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5d The problem with avilo mech Honestly, the issue with what avilo is wanting is that he wants to make a full unit composition with no hard counters out of only factories. He complains that you may need units from starports or barracks and to be honest, that's silly. If protoss felt like they wanted a "mech" composition that could only be made out of robos would anybody pay attention? The whole idea of the game is that you have to mix and match your units to have a good composition. Even when going bio you still need a few factory and starport units. That's the way the game works. So please.. Stop advocating for a mass factory style that doesn't have counters because that is against the game design.JaWa46 5d
5d sc1, remaster or remake? (poll) i hope i remember to check this later... i almost never use these forums.pyrokid0 5d
5d Where are the voice packs? I'm ecstatic that Blizzard is going to rework multiplayer as extensively as they're planning come the end of the year. I applaud the Nova campaign for being a quality and challenging experience. I cheer for the continuation of Starcraft II as an E-sport. But why can't we hear more about the adviser voice packs? They were mentioned officially only twice, and we've heard naught on them since May. It has been one of the top aesthetic requests by the community since 2013. We want our juicy details on this and many other features. Blizzard, can we please here whether you plan to add Abathur, Raynor, Alarak, and other awesome voice talents to the multiplayer advisers? +1 if you'd like to show your support. The developers are seeming chatty lately, so I think this is a good time to pick and prod about topics important to us. Last time said feature was discussed: 5d
5d This is game is unplayable for toss I think thats it, after a long time not playing, I will stop again and again it is because of balance issues. Look at these numbers, I can confirm that these are accurate: How is this supposed to be balanced? Master league US: 37.63% Zerg 36.21% Terran 22.93% Protoss I can tell it is not balanced by just playing, terran is out of control, mules are totally overpowered, chorno is just bad in comparison. Bio is so strong now, it is so easy to mass bio now, so fast, there were games where I killed over 20 workers with harras but it did not matter, terrans just come back and are still able to fight an even game, try that with protoss. Bio rules supreme now with the colossus nerf. The disruptor just does not fill the role of the colossus well, it is way to gimmicky, right now protoss has nothing really good on the ground. Nothing works in PvT anymore, literally nothing, if you don´t kill at least 20 workers with harras you will still have a hard time beating terran. Zerg is the same, I managed to kill every single drone once in a harras, with surprise oracle macro, still the zerg came back to the game as if nothing happened I still had to put up a hard fight to win. Lurkers are completely overpowered. Nothing you build against zerg works. The other races have an anwser to anything, toss has answers to nothing. The colossus nerf was unecessary and way to much. Especially with the new tools the other races have. I am not even going to mention liberator, lurker and so on. I was watching a gm stream of a known player once and even he had to use things like cannon rush, cheese to force wins. The disruptor needs to be looked at, this is a unit that does not depend on your skill, but on the skill of the player you are matched against, if he can split, pick up units, avoid the hit, then it is gg. The bad thing about it is because a hit is not a plus, you actually need it to hit to win, even if you are way ahead, you still need this unit to do be able to fight mmm, roach/hydra, because the problem of the dependency on the colossus has never been solved, the adept does not fill the gap, neither does the disruptor, now protoss sits there with a gimmick (disruptor) that does not depend on you, without the colossus and with still weak gateway units GG.Quantic66 5d
5d Problems Loading a Saved Game I’m having a problem loading a custom game saved in the off line mode, which is the only way you can save a game on F10 gives you two different dialog boxes depending whether you are in the on-line or off-line mode. In the off-line mode you can save and load a saved game. I don’t ladder, not that I can’t but I don’t play well at the faster speed setting of the ladder. I just don’t have the reflexes that you young whipper-snappers have, and I hate to lose and be stuck in Bronze forever. I use the off-line mode for two reasons. One is so I can use the cheat codes. It is really nice when the new map pool comes out to save a game and them turn on the lights (cheat code: TookTheRedPill) and really have a close up look at it. You can only use the cheat codes off-line. Second is I only play custom games against the AI off-line (because I don’t ladder), so I can save at the beginning and reload it if I have a problem. I could use the restart button but that also changes the AIs Strat, so it might go straight to air instead of full rush. My problem is that after I save a game I can’t reload it. I can get to a loading screen but nothing happens. The buttons don’t work. I have to quit the game. Then I can get to a loading screen and reload. I save at the start and if I have a problem at the 19minute mark I can reload it but I have to start all over. I can use the recover game feature in Replay but do you know how long it takes to get the 19minute mark of a game? I’m too old to be wasting that much time. That presents another problem, when do I save as to be closer to a problem if it happens? If the Campaign auto saves at various checkpoints why can’t we get auto save for custom off-line games set for every 3 or 5 or 10minutes, whatever times we choose. As for the not being able to load problem I have no solution. I don’t think it is a bug and is working as intended. You Blizzard guys are very smart but maybe it just slipped by and you did not take into account that someone might want to load an off-line saved game.AncientOfDay0 5d
