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Jan 18 hey hey, looking for a group of people to 1v1. I was masters in hots, but i stopped playing the game. now i have no idea what im doing. :( I'm very competitive and want competitive opponents.pOMtrudellis0 Jan 18
Jan 14 Casual player looking for US evening TZ clan Hi, I am looking to join a group of active players in the US Evening Time zone. A little about myself. I'm terrible. But getting better slowly. I can not commit to week day training sessions, I have children. But I am usually on from 8 to 11 PM EST (kidos are in bed). I can voice comms prefer Teamspeak3. But willing to adapt. Look forward to replies =)Ville5 Jan 14
Jan 13 2v2 all the way to masters I am looking for a partner to go to masters in 2s. I am diamond in 2s right now and looking to go to masters. fortheswarm#1893fortheswarm4 Jan 13
Jan 12 Polski Klan Pudelek Zbieramy wszystkich Polskich graczy ;)Nestro0 Jan 12
Jan 11 Silver Terran Looking for Active Clan to Join Hello, I am a silver terran player. I am looking for an active clan where I can talk to people, have fun, and get better. So feel free to message or add me! Thank You!Knightcrwlr1 Jan 11
Jan 11 terran player looking for active clan Hi everyone, I was a diamond hots player looking for an active clan to join. I am currently in plat working the rust off. I want to find a place where other good players are who regularly playing matches against each other trying to get better. Please post below or send me a friend request. Thank you!Backpack2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Silver needs a group Am or late PM Us time I main Terran, even won a gold trophy, but feel like I could be doing so much better. Lost a bunch today because i wing-it every game/match up. Is there a casual friendly group who would help my Terran !@#? FYI: feels like I only know how to Bio... Edit: Apm 80-100 on standard, maybe thinking of changing to the core. - Terrran and Protoss MU pretty good, vs Zerg very bad - Always open Reaper FE -I appreciate any advice given in this thread TY IN ADVANCE!!EtherealFEAR2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Need A Clan ASAP I was diamond. Just started playing again for LoTV. Hmu with an invite or whisper me @ marshy#1697MaRsHy2 Jan 11
Jan 8 The Art of Warfare [TAW] is Recruiting Member The Art of Warfare community is currently recruiting for members. We do not mind what league or skill you have, as long as you are mature and willing to understand that gaming is secondary to building a relationship with your team. There are very little requirements to join TAW, except that you are mature (this includes no Profanity in TS or Chat), willing to attend a once-a-week practice, can work in a team, and capable of going through a simple training process. The Art of Warfare community is made up of over 2200 gamers in over a dozen games. The StarCraft II division currently have about 50 players, mostly in USA and Canada. We have a mandatory Tuesday practice time (with flexible exceptions), with optional Friday and Sunday meetings. To fully join TAW, a new recruit must go through a simple recruit training process called Bootcamp. Bootcamp can be quick and easy, and once done you will be able to participate in all events. We offer a full website and forum, a TeamSpeak 3 server with active players every day, special TAW-specific events, skilled players to play with, and a place to socialize and bond with team members. Here is the link to our main forum post Complete Steps to join: 1. Go to 2. Click on the icon on top-right of screen (the "Join Now" one) 3. Fill out the following application, selecting "StarCraft" under Game...and "Battalion 1" under Battalion...and you can leave "Military History" unchecked if needed 4. Send the application, and check your email for a confirmation within 24 hours 5. Follow the directions on the email (recommended) 6. Install/set up your TeamSpeak, and get into our TS server 7. Scroll to about 3/4 the way down the channel list and find StarCraft II 8. Get someone to move you to the channel and intro yourself 9. Do your Bootcamp...and welcome to TAW !! If you have any question or comment, feel free to post here. Who to contact: For NA players you can contact Breath the NA Commanding Officer [CO] at or DayofDreamz at For EU player you can contact doomedtnt the EU Commanding Officer [CO] at dommedtnt@taw.netDayofDreamz4 Jan 8
