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Sep 14 Void Ray Buff So when will the VR buff be coming to the test map?Somebody2 Sep 14
Sep 13 Zerg and protoss Your days are numbered...... enjoy your free wins while they last.shyfx31 Sep 13
Sep 13 dude i love heart of the swarm more than legacy of the voidnova15 Sep 13
Sep 13 Can't view friends' profile I get an error which states that I cannot view that profile because the player does not have a profile on my realm. Blizzard, why no fix bugs like this?Sentinel0 Sep 13
Sep 13 I can't believe how spoiled I was by HotS I actually took things like playable fun design and strategic diversity for granted and complained about minute balance and design issues that simply inconvenienced me. Thanks for opening my eyes Legacy of the Void... I guess you really can't appreciate something until it's gone.SwiftCrane4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Really want to switch to toss, BUT Like the title said i really want to switch to toss, but i am also a huge fan of f2 attack. Then i find out my problem, if i f2 attack, all observers would move from where they should be. Is it possible to remove observers from f2 or may be we can customize our f2 key in the future? In that case i would be free to try other races as an armature meanwhile enjoy that passion of f2 attack.MiRaGe34 Sep 13
Sep 13 HOTS Balance Changes a lot of people like myself enjoy playing HOTS more than LOTV i think it would be nice if queens melee attack did more damage than her ranged she can still spit spines at long distance to air and ground BUT when you get closer to her she does extra damage with her melee attack shes like a little praying mantis she would be overall a better defensive unit vs all ground units encouraging units with longer range to kite her, encouraging her to scoot n shoot into you and tear you upnova2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Custom Mutator groups 83 mastery coop player looking for other players for customer mutator, add me if you are looking for the same.Cicero0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Zerg too EZ Haven't played zerg in 4 years. Tried them this weekend. Played against a Terran of equal rank. Fended off all aggression with zerglings and queens. A moved ultras and won. Was down 2 bases too... lol First macro game I've won in a long time... it's nice not being on a timer to win. Sep 13
Sep 13 An Open letter to Chris Metzen I just wanted to thank you for the years you spent with Blizzard in making some of the most memorable video games in the modern era. I remember playing Starcraft in the science lab at Purdue, spending hours pumping out carriers and "constructing additional pylons". I remember being mesmorized by the music, the graphics, the cinematics, the gameplay and storeline. It was a game ahead of its time but also the game that we needed. On behalf of all Blizzard fans, I raise my Command Center to you. Happy Retirement!ken0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Disruption sphere is broken - One alternative I already wrote some articles about tempest. And the problem what I always mentioned is this "Disruption sphere is broken" But I also understand the blizzard's think that tempest's continuous, user controllable long range attack to ground units makes mech army as an implausible system. So I just thought making tempest more stronger, shortened range with disruption sphere affected to air units only. And then changed thought to make tempest as conditional long range unit both in air/ground - tempest make an 'entangled field' and tempest can fire on units in that field whenever the tempest is- except it is recalled. I thought more about the tempest and finally thought more about the problems that tempest has both not-patched one and the patched one. The former's problem is tempest's eminent harass ability in confrontation state because tempest can continuously target units and it is controlling tempest is not so hard comparing its high performance. The latter's problem is that spell 'disruption sphere' is too strong when used to harass workers and easily unable a base - making protoss too profitable for a moment. But there were other problem. It is extremely hard for protoss to breakthrough missile turret or crawler lines in very late game as by disruption sphere, it is hard to destroy those things and whether it is possible, it takes extremely long time. I finally considered these 1. making tempest as possible option for countering crawler line 2. enable mech army to avoid attacks of