blink dt ; worthless takes too long to upgrade , how about a movement buff on dt or armor buff -mothership needs a new ability *mothership* not the core -void ray : UPGRADE : faster movement * this will make them useful later in game vs infestor + ravager combo * TERRAN -GHOST NEED LOCKDOWN -Hellbats can use STIM , this will make them effective late game and combine better with BIO -Nerf Liberator Attack DMG & Health , Increase DPS. This will make them effective vs small units instead of big units , since terrans mass liberators the damage can stack well but it wont stop the stalkers as easy -RAVEN : remove the rocket ability , add old school science vessel ability IRIDATION , this will be great vs ultralisks and mass adept clumps zerg vipers : remove that cloud that is an unfair ability vs terran , add new ability like ENSNARE that will slow down enemy infestors: remove fungal create new ability INFESTED ZEALOT ULTRALISK ; nerf there splash damage also -1 armoreSpAwN0 2d
2d What to Fix Next: 5 Issues With Ladder Revamp 5 problems with 5 simple and small solutions. 1. Display MMR percentile. What does 3000 MMR mean? It's still not possible to interpret MMR as a percentile because the MMR distribution is not known. Leagues/tiers use last season's MMR distribution and have a large range, the MMR API needed by 3rd party sites, which we shouldn't have to rely on, has no ETA, meaning that MMR percentile remains unknowable. Everyone's MMR percentile out of all active players should simply be displayed. 2. GM should accurately update in one go, putting the top 200 active players in GM. There is no purpose of demoting the bottom 10% of GM at 5PM and promoting at 8PM. As a result, GM is not actually the top 200 active players ranked by MMR because there are many more active players in Contender that have high enough MMR to be GM but aren't due to the 10% restriction. This mechanism has recreated the GM lockout that the daily update was suppose to solve. Also, it makes no sense that GM is inside your profile (it's not your GM) instead of being linked on the ranked play page. 3. Mark inactive players to allow the Contender list and the ladder list to be displayed out of active players and all players. Contender isn't a useful list of people in contention to be in GM, it is a graveyard because it's mostly filled with inactive players with GM-level MMR, and it rarely changes, because they're inactive. So profiles that are inactive should be marked as inactive and there should be an active player display and an all players display. The same should be true of the ladder list which is also filled with inactive players. 4. Display the promotion bar outside of the score screen. It should be possible to see this bar outside of the score screen. It would also be nice if there was a graph that tracks your MMR or MMR percentile over time. 5. Fix the MMR score screen not displaying after leaving team games. When you lose, unless you are the last person to leave, you cannot see the MMR score screen because the match is still in progress. For example, in a 4v4, you will be unable to see this screen 3 out of 8 times. Either display what would happen to MMR if your team loses (the actual update doesn't change), or replace surrender with a vote so that everyone can see the MMR score screen.Eigenscape7 2d
2d The indestructible Nydus Swarm New Nydus: -don't cost resourses to make a nydus -Nydus is indestructible( have a limit time of life) -every unit who want use the nydus , have to pay a small portion of resources summary: you have to pay for every unit who use nydus , big units more resourcesYen0 2d
2d Campaign Replays I always thought that where was no Campaign Replays. That they were just for multiplayer. However, looking into my files I see replays for some of the missions of LotV and the Nova campaign. Not all, just a few missions. If you transfer them to the Multiplayer replay folder you can see them. My question is if some, why not all, and why the end around to see them?AncientOfDay1 2d
2d Why do you complain about zerg production? Compared to terrans zerg is f**gin xmass factory. No matter how I open zerg always have crap load !@#$ more than I. This is ridicolous. I have to play 3 times worse opponent who has no idea he has to make units if I am gonna win in plat.light0 2d
