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6d Siege Tank nerf is actually very huge nerf Some people are saying the upcoming tank nerf that will reduce the attack speed from 2.7 (same as HOTS after buff) to 3.0 (same as HOTS before buff) and it's not a big nerf because Terrans didn't even saw the difference after the buff so they should not see it after the nerf, right? Well it wouldn't be visible nerf but actually it will be because HOTS 3.0 to 2.7 buff was on HOTS timer (faster time than in real). The LOTV one is different (real time). It's actually nerf from 2.0 to 3.0 (not from 2.7 to 3.0). You can check it by yourself ingame. The tank attack speed in LOTV is 2.0! DK did a dirty trick here because he didn't gave us the previous value of LOTV Siege Tank attack speed so we could think it's 2.7.DukeNukem12 6d
6d archon mode searching problems.... it takes 15~20min to play only one game............ i can't find the team to play..... can you just fix this problem through making team plays as 2-2,3-3 not only allowing the party mode.... plz!kaka4 6d
6d I Hate the 12 starting workers I just started playing this game again (used to play a lot during WOL and a little but during HOTS). The 12 workers start has made the game feel like McStarcraft, where the early game has been skipped so we can rush right into the mid and late game with quick high-tech units. The early game was probably the most interesting part of the game in the earlier versions of SC2, where you had to choose very carefully between investing in your economy, defense, and tech. Now this seemingly small change has eliminated that part of the game and has made previously cheesy nonsense like Protoss air spam even more ubiquitous and annoying. I don't know what the reason was, but I can't even bear to play this game anymore - multiplayer feels like such a mindless spamfest. It's sad, because I started all the way back playing WC1 and was playing WC2 BNET edition and SC2 online as soon as they came out. Now the Blizzard brand seems to be WOW (which I will never touch) and McStarcraft.Oddnerd40 6d
6d Ultimate and immediate solution to balance! A fan based community effort to edit the stats on a modded 1vs1 map. Tweak to what you think will be "balanced", play it, test it, and if it's fun and fair and gets a massive following, submit THAT to Blizzard, instead of submitting text walls. It be a better use of your time, and you will help Starcraft be the game it deserves to be. A true e-sport that is fun to play and watch and with a good meta-game to last it even 10 years down the road.PrimalX0 6d
6d Bonus Pool SEA Qualifier Hey guys incase people are interested we are holding the Bonus Pool Qualifier today starts in 30 minutes open to all players. top 2 get invited to the finals where they play for the $400-$500 prize pool! 6d
6d Bonus Pool EU Qualifier Hey guys incase people are interested we are holding the Bonus Pool Qualifier today starts in 30 minutes open to all players. top 3 get invited to the finals where they play for the $400-$500 prize pool! 6d
6d beautiful , just beautiful dkim lol watch shoutking craft neeb vs soo dkim knows how to balance game apparently , we can see he did a !@#$ty job and dont know what he is doing protoss players , youre all lucky as hell , as you seen theres 0 answer for zerg , youre ever behind to thoses adepts , cant engage with thoses forcefields that ever trade better than you , and cant bring it to endgame because you saw wat happen same for tvz , unplayable for t endgame because of ultrasLife13 6d
6d Protoss changes I'd like to see WARNING: LONG THREAD AHEAD If you don't want to read it, you don't have to. I'll be explaining the changes, so yeah, it'll be long. Zealot: Once it has charge, it's fine, before, it's good for blocking lings. Give it higher base movement speed. (it might need more, but that would be a good start). I also would not mind seeing charge be less than 200/200. Honestly, it's the most expensive twilight upgrade, and probably the worst one. Adept: The adept seems to be designed to be an early harassment unit, which updates into a main army unit with the glaives upgrade. Make the shade targetable under detection. This way it can still be used for harassment, can still scout, can still have interesting micro vs reaper and can still be used as a meat shield BUT can't be used to just suicide over and over again (once an opponent is prepared). You CAN shade on top of units, but if they have detection, it wont work so well. High Templar: Make storm have