Jan 7 [NA] Team Lzuruha recruiting players Posts: 15 Founded on July 24th, 2001. Lzuruha (LzH) originally started as a StarCraft: Brood War team, now expanded into a multi-gaming eSports organization and speed run community. We seek to become a competitive and welcoming community to gamers worldwide of all levels. We're looking for dedicated players who are current master or grandmaster league players in legacy of the void. The players we’re looking for should have the determination and mindset to give it their all through practice with other team members and tournaments. To be able to analyze replays individually and with other members is something we take for granted. Criticism and feedback on both the receiving and the giving end should be handled in a respectful manner. Players who stream are also a plus. So what can we offer you? Team LzH can offer you exposure on through our esports team and help your channel grow in exchange for using our overlays and a link to our website. We have a large community on our site that can offer advice, tips, replays or just general chat with others. We have an IRC chat which is free for anyone to use and a teamspeak server that can be used to practice and general gaming. If you perform well in online tournaments and similar events there could be a chance for you to get sponsored to go to offline LAN events, however this is determined on how well you do I different online touraments and cups and will not be granted to just anyone who happen to win an ESL weekly or similar. We’re asking for consistency basically, but the opportunity still exists and it’s also determined by how far the event is along with how much money is on the line in the prize pool. If this sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to send me a tweet on twitter (@sirpenguinsc2) or reply to this thread and we can set something up. You can find out more about us and join in our gaming discussion and news by visiting Jan 7
Jan 7 TEAMSPEAK IMPERIAL GAMING we are a multi-game community we host weekly league of legends tourneys Thursday and im looking to bring star craft 2 to the community and other rts games if you join MSG me and ill hook u up ip : ts.impgaming.netLeviathan0 Jan 7
Jan 6 Looking to join Clan Im a 12x Diamond Terran, Returning from a long break for LOTV. I'm looking to join an active clan that's focused on improvement.IMBAd3 Jan 6
Jan 6 looking for clan hi i am a plat zerg who is looking for a clan who is will to help meevanchristo1 Jan 6
Jan 6 [NA/EU] Pandorum Gaming | TS3 We are looking for an exisiting group of players or a clan to join us and lead that part of the community log on our teamspeak to speak further! Name: Pandorum Gaming Website: Type: Casual/Competitive Server: NA Teamspeak3 Address: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET *▬▬▬▬ About Us: Pandorum Gaming was founded in 2012 on the principle of "Equality For All Gamers", we truly believe in this statement, all our members old or new are equal and will be treated that way. You will never feel like a second class citizen in our community, you truly are welcomed and appreciated it once you join into our ranks. There is no favoritism or power plays that plague other communities, we put the right person in the right job to be successful. *▬▬▬▬ Environment: Our environment and atmosphere is casual with a competitive mindset, we believe in playing the game/s the right way with the correct attitude, regardless of the outcome. We have a close-knit type environment that everyone gets along with one another, we don't allow any toxic or negative gamers into our ranks. *▬▬▬▬ Games Supported: Currently we have strong communities in Heroes of the Storm, SWTOR, D3, Skyforge, LoL and many others, you may see the full list of supported games on our website. *▬▬▬▬ Who we're looking for: Competitive gamers as well as casual gamers who like to meet new people and have fun. We have very casual gamers and even e-sports players. We cater to a vast array of personalities and skillsets. *▬▬▬▬ What makes you different?: We were built because of other gaming communities' failure of regarding every gamer equally, if a member is accused of wrong doing his case will be brought up to our officers and only with a majority vote may that member be removed/banned. We aren't about the numbers, other communities care about having "x" amount of people on their website and/or teamspeak. We are a community built upon the members, we listen to your feedback and suggestions and implement them, everyone has a voice! We don't have a complex ranking system, we believe that takes away from "Equality", we have simple ranks for day to day operations but beyond that you are an equal member to the community. *▬▬▬▬ How To Join: Go to this link >, register on the top right Join our teamspeak: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET Our staff will process your application, feel free to game with our members as you wait!Ripped5 Jan 6
Jan 4 High Masters LF Clan (EU) Hello everyone! My name is Robin Johnsson and i have played SC2 since release, been high masters with pretty much all races, currently sitting close to high masters. I would like to join a Masters Only clan if there still is any good competitive clans out there. If i cannot find one i'll gladely join any other good diamond+ clan e.t.c Hit me up ingame - Tool#574 or Tool#2722 (Don't know which one is the correct, just add both) I'm on EUTool0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Wanna 2v2 partner Plat random but I carry. Playing at Diamond level. NoSSlayer#1356. lets go to masters.NoSSlayer2 Jan 4
