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Feb 3 Limited ammount of reaper bombs? How about make the reaper bombs limited but buff it a little? I'd totally take that. Right now it just feels like its too spammableSioras0 Feb 3
Feb 3 Movement bug If there's an enemy unit within aggro range and you right click on one of your units elsewhere it just goes back and fights. This is most frustrating when you are microing against an early pool and you try to pull back but clicks on one of your drones and then the lings doesn't run to the drone, instead they attack and takes free damage. fix plesSioras0 Feb 3
Feb 2 Unable to pick up broodling fins on Aiur Chef Hello, I've gone back to try the Aiur Chef arcade game. I've found though that when I try to collect or attack the broodlings my chef doesn't do anything. It has been impossible for me to pick up broodling fins. Am I doing something incorrectly, or is there now a bug around attacking these creatures?Recon0 Feb 2
Jan 30 Solved Delete threadKiaph0 Jan 30
Jan 30 The Infamous Rain Problem I've been trying to add rain to my maps, but whenever I place the doodads and go into the game view, I see nothing. I tried to run the map ingame and I still didn't see the rain. Also I can hear it very clearly so I know that it's there. I love rainy maps and would like to use them but I can't. Plz... halp. D:LurkerHunter1 Jan 30
Jan 27 Released Ammo Unit Keep Inherit Order Queue? Testing setup: Unit with "arm magazine" ability, ammo is external, manage type - recall. So if ammo unit being released after host's death (using damage response -> handled -> iterate magazine -> release magazine) ammo unit can't be ordered to Attack-Move, it keeps fleeing from attackers. Seems that this is caused by unit order queue which ammo unit keeps trying to copy from a dead host. If manage type for ammo unit set to "ignore" that doesn't happen however.CoolStories0 Jan 27
Jan 26 Structure preview fills the map viewer Hey all! I'm trying to use the map editor on my laptop, but whenever i have the unit palette selected, the entire map view goes black, and fills with a preview of the selected unit. So if I have a Command Center selected, the whole map view is filled with a picture of a command center. It flickers to to actual map sometimes, and I can still place units (I hear the sound and see it when the map flashes up). I assume this is a bizarre settings issue. It's a brand new install on a new arcade mode map. I have the Void dependency loaded with the campaign data. when I save the map, the messages window throws "Warning: Light entry 'PurifierJungle' defined for texture set 'PurifierJungle' is not valid. Minimap may be black! " in green text. Anyone know how to fix it?MikeySCE4 Jan 26
Jan 26 "Add Other..." button broken When you open the dependencies and click "Add Other..." the Editor becomes unresponsive. Restarting the Editor is the only thing that cancels the unresponsiveness. There is no way around it. As far as I can tell, this effectively blocks adding anything other than standard dependencies. If anyone else is having this issue, please, come forward. EDIT: It actually goes through with it after a while, but only after a very, very long wait.Nedia3 Jan 26
Jan 24 Tank bug Hello i was playing ladder 1vs1 TvsT and in the middle of the game, when i was making tank for some reason don't was completing my unit two times my bar was full but my tank no get out of my factory.Taitolas1 Jan 24
Jan 24 Texture set bug I am the developer of a map in which the terrain is rotated weekly. However, due to an editor bug, what used to take about 12 minutes now takes me 3 hours. It's actually multiple bugs, so I will list all of them: - When swapping textures via map > map textures, the "texture conversion" area does nothing when I modify the the textures on the right side column like it did it HoTS, unless the texture set under "Current Texture Set" is different then the texture set under "New Texture Set", meaning I have to change the texture set back and forth and blindly guess which texture goes where and try it over and over until I happen to get all 8 textures correct. And this would be much easier to work around if it weren't for the next bug: - When swapping texture sets via map > map textures, that is, changing the texture set under "New Texture Set", rather than nicely replacing the first texture of the old texture set with the first texture of the new texture set, and so on for the remaining 7 textures, it just jumbles them all up and you get all the textures mixed up. - Lastly, when swapping texture sets in the same way as described in the previous bug, it combines both cliff types of the "Current Texture Set" into just one of the cliff type in the "New Texture Set". So for any map that uses 2 cliff types, I have to go through by hand and change all the cliffs back that got changed due to merging 2 cliff types into 1. The bug has been happening since the ability to have 2 texture sets per map was added (about the time LoTV was released).Puppetbones0 Jan 24