a slowing effect against light air units. So that there is another way to catch mutas (and help with PvP mas phoenix issues, too). The storm might not 100% kill the mutas, but with good micro it will mean that the muta cannot escape and the toss army can catch them before they can just bugger off and regenerate. This is to help protoss to have another way to deal with muta other than already having a phoenix cloud. (more macro style in PvZ). LESS CHEESE! And it also means that the muta can keep their regeneration and it also means that a zerg player who has good control and is keeping an eye on where units are positioned, can still play muta in ZvP... just that it's not an almost instant win. Dark Templar: I actually don't mind the blink on them. I think that this is a good direction as it allows the unit to be more useful than just as a cheese. Similarly to the banshee speed. The only other direction that it could go would be to have dark archons. However I don't think that mind control would be healthy for the game, so new spells would have to be created. Perhaps instead of "slow storm" (as described above) the twilight route to a muta counter could be dark archons? Immortal: No more auto cast on the barrier. You want people to showcase their skill and make that the deciding factor, then do it. Colossus: It's damage output vs many units is currently fine, but the upgrade is expensive and it's too good all around. Make it specifically for taking on light ground units. Give it lower base attack but +dmg to light. Get rid of the upgrade and let it start with it's full range. Disruptor: This suffers from the same issue as the colossus, in that it's too good all around. It ALSO suffers from being a 'one shot wonder' You can often win or lose the game in 1 shot. This feels even worse for an opponent, who has the harder job of dodging. Give the Nova less radius, but reduce the cool down timing on it (more constant damage, less useful against multiple small units; Marines, Hydra. Better against long range units; lurker, Tanks. This way, the immortal will be better against armour, the colossus against light and the disruptor against long range. But all 3 can still do dmg to other units (but not as effectively). Choices are good for strategy games! Tempest: This unit is also too good all around. I also don't like the new ability for it in the test map. I'll propose 2 ideas. Just so that there can be a look at a difference to the new ability. 1. (change to current version) Less HP, less base damage, more +dmg to massive. In other words. Make it fragile (it's range is it's defence) and it's actually for countering massive air units, not like, great against massive air and pretty good against anything that's not a cluster of small units. 2. (change to test version) Make the ability only work against mechanical and it cannot kill a unit. It can only bring it to 1 HP. This ability was always mean to be for countering siege lines because of the new changes. Make it do THAT. Cannot fire at ground, at all (only with the ability). Make the ability a research in Fleet. Carrier: Get rid of launch interceptors. Give it more HP. Decrease build time. Make interceptors cost less. The Carrier just takes ages to build and it's the biggest reason we don't really get to see it. The inteceptors are already a pain if they all die, because the DPS on the carriers drop to a REALLY low level. The cost of the interceptors on top of that is a nail in their coffin. It pretty much just needs an all around buff... the only other thing I'd add is that it'd be nice if there was a way to deploy the interceptors WITHOUT them no longer counting as part of the carrier (pre fire the interceptors). Being able to place a spot kinda like how the liberator works, would be cool. Or create micro similar to the BW version. This way, people can somewhat showcase their micro or good decision making (not 100% A-move unit). Mothership Core: Photon overcharge GONE. Replace with spell: 50 Energy 14 second duration Has to be cast on a Pylon. It grants the Pylon the ability to fire 3 shield recharging beams (each beam cannot target the same unit/structure). The idea is that it can be used both offensively and defensively, BUT you require units for it to be effective. It also can restore shields on buildings to help buy time for a defence to be mustered. Try to be civilised and helpful. Would be nice to see good changes to the protoss army and help make StarCraft more fun to play.AchromicWht28 6d