Jan 4 top100 eu gm protoss looking for team Hello, I am top100 eu gm protoss. I want to find some team which can motivate me, if required i can play on NA server, I m pretty sure i can reach top16 NA GM My Skype: bkozar2hellraiser1 Jan 4
Jan 1 Looking For Clan to Grow with I'm looking for a Clan, I am in bronze since I came back to the game and have been in silver and gold in the past. I have a lot of time to play as I work from home and would like to get better. If anyone would like to invite me to a clan that would be great, just message me my Battle Tag is PraetorianJC#1705 .PraetorianJC4 Jan 1
Jan 1 Casual Player LF for a nice close knit clan Hey guys, I've been around SC2 for a while now. Nowadays I'm just playing casually, but I am interested in making new friends to play with, whether it be 1v1s, or team games. I also have a mic, so I'll be happy to join you server and chat.Snuggles2 Jan 1
Dec 31 LF Co-Op Clan The Co-op is really fun and looking for a clan of people to run it with. Kraay#1644Kraay2 Dec 31
Dec 31 Cherche des amis Quebecois / francais SC2. Salut je suis de retour sur sc2 et recherche un clan / groupe de quebecois. Zerg gold / platinum . Je joue presque tout les soir de semaine et la fin de semaine lorsqe je susi sa la maison. Ajouter moi Bnet tag : Romisaska#1790TiMMeh4 Dec 31
Dec 31 EoC is looking for war! If your clan is interested in planning a clan war with us, Please send me a email or in game message. You can send me a request or look up our Arcade Group EoC's Arcade group( I own it) and see if I am currently on. We do wars with leagues bronze-diamond. On a side note the arcade group is public and open to anyone inclan or not, feel free to join if this interests you. -Hero Ocarinahero#1410Ocarinahero0 Dec 31
Dec 31 VEoC is Recruiting I am Ocarinahero and I own a clan called The Valiant Engineers of Chaos. We are active and growing stronger. We are a brother clan to EoC and we are currently working on creating active clan wars teams. We are a fun loving clan that has stood for years. If you are interested in joining a clan war team, arcade nights, Free training, etc., you are welcome to join. If you are interested leave me a comment with any questions you may have and ill get back asap. All leagues accepted. Rules are simple. Be active. Join clan chats/read news/participate in events/etc. Have fun. We encourage any ideas you may have and value every member and you get back from the community what you give in it. LOTV players are preferred but if you play team battles and have HOTS, we can use Blizzards spawning system. If you play arcade we have a group for that specifically as well. Happy Gaming -Hero Email Ocarinahero #1410Ocarinahero1 Dec 31
Dec 31 Looking For Casual Clan Hi to all. I am looking for a clan that is for fun, not that serious, to hone skills, and have a good time. I am usually active, I am more active on weekends, and I am in Americas. I am a learning Protoss player, I am like a noob, but I am looking to enhance my skills. My battlenet username is CopperTiger #1173 My in-game username is Ralyks character code is 304 I also use skype, so add me and we can chat.Ralyks2 Dec 31
Dec 30 LF clan which in i can pratice allthematchups Plat zerg Lf a clan where there are more players that want to progress and pratice against each other ! 5-10 games in a row!Shaddar2 Dec 30
Dec 30 RH Sc2 team looking for new members! Hi, well the title pretty much sums it up. If you wanna come check out RH gaming and see if you like whats going on then come on down! I am platinum myself and we have some other silver-diamond players as well as some high-masters guys. Teamspeak is: my info is jungle.130 Feel free to message me on reddit, sc2, or drop into the teamspeak and say hi!jungle1 Dec 30
Dec 30 Looking For A Clan (SC2 and possibly Heroes) Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a clan with an active community behind it that welcomes all the skill ranges. And just to give a little info on myself, I'm a junior in high school (so I usually play on weekends to balance school life) !nd I've played casually since WoL (and BW before that), but really only played for fun and not to get better so I hovered around gold/silver ever since. I wasn't that into Heart of the Swarm so I took a break from SC2. With LotV coming out I've really started to enjoy SC again and actually climb the ranks. Anyways I want to take this game more seriously (and get better) and want to find others to play with outside of ladder and sometimes arcade with. Just send me an invite @Freq#1429, I'll be gone this weekend for vacation, but I'll pretty much be on for the rest of Christmas Break. You can also contact me on reddit @aFrequ. This next bit is unrelated to SC2 but I've also picked up heroes of the storm recently and would like to join a community in that too although that's not too important right now. Sorry for the wall of text and any errors I'm writing this on my phone. Merry Christmas :)Frequency4 Dec 30
