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4h Silver Terran needs practice buddy Hi all, I'm currently a silver Terran (I was gold in WOL and skipped HOTS). I need somebody at or above my skill level to practice with. One practice buddy for each race would be spectacular. I have talent but my nerves always get the best of me and I choke during ladder games. Hoping non ladder practice will help. If interested, please let me know!MadOx9 4h
15h [HRZ] Team Horizon wants you! Hello my friends. There are many teams and many other people you face on ladder out there. There's adversity all around you. We are here to compensate by being your friends, and your best practice mates ever. Little disclaimer : We are an EU team looking for an NA expansion! We have NA players that cannot set their time to EU, so we are looking for new partners! TL;DR - We are recruiting any level, poke us in the Discord invite below or in-game with the ID given. Who are we?Horizon as a team has a long backstory. We previously joined consecutively different european structures that may speak to you : Zeus 5, LeiSuRe eSports and Druckwelle. By joining them, we would ease the conditions of our players by trying to fetch contracts for our semi-pro players, sponsorships and all that is required to perform in a high level while worrying about only your play. However, these teams weren't our true face, and we decided to part ways to create our own team, born from the same core of players gathered under the previous banners. Horizon is the name we chose, it comes from our ability to have our sights locked onto the future, far away, far ahead. What is the team made of?Within Horizon, there are two groups of players that we are both looking to reinforce. While being groups, they are all mixed together, no distinction. The main competitive roster : Master 2 to Grand Master. The academy, soon to be main players : Bronze to Master 3. We have made a Liquipedia page! Why should I join Horizon?There's no reason not to join. No seriously, we gather a lot of qualities that most players will enjoy. ~> We are multi-cultural. I'm French, there are German, Danish, English, Swedish, Swiss... ~> Friendly and respectful. We hold dear these ideals, we do not tolerate bad manners. ~> The player base is active, nobody will refuse to play. Practice > Ladder to be better. ~> The academy players have access to coaches, one per race of GM/Master level to help them in their progression. ~> Horizon Community Hub, the in-game group which gathers the players from the main team, academy and also friends for team games or arcade! ~> Both the main roster and academy participate to Team Leagues such as AlphaSC2, Psy-eSports League, SC2 Improve Team League. With the NA expansion, we look forward leagues like Chobo Team League! How do I join Horizon?There are three ways to do so. • In Game Message me (Mraptor#2232) or any of the leaders : Goldensands#2592 or Resi#2230. We are connected, always able to answer you. We don't have a limit of league. • Outside the Game We have a Discord server you can join here : I invite anyone to chat even if you're not interested in joining. We do want to meet and greet people that are willing to make their StarCraft II time a pleasant one. • Reply this post Simple too, my friends and I will check this post regularly. Copy and Paste what's below, here are the few things I will ask you to fill : Short self description : Text goes here League : Text goes here Objective in SC2 : Text goes here Feedback from Horizon players.As I believe it's important to know as well how players feel inside the team, here's some feedback for you. ... ... ... ... I assure you they were not threatened nor tortured by cheese to spit these words! Social Network linksIndeed, we are covering all these wonderful sites! You can find us on those below. Twitter page : Facebook page : Last words.Thanks for reading, be sure to message us in game, on this post or over Discord if you have any questions. Have a nice day fellow players. :)NicholasCage26 15h
23h NA Diamond Zerg Looking for Partner/Clan Hey, im looking for people (and clan) to practice and get better, we can play games and after watch the replay to see what we did wrong. Topee#1686TOpee1 23h
2d Am Streamer/YouTuber: LF Clan I am looking for a clan to join. I wouldn't join as a good player, but as a streamer/you tuber.iSosumf1 2d
2d SEA player LF training buddy heya SEA player here who just started playing, looking for a training partner to play with. Add me at Chiabobo#6140EtcBobo0 2d
4d [Umojan] Umojan Protectorate Hello, I created this clan a very long time ago. I am the only member. If you are interested in casual roleplay(optional) and your main races are terran or protoss, feel free to join!Abzu0 4d