Jan 22 Problem publishing map Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with a map I'm working on and I don't know what to do. I imported some ww2 models into my map, and they work great in the Test Document. When I publish though, the map works fine, except the models I imported are replaced by the placeholder sphere. Is there some reason the imported models would work in the editor and Test Document but not online? I'm not sure if it's relevant, but when I go to publish my map, it takes forever to upload. It goes very fast until it gets to 98%, then it takes like 20 minutes, then finishes.When it is stuck at 98% the info section says "Transmitting Archive File". So yeah it does upload but it takes way longer than I think it should. I've put well over 200 hours into this map and consider it over 70% complete. I would really like to use the ww2 models though... can anyone help? Thank you in advance!DarkStar0 Jan 22
Jan 22 Making and playing my own maps. Have made and uploaded multiple maps. 1 map showed up under arcade for a while but now none are there. The editor shows the maps have been uploaded, unlocked and the public option chosen. I have tried reading the forum but did not seeing anything to help.Jon1 Jan 22
Jan 22 Creating a new mod I have spent a good bit of time trolling around the editor trying to create a new mod. I viewed several online tutorials on you-tube, but I am still lost. All I want to do at this point is change the tech tree. I'd like to, for example, try gateway a requirement for a photon cannon instead of a forge. Second, make the photon overcharge of pylons no longer possible (remove that ability from MSC). Basically, play around with ways to remove the photo overcharge from the game. Where are these things set?! I can find the ability like "build photo cannon" and something else that is something like "has forge" (can't remember name) but nothing linking these things. Nothing I can change from "forge" to "gateway". Maybe I created the mod wrong? I just said "new mod" and said to base it on lotv. Help, please. ps: Is there something of a walk thru for this? The stuff I googled jump in the deep end very fast.Riggins1 Jan 22
Jan 22 Patch 3.0 broke UnitOrder comparisons? The following line of code is unable to return true. I suspect that a few order comparison results were altered or broke which most likely changed in patch 3.0 (or before). For example, look at the following condition: Comparison((UnitOrder(aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27], 0)), !=, (Order("move", 2))) What I am trying to check is that "Cain the Storyteller" does not currently use "Hold Position". example scenario that was working a couple of patches ago: General - While (Conditions) are true, do (Actions) Conditions (aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27] order at index 0) != ( Hold Position) Actions General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions) If Or Conditions (aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27] order at index 0) == ( Stop) (aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27] order at index 0) == No Order Then Unit - Order aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27] to ( Move targeting cain goto point) (Replace Existing Orders) Unit - Order aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27] to ( Turn targeting cathedral entrance hell portal) (After Existing Orders) Unit - Order aaa Cain the Storyteller [30.57, 217.27] to ( Hold Position) (After Existing Orders) Else General - Wait 1.0 Game Time seconds When I output Cain's currently used ability, at some point it is "move" and the ability index is 2, but the loop's ending condition does not work. Btw, the conditions within the loop checking for stop or no order seem to be working. But most likely, only no order is executed in my map, so I do not know if stop actually works as intended. Workaround: - Checking the ability of the ability command of the unit's current order & checking the ability command index of the unit's current order will most likely work. (Printing the values in chat displays the desired values, e.g. move and 2 for a unit currently holding position.)Ahli0 Jan 22