2d Can against LOTV with only HotS or WOL? I have heart of the swarm. Does this mean I can only play sc2 online with people who have wings of liberty? Or heart of the swarm, and NOT legacy of the void? Thanks.Ravenhul3 2d
2d Suggestion for Balance map. I have had some thinking about the design of the core Protoss units: Stalkers, Zealots, and Adepts. With the introduction of the Adept, Zealots seen a great deal less use. This makes sense given their respective design, and the Adept is objectively superior throughout the early and mid-game in every matchup. Of course, the Zealot costs no gas and does significantly more dps until the Resonating Blades upgrade is finished, but the utility provided by shade and the fact that it is a ranged unit make it so that there is almost no reason to build Zealots for a majority of each game. Furthermore, I feel that it is safe to say that if the Adept could target air it would have a similar relationship with Stalkers. So what do? In my think there should be some cleaning up of the roles, and my suggested change is to move the Adept to take over the Stalker's role and move the stalker to another role: Adept No longer does additional damage to light units. Damage increased from 10 to 13. Can now target air. Resonating Blades now causes the Adept to perform a double attack (a second attack is launched .2 seconds after the first) instead of improving attack speed and increases the Adept's range is by 1. Resonating Glaives' research time increased from 100s to 125s. Psionic Transfer duration reduced from 7 seconds to 3.5 seconds. Base armor reduced from 1 to 0. Zealot Base Armor increased from 1 to 2. Stalker Blink no longer requires research. Now have the Energy Resource. Blink no longer has a cooldown but now costs 75 energy. Now deals bonus damage to Light units instead of Armored. Health decreased from 80/80 Shields/Hull to 75/25. Now requires Dark Shrine in order to be warped in. Replace 'Armored' tag with the 'Light' tag. Base armor reduced from 1 to 0. New Upgrade at Dark Shrine: "Stilled Shadows" - Increases starting energy of Stalkers by 25. In addition, Shields and Energy regenerate 50% faster when the Stalker is not moving or attacking. Five second reactivation delay. Dark Templar Blink ability removed. So, What I intend by these changes is the following: Grant an incentive to make zealots. Strengthen Gateway armies; Since the Adept has a smaller collision radius than the Stalker it will be easier for more units to be attacking at a time. With the double attack, upgraded Adepts have similar DPS as the current Stalker but scale better with upgrades and have more burst potential. With the changes to shade, Adepts can no longer harass with relative impunity while at the same time preserving (and arguably improving) the battlefield utility. Stalkers are given a dedicated role of harass/counter harass and contrast with Dark Templar in that while they are much more mobile they aren't permanently invisible. Stalkers join other Dark Templar themed units as a specialist unit instead of leading a confused existence as a fighter. I will stop having nightmares about Blink DTs. So what do you guys think?Syagrius8 2d
2d Zealot/Adept won't be unique ...with small changes. The Adept is more useful in most situations, Zealots have only niche roles left. I already saw threads and threads about how to make Adept more unique during LotV beta, and now new erupt, of course. I want to say, that I don't believe that changing stats like HP or DPS back and forth for Adept and Zealot will accomplish anything. One unit will always triumph over the other in open battle, so it will be the preferred choice. The Adept is available like 30 seconds later than the Zealot, there's really no reason to build a Zealot. So giving the Zealot a little speedbuff is totally pointless to me. Adept has shade and can catch up anyway. That's just goofing around! (Their shade btw makes it possible for the Adept to keep attacking while they change the position. So they will probably still be more effective than a faster Zealot.) The Adept will only have a chance of being unique, when it's moved to Twilight tech and made a 3 supply unit (stats adjusted accordingly). For several reasons. (Do these reasons need to be explained?) Another addition can be to change Adepts attack to deal AoE. Now don't panic, listen me out. :P Cut the damage to 1/2 or 1/3, but make it hit about 3 units in an arc (not cone!). So the DPS will be about the same, but it would be a preferable choice against smaller units like Zerglings or Marines, but unpreferrable against Roaches or mech (unless you want to shadow into it). I have a picture of even slower but tanky Adepts being able to fight bio and maybe Ling/Hydra compositions head-on due to their special AoE, while Zealots have the ability to chase running units with their charge. That's the only chance I see for these units to be unique and distinctive. What do you think?iLLuSia7 2d
