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Oct 4
[iGx] Imperative Gaming is recruiting! In Summary: Imperative Gaming is an international team full of friends striving to push ourselves to be the best while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. We're a 4 year old team full of active players who have gamed with each other for even longer. We're primarily focused on Starcraft 2 and compete in clan wars, tournaments and team leagues on a weekly basis. We are recruiting players of a masters/grandmasters caliber to bolster our roster as we enter DuSt's Team League Season 1. You must be an active member with a past career finish in masters or better. However, if you truly feel you meet or exceed our requirement but do not have the above, exceptions can be made for exceptional players. Full Description Imperative Gaming is an NA based team consisting of players primarily in diamond, masters and grandmasters league. We have been together as a team for 4 years and many of us have been playing side-by-side since we were in gold. We're a high social and active team and this is an important factor when looking for potential recruits. Our main goal is to play competitively in team leagues and tournaments, ultimately pushing Imperative's name to the top alongside other well known titans in the NA scene. As a team we interact with one another, helping each other improve and overcome our obstacles in our games. We are an extremely social group of friends. There's almost always a Skype conversation going on, practice sessions occurring routinely, and verbal conversation within our Mumble server, where we recommend you have a microphone. As a community driven organization, Imperative Gaming emphasizes on providing opportunities to it's members with the goal of them developing into better players. These opportunities stem from connecting competitive and casual gamer's together to play games, discuss strategy, practice, compete, relax and enjoy the scene. Any recommendations that the players have involving different clan wars and things that are alike, are greatly appreciated and will not be looked down on. We like to keep it in a type of 'democracy,' meaning that we will take everyone's opinion into notice. Why Join? -Routine Practices within the team and joint practices with other teams -Competitive Team Leagues, Clan Wars, and Tournaments -Friendly atmosphere full of opportunities -Mumble Server (100 slot) for the use of our members -Active Skype group dedicated to updating the team on upcoming events, news or anything note worthy -Get to be a part of a fantastic team consisting of a fantastic group of people Requirements to join: -Skype -Mumble (microphone prefered but not required) -Diamond league or above -Active in 1v1 ladder, we expect you to play games on a regular basis and if you're going to be inactive for a prolonged period of time, you should let an officer know Expectations -If you're going to be inactive, communicate it in advance with an officer -Try your best to be a part in our events -Get involved socially. We greatly emphasize the usage of our Skype group chat and Mumble server as they are your greatest and most useful tools when integrating yourself into the team and getting the most you can out of it. Everyone is here to ensure you fit into the team and enjoy yourself. If you fit these requirements, please PM Sacrilege.781 in-game or send a Skype request at austin.frito Edit: We are also interested in managers, casters and graphic designers. Sacrilege13
Oct 2 Oct 2
Iron Gaming looking for Starcraft players! ~Iron Gaming~ We are one of the only public team speak communities who bring all games and gamers of all different nationalities and expand it to the whole community. Our server is open for EVERYONE even if you do not play video games. It is possible we will get into other game branches but for now we are a actively growing community of WoW players, LoL, hearthstone and now CSGO within our ranks. Our user base goes from individual people coming in to use our public channels to different guilds/clans that find it easy to host their guilds voice coms through our server. We provide the ranks, permissions, guild section/channels and admin privileges for those guilds/clans who make them selves at home within our community. Like I said all other gamers are welcome or anyone looking to chat with a large group of people of all kinds. All other information on our community can be found by connecting to our TS server and reading sever regulations. We welcome all ages, races and gendrs! Their is no catch and everything we provide is all non profit based, we give you free access to a good place to chat with other players of all types that enjoy playing the same game as you. So whether you need to do some competitive, non competitive game play or just want a channel for you and a few friends to chat in, feel free to join the teamspeak 3 server at any given time for your needs. We have good Admins and Mods so you will be directed if you have any questions or need help with something. We are open to all gamers. Server Address: -No Password! If you have further questions please proceed to send me a private message. Omega0