Oct 16 HotS/WoL I know that Blizzard just abandoned HotS and WoL in favor of LotV and i know that is unlikely that they even consider this thread But HotS/WoL need some attention too, first because both games required money to be purchased, second because both games were very important to be just discarded as waste, Third these games have a player base and fourth if these games were considered and improved, they still being sources of new players and this is important Change the map pools of these games, Rotating maps of previous seasons on them, but just old Maps of these games, example: next season bring back Deadwing, but not Ulrena, and rotates every season, automatically Why cannot use new Skins in the old games? I cannot use HotS/LotV skins in previous games, this is bad, because i cannot be rewarded purchasing the current expantion while i Play the old ones These Games were good and still good, they were to be kept fresh and used as sources to improve player base and Starcraft 2 by itself, not to be abandoned and discardedMinhowMinhow7 Oct 16
Oct 15 밸런스 디자인팀들 이거 읽어보셈 이거 종족 전쟁게임이지 AOS인줄 아시나요? 폭풍함에 무슨 스턴이야 장난치는 것도 아니고 애초에 군심 때부터 만든 신유닛들 다 이상하게 만들어놓고 수습도 못해 그럴꺼면 천천히 만들던가 2년마다 만들어야해 헥헥 거리다가 스2 진흙탕에 던져버리네요 플토 암기 점멸 삭제 사도는 체력너프랑 공속업 효율 너프 분광기는 무슨 내기지도 아니고 소환해대고.. 차라리 분광기 갯수당 소환을 제한하던가 속도너프 ,탑승범위를 롤백하세요 원래 폭풍함은 인구수6이 적당하고 생산시간 증가 그리고 다른거롤백 사도에 대해서 다시 한번 언급하겠음 사도는 원래 개사기라서 너프를 해야되는 애임 그런데 왜 추적자나 광전사를 버프할 생각으로 가는거죠? 광전사 돌진에 뎀지8박히는거는 공유초때 했고 거기다가 대격변 때는 돌진 속도 버프 된걸로 아는데요? 그런데 왜 굳이 초반유닛들 건드림? 그리고 토스유닛 효율이면 초반은 약하고 중후반 강하게 가는 컨셉으로 가던가 초반도 쌔고 중반도 쌔고 후반도 쌘애한테 초반 유닛막으라고 과충전에 역장에 거기다가 사도라는 사기유닛에 뭐 별거 다주네 진짜 그럴꺼면 저그,테란도 다주던가 여왕 45초였나 그때 동안 과충전처럼 뎀지 쌔게 해주시던가요 그리고 테란은 초특급 보급고 줘서 과충전처럼 뎀지쌔게 해서 막는 스킬 주던가요 아니 저그는 체제변환이랑 물량 테란은 견제랑 화력, 토스는 마법유닛과 스플로 알고있는데 지금 저그랑 바이오닉 물량도 비슷하고 토스는 마법유닛 스플 유닛 효율로 상성도 다 씹어먹고 테란은 휘둘러 갔는데 과충전에 짤막 당하고 게임 진짜 이상하게 만들었네요 100퍼 카봇에서 토스가 유닛들 굴러다니는 거 보고 웃기만 했겠죠. 그거 어택땅 비꼬는건 생각 못하고 그리고 신유닛을 정말 잘만드는 것도아니고 유저가 다 나가는데도 견제 컨셉유지로 신유닛 . 그럴꺼면 인구수 100하고 1티어로만해서 견제유닛만 만드시죠? 왜요 견제 컨셉인데 견제하다가 게임 져있는 망한 게임인데요Abyss8 Oct 15
Oct 15 If you want free units to kill buildings Just buff Infested Terrans? And leave the SwarmHost to die in peace? And anyways AOE easily deals with ITs, so Wobulating leave me alone please bb.ThatDarkSlug12 Oct 15
Oct 15 Default race Why haven't you let us set a default race in the game?Hector4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Abathur coop portrait missing There's a portrait for each commander after you complete all of their achievements, except Abathur. Unacceptable, Must assimilate other portraits.Yuriprime4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Hi Everyone! I'm BlizzRuinedT! /danceBlizzRuinedT5 Oct 15
Oct 15 Tank Rate of Fire Change from FEEDBACK I'm sorry but I have to...Just !@#$ing do the math... 70/2.8 = 25, 70/3 = 23.33333 < 25 = 50/2... Yes I am aware of splash damage... But this change WOULD MAKE THE TANK HAVE AROUND THE SAME DPS AS THE CURRENT TANKIVAC in GAME. LIKE WTF? LOL, that is an overall nerf to the tank. Who the %^-* are making these decisions holy !@#$...Flack13 Oct 15
Oct 15 Suggestion to make WOL and HOTS alive again! Just every season bring us the old maps that was already used on ranked. WOL maps for WOL, HOTS maps for HOTS. It would be awesome to move back in time and play them again on ranked in these old expansions and definitely would bring some players back to game (especially LOTV haters like me)!DukeNukem5 Oct 15
Oct 15 Season starts in 3 days Can we at least have a preview of the new map pool ?Velitey10 Oct 15
Oct 15 Suggestion: new MMR statistics What do you think about more information based on MMR? Like: - Highest MMR per Season and/or overall - Average MMR per Season and/or overall And some additional thoughts: - Since MMR has become viewable I feel like ladder points are useless to have in this form - Remove divisions - Add an overall ladder ranking where leagues and tiers have their own MMR skill rangeFYL4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Message for Playa Next time you are going to make a statement with more holes than swiss cheese and use 'stats' to validate it make sure the stats are correct. Oct 15