2d New Stream - Further Pushes? I just saw the new stream feature on It seems very interesting. I was wondering if it can or can you make it also stream out Game Data more than just Video, and send to Players and Viewers that have 'Starcraft 2' on. Right now too I think Streaming Starcraft 2 just feels so outdated/obsolete. All the Streamers from Starcraft 2 always set the game setting to very low quality, its either only in 720P, and it's not even 60FPS. Personally I think bad quality streams really taking a hit on Starcraft 2 and make it less appealing and less interesting. So Blizzard, can you also add this to Streaming Project for to send out game data? I really really really prefer watching the game at 4K Resolution, on Extreme Setting, and also at 60 FPS. -- Maybe you can also add to the streaming project, a method to block stream sniping if it's possible. I think having your own Stream Setup, seems like a very good thing that you can have more control of the stream that can thwart stream sniping. I don't really how but it feels like it can actually be done now.NNN3 2d
2d roarbot streaming - LIVE rip pingroarbot0 2d
2d Highlight Eligible Players for Promo in ...contender the new GM system is pretty slick and a welcome change but the contender league is a bit confusing for most. for those of you who dont know, it takes 10 games every 21 days to be considered active in both GM and the contender league and the top 10 players from contender is moved up into GM every 24 hours. BUT contender league is FILLED will inactive players. i think bliz envisioned people checking the contender league religiously hoping to be in the top 10 in time for the daily promo but that's not how it currently works. Because of so many inactive players filling it up its never the top 10, its more like a seemingly random grab bag of players spread throughout. my recommendation is to highlight the players in contender who have played their 10 games and are considered active and are also Eligible for the next promo (assuming their mmr doesn't drop too low). this way GM hopefuls can eagerly watch the contender as they fight their way upEZcheezy0 2d
2d Will offline play be supported? Theoretically, years from now let's say blizzard discontinued support for the game and it's no longer part of their arsenal of "games to work on." Would the game then be converted into an offline game where we can just play custom games vs AI without the need to be online? (assuming "not supported" would be shutting down the online portion, rendering every part of the game incapable of being played). Just curious I guess what the end-end game is. I want to play sc2 against AI in custom games with cheats very casually like we used to do in the first Starcraft game without the need to be online or being flagged and suspended/banned. And yes I know you can create offline games against AI, but I'm talking about the very end of the end.IronManSC0 2d
2d Queen Buff broke the game This is starting to turn into BroodLord/Infestor all over again. Since the Queen buff every Zerg is massing Queens and rushing to Hive. The "don't let them get there" rule no longer apply since mass Queens with some roach support can repel everything Terran can do in the first 7-8 minutes of the game. Then they have mass Queens with mass transfuse and can go mass Ultras (against bio) or mass BroodLords (against mech). Add in some spread out Vipers and you basically got an unbeatable death ball. Before the Queen buff Terran at least had a chance to slow down the Zerg in the mid game but that do no longer works so Zerg get to their unbeatable late game a lot easier.noLanguage11 2d
2d Legacy of the Ursadon Achievement Hello. So I don't think many people know about this, I haven't seen anything really posted about this except for on a wikia, and someone I have added got it yesterday, but apparently with the 3.5.0 patch the Legacy of the Ursadon Feat of Strength was released, and you get it for killing an Ursadon in multiplayer. It gives a portrait. "Kill an Ursadon in a multiplayer game to reunite it with the late and beloved Ursula." (Also, does know where I can find an Ursadon in multiplayer? ;) Thanks!)FlameArrow6 2d