4d Fever Clan is Recruiting! Hello Everyone, Fever Clan is recruiting for StarCraft 2 and many other games! Fever Clan is an international multi-gaming community for casual and competitive players alike. Our goal is to provide players with an environment where members can have tons of fun and meet other awesome people. We're looking to re-build our StarCraft 2 section, as we do, we will start to look at holding events, game nights and tournaments ranging 1v1 tournaments to fun custom games to arcade nights. As the person who is charged with running the StarCraft 2 section, I am 100% committed to re-building the player base within Fever and always looking at ways to improve upon it. We are one of the largest clans with over 2500+ active members. Many of our members play a variety of games (Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Battlefield’s, Warframe, CS:GO, Evolve, Smite, ESO, DCUO, Rift, Minecraft, Rust, Path of Exile, and more!) Play a game that you don't see listed here, there is a high likelihood we have a group of players that play the game. If not you can always start a group and we will help get the ball rolling. Fever Clan has their own Team Speak Server where you can join to team up with other members and participate in game nights. We also have an active forums where members can talk with each other about anything. You can even organize events on the forums for games you play! Additionally, we also has community coin (reward) system where you can earn coins for attending game nights, posting on forums, recruiting new members, and many other ways. These coins can be used, through the fever store, to get your own TS room, beta keys, steam games, and much more. How to join: Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our TeamSpeak server. The interview is mainly an introduction to the clan so there is nothing to worry about. It only takes a few minutes to register and submit an application and the interview won't take long either. It's well worth your time and I'm positive you won't regret it. Register here: Submit application: Referrer Username: @Synizta Interviews: Conducted on our TeamSpeak server ( ) Still not convinced to join Fever Clan? Then let me tell you a bit about my experienced when I first joined well over 2 years ago. When I joined the StarCraft 2 section, while larger than it is now, was welcoming and friendly to all new-comers. I was greeted and welcome by various members of the clan (Both members who did and did not play StarCraft 2) which largely led to me wanting to stay over they years and almost 3 years on, I am now a Fever officer and the head of the StarCraft 2 division within Fever. Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to join us! If you have any questions about Fever I'd be happy to answer them. Feel free to add me on (Synizta#1142) Hope to see you soon, SyniztaSynizta13 4d
5d [HRZ] Horizon NA Professional Team/Management Good day players, This is a post for players of Masters 1 skill level or above, if you would like to join our community or academy, here is the link to that recruitment post: My name is Chris (Starsense) and i am the primary manager of the the North American expansion for Team Horizon. We have some big plans for our soon to be professional team in North America this coming year. Horizon is looking for fresh talent in the North American scene to challenge the current dominating players on this end of the world. Our players will be competing in multiple online qualifiers on the North American server, and if traction is gained in the upcoming months, then they will represent Team Horizon at major events such as the Dreamhack Tournaments taking place in Austin, Denver, and Atlanta. Whether you're an ESports veteran or if you're just looking to get your foot into the door of the ESports scene, Horizon is starting fresh on North America, so everything you achieve will not only help us as a top tier team, but will solidify you as a member of our competitive ESports brand. While a solid skill base is a must, our team members must recognize that Horizon is a team that will not tolerate bad sportsmanship towards other players, be it at another pro player, or in a ladder game. We are a team that maintains a very positive public image, and anything done to disrupt that will not be taken to kindly. While the Horizon community accepts members of ALL skill levels, in most cases our professional team will only accept players of the rank masters 1 and above. If you do not meet this requirement and believe that you still have the means necessary to compete at the highest level, feel free to contact me in-game at Starsense#1674 and your skill level will be personally assessed to ensure proper placement within the team roster. If you would like to discuss the process of becoming a player on our team or any other questions you may have please contact me personally at: or join us on our discord server: You can also reply in the comments below or message me in game, whatever your preference If you have the desire to fill a role within our team management feel free to contact me as well, american management is currently short staffed!. Christopher "TrueStarsense" Simms North American Team Manager Team Horizon teamhorizonsc2@gmail.comStarsense0 5d