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CTL Team Born Gosu recruiting members of all The recently refounded Starcraft 2 clan Born Gosu is looking for new members to both play in the Chobo Team League and/or to just have fun messing around with another! We're currently participating in an amateur team league for Gold-Masters players! If you want more information on it I will go into more detail a bit lower! Born Gosu is of course open to any race, gender or person that just isn't an absolute douchebag! There's absolutely no skill necessary to join us, as said in the title. Hell if you just bought the game yesterday and are looking for someone to teach it to you, you are more than welcome to ask us anything you'd want to ask and we'd be more likely than not to help you out :3 It is however not necessary to participate in the Team League to be part of Born Gosu! The main aim of our team is to simply improve and have a good time playing Starcraft together and while the league itself is of course important to us and being taken serious by all participating, noone will look down on you for not wanting to play in it. Chobo Team League: Lastly I want to give a bit of a more detailed on the Chobo Team League and how we're standing in regards to it at the moment. The CTL is as mentioned above, an amateur team league that focuses on creating a competitive enviroment to simply find fun in playing other people as well as motivatiing people to get better at the game itself! The League itself technically ranges from Bronze-Masters, however bronze and silver matches only rarely happen as there are only few people of that level represented in the league. There is one proleague style clan-war played every week, however the clanwar itself will not be played on one day, but over the whole week as every player will get in contact with their opponents and work out a time to play! This makes it possible for even people in different timezones (this is based in america for the most part unfortunately) or people working weird shifts to play in the league as well! Born Gosu is participating in the CTL for the very first time this season, but has a few veterans from previous seasons that have a good amount of experience with the format and the way it's played out! We went 2-1 in our first group stage so far and moved on to the winners group, from where we are planning to emerge high enough to move on to the playoffs! Thanks a lot for reading this wall of text and if you are interested in joining our little group of players (at the moment we're only about 10-12 active players), then you are of course welcome to leave a comment down below or simply leave a message on my skype (BornG_Kori)! Kori1
Sep 17
Absolute Gaming Expanding (Very Active TS3) TS Info: Website: Active Users: 100+ on at one time Contacts: Spencer#1478 or Dovaan#1282 Hey there. My name is Spencer, I’m one of the recruiters for the Heroes of the Storm gaming division over at Absolute Gaming and I wanted to inform y’all about our community expansion project. Originally AG was centered around League of Legends, great game by the way, but now we are looking into expanding into the Blizzard Gaming Community, i.e. Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, and, once release date hits, Overwatch. With the expansion we are going to be focusing on giving players the opportunity to dive into the casual and competitive side of Blizzard Gaming. As someone who has played competitive Hearthstone, WoW, and Heroes of the Storm, I am going to do my best to prepare players who are looking to go competitive, preparing you for tournaments, understanding the meta, etc… For those of you looking to enjoy the game while you play, and aren’t looking for that competitive style, we are going to be offering a wide range of casual gaming just for you! Inhouses, Casual QM, HL groups, for those of you that want to improve, but also don’t want someone chewing you out for doing nothing, we’ve all been there, it’s not fun…. Lastly, this isn’t a commitment to only play Blizzard games within the community, I would hope that you would dive into the other channels and chat with everyone. As I said before, this post is to inform you guys about Absolute Gaming expanding its roots into Blizzard Gaming, that’s the first focus, but as I stated in the end, this is a gaming community opened to all who are interested. Choax3
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Amon's Rejects Is looking for New Members Hello, My name is Solus, I am with Amon's Rejects (,and We are currently looking for members, bronze through diamond league, to join our ranks. If you (or a group of friends) have been looking for a chance to be part of a team that competes in team league format, as well as a WCS type system for amatures, then look no further. We need to bolster our ranks for the next up and coming season of the Chobo Team League ( As a member of Amon's Rejects, here is what you can expect from us: * A chat system to discuss strategy - We use Hipchat ( * Teammates who are online and ready to practice with you. * Voice chat (Skype/Mumble) to make the process easier * An atmosphere that promotes respect and progression * An opportunity to play for your team in matches during a weekly team format. * A Home to help you grow as a player and meet your goals of progression. As a member of Amon's Rejects, here is what we will expect from you: * That you meet eligibility rules for events (CTL ladder requirement for example) * That you are active and willing to help We expect, above all, for players to have fun! That's why we all picked up this game in the first place. Have fun, experiment with builds, enjoy the company you are around. Competition is nothing if you aren't having fun competing. If this is something you would be interested in, then please fill out a Application on our site: GLHF Solus5
Sep 13