Dec 30 Bomber Fan's Club Hi everyone, I know this sounds kind of stupid and yes it is quite, I have a created a clan dedicated to Redbull/Startale/SBENU Bomber, its just a casual clan for those..yes fan of Bomber, just to show him some respect of what he have contributed to this game, feel free to join, this is just a casual clan, anyone and who have inspired or mentored Bomber in playing SC2 direct or indirect whether Terran, or other races are welcome! Thanks and more power to StarCraft 2 community. Feel free to add me up! IGN: seabiscuit CC: 696seabiscuit0 Dec 30
Dec 30 Gold/Plat Zerg Player LF Archon partner I am wanting to find another Zerg player who wants to do Archon mode. I am looking for a mature player, willing to use teamspeak, that wants to have fun while getting better. I am currently a high Gold - low Platinum player but really don't enjoy playing alone in 1v1. Add me or reply here if you want to party up and practice! Thanks!sTeaLth1 Dec 30
Dec 30 New Casual SC2 Gaming Group for Co-Op Hiya all, I have been searching for a group of SC2 players that like to play Co-Op or Team Ranked. I couldn't find any group except for Clans. I'm looking for a casual way to play with other people. As such I would like to create a group where people can freely apply and become part of it. In this group everyone can play at their own pace and their own time. Most important objective: people that want to play more co-op matches. Let me know if you are interested in joining such a group.CrusherWL1 Dec 30
Dec 29 . .EasyBakedCat0 Dec 29
Dec 28 Arcade group Come play arcade with us! Our group is called EoC's Arcade Night, but it is open for everyone that wants to join. We vote on what games we play for that night but you can make suggestions and we will place our choices on these. No invite required, Just go to search for groups and click join. Hope to see many new players there. -HeroOcarinahero0 Dec 28
Dec 27 Join WyGo All master/gm going for clan wars Gannicus 1561 .. Join us all active members, top diamonds welcomeGannicus0 Dec 27
Dec 27 Join WyGo All master/gm going for clan wars Gannicus 1651 request, add, w/e. accepting top diamonds who are active also.Gannicus0 Dec 27
Dec 27 Anyone (25+) from Hong Kong? I am from Hong Kong too. Wanna play together?Kaberle0 Dec 27
Dec 24 RECRUITING hi! our clan <blad3s> is recruiting we are just looking for active members and looking to make friends so if you are interested in joining, add me or message me ill put my info below :) sc2 name: katelinlmao #1939katelinlmao0 Dec 24
Dec 23 Platinum player (formerly) LF casual players I'm 30 and I used to play more before but now I'm more like a 1 or 2 game a day kind of guy due to work demands. I'm looking for some casual and mature players who'd like to just have fun and not really get too serious with the game. Add me. :)Hershey2 Dec 23
Dec 23 Looking for a clan in the Midwest area. Hello, A friend and I are looking for a SC clan to join for practicing and to become part of a community. We are both are in our late 20s and busy with work and school. We would prefer something more local, as I wouldn't mind actually going out and hanging out with people in person once in awhile and maybe invite people over to watch Streams. Used to be Plat in Wings, but haven't played in awhile. let me know if there are any chicagoland clans around.TossmySalad1 Dec 23
Dec 23 <SkAL> Clan Since WoL, Looking for more! Hey everyone, Happy Holidays! <SkAL> is an active clan with members from primarily from Western Canada. We are looking to add to our roster with players with fun attitudes. Skill is not a requisite, being a noob is fine. What we really are looking for is people who want to have fun and be the best they can at this great game. We are on skype a lot and have talked about getting some kind of voice chat server, as well as a website where we can host internal tournaments. We mainly do 1v1's and 1v1 OBS, we also do team games. Very chill group and the only thing that drives us crazy is balance whine. Want to have fun and get better? Give us a shot! NextGen#347NextGen0 Dec 23
Dec 23 NA Gold Terran LF practice clan I am a moderately skilled Terran interested in joining an active clan for practice 1v1 games and advice sharing. I started playing in 2010 and had been a consistent silver occasionally breaking into gold or lapsing into bronze during some breaks I took. I believe my strongest MU is TvT while my weakest being TvP and my TvZ falling somewhere in the middle. I am usually around in the middle of the day into the afternoons/night and on weekends. Add me an pininfarina#1891 if interested.Berl1 Dec 23