2d Masters Achieved Retired at top 200 to comeback to retire at top 4% or w/e it is. Took two and a half days. The lag was intense (had to insta leave some) and Terrans were 100x better than they were in HotS (due to new units...). Final result: 61-39 61% 14-14 vs Toss (obv 50). 23-12 vs Terran 66% 24-13 vs Zerg 65% I started out like 4-11 or 4-12 vs Toss. Rough going. It plays nothing like HotS and the DT is a free loss unit... late game... apparently you're supposed to just make zealots, archons, and immortals. Maybe mix in some disruptors. Final verdict: You should play Zerg. Lurkers are too strong. Mutas are mutas. The only reason stats are decent vs Zerg is because I didn't have to change much from HotS, and the Zergs I play should be in Gold. I never ever watch SC 2, so it's nice to see, at least, that you don't have to know what's going on in the meta or even use optimized builds to get Masters. Would have had masters early on, when 2 points away, but lost game I should have had and then went on a 6 game losing streak (tilt is real...). General sense when playing is they went too far to one side of the spectrum. Too much emphasis on expand, expand, expand. No one enjoys macroing more than I do, taking bases and making workers. So, if that thought crosses my mind... I'm surprised any Toss is cool with this.Playa1 2d
2d Client API Update StarCraft II now supports a Client API designed to help streamers automate their workflows. The Client API is accessed via HTTP GET queries and returns JSON responses. By default the SC2 client will listen on port 6119 for localhost queries only. However this can be overridden by the player on the command line. For example the command line parameter "-clientapi" will allow queries on port 6120 from the local machine only. Whereas "-clientapi 6120" will allow both local and remote machines to query via port 6120. The SC2 Client API currently implements two queries: /ui to query the state of the menu screen UI. This is useful to detect which screen the client is on, or whether they are in-game. /game to query the state of the current or most recently played game. Here’s an example of a response when the client is on the matchmaking screen. GET http://localhost:6119/ui { "activeScreens":[ "ScreenBackgroundSC2/ScreenBackgroundSC2", "ScreenNavigationSC2/ScreenNavigationSC2", "ScreenForegroundSC2/ScreenForegroundSC2", "ScreenMultiplayer/ScreenMultiplayer", "ScreenMatchmaking/ScreenMatchmaking", "ScreenBattlenet/ScreenBattlenet" ] } Whereas this is the response when the client is in game. GET http://localhost:6119/ui { "activeScreens": [] } While the client is in-game, the /game query reveals state about the current game. Here’s an example response from the GET http://localhost:6119/game query: { "isReplay":false, "displayTime":100.0, "players":[ { "id":1, "name":"AccountName", "type":"user", "race":"Zerg", "result":"Defeat" }, { "id":2, "name":"Player 2", "type":"computer", "race":"random", "result":"Victory" } ] } The `isReplay’ field is true when the local player is running a replay, otherwise false. The ‘displayTime’ field is in seconds; it reflects the timer in the UI. In each player, the `name' field is the account name, `type' is either "user" or "computer", race is either "Zerg", "Terr", "Prot" or "random", and ‘result’ is either "Undecided", "Victory", "Defeat" or "Tie". The /game response persists until the next game is started. You can query particular fields too, here's an example response for the GET http://localhost:6119/game/displayTime query: { "displayTime":100.0 } We hope you find this useful, and please let us know of any feedback!Rackle15 2d
2d Shoutcraft Kings - Discussion Thread Innovation is currently the king with 8 wins, who will be able to beat alphago?bbQsauce26 2d