6d Plat Terran Looking for Clan Hello all. Here's the deal. I suffer from terrible ladder anxiety. Its very frustrating. Ive worked to overcome this frustration as much as possible, however the anxiety still effects my game play. I am currently looking for a clan for more exposure to sc2 players and 1v1 games. I've played a lot of allied commander and i find it helps with some aspects of the ladder anxiety however it does not come close to 1v1 ladder and the rush of adrenaline that comes with it. I love sc2. Absolutely love it. I have played terran since the brood war days (dial up prevented me from early ladder experience. !!!DAMN YOU DIAL UP!!!). The rush i get from executing a decent splitting of marines, or a great drop, or stim pick off makes terran so fun for me. I am looking for a clan that i can play with, have fun with, learn with and have an all round good time. Thanks for listening guys.Caedus4 6d
6d top silver needs help Does anyone have a clan where someone can help me improve my skills as a silver toss? I'm pretty good early game, but I can't survive the intense macroing after around the 6 min mark. O_O I also need some help with my apm. I can spam click, but I just can't find anything to do, although I have usually over 3000 min in my bank. My timings are bad as well. If anyone is interested in inviting me to their clan to help me, plz do.potato1 6d
6d Casual CO-OP custom gaming! Hi guys! I want to play custom games together vs AI since I'm not playing a lot and just want to have fun! I like to win though! Add me even if you just wanna chat! BattleTag: Lori#1221 ~ Lori aka Princess ~Princess4 6d
6d co op and ranked (im gold) europe anyone in?CRR1 6d
Sep 19 Viking skin I want Viking skin to change different look better than the old one skin it look so boring! Do have any idea about skin? Thank!Dkghost0 Sep 19
Sep 19 CLAN ConFed isrecruiting all leagues welcome [ConFed] is one of the oldest clans around starting in StarCraft Brood war days. We have 82 active members right now all friendly people. We host daily peep mode 1v1 obs games for clna only and have alot of fun coaching each other and all that. We also do clan wars that are casted and stream the games on twitch every weekend! Confed is currently useing discord for voice chat and there is always between 10-20 people on. Stop by our channel ConFed Community Or visit our website you can also leave a reply here or send me a friend request my id is havers#1179 We recruit all type bronze up to gm!!!!Havers4 Sep 19
Sep 16 LF active dia/master clan NA server .ose0 Sep 16
Sep 14 Clan Determinant[DETER] recruiting! Hi! We at Determinant are looking for active players on any server(though we are primarily an NA group), across all skill levels. We run clan tournaments and weekly obs nights, and would like to bring more players together to help everyone interested improve. If you are interested, please reply with your SC2name and character code(NOT the name/code) as well as server. Thanks!Toast12 Sep 14
Sep 14 Community Founded in 2001 Now Recruiting The Art of Warfare wants you! TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have some fun with arcade games. Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration. We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more. To learn more or sign-up, visit or join us in our group channel in game: The Art of Warfare Community. *** TAW's StarCraft group consists of over 120 men and women that range in skill from Master to Bronze. Formed in 2001, TAW has grown into a community with over 2400 members spread across a dozen games. Made up of gamers worldwide who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, TAW is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but find a family. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact vulkor@taw.netVulkor300 Sep 14
Sep 13 Can't edit my Clan I just recently created a clan in hope to upload a banner that will sit next to my base. However, I cannot click on the clan to edit and upload the image does anyone know the reason for this? When I look up videos people simply click on the clan and brings them to the edit page yet that does not happen for me. Would really appreciate some help here thanks guys!Duritos0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Looking for Cortex RP Group/Clan Greetings! I posted something like this back in November, but I don't wish to necro a post, and things have changed since then. Anyway, as the title of this thread suggests, I am looking for a group for the semi-popular Cortex maps within the Starcraft II Arcade. I've been an avid role player for quite a long time now, and have done many different forms of it. From live action, to tabletop, and from forum to MMOs such as World of Warcraft (which I still play to this day.) In any case, I'm no stranger to RP. Though I am still a bit new to the many, many possibilities of Cortex, I am willing to actively learn and evolve without having to be tutored. There are many videos and tutorials online for that, after all. My largest setup for any Cortex map took me around 5 hours to build, though it's still amateur compared to what I have seen others create. Now unlike most other players in Cortex, I have no problem with a particular role play or story line taking place within the parameters of the Starcraft Universe. Provided no direct action from any known character is taken - meaning I'd be fine with an RP taking place on say, Korhal, without Mengsk or Raynor being involved. This also goes in-line with me believing that the Zerg are very well a credible threat to more than just the Koprulu Sector, as there are two other sectors, Dinares and Tursobis, that are within a few light years of Koprulu. So Zerg, Protoss, and the Terran Dominion, (or one of the many other groups) are fine in my book. Though I don't necessarily require them to be part of an RP. Now a little on my particular style of RP in Cortex. Generally, I keep to 1 of 3 different setups. 