Oct 15 Queen - The True Hidden OP (Not Ultras) Mass Queens let you stack injects all day simplifying macro, they let you spread creep very very quickly, they provide a mineral only defense against all attacks, and they heal ultras when they come out. You make queens to spread creep like crazy which ultras need but also defend against everything then use them as support units for ultras. That's just way too much value out of a unit that costs no larva and only minerals AND has decent dps against both ground and air AND good hp without armored tag AND high range. If Zerg had to rely on normal units to defend, ultras would have less creep on the map to work with, they would have fewer transfuses, would need other units to kill libs, and would have a worse economy overall due to having less larva available. I honestly believe any Zerg player who just masses queens is a league over the one they belong. Please read the whole thing before downvoting EDIT: you can even use them for DROPS LOL ask TrueKrotux9 Oct 15
Oct 15 Shoutcraft kings, Live now! Oct 15
Oct 15 Getting Promoted during Season Lock? Getting Promoted during Lock Anyway as by the title of this topic, I thought during season lock you can't get promoted or demoted. However It seems to be I can still get promoted, I achieved enough MMR (Matchmaking Rating) for promotion. However, I left my league and searched a game. After that game, the promotion screen came up saying I'm diamond T3 (Tier 3). When I left my league I was T1 Platinum. Addressing The Problem They should fix this considering they explained that you cannot get demoted or promoted during lock. But yet I got a league higher during season lock. Please blizzard consider fixing this bug, instead of lying to the community. Why Should This be fixed? I honestly think this shouldn't be the way it is right now. However I believe they should either REMOVE season lock or consider changing season locks functions. By changing the functions of season lock would be not allowing any promotions or demotions, even the way that I showed above. This is a problem and will ruin the whole point of season lock.Tuna17 Oct 15
Oct 15 How do I remove the "starcrafts mod" ad ...from the main screen? I am already tired of seeing it every time I log on. I would much rather have the random backdrops that I am used to to show up Instead of that ad overriding them.Ash3 Oct 15
Oct 15 Dkim Please look at this thread n consider it We all know that TvZ is imbalanced atm , Ultras being too strong im zerg player and even myself will say it nerf 1 armor revert queen dammage buff but keep range other problems , everyone knows and tell it ADEPTS and protoss in general being just to strong , they win 75% of every tournaments , and ATM theres only protoss everywhere for zerg its just unbelievable , theyre way to good , even myself , i play vs protoss that have 50-75 APM at top master n just a move with their invincible ultras , forcefields guardian shield , while anything i do get melt instantly adepts - perfect ling counter , and anything in general theyre so op lol its like worth 3 stalker while their cost is less immortal , that unit is pretty cheap for what it can do , if the protoss have like 15 immortals , a 200/200 roach comp would just get melt thats how immos are good Sentry - forcefields are just too good , even if ravagers offer to break them , the protoss will get a good choke point to trap ur army out , and you will be deead by then also , sad things in pvz is that protoss have infinite harass potential shade adepts there and there , you dont even know if you must follow the shades or keep attacking to reduce the amount , while that he targets drones for free everywhere and youre dead archons drops free dammage all the time if micro is fine , regenerate shield of archons while sniping drones with area damage Tempests , it will be probably betetr in the next patch , if the protoss get tempests / storms , its basically GG there is NOTHING to do , you cant approach with vipers , ull get feedbacked and you will just die from tempests having infinite free dammage. you cant engage because broods are too slow , toss will just back up n kill em before u can even touch him anyways , for terran tvz is a nightmare right now Pvz is a nightmare for zerg too , even nerchio bmed showtime , scarlett named protossop on NA , jimrising satying protoss is cancer david kim you see nothing you do your coops craps that nobody plays and think thats good YOU DONT TRY ANY CHANGES how many damn months the balance test been going , you change 2-3 small things that doesnt even have a big effect HOTS was so much funner even if protoss deathball u did nothing about it again you could nerf protoss really hard and still be the most op race you need 50 apm to be GM as protoss make army deathball adepts immos a move other side of map while z is 400+ apm trying to creep inject and harass protoss change : immortal shield reduced