Game Lockups then Reboot PC

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Played sc2 fine for a good 2 hours or so. Did 1 mission on the ship and played the arcade game. After that anytime I try to do another mission I crash within a couple minutes of playing. The crash times seem random within the first 10 minutes of the game or so. The screen goes black, a sound gets stuck in a loop and I have to restart. If I turn off the vpu recover feature for ATI it will just reboot instead of me forcing a shutdown.
Running with a intel core 2 duo 2.6ghz, 4gbs of ram, and a ati radeon 5830 video card, windows xp sp3. I've tried updating the video drivers, and direct x. I've also reinstalled SC2 but the problem persists.
edit: Ran fine during beta, no other games affected.
No BSOD, just reboots. Any help out there?

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