5d Annoyed with automated tournaments I recently returned to SC2 with LOTV and noticed the new automated tournament system. I really liked the daily Frozen Throne tournies, so I've been eager to try one out. Saw one was about to launch in 10 mins so I signed up. Was just about to play the semi-final round when bam, the screen goes blank and then prompts me with "Tournaments are currently unavailable". We all get dropped from the tournament and then the tournament sign up timer resets to 90 minutes. Does this happen frequently? This is kind of a serious bug even if it happens 1/100 tournaments.CocBlocula0 5d
5d Colorblind Energy Bars I think it would be great if an option for colorblind (or custom color even) energy bars could be added. I play with unit life bars set to damaged but I oftentimes get mixed up trying to tell if a unit is damaged or simply has an energy bar since I can't tell the colors apart very well. While it's true I could determine whether the unit is damaged or simply has energy by knowing how many bars it should have and seeing them, I still end up mixing things up since units with full energy don't have health or energy bars displayed. On top of this it just makes it harder to try and micro back injured units as I look for bars that are around one-third full but without being able to pick them out from one-third full energy bars at a glance that becomes difficult, especially when units are in large numbers.artimelly2 5d
5d Loading Saved Game Hassle Loading a saved game is a hassle. Whether it’s from the campaign or a game started in the offline mode. Let’s say you were playing the campaign last night and got sleepy in the middle of a mission, so you save the game and quit the campaign and hit the sack. Bright and early next morning you are up and raring to finish the mission. You fire up StarCraft select the campaign and load the game you saved last night. Wow there it is, right at the point you saved and you can continue the mission. Now things get a little tricky. You have a problem. Maybe you’re having difficulty finishing the mission because you did not fully saturate your mineral line. Maybe you finished the mission and found out that you did not get one of the bonus objectives. No problem, you have a saved game. If you’re like me, you hit F10 double click ‘L’ to load your saved game. But whoa, “this is not my saved game”, so you quit the campaign to get back to where you loaded your saved game the first time. You see not only your saved games but more saved games and some with the same labels. The only difference in them is the time stamp so you pick the earliest and thankfully you’re at the spot you want to be. You see Blizzard saves your games and its checkpoints and labels them the same way. The mission or map name and the next available number in parentheses. If you are in game and hit F10 you get a dialog box that has a Load button. Clicking on it will bring up a load game screen where you will see both yours and Blizzards saved games. On the left side are some buttons, Recent, Campaign, Multiplayer, Challenger, and Autosave. Recent and the latest game are selected by default which is which is why you see both types of saves and if you double click ‘L’ you will get the latest save. The in-game loading screen and the Campaign entry point loading screen are the same in layout but different in style. In the in-game loading screen there is a bright red explanation point next the checkpoint saves. At the Campaign entry point loading screen there is a tiny red one-pixel dot at the bottom of the save icon. It is hard to see the difference in the icons. I have to lean in real close to see that tiny red pixel. Now you may say “Cliff isn’t that just a little nit-picky”. No, I just got off the phone with Blizzard and the nice young lady said there have been a lot of complaints about this issue and that I should post to get the developers attention. Look Blizzard is a great company and has put out some very professional games. Any confusion in playing the game detracts from that professionalism. Suggestions on how to solve this issue. Easy-Peasy, just change the default select to have nothing selected, and change the save icon in the Campaign entry point loading screen. Also to further reduce confusion on the save game screen deselect the default label suggestion and place a cursor and the end of it so you can quickly backspace through the number and create your own label system. TL/DR: Developers please change the two loading screens. Thanks CliffAncientOfDay0 5d
5d Switched to Z from T, and now need help vT Hello fellow Starcarfters So I got frustrated and gave up on Terran, because it was not fun to play anymore. I was stock at Mid plat level, game was so stale for terran. I quit in 2011 and came back 2 expansion later, and only viable option is MMM-Lib combo. So I made the switch and I was killing it at low-mid plat level. My first season was 38-13 win/lose . Now it is my second session and made it to diamond. I am very good against ZvZ(68-45) and decent at ZvP(44-36). But my ZvT needs little work. I am at 40-44 win/lose. I win, if I cheese or able to survive past 15min. But anything between 5 and 15min mark, I lose. I could win a lot more cheesing, but I want to be able to macro(you can see from my nickname), and get to the late game. What are the good early game strats? Is anyone have a good replay pack? I see pros do mass queen early game, but somehow I cant do that many queen. How do you deal with deadball MM-Tank evac push? I really enjoy zerg as there are many options you can use. I am so pissed to DK as he just announced the possible changes after I made the switch. I dont want to switch back to Terran yet although these new purposed changes sound good.MacRoManceR10 5d
5d Suggestion: New Mini-map Features and Command I have a suggestion. Is there way you can add a new minimap command feature? How it works is when press a the mini-map hotkey, the mini-map shows in the center of the game screen instead of lower left. And you can click on the mini-map center of the screen. And the moves to that location. Upon release of the hotkey or double tapping the mini-map returns to normal to lower left screen. I also have another suggestion with the new minimap feature. You can have an with options if you want to it 'on' or 'off' the feature, that 'mini-map of the lower left' will switch to an on screen game camera screen instead of the mini-map. And lastly another suggestion the new mini-map feature is that you can adjust the size of the 'center mini-map'. Also adjust how much transparency you want with the mini-map. I think this feature is great idea it might other players increase their APM drastically and perform alot more other actions.NNN3 5d