Jan 17 ADD A DAMN RECOVERY FEATURE Tired of losing work because this buggy as !@#$ editor crashes constantly. Like every software has this, it's a standard for everyone but Blizzard.CptSisko1 Jan 17
Jan 17 [Triggers] Quotation Marks In Custom Script I find that whenever I use quotation marks when I am coding in custom script, strange stuff will happen. Strange stuff like let's say that I type #AUTOVAR(str, string) = Quotes are messed up; and I forget to add the quotes, so I do that and it should look like #AUTOVAR(str, string) = "Quotes are messed up"; Instead, the first quote is replaced with a bunch of random characters and the message is cut off. Note that in the following example, the random characters I just came up with from the top of my head. #AUTOVAR(str, string) = £¥•€Quotes are messe"; If I try to retype what I wanted, it will continue doing that. I have an actual example that I copied from the script. I created 3 presets of type Custom Script (String) and set their custom values to stuff like "Center", "Size28", and "Bold". When I used Combine Strings and Convert Preset to String, to parse together style names, the script generator read it as (("Mod" + ("Centerí µ)) + (("Size28í µ) + ("Boldí µ)))) instead of (("Mod" + ("Center")) + (("Size28") + ("Bold")))) When I went to check my custom presets' custom values, they all showed up as they should. However the program that converts all of it to custom script read the end quote as í µ. Possibly relevant: I'm doing all of this coding on a Mac, so it may just be a Mac related issue. Either way, it is a major obstacle for anyone trying to custom script. Thanks in advance.Tassadar1 Jan 17
Jan 17 Editor memory leak? Surely the editor isn't supposed to hog this much resources http://puu.sh/mysxr/c1599734f5.pngMrGW0 Jan 17
Jan 16 random excluding 1 race can I get an option to pick random between just two races, instead of all 3? for example, I don't want to play terran at all anymore. Can I have an option to random Protoss or Zerg?Spiral0 Jan 16
Jan 16 Battle.net Launcher - Support 4k Resolutions! To Whomever It Concerns, I recently have upgrade my life to a Alienware 17 R3, which optionally comes w/ a 17.3" 4K/UHD 3840 x 2160 display. On such displays, when loading the battle.net launcher, the text font is extremely tiny and is not scaling to size to support such a resolution, so my suggestion is to please put this on your list of things to accomplish in the not so near future. 4k resolutions will only continue to rise in popularity, and it would be welcoming to see BLIZZARD stay current with trends. Thank you for your consideration. Warm Regards, Gamer Syric MalvayisSyric2 Jan 16
Jan 16 Need some tools to prevent trolling users Hi, I'm sc2 user playing in Korea and made arcade maps like Hide and Seek. I have published those but there is a problem that some users are trolling in my maps. Editor already supports 'Handle of Player' function but blizzard allows starter users to play arcade maps free so it's meaningless because they make new accounts for new trolling. I respect that policy of arcade maps but it's really frustrating me that I have to check mass replays for meaningless ban everyday.mofab2 Jan 16
Jan 9 Information Crash Hello, I seem to be crashing on the Editor mainly as it seems I have too many things on my map and in the trigger editor. If I zoom out and view the entire map with all these doodads and detailed terrain along when working on the trigger editor, my mouse curser disappears and it crashes having to force reboot. Anyway of fixing this issue?DeathBringer0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Improving extension mods to multiplayer maps When i learned about extension mods and how they could be used to further customise multiplayer, i immediately thought about making a mod that enabled campaign units on a standard melee map. However, melee maps are set to automatically import multiplayer dependencies based on current expansion level. Because multiplayer and campaign dependencies are incompatible, attempting to start a melee map with a campaign dependency will cause a lot of data conflicts. The only work around to this is downloading that particular melee map, turning off the option that automatically adds multiplayer data and then publishing it, which is unnecessarily impractical and time consuming to do. My suggestion is that when hosting a custom game, we could have an option to override this. When turned on, it would stop the multiplayer dependency from being added even if the map has it set that way, allowing any campaign or story mode mods to be used without creating data conflicts.MrGW2 Jan 9
