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still waiting for a response.

They've created Latin American servers for WoW, but it was a blatant LIE. The servers were located in NA, and we had latencies that made the NA players cry and whine about.
I've seen the NA WoW Forums. They complained for latencies of 50ms and over, and we got stuck with 250-800ms always.

Of course, there were no answers about that. I hope they change this sometime... but I doubt they will. I do not believe they care.

I do not believe they care either. Why would they? Latin American market is just a small portion of their currency compared to the other regions of the world. If you compare how much people play these games, or actualy pay to play them, here on Latin America with the rest of the world... well, not much hope there.
Well i think blizzard has an ideal of a global community, so maybe because of the payment difference btw the regions they separated the servers, but i dont think it would be that hard to bundle them again. And if they think ladders should be strictly played btw ppl from the same area, they could separate custom games ( in which u would be able to choose the area u wanna log on to) and ladder games, where it would be limited.
Bump again.

Yes, we know the official response: "We have no plans, sorry guys for separating you from your friends, even as we adversited something else". But are you going to do something?

bump, I too would like to play the game in english with my friends across the street :)
PT-BR's unit shortcuts are killing me!

I voting with my money when the 6 month period ends! (Hey blizzard, that's when you are going to make money, I know you've barely made a couple of bucks in my first payment).
Yes guys,

this is my problem, and the problem of my friends too... =(

who played sc1 knows the game hotkeyS (so important)

please blizzard, let another country to choose any language packs they want

Might as well bump this, waiting on a response so I can start my campaign, but it looks like I'll have to wait at least a few months, back to playing LoL!
Big SC fan here. I bought both US and LA versions but I'd really like to be able to choose which server to play and switch between them. Got friends in US and friends in MX.

We deserve better than this!
Hotkeys in spanish are not functional. It's faster to click than pressing hotkeys with your right hand. Please make hotkeys configurable or let us choose default English keys.

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