2d Adept idea Goals: More like a general core unit. Less of a harassment tool and gimmicky Unit. cost: 100/25 NO SHADE ABILITY Hp: 50 Shield: 50 Tag:bio light Attack damage: 8 to everything ground and air (+1 per upgrade) Attack range : 6 (or make this upgradeable) Attack speed: 0.8 (0.5 after glaive) this is the most important stat here. I think toss really need a high rate of fire&low damage shooter. Toss has too many low attack speed&high damage shooter like stalker, current adept, immoral, tempest. Base armor: 1 Move speed: the same as slow ling. (Or start slow and get faster after a upgrade) Glaive upgrade cost 200/200. Potential speed upgrade. Potential range upgrade. Adept has 6 range cuz it loses shade ability so as a core unit it has to be able to engage. Don't forget hydralisk has 7 range. In late game pvt bio, 1 adept < 2 marines due to stim and medivac. But Protoss aoe can make up for it. In pvz,1 adept < 1 hydra. Hydra has better dps, better range, better speed. So adept can be a core unit you need in every matchup. Versus bio, mass adepts and add colossus or ht as aoe support. Use zealots to tank. Versus mech, mass adepts and immorals like massing marine/tank in tvt. Zealots can still tank. Alternatively, massing adepts and tempests can also be good vs mech. Versus ling/bane, adepts and archons will do it. Just split adepts like Terran does. Versus lurker/hydra, mass adepts plus tempests. Tempest is a great support unit now. The gateway unit roles are: zealot as tank. Adept as core. Stalker as support. All the stats can be tweaked. This is just the direction I want adept to go. Any ideas?Chester13 2d
2d What's the point of the pause button? Seriously, what is the point of the pause button if the opponent can UNPAUSE the game immediately after you pause it? I had to pause the game to move my car off the driveway for somebody coming home so I paused the game and the opponent unpauses right away and keeps playing... So I nicely asked "Hey man, can you give me a minute? I gotta go do something" and I pause the game again and he unpauses right away. Like seriously... wtf? I run out of pauses and go deal with LIFE cause that's more important than a game. I deliberately told the guy i'm gonna be AFK for a minute or two to move a car off the driveway, and I come back to the game with all my probes dead. The guy seriously comes into my base to mess up my probes and leaves all my buildings in tact. SERIOUSLY WTF?. No point playing a game now so I left. Can we seriously make the pause FUNCTIONAL? In Heroes of New Earth (HoN) if you pause the damn game the opponent cannot unpause for 1 minute, and if the guy is that impatient, sure he can unpause it after the 1 minute is up. Or is Starcraft that SERIOUS BUSINESS?. /endrantTQuon30 2d
2d Archon GM needs tweaking the biggest problem is that its currently too big. as of writing this post it has 137 players with the lowest mmr being 4075 4075?!?! i think thats T3 diamond? maybe lower? as of now you just need to be active (no idea how that is determined though) and you get archon gm, kinda ridiculous GM needs to scale like it did back before the ladder update. EVEN BACK THEN with about 40 players GM archon was a joke (me and my friend got it twice, then lost it twice due to inactivity) but now its even worse. the whole new GM system is cool and it works great with 1v1 but with archon (which has a much smaller player pool) it needs some tweaking.EZcheezy8 2d
2d Switching races? I know I've seen lots of discussion saying this is a bad idea. But I am completely new to pc gaming entirely coming from console. I've had the game for about two months and have held strongly to toss. But as I'm climbing higher through gold and I rarely see other Protoss players and I really struggle to deal with harassment. So the next game I'll put some photons in my mineral line and then that game I won't have the army supply to defend at all. I guess I really just struggle with speed as Protoss. I'm strongly contemplating switching to Terran but I just decided I would jump on here and get some advice. Should I just continue to practice as toss? Or give another race a shot? And in any pvp matches I find that so many people just build cannons on cannons on cannons and then just mass max supply void rays and if I scout that many cannons up I know it's coming so I try and rush to penetrate and win before it can Happen but most of the time can't stop it. Any advice would be great. Sorry for any typospyrobro4 2d
2d OMG Resources and MINI map are so far apart?! my brother made a post about this a while back, I going to bring it up again … there is no logical reason why behind having your minimap and resource information being so far apart. Having a player unnecessarily have to move their eyes across the screen to read information that should be placed in a much more convenient place (This is like having your car's speedometer not facing the driver and on the passenger's side instead). Legendus178 2d
