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Name: Nathan Southwest

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Backstory: Rescued off the streets at the age of 12 by an eccentric millionaire businessman, Nathan doesn't speak of his life before that, but a nasty set of scars as well as a habitually nervous and semi-paranoid attitude speak for him. His adopted father gave Nathan access to the best education money could buy which he took the fullest advantage of. Devouring knowledge, he showed a broad range of interests ranging from biology to engineering. In addition to his studies, Nathan also put a sizable chunk of his spare time into self-defence classes, both firearms training and hand-to-hand combat. Through happenstance luck or fate, Nathan heard about A-32, the word being that it would be a great place to ply his skills as well as an excellent job experience.

Personality: Assumably on account of his past, Nathan tends to be shy and introverted, not much for idle chatter. However, while working, he tends to open up more, as he forgets his problems and gets completely engrossed in his work. Often stutters when in awkward or uncomfortable situations. He has an intense dislike of weapons and violence, but seems perfectly willing to use them if absolutely necessary.

Equipment: 4" utility knife, T10 pistol in a concealed holster, omni-tool, other lab gear.

Occupation: Intern, Researcher, Engineer, Jack of all sciences.

Everyone is approved. SF will have to finish his backstory but is otherwise in. Character sheets will be updated within the week.

KO, who is speaking in the first person in your backstory?

Traveling some half an hour from the colony ships docking bays, you have reached your destination: Kirmwell, an agricultural colony that has a sizable mining operation on the planet Myrax. The bus follows the road and you you gaze outside the windows as the bus stops on and off, noting the tractors, mid sized houses, a tavern, a school, other places of interest and finally, the true destination, research station A-32

There are a few others onboard and they exit the bus with their gear. You follow suit and a marine awaits near the entrance. He motions the group to follow him through the heavily enforced neosteel doors and some time later, he leads you to a door. A sign hangs over the door and printed clearly on the label is “Processing Center”.

The marine turns towards the group and yawns. He takes out a PDA and mutters to himself. Through the visor, the marine's eyes look quite bored. “Alright then newcomers, this is for clearance to make sure you can work here. We just gotta make sure you are who you are. Typical background checks. Regular stuff. You know the drill. Just make sure to look it in the eye."

The marine looks back at the PDA and barks, "Katherine Mann, through the door!”

The woman called Katherine Mann looks around nervously and makes her way inside the door where it promptly closes behind her.

[Everyone is waiting for their turn to be called. You can attempt to make conversation/do something or simply wait until I DM the character into the room. That will happen in 1-2 hours from this post.]
10/18/2013 09:57 AMPosted by smylez
KO, who is speaking in the first person in your backstory?

Random person ordered to get information on my char. If desired, I could develop this person however you want.
I look at Vanessa who stood nervously beside me and kneel down, taking her face in my hands and kissing her forehead. "No one will hurt you, little sis. I promise." She looked at me, the fear in her eyes slowly subsiding as a smile spreads across her face and she gives me a hug.

"Thank you, big brother." I return the hug and smile then stand up again, her hand in mine and a hand on my scythe. I guess old habits die hard, even with the Zerg gone.

OOC: I can create a character sheet for Vanessa if needed. Just, since she's only six, I didn't think she'd need one.
Several minutes passes by since Katherine Mann entered the room. The door opens once again yet there is no sight of Katherine.

The marine checks his PDA.

"Alright, next on the list...Mr. Ryan Corinth and Vanessa Corinth! Heh, seems like the two of you are going in together. Please step inside."
Picking Vanessa up, I step through the door, keeping her head down and close to me. Shouldn't be too hard. Just a few questions, right?
"Good. Straight from processing to accommodations, I imagine. I hate waiting," Mikael muses, thinking out loud.
10/18/2013 02:07 PMPosted by Zarkun
Picking Vanessa up, I step through the door, keeping her head down and close to me. Shouldn't be too hard. Just a few questions, right?

The door shuts behind you and there is a click. Stepping inside to the Processing Center, you are surprised to see no one in the room. It is empty. It dawns on you rather quickly that there isn't even furniture in the room.

From out of nowhere, a feminine robotic voice greets you. In the middle of the room, the Greek symbol Alpha is projected. It glows a steady light green. “Greetings, Mr. Corinth and too you as well little Vanessa. I am Adjutant J1432. Welcome to A-32. Please standby as I retrieve your folder. Both of you take several steps forward to the yellow line on the ground.”

"Folder retrieved. Processing files. Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime."
Stepping up to the line, I take a moment to memorize what I could of the layout before speaking, Vanessa looking around in awe. "If I may, might I ask who's in charge? My sister and I will need a very specific rooming arrangement so she's safe when I'm not around."
"Superintendent Marcus Brooks is in charge of this facility. As to your second question, what specific accommodations do you require? We have housing units inside the compound. We also have residential areas outside the facility."
I pause to think for a moment, remembering some of the precautions I'd had to take in our last living arrangement before this job. "Child proof and if I need to, lock the place down. I also need to be able to be positive someone can't break in."
"Request unclear. Please broaden definition of 'childproof'. Do you wish for additional security checks to enter your rooms?"
"More like I need the plug ins blocked until I need to use them and cupboards locked until I need to open them sort of thing. I'm guessing child care wasn't in your programming."
The Alpha letter hovering in the air dims itself as if it was contemplating a thought and flashes its light just as.

