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All Inspiration Recruitment Drive Why All Inspiration? All-Inspiration has been built with the community in mind. We believe that a positive community filled with active and determined players is the best way to improve and enjoy the game. Allowing players to join on the basis of a positive attitude rather than skill is something we've believed in since day one. Our community members range from players who are new and eager to learn the game; to veterans who practice and play casually; to seasoned competitors who make us proud to wear the [ALLIN] tag. What All Inspiration Does We offer a diverse community with players from across the globe. Everyone has different skill sets and interests, but we are united by our determination to build a positive and helpful team environment. We promote a proactive mindset towards practice, and encourage our members to form both 1-on-1 and group practices with teammates. We also promote an aggressive approach to improvement, and encourage our members to use all the resources available to get better. That's why highly recommend engaging in peer replay reviews as well as in-game coaching. It is these types of advantages that help us to not only improve our individual games, but also develop our social network, making for a more enjoyable -- perhaps even inspirational -- gaming experience. About All Inspiration All-Inspiration is looking to bring in additional players to the team. Allin is a Bronze-Grandmaster SC2 team founded in 2013 by Tim “Tang” Clark. Players interested in joining All-Inspiration should start by filling out the form below. After completing the form they can expect contact from our recruiting manager who will complete their journey in becoming a team member. To Apply: FreePuddle0
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Masters Terran Look for Clan Waaaars Hi there, I'll get right to it: I want a team where I can play in clan wars regularly. That means once a week (or more), be placed in spot 1, 2 or 3 of a lineup. I've had experiences on teams in the past, where I've just been placed 4th or 5th all the time, and it pisses me off. Not to say I don't love to watch teammates play, be social, chat, etc. But if I'm going to join a team, I'd like to play competitively too! I'm 28, have a wife, have a daughter. This means I don't have very much time, but I do log on nightly from 9-10pm EST (and can longer for CW matches). My ritual is this: check into the clan chat, ask if anyone wants to have a game, then ladder, then log off. I'm consistent, but also not 17 anymore where I could game until 3am every night. So as you'd expect, I'm looking for a team who is NA EST. I'm not looking for a start up team. I'm sorry. If I log into your chat and there's 2-3 people every night, there will then be 1-2 people every night. I have really low APM (like 120 ish, always have), no I don't intend to train and make GM. I just want to play competitive masters games and have some fun. Yes, I'll use teamspeak, or Skype, or whatever. It does make the game much more personal, but I'm also cool with typing it out like it's BW. No I'm not as much a #!#%!@#* as this post makes me sound. I just prefer to get right to it and save us both some hassle. If I'm a match for your squad, please add me! TheNewblar # 1883 TheNewblar2
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Amateur Team League team Born Gosu LFM Hello! We are the Starcraft 2 clan Born Gosu and are currently looking for new members to both play in the Chobo Team League and/or to just have fun messing around with another! We're currently participating in an amateur team league for Gold-Masters players as well as in the SC2Improve Team League (Division 3)! If you want more information on it I will go into more detail a bit lower! Born Gosu is of course open to any race, gender or person that just isn't an absolute douchebag! There's absolutely no skill necessary to join us, the only thing you'll have to bring is the ability to have fun. It's also not necessary to participate in the Team Leagues to be a part of our clan, as the main aim of our team is to simply improve and have a good time playing Starcraft together and while the league itself is of course important to us and being taken serious by all participating, no one will look down on you for not wanting to play in it. We are currently using discord for communication instead of skype, as we believe it to be a much better program and much more geared towards organizing a clan like Born Gosu! Chobo Team League: Here, I want to give a bit of a more detailed on the Chobo Team League and how we're standing in regards to it at the moment. The CTL is as mentioned above, an amateur team league that focuses on creating a competitive environment to simply find fun in playing other people as well as motivating people to get better at the game itself! The League itself technically ranges from Gold-Masters, however masters matches only rarely happen as there are few people of that level represented in the league. The matches themselves work in a way that will ensure that you will only ever play someone in the same league as you. One Proleague styled clan-war is played every week, starting Sundays. You will have to get into contact with your opponent through the Chobo Team League website ( and work out a time to play with them, so timezones are usually not a problem at all. (The tournament itself is NA based however, so if you have problems with playing on the NA server, you will have to tell your opponent). This is our second time playing in the CTL and last season we went all the way to the playoffs and finished 5/6th out of a total of 16 teams. At the moment we're standing somewhere in the middle of the rankings with a record of 1-1 (though this will of course change tomorrow). We're also currently playing in the SC2Improve Team League, a european all-kill format team league, that is in our case mostly catered towards Diamond and masters players. We also have a little tournament for our team coming up later today at around 7pm CET where a lot of our gold through diamond players will be squaring off against another for a pricepool of 15$ total! If you are interested in the clan and want to just see one of our events unfold, make sure to tune in then, over at If you are interested in joining the clan, simply leave a little comment below telling me your skype, or something I can message you through and invite you to our Discord channel! Thanks a lot for reading through this wall of text and I hope to hear from you! Miyamori3
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