Jan 8 [Bug] Text Actors ignore SetOpacity message Assuming this is a bug since many Blizzard text actors (Kerrigan Coop talent pickup, Refinery kicker, etc) all use SetOpacity but do not fade out.Pirate0 Jan 8
Jan 7 Suggestion - Data - Referencing shortcuts Hi there, I've had this suggestion in mind that could greatly improve time when setting up button tool-tips with data references. Basically it's as easy as right clicking in the data field: in the drop-down menu it should show something like "copy reference ID" and when I paste it with Ctrl+V it will write like this "<d ref = "Behavior,WisdomAura,Modification.VitalMaxArray[2]"/> " i.e. for a right click in the behavior max energy given So, example, briefly: -Open behavior tab in data effect -Search for "Wisdom Aura" => Reach the unit modification tab -Right click on max energy bonus -Select "copy reference ID" -Paste it into a button (It could use behaviors, effects, units and such when setting up references) Thanks for your time SunJeanSunJean0 Jan 7
Jan 7 New multiplayer mode with all the Tech. One thing that truly made me sad with LOTV and the end of the long series is that they didn’t use the opportunity to introduce a new multiplayer mode where we could actually use all the awesome stuff from all the campaigns. All the races have had their campaign tech finished now, and this would have been an optimal opportunity to truly introduce a new life to the SC series. To maybe, give it a reason to truly revive and live for many years without high decline to the playerbase. I truly don’t understand why you wouldn’t create a multiplayer where all or almost all campaign tech was available to the players. Allowing the players to have a whole “new” game to play around with, instead of again, for what now feels like decades, only have minimal changes and few introductions of mostly already extremely well known units… I still think such a new mode could give a major boost to the joy of the game and give a whole new life to the multiplayer aspect of the game.Tjaranis2 Jan 7
Jan 6 Galaxy Editor Black Screen/Textures all of my textures are black when loading a new map and opening other made maps.. what went wrong?RyuTaiga1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Warcraft 3 Data Mod 1.7 missing The Warcraft 3 Data Mod 1.7 dependencies are suddenly missing from the server. Currently, the only official Blizzard version available is 1.0. All of the assets that were using version 1.7 dependencies are no longer working for me. Is anyone else having this issue and or knowledgeable of a solution?Gradius1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Editor crashes when viewing any model Any time the preview window for a model is showing, after 2-3 seconds the editor crashes with the 'fatal exception' message. Whether it's a custom model I've imported or one from the official game/expansions, still happens. This wasn't happening last night, around 12 hours ago. I've seen a few topics regarding the same issue from as far back as 2013 with absolutely no solution or even a response. So far, working with the Galaxy Editor is actually worse than using the bug and crash-ridden GECK for Fallout: New Vegas. If you've ever used the GECK, then you know that's saying something.TheVoxyn1 Jan 6
Jan 4 Issues with uploading, garbage service Constant disconnects from battle.net when the upload reaches 86%. This is so !@#$ing annoying. Takes like 10-15 times of uploading before it finally goes through, which takes about 2 hours.CptSisko0 Jan 4
Jan 2 Weapon's Help Whenever I remove a weapon from a custom unit in the editor, it is replaced with something called (none). In-game, (none) appears as a weapon with an all-white icon and no mouse-over tool-tip. In the editor, I cannot delete (none) as every time I delete it, it just instantly recreates itself with another (none). Is the editor bugged? Am I doing something wrong?TragicNumber0 Jan 2