1) My first happens to be my newest, though it is quite large and requires some bit of backstory. It follows the stories of two groups I have created; Trojan Labs, and Torrent Company. Trojan Labs is, generally, a knockoff of the Umojan Protectorate's science division. Specifically engineered to test the capabilities of various life forms against new and improved armor systems and prototype equipment for various infantry regiments. (Though as the name suggests, there's more to it) Torrent Company, however, is the military arm of Trojan Labs, as well as the end product of several long role plays involving one of my older teams, commonly referred to by myself as "Bravo Squad." After the previously mentioned role plays, the squad has joined Torrent Company with the promise of remaining in the same unit with the same designation. The company is led by Captain Harsh and two other Lieutenants, with several Sergeants being the most active of the group. (This includes Bravo Squad.) 2) Bravo Squad. It's not something I can easily do away with, after having RPd them for so long. In time, I have gone back and forth between Bravo being an entire company and a simple squad, but finally settled on letting an RP decide. In the end, just the members I have now are all that remain. Each one has been give a name and a story. (Though planet origins are under development, due to lack of knowledge on the grand scheme of the Starcraft universe) 3) Sometimes, I don't wish to have more than just a couple characters to look at and manage, so I created two characters for which to just go with the flow of an RP. That is where "John" and "Rebecca" Grimm come into play. The pair can be classified as mercs, wastelanders, wanderers, or something else of the sort. They generally hold no allegiance to anyone and simply do what they can to survive the turmoils of wherever they happen to be. Now keeping in line with the spirit of role play, I generally try to give each character their own personality even if not all of them are always used. This is especially true with the first two setups, as having so many characters can get a bit complicated at times. More so when the RP has the squad split up. For example: In the third setup, John is usually the more conservative and cautious of the pair, while Rebecca is generally the one to cause trouble for others or John. Mostly John. Now after all of this, I suppose I should state what I'm looking for -exactly-. I'm looking for a small group for which to create an ever-expanding story for one or more of these setups. I am completely willing to change who they are or what their purpose is, or even if they belong to any one group or government. All I ask is such stories be thought up elsewhere, and not everything be done on-the-spot. I've had far too many Cortex groups in the Arcade fall apart for rather simple reasons to deal with such all the time. I still enjoy on-the-spot RP when others aren't there to join us, but it's nice to mix it up with some overall story progression every now and then. Anyway, thank you for reading, and feel free to add me on Battlenet; Gatrien#1466 or leave a message here if you're interested! Preferred Server: NAShamrock1 Sep 13
Sep 12 Skype? Unfortunately, my home internet connection with Comcast has connectivity problems that normally do not trouble the game but do interfere with most voice software. I have tried using Discord, Teamspeak, and Mumble and none of them work reliably for me. (They either do not automatically reconnect after the connection drops and resumes, or their sound quality is poor because they demand a thicker packet transfer than my connection provides.) I am fairy new to StarCraft, but enjoy playing with quite a few friends and family members. Skype works great for us, even with my brother in Thailand. Is anyone in playing with a newbie using Skype? Pacific USA time zone.davidvs6 Sep 12
Sep 11 Plat/Dia Protoss looking for competitive team Hey! I am a Plat 1/Dia 3 Protoss in the NA server looking to join a competitive team. I want to be able to be coached and trained to improve in ladder (and reach masters eventually) and play in tournaments. I REALLY want to get competitive and be on a team's competitive roster. Reach out to me HankWarrior #1542HankyPanky1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Nekopara Tea Time recruting ! Hello. The clan Nekopara Tea Time is recruting it was founded by a former esl and Dream Hack player. The Clan is new so we need good players to make a ourself a name in the community. We are recruting all Players that are Diamond level+ For add: Barcode#21733 GlHf and I hope we see us ;)KappaPrimeOn1 Sep 11
