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Blizzard Communicate about the broken editor. No one expects you to fix it instantly, but the lack of communication with the already neglected custom map community really hurts. You may not officially support the editor but you broke it and all we ask is that you talk to us about your intentions to fix the publishing error created by patch 3.0 Bruce24
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Steady Targeting Bug (?) with Ghost Hello again everyone.. This editor.. man. So many problems with it. I really miss Warcraft III's editor. Anyways, I have the Void.SC2Campaign dependency enabled for my map (I was told that all other dependencies are called upon by this one) and I've generally run into less problems. However, I've come across an annoyance that I absolutely cannot find a fix for. The Ghost unit and the Spectre unit from the Barracks along with the Thor unit from the Factory WILL NOT cooperate with me at all when I try to edit their abilities or their command card. The Ghost is the worst. For some reason, the Ghost has an ability in-game at the grid position (3, 1) called "Steady Targeting" with its hotkey bound to "R". This ability is not in the editor – I cannot find this ability ANYWHERE. This ability is not listed in any of the editor tabs (abilities, buttons, etc.) and I cannot even modify it via triggers. Steady Targeting is not even listed in the Ghost's command card or ability data. In the editor, (3, 1) on the Ghost's command card is Snipe / Sniper Round. In game, this Steady Targeting ability is displayed instead of Snipe on the grid at (3, 1), EMP Rounds is (3, 2) on the grid, Cloak and Decloak are respectively on (3, 3) and (3, 4), Cancel Nuke is on (3, 5), and Tactical Nuke is on (2, 1). If I remove the Cancel Nuke ability on the command card in the editor, Steady Targeting disappears in-game. EMP Rounds moves up to (2, 2) in-game and the Decloak ability moves up to (2, 3). If I try to add in a new Snipe ability (because the default one refuses to appear [it only appears as Steady Targeting when you leave the Cancel Nuke ability on the Ghost]) such as Nova's, I'll finally have a snipe, but EMP Rounds will move to (2, 2) in-game, Weapons Free will disappear, and Tactical Nuke will disappear. If I remove Tactical Nuke and Cancel Nuke, I'm able to add the standard Snipe ability at the expense of losing Hold Weapon, Free Weapon, and Decloak. What is wrong with this ridiculous editor? It can't be me – how can all of these bugs happen by simply removing ONE ability on a units command card and trying to add another? I would even be happy with just being able to FIND the Steady Targeting button somewhere in the editor so I can change its hotkey from "R" to "Q". ***EDIT: I gave up. It doesn't matter what campaign or story dependencies I use or how many I use, each combination of dependencies gives the Ghost different bugs.*** Deathborn2
Mar 23
Quality of Life Suggestions / Various issues. This post may be completely redundant but here goes: I'll start with some bugs I've been experiencing. Let me preface with the fact that my order of suspicion regarding such issues generally goes as follows: Player > peripheral > software. I believe I've made it through the list guys. I literally switched mouses/keyboard just to be sure. There seems to be some funky stuff going on atm. -Commands will randomly queue (or just hold the ability cursor thing) as though the shift button is being held down when this is not the case. I must right click to cancel the command. This mostly happens with SCVs. -Commands won't register at times. (i.e. army will idle and not attack after attack command is issued) -Buildings will not build with various forms of commands. I can box a bunch of SCVs and start throwing down buildings with no shift command and some of the commands will get cancelled as though I didn't have enough SCVs selected. Shift queuing SCVs to build and/or queuing SCVs to return to mining afterwards will cancel some of the commands. -I expect it is known that the multiplayer menu freezes like mad again. Quality of the life suggestions (mostly from a terran POV): -Have structures be unable to lift when an upgrade is being researched at their tech lab. I'm sure this as been mentioned before but if possible to do, it would make casual play more forgiving and have no impact that I can think of on pro play. -Have the ability/unit priority in a control group be customizable. Could be a tree graph in the hotkeys section that one could switch their preferred unit positions in. This way I could have for example my bio (stim) always be a priority and ghosts (snipe/emp) be second making life so much easier for me! I'll bet this would be a lot of work but anything that would work to this effect would be very welcome :) -Have the option of choosing whether the Remove/Create Control Group command (ALT+X) removes units in dropships from their previous control group. This used to be the case but now the ability is useless to me. -While I'm at it, the race specific current order indicators are awesome. If we could choose which one rather than them being race specific that would make it even coolerrrrr :p I know some of this may not be entirely realistic and that you guys get these kinds of threads all the time, so just want to say thanks for working on such an awesome game! I'm sure you've got a lot on your plate. Much Love <3 -goreanddin goreanddin0
