LVL Similarity problem.

Dear Starcraft,
I would like to complain about the no-ranked game and the similarity of level is very far as expected.
For example, me playing (lvl 3) with my friend (lvl 9) and another (lvl 20) vs people of lvl 80.

Please solve this problem, it's imposible to play the game.
Thank you.
Dear Jonymaster,
I would like to inform you that levels can be gained by playing AI's and simply building CC's around the map. Being a lvl 90 myself, i can say that i'm absolutely terrible at this game, and that you're only making it harder on yourself by getting nervous at the sight of my level.

Please get over this mindset, as it'll only limit your enjoyment outta this game.
Thank you.
Levels are really there to encourage new players to play more and get the feeling like they are progressing even when taking a loss.

Ladder rank is currently the only way we have to determine skill differences and they can still be fairly inaccurate.
I dont really mean this. I mean that in the matchmaking, there is always 3 lvl 90 in their team and 3 lvl 3-20 in my team. Can't they just change from my team to thiers and the oposite a lvl 90 in my team and a lvl 3 in their so its fair?

The skill difference in a lvl 90 and a lvl 20 is a lot, for example lvl 90 they already have a massive army at minute 9 while we are building the barracks... (ironical example)
If you're building raxes at 9 mins, then the levels isn't the problem.

The differences between a bronze and gm is huge.
The differences between a level 1 and a level 90 is about 70 - 100 games.
10/07/2013 03:05 PMPosted by SunRise
The differences between a level 1 and a level 90 is about 70 - 100 gam

Less now that the back to school promotion doubled the xp earned for a week.

I don't think he has worked out how to recognizing ranks yet (he is still without one) and ran into some golds or something in a custom.

10/07/2013 02:18 PMPosted by Jonymaster
The skill difference in a lvl 90 and a lvl 20 is a lot

Level = played enough games to reach that level.
Ladder rank = played ranked games and reached a skill level on the ladder (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Plat, Diamond, Master, GM)

You can be level 30 or level 90 and be any skill level (Ladder Rank).

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