Jan 1 Trigger error in AIThink for Disruptor Scri: Trigger Error in 'AIThinkDisruptor': Invalid ability id specified: 'PurificationNovaTargetted' Near line 298 in AICreateOrder[] in TrggerLibs/TacticalAI.galaxy The AI for the Disruptor is not using the Purification Nova anymore and I did not change anything about that ability at all… need help please.Earth0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Unable to Load Default Game Data Editor Crash At any point where I attempt to open the editor, whether from the desktop or from within battle.net, it will give me the following error: "Unable to load default game data. Streaming download incomplete for required dependencies." I am then forced to leave the editor. I have tried scanning the game and repairing it, to no avail, and would appreciate any suggestions.Wilrond0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Suggestion: Co-op Campaign Mode Hello, After experiencing the commander mode and exhausting the well developed 5 maps available, my wife and I truly wanted to play the campaign; however, experience it together. Could you modify a Co-op campaign mode? Implementation would be relatively easy, simply add dual triggers and starting locations... or allow one person to control the economy, while the other advances the units, except in a hero/ story mode, which you could double the heroes, and the enemy HP to scale. Keep up the great development, V.r,Bion1 Jan 1
Dec 31 Move order Sorry, was using the wrong trigger action. Got to target a point or unit. Is there a way to delete this post?sctwol0 Dec 31
Dec 30 unit waves doesn't work when in Lotv campaign If you open a LotV campaign mission in the editor and test it (without any edit on the map, data of triggers) the attack waves don't work on some missions, for example Paiur 05 the attackwaves don't work but I believe there are more.Rutte0 Dec 30
Dec 28 Co-op mode Really hope there is Random Hero Mode in CO-OP game. maybe one day! LOL.Luffy0 Dec 28
Dec 27 Will there be anymore new assets for Legacy? Specifically, there are a bunch of new tilesets without matching units such as Mineral Fields, and Destructibles. Resources: Mineral Field (Protoss) - Gold version of Purifier or Lab Mineral Field (Shakuras) - Purple version of Purifier or Lab Vespene Geyser (Temple) - Default Geyser with some bricks? Perhaps a new model for RIch Vespene Geysers as well? There's no way to tell the diference (even yellow gas would be enough). Destructible Debris (Void) (Aiur) / (Shakuras) - The default debris doesn't fit at all in many different tilesets. Having golden/purple debris for these tilesets would be lovely. Rock/Debris towers for these would be great too. Rocks (Void) - Would be nice for the Void TIleset to have spikey Ex2 rocks for the Void/Slayn tilesets. As well as an update to the old Rocks, which are painfully and obviously outdated with how they look ontop of newer tilesets like Endion and Aiur Temple. Tree Debris (Void) - Something else that'd be nice would be fallen trees as a version of Rocks/Debris 4x4/6x6 for the Endion tileset or a texture type that uses Aiur Regular Trees/Endion Regular. Avex1 Dec 27
Dec 25 Game freezes after launch since Windows 10 Much like everyone else in the hundreds of threads I have seen my computer freezes and locks up my PC since i upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I have tried the following solutions: Windows compatibility troubleshooter Utilized Windows compatibility Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Tried creating affinity cores from shortcut logging into game, software RunWithAffinity, and assigning them from task manager Updated every single driver on my system Ensured AMD catalyst used application default settings instead of optimize Used starcraft switcher there may be one or 2 i missed but i do know when i installed the game again on my daughters windows 7 gaming laptop it played like it was supposed to LOTV version as of yesterday. Let me know how to get the information you need to help including i've added a ticket to windows and used all of the crash report bug submission things i could. Even used system monitor to make sure my heat wasnt too high and all of that jazz. Any assistance would be appreciated.Rotaerc1 Dec 25
Dec 24 Unit Placement Issue Unit placement error keeps popping up whenever I try to use a effect instant spawn unit ability, spawn range was set to 500, and the unit have no pathing and have 0 radius and the error persisted. is this a bug? EDIT: This issue applies to the entire map, regardless of what unit or building i am using the unit placement error appears.Ubermarine0 Dec 24