"You may find those items in the general stores at the colony. Everything has checked out including little miss Vanessa. Take the door to the right. It will lead you to the accommodation room where you will receive your room assignment among other things."

A door behind the Alpha opens.

"If there are any further questions, feel free to ask."

It pauses again.

"Of course, do make sure you will enroll Ms. Vanessa into the local school system. It will be a disservice to the Dominion to do so otherwise."
I chuckle and ruffle Vanessa's hair playfully as we walk out, earning a pleasant laugh from her. "Don't worry, her success in life is too important to not enroll her." Continuing on, I approach the accommodation room. Creepy adjutant. If we didn't need somewhere secure, I wouldn't have agreed to the assignment. Ah well. Better than life with the Raiders at any rate.

The marine looks at the crowd of people still waiting.

"Blasted hell, I'll be here for another hour and I'll be late to that poker game. Are those two finished yet? They sure are taking their sweet time"

He opens his visor and lights a cigar. Taking several puffs, he notices a check on Ryan and Vanessa Corinth's name.

The marine eye goes to the next name in line and mutters to himself. "Alright! Let's see who we have next...we have a Mika...Mika...Mikae Kin...cad. Kim chin?"

He narrows his eyes, annoyed at the strange name. "Ah, screw it...would Micheal Kin C...A...I...D please step inside the door.

The accommodation room has several reception desk. It appears that they are all used for now. A vending machine, a water fountain and a broadcast of UNN is on.

There are several empty seats in the room.
Looking around the room with a sigh, I go over to one of the seats and sit down, letting Vanessa down to play and giving her her favorite stuffed animal from inside our bag, a worn down old tiger that was missing one of it's eyes and it's cloth was frayed. She didn't mind though, and neither did I. Even after two years, it still smelled of home and our mom and dad. My eyes start to tear up as I remember them and I tighten my hand into a fist. For now I'm kept to guard positions until Vanessa can protect herself, then I'm on the first transport to Char. I'll put a bullet in every Zerg's head I can before I either run out of ammo or the bastards kill me.

I stopped with that train of thought as I looked at Vanessa, who was playing with her tiger under the TV and I smile, the anger fading away. No, that's not what I'll do. I'll serve my contract with the military then we'll go somewhere on the core worlds the Zerg doesn't want, or maybe even to Umoja, to live in relative safety. Shaking my head, I turn my attention to the broadcast, curious as to what it was about.
Name: Kisha Moto
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Backstory: She grew up to a rather poor farm family on Mar Sara before the Protoss and Zerg destroyed the planet. At 17 she joined the Son's of Korhal when they evacuated the planet. By the fall of the Confederacy she had turned 18. Her career has been rather uneventful serving numerous '!@#$ assignments' on backwater worlds without complaint and doing her best even so.
Personality: Serious about her job and responsibilities while on duty. Off duty she is relaxed but always ready for trouble. She enjoys being around others.
Equipment: CMC Light PCS for inside patrols. CMC-400 with a M98 Ballistic Alloy Combat Shield for external patrols. Also a C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle and Slugthrower pistol.
Occupation: Security Force

if you need some more backstory I'll do some more next week after I'm done with my final projects for this session of college.
Approved, you can work on BS later if you wish. It is sufficient enough.

Please refer to an earlier post pertaining to you.

This is Kate Lockwell live from the UNN studio with breaking news! Our report: the massacre at the planet Baria. The Protoss have attacked the colony there several hours ago without warning, purifying a portion of the planet in its wake. The local military presence was overwhelmed quickly and the entire colony were helpless before the onslaught of the Protoss fleet. Earlier today, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk had these words to say:

A video feed of Arcturus appears. The video camera focuses on the upper portion of his body. The Emperor looks dignified although his eyes appear to be slightly red. Placing his hands on the podium, he speaks:

"Good citizens of the Dominion! It is with a heavy heart that I come to you today to inform you of a massacre at our borders. The Protoss have attacked Baria without so much as a warning and obliterated the colony with extreme prejudice. The colony never had a chance to even evacuate. Clearly, such cruelty by the Protoss necessitates a proper and strong response, else we will look weak before them and fall. We will answer these transgression with the same just and due force! Even now, we are chasing those responsible for this grave crime against humanity. To ensure that those who have died did not die in vain, we must make ourselves stronger! Yes, there will be more sacrifices but for the safety of you and your family, no sacrifice is too great. We will overcome our adversaries!"

The broadcast cuts to a commercial.

"Oh my god, those brutes!" cried Katherine Mann sitting behind the Corinths, "How could they murder innocents?"
I glance back at the yelling woman and snort, beckoning Vanessa over to me and holding her close. I wouldn't let anyone hurt her, not the Zerg, the Protoss or any wacko out there. "Simple. Odds are we crossed their religious beliefs one way or another." Having said that, I begin looking for an open desk to get my room assignment. Come on, hurry up. Even Vaney's getting annoyed and she's the most patient six year old you'll ever meet.

Even as I preoccupied myself with these thoughts and actions, the news broadcast wouldn't let me be. Struck without warning and purified part of the planet. Normally that means that the Zerg are involved, but...the colonists would have known, wouldn't they? Now I'd worry about our being here with the Protoss being aggressive like they are, and I wasn't looking forward to it.

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