5d New Cyclone vs Ultra I hope it does well. Terran really needs help against the Ultra. Do you guise think it's going to be a decent counter now?BlizzRuinedT28 5d
5d Opinions on New Balance as a Mech Player So far ive played every matchup using just mech so here are my thoughts TvP: The best mech matchup right now It sounds weird and this mainly is due to toss not understanding how to defeat it but its really a free win if you knew how to play TvP mech before. Your main comp is widow mine tank viking and your early and mid game is now SUPER strong because you can shut down blink with stronger tank and now tempests have to get in real close to deal dmg to tank line or mine line. As for late game when i secure my 4th i get 3 ports and start BC production then i throw away my tanks. Mine Bc viking is basically unbeatable. Im trying something where i send BCS at his army, yamato, then teleport back to main. If he gets Ht ghosts are something you can try but so far since feedback is useless i havent seen it. TvZ: Hard but better I do have to say im seeing alot more swarmhosts but ive figured out that having a few thors and hellbats shred them now. Mainly its the same thing. Get tanks, vikings and ghosts to snipe vipers and corruptors. Its a bit easier now because suiciding ravager roach into tank lines arent cost efficent now. Hydras are ridicolusly powerful but hellbat thor tank still trade very well. I suggest adding ravens for PDD they are useful for dealing with swarmhosts AND hydras TvT: The Hardest Unfortunatley the BC buff hurts you the most in this matchup. While you are getting tanks and vikings the enemy bio player can tech up to Bcs and now since they dont require energy can keep sniping vikings with yamato and unless you invest heavily into turrets you cant really stop them. Even if you do he will just snipe the turrets. Ghosts cant negate it anymore so that is a big damper on TvT mech v Bio. Maybe getting your own Bc's? Not sure and ill do more testingAtom6 5d
5d Kappa = Grey Face (no space) ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░▄▀▀▀▀▀█▀▄▄▄▄░░░░ ░░▄▀▒▓▒▓▓▒▓▒▒▓▒▓▀▄░░ ▄▀▒▒▓▒▓▒▒▓▒▓▒▓▓▒▒▓█░ █▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▓▓░░░░░░▓▓█░ █▓▓▓▓▓▒▓▒░░░░░░░░▓█░ ▓▓▓▓▓▒░░░░░░░░░░░░█░ ▓▓▓▓░░░░▄▄▄▄░░░▄█▄▀░ ░▀▄▓░░▒▀▓▓▒▒░░█▓▒▒░░ ▀▄░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▄▒▒█░ ░▀░▀░░░░░▒▒▀▄▄▒▀▒▒█░ ░░▀░░░░░░▒▄▄▒▄▄▄▒▒█░ ░░░▀▄▄▒▒░░░░▀▀▒▒▄▀░░ ░░░░░▀█▄▒▒░░░░▒▄▀░░░ ░░░░░░░░▀▀█▄▄▄▄▀bbQsauce4 5d
5d COLLOSUS IN HOTS IS IMBA you cant even hold the front with zerg. honestly just give us brood war units. or make collosi slow as crap like high templar. they have pencil legs for crying out loud. or make them even more glass like the infester is basically a balloon!nova9 5d
5d Why TvP Can Be Frustrating for non-Masters With a lot of the discussion about design vs. balance lately, I am going to do something that I rarely do here and make a post about my own personal experience in the game. I don't often do this because I am just a bad Diamond player and my losses are not a result of balance but of my own skill (or lack there of). In particular, here I want to show how as a Terran you can feel like you've kept a Protoss on the back foot and then ultimately lose in a way that feels very cheap. Do not misunderstand: I am NOT saying that I lost because of balance. I am NOT saying that I even played tremendously perfectly in this game. My macro leaves a lot to be desired, my multitasking is poor, and some of my decision making is bad. In particular, my micro and control is terrible. I'm sure you can find other problems. Of course, the same can be said of my opponent whose MMR is similar to mine, and ultimately this was a game where I feel I really did keep him in a bad spot. I have him out of position several times, I am able to not only delay his third for a very long time but also kill it twice. Even towards the end of the game when he takes a ninja fourth, his income is less than mine because I've kept his probe count down for 11 minutes and I kill his third almost immediately. By the end of the game, my army is larger, my upgrades and tech are better, and even economically I am in the better position (had the game gone on longer, he would have pulled ahead in economy but it had not happened yet and had I won the engagement at the end I probably would have simply gone and ended the game). Then I lose my entire army at once because I made one errorneous button press and one misjudgment. I moved my entire army when I meant to move only my ghosts, and I thought that I could land EMPs before he got his storms off. It was definitely my fault that I lost. If I controlled the final engagement properly, I should have easily gone across the map to victory. I didn't, and it's my fault. The point here is not to whine. The point is that I am hoping I can give a little perspective on why so many Terran players feel so weak and frustrated, because this kind of thing happens all the time and it feels awful to lose a game where you feel like you outplayed the opponent because of something like this. 5d
5d Balance Test map hey boys get ready for all the TERRANS to start crying about everything being broken again. lmao perfect example is of the noob crying about tempest and its disruption sphere. congratulations you dont scout his main where there is a fleetbeacon being made you dont scout around your base, you see an oracle and dont even consider hmm, tempest have a new ability, maybe ill open viking or scout around my base for a stargate........ literally dumbest terran player. be happy your stupidly BROKEN liberators that do 85dmg with +0 to ground haven't been in the conversation of david kim's mind of being nerfed even though everyone knows they need to be. You are a MASTERS TERRAN AND DON'T SCOUT lmfao you deserved to lose that game. just own up like a man and stop crying and begging blizzard to win your games for you. such a child 5d