to 100 archon morph 100M 50Gas adepts have to accept shade everytime they do adepts +light dammage reduced by 5 photon overcharge - 75 each why p.o 75? p.o basically counter every cheese , and let protoss get 3 base fully saturated while they dont make any real units comp , it makes them safe from everything or either make p.o 110 mana so they cant save up 2 p.o and reduce by 2/5 warp gate completition post here if you agree with thoses changes and propose stuff also since we have to do davidkim jobLife4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Any way to change current menu background? Hey all, I'm sure that the makers of the Starcrafts mod put a lot of work into it and that it's a quality mod, but for me, the current menu background is incredibly unimmersive and i'd like to change it. I'm not able to find any way to do that at the moment; does anybody else know how to do this? Thanks for reading.VarstXi1 Oct 15
Oct 15 Seperate mmr for each race Will have 99% of terrans migrating to one of the other races i hope you guys are ready to be slaughtered by the terran skill level. You guys wont last two seconds once terran players get a handle on how to play the other races lol Goodluck cause your gonna need it :)shyfx5 Oct 15
Oct 15 Where is the queen's king? How is it possible that zergs have queens without a king?Mentalfruit6 Oct 15
Oct 15 How to remove the Liberator hi guys, prepare for a long theory crafting post: the liberator is probably the biggest bandaid unit in the history of Star Craft 2. the upcoming patch tries to fix all those design issues with the game, so i suggest it's time to actually remove the liberator and here's why: as we all know, the terran race doesn't work without the liberator in lotv. you NEED liberators in order to have a chance in a pro game. that's obviously a design issue and needs to get adressed. Liberators also heavily overlap with existing units such as the thor, banshee and tanks while being less interesting because they fly and smart positioning/the use of terrain doesn't really matter. first of all, why does terran even need liberators ? - Marauders got nerfed - Ultralisks can have 8 armor - Protoss is strong (^^ Marauders got nerfed, adepts) so the question is, what was wrong in hots so that zerg got 8 armor ultralisks in lotv ? 8 armor ultralisks got introduced to force terran out of the marine/marauder/medivac/mine composition. they got introduced to force a transition. so far so good, 4M all day long is not very diverse. but what exactly is the transition ? >>Liberators<< (and ghosts) i wouldn't call that very diverse either ;P seriously, we see this every single game since lotv release. hardcounter force hardcounter, always. ------> stale meta. the upcoming "diversity patch" will make mutas much better again in TvZ, thanks to the liberator AA nerf and banelings get a HP buff which will make LBM overall much better vs bio. this will improve zergs midgame a lot and will open up more viable strategies for zerg to choose. unfortunately the bio terrans are still stuck playing bio into liberator/ghosts which is honestly very boring and stale. so imagine if we'd revert the marauder back to hots, remove the liberator and reduce the ultralisks maximum armor to 7 (or 6 if needed, testing could tell). ultralisks would still be very strong against low tier units but the new siegetank and the marauder would encourage terrans to not only stick to 4M but if it gets into lategame, they can play marauder heavy with a bigger focus on factory support (tanks, thors, widow mines). terran would need to build a more varied unit composition in order to fight zerg instead of just pure bio into libs. this would make the matchup less asymetrical, less stale and especially more fun to play. terran could transition into lategame more smooth while being more reliant on a well rounded unit composition consisting of barracks, factory (especially tanks and thors) and starport units. + the removal of liberators (and tankivacs) would allow for a queen range revert which would also make a lot of openings viable again. this way the whole matchup would be more diverse and strategic for both races. while being less frustrating at the same time. (im not sure if marauder revert + siegetank buff would be enough to fight protoss without liberators, but testing could tell^^) an ultralisks nerf wouldn't have much impact on PvZ because protoss usually has no big issues dealing with them anyways. a marauder revert would also help out bio terrans vs mech. current mech vs bio / mech vs mech is basically a campfest, because liberators are so strong that you need aircontrol in order to win an engagement vs them. mech has no reliable GtA unit, thors get outranged by ranged liberators. this obviously forces turtle on both sides. a buffed marauder would help bio terrans taking direct engagements and trading a bit better. right now, most bio terrans dont even try to take good fights, they simply try to win the air battle and then crush the mech army with liberators. Thanks for reading.JudgeP17 Oct 15