Dec 22 KingZ of AciD is Recruiting!!! Server : EU (Currently) About Us KingZ of AciD, KZaD, was founded in 2015 prior to the launch of Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void. The name came from my love of Acid House music. We are mainly based in Europe but anyone is welcome to join. In a summary, we have the main aim of wanting our members to have fun. Of course, we still hold competitive play in high regard (such as clan wars and in-house tournaments) if it is requested from our members but overall, having a good time is our top priority. We are always looking for new members to join us because after all, the more the merrier! Furthermore, your skill level is not something that we, as a community, value when it comes to you making an application. That is something that we can help you with along the way. Unfortunately, we cannot magically edit your MMR for you but our tolerant friendly members will help you improve. Our mission at KingZ of AciD is to sustain and promote good gaming, sportsmanship, loyalty and honesty in the lives of gamers all over the world. We plan to achieve this mission, primarily, by allowing members to play games in a competitive yet friendly environment. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while also promoting teamwork. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game and in life. While also sharing and listening to any music delights you may have as i believe music is a massive part of many peoples lives. Starcraft 2 Goals: - Give our players the best conditions possible to improve - Have our players representing the team in online competitions - Take part in Clan Wars and Team Leagues - Have a good media presence, being it with Streaming or Youtube content~ Requirements for your application - Be anywhere from Bronze- GM - Be able to speak English - Willing to compete in online events ( Clan Wars and Solo Tournaments) this is not a necessity if you wish to just play for fun thats fine . - Be open to judgement and critics so we can help you improve your game - Being open to talk and hangout with the team members and staffs What We offer You: - Active Skype group - A super Friendly environment for your relaxation and practice - Practice Partners and a Team Manager always willing to Help you with anything How to Apply: Register @ you will also have to send me a PM on here, via Email or in game. there is no interview process or anything that may put you off. Email - Skype- jonathon.mcconville Battlenet ID - Chronic#2915 NOTE : (We are a very new team so any feedback and/or criticism are greatly appreciated as I want to make this the best possible team I can, we are also always looking for any volunteers who can help) Looking to get a team together to enter into SC2I Team League season 6 , we have also started a tournament series of our own head to to sign up!!Chronic1 Dec 22
Dec 21 new NA server clan is recruiting Hello. NatO Gaming is recruiting. We are a new clan with currently about 10 members that is recruiting players of any skill level. All you have to do is show an eagerness to improve and have fun. We primarily focus on 1v1, but feel free to play what you like. We have a teamspeak server that we use for comms and will be getting a website soon. We have more plans as we grow, but for now we are looking for members that would like to join, help, and enjoy themselves. You can add me and we can talk in whichever way is most convenient for you. ThanksraiN41 Dec 21
Dec 20 Diamond Random looking for 2v2 partner/clan Title says it all, looking for someone/some people to play with, am competitive and casual add me: HotAmbush #971HotAmbush2 Dec 20
Dec 20 LF laid back clan Kinda new to the game and looking for a clan. Just got the game 2 or 3 weeks ago. Wont have time to get on everyday but will when I have the time. Finished WoL and HotS campaigns. Mostly doing custom games vs. AI to get used to my hotkeys and mess around with build orders. Currently messing with zerg but plan on trying out others. NOT looking to join a clan where I am required to play so often and get to a certain playing ability. Just want a group of people to play with regularly to try and get better and have fun.Bobotehhobo1 Dec 20
Dec 20 HOW DO YOU LEAVE A CLAN? Just trying to figure out how to leave a clan and fly solo.Deadlie6 Dec 20
Dec 19 Looking for a small(ish?) semi casual clan. I'm a gold league protoss ( mostly) players who's quite tired of playing alone. the last group I was in burned out a while back , and I'm hoping to find something similar. I'm looking to avoid the bigger more intense clans with voice program requirements and so on, really just want a group of people to talk or practice with semi regularly.Dallycat2 Dec 19
Dec 19 Practice Games! 1v1 and maybe team 2v2 Hey guys used to play a lot of WoL as Toss, now I'm playing Terran here until diamond, and then maybe playing all the races :), would enjoy playing with a non bm human being, and just get better overall at the games! Manchocolate #479 NAManchocolate0 Dec 19
Dec 19 Silver Terran Player Looking For Clan Please someone tell me how can I join a clanPanda2 Dec 19
Dec 17 looking for a buddy to play with Hi! To start with, I'm in south korea (gmt +13? i think). Anyways I'm pretty below average, bronze level ish haha. I really like co op stuff so this new expansion has got me pumped, what with archon and the co op missions. None of my friends play here, so I'd like to find someone to play with. I don't take it too seriously, I'm in it for fun. I don't have any delusions about how good I am and I like to think I'm pretty funny. Shade #989Shade1 Dec 17