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Fever clan gaming community now recruiting Is A HUGE Clan / Community with 1000+ Clan Members And Growing! FeverClan Is All About FUN! Were Here To help Make your games more enjoyable! We Do A LOT of other games Besides Just starcraft. With about 150+ active Sc2 Members. We have no strict rules that a mandatory to follow, Just A few for you to note.... #1 Always Be respectful And supportive of other players, The opposite of this behavior Is frowned upon and not taken lightly. Also NO HACKING ON ANY GAME WHAT SO EVER WHILE IN FEVER CLAN IF COUGHT YOU WILL, I repeat WILL be removed Without hesitation or remorse #2 MUST Be 16 Years or older to join. This helps ensure a better gaming environment. And that your mature enough to follow these simple rules. #3 NO teamkilling in ANY game (basically just don't be an !@# hat) #4 Please Logon to the forums and make a post / comment or other form of activity ONCE every TWO weeks To stay active and not risk being removed. now, A lot of clans you might see will have strict and crazy rules / practice times to follow or be removed. As we are an "actual" Clan and not just a specific "Team" We do not have or enforce and strict practice times. WHAT SO EVER. We have game nights (Everyone does arcade) Every wednesday through sunday For various games. WENS FRI and SAT are for Sc2 But those days also have other games on as well. Generally we are here for you to relax. Have fun. And shoot the breeze. Just be well rounded, and respectable. And nothing could go wrong! Competition We have Weekly / monthly Tournaments now and then sponserd by FEVER and or Its members now and then For you to compete in and or to "win prizes" and ribbons. We Have Specific Teams in starcraft for certain ranks Which you can join if you wish to play more hard ball and become seriously competitive. EVERYTHING we do Is streamed. VIA feverclans twitch account and our active streamers. as far as tournaments and clan wars. Anyone Is Allowed To start / manage their own Teams And tournaments anyway they like. Feverclan forums also have Entertainment sections. Coaching sections And more forum games, AND AN ARCADE!, Also A newly implemented FeverCoins system which you earn by being active and working for the clan which you can use to unlock rewards. Hey, FeverClan Even gives you FeverCoins! (forum economy) Which.. Upon earning. By helping fever, Posting on the forums, winning tournaments and such.. You can Use these coins in our coin shop!, And earn things like.. Signature work.. Nickname changes.. Badges.. And more! But the biggest thing to point out is that you can 1) an Active member within the clan you can earn beta keys and other stuff with your Fever coins 2) you can Earn beta Keys for games that are not even out yet with your coins even! Even bid in auctions for Steam games! and more!. Sounds like a fun and friendly community right? It is!! CHECK IT OUT TODAY! SIGN UP! AND START GAMING! Please use my name as a referral and we look forward to seeing you join our ranks! TiltedSlim137
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All-Inspiration Looking For Silver Players All-Inspiration is Accepting Applications for all new SC2 players. Currently Allin is focusing on bringing in Silver players (who have played at least 30 games this season and will play at least 50) to compete in Chobo Team League. Currently we are lacking at that position. However, if you are not Silver you are still encouraged to apply. Why All Inspiration? All-Inspiration has been built with the community in mind. We believe that a positive community filled with active and determined players is the best way to improve and enjoy the game. Allowing players to join on the basis of a positive attitude rather than skill is something we've believed in since day one. Our community members range from players who are new and eager to learn the game; to veterans who practice and play casually; to seasoned competitors who make us proud to wear the [ALLIN] tag. What All Inspiration Does We offer a diverse community with players from across the globe. Everyone has different skill sets and interests, but we are united by our determination to build a positive and helpful team environment. We promote a proactive mindset towards practice, and encourage our members to form both 1-on-1 and group practices with teammates. We also promote an aggressive approach to improvement, and encourage our members to use all the resources available to get better. That's why highly recommend engaging in peer replay reviews as well as in-game coaching. It is these types of advantages that help us to not only improve our individual games, but also develop our social network, making for a more enjoyable -- perhaps even inspirational -- gaming experience. About All Inspiration All-Inspiration is looking to bring in additional players to the team. Allin is a Bronze-Grandmaster SC2 team founded in 2013 by Tim “Tang” Clark. Players interested in joining All-Inspiration should start by filling out the form below. After completing the form they can expect contact from our recruiting manager who will complete their journey in becoming a team member. To Apply: TechFour2
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Team Peace: Starcraft's Largest Guild Starcraft 2's Largest guild and chat 6,500 members (Avg over 100 in chat daily) Peak hours we hit over 150 people in chat Most ever at once: 360 → Just trying to get the name out there since no one important seems to know who we are.... yet ♥ How do i get my group Featured/ Noticed?/ Myself ~Our Info Section: What we do: ○ Talk about and watch eSports ○ Coach ○ Help people find good clans ○ Practice 1v1 ○ Play team games ○ Play arcade games ○ Make friends Our guild was founded on the principles of Love, Peace, and Respect between gamers. We help all people become better gamers, have a good time and hang out on the greatest game ever. Sample from our News section: ~ New to Starcraft 2? (Or trying to improve?) Pt.3 Practice your skills in the arcade games shown here: Θ 1v1 Obs LoTV: (Full 1v1 Practice) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/265430 Θ Micro Arena US: (Micro 1v1 Battles) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/215022 Θ Marine Arena US: (Micro) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/217289 Θ The SCV Team: (Macro) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/224687 Θ Night of the Dead: (Macro) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/76659 Θ Doomed Earth: Advanced Warfare (Strategy) battlenet://starcraft/map/1/255380 Sample Event: ~ Morning Teams Time All you have to do is be in the Team Peace chat at the time stated and play some 2v2's, 3v3's, 4v4, with other members of this community. (Having trouble making friends?) (Finding Coaches?) (Trying to practice that new build order?) Now is a great time to do all those things here in Team Peace and get those team games going. (Custom, Ranked, Unranked) ♥ Sherman ShermN21