Oct 15 Blance update Protoss Ideas Seems like they want an update a little bit more about gateway tech. The charge change was good and is pretty well recieved but won't have huge changes upon the game. If they want chargelots more commonly used they should do one of two things. Lower the cost or reduce the production time. Personally more infavour of the reduced production time. A cost redcuction would limit the ability to change other areas by allowing much more tech to be produced at one time. The second change should be to the templar. Currently the only are seen in late game situations in this case I feel like a cost reduction to 200-100 or 100-100 for storm would be most appropraite as a change. Hopefully increasing gateway viability as well as being one of the most healthy forms of aoe. Hopefully this would help bring templar a little bit earlier into the mid-mid lategame without being as heavy as an investment. Sentries could use an base increase in speed/range or damage. Each very minor. Currently sentries suffer a little in their usefulness due to new options produced from the other races to counter them. Plus 1-2 light damage, 1 range increase or faster movement speed would be a great boon to the unit. Stalker plus 2 base damage. Personally I disagree with blizzards thought of buffing the adept or stalker really. Either unit can be fairly easily massed and if are too strong become the only unit required. Where as you'll rarely win a game purely with chargelots, templar or sentries. Other units pther than the core will benefit in making more diverse comositions.Apocalypse29 Oct 15
Oct 15 Do NOT nerf the tank pls You are already taking away a huge mobility buff from it (which i agree with), and a stationary tank should be tough to engage while sieged. If you reduce its attack rate, it is essentially the same or even less dmg than the live version. Tanks usually only get off 2-3 shots in an engagement, slower attack rate means less shots and that is huge DPS lost. Vipers, adepts, phoenixs, burrowed infestors, broods, libs, banshees, and much more already hard counter the tank. Not to mnention abusing its lack of mobility, the tank will simply be mega nerfed by removing tankivac and making the dmg essentially the same or worse than the live game. Also the patch is not even live yet, hardly anyone playing it lately, we went back to laddering. So making this adjustment before meta has even had a chance to settle seems premature. This is just my opinion, but how is a tank going to handle roach ravager pushes now? You already removed the nerf to ravagers, and tanks firing slower nerfs the dmg, and we have no tankivac. I would only change things that are in the live game that need serious addressing; 8 armor ultras, queen AA range, mass adepts, warp prism.Dreadlord7 Oct 15
Oct 15 Toss vs 1-1-1 When I started in WoL, I don't know if I ever beat the 1-1-1. I would have had an easier time coming into a game a minute late and then trying to go from there, against anything else. It was ridiculous trying to stop it. So, in HotS, I heard one of the main reasons photon overcharge had a range which was greater than the tank was to prevent free wins of the past, stemming from the 1-1-1. That was probably the best quality of life change that Toss has ever received, by far. Well, that and being able to better deal with 4 gate. So, now, in LotV, not only is the photon overcharge range less than the tanks' range, but... it's an easy to kill pylon. Not only this, but you're allowed to pick up tanks in sieged mode? So, let me get this straight. Tanks are now next to invincible during all-ins. Now they also have flying tanks that join in... And... my defensive capabilities are less than they were in HotS? Terran's attack is stronger than ever and my defense is about as weak as ever? I don't understand this from a "things add up" perspective. So, what are you guys doing vs the 1-1-1 that keeps people from doing it every game? Atm, I'm under the impression the only reason people don't do it every game is because there is a "promise" to remove tankivacs. Another thing... if you're going to remove something... remove it. Changes take way too long to happen in this game. It either takes a year to implement something or it never happens. F'ing do it. And, if it doesn't work out -- change it back. Big whoop. Not like the game is in some amazing place.Playa30 Oct 15
