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My apologies for interupting your RP, just wanted to say that what you guys do is really cool, and I enjoy reading the stories you create. Keep it up, and keep joey-ray's bar one of the most productive areas of the forums
Well, never a problem, Felbane! Thank you, actually, for reminding us that, while we do this for our own enjoyment and boredom relief, that there are others that enjoy what we do. It's always a heartwarmer, and, at least for me, it brings a smile to my face! C:
Have a good day, good sir. ^^
I look over towards the scientist looking rather curious.
"Well you see the two of us are soldiers and didn't have much to do with the little experiments that you and your co-scientists preformed. We don't know what you do about these things."
"I don't much care what the egghead has to say honestly. It's been more reasonable than most humans I talk to anymore."
I awake with a moan, coughing blood and some other unknown liquid from my lungs;
I splutter, trying to get a grip on my bearings. As my eyes adjust to the inky blackness, I realize I'm laying in a pool of my own blood and some other filmy liquid. Looking down at myself, I see my wounds slowly healing before my eyes, my skin now fine scales; ever-changing and iridescent. Then it hits me, an insatiable hunger, a desire to consume and evolve. With a sickening twist, my body elongates, hardening, growing stronger. Rearing up on my hind four legs, I let out a bass deep-throated roar, one which reverberates down the long darkened halls;
I am hungry. I am the hunter. They are the prey.
With that thought, the six-limbed creature launches itself down the down the hall, it's thoughts only of food.

- - -

Slowly coming to with a pained groan, Eric clutches his head, wincing at the tender bump his hand finds. Sitting up, he looks around the complete darkness vainly;
"HELLO!... Anyone there?"
Eric calls out, wincing again at the pain in his head.
"Yo! Who's there!"

A voice with a rather arrogant bent answer's Eric's call, only to be rather abruptly ended by the sounds of someone grunting in exertion, followed by a thud.

"Gah! Take this you little-"


A gunshot echoed about the hallway.
As I crawl through the vents once again I here a quiet voice, probably far away. As I hear it I discern that it is asking to see if anyone was around it. Curiosity got the better of me and I move slowly towards the sound, instinct telling me to keep quiet and be cautious so I obey. Eventually I reach a vent opening and look through it. I see it was a man, who looked rather distraught, like he couldn't see. Was he blind because I could see perfectly fine.

OOC: If you do not know this is Eric :P
I do believe seeing if anyone is there is quite different from calling for help.
Gulping nervously, the scientist's gaze flicked from the experiment to Rave and Jennifer. "I, I I I I I.........I see." Swallowing, he wiped the sweat from his brow. "This is.........unexpected. But please, you have to come with me. After that last scream it made.........well, I don't know how much longer they can keep it trapped."
I shake my head and beckon towards Jennifer's leg, the flashlight illuminating her bandage and irritation in my voice. "Sorry, but I prioritize wounded over unharmed eggheads. She isn't going to be getting very far with that gash in her leg."
"Listen this whole operation has been compromised in case you haven't noticed. There are already several of your experiments wandering about not to mention a few of them are hunting each other and growing stronger. How I see it is that we need to start executing the evacuation plan set up for an instance like this." I say as I shift slightly focusing more of my weight onto my uninjured leg.
Spluttering, the scientist gestured helplessly. "What evacuation plan? There was never any........" moping his brow again, he swallowed nervously. "Perhaps.........Kavanagh will know. He's with the others. Please, I'm begging you, we can't let this one escape. There's no telling what might happen, surely you've heard its screams."
I shrug and then continue walking, oddly enough, towards the scientist. "Try one. I've only been on level seven a short while and we're only here because the forward stairway is overrun with experiments." Stopping in front of the break room door, I know twice, pause for two seconds, then knock again, signalling it was me at the door. It slides open, revealing Gerald in a red suit of CMC-400 armor with a hydralisk on the faceplate.

"I see you found our stationed Ghost." Stepping aside, I lead Jennifer and the experiment in, trusting the scientist to follow.
I limp in behind Rave taking a seat at one of the tables. I start to look at the wound again trying to get a better look at my injury.
I let off I sigh as I tighten the bandage some more.
"Looks like I am going to need more cloth or a quick excursion to the medical bay..."

Jason lifts his hand, causing everyone to halt before the door. He signals for them to take a step off to the side, and go up to the door, making no noise as he reaches for the door. He aims the shotgun one-handed, opening the door with the other hand. On the other side was a species of the Zerg Swarm.


It turns and hisses at him as soon as he gets a better grip on the shotgun. It rushes at him hungrily, but doesn't get far as the shotgun rings out, knocking it down in one swift shot. Jason approaches the body, and shoots it in the head of the Zergling, causing it to squeak and die.


Jason steps back out of the stairwell, and signals for them to move. They would now be able to descend downward to floor 7. Jason reloads his gun, and hears the door close behind them, also hearing the hissing and scratching of experiments loose on floor 10.
Checking my ammo count and my armor condition, I nod, looking back at the scientist. "Hold out here for now. Anna," I beckon towards the crewman laying on the couch, fast asleep, "needs rest and so do you. Take a quick nap or something. I'll go help egghead here and then come back."

OOC: I think I'll turn Anna and Gerald into characters if that's alright. Funny how NPCs take root in your mind and grow.
I look up at Rave and sigh. "Right cause another loose hybrid is a big concern right now. As for rest... doubt I'd get any until I knew I was safe." I say positioning myself facing the door.
Gerald shakes his head and takes up his position watching door and vent while I take Jennifer's rifle and set it near her. "Look, Gerald's in better shape and slightly better equipped for it. You've a gash in your leg that won't heal until you rest and the sooner you rest the quicker it heals. Trust me, you'll be fine."

I beckon to the vent that Gerald was eyeing and the door, showing Jennifer the only two ways the Hybrids could get in. "This place is more secure than the halls and most of the labs and bunk rooms. Judging that there were three or four rooms I passed that held experiments, odds are this place doubles as a safe room anyways." I pump the shotgun, ejecting a shell to load a fresh one. Picking it up and reloading it, I chuckle.

"It wouldn't kill the Ghost to rest now and then."
I grab my rifle making sure it was loaded before shooting a glare over at Rave.
"I have a name you know." I reposition myself so I would be more comfortable.
"And I normally use it." Heading for the door, I look back and sigh. "You're too serious, Jennifer. I understand you're a Ghost, but...ah, nevermind." Leading the scientist out, Gerald walks to the controls and closes it behind us, sealing the door, before looking at the experiment.

"You want out, freak show, go through the vent." Anna murmured lightly in sleep, shifting slightly on the couch and now laying facing the back cushions.

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