Eureka eSports Website: (Our site is still fairly new, and we are still adding content to it daily!) Server: NA Hi there, I'm Unisub and i'm here to tell you a little about our organization. We were created and founded by the Nidici Corp, and are geared for success! *Key note: This team is being run like an organization, so please practice a professional manner. We are currently looking for Starcraft 2 team members/players for our expanding organization in the esports scene. We are currently a League of legends based team which is the reason behind this post! Specifics: We are looking for High level'd master players, Streamers, and upcoming youtube sensations! No, we are not going to pay you to play for us, this post is more for the underdogs who are looking to make a name and looking for a team to provide the tools necessary to make that happen. We are also looking for a Starcraft 2 team manager to organize and manage the team as we will have one of our League of Legends Staff members fill the role until the position is filled. What are the tools? We will provide tournament entry fees, we will also provide management and analysts to help you improve and further spread your name. We are basically looking to create a professional eSports team from the community itself, we prefer the underdog effect and we challenge all potential players to help us achieve that goal with your help! Again we are looking for Master+ level players preferably who also stream. (We will provide stream overlays) If you are interested you can contact us at " " Looking forward to hearing from you! Unisub0
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FeverClan is Recruiting!! (Bronze-GM) Servers: EU & NA About Us Fever Clan is an international gaming community that started as a small clan for FPS’s but now has grown to a large clan that welcomes all and any games and will strive to support any game as long as there is interest for it within the clan. Today, Fever Clan is one of the biggest multi-gaming clans with over 28k members and over 1,500 active members with our main games being Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Other games that are heavily supported, but not limited to are Shooters such as the CoD and Battlefield series, CS:GO, TF2, Destiny MOBA games such as LoL, DotA2, Smite Heroes of the Storm RPG games such as PoE, Minecraft, GW2, ARK and WoW RTS games such as Starcraft 2, World of Tanks, Hearthstone And a number of Miscellaneous games. Now I wouldn't like to bore you by naming ALL the games played by the clan but rest assure there are quite a few! We even offer a community for console gamers although Feverclan is primarily a PC gaming clan. Our Website: Our Twitter Page:^tfw Starcraft 2 Goals: - Give our players the best conditions possible to improve - Have our players representing the team in online competitions - Take part in Clan Wars and Team Leagues (Currently signed up for SC2Improve Season 5) - Have a good media presence, being it with Streaming or Youtube content~ Requirements for your application - Be anywhere from Bronze- GM - Aged 15 & over - Be able to speak English - Willing to compete in online events ( Clan Wars and Solo Tournaments) - Be open to judgement and critics so we can help you improve your game - Being open to talk and hangout with the team members and staffs What We offer You: - Teamspeak 3 server - A super Friendly environment for your relaxation and practice - Practice Partners and a Team Manager always willing to Help you with anything - Team Streaming Overlay, customized with your name and Battle Tag - A Team with a strong staff and online presence for your advertisment and so on How to Apply: Its simple head over to our website and fill in a quick easy application. When answering “How did you hear about Fever Clan:” on your application please remember to put the following; Referrer: |Fever| Chronic90. **SC2I Team League Season 5 starts soon so this would be the best time to join if your looking to secure your place in an online league** ChronicSki0
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Battle Net Policies for group, Wrong Language So the Battle Net has not let English play with their country people they want to play with. And they don't let Countries have their own page for same Language the country language is. Well is too control country by people's language, and if they live in a mix MOVE them to their language Post they be long to. Now this is people to PROVE Countries for language. So English be long to a English page post for only same people with English only, even if they live in a different country, Battle Net has to set that person too the right language post that person answers for be happy with the right same Match of language. Same for every Country person goes to their Match is posted for that Language is, the way they talk too any one that is the match that comes with all the people on same page post for GAMES and Groups proves does for all of us. And same All for Battle Net programers, and every one that works for BLIZZARD COMPANY Mactch your country groups for the Jobs I Suggest. And Please don't leave out the NEWS that this is And there is a lot of people that is want it to be done Please don't be SHY about all this BIG Commotion about friends and lots of YELLING going off every where. And there is way too many countries that plays STAR CRAFT II ONLINE. so we need Language Boards for only Certain people go by that board because the language the board is made for! No Shy over news and any big deal this for, to make happy come back to all People with their match they need to be come TRUE. Spain on owns page over the board, and English type own language page board, no MIX allowed! Commander0
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