Sep 10 looking 4 practice im zerg gold gold zerg player looking for group or practice buddy. I can also talk on skype.CRR7 Sep 10
Sep 7 Don't Play Alone! (DPA) Check us out! Hello fellow sc2 players! i'm not very good at the game but that's besides the point. I have been trying to play this game more often, I have all of the expansions and it's hard trying to find other members... So I would like to formally invite you all to my Gaming Community! We have no rules. We have no trial period. No applications/registration required. Just a community of cool people to play the games you love with. We aren't dedicated to any one game. just looking for more people to join us! Feel free to check us out! Go to and click discord!BewareiSuck0 Sep 7
Sep 6 Looking For Team: Hey im looking for a team to play with. Im currently ranked Gold 3 i recently started coming back to play SC2 so i might be a little sloppy but able to learn new things about the game again. iv been playin since brood wars and wanted to play Sc2 with other ppl. If u want to HMU on SC2 its: Myth#1202Myth1 Sep 6
Sep 5 Looking for a Team/Group: League: Gold 3 Looking for a Clan/Group to play with i stopped playing for 8 months but wanting to comeback to playing this game.. Currently in Gold 3 im pretty good with both protoss and zerg. i usually rush mostly using Zerg and Protoss i would Mass VoidsMyth3 Sep 5
Sep 4 Fever clan gaming community now recruiting Is A HUGE Clan / Community with 1000+ Clan Members And Growing! FeverClan Is All About FUN! Were Here To help Make your games more enjoyable! We Do A LOT of other games Besides Just starcraft. With about 150+ active Sc2 Members. We have no strict rules that a mandatory to follow, Just A few for you to note.... #1 Always Be respectful And supportive of other players, The opposite of this behavior Is frowned upon and not taken lightly. Also NO HACKING ON ANY GAME WHAT SO EVER WHILE IN FEVER CLAN IF COUGHT YOU WILL, I repeat WILL be removed Without hesitation or remorse #2 MUST Be 16 Years or older to join. This helps ensure a better gaming environment. And that your mature enough to follow these simple rules. #3 NO teamkilling in ANY game (basically just don't be an !@# hat) #4 Please Logon to the forums and make a post / comment or other form of activity ONCE every TWO weeks To stay active and not risk being removed. now, A lot of clans you might see will have strict and crazy rules / practice times to follow or be removed. As we are an "actual" Clan and not just a specific "Team" We do not have or enforce and strict practice times. WHAT SO EVER. We have game nights (Everyone does arcade) Every wednesday through sunday For various games. WENS FRI and SAT are for Sc2 But those days also have other games on as well. Generally we are here for you to relax. Have fun. And shoot the breeze. Just be well rounded, and respectable. And nothing could go wrong! Competition We have Weekly / monthly Tournaments now and then sponserd by FEVER and or Its members now and then For you to compete in and or to "win prizes" and ribbons. We Have Specific Teams in starcraft for certain ranks Which you can join if you wish to play more hard ball and become seriously competitive. EVERYTHING we do Is streamed. VIA feverclans twitch account and our active streamers. as far as tournaments and clan wars. Anyone Is Allowed To start / manage their own Teams And tournaments anyway they like. Feverclan forums also have Entertainment sections. Coaching sections And more forum games, AND AN ARCADE!, Also A newly implemented FeverCoins system which you earn by being active and working for the clan which you can use to unlock rewards. Hey, FeverClan Even gives you FeverCoins! (forum economy) Which.. Upon earning. By helping fever, Posting on the forums, winning tournaments and such.. You can Use these coins in our coin shop!, And earn things like.. Signature work.. Nickname changes.. Badges.. And more! But the biggest thing to point out is that you can 1) an Active member within the clan you can earn beta keys and other stuff with your Fever coins 2) you can Earn beta Keys for games that are not even out yet with your coins even! Even bid in auctions for Steam games! and more!. Sounds like a fun and friendly community right? It is!! CHECK IT OUT TODAY! SIGN UP! AND START GAMING! Please use my name as a referral and we look forward to seeing you join our ranks!TiltedSlim145 Sep 4
Sep 1 Streamer LFG 1v1s/4v4s Hey guys, Daw here, and I am looking for a active community of players. I'm a platinum player in all three races. My main is toss, but I play random on EU and have gotten decent at all races. I'm not looking to apply on any sites or go through a recruitment process for any clan. I play with one hand due to a disability, which is why I stream, because I am unique. I do not only stream Sc2 though, but I do stream it a lot. I would like if... - active helpful members - team games like 4v4s or 3v3s - sparring partners (1v1s obs would be awesome!) - clan battles would be cool, but not needed!DAW1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Drunken Outlaws Recruiting in NA The Drunken Outlaws are expanding into NA, we're a part of a collection of clans that has over 200 members at this time, if you want to join us, just message me on sc. Gator#21235Gator2 Sep 1