5d New Unit: The Brood King Yes, the "Man Power" that BIizzard has been Iacking is finaIIy here! To save us with aII of its attention drawing bravery and sacrifice to the swarm! -BuiIt at hatchery Iike queen -PIus 1 armor Iike queen -Faster then queen -Casts, 'Gaze of the Mind's Eye' to draw attack fire to it for a period of time, does not immobilize, and its onIy cost is cooIdown *ReIeases broodings per so much Iife Iost -No naturaI attacking capabiIityAtlasMeCH14 5d
5d Void ray changes to promote usage. When the voidray is overcharging ( or whatever its called), change the color of the beam to purple, or dark red, something epic. I promise ppl are gonna make void rays just for the the new epic color.Snake9 5d
5d What The Balance Changes Should Be Protoss: Tempest - supply +2, range vs ground -5 Adept - armor -1, health -10 PO - requires pylon to be powered by another pylon Oracle - revelation is an area around the oracle WP - pick-up range reverted Zealot - charge upgrade gives speed Zerg: Ultra - armor -1 Hydra - speed +1 on creep Dropolord - require lair Ravager - +1 supply, bile cooldown +2s Brood lord - range -1 Viper - parasitic bomb shows a tag on action bar, abduct energy +25 Terran: Tank - reverts to unsieged when picked up by medivac Cyclone - remove lock on, doesn't shoot while moving, health +75, supply -1 Liberator - remove light damage Thor - radius +.1, increase speed Cattlebruiser - no energy in favor of cooldown, build time -10s, supply -1 what do you guys think?Bladewise1 5d
5d Adepts are still OP as hell. Nerf asap Basically every single tournament TvP proves this. 90% of my TvP's are lost when he manages to get a prism into my main, it's ridiculous.JudgeP49 5d
6d If you ever make a Starcraft movie Please begin the entire thing with the heart of the swarm cinematic. Easily the best cinematic blizzard has ever created, the heart of the swarm theme is extremely intense, also with the fact that it's a great taste to people who don't even know the universe, with the right quality and enough movies I could see a starcraft Trilogy challenging even maybe Star wars. Warcraft is simply too big to be made movies of, 1 movie was way too little for the first war, if we get three movies for one period then it would take ages and people would lose interest. I thought that it would be cool that they split original starcraft and broodwar into 3 movies, Chapter 1-2 1 movie, chapter 3-4 1 more Movie, Chapter 5-6 Final movie, then 1 movie per starcraft 2 expansion I might get some "Omg lich king cinematic is the best." However I disagree. Man in armor walks, someone talks in the background, he sticks a metal sword in the ground, dragon awakens and thousands of zombies scream. Yawn (There is more to this than man walks in armour obviously, I just find it boring and non Warcrafters would not really understand, if you want movies to be successful you must appeal them to everyone and not only people who play the games.Winfestor4 6d
6d Customizable Loading Screen. You know how when loading into a 1v1 you have a hydralisk behind your portrait if your a zerg and a zealot if your a protoss. What if you could customize whatever unit was behind your portrait with some kind of unlock. For example we should do this for your division because most of the time the more games you play you get higher in the division. Making it so you can unlock specific things from being high in division would make people play more. please give feedback.Johnybogo0 6d
6d Protoss Suggestions 8-2016 Disclaimer: I am not a grandmaster player or anything, but I have played a lot of SC, I'm a game developer, and a game tester. In WOL I was a Master Protoss, and after a ~4 year break I decided to come back into LOTV recently. I just did my placement matches recently and got put into Diamond. I'm not a big fan of some the stuff in the game right now including tankevacs and shade adepts. These are my humble suggestions in response to the new multiplayer changes getting tested. Mothership Core: I can't be the only one that despises the Mothership Core. It's just a cheesy defense system yet absolutely necessary for Protoss right now. I would love to see it reworked or completely removed from the game. Preferably just removed completely. I don't want to rely on some hero unit from the start of the game for base defense. I'd rather just have real units. Photon Overcharge also overlaps with Photon Cannons. Carrier: Carrier change is good but probably won't see play specially because Tempests are a thing. Give them a support ability, such as a pylon field under them that allows players to warp in reinforcements. Just an example. Sentry: TLDR: move Sentries to the Robo. I love Sentries. All Protoss players do. They're the unit that often carries the other crappy Gateway units to victory. The issue with sentries is that they're a support unit. They just don't fit in the Gateway. Gateway units, besides templar, should represent the core of the army. They need to be useful as soon as they are warped in to be good reinforcements. No one ever said "Ah I need reinforcements here, time to warp in a round of Sentries". Sentries are better left alone for a bit as they charge energy for Guardian shields or more than 1 forcefield. Moving them to the Robo makes perfect sense. You quickly pump them out of the Robo as you assemble your army all while building real units from Gateways as reinforcements. Adept: Start the game without shade but with resonating glaives. Shade can be researched in the twilight council. I don't know about this change but I thought I would put it out there. Adepts are way too good right now. They're also pretty frustrating for Terran and Zerg players as their enemy's core unit can teleport around without any tech requirements. Gateway: Gateway units have always been very weak as part of a core army. In WOL, we had overpowered Colossus dealing the actual damage while Gateway units served as cannon fodder in the front. In LOTV, it does not get better. Blink Stalkers and Shade Adepts are all