Oct 15 Nova control keys? Greetings, A little late to the party.. I just bought the Nova Expansion Pack. I'm on the first level, second mission... you are on the Vultures... um.. how do you control her? I cannot find any keyboard keys and clicking the mouse does nothing to guide her! A little help?undru3 Oct 15
Oct 15 Remove Terran from the Game Since Terran is already boring and below GM UP it woudnt matter anyways. We only see ZvZ and ZvP on streams anyways so please do it david kim we all know you hate Terran and want it removed. So just do itSoundWave4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Mutas vs Ultralisk in TvZ: why... Why would you make a skill intensive unit (Muta) bad in direct engage, in harass, and in overall cost-effectiveness (100m 100g) while an Ultralisk for 300m 200g counters every ground unit minus the Immortal? An ultralisk for more than double the price of a mutalisk, is probably 5x/10x stronger (literally) in every field. Why is that? What exactly is the point of making a high skill ceiling unit unrewarding for the best players, while the no skill Ultralisk gets the job done so much better? I play random, refuse to play turtle queen to Ultra against T (not rewarding, boring, easy win).XecutoR10 Oct 15
Oct 14 STOP NERFING TERRAN Terran is getting nerfs and nerfs and nerfs while already UP in Lategame. Dismiss David Kim!SoundWave6 Oct 14
Oct 14 my friends calling me digital dictator Kim safe sc2 right now! lets firer that untalanted guy who never adress us as community- his friends calling him David "Hitler" Kim and all we get are garbage patch notes that no ones like and the same catch phrases like " we will testing soon" and " oh we think this is cool and fun" - that is enought- we need rescue sc2 from this digital DictatorDavidKim0 Oct 14
Oct 14 Taking Protoss applications The forum and the player population has reached a unanimous decision: T vs P is unplayable due to the strength (OPness) of Toss. Ruff is forced to all-in every game. Avilo is forced to cry hacks every game. Nathanias is forced to drool on himself, while mumbling Kappa. The rest of you are experiencing your hell in your own ways. I know what it's like to be on the wrong end of things. As it pertains to SC 2, I wake up every day awaiting an apology from D Kim for creating the swarm host. Don't think I forgot about HotS. You knew that was the worst unit ever created. You know that unit caused more people to quit this game than people who were killed by the black plague. Have any of you guys heard an apology from the balance team? I haven't. Sure do deserve to, though. So, in light of that, I want to try to do things the right way. Much like Jesus decided to die for the sins of past nubs and future nubs, or something hokey like that. I will take it upon myself to T vs P all comers, and I will apologize to you for having played the easiest and most OP race in any game, that only involves A-moving. Ofc, that would be Toss. Since no one else plays Toss, anymore (prob too much dignity), I'll take it upon myself to represent us all. We're all deeply sorry for the pain we have inflicted upon you. If you would like to give me a glimpse of the pain you've been suffering and the rigors you've gone through, just tell me your league and your desire to play me in T vs P (you Toss). Maybe we will be able to post the replays and think of ways to nerf Toss. Have it be constructive and therapeutic. For all of those who know in their heart of hearts that Toss is too easy, open invitation. Make use of it. Berrycrunch thinks Toss is so easy that I'm sure he will sign his dog up. Let's do it, dawg.Playa0 Oct 14
Oct 14 A question I have about $20 to spend, and I wanted to know if you guys think I should either get nova covert ops or wings of liberty.MacGoffin3 Oct 14
Oct 14 Terran, the a-move race. How did this even happen? And how are people still crying about Terran? Even with the incoming patches, the balance team still hasn't addressed how horribly broken bio is.IIIIIIIIIIII28 Oct 14