Aug 29 Nederlandse of belgische sc2 spelers Ik speel nu al een tijdje starcraft2 maar heb niet veel mensen die dit ook spelen hierbij de vraag zijn er mischien mensen die nederlandstalig zijn die me kunnen adden of mischien een clan die nederlandstalig is ben namelijk al tijdje terran aant spelen aangezien ik niet goed een ander taal kan leer ik het moeilijk vanuit het engels en ook gwn adden voor fun en archon mode de spelenMadRoel1 Aug 29
Aug 29 BLQC recruite FR BlackLysQuébec 16+ toute les division Commucation en vocal avec curseQcAnarchie0 Aug 29
Aug 29 BLQC recruit Franco BLQC (BlackLysQuebec) Nouveau Clan francais seulement Bientot Curse pour le communication en vocal 16+ actifQcAnarchie0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Clan Looking for Gold and above players. Looking for a group of players to practice with. practice can include peep mode for LOTV so we get good one vs one practice against many opponents. it can also include many other types of practice. any and all races welcome however diversity is preferred, if i get 100000000 Protoss there's no point. before joining there will be a general skills test so bring your best to the table. friend request me at naitsabes1126@gmail.comNaitsabes0 Aug 29
Aug 28 Clan WW3 est. 1998, seeking a few players! Hello! We are Clan WW3, (yes World War 3), first established in 1998 on the US East server in StarCraft BW! We are looking for - 1) Diamond+ players. Exceptions can be made for Plat players who are former Diamond/Master, and playing well/currently rising through the ranks again. 2) Well mannered players. Trolling will not be tolerated/accepted. 3) Players who are dedicated to 1's and improving their game in a friendly, team atmosphere. 4) Players who meet all of that critera, and who are interested in playing in CW's. If you are interested in joining our team, please email us at and include the following - 1) Link to profile 2) Race (Z, P, T) 3) Why you'd like to join! Thanks, and gl hf gG!TerroR0 Aug 28
Aug 26 Weekly Gaming I'm not exactly looking for a clan. Just a few people who are interested in playing with me and a couple buddies once or twice a week, preferably Saturday nights. We're somewhat casual and currently in Silver League. We experiment with most of the different game modes and races. We're also interested in getting back into Brood War when the compatibility patch is released. We use Discord for voice chat. So basically we're looking for people who can join us regularly and are interested in practicing and improving, but keep the emphasis on having fun with other players. And especially people who are just all-around fans of the Starcraft franchise. If interested, message HyperTurtle # 1732.HyperTurtle2 Aug 26
Aug 25 Every Role player looking for Clan/Team Hey there. I'm looking for a team or a clan, im silver average player not so professional but good. Pretty fun to play with (as told from my friends). Comment this post with your clan and information, and i will add you (be sure to comment the clan leader's In-Game ID/Name).PoisonedPoop0 Aug 25
Aug 24 practice buddy/group? Diamond terran, looking for people to practice with/play with and just looking to improve overall. thank you.HotAmbush8 Aug 24
Aug 24 HOTS Clans? Any HOTS clans out there still recruiting? Plat lvl Random player looking for clan for fun.JasTa1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Mindset Gaming Now Recruiting Diamond+! MSet Gaming is calling up all mature Starcraft 2 players that are pursuing to be involved and engaged in a concrete learning atmosphere! The foundation that MSet Gaming was constructed on is: Collaboration, Competitiveness, A Good Mindset, and Sportsmanship! MSet Gaming's atmosphere is designated to be a competitive gaming community that does: Clan Wars, Coaching, Observers, Ranked Team Games, and Tournaments! Every so often though as a clan we set up times to relax and play arcade games. If you want to be involved in a Starcraft 2 gaming community that revolves around its members, then MSet Gaming is the proper clan for you! The only requirements are: Diamond+, No BM, and Respect One Another! Server: NA Current Active Clan Members - Join our TeamSpeak Server! - Contact me @Rovert#916 in Starcraft 2, Trevor Jacklitch on Skype, any of the clan officers or clan leader in Starcraft 2 who are online, or feel free to post a reply below the post if you want!Rovert37 Aug 24
Aug 24 Clan Skal Recruiting Come now U want a laid back clan..recruiting for clan skal come join now!!!Havers1 Aug 24