tempest just by relocating 3. make a new spell which does not deal splash damage 4. the spell which can deal damage units just by one click is not preferable 5. a simple damage dealing spell is not desirable nor fresh 6. a spell which is derived from scientific theory will be cool So at the previous article, I wrote about the 'entanglement' as replacement to 'disruption sphere'. But there also were some problems that I didn't consider. Those problem was that with this idea, it is hard to counter liberator as they are fast enough to escape the 'entangled field' and in case of brood lords, if they can endure just by transfusion - in that case, it becomes really hard to shoot down them. And the most important thing I didn't consider is this. "Blizzard don't think the need for changing normal air weapon of the tempest" Thinking about this, I switched my thinking that 'entanglement' be affecting ground units only. Here's the modifications. First, remain normal air weapon of the tempest Second, replace the spell disruption spell to entanglement, a spell which make tempest possible to attack ground units in affected area Third, a tempest which is using the spell can't be recalled - so when using the spell, the protoss commander should take the risk of the tempest Fourth, to maximize artillery ability to ground units, tempest's damage to ground units should be increased to 45~50. To recapitulate, A. Tempest's ability and damage of air weapon would remain B. Tempest become conditional, time dependent long range unit to counter ground units C. 'Entanglement' would not be that efficient compare to 'disruption field' in harassing workers or damaging enemies' economy D. The spell would require some control, so it would require some endeavor to control tempest efficiently especially in mass tempests E. To use tempest as a long range anti-ground unit weapon, there would be some risks especially when withdrawing your army by mothership Here's the articles I wrote before. Thank you for reading this.connectome1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Skins Why aren't these a thing? Gaming has forever been revolutionized with the Free-to-Play/Pay-to-look-Pretty model that dominates many of the strongest franchises out right now. Starcraft could benefit from this. There are already so many possibly skins they could ship as purchasable that it's almost unreal why they haven't. Also their excuses that it would be "too hard to differentiate what things are" and it would bump up the system requirements seem very lackluster. I don't see why they cannot get off their lazy schedule of minimal "weekly" updates and small insignificant balance changes with the occasional content paywall, to come out with a massive inventory of skins to breath some customization life into the game and get people playing. If you offer a payable option, and spendable ingame currency you can grind by playing the game you get people playing and start to increase the popularity. (Even if you don't move the base game to free-to-play) Or ya know they could continue the current trend. come out with one skin every 4 months, and one paywall co-op champion, and 6 campaign "missions" in a year that you also have to pay for. Let's see how long this model lasts, or does Blizzard even care at this point ?Foxx5 Sep 13
Sep 13 HotS > LotV 1. In HotS was not imbalanced rushes through the ZvT mass of reapers. 2. There was no dancing with disruptors, liberators, lurkers, ravagers, ultralisks. 3. In HOTS in ZvT was not passive defense to ultralisks, turning into incredibly dull macro using Ghost liberator vs. ultralisk. And this is only a small part of the reasons why HotS > LotV. Return hots, he was much better than lotv.KingLing4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Chris Metzen retires Thanks for a great classic games and particularly for SC:BW. Still wondering, what happen that you didn't work as a lead designer for SC2?CommManager11 Sep 13
Sep 13 Return FFA to matchmaking now. I grow tired of asking.BuildTheWall13 Sep 13
Sep 13 Please fix match making for team games Please fix the match making for the higher MMR players in team games. It's really bad, none of the games are paired up evenly.IIIIIIIIIIII4 Sep 13
