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Dec 25, 2014 Dec 20, 2014
Votekick Option Hi Mods and developers. After attempting to contact support online to suggest this feature, I was redirected to this forum (Not sure why it brought me to bug report forum so please don't rage at me). I believe it would be an essential addition to SC Arcade for a votekick option. Although there are several conflicts and implications to consider as a result of implementation, i'm sure it would minimize the amount of negative conflict that may occur within a lobby. Read more here (discussion): http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/15537364776 Cheers, - Kuchies Kuchies1
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My Map Stuck at 15% when people download it. my map is published just fine.....i can join its lobby just fine......but every one that ttys to join my arcade map just freezes at 15% download. i have tried all types of changes to correct this, I'm at my 15th patch and still won't allow people to download pass 15% of the map. Any ideas why? map was working fine before. Lazarus17
Dec 1, 2014 Nov 30, 2014 Nov 30, 2014 Nov 29, 2014 Nov 29, 2014
Make the Data Editor simpler to use Currently, the Map Editor is in a very dire state. There is a very simple reason why we aren't seeing very good maps on the Arcade being produced and that is the sheer time and tedious frustration and backtracking it takes to actually produce new units from scratch. http://www.sc2mapster.com/wiki/galaxy/tutorials/data-editing/unit/from-scratch-unit/ This tutorial - far more comprehensive than the awful, fundamentally beginner focused battle.net data module tutorial that in no comprehensive way whatsoever only shows you how to edit data from existing objects - actually shows you how to create a brand new in-game unit (in the case a tower for a custom tower defence map) from scratch. However, this tutorial shows many fundamental flaws with the Map Editor. Let's summarise it as follows: Create a Unit, define all its metadata, etc. But oh wait it doesn't do anything so you need an Actor. Create an Actor, define all its metadata and link it to the Unit. But now it has no model and still does nothing. Now you gotta create a Model. Create a Model. Define its relevant metadata and dimension and link it to a model of an existing unit located in the SC2 file folders, then link THAT to the Actor. So now you got a unit with a model that does nothing. what now? Add abilities. You have to do this both in the abilities tab and the Command Card tab. But the command card doesn't work? Oops, you gotta link said abilities to said command card buttons one-by-one. P.S, yes, basic movement commands, something that every SC2 unit short of an inanimate building pretty much does have to go through this rigorous process too. But now you have a unit with a model that moves but does no attack? You big silly! You now have to create a new weapon from scratch, add the metadata, and link that to the Actor. So now you have a unit with a model that moves and attacks, but the attack has no effect? You're an idiot! You need to add the damage as an effect then link that to the Weapon. But now you noticed there is no audio or animation for your attack and it's just an instanteous, unaudible mess? Now you gotta do the exact same as mentioned above. Create a unit for the missile, create an actor for the missile and now create a mover for the missile and create a new model and sound for the missile, defining and linking all the relevant metadata for each and every component of this one basic missile ...at which point, you've thrown your computer out of the window in frustration. Why do we need all of this annoying subcategorisation? Even WarCraft III's Map Editor had about a tenth of the subcategories SC2's has. And what about subcategories like Actors and Effects. Do we REALLY need those? Actors feel like another unnecessary middle-man in the chain that realistically do nothing and being forced to subcategorise things like weapons, effects etc even more? Wait a minute, aren't weapoons SUPPOSED to deal damage and usually have missiles attached to them? Why do we have to define another dozen subcategories of information just to get a projectile based weapon to work? This wouldn't even be a problem if duplicating existing units weren't such a chore. Copy a new unit? Oh wait you have to duplicate and re-link the dozens of subcategories in order to get your exact copy of a unit to function. What did you do in WarCraft III? Copy, Paste, Presto! It works! Clbull4
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Map editor sugestions and issues Sorry for the bad title, but it would be too long if it was to be descriptive. I've owned starcraft 2 for about 1 year now, and I just love it. Most of all, I love the custom maps and I love making maps. That being said I have two issues with battle.net and the way the game supports the maps right now: 1. I want a map folder from where I can host my maps. The whole system in place with its seamless map downloading can be great, don't get me wrong, but it is very frustrating while I'm deving to have to publish my map over and over and over again every time I need to change a very minor thing (maybe that's a flaw on my workflow, but still...). One reason why this can be frustrating is the time it takes to save a map versus the time it takes to publish it. My internet isn't amazing so it can take about 10 - 20 seconds with very small maps. Before it was even worst because for some reason the editor took ages to verify that the map was ready to be published, but that has stopped happening now. This is made especially unpleasant because of the fact that I can't be logged to battle.net over the editor and the client at the same time, for some reason... which means that I have to constantly be making logins everywhere and which leads me to the next point: 2. I want seamless sessions between the battle.net client and the editor. Not much to say here, it is what it is. I guess this happens because I can change the locale on the editor, but it would be nice to have this option anyway. Other than this I think blizzard is doing a good job as usual, and I'm loving this game a ton. ShiroAisu1