Aug 24 T.A.W. NA SC2 Division is recuiting! If your a SC2 player looking for coaching and a fun group of players to play SC2 with, the TAW SC2 division is the place for you! We have weekly scheduled Practice and an optional once every week! You'll have the opportunity to play with and learn from every Rank and skill level. While having a lot of fun on the optional every week as we plan fun group arcade games, in-clan tournaments and more. We also have a growing competitive Clan War Team that is regularly in Clan Wars and always looking for those dedicated enough to join. Our TeamSpeak Server is regularly crowded with people more then ready to practice and play. TAW is a great place with great people that just want to get together, play and get better at there games! So join today and become part of The Art of Warfare Community! If interested please visit and register at our website Aug 24
Aug 22 Terran Player Looking for Clan Hello! I'm a diamond level Terran player looking to learn and improve. I have a deep love and respect for Starcraft and would love to join a clan of players who feel the same and want to help others improve at the game. Best, DavidKordo4 Aug 22
Aug 22 Forming Team Urge Looking For: Any and all skill level, regardless of division. *Benefits* This team will be formed for the purpose of league matches, both versus ranked opponents and for training within the Team itself. The training portion will have more of the higher ranked players helping out teach the more new to the game players build orders and proper counters/ mechanics to the game. *Recruitment* If you're Interested in helping me form Team Urge, Join the chat channel Urge. *Team Requirements* 1. must be an active Starcraft 2 member 2. we play for fun, not to bm within the team 3. Uber all in cheese build such as cannon rushing and 6-8 pools, are banned within the team. *Team Names* although not necessary, I will try to encourage the name change within the team, as it will help get our team out in the open for more people to join. If your considering to dedicate it to the team, its in a format as so: 1. First letter of each word is capitalized to ensure proper reading 2. the team name Urge will either go as the first or last word in your player's name. *Team Information* Prefix: [Urge] Division: Bronze-Masters Chat Channel: Urge Members so far: 1 Team Founder: SuicidalUrge 669SuicidalUrge8 Aug 22
Aug 21 A-Click Mechanics needs T and P Hello all. A-Click Mechanics is looking to recruit a masters Terran to help coach our diamonds and plats as well as participate in clan wars for the near future. We also need several more Protoss players as our representation is nil (Protoss seem a rare breed in hots). Ideally, we'd like a Masters Protoss and several diamond or high plat Protoss players to join the cause. We don't generally accept lower than plat unless you're a super-cool-gosu-boy. We are primarily AM and weekday players so we offer great practice and fun to those of us that cannot play late evenings. Further, we practice together quite regularly and have a grand time doing so. Application is quite simple, play our top guys, demonstrate your knowledge, and be willing to help our lower leagues. I'll be back on Monday Morning to respond to respond to anyone interested. Just leave your tag and I'll hit y'all up. Cheers WhiteEyebrowWhiteEyebrow4 Aug 21
Aug 20 Streamer/Caster/Diamond LFC Looking for a clan! I have been in multiple clans over the years and have done a lot of streaming and casting for said clans, Some of my work consists of. Clan wars in cloudM and Nindo Gaming Cloud M's tournament with players such as- Creature HuK Hydra Jason-JuggernautJason I have been inactive as of lately but im looking for a clan that will work around my schedule and actually use my talents as a caster! And who will support my stream. I am currently rank 65 diamond, I ended at around top 8 diamond last season i was rank 1 for weeks but couldn't quite get myself to play enough games to push myself towards masters. Not that i felt ready yet for it either. If anybody is interested add me in game! And we can discuss things through skype!- Godlift#1705 to add me! Im also looking for a very friendly, Supporting clan any drama im not really looking for. So if there is internal issues. Please don't bring me into it :) Much Love <3 Zergharizard!Zergharizard5 Aug 20
Aug 19 Terran Player, Need Clan I just got back into this game for the first time since WoL, and I've actually improved since then somehow. I need a group that can help me keep on that progress.Pickle2 Aug 19
Aug 18 100 membership MAX per clan, ONLY? Can blizzard increase the size of a clan from 100 to 200members? Why just 100members and why not more? It doesn't hurt to have more members in a clan.Soybean0 Aug 18
Aug 18 Looking for partner's for team Hey! I'm Daw, and I like to play 4v4s. I'm currently Platinum2 solo in 4v4s and I'm looking for some people around my level to play with, I'm also platinum in 1v1s. I understand it would be hard to meet up every week and play, which I was thinking I could get a few friends to just join up when they're on or vice versa. So Please around platinum that are down for 4s with like 1 random person speak up! Thanks for reading this!DAW1 Aug 18