2d Shoutcraft How many massive ZvT upsets with foreign Zergs against top Korean Terrans are we going to see?BerryCruncH4 2d
2d Solution for team matchmaking Make everyone take an IQ test before they q. And then you pair people up with similar IQ together. Sort of like mmr but you get to visually see how retarded your team is compared to the other team.Cokey0 2d
2d Carriers with free/5 mineral interceptors? Anyone think this would be a good idea? Although it is not a huge issue, less mineral usage would be helpful.Maxgyisnerdy11 2d
2d How Big Is Your SC2 Folder? My launcher seems to have applied the HotS content today. Just curious, how big is everyone's SC2 folder entirely? Mine is 13.2gb.Akumapro33 2d
2d Alarak Co Op Commander! Woot! Excited to see this is happening. Anyone have a clue as to when we will be able to buy Alarak?Vaerth6 2d
2d [Discussion] Heavy early game Protoss changes Hey guys. I wanna to discuss some heavy changes on toss early game to the race become more dinamic and less gimmick. Main subjects of the discussion: Warpgate, Mothership Core, Zealot, Stalker, Adepts and Sentries. For me where the race mainly needs changes is at early game. My suggestion: [Warp Gate] Remove the Warpgate, but add a new upgrade at Cybercore to reduce the warpin time of the gateways to be the same as the cooldown of the warpgates, reduce its upgrade time to half or 3/4 or so. [Mothership Core] Remove this unit entirely. Is really bad for the game to have "hero" types units in my opinion. With that, the abilities from this unit would be removed as well, mainly the Photon overcharge. And even the Mothership. Add the Arbiter in its place (suggestions at end of this post). [Zealot] In its current form is really bad, on the past only really worked as meatshields for other units like Colossus. I haven't tested the move speed bonus from the test map, but the upgrade is on more on mid game and it needs to be more viable on early game. Maybe increase the move speed like ~0.2 without the upgrade? I don't have a clear idea on how to make this unit more cost efficient compared to Terran or Zerg basic units. [Stalker] Like the zealot, I feel this unit needs to be a little bit more cost effective, maybe nerf the Blink in some way to be more cost effective? Or even remove Blink entirely and add a new ability? I have no ideas. [Adept] For Adepts I believe that the shade should be removed and add a new ability to just to increase the move speed. Duration and extra speed: ???. Not sure if this unit needs something else. [Sentry] I have no ideas to make changes or even this unit really needs changes at all. [Warp Prism] To make the Warp Prisms more viable (warpgates are gone), remove the Phasing add a new ability: Phase Recall (or other name): Allows to teleport up to 8 supply ground only units to its place. It begins the transformation to the currently phasing mode and the begins teleporting the units that takes 5~8 seconds to complete (similar to the current) and when finishes it automatically is changed back to "transport mode". This abilit can be canceled, but add x seconds of cooldown. Cannot warpin units on that are combat. Cooldown: (?) seconds. On the end, would be very close to the current Warp in from the Prisms, but the units to warp in must be on game already, but cannot be on combat (same time to begin to restore shields again?). But it could teleport other units from Robo and probes as well. [Arbiter] Not really a early game unit, but to compensate the removal of the MS Core and MS and increase the strategic options late game. To produce this unit you would require the Fleet Beacon and Templar Archives, so it would be really late game. The stats and costs would be the same as BW (100 minerals, 350 gas, 200/150 health/shield, 10 damage, etc).As abilities: Cloaking Field: Cloaks nearby units (buildings?). Mass Recall: Teleports units to the Arbiter location. Energy cost: ?. Requires a research. Cost: ?, Research time: ? Time Warp: Same as the MS and Core? Doesn't requires research. PS: Sorry for my english.Mikau1 2d
2d Byun advance to ro4 gsl Without team! The only teamless player in gsl. Im so proud becuz im big fanimba2 2d