Sep 13 LOTV to HOTS Hey All, I was wondering, who else can see LOTV slowly turning back into HOTS? HOTS focus was mostly on siege - would it be Protoss Death Balling - Terran Tank hoping, WM splashing - Zerg Swarmhost 40 minute sitting festing into long burn Broodlord attacking. Reason I say this is with the new patch they are changing Terran to mostly be a Mech Army over Bio. Protoss is becoming the deathballer again. Zerg has now gone back to Turtle to BroodLord Infestor style with the addition of mass Queens. It's slowing down the game again resulting in 30+ minute game same as HOTS For me personally, I don't like this style of StarCraft. Is it just me who sees this? or does the collective agree? Share your thoughts let me know I am alone or not alone :DSithShadow11 Sep 13
Sep 13 Time to Buff Zerg Korea has only 2 zergs at the top of WCS standing. Zerg won most of the premier tournaments after lotv release, but protoss is too close to them. New hydra will only partially solve Zerg's problems. I believe it's time to buff ultra with range attack (Sarcasm)blinx7 Sep 13
Sep 13 Why does Blizz prioritize coop? Looking at a list of like 200 changes in coop, just in this one patch. Why is it taking them months to make like 8 multiplayer changes? Do that many people really care about coop? I find it rather lame, and unrewarding. Just feels like compstomping to me. I guess it's fun if you are a casual, or have a casual friend, but shouldn't multiplayer take priority?BlizzRuinedT16 Sep 13
Sep 13 basic game design problem starcraft fans had liked basic unit zealot but Lotv design throw away and replace new unit adept Currently, the Starcraft fans like adept ? Beginners is not afford basic unit of skill. because A lot of work to do. They are constantly worker needs to produce and buildings shall be to move the unit and must constantly move head and body. They can cut their attack command is simple.( A-Target) Is it possible to their cinonic skill? Rpg/Fps game It is easy to control a character in the game So many players are possible to use the skills. It is their spare time However, Rts game is different. It is a skill is not an easy thing to do. if only cares about skill, production is who else? It is not easy to win if we do not at the same time production and attack. They will consider. Better skill is an important game, comfortable rpg. Basic unit is hard to deal with, but to them how to deal with an elite unit. Grows bigger number of troops after time. A big the presence of troops alone will be not always easy for them. This game is know how no consideration for beginners, if only the basic design of the unit can be. Why are determined by the developers of the difficulty of the game? Why do you make it more difficult for from the genre of this difficult? Do you want to see the spectacular plays? You do not have a right to say it. By skilled personnel because of the decrease of those beginners? The design is based is important. Then hung properly. Because bone is weak, but you gained weight? I am familiar with is playing computer games like Starcraft. I have done just for over 15 years playing the games blizzard However, if beginners is different to games all day like you to earn a living that not a person Over Watch, is currently korean number one share (rank1) Starcraft is ninth-largest market share Don't flatter yourself It is not, StarCraft II What's the problem? rank 9 game starcaft : brood war starcraft 2 ranked 16 ~ 20 why not try playing game happily ? I am not good at English, thought about How frustrated must I be if you can be writing while turning a translation It's not just that art is created There were many works of art coming out of an artist Don't try to make stars in a small-minded Many people the opportunity has a big pictures.KorMonster3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Queen Anti Air Dmg is to strong vs Pressure Good Day , i suggest to change the 9 Flat damage to 3 x 3 like the Groud attack since Queens shoudnt be the Gtg Anti Air Unit for Zerg. It still has an amazing 8 Range wich is for a 150 Mineral Macro Function really really really good. If it didnt do a whooping 12.6 dps vs air and nearly doesnt get affected by Upgrades of Armor there woud be a Timer for mass Queen like there is for other Compositions. So i suggest to nerf the Air Attack to 9 and make it 3 x 3 so later in the Game the Queen is outvalued and shoudnt be a mass able Option from Early to Lategame.SoundWave24 Sep 13
Sep 13 Add power field to Nexus As title topic said. In lotv protoss lost all timing attacks due to fast eco and so fast defenses from each race. This brought a state were protoss could be easly attacked in early game, expecially from zergs. I think Nexus should have large power field around it, so Protoss can build Gate before pylon. This will speed up first unit production by 18 seconds (first pylon building time), helping protoss to deal versus cheese while also granting a faster tech path.Rituximab9 Sep 13