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Barracks training 2 Firebats and 2 Spectres Hey everyone. Having troubles with the editor again. Just a note, I do have all campaign and story dependencies enables. I need them so I can have access to all campaign units and campaign voiceovers for an extension mod I am making. For some reason, the abilities of most units are bugged out even when I appropriately adjust their command card and abilities. For some units such as the Ghost and Spectre, I had to wipe their command card and ability data clean and re-create them from scratch. For the Barracks, when I wiped the command card and tech tree (units produced) tabs clean in order to recreate them because they were bugged, I was unable to create spectres and firebats from the barracks, in spite of having a button for them. In order to bypass this, I right clicked the command card and tech tree (units produced) tabs for these sections and clicked "Reset to Parental Value", followed by "[Void.SC2Campaign] Barracks". When I tested this in-game, I was able to create Firebats and Spectres, but for some reason they create 2 units at once. I went back to the Barracks in the editor and noticed that the command card and trained unit / tech tree data was fine, so why is the barracks making two of these units at once (For example, the Firebat in the Barracks shows double the cost and produces 2 Firebats at once)? Here is a photo of my command card: http://imgur.com/vQQxeOk With all due respect, this editor is capable of amazing things, but it is also occasionally ridiculous, unnecessarily complicated and full of bugs / problems. I would appreciate some assistance! Deathborn2
Mar 9
To the Developers My sons(9 & 5) and I are new players to Starcraft 2, We are currently playing Starcraft 2: WOL. We love this game and we are looking to forward to playing the the other 2 games Starcraft 2: HOS and Starcraft: LOV. (Being a parent, I only let them play multiplayer with me, You understand.). I started looking at reviews online and found that that there has been a lot of people complaining about the Starcraft 2 developers. (i.e. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/02/criticisms-about-the-starcraft-2-team-is-starting-to-get-to-the-developers/) I personally believe they are doing a great job. As a graphic artist and front-end web developer I understand to some (tiny) degree what they are going through. Building a visually beautiful and playable game but it is also has a great storyline as well. (Movie worthy) There are a lot of moving parts that are going on here and they are not only creating a game for regular users but also for the eSports games. It is a amazing what they have accomplished. So, give them a break. There are a lot of times that the creators (programmers, artist, story developers and any everyone else involved in the process) don’t get the praise they deserve. So with that said, I say….. Great Job! This doesn’t even come close of how I feel about his game and the awesome talent at Blizzard’s Starcraft team. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to the future of the Starcraft Universe. I hope this reaches the Starcraft team. They deserve a lot of prase. AutharReed2
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Can't login opening map with WC3 dependencies I am creating a game for rock the cabinet, but with the new patch I can't login. It says opening document but won't let me click on the login panel. CrashZeon12
Mar 1
Build Buttons Appearing in the Wrong Places Hey everyone, I am trying to make an extension mod using all of the campaign and story mode dependencies. When editing the command card of the Factory and Starport buildings for the Terran, regardless of the combination of campaign and story mode dependencies I am using, some of the units' command buttons are appearing in the wrong places. For instance, in the particular Extension Mod I have going right now with all of the story mode and campaign dependencies enabled (Hierarchy is Void Story > Void Campaign > Swarm Story > Swarm Campaign > WoL Story > WoL Campaign), my factory command card in the editor looks as follows: Hellion (1,1), Widow Mine (1, 2) Predator (1, 3), Goliath (1, 4), Siege Tank (1, 5), Vulture (2, 1), Diamondback (2, 2), Thor (2, 3). All of the Command Types are set to Ability Command, the Ability is set to Factory - Train (Factory), and the Ability Command is set to Build [Respective Unit]. Furthermore, there are no overlapping command buttons. However, when I enter the game, the Factory displays the units as follows: Hellion (1,1), Widow Mine (1, 2), Predator (1, 3), **EMPTY** (1, 4), Siege Tank (1, 5), Vulture (2, 1), **EMPTY** (2, 2), Thor (2, 3). Why is this happening? I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. A similar thing happens with the Starport. My Starport command card in the editor looks as follows: Viking (1,1), Medivac (1, 2), Raven (1, 3), Banshee (1, 4), Wraith (1,5), Battlecruiser (2, 1), Hercules (2, 2), Science Vessel (2, 3). In game, the Starport displays its units as follows: Viking (1, 1), Medivac (1, 2), **EMPTY** (1, 3), Raven (1, 4), Banshee (1, 5), Battlecruiser (2, 1), Hercules (2, 2), Science Vessel (2, 3). The Starport translation from the editor's command card to the in-game command card is even more confusing. It left a blank spot in the grid spot 1, 3 where the Raven is supposed to be and it moved it over to the right by 1 grid space. The Banshee, which I had placed at 1, 4 on the grid also moved over to the right by 1 grid space. The Wrath is no where to be found. I've seen some of the great Arcade maps created by StarCraft II's Galaxy Editor, but I seem to run into nothing but problems with it myself. Performing even the most seemingly miniscule alterations is extremely tedious compared to the Warcraft III editor. Any help would be much appreciated! Deathborn2
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