about mobility, Zealots are melee, and Sentries are a support unit. Where are the slow core units of the Protoss army? So we nerf Adepts and move Sentries to the Robo, both hurt Protoss quite a bit. How do we make up for this? My suggestion: Immortal: Move the Immortal to the Gateway, but make them require a Robotics Facility or maybe a Robotics Bay as tech. Double the cooldown on the Gateway when warping in Immortals to ~46 seconds because they cost 4 supply instead of 2 for Stalkers. Also, remove Barrier and add it as an upgrade in the Robotics Bay (or maybe Hardened Shells as an upgrade). This gives Protoss more options when using Gateways. If the player goes for an early Robo, they can get Immortals from their Warp Gates instead of Stalkers and handle early armored pressure. They can also go for a TC and get blink Stalkers if they want to be more mobile and aggressive. Stalkers are still the main source of anti air. At least Stalkers will not ALWAYS be used no matter what. I don't have a crystal ball and I don't know if this will be balanced or not. However, it definitely sounds better than some of the current plans (blink DTs and Usain Bolt Zealots). I imagine numbers can be tweaked as well. What do you guys think?Krotux9 6d
6d test testDreadlord4 6d
6d Initial thoughts/impressions of test map These are initial thoughts impressions from my own testing games on the balance test mod. I played all 3 races, tested most of the things. The main thing i can say is while tanks are slightly better at trading in pure ground vs ground games...those games never happen because mech has no anti-air STILL after 4+ yrs. Mech cannot deal with tempests still, let alone carriers that basically have free interceptors. And mech anti-air got worse with the cyclone design change. I honestly don't know how to re-phrase the same sentiment 50 different ways - mech has no reliable anti-air from the factory and all of the changes on this map do nothing to alleviate that. Honestly as a player i wouldn't care if my opponent massed carrier/tempest/brood or whatever if there was a solid counter unit i could build from the factory. The problem is, there's no goliath in SC2 that can trade or dissuade the opponent from massing those units. So mech is almost an autoloss still on this map vs P/Z when they go for mass air. Also, 3 changes are really, really not healthy for gameplay: Swarmhost changes - really bad for the game, this unit promotes stalemates and stagnant gameplay where the game is all about free units Raven autoturret buff - same thing as the swarmhost, really bad, promotes stalemates, it gives free units just like the swarmhost Tempest - same as the above two units. It was somehow made even more worse than the live version because it now comes packed with a free psi storm that lasts for 40 seconds on mineral lines and invalidates mech tank armies from even existing. This unit can still be massed just as before and is just as frustrating. Terran thoughts: Banshee change - good, aggro unit to allow mech a way to harrass. It's really nice to be able to research banshee speed, possibly allowing those 1-3 banshees built early game to be more useful or kept alive longer. It didn't feel game breaking to me because you never research it before cloak, so it ends up being researched later on in the game. It's intrinsically gated to being a later game upgrade due to the fact you need cloak before speed in 99% of games. Cyclone changes - really bland unit, does nothing for mech anti-air, it's a mech marauder and loses value still as the game goes on, but now even worse vs air. A lot of people are really overrating the cyclone re-design but within a week people will see it's not that good and it's not worth having this design over having a unit from the factory that can shoot up and trade vs air. Tank change - good change, makes it so it can trade better when it is in siege mode, so if someone just blindly 1A's into you, your tank will get value where it did not before. Viking change - a luxury, a nice change, haven't really seen the impact of it yet but it can probably trade better vs stalkers later in the game and kill buildings faster vs P/T and worker harrassment might be more viable. In general, not that much of a game breaking change either way, just nice that the viking sucks slightly less. BC changes - BCS still are a unit that is really bad in low numbers, and probably really too good in high numbers...but the changes are OK i think design-wise, it's much more fun to use them and they're probably more effective being able to use both abilities rather than just 1. Also nice they can't instantly be feedbacked and lose half their HP lol Protoss Changes: DT change - i didn't test this yet, but in every P game whether i was the P or my opponent the games didn't even get to the point where this was researched. Or no one was "rushing" for it. I honestly think even if this were a problem in the future...blizzard should just add a 2nd pre-requisite to research the ability such as DT blink Requires: robo facility to be researched. Tempest change - as mentioned, the free psi storm this thing now has is a joke. Tempests are still abusable vs mech and overall create a frustrating experience and just limit lategame a lot for T/Z. I don't think this should ever make it into the game, it will just make tempests vs mech worse than it is in the live version of the game. Carrier change - interceptor release removed, but now interceptors are too cheap. As a mech Terran i honestly don't think interceptor price needed to be changed at all. Carriers were already too strong versus mech. Now there's no counter because if you try to go mines, interceptors cost nothing to replace at all = gg. Before there was an investment Protoss had to make, now they're basically free. Not a good change. Zealot change: didn't notice much of a diff, not a game breaking change. The reasoning for this buff is faulty tho. The reason adepts are massed instead of zealots is because adepts themselves are overpowered. They're just a ranged zealot with a free ability that grants insane mobility. Nerf adepts. Overall, Protoss felt about the same but worse because of tempest psi storm lol Zerg: Infestors - dunno