Sep 13 These are "Hope Killers" the fact that 8 armor ultras still exist (and they aren't changed in the testmap) liberator exist (with range upgrade) adept / shades exist MSC Pylon overcharge stupid economy tankivacs (thank god it will go... finally) . . . . . kills my hopes for the game i used to love so much and it makes me sad. too many gimmicks, too many free spells (RavagerBile, Disruptor, adeptshade, reaper grenade, corruptor,...), too much hardcounter bull!@#$... just way too much sh|t in general. im sorry but i cant call it something else. its sh|t. the upcoming redesign has some good changes but overall it ignores the main issues with the game and im worried that we're stuck with a broken game for another year.JudgeP18 Sep 13
Sep 13 Coop commander opinions needed. Basically I am playing with a friend who basically has no interest in SC2 at all. Starcraft 2 coop is one of the many games that we play together and as of recent, have increased in frquency. Having no interests in this game, says it all about his skill level, and not being a coop player myself, what do? tl;dr Requesting a quick rundown of heroes I should go in order to carry hard and possibly brutal and how I should go about in doing so with said hero. I have up to lotv heroes.SunRise4 Sep 13
Sep 13 My proposed balance changes I don't want to brag but I am the one who thought of LOWER Cyclone Costs & Blizzard listened to me. I am also the one who said GROUND MODE VIKING needs attack dmg buff or health buff. ( check my posts I aint kidding ) So yes blizzard please listen to me im an expert HELLS BATS NEED STIM PROTOSS -new ability on HIGH TEMPLAR (think of something cool) shield reboost blast or something? like allow army to regen shield by +25 instantly for 75 mana cost on high templar -buff archons (upgrade ability: +1range) this will make them more effective late game -nerf adept attack speed -blink dt ; worthless takes too long to upgrade , how about a movement buff on dt or armor buff -mothership needs a new ability *mothership* not the core -void ray : UPGRADE : faster movement * this will make them useful later in game vs infestor + ravager combo * TERRAN -GHOST NEED LOCKDOWN -Hellbats can use STIM , this will make them effective late game and combine better with BIO -Nerf Liberator Attack DMG & Health , Increase DPS. This will make them effective vs small units instead of big units , since terrans mass liberators the damage can stack well but it wont stop the stalkers as easy -RAVEN : remove the rocket ability , add old school science vessel ability IRIDATION , this will be great vs ultralisks and mass adept clumps zerg vipers : remove that cloud that is an unfair ability vs terran , add new ability like ENSNARE that will slow down enemy infestors: remove fungal create new ability INFESTED ZEALOT ULTRALISK ; nerf there splash damage also -1 armoreSpAwN14 Sep 13
Sep 13 David Kim just can't resist.. and even in test map he give's Protoss a unit composition which have absolutely no counter and is so all around. It used to be mass tempest now it's mass carriers which is just literally impossible to beat vs equally skilled opponent.Cutie11 Sep 13
Sep 13 3-Player Archon vs A.I. Custom Games? Is it not possible to play 1V1 custom games where one team is an archon made up of more than two players, and the other team is an A.I. player? It's possible to have more than two player in an archon if the category is set to "Archon" and the mode is set to "Custom". Screenshot: It's possible to play as an archon against an A.I. opponent if the category is set to "Archon" and the mode is set to "1V1". Screenshot: So it seems to me it should be possible to play as an archon with 3 human players against an A.I., but I wasn't able to get it to work. If the mode is set to "Custom", the "Add A.I." button is disabled. If the mode is set to "1V1", I can add an A.I. but then I can't drop the third player onto the archon and click "Add to Archon" (which is possible if mode is set to "Custom"). Screenshot: Furthermore, attempting to change the category to "Archon Co-op VS A.I." does nothing. The category just remains "Archon", leading me to believe that there's some buggery going on. Screenshot: Is there something I've missed or can I report this as a bug?hawk0 Sep 13
Sep 13 KesPa Cup Qualifiers (KR) Another brutal qualifying event is live. Patience, Innovation and sOs are all in the same group, which throws off this preview article published earlier on TL. ( Sep 13