Oct 14 Idea for TvP So TvP is just awful to play as a terran. Anyone who is Terran will agree to this for obvious reasons. One of the main problems is defending agro builds or all ins without dying, but more importantly the toss is ALWAYS economically ahead of the terran. So I am suggesting a new opening build/meta. Before I do, remember this is just thinking about how to catch up economically without auto dying to Toss. I would say go fast 3 CC (included main orbital). So reaper, expand, into factory, then 3rd CC or Starport then 3rd CC. This is somehwat standard, but instead of making your natural an Orb, make it a planetary. You miss out on that bit of extra mules, but now you have a very beefy early midgame defense at your natural, and can leave your army in your main or at your 3rd or go harrass if the toss is playing passively. You might need to make natural an orbital and third a planetary, it all depends on what type of build they are going. Maybe make both planetaries if you see a 2 base all in coming. The main point here is that going straight double or triple CC in this current version of the game is simply too weak to hold a lot of toss aggression, and even Zerg for that matter. Yes it is unfair that terrans have to do this etc etc, but i feel heavier defense that is not unit dependent opens more oppurtunities for terran. This is not full proof but I think it is worth trying before outright denying it has a chance. Depending on build efficiencies, it may be just as good economically as the traditional builds because you are investing less in bunkers, losing less scvs to adepts, blinks, dts, all ins, and even against zerg the same logic applies, less repair time needed compared to bunkers. You are losing mules, and scans from your lost orb, but the idea is that is made up for in the above mentioned ways. TRy it out peeps, who knows bronze league strats may be all Terran has left these days.Dreadlord7 Oct 14
Oct 14 UNREAL 1v2#41\ this one is pretty epic enjoyIIIIIIIIIIII0 Oct 14
Oct 14 7 Protoss, 2 Terran, 7 Zerg = WCS Finals Just 2 more to go. Please keep Tempest with psi-storm and dirt cheap Swarmhosts and I think we are almost there! Go Blizzard!noLanguage12 Oct 14
Oct 14 Nerf Ultra movementspeed Why is a 6 supply 8 armor 43 dmg aoe Unit faster than a simmed marine? Why is this unit so allround and has no drawback? Ling Ultra is disgusting strong and mobile.SoundWave6 Oct 14
Oct 14 Classic SC Portraits Petition/Request/Plea To bring back the Classic SC Portraits for StarCraft 2, as in the classic box art from the original StarCraft. I think something along the lines of, if you have the original StarCraft and Broodwar attached to your account, then you get these portriats. But, to be honest I would even pay for them, but that's me. It was also a event that was VERY short lived and was bugged/buggy according to the forums/interwebs, as seen here; So this is more of a request to bring these awesome portraits back for all of the StarCraft community to enjoy and to see who else would be interested in such a thing.Thedarklord2 Oct 14
Oct 14 Blizzard nerfing the tank again In the community feedback update of this week, DK said : ... The tank has 2 attack speed right now in siege mode. Which means that the tankivac has 25 dps against armored in siege mode. Having the tank fire at 70 dmg with 2,8 attack speed is 25 DPS too. Having the tank fire at 70 dmg with 3 attack speed is 23.3 DPS. Is my math incorrect somewhere? Because if it's not, how are siege tank supposed to suck less than with tankivac if they have less DPS ... and with no tankivac? Having more damage per shot means more AoE i suppose, but that also means more overkill (as in : more loss of damage per shot on a unit that has less than 70 hps left). Overall this seems like an incredibly castrating nerf sending back the whole purpose of making mech viable into oblivion.JackONeill13 Oct 14
Oct 14 But seriously guy: Ultralisk is OP? Me thinks Ultra too good what u think.XecutoR19 Oct 14
Oct 14 Patch 3.6 I know I am being super impatient but I've heard soooo many rumors that it is happening today. Does anyone know when or about when it might hit?Nightspear5 Oct 14
Oct 14 Blizzcon: WCS global finals It's no one's fault but with Polt retiring from Blizzcon we have only 2 terrans competing in Blizzcon this year Byun and TY. 7 Protoss 7 Zerg 2 Terrans This is really a complete disaster from the variety stand point.I never thought something like this could happen.It wouldn't be so bad if we had had at least 4 terran players but with just 2 alive this is a sad day for StarCraft.sctwohim26 Oct 14
Oct 14 Protoss micro Oct 14