how i feel about this. Zerg already has a ton of viable styles and comps, burrowed infestors with nydus tunnel on top of all of the existing choices Zerg has...and fungal/neural from burrow...has the potential to break the game. Swarmhost changes - bad, never buff this unit. It will ruin the game again. Baneling buff - someone baneling busted me in a game during testing (lol). It's actually pretty strong it makes banelings take an extra hit from a lot of units...and it might be way too strong versus bio to be honest...i don't think this is a good idea. Bio will basically be unplayable with this change imo which is not good. Broodlord -1 range: didn't test enough to notice it, broodlords in the 1-2 games i saw them were about the same. Ravager armored tag - surprisingly the unit felt the same, but people were testing hydras more so maybe ravagers are still good. Hydralisk buffs - supposedly were bugged, but hydras were already good pre-test map, nothing really changed with em. I don't think buffing them is bad...but range is a bad idea. It just creates more problems when things get +1 range. I think speed buff on creep or whatever with the upgrade would be enough of a buff. Hydras + vipers alone can counter mech entirely, and a lot of Protoss comps with lurkers too. Overall initial thoughts conclusion: -cyclone power is way overrated by a lot of people in the community -mech anti-air is worse on this test map, and still left unaddressed after years -swarmhost/raven/tempest do not need buffs, and are really bad for the game -hydralisk/tank changes are the healthiest set of changes because they are made to units that can promote action in SC2 and trading of armies -the DT blink upgrade is also way overrated by the community and may not be a problem at allavilo65 6d
6d Where 'Major Balance Changes' feedback goes? Not entirely obvious which forum this stuff should be posted on right now.BeedeBdoo5 6d
6d Dropped from Tournament? I was waiting for my game to start in one of those automated tournaments. Was about 15 mins to go before next match, and suddenly it says, "Left Channel: Tournament".. and I'm out. What happened?Meneliki0 6d
6d Change the Kachinsky Portrait. It's Too Ugly. Usually, people should have to put some effort into getting a better looking portrait than the default Kachinsky portrait. But Kachinsky, being the default, presents a unique problem as it is the most common portrait, which creates a negative externality, that everyone must suffer seeing this ugly portrait used by people everywhere. It would be a big quality of life change to remove Kachinsky, and replace the default portrait with something, while not necessarily exceptional, is not so outright ugly. For example, replacing the default with a SC2 logo is one possibility.Eigenscape11 6d
6d infestor -1 armor;but add strong meIee attack That way it can be a sort of inversion to the queen that has 1 armor and a Light attack starting out And zerg's phiIosophy can be compIete with the queen infestor approach. A way to repIace the missing upgrades from infested terranAtlasMeCH15 6d
6d Infestor NueraI Parasites Medivac Ever since they merged the roIe of the medic and the drop ship it has caused troubIe with the game because it created a roIe/unit unIike anything we have seen before. This has meant troubIe for the infestor and the nueraI parasite abiIty. the cIassic wisdom goes "do not make units unIess you are going to use them" and if the medivac was not heaIing then the odds of it having units inside of it wouId increase 10 foId since you got to use units that you make. If units were inside of it, you wouId nueraI parasite a dropship fuII of marines and then unIoad it with 8 smaIIer tentacIes attached through the medivac connecting to the infestor thereby using the medivac and aII its units to fight for you. That's how it worked with broodwar's mind controI.... you got the units in the dropship permenentIy. BIizzard cIearIy saw the over power in permenant controI of drop ship units so they made NP Iast a duration and connected the infestor to the target. With medivacs that can heaI, the probIem is that you can't use heaIing against your enemy immediateIy. The heaIing shouId turn in to a weapon against the opponent that is the exact opposite effect of heaI.... drain.... And since heaIing ignores armor, so to shouId the drain of Iife. UnIess it wouId heaI your units to give them a bonus Iife pooI shieId with a no Iimit cap. Zero Sense in the way of Science - Examination of SimpIicity Zero Sense in the way of Art - Symmetry (inversion) Zero Sense in the way of PhiIosophy - Thematics I give the community and its deveIopers the educationaI grade of FAtlasMeCH14 6d
6d SC2 Starleague 6d
6d [Balance Changes Feedback] Auto-Turret bug The new increased damage on Raven Auto-Turrets is not reflected in the Explosive Shrapnel Shells upgrade, which supposedly increases their attack damage by 30%. Currently attack damage is increased from 24 to 29, rather than to the expected 24*1.3 =~ 31 damage. My guess it that upgrade still uses the old 16 attack damage as a reference.BeedeBdoo1 6d
6d new swarmhost will be a balance issue. fcking hell who the fck suggested this sh*t. fml. YEA LET'S PLAY TURTLE RAVEN/SWARMHOST BULLSH*T AGAIN HOLY FCK !!!! i really hope this won't make it to the live game.JudgeP14 6d
6d Test Map Tempest I like the concept of the new Tempest, however I do have one suggestion. • Remove the ground attack entirely. The short ranged Air-to-Ground attack causes clunky movement and control simply because you would never want your Tempests to engage a ground target that close. If you remove the ground attack completely, the Tempest will move back/run away (rather than engage a target) when they are attacked. What you are left with is a Tempest that serves as a siege SUPPORT, providing long range Air-to-Air coverage, and siege breaker/zoning AOE Damage-Over-Time with Disruption Sphere. This inadvertently buffs the Carrier, making it THE siege capital ship with a handful of Tempests on the backline.Corsair1 6d