Sep 13 Protoss wins GSL, Mass Terran QQ Otherwise the forums are quietKrotux33 Sep 13
Sep 13 any1 i got a question... If I buy hots and not attach it to this WoL account can me and my bro still play together like 1 on 1 skirmish? even if we got 2 diff titles wol,hots? thxBushido7 Sep 13
Sep 13 Microtransactions coming to SC2 From Reddit These are things that are, for the most part, already in the game. For example, Alarak and Abathur already have dialogue as an announcer in the game files, which can be used in Custom Maps. I am very disappointed.WoodLeague62 Sep 13
Sep 13 Does harassment report even do anything? I keep running into same super racist clan on 4v4 ladder that I reported a month ago. Does anyone read these reports?BarackObama5 Sep 13
Sep 13 Please put PTR changes through I want mech buffed. We've had bio playstyle the dominant T "strategy" ever since WoL. Please, push the PTR changes through. I hope to never see bio again.Fire57 Sep 13
Sep 13 Blizzard, your claims are laughable. Terran vs Ultralisk: Anti-ground air units like Banshees and Battlecruisers can do immense damage to Ultralisks while completely avoiding their attacks. Spreading out ground infantry units can help minimize damage from Ultralisks’ “cleave” attacks Anti-armored ground units like Marauders can also crack through Ultralisks’ reinforced carapaces as long as they can keep the Ultralisk at range by kiting it with Stimpack’s movement speed increase. Tanks in Siege Mode can make short work of Ultralisks, while the splash damage of their shots annihilates the smaller units surrounding them. Here's how I would have wrote this: Anti ground are units like the Battlecruiser and the Banshee are great at chasing the Ultralisk around and shooting at it, while it destroys your entire base. Eventually, after your base is gone, the BC and Banshee will have made short work of the Ultralisk. (If the Ultra has Corruptor support, just ignore this entire section) Anti-armor units like the Marauder, can kite the Ultralisks all the way back to your main base, if you engage them at your opponents end of the map. At this point, the Ultras will only have 75% of their hp, which should make them easy to finish off. Tanks in Seige Mode can make short work of your own units, while the Ultralisk beats on them at melee range. Sure you might lose a lot of your own units, but that Tank will rack up some serious kills! lol, I can't help but wonder if anyone at Blizzard even plays this game.BlizzRuinedT4 Sep 13
Sep 13 How do you defeat pylon rush with adeps? If you play Terran: How do you defeat a pylon rush that kills the wall off to your main followed by adepts shading to your mineral line? A description or a link to replay or vod would be appreciated.noLanguage14 Sep 13
Sep 12 My rhetorical question of the day: How does DK justify nerfing the Marauder, and not touching the Ultralisk?BlizzRuinedT22 Sep 12
Sep 12 David Kim is not Stupid He's a sellout. Have you noticed all the energy drink advertisements that you see every time you watch an SC2 tournament? Or the cameras that show the players(who sit there looking as boring as ever) drinking them? Maybe you've noticed Terran is by-far the most popular race in Korea? Stim to win, morons.Haze5 Sep 12
Sep 12 Pylon Overcharge Needs to GO Pylon overcharge is the most retarded thing I have seen in a video game. This spell enables protoss to do (or forces them to do) a ton of things which are awful. Most of it existed in HOTS but now it is far far worse. -protoss can be extremely greedy by relying on MSC to defend attacks of 5 to 10 times the army supply - Less emphasis on early game scouting because you just make msc and are good to go - Sneaky backstab crap (waiting for other player to move out, you go in and snipe something but just defend with MSC at home - Less preparation and thought needed to defend harassment compared to T and Z - Deny scouting of lings, reaper, overlords.. -pylon related cheese This replay is just the epitome of this mess: Events in the replay: 1. 13 slow lings come to his wall at his natural. It is plugged by only a probe. His only unit is a msc. Lings must flee instead of killing probe and (in hots) instantly winning the game due to pylon. 2. 13 lings now with speed come to the wall. The adept in the wall was misplaced and they run by. 7 are killed upon entry from pylons, instead of instantly winning the game. 3. Warp prism is now on my side of the map. 9 workers die to the first 5 adepts 4. After defending multi prong with UNITS I still lose 22 drones in total, yet am still 7 workers and 10 army supply ahead because this guy is total sht 5. my 2/2 is half way done when he starts 1/1 6. I try to force a fight but am always pushed back by disruptor shots, even though I am 50 supply ahead 7. After trying to fight I mess up my splits twice and am now only 30 supply ahead. During this fight he sent a prism to my 4th and killed more drones. 