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Players unable to enter lobby of my map Edit: Fixed alone, see 2nd post. I create an arcade map using the maps Blizzard uses during ladder seasons, but I add my own mods to them. I have never had an issue with this until I tried to recently use Akilon Wastes LE and it also occurred with Cloud Kingdom, however it did not occur with Steppes of War. I figured it might have something to do with the new map pool as I have used Cloud Kingdom and Akilon Wastes in the past (2+ years ago) with my same Mod and had no issues. This screen repeats forever. Players, join and I can see them in lobby but they cannot the lobby and just quit. What the bug looks like: http://i.imgur.com/d1gMwQW.jpg More info below. The bug basically, downloads the map (small, like 2mb) after 'streaming data, then says entering lobby, then lists the game name in this case "Macro Micro AKILON BUG". I have tested this with friends and the interesting thing is that you can create game and it joins you as host fine and shows lobby, but when other people click join game, it gives them the infinite splash loading screen as seen in the screen shot. HOWEVER, the host has told me that it actually does show the people in the lobby and makes the sound for them as if they joined, so the game can be playable. But since the players don't know they've joined (since they can't see they're actually in the lobby), they leave thinking the map is bugged. I repeat, I can start a game, but the only person who knows who is in the lobby is is the host, while everyone else that clicks play gets a permanent loading and never sees the lobby. I'm lost at what to do, as this is clearly a battle.net lobby bug and not a bug with my mod, which works fine on the 100 or so maps I use it on (except for the recent ones mentioned, Cloud Kingdom and Akilon Wastes). I googled for more info and didn't find anything recent about lobbys not being shown to people who join arcade games, however it has happened in the past to people, and they had weird solutions, none of which have worked for me, probably outdated solutions anyway. BlackBars1
Oct 25, 2014 Oct 23, 2014 Oct 21, 2014 Oct 21, 2014
Diagonal symmetry is broken for resources Hi, I've encountered a lot of bugs using the symmetry feature. Using diagonal symmetry, both diagonals in either mode, the terrain translates perfectly, but when I go into the resources palette, the symmetry is incorrect. Where I am putting the resources is working as normal, but in the mirrored part, which the editor does, the resources will appear offset at random distances, sometimes even cutting off the cliff or not making it in due to the offset landing on red squares. I have not tested the doodads, but I assume they are bugged as well since they use the same Units palette. I tried working around this problem with Diagonal symmetry by selecting the resources and copy pasting, but some functions don't work properly on the selection. For example, I tried selecting the resources and then did 'Flip Horizontally' and the resources just rotated 90 degrees? I only have experience with 2D graphics work, but shouldn't that flip the resources one end to the other, not in a 90 degree rotation? Another bug I have encountered, if you edit the textures used and create your own texture/cliff set, then select the terrain and Copy it, when you try to Paste it, the editor will highlight an info text window with writing in green telling you that what you are trying to paste does not exist because it cannot find the textures or cliffs you want to paste. (Ie because the set is modified, it doesn't check for the actual textures present in the selection.) Some doodads do not correctly translate in other symmetry modes but the list is kind of weird to try to pin point, but for example in Horizontal symmetry, none of the large crane doodads translated correctly tonight. They appeared in different spots than where I placed them on the side that I was working on. But the incorrect symmetry is the most severe one for me to problem solve as I do not have sufficient experience with the editor to problem solve the issues in other ways. Some doodads do not load at all. These are the following: All with "frozen" tag. Frozen Hatchery Frozen Nydus Worm Frozen Spawning Pool Frozen Spire Error messages as following: [10/17/2014 6:50:53 PM] Warning: USER: [ 3ae 6] CActorDoodad[FrozenHatchery] Model created via Cache; ModelLink[FrozenHatchery]; Failure to initialize. Well, that's about all the bugs I have found with it. It's a wonderful tool but I hope you guys still work to maintain it because most of us players are not pros and we need all the help we can get to make maps that look and function as well as you guys. :) Cheers. Terion0
Oct 18, 2014 Oct 16, 2014
[Bug?] Cast Finish Time's side effects I'm currently fixing stuff in the Starbow mod and I came across "Cast Finish Time" in an effect-target ability. I've experienced two big side effects: 1. It turns out that it caused other queued abilities like movement orders to be dropped while executing that ability. 2. Also, it disabled all abilities (-> gray command card buttons) during that. These effects disappear when the cast finish time is removed. This is the ability's xml code: <CAbilEffectTarget id="UseSpiderMinesTarget"> <EditorCategories value="Race:Terran,AbilityorEffectType:Units"/> <Effect index="0" value="SpawnSpiderMineSet"/> <Flags index="AllowMovement" value="1"/> <Flags index="BestUnit" value="0"/> <Flags index="Chase" value="1"/> <Flags index="RequireTargetVision" value="0"/> <Cost> <Charge> <CountMax value="3"/> <CountStart value="3"/> <CountUse value="1"/> <Link value="Abil/VultureSpiderMines"/> <Location value="Unit"/> </Charge> <Cooldown Link="Abil/VultureSpiderMines" Location="Unit" TimeUse="3"/> </Cost> <Placeholder value="SpiderMine"/> <Range value="1.5"/> <RangeSlop value="0"/> <Arc value="360"/> <CastIntroTime value="0.35"/> <CastOutroTime value="0.5"/> <Marker Link="Abil/VultureSpiderMines"/> <UseMarkerArray index="Approach" value="0"/> <UseMarkerArray index="Prep" value="0"/> <UseMarkerArray index="Channel" value="0"/> <CancelableArray index="Approach" value="1"/> <CancelableArray index="Prep" value="1"/> <CancelableArray index="Cast" value="1"/> <CancelableArray index="Channel" value="1"/> <CancelableArray index="Finish" value="1"/> <AINotifyEffect value="VultureSpiderMines"/> <CmdButtonArray index="Execute" DefaultButtonFace="SpiderMine" State="Restricted" Requirements="UseSpiderMine"/> </CAbilEffectTarget> edit: I've fixed my problems with "finish time". It occupies the unit without blocking and clearing orders. But I still think that at least the clearing of orders is a bug. Also, the placeholder model disappears after the finish time. That's when the to-be-spawned unit was already created as the ability's effect already executed. It should be removed when the effect of the ability finished executing. So, basically, the placeholder actor needs to be destroyed one stage earlier. The placeholder actor didn't give me any clue how to manage this. I assume it is destroyed with internal code sending a notification. Ahli0
Oct 13, 2014