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VastGamer.Com Recruiting & Sponsoring Teams! Hello Gamers! Vast Gamer is currently in a reboot phase after we went offline to restructure parts of our organization. Now that we have restructured, we can now efficiently cover both casual and competitive gaming. We’re also now able to support console, mobile, and virtual reality gaming platforms which have been of great interest to us for quite some time. Most of the organization has been completely overhauled from the ground up and recently completed. For more information about our development progress, visit the status page above. Our organization is about providing a fun, safe, and friendly environment for gamers of all types. That means we welcome gamers of all race, sexual preference, religion, etc. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited with our community. Hacking, cheating, or glitching of any form is strictly prohibited. None of that belongs in video gaming and we do everything we can to keep it away from our organization. We do this because we see that video gaming and communities can be a great social tool. One that might keep a teenager at home playing video games, instead of experimenting with drugs, getting arrested, or worse. One that might provide structure and empowerment to an adult that might have fell on hard times due to a shaky economy or stress from life in general. One that can be there for someone that might not have a lot of friends and provide a place for them to make friendships. Together we can build an environment that empowers each other to be better people while having a safe and friendly gaming environment where everyone can game and build strong friendships with people from all over the world that last a lifetime. Below are some helpful pages that cover most common inquiries from potential recruits. Website: About Us: News Section: Code of Conduct: Job Openings: Gaming Groups: Streamers: Example Group Page: Organization Status: We are currently seeking members, additional staff, and existing gaming divisions to become part of our organization. We sponsor competitive teams. We’re also in search of actively dedicated streamers and casters. If you’d like to apply for a staff position, please use the job openings page. I appreciate you reading through this info and I look forward to seeing you in our community. If you have any questions feel free to use our contact page to reach out to a staff member! Chris3
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EoC Engineers of Chaos Recruiting! Heya Worker Makers (if you aren't making workers, you should be and you know it), I am aXerae from the Engineers of Chaos [EoC]; nice to see everyone (looking good! :D) and hope everyone is having a great day so far. Our Clans are currently recruiting players from all leagues and would love to have you! We currently boast players from Canada, US, Europe, Venezuela, Japan, Korea and more, (so dont' worry about timezones!) EoC has Over 200 Members in total across our clans (EoC, AEoC, AoEoC and CEoC) We are all very active Most love to play team games with RaidCall and those that don't, truly cherish their 1v1's we have an active Youtube channel: Also have casters who cast our tournaments (and others')(1's and 2's) and post our gameplay footage to remember those really good games or listen to ourselves when we are panicking about cannon and ling rushes. Our Academy (AoEoC) is solely dedicated to coaching those who are willing and even have coach position openings if you'd like to help us out! Our Official Webpage: If you'd like to become an Officer, come tell us your idea as a regular member and let us get to know you We are currently Ranked #2 in NA and Ranked #2 Globally for our 4's teams And while that may not be the be-all end-all, it does prove how active we are (You may even hate sc2ranks :P!) If you are interested (and thanks in advance if you are), Please add a clan Owner or officer and send us a PM; our Owners are on everyday of the week! Add us as a friend through the profile link below (Copy and Paste in any Chat window, press enter and Click on the link, Right Click on Portrait/Avatar, Add friend and Send us a PM!) EoC - Original Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [EoC] aXerae starcraft://profile/1/11488087813631508480 AoEoC - Academy of Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [AoEoC] Secer starcraft://profile/1/1005128450136080384 (Officer) [AoEoC] Nomad starcraft://profile/1/8791707096094605312 (Officer) [AoEoC] HolyBakaara starcraft://profile/1/11486093299538722816 (Officer/Coach) [AoEoC] Nestle starcraft://profile/1/12633077441355579392 (Officer/Coach) [AoEoC] Pure starcraft://profile/1/17813129616072638464 AEoC - Aero Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [AEoC] Volsknox starcraft://profile/1/1878611290746781696 CEoC - Combat Engineers of Chaos (Owner) [CEoC] Stark starcraft://profile/1/1117036756496023552 (Officer) [CEoC] Pepper starcraft://profile/1/16277187746961817600 or Come hang out with us in our Clan Hub before you decide EoC Clan Hub starcraft://group/1/179106 Thanks for your consideration and time! GLHF aXe aXerae158
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