8. I eventually take enough disruptor hits that he widdles me down and I lose the game. At the end of the game I see I have less average unspent money, less time supply capped and 80 more apm. I play both protoss and zerg (which are roughly the same level) and can confidently say I am better at protoss than this guy and he should not be beating my zerg. I attribute this entirely to pylon overcharge due to the FATAL mistakes he made in the early game. Then, riding on pylons, he gets an econ advantage from playing both play greedy AND harassing me, which actually forces out units because queens to do not 500 damage. Here are my suggestions. Take away MSC. Make gateway units good Do not allow gateway units to be produced directly inside the main base of the enemy in 2 seconds so early in the gameManKhachia150 Sep 12
Sep 12 Remove reaper grenade remove coinflip TvT Please consider removing the reaper grenade. IT adds nothing to the game other than all-ins. TvT is unbearably stupid to play right now because of coinflip mass reaper every game. 1 rax reaper expo your opponent makes 2 reapers u now autolose because he can kite your scvs with AOE grenades pre 5 min 2 rax reaper -> your opponent goes hellion reaper = you lose he has factory tech you cannot catch up it's just coin flip It's not fun playing a game and losing the game because of build order luck. It adds no value to SC2. Fix it.avilo40 Sep 12
Sep 12 in lotv cheese is standard the new patch is wayyyy better than the original LOTV! BUT HOLY COW IT WAS LIKE C&C3 vs C&C4 some cartoon game full of trollismnova0 Sep 12
Sep 12 How long will the maintenance in SEA last? I've upgraded my game version to, but now I can't play in any region. _(:з」∠)_StarOFdadA0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Which racial disparity is worse? PvZ? or ZvT? Whether or not the latter races above are favored is not even a question..but which one is more so?IIIIIIIIIIII11 Sep 12
Sep 12 GoT Vs LoTr Must watchSithShadow0 Sep 12
Sep 12 why won't blizzard shuffle wol maps?!?!? some ppl still play wol and it would not take much to shuffle wol 1s ladder maps(wol fans +1 this!)TheNatureBoY13 Sep 12
Sep 12 Maps need to be rotated on custom games It gets boring fast playing the same maps on custom games i know the modes are determined by popularity but at least rotate the maps once a month to create variety.shyfx0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Strongest Character in the Starcraft Universe WHO? do you think is the strongest character in the Starcraft Universe (LOREWISE)? My answer is, Tassadar. Probably Tassadar, or the Overmind. Or Kerrigan, because she picked up the scraps of the first war with the protoss homeworlds and terran colonies in ruins and the zerg divided but still strong.Barbatos32 Sep 12
Sep 12 Balance team should be embarrassed I don't think I've ever seen a series that highlights the ZvT racial disparity as obviously as this one: Yes, uThermal played well, but so did Hydra.IIIIIIIIIIII11 Sep 12
Sep 12 When does SC2 become play like WoW Hi can someone please make world of starcraft! I have played starcraft since i was 10 and I still play sc2 everyday for the rest of my pro existence. Blizzard you are the best and you impress me every time you put something out for us to play. I like WoW I play legion, anyway it could you please make a World of Sc someday? I need more people to get this going maybe if everyone here petitioned it blizzard would get it and construct the real series we've been waiting for (starcraft is > warcraft ) <3 GLHFheshforlucky4 Sep 12
Sep 12 What portrait is this? What portrait does this guy have and how do you get it? Sep 12
Sep 12 How to balance PvT Early game PVT Protoss is favoured Mid game Terran is favoured NORMALLY Late game Protoss is favoured Reason? It's because adepts can be used early mid and late game. How to fix? You just make it so the original stats of the adepts are changed up so instead of the adept having 80 hp and 70 shields the adept could have 50 hp and 100shields which will make ghosts EMP more effictive vs them forcing protoss to ethier make zealots or stay defensive. If this change becomes to much you can easily fix it by making charge 100/100 costMicroWave11 Sep 12