6d REASON WHY TERRAN MECH ARE NOT BEING USED! gadd dammn it blizzard im tired of the mass marines or bio terran is always using 99% of the time! gadddd damn the coolest of most units (which are terran mech) are not even getting any screen time at all! LOOK, the only reason why terran mech are not getting any play time is because there is still NO TRUE COUNTER against MASS MARINE! simple as that. they are the most useful motherfckkers in every situation. they can do everything! SOLUTION: create a new unit that counters the marine firepower or marine damage instead. units right now that counter marines can easily kill marines, yes, but marines are spamable and can also easily kill these said counter units. what we need is a unit that almost nullifies a mass marine bio attack. a toss or zerg or terran unit that is almost immune against lights attacks (marines, zergling, etc). Think of immortal hardened shield against tank but a lot stronger. No, ultralisk still ain't !@#$ against marines with almost limitless mineral in one game, you can just mass marines after any defeat. This unit counter marines just by being really tanky (like it would take a minute just to kill this thing with even with 10 marines). point is make the marines attack almost useless against this thing. This unit has melee range attack and deals AOE damage over time and only affects BIO enemies. the damage of this unit is not strong but if marines stay near it they will eventually die. Now, marines don't do %^-* against this new unit. it will be a waste of time focus firing on this unit with marines. so that this unit gets close to marine balls, it should have a warp ability or can burrow then pops up right below the marine balls. you need then to micro your marine out and away from it. With these units on the field, marine will not be spam like hell as they are heavily countered. this thing is a tier 2 unit so that marine can be countered early on, and terran will switch or add mechs units on his army as early as possible. I made the new unit attack in melee range for balance purpose. so that when it attacks its near all the terran forces and it can also be pin down by its terran unit counter easily which are the MECHS! NOW here comes the terran mech. The mech counter this new unit! these units only TRUE weakness would be the terran mechs, siege tanks, thor and terran air units like liberators, battelcruiser, and banshee. viking ground mode should be able to crack this thing way better than marines so that viking ground would shine as well! hellbat would become useful as well in this scenario, they can tank this new units attack and deal full damage with their fire. also the thors barrage canon or bc yamato would kill it in an instant. so there you go, it's like a chess already with most mech, air and late game units of terran finally being use normally! its not because mech is weak and can easily be countered. its because there is no reason to use them to since marine counters eveything! yes marines can be killed easily but they can also kill all units and spam like hell. the TRUE counter to marine is to create a unit/s that marines cannot kill easily (fck the ultralisk, not that sht). A super immortal with super shield or a giant burrowing zerg turtle that make marine gunfire completely useless! so you need to have mechs as well in your army as well. the giant turtle creates a poisonous cloud on its surrounding to destroy this annoying ants. actually these gadd damn marauders is also one of the reason why terran mech are not viable, instead of air vikings taking on colosi, you just spam these damn marauders. instead of making bc to fight ultras and archons, just spam marauders (and marines) will do it. this unit can be a superunit or something that cost a lot. maybe you can build only 3 of this things. maybe the it is build by transforming your nexus or hatchery into it so that it wont be spam and marines would not be completely useless. or it could be just a normal unit and but just make it balance to make it a true counter to mass marine attack damage dealt so terran will add more mech it its army instead of just making all marines and marauders. if enemies will mass these and air units only. then best counter for that would be vikings and marauders if marauder does normal damge on this unit just the same. how cool is that, vikings will be mainstream now! FCK THE MASS MARINES BIO strat. fck that sht.kitsunegames19 6d
6d Why did Maru Keep trying to do a poor Cyclone build? Every singe time it failed so hard. At the very least if he played standard he would have destroyed Myungsik.Apocalypse6 6d
6d Regarding race color... I would like to know how can change the color of the race I'm playing with in ANY playlist including campaign. The default is always green but I want other colors. For example, say I'm playing as the Protoss and I want them all to be red like in the terrans in the image below. How do I accomplish this. 6d
6d Legacy of the Confederation Custom Campaign Hey everyone, NexusCore, the page for the modding team developping the custom campaign called "Legacy of the Confederation" for StarCraft 2, will finally share a gameplay video of their new UPL/UED race, but only once their Facebook page reaches 3500 likes. Right now, it's only missing 28 likes. You might remember the name of the campaign, that's because it used to be a campaign for the original game, SCBW, taking place in an alternate timeline where Earth gets attacked by the Zerg after the UPL sends the massive colony ships to the Koprulu Sector (accidentally, as they were meant for another star system, oriignally). The campaign is being remade (with new stuff and many changes) for StarCraft 2. It plans on replacing some of the events of BW, like the original campaign did, but tying the events of SC1 and LotC with the events of StarCraft 2. Go like their page, we're almost there!: With StarCraft Universe releasing this month and currently being in beta, with Heroes of the Storm getting StarCraft content with a mini-expansion, and with the Nova missions and new Co-Op/Multiplayer stuff, it'd be a shame for this campaign not to get unveiled - StarCraft is the most alive it's been since Heart of the Swarm's release.Alexander0 6d
6d Just a friendly reminder That terran is still the weakest race. #Terran lives matterKong4 6d
6d Guys i am learning how to play protoss Do i make adepts? Or more adepts?Mentalfruit4 6d