3d What would your opinion be on skin packs? Hey everyone. I'm just wondering what people would think if Blizzard started to release faction-themed skin packs that were either purchasable or earnable one-by-one via achievements. We already have a few faction-themed / variants of units such as the Son of Korhal / War Pig Marine skin, the Blackhammer Thor skin, the Judicator Zealot skin, the Purifier Adept, the Tal'darim Colossus and a few others. What if Blizzard continued to slowly release Purifier-themed or Tal'darim themed skins? Would you want these to be earned one-by-one via achievements or would you be okay with Blizzard releasing a faction-themed skin pack for the Taldarim (+buildings), as an example, at $3.49 USD+? If you would be okay with purchasable faction-themed packs, what would you want it to include and what do you think it should cost?Deathborn23 3d
3d Starcraft II 3440x1440 21:9 support Please add 3440x1440 21:9 support to starcraft alot of people want it.Aboogy2 3d
3d Population Hello My name is nigel and I'm a marketing management student I just wanna suggest that make some event like share and like then you get a character in co-op for free this won't just attract costumers but players it's kinda sad having low players in Asia and SE Asia another suggestion when i connect to another server like America my status of all games restarts why not make it all load your data in all servers so we can play with other countries not just Asia or any other server for more fun Thanks hope to hear from you guysDeath2 3d
3d Ingame Portrait Frozen Hello, I've played SC2 today but I noticed now that the Portraits of the units now are frozen. I checked the video settings and the unit's portraits are selected as in 3D mode. I checked the file integrity of my Starcraft 2 but still aren't working. There are anyone here that can help me about this issue? Kind regards,Jbenini0 3d
3d Suggestion: attack upgrades for zerg So i heard on Nathanias stream that you guys at Blizzard read the forums. Therefore i hope you read this. I think we can agree zerg looks slightly weak at the top level. A small buff could be to combine melee and range upgrades for zerg so that army transitions becomes more effective. fx zergling upgrades early game doesent do anything for Hydra/Lurker/Viper composition lategame.KaydenKross5 3d
3d Still no fix for the Whisper bug You sure arn't in a hurry, thats for damn sure!Ibstronk29 3d
3d Starcraft is a game about information Why are Zergs able to get speed overlords by 4min? I mean there is no way to stop them, you can't have enough units to deny scouting. If you go anything but stargate you are at an extreme risk of losing a mineral line at some point in the game from when it's purchased because of baneling drops. Either slow down overlords or move the speed upgrade to lair. Also increase the cost of dropperlords by 25minerals or 25 gas.Apocalypse3 3d
3d Why does my font in chat look like this? It has a drop shadow that's offset way too far. Makes it look out of focus. Haven't played the game in like two months, so I guess this had something to do with a recent update. Anyone know how to fix it?Videoboy1 3d
3d New melee map - Broken Earth released! Hey guys, a while back I made a thread about developing a new map and some of you saw the progress, whether in the thread or on my personal stream. I am just about completed with the latest project, which I will be submitted to the next TLMC when it is announced (so keep your eyes open!). I give you, Broken Earth published to all servers and open for testing 3d
3d How do I keep accidentally zooming in? During my matches, on occasion, I keep zooming in accidentally. Thing is, I already have the mouse wheel disabled, and I know it's not that. Only other buttons I know that control it are page up and down. That's the only way for me to fix it once I've zoomed in. So what other way is there?Videoboy2 3d
3d Matchmaking Servers Can you please make it so that you cannot be put on servers with 200+ ping. This has got to be the most annoying thing ever. And it has nothing to do with expanding search because I get instant queue pops against autralians and brazilians all the time. I get 250-400 ping on these serves which is pretty much just an auto loss. Idc if my Queue takes 10 minutes I don't want to play games with 250 ping how hard is it to do this?BerryCruncH9 3d
