Offline Play Weirdness - Starter Edition?

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01/23/2014 07:44 AMPosted by Daniel
i changed my password and no luck leviathan :/

Okay. Good to know. Thanks for posting here.
I'm also experiencing the issue, but I've actually had a small victory today. Background: I travel internationally for work about once a month, and want to play vs. AI during a 10+ hour flight where there's no internet at all.

Things that don't work for me:
- Resetting my password
- Deleting files locally (cache, programdata)
- Completely reinstalling the game
- Logging into another region, and then back into mine (Americas)

Something that DID work just today:
- Log into Korea & Taiwan (for the first time ever, had to accept EULA in a language I couldn't read twice)
- Exit the game
- Turn off network adapter
- Load StarCraft, play offline successfully

I got it to play in offline mode! So I think it's something on the Blizzard server side for that region that sets a flag after you login to that server successfully, because I can only play offline after successfully logging into the Korea and Taiwan region.

In other words, I can't login to Americas, kill my internet connection, and THEN try and change my region to Korea & Taiwan to play offline. I have to first successfully log into Korea & Taiwan FIRST while connected to the internet.

Can anyone else replicate? Lol did this make sense?
add me to the list of people who cant play off line.
MrNozzleit worked for me.
Apparently you have to log in at least once on any server before you are allowed to play offline. I think Blizzard is trying to stop piracy so this is like a countermeasure.
I connected on another server and now the game recognises my edition.
LaMar if you log back into your original region can you play offline again? Or just in the new region you hadn't tried before?
same here, when i switch to non-eu server i can play offline, if i had my eu-client online its states that would be starter edition, which isn't clearly not, both CE (WoL and HotS ) but that shouldn't be an issue ...

mabye some probs with the rename feature ?

this bug seemed to appear after i changed my original "cOre" into RoachRider but that namechange created a completly new 'entity' since cOre.447@2 had another charcode than RoachRider.947@2
so the system associate that new name with my account but some entry on my clientside wasn't properly took over

maybe this could help to solve that problem
The fact that StarCraft needs to run anything but the campaign is causing more issues than its solving in my opinion. At LEAST allow people to run custom games without having to authenticate/or be online. I think that would solve a lot of the recent issues I've been reading about
This will never be fixed, they don't care enough to do anything serious about it. But I do know that I did not pay the full game price to be told that I have a starter edition demo game and not be able to play offline. In fact I can't play the game that I paid for at all because when I try to play normally, it gets stuck on that god damned authenticating screen. So, thanks a ton Blizzard for the equivalent of a vending machine that eats money and doesn't give the product.
WaveElder, I've reset something in your account. Please let me know if that helped.

Rate me!
Thanks for trying Velnrak, but it is still stuck on authenticating etermally
Oh and it still makes me connect to Bnet for the handshake and then spits back the same error that the starter edition cannot play offline
i also bought both the games WOL and HOTS from Steam and now can't play because no internet at home for some weeks because it keeps thinking i have the starter edition. I checked my account online and it says "standard edition"
Can I be added to the list. I can't access my account. It says I still only have the starter edition.
I cant play offline either, same problem as OP.
Upon trying to login to game it tells me I got "Starcraft II Starter edition" even thou I bought both games on CD.
Real nice treating of a customer who have I payed aprox 160$ just to be told I aint that good of a customer to be allowed to play your precious game.
Same issue as OP. This is the first time it has happened since I bought the game at release.
I'm having this issue as well. I reset my password and I cannot play offline because it says I have a "starter edition."
Armin, the servers are down today 9/23 until 11AM PDT.
Same as OP.
Same boat here, just started doing this today. Tried resetting password to no avail.

Just as ZeoAfPwn says, not acceptable when you've paid >$100 for a game.
09/23/2014 10:07 AMPosted by CoWsPoO
Armin, the servers are down today 9/23 until 11AM PDT.

However, SC2 should be playable offline. This thread outlines how the game often bugs out and doesn't allow players to enter offline mode.

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