6d If you want the old HotS cancer mech again... ...then you should keep the swarmhost the way it is in the current TestMap. and does anybody know why they made auto turrets overpowered ?JudgeP18 6d
6d Big competitions? Hi, I fell out of the loop in regards to the big tournaments that are going on. I was just curious if anyone could tell me the status of where we are in regards to another SoS V Life, (the same tournament)Strnobull1 6d
6d My thoughts on protoss: #2 AdeptsSnake1 6d
6d StarCraft 2 is dead Congrats blizzard you have officially ruined this game. The balance is terrible, the meta is ill defined and the cancerous changes to the ladder have made it utter garbage. Zerg is stupidly overpowered and I couldn't be more happy about you losing your entire RTS fan base to games like dota and league of losers. StarCraft 2 deserves to die after what your trash design team has done to it. You should be ashamed.Meerkat32 6d
6d 2v2 Grandmaster? Does anyone know why they haven't implemented this? I want it so bad D:Neeb76 6d
6d Lul kek xD Just wanted to say hi to everyone. KappaStorm0 6d
6d Swarmhost fml i understand that this is just a testmap and im really thankful for most changes and that blizzard is brave enough to do this big step... but swarmhosts are so ridiculously Overpowered. i literally can't test anything because i dont even reach midgame or lategame.JudgeP5 6d
6d What if tempest ability was channeled If you reactivate the ability to stop channeling, the ability stops and goes on cooldown. This way a tempest could not run in, cast, and still AA attack vikings and corruptors. You couldnt ignore AA while channeling, even just 1 viking, or else tempest dies shortly afterPylonClicker6 6d
6d Terran Tier 3 changes In this thread i want to talk about the tier 3 changes that are coming to terran. Lets start with the battlecruiser. Energy removal is a good thing so now it cant be feedbacked. No more double yamoto which is kind of bad actually. Now you can use yamoto and teleport. Overall some might consider it a nerf some might consider it a buff. But this is nowhere near a good enough change to consider battlecruisers being useful. Thor and Liberator Outright nerf. The thor isnt good with bio and nerfing bios best support unit while giving a tiny buff to the thor wont change much. I understand the problem with the liberators but this is a terrible compensation for a heavy nerf like this. Raven I had so much hope on changes to this unit, that it would become a support unit like the science vessel in bw and have its abilities redesigned but nope instead we get a terrible change that just buffs auto turrets attack. If somebody is not massing ravens nobody is going to pay 200 GAS for such a terrible unit just because of auto turrets got buffed. There isnt any reason why as going bio i should cut my precious medivac/liberator production( or as playing mech cut banshee and other stuff) just to get a useless expensive unit that will probably get sniped in the first battle. Overall IMO the tier 3 changes are terrible (terrible in the way that it won't promote making those units) and could have been way way better. Leave your thoughts below and state the reasons why you agree/disagree.Maru25 6d
6d New Cyclone Too Strong v. Armored Ground The new Cyclone ground target ability is much too strong. Against armored, it does more than three times the DPS of a stimmed marauder and exactly 1.5 times the DPS of the old upgraded lock on ability. Units like Stalkers have no chance against these, and while I think roaches seem to fare better in terms of their "swarmy" ability to almost overwhelm the Cyclones, they're probably ultimately too weak against it as well. Meanwhile, the new anti-air lock on ability is very lackluster. It does only about 3/4 of the DPS of a single stimmed marine. It can't even kill an overlord before it gets out of range. These things are going to be absolutely useless in the early game against things like Oracles, and they're currently pretty important in this role. In a mech composition you'd expect them to be the defense against Oracles early, although understandably it should not be so easy to kill one with a Cyclone that you can A-move. I think as it stands a damage buff is needed, keeping in mind that the ability of speedy air targets like the Oracle to break the lock on, putting it on cooldown, and then return to attacking is part of the counterbalance here. Overall, I think the issue with the Cyclone is still that they just don't know what role it is supposed to fill. I understand they want some kind of mobile anti-armored unit, but this really just feels like a bio unit that just happens to come out of a factory. It's the same problem that they had with the Warhound. My initial thought is to let the tanks have the role of the primary anti-armored force, while give these things a lesser ability to deal with armored units. Make them kind of a "first responder" that can help deal with armored, but ultimately needs the tanks to get set up to back them up. Maybe even make them beefier and more survivable on their own, but drop the anti-armored DPS to something below a marauder. I think these need a pretty significant damage nerf to the anti ground. As it stands, they're too strong, certainly against Protoss anyways. More importantly, they need to come out with a very clear design goal as to what they want this unit to do so that the community can help massage these things into the right place. On the broader scale, in designing mech they really seem to be very focused on it being primarily an anti-armored composition. Everything in mech, save the hellions, does bonus damage to armored. This may be part of why mech has been so lackluster: it's very shoehorned in to a particular role and can't deal as well with more varied styles of play. Instead of buffing mech's anti-armored, which was already pretty decent, what they really need to do is deal with it's weaknesses against highly mobile and mobility restrictive units like Stalkers, Adepts, Zealots, and Vipers. It should not be so strong as to totally counter their strengths, but it should have a way to at least stand toe to toe with them.Skolops34 6d