3d How to adept to counter your opponents build. warp in pylon warp in gateway warp in cybernetics core warp in assimilator warp in assimilator warp in adept congratulations, you have officially adepted to your opponents playstyle.Kiaph22 3d
3d Important fact to you forum mates As the hardcore forum posters here know, i used to whine balance (look at my name ) on regular basis, even daily, heck i remember one day i made 6 threads about protoss -.-" Anyway after long time here and playing sc2 from silver to masters as terran on europe, PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND Every player love his race, it represent his choise, what he think of his skill, his favorite pros and more... You will never convince him that his race is stronger/op/ broken Heck you will fail to convince him about 1 unit sometimes... Because he think that hes good player and he work so hard on ladder, now you come and tell him all his hard work is worth nothing ,and hes noob and you are good? Lol no. You will fail. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME STOP BALANCE WHINE IT WONT HELP you think somthing is imbalance/bad designed? Send ticket to blizzard That ACTUALLY HAS MORE CHANCE TO WORK Since they ignore balance whine threads Trust me if enough people will send tickets they will see which unit has most whines and look into it But stop whine and start enjoy the game and make helpful threads It will make this forum better and less players will quit And more will join. Thanksimba4 3d
3d Extremely helpful QOL improvement. So, ever since HOTS came out, I've found myself seriously obsessed with the F2 select all army button. However, I'm also pretty lazy. Selecting all army units would select Overseers, Observers, Ravens, Science Vessels, Medics, Medivacs (some coop units, of course). So, when I mass everything, the non attacking units will randomly suicide into the middle of an enemy army. I use F2 to select units as soon as they are produced, and add them to a group. TL;DR, pleeeease add a filter to the F2 button, so you can check units you DON'T want to be selected when you hit F2. ex: SCV - Marine x Thor x Raven - Marauder x Medivac - and so on. seriously, it would help a ton of players out I feel.Surge2 3d
3d The Adept+Oracle PvT Opener You know, the one that comes in with 3 - 4 Adepts and then swings two Oracles around the back, all around the 4:00 mark. Is it actually possible to defend this without taking irrecoverable damage? Please don't read this as a balance whine: I'm asking a question. I've been seeing it a lot at the pro level recently, and I've never seen it actually defended. I'm curious to know if anyone has, and if so, how. If you have an example of a pro or GM level game in which this was defended, I'd like to see it. No offense, but I don't care if you regularly beat it or lose with it in Diamond or Masters.Skolops15 3d
3d Bliz Considering "Radical Changes" 3d
3d League min/max mmr When I see my mmr it shows the min/max for my current league tier. Just wondering if there was a list somewhere for all leagues and tiers. Thx!hanscrolo2 3d
3d MMR = $$$ @Blizzard please allow us, your devoted users, to purchase things through your website using MMR points. If we're all gonna just be cool with bitcoin then I see no reason why this can't happen.Social5 3d
3d Will HT and Storms be Obsolete? Versus Ground Units, with the new Tempest? HT: Life: 40/40, 0 Armor Cannot fly Cannot Attack Storms: 75 energy Requires a Research upgrade 1.5 Splash Radius 80 Damage 4 Seconds Duration 9 Range Cast Radius Friendly Fire Cannot Damage Buildings Tempest: Life: 300/150, Armor: 2 Can Fly Can Attack Disruption Sphere: No Energy Cost No Required Upgrade 1.95 Splash Radius 450 Damage 32 seconds duration 13 Range Cast Range No friendly fire Can Damage Buildings Conclusion: HTs (and maybe others Splash units, like Colossus and Archons) will be obsolete vs Ground Units, Disruption Sphere it is by itself a Overpowered and Abusive spell, just looking at their stats The correct to do, it is just increase Tempest Supply to 6, but change its AG weapon to have 9 range and 35 damage, tempest will remain a Balanced siege weapon but without an Overpowered and gimmicky spellMinhowMinhow9 3d
3d viking landing while moving going to be a cool adition to sc2 lotv if the viking can landing while moving and take off while moving just like this video. and is in some way Op can be nerfed going to be awesome play with this viking vs ground unitsYen6 3d