Dec 23 Conversations in Campaign This seems to be a fairly recent issue that's just happened. In Legacy of the Void campaign, all of the conversations with characters no longer exist. If you click on the characters, they will simply have a one liner and that's it. Also, not really related, but when I did the Spear of Aduin mission, I started off with a random Sentinel instead of a Zealot. Not entirely sure how that happened, but just thought I would mention it.Davewah0 Dec 23
Dec 22 Game crashes after any game starts When playing any game it crashes, gives error number then you have to re-log back in. Any reason why this happens? I uninstall and reinstall and it works for about a day then starts doing it again.BiTs2 Dec 22
Dec 21 Mouse Pointer I loaded the game onto my PC but when I start the game it does not give me a mouse pointer so I am not able to control anything. Please helpJPagan1 Dec 21
Dec 19 Mouse setting bug Hi, I have figured when i play Starcraft 2 when exiting, my mouse in Windows is very faster. Once I tested to change mouse speed in Windows to get similar speed in Starcraft 2 when exiting my mouse speed is changed. I take 2 snapshot to prove it: http://imageshack.com/a/img910/7253/2Flmq8.png http://imageshack.com/a/img911/4255/r9vGr5.png I am playing on Windows 10 x64 and Starcraft 2 x64.DarkA2 Dec 19
Dec 17 [Mac Editor] Corrupt map by editing data This is a hard one to pin down. It seems that editing data on a component file map with custom directories in it. I don't want to post a sample map here, but I can send it by email if you need to check it out. Here's how it works: I edit some data (http://op74.net/antioch/editor/data1.jpg) I hit save and get an error (http://op74.net/antioch/editor/data2.jpg) Then I get an error about external edits on the component files (http://op74.net/antioch/editor/data3.jpg) Then the editor reloads and shows the changes I made I hit save and get a huge error spew (http://op74.net/antioch/editor/data4.jpg) Here are my system specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MBLucidIguana6 Dec 17
Dec 14 Fill Tool with Symmetry = Crashes So if you use the texture Fill Tool with map symmetry and click too fast the editor just crashes. For some reason it doesn't seem to happen if you click slowly, but if you just accidentally double-click -- bam, editor crashes.TheSkunk0 Dec 14
Dec 13 Co-op AFK leech There should be some way to kick or deny EXP to players who afk in co-op. This is free exp abuse, especially at casual or normal where a single player can beat the level. This guy just sat in his base and literally did nothing. He picked the character with the drill, so it occasionally tickled an enemy or something. Anyway, I played on normal and beat the entire level myself. He should not share in exp for this. See http://i.imgur.com/agVb04k.jpgTurboTong3 Dec 13
Dec 10 What are the rules for etiquette? I want to get into mod making, and i want to make an online multiplayer mode for SC2. while its a hobby and will remain that but updates would be inconsistent at best or maybe not at all worse case. i want to make a mode that could potentially grow a competitive scene. my question is it ok to ask for monetary donations and provide a link to the donation page? i want to provide the best experience possible once i nail down the core of the game. so donations wouldn't be enabled right away only when the map is mostly complete and needs minor tweaks then. Edit: i found the terms of service, how i planed on doing it is fine to them. could some moderator remove this forum post then.TheDrkOne0 Dec 10
Dec 7 Cannot import tga or dds images I'm having trouble importing images into the editor. I created a new 76 x 76 image in JPEG format and used photoshop cs6 with nvidia's texture tools plugin to save it as a DXT1 RGB 4bpp no alpha type .dds file type, as well as a .tga file type, but get this error: 12/4/2015 3:07:18 PM] Warning: Unable to load image from 'C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Local\Temp\StarCraftIITemp\Import/newmap.SC2Map\downgrade-weapons.dds' (Core: a required object could not be found) What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? edit: I tried exporting a blizzard created image and tried to import it without making changes and I get the same errorMedium1 Dec 7
Dec 5 Side bar is gone plz help When i was talking with my friend i hit a button on accident and now my side bar is gone (the side bar that has the units and stuff) and i dont know how to get it back can you tell me how plz?pancakes0 Dec 5
Dec 5 Adding liberty campaign dependency creates du Adding liberty campaign dependency creates duplicate upgrades for all units. Strangely, Tychus is only one that gets all duplicate upgrades. Anyways, there is that.cowgoesmoo0 Dec 5